Let’s Change what #NeverAgain Means

Seems that #NeverAgain is being spread as a much-overused and tired propaganda buzzword. It’s used to make people believe martial law will be restored once Bongbong Marcos gets elected into a higher position. Really, GRP Webmaster Benign0 is right: it will never come back even if Marcos comes to power. It’s actually being used for fear mongering, by making people believe that Marcos will really win unless you vote the Yellow Party’s manoks. Really, such a campaign is being used since the current Yellow manoks really have little to offer.

Thus, the problem with #NeverAgain is that most people consider it limited to the Marcoses. However, I have an idea (and obviously, someone else thought of this before I did): let’s remove this limit, and apply it to anything dysfunctional in this country. Indeed, we can turn the tables around and use it on the party that keeps using it for it fear-mongering campaign. And to anyone corrupt.


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#NeverAgain should be applied to the failures of the current regime. Never Again should Customs open boxes and belongings to steal things. Never Again should disaster preparation and management be among the least of priorities. Never Again should there be the incompetence that led to the deaths of eight Hong Kong tourists, the thousands of deaths in Typhoon Yolanda and the deaths of 44 SAF personnel in Mamasapano. Never Again should there be massacres of poor people like in the Mendiola, Lupao and Hacienda Luisita events. Never Again should there be rampant smuggling protected by government. Never Again should there be sexy dancing girls utilized as whores by the ruling parties. Never Again to Pork Barrel.

So as implied, when the Yellow Manoks get voted, we will likely have more of the above.

And if you see sexy dancing girls in Malacanang during the inauguration, you know you’ve been had.

If others say “Hey, you idiot! #Neveragain should be only for the Marcoses!” Well, screw them.

So, thus, among the suggested hashtags are:


These and more are more appropriate objects for #Neveragain.

70 Replies to “Let’s Change what #NeverAgain Means”

  1. Agree with most of this, apply it to ALL POLITICIANS THAT ARE STEALING!!!

    One disagreement. The SEXY DANCING GIRLS !!! NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT !!!! Unless they are being forced to do it OR are being abused, then and only then does it need to stop……

    Otherwise…….GET IT ON !!!!! GET FREAKY and DO IT WHEN YOU WANNA !!! BTW, the girls are smiling in those videos, they seemed to enjoy what they were doing and unless you are gay, stop being such a prudish lame-ass !

      1. @ A MUSHROOM, you got the insult wrong…its ‘go crawl back under the rock you just crawled out from under’….don’t get out much,eh?

        Really, the Failippines is hopeless. The point being made is beyond you,it just is. You will be a backwards country forever.
        Realizing that there is nothing wrong with the human body and its functions is beyond you.Even Western Catholics understand that, but Failipino’s?

        1. Nothing wrong with girls dancing their asses off towards politicians who stole from the country to pay the girls. yes… amazing pov by another tryhard retard. if this is how are leaders act then what the fuck do you think westeners will think if this is the first shit they see in the phillipines. Leaders are meant to have class. if this is how my leader acts then i would probably rebel on the spot. dont try to justify actions that are purely lewd and disgusting. would you have your children see this and say “That is our leader and he is doing nothing wrong” so piss off retard.

        2. What is your definition of being a man?
          Being happy when seeing boobs?
          Having fun with one night stands?
          Doing this retarded sexy dancing whilst in a public place?
          If so then you sir are mentally challenged.

    1. If I may, Ummaguma:

      “The SEXY DANCING GIRLS !!! NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT !!!! Unless they are being forced to do it OR are being abused, then and only then does it need to stop……” – What if it was your daughter or a female relative, say your mother, did that, can it still be said that “NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT !!!!” assuming they did it voluntarily and “the girls are smiling in those videos, they seemed to enjoy what they were doing…”?


        The point being made is beyond you.It is one sad fact that is holding the country back in the stone age.Sexy Girls dancing, there is NOTHING, N-O-T-H-I-N-G wrong with that. They were not forced and apparently got paid, SO, WHATS THE PROBLEM? if they did not want to do it, they would not have done it,see? and they got paid to do it,it is possible they could have found volunteers!BUT they chose to pay instead,no? IT BEATS THE SHIT OUT OF WORKING AT JOLLIBEE, and most likely pays better too.

