Noynoy Aquino is the worst president the Philippines ever had

Supporters of Philippine President Benigno Simeon Aquino insist that he is the “greatest” President the country has ever had. Now that his term is about to end, they worry about who can continue his so-called “reforms” after he leaves office. However, the fact that they are worried about who the next President will be already tells us that the legacy BS Aquino will be leaving behind is not a good one and therefore, he is not the greatest President the country has ever had.

Instead of institutionalizing good governance, President Aquino institutionalized patronage politics.

Instead of institutionalizing good governance, President Aquino institutionalized patronage politics.

The truth is, a lot of Filipinos lost their moral compass as soon as BS Aquino started his term. That was when disrespect for the country’s institutions and failure to uphold the rule of law became acceptable in Philippine society. Prior to BS Aquino’s term, most Filipinos were united against corruption. Prior to his term, a lot of people rallied outside on the streets or supported those who did so.

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The Black and White movement – a movement organized by the upper class members of society – rallied alongside militant groups like Bayan Muna and Gabriela – groups organized by the middle class fighting for the lower class. Nowadays, some people, mostly from the Black and White Movement who are now allied with the incumbent, have become confused and have turned a blind eye to the corruption and gross incompetence that pervade BS Aquino’s government.

Of course the President’s supporters – those who are beholden to the Aquino name – will deny any wrongdoing by the President and defend his actions by saying that “the end justifies the means”. That’s what they say every time BS Aquino persecutes a sick and frail former President Gloria Arroyo by talking about her alleged “crimes” in front of the media. Yes, the right to presumption of innocence is now a lost concept for many Filipinos because of BS Aquino. People are now quick to assume someone is guilty once the media allied with the incumbent says someone is “corrupt”.

We recall that after months of relentless black propaganda by BS Aquino, a lot of Filipinos were convinced the Department of Justice headed by Leila De Lima had every right to stop Arroyo from seeking medical treatment abroad back in 2011. Never mind when there was no pending case against her at that time that would have justified the hold departure order and her subsequent detention. BS Aquino still talks about Arroyo’s alleged “crimes” as if they have been proven in court. For the record, most of the charges against her have been dismissed for lack of evidence. That did not stop BS Aquino though from blaming her in his final state of the nation address.

We also recall that after months of relentless black propaganda by BS Aquino, a lot of Filipinos were convinced that Congress was right in impeaching former Chief Justice Renato Corona and that senator-judges were right in voting the guilty verdict at the conclusion of his trial. Never mind the fact that during the trial, it was proven that impeachment complaints were badly-written and the charges were trumped up just to railroad the impeachment process. And, more importantly, before, during and after the trial, allegations that BS Aquino bribed congressmen and senators using pork barrel funds so they would vote the “guilty” verdict were already being reported. Members of the public ignored this because in their mind, thanks to the trial by media perpetuated by BS Aquino and his supporters, they were convinced that Corona was corrupt and needed to go.

It is worth mentioning that three of the senator-judges who gave Corona the guilty verdict are now detained and facing much bigger corruption charges for their involvement in the pork barrel scam compared to Corona’s inaccurate statement of assets, liabilities and net worth – a charge that the law allows the public servant to correct without removal from office.

What happened to Arroyo and Corona is enough proof that BS Aquino set a precedent for the executive to abuse his power. Since BS Aquino thought that he had sole control over the national budget, he also thought he had control over the other branches of government – legislative and judiciary. The problem is, a lot of the members of congress can be bought by pork barrel funds and were still willing to compromise their principles in exchange for the executive funding of their “pet projects”. This is why impeachment cases against BS Aquino did not progress in congress.

Speaking of pork barrel, former Senator Panfilo Lacson is convinced “that PDAF or pork barrel and DAP are alive and kicking,” in the 2015 budget. He said his group has sufficient documents in their possession to show that pork is present in the 2015 General Appropriations Act (GAA). Lacson also noted that the new budget now allows “savings” to be declared even before the end of the fiscal year. This will give Budget Secretary Florencio Abad another excuse to transfer and use the funds “saved” at the executive’s “discretion”.

