Why indeed should we not bury former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Fort McKinley Libingan ng mga Bayani?

Why not bury former President Ferdinand E. Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Filipino Heroes’ Cemetery)? That is the question that came to light in the wake of the burial there of former Secretary and retired General Angelo Reyes, who was in the middle of being implicated in a big-time corruption scandal at the time of his death in 2011. Marcos’s son, Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr back then “reiterated his call for the burial of his father, the late former President Ferdinand Marcos, in the Libingan ng mga Bayani”. Television personality Karen Davila was quoted by ANC 24/7 as having quoted Bongbong saying that “if Angelo Reyes was buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, my late father should also be buried there”.

Marcos working the crowd with the late former US President Richard Nixon

Marcos working the crowd with the late former US President Richard Nixon

So why not? He was President of the Philippines for two decades after all and, like Angelo Reyes, was never convicted for his alleged crimes. Indeed, his son is a Philippine Senator and his wife, former First Lady Imelda Marcos is a member of the House of Representatives. As far as I can tell, none of Marcos’s top military officers or Cabinet members were taken to account for the alleged “crimes” perpetrated during his 20-year rule. Among the architects of the much maligned Martial Law of the 70’s can be counted former President Fidel Ramos who is widely respected for the administration he ran in the 90’s. Marcos’s Minister of Defense and right-hand-man at the height of his dictatorship, Juan Ponce Enrile, even served as Senate President.

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Indeed, take stock of the political landscape of today and the who’s-who of the folks in power today with eyes uncoloured by the Aquinoist propaganda that dominated much of the last 30 years, and one would be hard-pressed to imagine Ferdinand Marcos as the bad guy he is made out to be.

Credit this to an astounding several decades of a lack of results spanning the year 1986 when Marcos was deposed in a so-called “people power” “revolution” through the Silver Anniversary of this “revolution” celebrated in 2011 and then through to today. This lack of results is vast in scope — from a lack of closure on much of the “crimes” supposedly committed by Marcos and his henchmen, a flaccid effort to recover the loot he allegedly made off with, and, most glaringly obvious, the lack of progress in the overall condition of Philippine society.

The biggest irony, of course is how, despite being president, Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III neglected to pour resources into investigating his own father’s yet-unsolved murder in 1983. And yet, cheerleaders in the Aquino camp continue to insist that it was former President Marcos who was allegedly behind this assassination.

Compared to other societies where swift — and often harsh — justice was dealt their respective despots once they were ousted from power, the Philippines simply muddled along in its renowned flaccid form over those decades chanting slogans peppered with words like “social justice”, “vigilance”, and “hope” in a sad monumental effort to mask an underlying lack of real national substance.

Perhaps then, former President Ferdinand E. Marcos is entitled to a decent burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. We have, after all, come full circle and now need to come to terms with the in-your-face realisation that it was not Marcos or his legacy after all that accounts for the lack of any real progress in the Philippines.

106 Replies to “Why indeed should we not bury former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Fort McKinley Libingan ng mga Bayani?”

  1. I get the point of your article that since the revolution has been betrayed over and over again, we might as well bury Marcos there to put the final nail in the People Power coffin.

    Still, we’ve been fed years of propaganda how “Aquino good, Marcos bad” that burying him there would be too much cognitive dissonance even for the average Filipino simpleton.

    1. That’s right, and Filipinos should see their failure to charge and convict Marcos and his cronies of any crime (if, in fact, there was any such crime to begin with) as a collective failure of Philippine society as a whole to effect justice.

      People who want to demonise Marcos should first be fair and ensure that they also call out EVERYONE of the alleged crooks who are running around with impunity and not suffering any consequences for their crimes as well. And that includes all those congressmen and senators who stole BILLIONS in pork barrel funds.

      1. This article is completely out of line. He was ousted for a reason; if you want to be legal about it; the first Edsa rally was realized because he had removed every sort of right due to ’emergency’ that wasn’t real in the first place (ask Enrile, the author of the real martial law document). Oh, and he used the army too in eliminating those who would speak against him. (Ask General Ver).

        While I don’t like the Aquinos, all the government after Marcos or our masses penchant for not understanding the rules or procedure well enough to be truly democratic; you might as well have added spit and disrespect on the actual heroes who deserved to be there, the way they did with the former General.

        I thought the point of this blog is to enlighten, not not counter a stupid action with an even more idiotic reaction.

        1. But where is your concrete proof then? And please, hearsays and any biased sources are unacceptable. Don’t tell me you prefer marcos’s allegations a trial by publicity like what happened to Corona.

        2. There you go. Enrile was the author of the martial law document. Why isn’t he in jail for it? Isn’t martial law declaration a jailable offense?

        3. @ Twisky, YOU ARE CORRECT SIR !!!! This clown’domo’ wants proof, well is the youtube video’s of Imelda flaunting her 170 foreign bank accounts proof enough that Marcos was, to say the least, a scumbag thief !!!
          A complete and absolute scumbag thief. and most of the money that was ordered returned was simply not returned.
          The entire government of the Philippines is a corrupt entity, to say one politician is bad and not include all the rest is ludicrous.

        4. @uk ray: And yet you still put the blame to marcos as well when it’s imeldas alone. Still attacking eh noytard?

        5. One, I’m a ma’am, not a sir.

          Two, I don’t like the current government either and believe them equally corrupt. It’s just a matter of method that’s a difference.

          I wouldn’t want Enrile or Pnoy or GMA buried in Libingan anymore than I would like Marcos, Sr. I have relatives there who actually died for this country, among other worthy ones.

          What I’m against in this article is a lack of respect by saying one thief is equal to the other, so by all means, let’s group them together mentality, at a place that is one of the last bastions of symbolism.

          Lack of wisdom, as well as respect. If this blog is after enlightening, this article was an act of inciting without cause.

        6. Twisky, beg to differ for you know not what your mind’s contents is. The reason why he, the late Ferdinand E. Marcos, choose then to vacate the presidency is he did not want to make the country experience a civil war just so he can continue as president as did other countries’ presidents did in their time. His vacating the presidency saved the country from being destroyed so that it can live another day just as what happened! Do you think if he held his legal ground then for he won the election at that time, do you think we would have the time to ponder on what was it all about Cory Aquino and her handlers’ aim for our republic! Look at us compared with Singapore or Korea or Vietnam! We retrograded up to now with another Aquino at the helm of government! Look at the idiot and mediocrity of leadership that we have had for the past 30 years beginning with Cory Aquino putting a new constitution with its oligarchic flavor. Look at the energy crisis, the monumental neglect of agricultural productivity, the systematic stealing thru the PDAP & DAP in the hundreds billions, the selling down the drain of Mindanao via the BBL, the deliberate order to stand down the reinforcement to aid the SAF 44 in the Mamasapano, the sinister thought behind the authorization given to Gen Purisima’s meddling in the execution of a plan to capture an international terrorist inside MILF territory resulting in the Mamasapano massacre! Do you think these stupidities would have seen the light of day if a civil war ensued after the proclamation of President Marcos before the Chief Justice in February 1986? I think the whole nation now know how stupid thinking were those behind the so called “People Power” of 1986! What sayeth Twisky?