        SO Vincent, when are you enlisting in the ‘Moral Majority’. I can get you Pat Robertson’s e-mail address. They love guys like you.

        You make me laugh,really, you do.

        1. Ummagumma:

          I’m sorry were you talking to Marius? Just clarifying because I can’t find Marius’s comment in the thread and your reply seem to be for me.

          Anyway, so your point is as long its not your MOTHER, DAUGHTER, or any female relatives, it’s fine for for you?

          Let me just shorten the question to just that which you should just answer either a yes or no but feel free to add an opinion to support it (I can’t stop you anyway). I know you said a lot of things above but I will reply to that after you respond to this one.

        2. It is not my place to dictate what other people do. U C, if someone wants to do something, and it harms no one in any way, I see no harm in it being done.I’d not encourage my Daughter to do such a thing, but if she wanted to do it, I would not stop her.Without the use of force,I probably COULD NOT STOP her if that was what she really wanted to do, then, if the use of force is necessary to inflict my will upon my Daughter(or whoever it is) I become a criminal.SEE?

        3. Q: “Anyway, so your point is as long its not your MOTHER, DAUGHTER, or any female relatives, it’s fine for for you?”

          R: “I’d not encourage my Daughter to do such a thing, but if she wanted to do it, I would not stop her.Without the use of force,I probably COULD NOT STOP her if that was what she really wanted to do, then, if the use of force is necessary to inflict my will upon my Daughter(or whoever it is) I become a criminal.”

          Based on the quoted excerpt, deep inside your mind, you don’t approve it, especially if it will be your daughter (“I’d not encourage my Daughter to do such a thing”) but out of respect for her right to make decisions for herself, you’d rather let her.

          Last question, I hope you won’t mind.

          From your opinion, also, can we deduce not minding if your daughter, your mother or any female relative will be (a) pornstar(s) if she/they wishes to do so as long as:

          – “they seemed to enjoy what they were doing”

          – “They were not forced and apparently got paid”


          – “the point is….who are you to judge people engaging in enjoyable activities they want to engage in,huh? if they want to do it, who are you to say they can not ?”

          – “People want to embarrass themselves and act like monkeys,LOL, go ahead…. no one has to stand there and watch,get it? if you want to stay and watch…enjoy!

          – “Realizing that there is nothing wrong with the human body and its functions is beyond you.”

          Let me roleplay this to illustrate more:

          Daughter: Hey dad, look at my video dancing while rubbing my crotch against that politician’s dick. Don’t we look great?

          Ummagumma: Well, uh… hmm… that’s great, dear.


          Your mom: Son, I want you to watch my latest gangbang video, fucking 4 guys at the same time, doing multiple insertions then a bukkake after. Don’t you or your dad feel offended because that’s within the function of my body and you don’t have the right to judge me. And most importantly, I’m providing the family from this.

          Ummagumma: Yes Mom. I will. I can’t stop you, anyway.

          Did I get you right, Ummagumma?

    2. Kudos to you!!!
      You sure pushed a lot of moral buttons around here. I’am laughing so hard right now. XD

      I can’t believe people here are more concerned on the moral implications of a scantily clad girl dancing than the rest of the contents in the article. Its like the medieval churches indoctrination all over again.

    3. dude you do have a point. shouldnt have to act all saintly and reject sexuality. after all, even mating dances are all but a natural occurence in nature. The kids? well, its the job of the parents to keep them away from shit like this. though i do like what you just demonstrated – that simple nitpicking tends to set the filipino into a tunnel vision and shuts out critical thinking (even temporarily had me until i read your second comment). Nice one, dude.

      1. The main issue shouldn’t be sexuality itself, but the context if the situation itself. Plenty of advanced countries have their fair share of lewd (you should have an idea where your pornography you’re fapping to comes from, I bet). The cause for concern should be about the “fiesta mentality” politicians e gage in campaigning and how it degrades not just their reputations but the integrity of the whole democratic process.

        The forefathers never fought and died to give birth to this debauchery.

        1. now you put that into perspective, yes, the fiesta mentality is to be of greater concern. not just politicians though – though this is very, very very widespread in govt offices. A good example would be simple christmas parties. Govt offices usually conduct festivities with so much noise and raunchiness (you can look up an entry in the pfb, i believe there was an article regarding this over there) its a total shame to look at.