No wonder a lot of Filipinos are worried about who will take over the Presidency. Whoever wins will likely copy what BS Aquino is doing – use the public’s funds to continue patronage politics instead of using it to build and maintain vital public infrastructure. The irony is, BS Aquino supporters do not even realize that the source of dysfunction is BS Aquino himself. If ever Binay wins the Presidency for example, he can ask his own Budget Secretary to do what Abad is doing now – insert pork barrel in “projects” and then declare it as “savings” before the fiscal year ends so he can use it as his own “disbursement acceleration program”.

Loyalty to personalities among social movements has splintered and confused activism in the Philippines.

Loyalty to personalities among social movements has splintered and confused activism in the Philippines.

BS Aquino’s supporters often cite the economic growth rate and a few credit rating upgrades the country has achieved during his term. Both however, do not result in improvement in the lives of the majority. They are also not sustainable because the industries that fuel the growth rate are in the retail and real estate industry. And no matter how much they deny it, the economy still relies heavily on remittances from overseas contract workers. The credit upgrades will only translate to something significant when the borrowed funds are used to upgrade facilities and infrastructure that would then invite more local and foreign investments. At the rate BS Aquino’s government is “saving” funds, this will not happen in the remaining months of his term.

Instead of institutionalizing good governance, BS Aquino institutionalized patronage politics. As a consequence, instead of uniting the Filipino people, he divided their sentiments. Because he perverted the terms “honest” and “integrity”, Filipinos no longer know their true meanings. Compassion has turned to vindictiveness and cynicism. Instead of promoting loyalty to country, BS Aquino promoted loyalty to him and his party. Filipinos are now confused over who to trust. Mainstream media does not help in fostering unity and kindness with their biased and negative reporting. They only give airtime to possible candidates who are deemed “popular”.

Only the names Poe, Binay and Roxas are often featured on the front pages of mainstream media. They do not bother to feature less-popular individuals who are more qualified. No wonder there are no competent individuals from the private sector who want to run for President. They likely fear being dismissed as a nuisance and worse, being demonized. No one in their right mind would want to run against politicians who have the machinery to ruin their lives. And frankly, there are people who won’t think twice about destroying the lives of their rivals. That is why the Philippines — a country of 100 million — is now a place where finding even one good leader has become exceedingly difficult.

Indeed, the environment of hate and distrust in Philippine society became worse during BS Aquino’s term. One can be forgiven for saying that he is the worst President the Philippines ever had.

370 Replies to “Noynoy Aquino is the worst president the Philippines ever had”

  1. Thanks, IIda. This post is GREAT, as it illuminates the corrupting links between branches of Government that are supposed to remain separate as a “check and balance” to protect the people and their interests.

    I laugh to myself when I see “NO FIXER” signs in Government Offices. This just means they cut out the middle-man and the fixer fees now go straight to the Agency.

    DAP is the same process. Funds for needed projects are allocated and appropriated, but some % (IMF estimates 40%) is declared a “savings” and goes direct to DAP, ZAP, CRAP or other scam du jour,

    The proposed projects, of course, can’t survive on 60%, so the implementor pockets what he can and walks away, leaving the people with sub-standard outcomes or nothing at all.

    Will a Champion Emerge? ABSOLUTELY!! But “changing the established order of things” (Sedition) is a risky business and families are involved.

    If we can combine the intellect, ideas and ideals of the “Best and the Brightest” young scholars with the “In Your Face, Don’t Give a Damn Attitude and Audacity” of the “Pabebe Girls”, that would be a dynamic force. Reclaiming birthrights is a tough and uncomfortable business, but I am convinced Filipinos can endure.

