Filipinos again left with a none-of-the-above vote

With Rodrigo Duterte dropping out of the presidential race (again), it’s back to a choice between the three early-announcers: current Vice President Jejomar Binay, former Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas, and Senator Grace Poe.

Again a void is left where a differentiated candidate is desperately needed. An increasing number of Filipinos can no longer stomach having to choose among candidates who offer nothing in the way of a vision for the Philippines’ future. One is seen to be hopelessly tainted by his crooked politics and the other two all but mirror the cringe-worthy sacrifice platform popularised by current President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III in 2010 and his mother back in 1986.


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Sad indeed, the thought of a major country of 100 million being governed by one of this pathetic lot.

Is there any chance another candidate who is different will emerge from the Philippines’ political woodwork? Key to assessing that prospect lies in an understanding of how Filipino think collectively. The trouble is we seem to be expecting a candidate with original ideas to be appreciated by an unoriginal people. Filipino voters seem to remain stuck in the old familiar mindset that paves the way for the same sorts of politicians to climb the popularity ladder — which is probably the reason presidential debates do not work.

Imagine a debate amongst the three remaining candidates Binay, Roxas, and Poe. Just thinking about it could already kill half your brain cells. There’s just nothing to work with. It’s almost as if these three bozos have colluded to ensure no one of them issue any form of compelling platform that is about the future to keep the idea of such a debate out of the popular awareness.

Duterte could have been the catalyst for such an interesting debate. Because he is the only one who will have put forth a strong viewpoint on fundamental governance principles, he could have forced his three rivals to step up to a competitive arena where thinking is actually required. Without him, there is only the three outdoing one another’s “sacrifice” and one-upping one another’s “honesty”, with nothing to pull them out of that comfy zone of traditional populist pandering. Zzzzzz

Filipinos need to prove to the world that they deserve better than President Binay, Roxas, or Poe. They should gather the resolve to show that they are ready for a real leader and not just someone who will feed off their Jesus Christ complex.

23 Replies to “Filipinos again left with a none-of-the-above vote”

  1. Well, sad to hear that news. And looks like the other viable candidates (Dick Gordon & Miriam Santiago, for instance) don’t have plans for next year. Maybe they’re tired of the people’s shenanigans in elections. Why would they run if it’s already certain that they’ll lose? It’s just a waste of money.

    Maybe we do deserve this punishment.

  2. The mindset of the Filipinos on every Presidential elections is Choose the Lesser Evil. The upcoming election is no different. People will cast their vote just like the way they mindlessly throw their garbage into the streets and get back to their teleserye. Life moves on.
    They say it will get worse before it gets better. Maybe Binay should win so Filipinos will experience the worst that would wake them up and the experience will usher us to the new beginning. (That’s just me daydreaming). Or Binay should win just to put a face on our sick and dysfunctional society and let’s just call it as it is, just as we deserve.

    I’m a Filipino citizen living in the US and seems like I care more about the Philippines than the Filipinos back home. Apathy is our real enemy.

    1. true and just like what General Luna said on the highly acclaimed historical film “Heneral Luna”, the worst enemy isn’t the Americans but us! And it really shows, we are the enemy and make our country a huge mess because of our bad cultures and politics. Hell, if Duterte is the next Heneral Luna, he’ll might be killed by his opponents, not by the foreigners like China, US, etc. but he’ll be killed by of course, us, the Pinoys!!! #sad 🙁

    2. APATHY adds up in the long run to COWARDICE.

      Ginagawa na tayong BOBO, resulta ay parang WALANG PAKIALAM, TAMAD, at DUWAG na ba talaga mga PILIPINO?

      Link below explains why these things are happening in our society

  3. It is pretty bad that our choices are very dim with this candidates you mention but I have a suggestion for I know he is honest , with military background and brave . Not afraid to go against the grain and somewhat honest and patriotic.. He is Ex senator Panfilo Lacson’, a native of Cavite, it is not that iam also Cavitenos but I can guarantee this . The cavitenos politician cannot corrupt him that’s why he is not popular in Cavite and all the powerful business people in the Philippines do not like him because he cannot be corrupted, he is an honest and patriotic person,,, but he do not have the financial support of the rich and the politicians. With out no financial support he is doomed and he knows that.. There is my choice.. You want to stop corruption then support him..