        2. @ Serge,Who are you kidding? “The forefathers”, they were probably worse than these people….just no internet to trumpet it on back then.
          Ben Franklin, the guy whose face is on the USA’s $100 bill had syphillis, and he did not get it playing chess.

  2. @ CF, NO, the point is….who are you to judge people engaging in enjoyable activities they want to engage in,huh? if they want to do it, who are you to say they can not ? ChinoF, blogger? your just as big a deal as no one, including myself,see?
    Now, go get all butt-hurt, like a little silly girl who cant handle a simple statement, and tell your admin to delete my comment….off you go !

    1. That’s an event that violates public propriety, so it deserves to be criticized. So you defend “engaging in enjoyable activities” even if it breaks the law or public morals? What a silly little point-misser.

      1. BWAH HA HA , you can wipe your ass with the paper that law is written on, thats about as useful as the law is in that country. A country that could not even convict Ferdinand Marcos of plunder/crimes against the people,humanity/graft/coercion/treason etc etc…Really Mon,get your head out of your ass (or keep it there as it will not make much difference)! BWAH AH HA HA !!! what a laugh…

        1. a place where a traffic ticket can be got out of with a mere P200(I’ve done it countless times!)bribe. LOL !Please, you cant be serious with that one…

        2. you are not filipino as you said but what you are espousing is what is wrong with this country in the first place..not being able to follow simple fucking laws or simply being decent…if something “enjoyable” as you say, offends other people’s “morals”..wouldn’t it be simply decent of you not to do it in public?

        3. @Natagaonagano, I did not do it in the first place. I simply fail to see what the big fuckin deal is. People want to embarrass themselves and act like monkeys,LOL, go ahead…. no one has to stand there and watch,get it? if you want to stay and watch…enjoy!

        4. @ Natanagano, and BTW, you say that ‘simply being decent’ reeks of that ‘moral majority’ BS and ,I SAY, that is what is wrong with the counrty,SEE? Not punishing those who ROB the people, BUT getting offended by people that are only doing something that is as natural as anything on the planet, OR ARE YOU NOT SMART ENOUGH TO SEE IT ?
          its a rhetorical question, you are obviously blinded by the morals you cling to.I say :IMPRISON THE THIEVES and leave the dancing sexy girls alone !!!!

    2. it’s a blog. the author can comment on anything he wants. if you have a problem with that, that’s your problem. no need to be a drama queen about things.

    3. Therein lies the problem… The whole notion of “enjoyable activities” is something Pinoys perverted beyond all recognition. This is evident in shows such as Eat Bulaga and those Willie Revillame programs.

      That spectacle where all that ‘kalaswaan’ was on display was for a political event involving a general audience. There is a place for shows like this. This venue was not one of them.

        1. But would GRP ever make a noise if the individuals involved were not known allies of Aquino? Okay, kalaswaan is not a good thing but let’s just come clean – GRP writers are only making a fuss over it because it was part of a Yellow event – another thing that can be added to the list of failures of the Aquino camp that this website always loves to highlight.

          GRP writers are starting to sound like self-righteous whiners. They complain about almost everything associated with Filipinos, they love to put the failings of the Aquinos and the stupidity of the “yellowtards” under the spotlight while sugarcoating the scandals of the Marcos regime. I won’t buy this.

        2. @ AINE, YEAH. That sounds about right..WHINERS !! WHAH !!!!

          Sex is for reproduction,REALLY? NO SHIT? and NO ONE SHOULD DO IT OTHERWISE? WHO ARE YOU? Cardinal ChinoF? You make me laugh.

    4. So are you implying that you will even let your beloved daughter to dance like a whore publicly? What the hell is your major malfunction you failipino? Are you watching too much stupid noontime shows with dancing girls?

      1. Wrong again ‘DUMBO’, I am not a Fail-ipino, get dumber….it will do you some good.

        BTW, what is your problem with scantily clad ‘dancing girls’? You sound gay, but hey, thats OK too.