    1. kaninong term ng presidente naging investment grade ang pilipinas at nabura sa ban ng international aviation authority sa europe at america ang philippine carrier natin? di ba kay pnoy? kelan nagkaroon ng sctex at tplex? di ba kay pnoy? kelan tayo unang nagkaroon ng mga makabagong barko at eroplanong pandigma? di ba kay pnoy? kelan nagkaroon ng chief justice at senador na napakulong? di ba kay pnoy? hindi perfect si pnoy, may sablay oo, pero the small fact na hindi siya kelanman nadawit sa anumang corruption controversies na gaya ni GMA na ngayon ay nakakulong na is enough accomplishment para maniwala ang mga pilipino sa mundo na mapagkakatiwalaan muli ang gobyerno.. na kaming mga ofw ay hindi madidismaya kasi yung pangulo corrupt… hindi porke mabulaklak ang ingles, maganda na ang kwento! napakalaki ng pilipinas at napakaraming problema, kahit si jesus christ hindi kakayaning isolve yan at kahit masolve, hindi pa rin nya kakayaning isolve ang mga bugok at walang kakuntentuhang nature ng mga tao na katulad ninyo! amen

      1. Di mo ba alam na ninakaw lang ng idol mo ang mga achievement ni gloria? Kung sinasabi mong guilty na si gloria, bakit tinapon na halos lahat ng kaso niya sa korte?
        Wala ngang napatunayan, nauto ka naman kay panot.

        Tingin mo ba pag bumaba sa pwesto ang idol mong bugok, hindi siya makukulong? Nagkakamali ka ng malaki, bobo

        1. Ah alam ko na Johnny kung sino ang idolo mong pesidente! Si Binay! Ang daming nagawa ni Binay sa Makati. At isa na dun ang pag-nanakaw ng halagang 2,000 Php o mahigit sa bawat residente ng Makati. O baka naman si Ferdinand Marcos. Sobrang talino ng taong yun! Sa sobrang talino niya, tinorture niya ang 7,000 tao, 2,000 ang sinalvage, at 1,000 ang bigla na lang nawala. Bukod pa dito ang bilyong pisong ninakaw nia sa mga Pilipino para ipambili ng sapatos ng maganda niyang asawa at itago sa mga banko sa labas ng bansa. Ang Talino!! Teka mag-jajakol muna ako

        2. *yawns*
          Another trolling attempt by yet another stupid troll,hmm?
          Oh look, he even uses the same spiel as the rest of them.

          You wanna know who my candidate is?
          Tough luck since I’m not telling ESPECIALLY to a troll like YOU.

        3. @Ed, dami bobong Pinoy gaya mo, I totally agree with you @Johnny Derp. Napakabaseless ng point mo, credit grabber ang hinayupak mong presidente, pa amen2x ka pang nalalaman, buset!!!

        4. So now we have all the shortage thanks to kumpare system of pnoy… water shortage power shortage, war w china which he thinks he can win but he admitedlynsaid he can,t win over milf, driver license shortage, car plates shortage, transport shortage… still figuring who can solve traffic… pnoy didnt build any roads and the population is growing… of cpurse there,ll be traffic.. poor disaster response, reme,ber aid meant for yolanda all rotting by the billions worth in bodegas… kawawa next administration cuz shortages will hit ys really hard… now 20 hour water service rationing,.. he has 5 years doing nothing but blaming gma, who set the momentum for call centers bpo and i.t. s , oh but he thanks the hairdresser to fix his 100 strands of hair , the somwone for his outfit, why not the make up artist, well cuz he still looks abnoy… make up artist brings put your best features, but not miracle workers

        5. bat kayo ano naba nagawa mo sa mga kamag anak mo, o paligid mo sa ka barrangay may naitolong kaba, baka nga sa mga kamag anak mo marami paring hikahos, ano ba naambag mo sa lipunan natin, kung totoo ka dapat honest ka sa sarili mo, lahat tayo may mga mali, pero mas mabuti naman si pinoy kahit papano

        6. I am no fan of GMA , but it is she who laid the foundation of whatever economic growth the country has gained and with regard to the SCTEX , kaninong pamilya ba ang yumaman pa ng husto sa kalsadang ipinagawa ng gobyerno ?

        7. BOBO, BUGOK, PANOT… dba ikaw ang troll??? Why can’t we have a civilized discussion without calling each other names?

      2. -@ed di mo ba alam na yung sctex at tplex na sinasabi mo e si GMA ang nag umpisa nyan?

        -di mo ba alam na walang nakakapag bully satin noon nung panahon ni marcos, dahil makabago ang mga kagamitang pang digma?

        -oo may napakulong pero mga oposisyon nya lng, so selective justice ang naganap.

