Deception And Dishonesty: The TRUE Legacy Of The Aquinos

I am writing this as more or less a reaction and tribute to Ms. Ilda’s latest article about President Aquino’s statements about the Mamasapano Massacre…

Well, before we proceed, I believe in the idea that there are always multiple perspectives to any single event. For instance, in the French Revolution, there is the perspective of the common Frenchmen who saw it as a chance to free their country from a yoke of tyranny and then there’s the point of view of the royalty of France who probably saw it as a nightmare. While both views are equally important from a historical sense, what matters most is their outcome. Indeed, history will always seem relative (dependent on one’s view) and even biased, since it is common knowledge that history is written by the victors. However, the French Revolution proved that the monarchy system is deeply flawed and that it should be done away with because it is outdated and is not a people-centered system.


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So okay now, let’s go to the present in the Philippines…

President Aquino has apparently accepted the “investigation” made by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front rebels at face value and seeks to wash his hands of the whole incident through it. He seems to think that the MILF’s perspective will absolve him of his command responsibility (or, more accurately, command irresponsibility) in bungled attempt to capture a known terrorist mastermind. Well, to this, I have the following to say:

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front Cannot Be Trusted Anyway

Truth be told, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front are terrorists, pure and simple. No amount of whitewashing can ever change that. They are bearing arms in a country that strictly prohibits people from possessing unlicensed firearms, they operate in an area beyond the law and they occasionally terrorize the common people and steal from them. Nothing screams “terrorist” more than these actions. I am not being judgmental, I am just stating facts.

Now, if they were a legitimate part of the Philippine military and answered to the laws of the land like any other citizen should, be he civilian or soldier, then I might be inclined to believe them. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the MILF. If anything, their report on the Mamasapano Massacre already contains some bias and will undoubtedly present themselves in a favorable light. Remember ladies and gentlemen, the Nazis painted themselves in a positive light but, unfortunately, they were far from the saviors they claimed to be.

The Aquinos Have Never Really Been Known For Their Honesty Or Loyalty

Okay, let’s forget for a moment what the Aquino-supported media has to say. One of the biggest questions I have regarding the current Philippine Constitution is why foreigners aren’t allowed to teach in our schools. The answer, now that I have time to really think about it, is because they don’t want their version of the “truth” questioned.

Truth be told, if one looks at history carefully, the history of the Aquinos is actually quite spotty. In World War II for instance, they betrayed us to the Japanese. The Aquinos insist that Ferdinand Marcos was a murderous tyrant but the reign of Cory Aquino was no less bloody what with the infamous Hacienda Luisita Massacre which involved butchering innocent people to prevent their lands from falling into the hands of farmers who just wanted to live an honest and decent life. The Aquino administration also insist that Benigno Aquino Sr. was some sort of genius and was a respected member at Harvard but American sources show that he was in fact a troublesome individual who sympathized with communists and sought to convert people in Boston to the communist cause.

You Cannot Change The Outcome Of History

Yes, like I said, history has different viewpoints. However, the most important thing is the results and not anything else. In history, people’s intentions, ideals and previous actions take a backseat to the ultimate outcome. For instance, yes, the Allied forces of World War II were also guilty for committing a number of atrocities but since it was they who won the war and were mostly not the ones responsible for starting it, they were considered the heroes of the time.

As for the Mamasapano Massacre, even if the president seems to accept the testimony of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, what happened is still clear. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front were responsible for the death of the SAF 44 and while these terrorists may try to paint themselves in a sympathetic light, what they did and continue to do as a terrorist organization is neither legal or acceptable. They are, ultimately, a terrorist organization that needs to be brought to justice for their crimes against the people. While they have reasons for doing what they do, this does not excuse them from the law and shouldn’t be allowed to operate the way they do.


At the end of the day, we just have another case of President Aquino desperately trying to wash cloying blood from his hands. As he has done in just about every speech, he is once again just trying to play the blame game and pass the buck so that he won’t have to be deemed responsible for the incident. His latest speech which spits on the very graves of the SAF 44 by presenting the Moro Islamic Liberation Front as the true heroes of the massacre is just evidence of his utter desperation with absolving himself of the incident and making himself look like the hero that he thinks he is.

However, with what has happened so far, I am quite doubtful that President Aquino can keep the blood off of his hands for long. He still refuses to apologize for the death of Chinese tourists in the Luneta Massacre and, along with his pet Mar Roxas, screwed up the relief effort for the Yolanda survivors.

And now we have the Lumad situation

I can only imagine what kind of excuses President Aquino will come up with this time. I also wonder if he’ll be able to find a good scapegoat like he did with Napenas in the Mamasapano massacre. Will he also side with the marauders threatening the Lumads like he did with the MILF over the SAF 44?

Really, President Aquino should stop with the butt covering and just come clean with his people…

13 Replies to “Deception And Dishonesty: The TRUE Legacy Of The Aquinos”

  1. One thing that this gaffe or faux pas of PNoy in his session with Inquirer has revealed is that he is having nightmares about SAF44. For that we should be kind of happy. Hope these nightmares bring him to the top floor of a high-rise building from where he could just jump. We don’t mind if he doesn’t leave a suicide note

    Even Iqbal was very surprised that he had to tell in a radio interview that there was no need to reopen the wounds of Mamasapano. He was distancing himself from PNoy on this one.

    Osmeña had very strong words for Roxas as well because of this. He said Roxas better distance himself from PNoy if he wants to win 2016.