        Benigno makes a comment above about ‘general audiences’, that is one of the bigger problems stifling that country. When the Fail-ipino Mommy covers her little Son’s eyes from seeing the scantily clad Lady(doing things the child might not even understand yet), the child thinks there is something wrong and the reality is…there is nothing ‘wrong’ with the human body and that is one part of what fucks little kids up.this point will no doubt be lost on your dumb-ass but ID feel like making any more comments on this lame as shit thread.

      2. Well here’s my challenge for you then douchebag: go dance like a whore publicly all day all night. It’s obvious that you don’t know the limits because you’re a certified stupid human being.

        1. Btw I have no problem about dancing girls actually. The problem with tolentino’s whores is that they do it publicly not privately. If you still don’t get what I simply said then obviously you have mental issues just like your caps lock attack against ChinoF. You sound like that other douchebag who thinks that we’re “attacking” him about his comments of the video about a foreign employer shouting his failipino employee for being late and fires him in which the douchebag bitches that the employer is so rude because for him, time will always wait for him.

    5. I bet you are not filipino raised, do you want yiur sister do a kind of that just because they are enjoying it?we are not from the west to think like them. Those from the west and raised in the west agree to that, not to us raised by filipino and Philippine born cc

      1. yes, and look at where your attention to ‘raising’ children has got your country,LOL. Let people take their clothes off if they want to, the filippines would be better off if they put criminal politicians in jail,where they belong, instead of worrying about simulated sex acts,with clothes on, in public.You are the perfect example of a stuck up the ass ‘proper’ type that BS’s about things like this and then lets the kids sit in front of the TV when a guy puts a pistol to someone’s head and blows his brains out,aren’t you?

        Proud to be pinoy, LOL !!!!

  3. “Never Again” is the political War Cry of Aquino and his YellowTard followers. “Never Again”, so that they can continue their: incompetence, irresponsibilities, thieveries, corrupt practices, Feudal Oligarchy, selective justice, DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, financing of the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda, and the mental retardation of Filipinos.

    “Never again” is the “bogeyman” of Aquino, Roxas and their YellowTards; to frighten people. So that, imbecile and frightened people like them, will vote for them.

    I have never seen such kind of idiots in my life. It even surpassed my wildest imagination, of what these YellowTard idiots, think of us all , as a whole. They think, we have no brains , like them.

    “Never Again”, will we have idiots and YellowTards!!!

    1. Really, they are too busy criticizing SEXY GIRLS that don’t take their clothes off !!! BWAH HA AH!! in New Hampshire,USA …. IN THE ENTIRE STATE, human-beings can walk around NAKED in the street if they want to…OMG, what about ‘Public Morals’ ? it would not be for me to do that, but I support anybodies right to do it if they so choose.
      Its the stuck up the ass so called ‘Moral Majority’ that doesn’t get the fact that the human body is nothing that needs to be hidden (even people considered….ugly people!) if people had more hair/fur there would be no need for clothes in cold climates. the Fail-ippines and their view on topics like this show off their ‘Catholic’ temperament and reveal how retarded a view of human beings and their activities are. Try hanging out in Europe, OMG,they’d be shocked.

      1. If you think that in Europe a politician could have a birthday party and act in such a manner with out a backlash from the public then you are wrong. A politician acting like a teen in heat would resign if caught. Hell, in Europe they resign when they are caught breaking the speed limit on the highway.
        Only here, it’s just swell to be a chauvinistic asshole. Obviously there are even people like you Ummagumma who endorse such shenanigans.

        1. WHAT? Have you heard of Berlasconi? Bunga-Bunga parties?Sure, a few old ladies got outraged but most of the public and all of my friends laughed about it, and BTW, he suffered no loss of liberty for it.SO WHO IS WRONG?
          I endorse anyone’s right to do what they like,where they like, whenever they like, as long as no one is forced, and no arm comes to the participants or observers.

          as for people like me, YES, THERE ARE LOTS OF US, EXPECT US !!!

      2. Get Real Post, the voice of the people, defender of Pinoy morals, Catholic proselytizer, hmmm…

        … I’m sorry, but isn’t it GRP’s mission to destroy and uproot the moribund and hidebound Filipino culture? Why are you guys turning prudish and populist all of a sudden?