        -And pls, wag mo gamitin ang Pangalan ng DIYOS 🙂

        1. your right bro.. during FM’S term, we have 2-squadrons of F-5, and 1-squadron of Corsair fighter jets, all of which was mothballed by his putang inang nanay~~just because she wants to avenge the death of her stupid husband~~..All of FM’S achievements was practically destroyed, if not mothballed, including the Bataan nuke plant, na sana makakatulong sa shortage of energy supply ng bansa natin.. Instead it was left to rot, becoz some stupid lawyers of Cory, think that the nuke plant is not according to international standard??~~ what!!.. it was Westinghouse who once said that the plant is of the latest design,.. and not similar to that of the 3-mile plant that got into trouble!!..

        2. Ayun o! Marcos Fanatic! Sana lang hindi ka nabuhay nuong Martial Law. O sana lang hindi ka isa dun sa mga taong nawalan ng nanay at tatay o anak o asawa o bayaw o ka-FUBU dahil dinukot at hindi na nakita kahit kailan. O sana lang hindi ikaw kasama sa mga dinukot mismo at pinutulan ng bayag at betlog para ipakain sa iyo. hahaha!

        3. @gorgots:

          Ayun o! Aquino apologist! Please stop overrating Martial Law. And I’m sure you’re very happy about the Mendiola Massacre which began during Cory’s time where the victims are Hacienda Luisuita farmers. And with all due respect to the Martial Law victims, wala pang human rights atrocities si Marcos from 1965 to 1972.

          In fact, things grew WORSE after Marcos left, not to mention the increase of killings were under the Aquinos. Deep inside, you’re CRYING. I’m serious. -_-

        4. @ DIO: Yeah I feel dreadful and seriously sorry for you, a Martial Law enthusiast. I’m sure HAPPY KA when Marcos declared Martial law to prolong his power and drain the people’s coffers to the last cent. He even lead the Philippines to an economic crisis because of unpaid debts. SURE na SURE ako that your president is the one who would EXTERMINATE anyone who he see as a threat. And I’m 100% sure na ayaw mo sa FREEDOM of SPEECH. Malamang kung si Marcos pa rin ang presidente at Martial Law pa rin sa Pilipinas, DIO, hindi ka na kaka pag-post ng basura mo dito sa website na ito. At malamang, wala ka ring Facebook para i-post ang selfies at OOTD mo, or Porn sites na itatago mo sa nanay mo. Huwag kang TANGA at baka makahawa ka ng iba.

        5. @gorgots: Sorry, kid. But being EMO over Marcos makes you TANGA in actuality. And since you love overrate stuff…

          Marcos is a crook because he was pointed as one by media pundits but let’s not go after Cory for her crookery while in office and what her family has done as well because she is well loved by autists like you an everyone else because she bore the ‘Aquino’ name.

          Because only fools are gullible enough to believe the Aquino magic and hype, much like everyone with a last name has a label to them. Not to mention what we got is FREEDOM WITHOUT RESPONSIBILITY. Sure you hate Singapore because there is no “freedom of speech”, right?

          Huwag kang IPOKRITO at baka makahawa ka ng iba. -_-

        6. Yes you are so right… I hate it when criminals caught and politicians uses the name of God… It’s a mortal sin using Gods name in vain like you were an appointed emissary… I hated the administration of pnoy cuz all I could remember is blaming those who did not ally w him, he is judgement all always correct like my eldest brother who,s actually a loser amongst my family, and he lies knowingly or unknowingly to escape criticism like sad 44… They like GMAs admin says they don’t care what the people think on unpopular decisions made.. Aerially correct but it should matter and explanation is in order… He said we are bossing… If truly sincere, you should explain your actions to your bossing or you are fired

        1. Jesus Christ was never judgemental or vindictive nor selective in condemning evil… But Jesus Christ is also understandably compassionate for people who has reformed from a mistake one makes in life… The yellow era headed by pnoy is so proud, never wrong and holier than thou… Cory his beloved mother , the iconic president everybody thinks did nothing is actually the reason why he became president… Humble to admit to her limitations… Her SONA,s were not focused on her as the center of the universe

        2. ihiwalay nyo ang God at ang politika walang mananalo dito kayo kayo rin ang nagsasakitan. kahit ano ang uupo na presidente kung ang local goberno is hinde rin marunong sa badget wala rin.. from Mayor to barangay Captain. tayo pa rin ang magsuffer..