      2. Domo— proof? How about the ghost writer penning enrile’s memoirs when he was waxing poetic about keeping the typewriter he wrote the offical martial law document in, and Ver being exiled for his crimes (not only marcos was exiled).

        All you have to do is run to the archives and read what real journalists had to say then; when they actually had to FACT CHECK.

        I suggest you read.

        1. And from what source is that? abias-cbn? oinquirer? If they are, you think I’m very stupid to just believe those “hallelujah” of yours?

  2. If one does not like Marcos’ administration as a president, he is still very much qualified as a soldier who served the country during the Great Asian War. No matter how they dispute his medals, he is included in the AFP’s Hall of Heroes in Camp Aguinaldo.

    1. Burying the guy with Military honors should not be a problem, if he served with distinction his crimes in later life do not diminish that.

      1. @ UK RAY:

        Marcos served with honor during World War II. The Aquino served, with Dishonor, by collaborating with the Japanese Militarists.

        It is the Aquinos’ Hate on Marcos, that is preventing Marcos , from being buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

        My late father, who also served his country , with honor, as a USAFFE soldier; has received benefits from Uncle Sam. We, his children were beneficiaries of his war services…

  3. Nobody would want to find the real perpetrators if the real perpetrators aren’t the same people as the ones who are accused of being perpetrators. No one would want to cast any doubt on the victimhood of the martyr, right?

  4. Fame is a strange thing. Some men gain glory after they die, while others fade. What is admired in one generation is abhorred in another.

  5. My question is this: who is the real author of martial law? Who is the one who ordered abductions and killings? Marcos is implicated simply for command responsibility. But did he really order killings and all that? On martial law, I heard Enrile, Ramos and company are the real authors. Marcos simply approved of it.

  6. My late father was a Battle of Bataan veteran. He survived the infamous “Death March”, during his late teens.

    Marcos is a Battle of Bataan veteran; and survived the infamous “Death March”. He even won medals in World War II.

    The Aquinos were Japanese Imperial Army collaborators, during the Japanese occupation. Benigno Aquino, Sr. , was sentenced to Death for Treason. But, was pardoned by Gen. MacArthur. Benigno Aquino, Sr. , together with his fellow Japanese Imperialist Collaborators, fled to Tokyo, Japan; during the Liberation of the Philippines.

    The Aquinos scammed the Philippine government,tons of money, to grab and own the Hacienda Luisita.

    Benigno Aquino III, has his DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, etc…and is a virtual dictator. He has also his foreign bank accounts.

    Give our heroes their due. The YellowTard’s mantra: “If you are against us. You are for Marcos”…a mentally retarded thinking…

    It is the Aquinos’ hate on Marcos, that is the issue here. Marcos may had been a Son of a Bitch. However, I believe all of them, are Sons of Bitches…

    Let us remove politics on this issue; and honor our true heroes. Bury Marcos in the Libingan ng maga Bayani. He deserve it…

  7. Arguments like these are what identify Filipinos today. “Since Marcos was never indicted, much less, convicted, he is innocent of the crimes ascribed to him”; (never mind that the Swiss have seen fit to repatriate some six-hundred-million dollars of the loot). By extension, “..since Senators Ponce-Enrile, Jinggoy and Bong.. and VP Binay, (of course) have not been to court for the plunder attributed to them, they are all innocent”. We seem to be oblivious of the fact that prosecutors, judges and others in ‘law enforcement’ can be easily bribed, suborned, and intimidated, and can ,therefore, delay the process of justice indefinitely. These alleged ‘criminals’ can now, therefore, plead innocence under the principle of “innocent-until-proven-guilty’. Farcical as this may seem, since neither Cory, Ramos, Gloria nor Pnoy have lifted a finger to address this travesty, all’s well and good.. and we just have to learn how to live with it.

    Here’s an idea. Why not bury Marcos in, or within the vicinity of the Luneta. FPJ is there, (I don’t know what he has done for the country); and it’s a good bet that Erap, too, will be there when his time’s up anyway. Yeah.. why not?

    1. “never mind that the Swiss have seen fit to repatriate some six-hundred-million dollars of the loot.”

      Don’t be misled by the Yellow Media, the Aquino Government and by some GRP anti-Marcos writer(s) (NOT this author!) and commenters that the Phillipines has gotten the actual money already!

      “The Swiss court says the money can be released from the ESCROW ACCOUNT to the government ONLY IF the government wins a criminal conviction against Marcos’ widow, Imelda, IN CONNECTION with the (SWISS) funds.”


      But since 1986, out of a 900 or so cases against Marcos, where is it?!

        1. Supreme court after the Marcos regime???
          Yes..Ill gotten..All yellowtards manipulations…
          Libingan ng mga Bayani?No need!Marcos is all in peoples mind and heart whom he touched!

  8. Allege -what the Aquinos do all the time. Under Marcos, our country the Philippines was the Tiger of Asia! Under the Aquinos and the presidents they elect like the corrupt but oh so record clean Ramos, this country is little by little being broken. Sabah…. Our country is like a trashcan thanks to the selfish Oligarchs who just want to steal the resources of this country and it didn’t stop from there, they also commit treason.

  9. It was not what Marcos had done when he was President, that is the issue here. It was Marcos service to his country, during World War II, as a soldier. That is the reason why he should be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Ninoy Aquino, Jr. scammed the Philippine government millions of pesos to own the Hacienda Luisita. And he was in bed with the NPA, who bombed the LP rally , at Plaza Miranda. Inspite of these, the Manila international Airport is named after him.

    Let us remove Politics on the issue. I know all these Filipino politicians are mostly crooks and scumbags.
    The Aquinos, included. Bury Marcos, and close the issue. Let us all move on. The Marcos issue is past already. We have more pressing problems than this Marcos issue.

    1. try to look for official US war archives say of Marcos during the war…go ahead, I won’t feed you the info, just be prepared for the truth 🙂

    2. Hacienda Luisita wasn’t scammed off of the government. This vast sugar estate was purchased by Jose Cojuangco, Sr., (brother of Eduardo Cojuangco, Sr.), from the Spanish-owned ‘Tabacalera’ in 1958 with a loan from the GSIS and the New York Trust Company. It was, as early as 1950, being eyed for purchase by the Lopez family of Iloilo and Negros but then President Magsaysay wouldn’t allow the sale. The ‘Lopezes’ already had several sugar mills and plantations in Iloilo and Negros, as well as the Meralco, Negros Navigation and the Chronicle corporations. 
      Hacienda Luisita’s seeming immunity from land reform, while puzzling, is no different from the immunity of, say, the ‘Del Monte’ pineapple plantation in Bukidnon, the banana plantations in Davao and the sugarcane plantations still owned and operated by the sugar centrals in Negros Occidental. Rightly or wrongly, I am thinking that, were these plantations parceled out to many individual owners in small lots, say, of one or two hectares each, these lands would no longer be the viable ‘dollar-earning’ corporate farms that they are now. More likely than not, the resulting small farm lots would have reverted to ‘rice and corn ‘carabao-farming’. 
      To my mind, the owners of these plantations ought to be judged solely on the basis of whether they compensate and treat their employees equitably. The fact that they live ‘high-and-handsome’ is a function of their productivity. I wouldn’t begrudge them for that.