        1. and they dont seem to mind 60 year Imme Marcos pratically taking her clother off in a mgazine and acting/looking as if she is a young Jezebel.
          Hypocrits cackling like bitches. its a laugher,it really is…..maybe,get over it.

  4. Thumbs Up!

    Seriously, Filipinos need to stop having the attention span of a toddler, and focus on the more important issues of the country.

    Just to add #NeverAgainToLumadKillings.

  5. The writers of GRP, erstwhile defenders of Pinoy cultural mores whenever convenient.

    Wait, there’s something wrong here.

    1. Since this site has found every other Pinoy cultural norm to be a perversion, why not call our brand of propriety a perversion as well? Japanese and American TV shows have got much racier entertainment going on, and hardly anyone save puritanical elements bat an eye (not that these self-appointed guardians of public morals lack political influence). Maybe we ought to back off and question precisely why we put Pinoy propriety on so high pedestal, especially as we weren’t always so uptight on matters of sexuality and moral.

      Or is this a topic simply because Francis Tolentino is a known Aquino ally?

      1. Go back on trolling at abias-cbn news’ articles like you always do jon-asshole in disguise. failipinos like you don’t belong here because you always miss every single article’s point.

  6. Wow this is gonna backfire on the Yellow camp real hard!
    A real taste of their own medicine. If Mar doesn’t win because of this, they’ll be fuming.

    Print these real big – lots of printer services in Divisioria malls. Hang them on your cars. You’re sure to make a statement.

    We can also add Cory’s battle cry when they had the showdown snap election vs. Marcos in the 80’s…
    “Sobra na! Tama na! Palitan na!”
    And use it on the current lot of incompetent incumbent officials of this admin.

  7. #NeverAgainLTOplateScam

    Pictures would do all these better justice.

    Hit like if you can relate to these…

  8. YES – Never Again to INCOMPETENCE…

    The Lost Martial Law Video – Golden Years of The Philippines

    Watch this never before shown video of the Martial Law era under the leadership of President Ferdiand Marcos Sr. This video has never been broadcast by any media of today (ABS-CBN, GMA NEWS, etc.) and has been lost for a few decades.


    Orlando Cariaga had a good comment in the video:

    Marcos completed Power plants in 20 years—–
    1). Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, completed 1983
    2) Leyte Geothermal Power Plant, completed 1977
    3)Makiling-Banahaw Geothermal Power Plant, completed 1979
    4) Tiwi Geothermal Power Plant, completed 1980
    5) Angat Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1967
    6)Kalayaan Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1982
    7) Magat A Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1984
    8)Magat B Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1984
    9)Pantabangan Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1977
    10)Agus 2 Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1979
    11)Agus 4 Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1985
    12) Agus 5 Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1985
    13) Agus 7 Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1982
    14) Pulangi Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1985
    15) Agus 6 Hydro Electric Power plant, recommissioned in 1977
    16)Masiway Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1980
    17) Main Magat Hydro Electric Power Plant, completed 1983
    18)Calaca Coal Power PlantCompleted in 1984,
    19) Cebu Thermal Power Plant completed in 1981,
    20) Palinpinon 1 Southern Negros Geothermal production Field completed in 1983.
    Not mentioned are diesel plants


    Cory Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, Gloria Macapagal, Ninoy Aquino III in 26 years—–
    1) ZERO – every new power plant built During their time were all privately Owned ( mostly by Lopezes, AboitIz, Aquino And Cojuanco Family) and is now owners of some Power Plants completed during Marcos.

    Marcos completed Bridge projects in 20 years
    1) Biliran Bridge150 meters long of Leyte, completed 1975
    2) Buntun Bridge 1369 meters long of Tuguegarao-Solana, Cagayan, completed 1974
    3) Candaba Viaduct Pulilan 5000 meters long of Bulacan-San Simon, Pampanga, completed 1976
    4)Mactan-Mandaue Bridge 864 meters long of Lapu-Lapu-Mandaue, Cebu 1972
    5) Magapit Suspension Bridge 449 meters long of Lal-lo, Cagayan completed 1978
    6)Mawo Bridge 280 meters long Victoria, Northern Samar completed 1970
    7) Patapat Viaduct 1300 meters long Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte completed 1986
    9)San Juanico Bridge 2060 meters long Tacloban, Leyte-Santa Rita, Samar. Completed 1973
    Not to mention the unnamed hundreds of bridges under 100 meters long.
    TOTAL LENGTH = 11472 meters long