      3. Thanks, Ed!!! Since my communication skills are limited to English only, I had no clue what you were saying, but I compared the word counts of your other worthless rants to your reply to me.

        I’m flattered you saved youR biggest “shit storm” for ME. That must mean I really TROLLED your sad little ass, hahaha.

        BTW, I suggest you refrain from using words like idiot, garbage, fucking asshole, obtuse, schizo, feckless,and asinine in the same sentence with Jesus Christ. It reflects your poor upbringing.


        1. @Go RICO
          It’s pretty obvious that this “ed” guy is clearly lacking in the brains department like his fellow noytard trolls.

          Not gonna be surprised if he replies with another stupid ad hominem.

        2. Thanks for the reply Johnny, but no worries. I can play his stupid game all night. Reading his comments are like watching a slow motion trainwreck; cheap but sadistic entertainment. CHEERS

        3. Yes, his noytard tears are delicious.

          The truth is that he’s too much of a coward to reply to us since he relies too much on overused spiels.

          He might as well stick to saying “edi wow” since he still can’t add anything intelligent to this discussion.

        4. @Johnny Derp,

          Yup, it’s a Target Rich Environment, and they just keep coming.

          The funniest part, they think being anonymous makes them invisible, so theY show their ass to the world.

      4. Wow, this is embarassing. As expected from a troll like you, you won’t reply back to me because what I’ve said is 100% TRUE. Brace yourself…

        Investment grade? Bullcrap. Or maybe Fitch Ratings was hired to do that w/o realizing the fact that we have a protectionist system with 60/40 provisions. You connect the dots.

        Pinakulong si Corona? Lies. Corona never went to jail, he was just booted out from the position of Chief Justice thru impeachment and he was found guilty of…. filing incorrect SALN, which is NOT an impeachable offense. Oh, and the senators who were now in jail? Those are the same people who gave the guilty verdict against the former!

        Hindi nadawit si Noynoy sa corruption? Hello, corrupt si Noynoy thru the DAP and PDAF, aside from the fact that nepotism, favoritism and selective justice are running rampant in his government. And corruption is more than just stealing money, son! What do you call things like incompetence, the abuse of power and misuse of public funds? THAT is also corruption.

        And nakakulong si GMA? lel kaya siya pinakulong dahil galit lang si Noynoy sa kanya. Most of the charges against her are dropped due to lack of evidence and most of the allegations are based on HEARSAY. Fact: detaining someone based on hearsay is called PERSECUTION and anyone with that kind of thinking should be put in the mental hospital.

        And please, you’re insulting the Lord Jesus Christ about what you’re spouting. Or maybe you’re an INC who never believed that Jesus is GOD.

        Please stop your HYPOCRISY and take your TROLLING to somewhere else. 😀

        1. News flash, noon pa meron na yang pdaf and dap.

          Dont you know the 60/40 is to protect Filipinos who do business so that we wont get overrun by business outside? Bobo mo noh. Pag 60% owned by foreign ug business, Philippines’ money will be syphoned out of the country because it is foreign owned. After sila na mag dictate sa phils kasi wala na pera sa phils dun sa labas.

          Gma? Gusto mo ibalik si gma? Binayaran lahat ni gma pati bishops to cover up her tracks. Kaya walang mag squeal

        2. Well news flash ultranationalist failipino! The 60/40 bullshit’s purpose is to protect the oligarch mafias you’re always praising like a god. The result: shitty services and products like globe’s garbage internet speed. Btw I bet you’re always enjoying this bullshit from your work that is contractualization. Kawawa ka naman at palagi kang lipat nang lipat ng ibang kumpanya dahil sandali lang ang kontrata mo’t wala pang matitinong benepisyo. Also, pareho kayo ng mga oligarch mafias: mga dakilang duwag. Protect from foreign competition? O wala lang kayong mga bayag na harapin sila dahil pera lang ang habol nyo at hindi innovation?