      1. There is half truth in what you said, you only left one critical condition imposed on the sale of Hacienda Luisita to the Cojuangco-Aquino clan, a condition that after 10 years, the Hacienda will be distributed among the tenant-farmers.

    1. Unfortunately, no court was able to prove that. The thing is, why didn’t the current Aquino pursue cuch cases – indeed, including who murdered his father? And the debts Marcos created, Cory Aquino agreed to pay them instead of repudiate them.

      1. Who had not looted the National Treasury, when they are in power?

        All of them… the Aquinos included…see the Hacienda Luisita, the DAP, PDAF? And the power of the NPA? Where did those money came from, that financed these things?

        It is the YellowTard Mantra:” Marcos looted the National Treasury…” I have been hearing that, since I was in the Elementary Grade. It is still there in the Subconsciousness Minds of Aquino’s YellowTards. They are like Robots, repeating that mantra…”parang sirang plaka na ang mga sirang Ulong YellowTards.”…

        1. Yup, history books should say that every government since Marcos has looted the national treasury. Heck, Pork Barrel started in Cory’s time, imitating Marcos crony styles.

        2. and ChinoF says ,ever so brightly,’No other…has been convicted’, well NO SHIT !!!! asking thieves to prosecute each other is an exercise in futility.U cany figure that out ? OMG !!!
          Did you guys kidnap the writers of GRP and assume their ID’s?

      2. Exactly @Chino. “Marcos stole from the Filipino people” has become such an ingrained mantra. But people don’t seem to stop and consider just how baffling it is that no court has convicted any Marcos or Marcos crony to date.

        1. And in like fashion, almost no other person who “stole from the Filipino people” has been convicted either. They even get reelected! Instead, Filipinos seem to believe in “sacrificial lambs.” Using an analogy, just catch one thief and publicly humiliate him, while his 20 cohorts continue to loot the town since the towsnpeople are too busy with humiliating the one thief.

        2. Just like, for that matter, all the people in the Vote Farms that turn Metro Manila into crap with impunity — squatters, bus and jeepney drivers, tricycle drivers, etc…

        3. to hide behind that staement, ‘No court has convicted’, take a look at the guys salary and even if his family had some money….THERE IS NO WAY THAT HE COULD HAVE ACCUMULATD THE AMOUNTS OF MONEY HE AND HIS FAMILY HAS LEGALLY.
          IDK what the ICC or the investigatory body in the E.U. ordered, but the order was ignored and the vast majority that was ordered returned was not.Marcos wife braggs on youtube about it as well. Go see it for yourself, if you think the entire family is not a bunch of thieves you really do need to watch the videos.
          If the Philippines gets hit with a hurricane tomorrow and no one measures the force of the winds, but the entire Visaya’s region gets flooded and is underwater, does that mean that a hurricane did not occur ?
          GET REAL, HA !!!

        4. and even further, Marcos henchmen were left behind and none of them would ever have convicted the guy. Your statement about ‘No court has ever convicted’, assumes that a court in the Philippines is not corrupt.That Marcos supporters that remained in the country would prosecute him in absentia, HOW LUDICROUS IS THAT STATEMENT ? GRP, shouts and rails about the corrupt as shit countries institutions/politicians and then using the same corrupt institutions to make a point is hypocrisy of the highest order and you are so full of shit the whites of your eyes are turning brown.

        5. If the unexplainable nature of his wealth is so obvious, then it simply highlights the idiocy in Philippine society’s failure to convict ANYONE.

          For that matter, Filipinos are surrounded by politicians that they themselves decry as exhibiting inexplicable wealth. And yet they subject themselves to them.

          So the obvious conclusion: Filipinos deserve what they get.

  10. It doesn’t surprise me that GRP would lean towards a favorable stance towards Marcos. As the old adage goes: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Anything to make the current administration look bad, it’s fair play.

    1. @superlucky20:

      So, you adhere to the ISIS/MILF/AL QUEDA saying: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend..

      ” I add this saying from the Arab world: ” The Monkey is a Gazelle in the Eyes of his Mother…”

      Guess who is the Monkey. And who is the mother…

      1. I don’t adhere to that statement; GRP does. You people remind me of Binay, so willing to accommodate Bongbong as his possible running mate. “Let’s forget the past,” he said. That’s what you people are doing right now: forgetting the past.

      2. When I cite a statement, it doesn’t necessarily mean I adhere to it. In this case, the statement adheres to your predictable actions and not to me. So any ISIS / Al Qaeda mumbo-jumbo you quote sticks right back to you.

  11. Libing na si Macoy! Para case close na! I’ts funny to see the Aquino children being portrayed as saints but they can not forgive and forget? For the sake of the country they rather hold into their pride?! Or just to keep the people blinded by every time the issue on Marcos burial at Libingan ng mga Bayani is brought up they will always scream human rights, justice etc! If they really want justice then solve the biggest conspiracy of our nation! The assasination of Ninoy Aquino! Oh this also they dont want the truth to come out because it will just erase the whole notion of “Edsa People Power”!

        1. I’m not digging up skeletons; you people are. The idea that Marcos is a crook is long dead and buried. But nothing is sacred if it means having ammunition against BS Aquino, right? So predictable you people are. Like Binay, willing to ride on any issue that will give you an advantage.

        2. Obviously you’ve done nothing but beating up a dead horse superkarma666. I bet you love to “kill” for your satisfaction.

      1. @superlucky20
        Would appreciate if you take a look at this link >> http://goo.gl/fBhmeF.

        Is what is found there true or not? We are not sure. If it is true, it is very disturbing. Can we do something about it? Don’t think so with the way our people think.

        Is Marcos a hero or a heel? Depends on who is talking. Can we do something about it? Don’t think so. Is it relevant? Yes, if we want to put context to what is going on today and if we want to learn from history.

        Is PNoy the best or the worst President? Depends on who is talking. Can we do something about it? No. Yes, if people finally learn how to vote well next time.

        Don’t you think it may not really be about a third party, Marcos, or PNoy? We can’t do anything about them.

        Maybe, it is about highlighting issues, events, characters and personalities, etc so that more people will think more. Maybe, it is about taking anything towards this end.

        Maybe, we could control our own destiny as a people if we have more people thinking objectively, and without emo. Maybe, that is GRP trying to help along this line. What do you think?

        1. Add,

          This is why I stopped blaming specific politicians for what’s wrong with the country.

          First, the accused politician(s) will never admit to their shortcomings. Second, there is no single politician who is really at fault. All of them have contributed–directly and indirectly–to the country’s failure. Third, the Filipino people have different opinions on who’s at fault.

          Hmmm…if that’s the case, I will just blame ALL FILIPINOS–including myself–on why the Philippines is a screwed up nation. It’s a lot easier to determine who really is at fault, without having to resort to the useless and stupid “blame-game.”


        2. Could not help you there, superlucky20. If you are that opinionated, that you want inputs to adjust to your opinions, uhmm, I don’t know.

          He may be cranky, but he is not the only one saying those things.

  12. @Add:

    I read your link; and everything is true. Panama’ Noriega was overthrown, because , he wanted to nationalize the Panama Canal.