    Cory Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, Gloria Macapagal, Ninoy Aquino III Combined completed Bridge projects in 26 years
    1)Agas- agas Bridge, Southern Leyte 350 meters long completed 2006
    2)Agat Bued Bridge, La Union 500 meters long completed 2010
    3)Bamban Bridge, Pampanga 174 meters long completed 1998
    4)Cansaga Bay Bridge, Cebu 640 meters long completed 2010
    5)Jones Bridge, Isabela 350 meters long completed 2008
    6)Macapagal Bridge, Agusan del Norte 907 meters long completed 2007
    7)Magat Bridge, Isabela 926 meters long completed 1991
    8)Marcelo Fernan Bridge, Cebu 1237 meters long 1999
    9)Narciso Ramos Bridge, Pangasinan 1442 meters long completed 1997
    10)Old Amburayan Bridge, Ilocos Sur 535meters long completed 2010
    11)Pantal Bridge, Pangasinan 380 meters long completed 2008
    TOTAL LENGTH = 7441 meters

    Marcos Established/Founded State Colleges/Universities in 20 years
    1)Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University in La Union founded in 1981
    2)Mariano Marcos State University in Ilocos Norte founded in 1978
    3)Kalinga-Apayao State College in Tabuk Kalinga founded in 1970
    4)Abra State Institute of Science and Technology in Abra founded in 1983
    5)Pangasinan State University founded in 1979
    6)University of Northern Philippines founded in 1965
    7)Philippine State College of Aeronautics founded in 1969
    8)Cagayan State University established in 1978
    9)Quirino State University established 1976
    10)Isabela State University established 1978
    11)Pampanga Agricultural College established 1974
    12)Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology-Calapan City established 1966
    13)Occidental Mindoro State College established 1966
    14)Palawan State University established 1965
    15)Bicol University established 1969
    16)Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges established 1983
    17)Rizal Technological University established 1969
    18)Technological University of the Philippines established 1971
    19)Capiz State University 1980
    20)Guimaras State College 1968
    21)Northern Negros State College of Science and Technology established 1971
    22)West Visayas State University became established as university in January 1986
    23)Leyte Normal University 1976
    24)SLSU- (Southern Leyte State University)- Sogod 1969
    25)SLSU- Hinunangan 1975
    26)SLSU- Tomas Oppus feb. 1 1986
    27)SLSU- Bontoc 1983
    28)SLSU- San Juan 1983
    29)Basilan State College 1984
    30)Western Mindanao State University became a university in 1978 followed with building the satellite campuses in..
    WMSU-Alicia campus, Zamboanga del Sur
    WMSU-Aurora campus, Zamboanga del Sur
    WMSU Curuan, Zamboanga City
    WMSU-Diplahan, Zamboanga Sibugay
    WMSU-Imelda, Zamboanga Sibugay
    WMSU-Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay
    WMSU-Mabuhay, Zamboanga Sibugay
    WMSU-Malangas, Zamboanga Sibugay
    WMSU-Molave, Zamboanga del Sur
    WMSU-Naga, Zamboanga Sibugay
    WMSUOlutanga, Zamboanga Sibugay
    WMSU-Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur
    WMSU-Pitogo, Zamboanga del Sur
    WMSU-San Ramon, Zamboanga City
    WMSU-Siay, Zamboanga Sibugay
    WMSU-Tungawan, Zamboanga Sibugay
    31)Central Mindanao University established1965
    32)Misamis Oriental State College of Agriculture and Technology established 1983
    33)Northwestern Mindanao State College of Science and Technology estbalished 1971
    34)Davao del Norte School of Fisheries established 1969 ( now known as Davao del Norte State College)
    35)Mati Community College (MCC) founded in 1972 ( now known as
    Davao Oriental State College of Science and Technology)
    36)Malita Agri-Business and Marine and Aquatic School of Technology founded 1966 now known as
    37)Southern Philippines Agri-Business and Marine and Aquatic School of Technology
    38)University of Southeastern Philippines established 1978
    39)Cotabato Foundation College of Science and Technology established 1967
    40) Cotabato City State Polytechnic College established 1983
    41)Mindanao state university- Iligan city founded 1968
    42)Mindanao state university- Gensan city founded 1971
    43)Surigao del Sur State University founded 1982
    44)Surigao Del Norte School of Arts and Trades (Founded in 1969) now known as Surigao State College of Technology
    45)Sulu State College founded in 1982
    46)Tawi-Tawi Regional Agricultural College founded in 1975
    47)Adiong Memorial Polytechnic State College founded in 1970’s
    47 ( that i have found so far) out of 108 state universities and college are established and accomplished projects of FERDINAND E MARCOS. He also improved and re equipped the remaining colleges/ Universities that were established/ founded before 1965.