      5. utot mo!! scetex was built during GMA-s term,sa amin naman ang CAVITEX, eh si gloria rin ang gumawa!!.., gloria is being held in hospital arrest, kasi takot si panot na magsalita si gloria sa congress, kasi ibubulgar lang siya!! it was gloria who once said na bobo yan si abnoy, why? kasi professor ni abnoy si gloria sa Ateneo, sa Economics subject~~..

      6. oops….kinokopya lng ninyo ang mga pinagsasabi ni p noy ,,kung anu yun mga cnasabi nya paniwalang paniwala din kayo mga suporter nya ,,,kung cnabi ng isang abnormal na presidente na maganda economiya un din cnasabi ninyo,pag sinabi mauwid ang gobyerno ko walng kurap etc …etc… para kayong ROBOT kung anu cnasabi ni PNOY yun din tumatatak sa isipan ninyo….bakit hindi ninyo buksan mga mata ninyo upang makita ang tunay na nangyayari,,,buksan ang tenga at marinig ang tunay na nangyayari sa paligid..buksan ang kaisipan upang papasok ang katotohanan na nagyayari sa pilipinas…matagal ng nilalason ng

      7. Oi Johnny wag ka na pakipot sabihin mo na. Para ka namang dalaga. Pramis d ko pagkakalat. Secret nating dalawa. Kamusta mo ako sa nanay mo =)

        1. Don’t count on it,troll.

          Besides, you don’t deserve to know it anyway since you’re just a loser.

        2. @Kars
          You know a troll is getting desperate to get under your skin when he starts making personal attacks.

          Really pathetic when you think about it.

      8. The expansion of sctex and tplex was planned during the time of pgma tinuloy lang ni pnoy kaya kay pgma pa rin kasi kung hindi niya naisip na expand yan walang matatapos na project si pnoy!
        Nabura ang utang ng bansa sa international monetary fund in 2006 kaya gumaan ang internaitonal credits natin at sino ang president nuon? Si pgma!
        Mura ang presyo ng bigas kasi subsidize ng government via NFA kaya nga 17.00/kilo makabibili ka. Ang lrt at mrt hindi nagtaasn ng pamasahe kasi subsidize din ng govt. So kung puro subsidy ang ginagawa ng admin ni pgma ang pera ng taong bayan ay napupunta sa maganda di tulad sa panahon ni pnoy napupunta lang sa bulsa ng mga congressmen at senators plus ang mga tao niya sa kabinete!
        Ngayon ang tanong ko sino ang mas magaling na president si pgma pa rin!

      9. Bugok !!! CREDIT GRABBER !!! Ang SCTEX and TPLEX ay sinimulan noong panahon ng Arroyo Administration…

        Bawasan mo ang pagkain ng DILAW na Ribbon. Nakakabobo yan.

        1. it all came from taxes di ba? the only point is that, was it done in accordance with the law and responsibility…

      10. Sctex and tplex was GMA projects. Sctex had started and tplex was on the plan at the time of GMA so don’t grab accomplishments of others and make it yours. At para sa kaalaman mo it’s because of the Aquinos kya nagkaroon ng toll gate sa Luisita kahit wala sa plano. Kung baga road to nowhere. Yung barko na sinasabi mo ay refurbished. Makabago na ikumpara sa ibang barko natin pero obsolete kung ikukumpara sa ibang bansa. Overpriced pa. Do research po muna bago mag post para di naman mapagkamalang tanga.

        1. Napaboran pa nga ang Hacienda Luisita sa SCTEX. Binayaran ng GMA admin ang parcel ng lupang tinamaan ng SCTEX noong di pa nagkakagalit si Cory at GMA. Kaya nga may Toll Fee kapag dumaan ka sa sakop ng Ha. Luisita. Di nga nila pinartihan ng tama ang mga farmers sa ibinayad ng gobyerno. Dapat di manalo si Mar para makuha ng farmers ang mga lupang para sa kanila.

      11. Isa kang Abnoy.dinamay mo pa si Jesus Christ..magsama kayo sa walang kwenta mong presidente.I Agree na PNOY is the WORST PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME.