    In Iran, there was Oil: British and American intersts was at stake. Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, wanted to nationalize the Iranian Oil industry. But, was overthrown in a coup d’ etat by U.S. and British conspirators. The Shah came back in power.

    However, Iranian nationalist students, took over the U.S. Embassy in Teheran; and took the Americans inside the embassy hostages. Ayatollah Komenei returned from his exile in Paris, France. The iranians nationalized their Oil industry. The rest was history.

    Now, Iran is rich and a powerful country. The U.S. and the British, who control the Oil industry, cannot do anything on Iran.

    Overthrowing goverments is done by the U.S./CIA, to protect its business interests. Installing Puppets, like the Aquinos, Ramos, etc…is their tactic…

    1. That is what I was suspecting too. That may be the reason why the approval ratings of the neocons are way, way down. All these adventures have not really helped US interests.

  13. Thus article actually states: “one would be hard pressed to imagine that Ferdinand Marcos was the bad guy he is made out to be.”, yes, it is right there for all the brain dead, if they believe that bull-shit, Filipino’s to see.A brain dead statement if ever there was a bran dead statement. The guy stole BILLIONS of USDollars from the Filipino poeple and even when ordered by International courts to give it back, his family did not. His wife still brags about that……and that is not all !!! U MUST BE FUCKIN DRUGGED !

    HA, his wife still braggs about the 170 foreign bank accounts she and her family STOLE from the Filipino people. The nerve of that Woman is unsurpassed.

    HA, just because Filipino’s have not figured out how to get rid of the fuckin thieving scumbags (THEY NEVER LEFT !!!!) that Marcos MUST be a good alternative.IS ASS-HOLE LOGIC at its finest!!!!

    Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Filipino’s had a chance to clean house in 1986 and failed to do so and have been living in the alter-ego of Marcos ever since. Now they are going to bring his slithering Son into the Palace and it will rain shit, just like it has since independence day in 1948, on the people of the country until they figure out that they need an entirely new cast of characters.Getting rid of one, does nothing. Stalin did it the right way, he got rid of every-fuckin-body!!!! and the Romanov’s have never been heard from again.

    Filipino’s want a Marcos back in power? HA, if that is not the funniest shit, IDK what is !!!

    Aquino, Marcos, Enrile, Estrada, Arroyo….they are all the same…and if you all elect another one of the Marcos family to run your country you will have rightfully earned the International laughingstock title that you will no doubt win for doing such a thing.


    1. I don’t see any charges nor any convictions for any of those alleged crimes you cite dude.

      The criminal justice process is as much a part of democracy as elections are. You can’t uphold one without upholding the other.

      Tough luck.

      1. Link

        “Authorities had already recovered more than $4bn from an estimated $5-10bn amassed by the Marcoses during the dictator’s 20-year rule, he said.

        Bautista said last month that the government was targeting at least 50bn pesos ($1.1bn) more.”

        Read it and weep. How can a family amass $10 B? What did they do? Run Microsoft? Hahahahahaha! Now Imelda and her children run free but that doesn’t mean she is INNOCENT. It only means that the courts here are incompetent. You lived in the Philippines, you should know that. Your poor imitation of lawyerspeak fools no one.

        Everyone knows why you are riding this issue. You hate Noynoy with a vengeance and that’s enough for you to have selective amnesia. That makes you sound more like a politician than a concerned citizen.

      2. Do you have an idea how a dictator of a third world country can amass $10B? Gee, could it be his salary? He couldn’t have done that by honest means, right? Right?

        Can you give us an idea how that is possible? Please?

        1. If you discovered the Yamashita Treasure, would you announce that to the whole world, or would you let the 50 year statute of limitation expire so that countries from Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, to Indonesia could not claim what the Japs looted? That 50-year could only have occurred sometime betw 1996 to 1999

          I am not saying that is it. But, we are working here with possibilities.

      3. Wow, all those “billions” were “stolen” from the Filipino people and yet not a single person convicted!

        Ha ha!

        Pinoy nga naman talaga
        Parang aso
        Matangkad lang kapag naka-upo.

        1. Yes, and that says a lot about how entrenched the thievery in the country is. The judiciary,congress,executive branch…all thieves, every last one of them.

        2. its your country, your taxes being stolen. You think that they are not robbing you? and that no criminal convictions is an accident ? or some sort of vindication for the notion that the people that run the government are not thieves?
          You say ‘HA HA, no convictions’ WELL, check it out dood, HA HA , THE JOKE IS ON YOU !!!! It is your country and your taxes being stolen….and the scumbags that should rightfully be in jail, are laughing AT YOU !!!! Not me !!!!So, yeah, HA HA !!!!

        3. I posted this earlier but I’ll post it again just for you, benign0:

          I think this current issue marks the point where GRP forgot its principles for short-term “gain”. I’m not sure if anybody noticed this before but GRP just went against its spiritual leader, Lee Kwan Yew. He said this about the Philippines:

          “It is a soft, forgiving culture. Only in the Philippines could a leader like Ferdinand Marcos, who pillaged his country for over 20 years, still be considered for a national burial. Insignificant amounts of the loot have been recovered, yet his wife and children were allowed to return and engage in politics.”

          And now, benign0 decries that we should reserve our opinions about Marcos until the courts jail someone! Bwahahahahahahahaha! Everyone in the world knows Marcos stole and pillaged throughout his reign (i.e., Lee Kwan Yew) but only people with vested interests (i.e., Bongbong and GRP) would deny this fact like holocaust deniers deny the existence of the gas chambers. All for a chance to put one over BS Aquino. Nice.

          GRP should take a long look in the mirror and enumerate the reasons why this website stopped being a proponent for change for the Filipino people and started to become a petty political soapbox.

        4. What makes you think I am denying anyone ‘stole’ anything here? Cite specific examples plez.

          And, nope, I’m not even saying anyone here ‘reserve’ their opinions about the Marcoses. In fact, I welcome them. But at the end of the day, where there are no charges and, specially this, no CONVICTIONS, they are all just opinions.

          Indeed, there is nothing inconsistent with what I say here and how I stand behind LKY’s decrying of Filipinos as possessing of a ‘soft and forgiving culture’. That lack of any ability to throw into prison people they are convinced ‘stole’ public funds in the ‘billions’ simply highlights it.

          It’s all elegantly consistent, really.

    2. ?OK, UK Ray, the outcry is being heard.

      These are what you have to reckon with, however:

      1. The perception that the people in PCGG, the body that Cory created to run after the Marcos wealth, have themselves stolen what what was stolen. There are estimates that only 20% were returned to the government. There was a time that personnel of PCGG were themselves being investigated because mansions and luxurious houses were sprouting like mushrooms in Ayala Alabang and were being reported as being owned by this or that PCGG. That investigation soon fizzled out, and since then PCGG has been very secretive.

      2. Sure, there are more to be recovered, but it has become more difficult with time. If you are Marcos, would you voluntarily return them knowing that the very people in charge of recovering them would steal them thereafter. Would you return them knowing that is tantamount to admitting they are stolen? Or, would you wait for courts to tell you that? Well, the ones that were instructed to be returned by international courts were returned. No local court has ever convicted any of them, so as far as the Philippine law is concerned, they are innocent. Not aware of any international Court, either.