    1. What zaxx really wants is longer presidential terms — certainly not even an activist government can complete all those projects in six years.

      That much I can endorse. This fellating of Marcos — not so much.

  9. by Tony Lopez >> Imee Marcos delivers October 23, 2015 >> http://goo.gl/qCzPlz

    The first province in the Philippines to be ISO-certified

    Again, ISO – CERTIFIED.

    Let all the rest of the Philippines have their yellow #NeverAgain. In the meantime, Ilocos has a different NeverAgain. What is clear is that they are expanding their middle class in the province, on the way to eliminating poverty.

    That is result oriented management for you. The opposite of being busy with creating paranoia.?

  10. This is what I really miss watching when I was young – a statesman and brilliant orator that doesn’t read his speeches delivered in pure unadulterated ENGLISH…

    Maybe somehow subconsciously through all these years he served as an inspiration

    The following video is as intellectually satisfying as reading a Novel.

    Philippine Most Intelligent President Ferdinand Marcos (September 17, 1982)


    How deep a pit we have fallen into!!!

  11. Founders never leave our memories for they leave indelible footprints on our minds. They give us the reasons to look back and ponder. They give us the reasons to look forward with the hope and aspirations to beating their footprints of distinctiveness. Their mistakes are our lessons and the reasons to reason.

  12. I’m not an Aquino follower myself but this article is another one of those sugarcoating the Marcos era. Get real writers, you belong to the Marcos fandom, yes?

  13. In short, ChinoF wants to say that the MARCOSES are the BETTER LEADERS. If you’re an AQUINO SUPPORTER, you’re nothing but a stupid-as-hell yellowtard and you should be blamed for the demise of this country. Furthermore, ChinoF and some if not all of the GRP writers are Marcos defenders and that makes them more intelligent and relevant than the rest of us, bobo pinoys.

    GRP is an anti-Filipino, anti-Philippines blog posing as a crusader for change. Writers are slowly becoming like whiners and they actually think they can achieve something by hiding behind an alias acting like keyboard warriors in the comfort of their air-conditioned rooms.

    1. Conall is as every point-missing TROLLFAG who loves to TROLL on this site.

      Set your priorities for once, primitivistfag.

  14. ah…the bogeyman arises…bring up the marcos name and everybody pisses in their pants with fear of martial law..how stupid is that?…does anybody really think we will allow another dictator, whoever that may be, rule over us? in this day and age of social media, would anybody even dare to think of establishing martial rule? must be really stupid or even moronic even to think about it…if only, that fear of martial rule could be translated to fear about the consequences of breaking the rules or laws of the land, hey, we might have a chance to get out of the stinking hole we are in…start with simple things, like using the zebra lines to cross the street or even better yet, use them elevated walkways, do not litter, obey traffic signs, wait and get off at designated bus or jeepney stops, get in line, have patience, and so on and so forth..hell, i already do these things and to those who don’t… may you rot in hell because you are the ones keeping us down..i’ve lived through martial law and they were not all that bad as everyone seems to portray it…yes there were excesses, but can anybody tell me of a time that the bad things that happened during the marcos years did not happen, to a lesser degree, after marcos was deposed? were there not massacres during cory’s time? or corruption? or thievery by so called leaders of our country? or of any president after marcos, for that matter? looks to me we replaced an evil dictator with a benevolent dictator but a dictator never the less? 50 years from 1965 to the present and most of us are still afraid of the marcoses? if that is the case, why the hell are we celebrating EDSA1?

  15. The next time I see another #NeverAgain article, I’m going to copy and paste this list into that combox if any.

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