      12. Hello Ed. Ok na sana na mag-comment ka at magbigay katuwiran para sa mga tao o presidente na sa inaakala mong tama ang ginagawa, may kanya-kanya tayong pananaw at karapatan. Pero ang isali mo ang pangalan ng Panginoong JESUS at tawaran ang kaya NIYANG gawin ang nakita kong HINDI TAMA sa comment mo. Pasensya ka na, pero gusto ko at dapat naman irespeto ang PANGALAN ng PANGINOON.

      13. Wtf! Wala namang napatunayan na tinorture ni Marcos. Lahat nga ng case na inihabla sa kanila walang napatunayan. Sa international court pa yon. Hanggang ngayon nagpapaniwala pa yung isa dyan sa mga haka haka at propaganda ng mga communist. Wala pa akong malay nung martial law but napakinabangan ko yun one of its legacy which is the land reform. Nabigyan ng lupa mga magulang ko. Unfortunately sa sobrang hirap na ng buhay kahit teacher pa yung mother ko naibenta yung lupa just for my study. Pati yung mga kamaganak ko na maganda buhay dati dahil sa mga lupain at agricultural programs noon ngayon naubos na din kabuhayan. Samantalang dati daw napakagaan ng buhay nila.

      14. Aysos dinamay mupa si Lord.aminin mu man o hindi mula ke Gloria yang proyektong pinagsasabi mo.Entertainment City Manila sa roxas blvd at paranaque GMA idea CCT pinagmamalaki ng panot mu idea ni Gloria BPO mula ke GMA.e pc pinoy anu ayun donasyon ng yolanda asan, saf 44 nganga presidenteng walang leadership kahit nga ikaw kaya kang isakripisyo ng idol mo tumaas lang rating nya.

      15. I do agree with you. People dont really see the goodness in evry good thing that you do for as long as they continue to ask for more and never get satisfied for the small things they get.

        1. Coz filipino deserves better. Yes he did something good. But nothing extra ordinary. Try to go back to his campaign days. And compare it when he’s in office. Aquino is so proud to apologize to all his mistakes. Even used media to blind the Filipino people. He is an epic failed presidenr

      16. Ganon na lang ba pagtingin mo kay Jesus christ? Walang magagawa? lest you forget,no one gets into the father’s kingdom but thru His son Jesus Christ. And God made everything including you! Geez!

      17. Those things that you are saying were from previous administration… Kindly do your research… And thou shall not put the name of thy God in vain… Credit grabbers are today’s administration…

      18. In his usual holier-than-thou posturing, President B. S. Aquino said the Marcoses should apologize for human rights violations during the nearly two decades of martial rule. It should not have happened, but human rights violations do happen during emergency rule. Human rights violations were also reported even in the transition period to democratic space of then-President Cory Aquino’s revolutionary government.

        Let us not forget that the massacre of 13 farmers at Mendiola on Jan. 22, 1987, the killing of labor leader Rolando Olalia in November 1986 and the assassination of UP student leader Lean Alejandro in September 1987 all happened early during Cory’s watch. Lean was only 27 when his life was snuffed out by an assassin’s bullet in Quezon City. At the forefront of the struggle against the martial law regime, Lean was killed not during Marcos’ time but a year after Cory Aquino came to power. We have yet to hear the Aquinos apologize for these unsolved killings.

        The farmers who belonged to the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas were demanding Cory Aquino fulfill her campaign promise of genuine land reform. The farmers, led by militant peasant leader Jaime Tadeo, had marched from the Department of Agrarian Reform in Quezon City to Manila. As they reached Mendiola bridge, they were fired upon by President Cory’s trigger-happy praetorian guards who were protecting Malacañang and its tenant. More than 28 years later, nothing much has changed for the farmers fighting to till land they can call their own. Many of them are still sacadas or plantation workers. Ownership of the vast (6,453 hectares) Hacienda Luisita remains with the Cojuangco-Aquino clan through corporate maneuvering. The Aquinos sold Central Azucarera de Tarlac to Lorenzo Martin but the company remains under the control of the family through President Aquino’s first cousin, Fernando Cojuangco.

        Whatever happened to PNoy’s “daang matuwid” and the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program launched by Cory?

