Filipinos’ rotten politics mirror their inability to look FORWARD

Many Filipinos are too caught up with what the Philippines should “never” be or “never” suffer again. It’s become a popular political fashion statement. Trouble is, too few Filipinos could hardly imagine much more think about what their country could be.

And this is why the Philippines does not move forward — because Filipinos are stuck in Reverse. Perhaps while backing their car out of the ditch that was the evvviillll ‘Martial Law Years’, Filipinos developed a crick in their collective necks that rendered their faces permanently turned towards their rear-ends. Now that it is time to shift to Drive the Filipino’s ability to look forward has all but atrophied.


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What the Filipino needs is for someone to wrench their heads back into the forward position, kick the gear into Drive and floor the accelerator. This time, Filipinos should apply a bit of brain to avoid that ditch. Thing is there are also other ditches ahead that are different in nature. So Filipinos also need to learn how to avoid a bigger variety of ditches and not just the old 1970s bogeyman that imprison the pea brains of the “#NeverAgain” gang.

Suffice to say, another auhtoritarian regime taking over the Philippines is unlikely. One would like to think Filipinos are no longer the docile platform-shoed cows that they were back in the 1970s. No sirrreee. Today we have the awesome might of “social media activism” where any hipster and her dog could become “social media experts” overnight. Add to that the advent of camera phones that have turned every little lapse in manners and breeding into a potentially-riotous indignation fad.

Of course one should not forget the pathologically-paranoid national charter that is the 1987 Constitution enacted by the late former President Corazon ‘Cory’ Aquino. This Constitution, whilst tragically guaranteeing the continued oligarchic monopoly over the Philippine economy by the Old Guard, also ensures that every president is confined to a single six-year term. Nothing short of a constitutional amendment could break this regime. Everything needs to be approved by Congress. Even the possibility of an unholy alliance between — horrors — the President and Vice President is impossible now that the two offices are elected separately.

As a matter of fact, one question consistently side-stepped by the #NeverAgain mob is a simple one:

How exactly could a politician with the evil intent of re-establishing a dictatorship go about doing it?

Perhaps if the #NeverAgain bozos care to take the trouble of enlightening our lot about the specific weaknesses in the current governance system that could be exploited by tomorrow’s President Juan de la Adolfo Hitlero we could have a more informed outrage fad than the ignorant one we see today. Or perhaps what these bozos are avoiding is the even scarier let’s-not-go-there topic: The intellectual faculties of the average Filipino Voter. There you go. Really, there really is no problem with the current system of government in so far as the task of mitigating the risk of another Pinoy-style “dictatorship”.

The problem really lies in the Filipino people.

Here’s why…

Consider the current presidency of Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III. Under his watch, billions of taxpayers’ pesos were squirreled away into dubious “projects” courtesy of the accounting sleights-of-hand engineered by his top financial henchman Budget Secretary Butch Abad. On top of that, BS Aquino was also in the process of making a deal with a terrorist group (the Moro Islamic Liberation Front) and a corrupt ASEAN government (that of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak) that would have seen a huge chunk of Mindanao carved out and served on a silver platter to these crooks.

President BS Aquino, in just six years, proved eminently capable of keeping Filipinos starstruck with one hand flashing his popular “L” gesture while the other was busy dipping into the money jar and signing deals with shady characters sporting fake names. Indeed, these are not just petty crimes these are heinous ones — the earlier, plunder, is a non-bailable offense and the latter, treason, attracts an even worse punishment.

The point is, no matter how watertight a system of governance is, it is really up to people to keep their governments on their toes, hold them accountable to their campaign promises, and ensure its officials are kept reminded that they are in office to serve.

People who cry “Never Again!” ad nauseum but lack a deep understanding of what vigilance, accountability, and public service really mean are just as suspect as the objects of their tantrums. Filipinos need to wisen up, be less star-struck, and apply an intelligent mind to their politics. That way, we can move past our infantile fears of imaginary bogeymen and start building a country we could be proud of.

11 Replies to “Filipinos’ rotten politics mirror their inability to look FORWARD”

  1. Our government’s leaders, from the President, through the Senators, Cabinet Secretaries, Chiefs of the Army and the PNP, and on down to the Barrio Captain, seem to view their positions as an ‘end’ rather than a ‘means’. There is an absence of “determination and resolve” (and purpose) in the way they address their jobs. It is as if they had arrived at the hard journey’s end, and are now simply entitled to the perks and privilege..and ‘opportunities’ of the position, (which, in fact, most had come by through patronage). In other countries, say, Singapore, Korea and India, government positions are seen and treated as the ‘means’ to achieve an ‘end’… that of attaining their country’s objectives… because they do have national objectives. Not surprisingly, they view their positions with respect. They buckle-down to seriously and methodically apply themselves to the job at hand. They carry on as if they needed to qualify for their jobs on a daily basis. Given this picture, it is easy to see whose motivation is the more effective..and which country will become more progressive.