  4. I do believe when the filling of COC is over and Duterte didn’t filed up.. but still have a bit of time.. some analyst and commentaries as they told before this is one of his political strategy which is against on his opponents and to find more such details to know his real supporters ,, (baka nga daw my balimbing na ka alyado) as the others said..

  5. Our Father chooses who is president through his children here.

    Rody D pray to our Lord and is now following His instruction not to involve in the election.

    Our Father will surely reward such a devout and honorable man that knows his place in the grand order of our glorious country.



  6. Read Kit Tatad’s column “Is there a secret game plan behind Bongbong’s move for VP?” October 8, 2015 >> <<

    He explains why Bongbong Marcos is only running for VP. In the process, Tatad exposes what is a scary situation. PNoy and company has done everything so Mar will win. Only a stupid will try to go against the set-up. It is a set-up coming from criminal minds, bent on retaining power. I suppose THOSE CLOSE to political power KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON; so presidentiables just are staying away from the race. (Only Binay has no choice.)

    Brains behind PNoy have become criminals, and I highlight the relevant parts of that column below.

    This is the first time in the nation’s history that there are more vice-presidential “candidates” than presidential; and as many “independent” vice presidential wannabes as there are candidates belonging to a presidential ticket. Why is this so? Why is there so much more interest in the vice-presidency than in the presidency? Some analysts offer several mutually reinforcing views.

    First, it is a function of political ignorance. Even in the so-called “upper church” of our political class, there is really no deep understanding of our presidential system or why we hold national elections. So it’s not just the well-informed exploiting the ignorance of the ignorant; it is also those who are supposed to know indulging their own ignorance.

    Executive governance rests on a presidential team, built upon elements that worked together to win power through the last election,……

    In the presidential system, we hold elections in order to choose a president who could at the very least intuit a program of government, and a vice-president who supports it, rather than a president who has a program and a vice-president who has no commitment whatsoever to what the president is publicly committed to. By program, I do not mean anything like Mrs. Llamanzares’s so-called 20-point something, which seeks to throw a bone at every hungry dog, without saying where the bone will come from. I mean a concrete plan based first of all on a world-view, on a clear understanding of the common good, and how to make governance an effective instrument of making society what it wants to become. It is not enough the MRT is a scandal, or the traffic is unbearable, and I will fix it.

    Secondly, most of the political players seem to ….have not given up the fight for total system change, the administration is already saying “GAME OVER” to all the other participants…….

    For the best of reasons, they expect Mrs. Llamanzares to be ultimately barred from running, and Susan Roces, her surrogate mother and longtime “Queen of Philippine movies” may not be able to successfully take her place. For the worst of reasons, they look forward to seeing Binay jailed on some trumped up charges, or ousted by the Presidential Electoral Tribunal on Roxas’s five-year-old electoral protest. He could then end up unopposed, unless by next week an unexpected new challenger should emerge.

    Only such a challenger — especially if he has the courage, energy and muscle to confront the “hocus PCOS”—-could hope to alter the present rules of political engagement and rewrite any prearranged results. But who is the MADMAN on the horizon who would make THIS LEAP INTO THE DARK AND RISK EVERYTHING, beginning with his common sense? Wouldn’t it be ELECTORAL SUICIDE?

    ……And as the formerly prodigious donations to the Llamanzares and Binay camps dry up, the LP war chest continues TO GROW EXPONENTIALLY from the fund-raising in the various corrupt agencies and THROUGH the P424.14 billion illegal presidential lump sums in the current General Appropriations Act, …..

    One other reason for the unusual interest in the vice-presidency is that because of the ORGANIZED EFFORT TO RIG the presidential election in favor of the administration candidate, the process could become so scandalous that no one may be declared president-elect, or the public may not accept its results.. Under Sec. 7, Article VII of the Constitution, if a President shall not have been chosen, or if the President-elect fails to qualify, the Vice-President-elect shall act as President until a President shall have been chosen and qualified. Or if at the beginning of the term of the President, the President-elect shall have died or shall have become permanently disabled, the Vice-President-elect shall become President.