      3. If you are the public, would you still be interested in them being returned when you know it is going to be stolen again. Or, would you hope in a hopeless situation that the family might return it if ever they get back to power. The operative word is hopeless situation.

      4. I have seen papers floating around now that what has been stolen in the 30 years after EDSA1 is now double, corrected for inflation, what Ferdie and Imelda may have in 20 years. The killings and disappearances may not be as much as Martial Law, but still detestable in numbers, more so because this is the very thing that EDSA1 was supposed to eliminate

      5. Every straw vote conducted in universities and schools, especially those after the Mamasapano incident, has Bongbong leading. This is a better indicator than those coming from the biased survey companies. Plus, remember that majority of voters are young people.

      6. Tatad claims that he knows of Fil-Am groups, even those who were part of the Quarter Storm, ready to support Bongbong. Bear in mind that political donation coming from US based Filipinos have traditionally made a difference.

      7. Question for #5 to #6 is why? Several speculations have been forwarded.
      7.1 Every President after EDSA1 tried to uplift the spirit of EDSA. All turned out to be a disappointment, giving a bad name for EDSA1, that probably it was afterall a failed experiment.
      7.2 PNoy was the climax. They put all their hope on the fellow and yet, has proven to be the worst compared to all his predecessors. What a disappointment.
      7.3 Filipinos voters may be dead brain, but don’t ever, ever insult them with lies. Or, in the case of PNoy, with lies after lies. They will not get angry, they will get even, they will return the insult. And who cares if they are the international laughingstock, they have to satisfy their need to return the insult. Just look at the pendulum pattern of voting since Cory. And what is the ultimate insult they could give PNoy? Vote Bongbong.

      8. Bongbong as a governor was one of the best performing governors. As a Senator, he already outpaces PNoy as a Senator by several miles in terms of performance. There is no indicator at all he will be like his father — NONE!

      1. I have not stated that there are no other thieves in the corrupt as shit country. Your admission that ‘Sure, there are more to be recovered’,doesn’t anger you ? It almost seems as if you could not care less that these people have robbed your childrens futures, and openly brag about it, and yet you want to elect one of them?
        The ‘People Power’ movement or revolt or whatever it was, accomplished nothing.Removing the head with out getting rid of the body was the error there. It replaced one thief with another without getting rid of all the rest of the thieves. Enrile was even allowed to stay.

        “There is no indication he will be like his Father’, well,’The apple NEVER FALLS FAR FROM THE TREE’, and if there are funds that are still to be recovered, HOW MUCH OF IT DO YOU THINK BING-BING HAS,HUH? His Mother openly brags about it ! HA, the joke is on you, it is your country, LOL !!!!

        Filipino’s shouted for change and yet are now electing the children of the very thieves you sought to get rid of, WHAT?. Truly, truly idiotic.

      2. BTW, every Filipino I know that is outside the country thinks that not a single member of the Marcos family should be allowed to hold public office. IDC what the polls say, I have asked Filipino’s personally.
        AMAZINGLY enough, they all say the same exact thing.

        1. Did bongbong marcos win in the overseas absentee voting? Just curios who you were personally interviewing, hehehe

    1. @ice cube
      Just to clarify, this is about human rights abuses which is the pitfall of all dictatorships as that of Suharto, Mao, Park Chung-Hee, and I guess even of Lee Kwan Yew??

      1. I don’t know, a man capable of ordering his goons to dip your head in feces or knowing that such crap happens not to mention torture killings and forced disappearances; would be more than capable of stealing a few billion dollars here and there from his people.

        I trust no Philippine politician from Marcos to the present breed of oafs we have.

      2. NO, this was about Marcos being a bad guy, a thieving scumbag and the Admin of GRP trying to whitewash the fact that Marcos was ,in fact, a thieving scumbag….read the article again…its in there.

        the money was never recovered and now his Son will do as his Father did, and the money that his Father stole will help him do it. Watch the youtube videos where Imelda brags about her 170 foreign bank accounts. Are you dumb enough to not realize who will inherit those accounts when Imelda dies? Do I need to spell it out for you ?

        ‘No indication..’, OMG !!!!

  14. These Aquino’s YellowTards are brainwashed by the Aquino U.S./C.I.A. Propaganda. Besides, they are Parasites, living on the tax money of OFW, like us. They are rabid followers of Aquino.

    Anybody can go to Panama. Ask , if these things happened in Panama. The lease of the Panama Canal was ending. And, Noriega did not want to extend the lease. So, he was overthrown. The country was invaded by U.S. troops, during the administration of George Bush, Sr.

    The Iran overthrow was because of the control of Oil in Iran. U.S. and British interests were at stake. So, they overthrew Prime Minster Mohammad Mosaddegh, who tried to nationalize the oil industry. The Shah of Iran was installed as their Puppet.

    Iranian nationalists invaded the U.S. Embassy, held hostage the U.S. personnel. This was under the U.S. President Carter administration. The Iranian nationalists nationalized their Oil industry. And, drove away all foreign interests. Iran now sells its Oil, on its own term… and it became an economic and military power in the area.

    Marcos was overthrown, because of the U.S. Bases in our country. The U.S./C.I.A. installed the Aquinos,Ramos,etc.. who are their Puppets. See how Aquino violated the Bases agreement. He allowed U.S. troops in the Philippine soil. He is afraid to be overthrown, and tried in the U.S.

    1. and to get even Marcos robbed Westinghouse,LOL !!!!!

      your statement about Iran is in-correct. IDGAS enough to explain it BUT, suffice to say…if the Nuclear agreement before the USA Congress is ratified, the statement you made will be correct in 2-4 years.

      1. @UK RAY

        They are afraid of Iran. it has many Nuclear Reactors. some underground. They can produce a nuclear bomb in a year. So, the European countries and the U.S., are negotiating with Iran.

        Go to Iran, and ask people there.If what I am writing are not the truth… I have an Iranian friend, who gave me the information. If you are a YellowTard, living , as parasite on my OFW taxes. I understand why you defend Aquino, like a mad dog. It is the way you earn your living.

        1. @ 27Haydum, I do not defend Aquino, am certainly not a ‘yellowtard’ and have no idea why you would think that. Paranoid much?
          What you say is incorrect,
          The USA and the NATO countries are not ‘afraid’ of Iran, Israel is afraid of Iran. Israel is a conflicted party here as they say they do not want Iran to have nukes and yet they,Israel, have them. The rat-turd Netanyahu is a war criminal and here is hoping he is arrested for war crimes this week when he enters the U.K., I cant wait.
          Back on point: The West is negotiating with Iran because the E.U. needs the trade deals that will be available after the sanctions are lifted, BILLIONS of Euro’s are on the line. The USA has got to ratify the deal as if it doesn’t, the USDollar could end up being the indirect ‘Fall guy’. If you want an explanation of that , and how that could transpire? You will have to ask for it, and nicely too !!! Your tone is not exactly catching my ear.
          and BTW, YOU can go to Iran, I would not enter that hell-hole country if you paid for my ticket/expenses.