    From the beginning, there was no need for investigation, enquiry, or whatever. It was all meant as a cover up. Just imagine how they tried to make it appear that PNP was having a quarrel with the Army – bullshit. If PNoy just admitted to the truth, then there was no more need to waste time & money on all this bullshit. Manila Times Chairman Emeritus has very reliable sources that say PNoy ordered a stand down. PNoy is avoiding to admit this treasonous act, so he is trying all sorts of bola-bola. But, public already know what is the missing link that will provide the closure. PNoy knows the public knows, so let him have his nightmares.

    I could already picture a room at the Lung Center waiting for him, and let him be locked in there for the rest of his life. Or just open the window, to invite him to jump. As already said, we don’t need his suicide note. We don’t need this slow motion suicide he is committing since 2010 since he is dragging the country with him.

    1. Be careful what you wish for. If Noynoy dies, for whatever reason, then the next Aquino in line will simply use the sympathy vote to sail into Malacañang yet again!

      Kris Aquino as President? Yuck. Please.

    2. To ‘ADD’s riposte, I’d like to say that If only all those involved in the Mamasapano debacle told the truth the first time around, there would be no need for a long memory.. to try and remember which lie to cover with what new lie.This painful blot in our history would have long been put to rest. On Mar Roxas.. I doubt that he would listen to the advise of well-meaning parties. He is ‘stone-deaf’.. what’s more, he is a poor judge of ‘horseflesh’. It seems to me that starting off with a self-imposed handicap is a prescription for disaster. What do you think?

  2. I remember in 1st year high school (philippine history) our “official” textbook was the one by agoncilio. funny thing was that our teacher suggested supplementary reading materials – most notably william henry scott’s cracks in the parchment curtain (which i didnt care to read back then) but i now realize (as an adult) was her subtle way of properly educating us back then.

  3. That’s the thing with politics. It’s trying to convince people you are right. I remember reading books that paint Marcos as a saint. Of course, the media nowadays say he is a vicious tyrant. Noynoy will say anything to make us trust him. He wants that bbl to pass so history will see him as the one that gave peace to Mindanao. And he needs the milf to look good to make that happen.

    Btw… I think you were thinking of the mendiola massacre when citing bloodshed during Cory’s time.

  4. Hi Grimwald,

    I’m sorry, were you referring to Ninoy at Harvard? Because if you do, its BS Aquino, Jr. Anyway, nice article.


    My comment on the article:

    The question now is, is there still hope for this administration to regain respect from this SAF 44 incident? Perhaps if he will do a Roh Moo-Hyun and adopt the lines Roh said:

    “From now on, the name Aquino cannot be a symbol of the values you pursue. I’m no longer qualified to speak about democracy and justice… You should abandon me.”

    Then commit seppuku instead of jumping off a cliff.

    Too harsh? Maybe based on Filipino widely-accepted standards and principles. But by doing that, Aquino could either regain the respect of a statesman or set a precedent for any presidential aspirant that any fatal mistake in office should cost their life to demonstrate the sacredness and importance of the Office of the President. By doing that he will raise the bar of what a president should be and how it should be taken seriously both by the aspirants and the voters.

    But to have an impact, he must remember that the suicide should be preceded by an admittance of his own guilt. It will not be complete if he’ll do just one.

    Filipinos are too forgiving and that will not work here? Then maybe we should review that virtue of ours because that could be one attitude that is keeping corrupt officials doing what they are doing. They thrive on it.

    We may be prohibited by making laws imposing death to anyone but we certainly cannot make laws to stop anyone to kill themselves if their honor is damaged.

    By the way, if Aquino will do this, I hope it will be after his term. Otherwise, VP Binay should follow suit so are the next 2 successors.

  5. The Aquinos have the tendency to collaborate with the enemies of the Republic. The past history of this Aquino family , showed it.

    Benigno Aquino III, is now collaborating with the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda. It is a very dangerous game, he is playing.He wants to finance them, with our tax money, thru the BBL Law. “You give your enemy, enough rope to hang you”?…courtesy of that imbecile, Aquino… He wants to make the Philippines, another Syria. And, make the Filipinos, become refugees. The Lumads of Mindanao, are now refugees. This is the work of Aquino and his buddies, the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda…

    These Islamic Radicals will:lie, murder, rape, make people their sex slave, as a Means to their End. It is part of their Religious ans Political Warfare/Strategy…Terrorize your enemies(the Infidels). We, are Infidels, to their Eyes. So, they can do anything to us…

    The only way to stop them is: Stand against them,fight them; and drive away that imbecile collaborator called: Aquino…he is not only useless, but also dangerous to us.

  6. Yes. These oligarchic rulers are no better than the one preceding them. Sobra na! tama na! Palitan na!

    It’s time for action…

    GRP – the new la liga Filipina
    – the new Noli me Tangere

    Common sense for Pinoys party
    – the new katipunan (minus the arms)

    Unity is a fortress ! Our genuine concern : the common good ! (zaxxun creed)

  7. It’s insane that BS Aquino is still in office despite the obvious, really obvious treachery. The Aquino-controlled media cleanses him and it is also insane that they’re almost untouchable. But we have the internet. Slowly but surely Filipinos will realize these traitors running and controlling the country.

  8. Again Lamierda and the palace is telling BBM to practically to STFU for “politicizing” said incident. These boys in Malacanang are A-holes.

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