  2. Do you wonder sometimes and think of what you and the rest of the critics who has their opinion as if , they knew everything and and blame everybody , never gave any suggestion or idea what direction to change,, and if they do have an idea , they blame anybody who cannot do anything about it…

    Did you ever think about that if you in a position of a senator or a congressman or the President, question your self of what you are going to do….Of course you cannot do it alone… need people to help you…and there lies the problem…everybody has a great idea of how Philippines can progress and that’s all……. An idea…and just criticized those who cannot do nothing about it or slams those people who are trying to do something and always suspect that he is doing something to steal the country’s money for no one will be motivated do do something without anything to gain personally.
    GRP writers and critics…are no different….I understand that to educat the public is one of your goal. But I noticed that this will not attract the majority of the public ..just think deeper my friends of this site can you attack the majority poor and the youth of the Philippines to listen to your critics..which I say is educational and with thing I notice is most of the topic is a blame game ..and no productive solution or suggestion for change and if there is….it is way beyond the average Filipino to grasp which is the majority..

    I think the topic should be more in improvements and the modus operandi corruption of the government and the corporate business..more on job creation…ok it’s only myy own opinion and suggestion…

    1. that you are here repeatedly giving out comments despite your disagreements is proof enough grp writers are making some sort of dent in the collective consciousness of the people they repeatedly try to rouse out of their drunken apathetic stupor. a lot of people hate this site, that’s for sure. but at the back of that hate, at least, is the idea that maybe the cozy little utopia they had made for themselves aren’t exactly all that’s what its cracked up to be.

  3. The sad reality is that the Philippines today is led by well intended incompetents, by scheming crooks, or by both who understandably,can’t seem to get anything done together. This condition has been festering for the last four decades and it has exacted a heavy toll. The only saving grace seems to be the citizens who have had the patience, persistence and the resilience, (there goes those three words again), to absorb the hard times; to work around the road blocks; and, to keep their noses above the water. For some time now, understandably, these ‘three virtues’ have been showing signs of wearing thin; and, unless they are given something to hang on to, and work with.. a raft or lifesaver.. or something.. the people’s downward spiral could only accelerate. Many would say that this is a harsh assessment of the country today, and that I am wrong. Goodness knows that I hope I am.
    While I am skeptical about a reversal of just about everything that plagues the country now, I am not entirely a cynic. I actually think that nothing is so bad.. that nothing good can come out of it. A turnaround, however can not come overnight, and certainly, not by itself. It will require a little common sense and some, (maybe a lot) of hard work on the part of the more fortunate among the citizens.. the sector that can see both sides of the street and who stand to benefit, as well, Sent from my iPad effort.. and time.
    Education of the public is key to this effort. Almost all of the wage earners and tradesmen, after some level of schooling, cease to learn anything outside of his work. TESDA is a great idea, but it seems to be limited to those who have somewhat more of formal school learning.. who want to either switch careers or to just get ahead in his/her present discipline. Neither is TESDA present outside of urban centers, where most other people are located.
    For these others, ‘Neighborhood Reading Centers’, (rudimentary libraries) might work. Civic clubs, (you could read about them in the social pages of newspapers) might find this worthwhile pursuing. The Rotary, Kiwanis and the Lions clubs might find it gratifying to see the less fortunate uplifted while safely and wholesomely occupied. A sustained program for ‘Teens’ Apprenticeship’ in workshops, where they might learn a trade could also work; and so could ‘Regular Kids’ Summer Camps’ where civility and healthful activity are emphasized. The more imaginative and enterprising Mayors or Congressmen might even help, if they were prominently identified with these programs. All these may or may not be applicable as such; but youth programs along these lines are key. Education promotes hope.. and hope is about all that the masses could hang on to in today’s Philippines.
    Hope and change was not really an ‘Obama Original’. It was first said, (perhaps in more elegant words), by the National Hero, JP Rizal.. more than a century ago, when he was addressing the country’s youth then.

  4. Regrettably, I am not savvy where computers are concerned.. an IPad Mini in this case as I travel. I apologize for the untidiness, and vow to do better next time. Cheers…

  5. We have to use our common sense. Not to follow the YellowTard horde, like mindless cows.

    We need to make these public officials accountable for their misdeeds, incompetence and thievery.

    This is where, we as people failed. Demand the accountability of every public official. Not letting them, do their thing, while in office..

  6. Not only public officials , everybody needs to be accountable of what they do. Abide the law and follow the rules. Then maybe things will change.

  7. The answer to the question “What makes you think we’re a pro-Marcos website?” is this:

    It’s coming right out of your ears.

    Dictatorships work only when combined with leadership integrity, prescient vision and a strong will and confidence…the type LKY was. Dictatorship combined with egomaniacal mindset, greed will only lead you to bankruptcy…the type Marcos was. Just read what LKY had to say about Marcos. We were financially in trouble, so much so that we had to borrow money just to pay the interest. TALK ABOUT FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILITY!

  8. My father taught me that you can you read a hundred books on wisdom and write a hundred books on wisdom, but unless you apply what you learned then its only words on a page. Life is not lived with intentions, but action.

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