  15. After seeing how Filipino’s are supporting the Son of the Man that brought them, what?, 10 years was it? Martial law. The Son of the parents that have so many foreign bank accounts that are stuffed full of ill-gotten wealth that was stolen from them, the Filipino people (and the thieves openly brag about it, HOLY SHIT !!!!) there is no hope for the country,NONE !!!!!
    and to see the admin of GRP laughing about the fact that so much money has been stolen and yet no one has ever gone to jail, and he thinks its funny!!! is just the icing on the cake.

    Filipino’s !!!! NOW HEAR THIS: You are all fucked, good luck in your poverty !!!

  16. I think this current issue marks the point where GRP forgot its principles for short-term “gain”. I’m not sure if anybody noticed this before but GRP just went against its spiritual leader, Lee Kwan Yew. He said this about the Philippines:

    “It is a soft, forgiving culture. Only in the Philippines could a leader like Ferdinand Marcos, who pillaged his country for over 20 years, still be considered for a national burial. Insignificant amounts of the loot have been recovered, yet his wife and children were allowed to return and engage in politics.”

    And now, benign0 decries that we should reserve our opinions about Marcos until the courts jail someone! Bwahahahahahahahaha! Everyone in the world knows Marcos stole and pillaged throughout his reign (i.e., Lee Kwan Yew) but only people with vested interests (i.e., Bongbong and GRP) would deny this fact like holocaust deniers deny the existence of the gas chambers. All for a chance to put one over BS Aquino. Nice.

    GRP should take a long look in the mirror and enumerate the reasons why this website stopped being a proponent for change for the Filipino people and started to become a petty political soapbox.

    1. or change the mantra of the site from ‘We beg to differ’ to something more appros pos, like….’We are political opportunists.’

  17. The YellowTards are in the attack mode.
    The U.S./C.IA., lost in China. Pres. Chiang Kai Shiek, a U.S. puppet, was defeated by Mao Tse Tung. Chiang Kai Shiek took refuge in Taiwan.

    The U.S./C.I.A. lost in Cuba. Fidel Castro and “Che” Guevarra, kicked out Batista, a U..S. puppet.

    The U.S./C.I.A. lost in Vietnam. Pres. Diem was asassinated by the U.S,/C.I.A. Gen. Cao Ky and Gen. Van Thieu were installed by the U.S./C.I.A, as their puppets. However, U.S. Gen. Westmoreland, was beaten by North Vietnam Gen. Von Giap.
    Gen. Von Giap defeated the French also; their colonizer.

    In the Philippines, they easily deposed Marcos, and installed Aquino and Laurel, as their puppets.The Filipino Politicians are easily manipulated by the U.S./C.I.A. Aquino , who is their collaborator, is very much willing to sell the country…together with his Parasite YellowTards. This is the reason the YellowTards are attacking us, like mad dogs.

    1. Any President who will be elected to replace Aquino, will have to deal with the U.S./C.I.A. This is the Harsh Reality. The U.S./C.I.A. is there to protect American interest, not Filipino interest. Collaborators and Puppets, like the Aquinos thrive, in their Patronage.

  18. I think certain people are ignoring ground realities, nuances, and hard choices.

    1. Times have changed. Conditions have changed. Marcos was an era of dictators.

    2. Countries transitioned from that era into democracy and market economy gradually. It is only the Philippines that made the transition abruptly. It may have been a people initiative. It may not have been. That is what is being sorted out now in view of more information coming out that it may really have been a third party initiative. IF it was a third party, then it had to be an overt operation. If it was overt, that makes it difficult to sort things out. Some speculate that it may be the desire of certain quarters in the US to retain the Philippines as a colony in one form or another. Some speculate that it may have something to do with the Japanese loot in WW2, and if this is case, the more the public will not know, because by its nature, interested parties will see to it that there would be a total disinformation. In the meantime that experts and interested parties are sorting this out, the public remains in the dark, and as a public, this is what we have to work with.

    3. UK Ray suggests that all these leaders have to be wiped out for they are all thieves. Oh, how we wish that were possible. First, the society is not French, Russian, Iranian, Egyptian, or Libyan, it is Filipino, and it can’t stomach a bloody revolution. It is Filipino, and it is used to being under colonial masters and oligarchs — it is a subservient society. The most they could do is people power, and because that had not yielded the desired results, people are tired of revolution. They have opted to live their lives individually trying to be oblivious to what is going on the bigger scheme of things, as if that were possible. From time to time, to get directly affected by the incompetence and corruption going on, then that is the only time they react. If only indirectly, then they don’t care.

    4. LKY is correct. This is a forgiving society. It is a terrible defect, but how do we change this in view of the above? If it can’t be changed that easily, then we have to work with this as an ingredient in the meantime.

    5. Every election, the choice has been made narrower and narrower. The political system seems to have been designed in order to discourage the best and brightest and to encourage the greedy and/or incompetent. So, it has become more and more about choosing the lesser of two evils.

    6. Fortunately or unfortunately, the present dispensation has put into focus on who is really running the country. The very oligarchs with whom Marcos had a running battle. The political system, the government, after EDSA1, has been a very good cover for them. Big Mining has been going on with negligible benefit to the country. If it were not for the recent killing of the three Lumads, nobody would have noticed. Indigenous people are being displaced by agents of the Philippine Army. Agrarian reform has been made to fail, and systematic land grabbing has become the cottage industry of the influential ones. Smuggling was on the rise since EDSA1, reaching a peak in the last five years of 10x the average. Energy is controlled by five families, and energy cost remains the most expensive. Internet connection is the most expensive. Rules have been made to discourage multinational companies in setting up manufacturing facilities in the country. It is basically a consumer economy. Bankers have become predators. The gaming and gambling industry has been made to flourish, legally and illegally. A bubble economy is not being controlled as it helps in the illusion. Infrastructure development has been sluggish so the 30 years has been way down compared to the 20 years of Marcos. The agriculture industry has been made to rot to justify massive importation of food products. Etc etc No wonder 90% of the wealth of the nation is concentrated on just 50 individuals, while 35% in real terms remain unemployed.

    7. Now, they tell us that the choice is only among guys who have been loyal to the shades of yellow team. Why can’t we have a choice outside of yellow knowing that the yellow side has now stolen twice what Marcos allegedly stole. Individually, it may not be as big as Marcos, but we have to look at the total. But, outside of the yellow, who is crazy enough to dare to fight the powers-that-be. Isn’t it time we review if there was an exaggeration in the way Marcos had been portrayed? If the system in place was the objective of EDSA1, then there must have been an exaggeration. This is not about denying the holocaust or being a denier in the fringe. It is a choice between two evils. Tell us who is the lesser evil. And forget big upheavals and revolutions.

    8. The apple does not fall far from the tree. If this was 100% true, then the world would not have seen exceptional individuals. Locally alone, Pacquiao would have been a bum as his father was. PNoy would not have been a non-performing Senator as his father was a brilliant one. Now, I want to see a biological research paper that says dictatorship, or plundering a country, is something that could be genetically transmitted.

    It is a choice between a hard spot and the deep blue sea. It could be laughable if you are looking at it from the outside. It is depressing if you are the one on the spot, but a choice has to be made!

  19. Gosh, some people are so focused on $10 billion when the country is being systematically being plundered in the 100s of billions in hard dollars in various ways.