    This is where Mar Roxas could still lose, even if unopposed. And this is where the real fight shifts to those who competed for vice president, rather than for president. Is this what prompted Bongbong Marcos to announce his vice-presidential bid even without a presidential candidate? If so, then the fight for the presidency will be a six-cornered fight, rather than three. And by ostensibly giving up any immediate desire for the presidency, did Bongbong not actually bring himself closer to it? Let’s wait and see. UNQUOTE

    TIP: Gives you an idea how wily Chiz is — poor Poe, she doesn't know the big game. Chiz and Ochoa are the godfathers of smuggling. There is no way they will give that up now which has reached trillion. Mar will be inaugurated the godfather of godfathers. Meantime, PNoy is set to sit in the Boards of smugglers, maybe the Chairman of the Board in the biggest, and the real smuggler becomes CoB Emeritus.

    You see why the moves look desperate and goes against logic, commonsense, and decency. Trillions are at stake, and the hell with everybody else.
    ?????????????????? Start asking questions from connections you might have at top levels.

    1. The news going around that Abad and PNoy had a shouting match re DAP gives an indication that this admin is now being run by syndicates. PNoy has no choice but remain as the front act and that is why he utters so much nonsense now, much more than the nonsense he was used to before. Indeed, it is a good front act because the public anyway is already used to nonsense from him. Be sensitive, however, there has really been a subtle, but dramatic change for the worse in the last couple of months. That is why #neveragain to a stupid brain occupying the highest position.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is coup d’etat right before election day, or right after depending on how things shape up. Push the BBL in Dec when everybody is caught up in the election fever, the coup d’etat will be before. BBL is now plan B for the smuggling operation if everything fails and they lose. ARMM area is ideal for any smuggling operation, ask the Ampatuan.

    1. I respect and admire your support for Miriam and sorry to say my concerns below:

      1. Age of Miriam is already above 70yrs old same with Duterte and Binay. The retiring age nowadays is only 60-65yrs. So imagine just how big pressure & work is demanded being President?

      2. Miriam had her chance to be President but was cheated by FVR. How can she prevent hocus PCOS cheating?

      Note: I also voted Miriam

      Not exactly my ideal candidate, but it seems no better choice na. Except my comment, Miriam, BBM and Duterte belong in my
      No Hit list.
      And besides w/out clear support, how can I push for my NOTA candidacy?

  8. How about supporting an unknown candidate (common tao) using the following Alias (if Comelec approve) or Gimmick:

    2. NOBODY (simpling tao but technically competent, )

    If we (in social media, journalist, and all concerned people) can help support this movement and create a bandwagon effect on voters and our people.

    a Kaawawa Candidate may capture sympathy vote + masa vote + OFW family vote + Boycott (voter’s apathy) + opposition vote.
    – not rich
    – no party/political connection
    – independent

    1st step
    Give our full support in filing of COC, in-order not to be declared a nuisance candidate by Comelec and not let paid Media (ABS-CBN, GMA, TV5, to mock or ridicule NOTA candidacy.

    2nd step
    Due to limited resources (cash) & political machinery – combine powers of social media, bloggers, activist, journalist and keyboard warriors will play a vital role in Campaign period. We aim to get viral or notice by all (voters and campaign contributors) and hope to get support (includ. financial) everyone.

    3rd step
    Get combine support of the following:

    a. Presidentiable who decided to withdraw (Miriam? Duterte? Lacson? Cayetano? Gibo? BBM? Gordon?)

    b. Previous President (PGMA, Ramos, Estrada, etc.)

    c. Leaders of various religion

    d. Other opposition groups or politicians advocating for Change our in Political system (Federal/Parliamentary)

    How to take the power from Aquino Allies (Mar-Leni, Poe-Chiz and Binay-)

    Option 1
    (participate in Election and clearly prove election result was fraud)

    I also doubt credibility of the coming election with or w/out PCOS machines. But we still need to prove it so – by participating with a SOLID candidate who can get a clear majority support & voter’s showing up.

    a NOBODY (a TRUE common Tao) or kawawa candidate (no money/resources, no political party/machinery) who can capture class D & E voters because they can relate to him by easily understand their problems.

    Use GIMMICK / SYMPATHY to attract and capture class D & E votes.