    How myopic could one be, and they think they have the international perspective. Bwahahaha.

    Let them pontificate and enjoy their delusions, we have a country to worry about.

  20. One us cia theory that is clear is that the US engineered meldy and ferdies ride to Hawaii, Ronnie and Nancy couldn’t bear to see their pals lynched.

    I wonder if it would have been better if the US just let the people get their hands on the Marcoses. I think it would be like mussolini — hanging like pinyatas in mendiola. Sayang.

  21. ADD, your sentiments may be all true but it doesn’t detract from the fact that this article doesn’t focus on that, it hides behind shallow reasoning for a grand effect of spitting on someone’s grave. o many graves. What purpose does it have to show except that GRP can be as petty and as shallow as the contradicting side it tries to cut.

    Pointless, really, unless you want to point out degradation of a value that you bemoan— respect.

    1. @Twisky: There are the hard realities and truths and then there are the democratic institutions built by a people who presumably aspire to live by said truths as closely as human thinking faculties permit.

      The trouble with the way Filipinos have applied their expensive criminal justice system is that they did not put such a presumed aspiration behind it. And so the result is evident today. Nobody in the Philippines can establish with a widely enough recognised measure of authority whether or not the Marcos’s are guilty of the crimes you accuse them of.

      If there was any spitting on heroes’ graves going on here, it was done by Filipinos as a whole. As a people. They did it by failing to muster a collective resolve to see that the proper investigation is properly mounted and justice served to its full conclusion via institutional channels whenever a crime is alleged.

      So it goes back to that familiar question: Where are the convictions?

      Do we want to be a country where the law and the due process built around it so it is applied fairly rules? Or do we want to be a primitive society where justice is delivered by shills and vigilantes?

  22. Memories coming back,ask your folks
    Listen for their stories,u will feel that after 30yrs.of being so quiet about life,you will feel what their hearts are keeping inside…

    Yes to MDS/BBM

    EDSA :
    E- Endorsed wrong people to governed the country by using

    D- Democracy that leads to filipino people in dangerous trapped and made the country Philippines to

    S- Suffered and sacrificed for 30yrs. under the governance of the cruel and no mercy,

    A- Aquinos that made and betrayed the people’s beliefs and lied from the reality by using wrong information about martial law against the Marcoses,but in real they are the Martial law that killed people’s democracy and freedom to have peace and prosperity in life..

    Noooo to Roxas or Leni or LPs, not for another 6-12 yrs.again of real martial law criminals for poor Filipinos..
    Enoughhhh to Aquinos alliances
    Not even to Cayetano,
    his clan until now never make any action to improve the whole taguig sa pamamahala pa ng buong pamilya nila nuon, i myself implemented my own street without Cayetanos help, crimen,omg,he must solve his own place taguig first than mindanao,ok ka lang cayetano,bayaan mo na kay duterte ang mindanao as a mayor pa lang,then sana bago ka tumakbong Vp,inayos mo muna taguig,pano pa buong pilipinas,mistulang alalay or like roxas to pinoy?

    And all false accusations and charges were already been cleared and signed to prove and posted by the members of UNORGANIZATIONS esp.that late FMarcosSr.was a legal heir of multi billion treasures even before he became the pres.of the Phil.at yung paulit ulit dyan sa issue na yan,tulad ni cayetano,robredo at escudero,esp.roxas at pinoy,these are also a historical names,that akala nila porke patay na si late FMarcos Sr.makukuha nila kayamanan nya sa paggamit sa isip ng tao sa panlilinlang,mismo foreign intelligence walang tiwala sa mga naging pres.ng pilipinas for the past 30yrs.Bakit? Kasi wala silang nakita na nagawa nila para sa tao for the past 30yrs.instead lalong naghirap at bumagsak ang Pilipinas..
    so time has come SBBM is now here to run and to continue his father’s last will and request to protect hand help the filipinos to be proud and progressive again..

    Still,i cant imagine til now how does they said martial law affects my life before this 30yrs of nightmare under the Aquinos..Malayang pilipino ako during that time,disciplinary actions of the Late Pres.Marcos molded us to be stronger about today’s generation,important values taken and practiced to educate my children about our progressive country,religious and moral as well,economic is very well applauded by the other nation cause of his will and excellent governance,the immediate action of every words he discussed sa Quirino grandstand,everybody listened,everybody followed without any complaints,life is so easy, basic commodities are consistent with too much options to lighten up the lives of every filipinos, continuous education exist without sacrificing or sacrifices of each member of the family and i really cant find any smokey mountains and garbage anywhere you go.. you will see your sorrounding so beautiful,with trees and flowers bloom, every morning so excited to see the sunrise and sunset of manila bay with no fear ,every occasion the Marcoses announced each project open to participate both for parents,seniors and even youth projects,Christmas presents for each family,parade of stars,parade of visitors and other events are well organized, kids enjoyed even a single cents for too much to eat,convenient living coz everyone’s cooperating even international countries rushing to helped and invest, not for restorations of our land but of the pillars of the country they all believe we had, Exportation and have so much to offer not only land…
    i cant even remember the Marcoses are selling our lands,Fort Bonifacio was been given already for the soldiers excellent services,family benefits are also open and in low rates, minimal,health care and government hospital are operating so well that time,all projects of late Pres.Marcos Sr.was been well recognized globally,awarded and proven to be that Phil.was been the fastest developing country that time,thats why,all members of United Nations admired the Marcoses, giving too much considerations and Gifts for the First lady Imelda R.Marcos,
    I grew up seeing and experiencing how the Kilusang Kabuhayan and Kaunlaran actively helped every filipinos lives, listening the national anthem,panatang makabayan,and the song bagong Lipunan..
    30 yrs.was been so long enough to continue the nightmare done by the Aquinos using democracy to wrong practices that betrayed people to suffered away from the reality on how the Marcoses loved and cared the filipinos and the country’s flag..
    i hope BBM will continue his fathers will as the New Philippines to rise,may God bless his candidacy,not for himself but i feel,its always be for t filipinos to make the country be proud again… Goodluck BBM

  23. I still remember during my senior year as part of our ROTC discipline we are required to clean esteros and clean public toilets. I still cherished those memories.

  24. why do people cannot accept now the facts that martial law taken many lives of innocent people just to rule power under Marcos governance,our history is twisted now to clean his image because of his son Bong bong, if he is a hero why he let people die for his own interest, why he let people suffered which is not supposed to be, if the country was good economy under his term why do people begging & thirst for freedom.If some people saying he made a lot of infrastructure well it is his job to do it,. Wake up people!History will never be manipulated or change by the good deeds only, Past was created deeply scars to those people involved.Being a good Ruler is not thinking about your own progress necessarily for your own interest..its about the People..Your people!

    1. And why can’t you accept the fact that things got worse after 1986? Not to mention that our history is already twisted due to the events that happened of the last 30 years. Everything you’ve said just to point the blame on one man w/o even digging deeper. You want to spout freedom yet never realizing that the people are free but stupid; because they thought of ‘freedom’ as doing anything you like where it goes to the point that things like responsibility and discipline were thrown away.

      And about him doing lots of infrastructure then you said that it’s his job to do it, then you exposed yourself. The fact is that after Marcos neither Cory and others give a lick about infrastructures and such so you fully admit that he have done a lot for this nation and his successors have done NOTHING! News flash: nowadays, they’re borrowing money for non-existant projects but just to flood the system with cash. During his six years, Noynoy Aquino keeps on borrowing TRILLIONS of dollars for those ghost projects yet he never spend it. So he always care for himself, not the people.

      If someone should wake up, it’s you. Bad news, son: You just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote.

    MARCOS: To Be or Not To Be @ LNMB

    Should Ferdinand Marcos be buried as a hero at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB)?
    Sometime after his election as President of the Philippines in 1998, Joseph “Erap” Estrada indicated his intention to approve the burial of the late President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. He claimed that it was mandated by law. When many of the anti-Marcos groups which included the victims of human rights violations and their relatives expressed their vehement objection, Estrada responded with the following statement, “Show me a law that says Marcos may not be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.”
    I was in the Philippines at the time and I heard what Estrada said. Staying at a condo in Salcedo Village, Makati and close to the Ateneo Law Library I decided to go there to do a little research. Being a Bedan alum, I had to pay a few pesos for the privilege. As a result, I sent a letter to Estrada in response to his challenge to show him a law that may prohibit him to bury Marcos at the heroes’ cemetery.
    I also sent a copy of the letter to famous author and columnist Carmen N. Pedrosa who featured it in her column “From a Distance” published on June 27, 1998 by The Philippine Star, a national daily in the Philippines.
    As discussed by Ms. Pedrosa, my research and letter showed precisely the legal basis which may prohibit Marcos’ burial at the LMNB. I specifically mentioned Republic Act No. 289 and AFPR G 161 374. The former is the statute that provides for the creation of a national pantheon for Presidents of the Philippines, National Heroes and Patriots of the country while the latter is the last of a series of implementing rules relating to the construction, development and maintenance of the pantheon.
    The main reason for the national pantheon’s being as provided in Section 1 of Republic Act No. 289 is “to perpetuate the memory of all the Presidents of the Philippines, national heroes and patriots for the inspiration and emulation of this generation and of generation still unborn.”
    In short, to be buried in the hallowed ground are the remains of Filipino heroes who would serve as “inspiration and emulation” of the generation when the law was enacted, today and most especially those of tomorrow who are yet to be born.
    By the very letter of the law alone, given what transpired during his dictatorial regime and the way he was eventually deposed, it would be very hard to justify making Marcos as somebody to emulate and as a model to inspire any generation.
    AFPR G 161 374 specifically provides who are qualified and who are disqualified to be interred in the national pantheon. It requires that they must have the qualifications and none of the disqualifications.
    Paragraph 2 of AFPR G 161 374, entitled, Allocation of Cemetery Plots at the Libingan ng mga Bayani enumerates who are qualified to be interred in the cemetery. It says, “The remains of the following deceased persons are qualified and therefore, authorized to be interred in the Libingan ng mga Bayani:
    Medal of valor awardees
    Presidents or commanders-in-chief AFP
    Secretaries of national defense
    Chiefs of staff, AFP
    General flag officers of the AFP
    Active and retired military personnel of the AFP
    Veterans of Philippine Revolution 1896, WW1, WW2 and recognized guerillas
    Government dignitaries, statesmen, national artists and other deceased persons whose interment or re-interment has been approved by the commander-in-chief, Congress or the Secretary of National Defense
    Former presidents, secretaries of defense, CSAFP, generals/flsg officers, dignitaries, statesmen, national artists, widows of former presidents, secretaries of national defense and chief of staff are authorized to be interred at the LNMB.”
    Those who support Marcos’ burial at the pantheon could be relying on this provision because clearly and understandably Marcos would qualify as among those enumerated.
    Unfortunately there is another paragraph in the said rules which also clearly states those who are not qualified to be interred in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. It says, “The remains of the following shall not be interred in the Libingan ng mga Bayani:
    Personnel who were dishonorably separated/reverted/discharged from the service.
    Authorized personnel who were convicted by final judgment of the offense involving moral turpitude.
    Read with the statute that created LNMB, mere inclusion in the list is not sufficient. Anyone in the list must also serve as “inspiration and emulation” for the current and future generation. So they must not therefore bring dishonor in any shape or form. That is why the provision on disqualification was also added.
    Marcos cannot be disqualified on the basis of letter “b”. He was never convicted by final judgment of any offense involving moral turpitude. Although we can cite several offenses involving moral turpitude allegedly committed by him, he died before he could be charged, tried and convicted. There are legal effects or consequences of death. In this material world, our finite courts cannot acquire criminal jurisdiction over the soul of the dead. It would be too late for any measure of personal and material reformation and / or retribution. The Divine courts take over for final judgment.
    Letter “a” is another matter. Marcos was President, Dictator and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. He installed himself as such virtually for life. There is only one way for him to be dishonorably discharged, separated or deposed – by revolution of the people who as the sovereign authority had temporarily vested its governmental powers to him. The EDSA or People Power Revolution of 1986 “dishonorably discharged” him not only for conduct unbecoming of an officer but most significantly for killing democracy, for violation of human rights and a list of other reasons too long to enumerate in this article.
    As quoted by FB friend and author Carmen N. Pedrosa in her column I wrote, “Your (Erap’s) election and coming inauguration is a necessary, legal and historical consequence of the EDSA revolution. Without the latter, a Marcos dynasty would not have provided Erap the opportunity to become a senator, vice president and now president…..”
    Marcos’ burial at the LNMB never materialized under the presidency of Erap despite his initial intent to approve it.
    Senator Bongbong Marcos just recently revived the issue: Marcos: To be or not to be @LNMB? Senator Bongbong insists “to be”.
    I say it is not only legally unsound but politically and morally untenable as well. For the sake of his father and his own, the Senator should let his father rest in peace and let the positive memories dominate and for him to focus on redemption with good deeds.
    I will discuss this further in my next column.

    1. This is a great post.. very informative.. it even provides a sound basis for settling arguments that are usually fueled by emotion and wild rhetoric. Going by this information, Mr. Marcos may, rightfully, be disallowed a plot at the LNMB. What strikes me, however, is the irony of Mr. Estrada’s challenge to the oppositors of Marcos’ interment among ‘Bayanis’. Is he.. Mr. Estrada, himself, as an ex-President, eligible for a tomb at the LNMB? Does a Presidential pardon absolve one of a conviction for ‘plunder’? Does this pardon expunge the blot of ‘moral turpitude’ on a convict? I should think not. The law as written and, as interpreted in any context, is unambiguous. If the LNMB is to be kept solely for heroes; and, for ex-Presidents who inspire and serve as examplars worthy of emulation, both Mr. Marcos and Mr. Estrada should well be disqualified.

  26. It is time the former President be given the heroes burial. No matter what he did whether its good or bad, still he used to be the country’s leader, and is deserving of it. President Duterte.s message is of unity and not blaming that is why all the past living presidents, were convened during the NSC. it did not matter for Him Duterte) whether they gave good leadership during their respective terms, which I as a Flipino doubt they delivered well, since for the past 30years It has gotten from bad to worst.

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