    1. CORY magic
    use plain housewife/widow image & pretends to be common tao but belong to OLIGARCH family and Political Dynasty in Tarlac.

    2. ERAP para sa mahirap
    (fake image gain from movie)-actually rich drunk womanizer w/ poor education.

    3. BINAY mukhang masa image before but become filthy rich, corrupt and family power greed.

    4. CHIZ “makata” style of speaking to fake masa w/ celebrity wife.

    5. GRACE popularity gain from FPJ hero image from movies. Again peke, her family lives in US w/ green card.

    6. Mar puro EPAL lang, ubod ng palpak at obviously very rich.

    Our candidate also need to an intellectual (competent) to get approval from class A, B & C. Preferably a new face and a none politicians.

    “Nobody” or
    “None of the Above-NOTA”
    “For Constitutional Reform”

    The idea is to capture/count those who BOYCOTT, and not to force people or give an alternative choice of “None of The Above (NOTA)” or “Nobody”, and get the real sentiments or choice of our people.

    Crazy idea but it might work and bring about change in Philippine Politics.

    Say we have 50million registered voters but only 60% – 75% actually (turnout) voted = 30 to 40 million total vote. If 10-20 million boycott will be allowed to officially cast and be counted.

    Imagine also, if additional 10-20 million (swing votes) for those who voted for the “Lesser Evil” (voted Mar or Grace).

    Add the votes OFW, OCW and Migrant Filipinos abroad with their families. Imagine the numbers of OFW around the world and convert their anger into votes. (opening & additional tax on Balikbayan box, charge terminal fee)

    Maybe the silent majority is 20 or more million votes for NOTA?

    Maybe people want to change or Reform the Constitution?

    Maybe people wants a new Leaders to surface?

    Maybe people want to sing/dance the campaign hit song

    1. “Nobody can drag me down”
    2. “I want NOBODY NOBODY but you”
    3. “No Money on my Mind”
    4. “Price Tag”
    5. “Roar”


    Our people focus only on current politicians and what our Media/Religion (normally PAID) presents as leader or candidate for vital positions in government.

    In voter’s eye/opinion – if NONE in the current list of possible Candidates (Binay, Poe, Mar, Duterte, BBM, Lacson, Miriam) are:

    1. not clean (TRAPO-dirty/corrupt)
    2. can’t be trusted
    3. none seems to be sincere
    4. lack experience/competent
    4. young enough or still in good health
    5. has no family interest or hidden agenda.
    6. not insensitive
    7. not detached to people

    Is it not logical for Comelec to include as an option on voter’s ballots any of the following in 2016 election:

    “None of the Above” (NOTA); or “For a New Election” or
    “For Charter Change or Constitutional Reform”

    This is mainly to prevent boycott or Voters Apathy (lack of caring) and encourage active participation of all voters in election process and to actually show disapproval officially/legally in Ballots.

    Normally, when voter do not like any (or the only) candidate for the office, they either:

    a. choose not vote or not register to VOTE (boycott/apathy)

    b. vote for the least objectionable candidate, the so-called “lesser evil”.

    If Comelec disagree with including NOTA option on voter’s ballot, then “NOBODY” or NOTA (as a legal Alias) can be represented by a substitute or symbolical candidate from :

    1. Independent or a non-partisan candidate or non-politicians (not infected by system) – a common tao sincere enough to LEAD (no personal agenda or political ambition),

    2. He/she is not spoiled by family/society/religion – from humble roots meaning He/she can relate/experience first hand all of our problems.

    All other qualities that our present politicians and leaders lacks – a “NOBODY” who can LEAD us “Toward a Better & Safer Future”.

    Who knows? maybe majority of our people will vote “None Of The Above” NOTA rather than, “the lesser of evils”. Maybe a Dark Horse candidate willing to officially & legally represent the votes of ALL who disapprove or dissatisfied with current list Politician.

  9. Bad News: Duterte will run for re-election on his city in Davao.

    Good News: tatakbo naman si Miriam

    More Bad News: yun nga lang mayroon siyang lung cancer at high blood.

    Even More Bad News: Kung namatay agad si Miriam, our country will be doom again!!! 🙁

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