        The Mamasapano, Maguindanao massacre of the 44 Philippine National Police-Special Action Force commandos at the hands of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters is another bloody chapter in the Aquino administration. The sensitive police operation was a disaster because President Aquino put suspended PNP chief Alan Purisima in charge. Aquino hasn’t owned up to poor judgment nor apologized for his grievous mistake.

        Two years after the Aquino government’s slow response in the wake of Super Typhoon ‘‘Yolanda,’’ many of the survivors in Leyte and Samar are still waiting for the government to provide them assistance for permanent housing. This is unconscionable and more disastrous than the force of nature that claimed more than 8,000 lives. Should Aquino not apologize for this criminal neglect?

        frm:William Taburnal •
        San Beda College Mendiola

      19. Anong sinasabi mo na kahit si Hesus hndi kaya masolve ang problema ng bansa?? Alam mo ba ang sinasabi mo mr. ED? Gago! Kaya nkabili yan mga sasakyang pandigma dahil lahat pera na ginamit ay utang! At sino ba nman peesidente ang hndi bibili ng agaran kung nasa peligro na ang bansa sa awayang Spratly’s??

        Sobrang nakakahawa na ang ka abnoyan ni Pinoy!

      20. Napakababaw ng tingin mo sa Dios wag na wag mong ikumpara ang tao sa Dios baka nakaklimutan mo ang Dios ang may gawa sa tao…sa susunod kung mgcomment ka wag na wag mong gamitin ang ngalan ng ating Maykapal matakot ka…

      21. FYI, meron nang jet planes at barko ang pilipinas noon, pinabayaan lang ng mga presidente pagkatapos ng people’s power.

      22. TPlex at SCtex panahon pa ni Ramos nung unang pinagalaw ang proyektong yan. Nagkataon lang na sa termino ni ABNOY natapos! BS (bullshit) Aquino is indeed the worst president of our country. Next was his mom, Cory. Erap is third. BS Aquino is Incompetent, stupid, and as the above article emphasized vindictive. Vindictiveness in a leader is not good. That’s why he is not well respected by other world leaders. He is an embarrassment to this country.


      24. kaibigan wag mong isali sa usapan ang Diyos dyan na komo hindi nya kaya isolve ang roblema ng bayan…nasa tao yan ayaw kasi nila lumapit sa Panginoon para humingi ng kapatawaran bagkus puro kasakiman ang nangingibabaw…pagganyan ang paratang mo…BLASPHEMY YAN!!! unpardonable SIN yan…

      25. SCTEX was completed during arroyo administration.. planning for TPLEX, right of way clearing was also executed during arroyo administration.. it was just finished
        During PNOY admin.. please do your research first before posting so that it will not mislead other people..

      26. Kanino nagsimula ang express way na yan…karugtong ng mga nasimulan nuong panahon ni macoy ang mga yan..anong kagamitan ng military ang pinagdadakdak mo… Scarborough shoal di pa nga maprotectahan bagkus ay ibininta pa yata.

      27. Sorry ha? Mababaw ang research na ginawa mo! Sa press releases lang ng BS Aquino admin lang galing lahat yang mga nakuhanng mong info. Be objective at makikita mong puro bola lang ang ginagawa niya. Punta ka sa mga ganitong sites na walang connections sa kahit sinong presidente ang nakaupo at doon ka magbasa ng kelangan mong economic growth: at kung sinasabi mong me mga nakulong ng matataas na opisyales ng gobyerno, well mas OK sana kung hindi mga kalaban lang niya ang mga iyon at para hindi natin titgnan ang puntong paghihiganti lang ang dahilan kaya niya nagawa ang mga iyon. AT ang masasabi ko lang na paalala sa’yo, wag masyadong magpapaniwala sa mga “credit-grabber” na gaya ni BS Aquino III, lalo lang niyang pinagmumukha mga tanga ang mga inosenteng mamamayan!

      28. to ed, huwag mong idadawit dito ang pangalan ni Jesus sir, mukhang hindi mo kilala si Jesus Christ na sinabi mong maski Sya e hindi kakayaning i solve ang mga problema ng isang bansa o ng kahit sinong tao….tanungin mo muna sarili mo kung sino ang lumikha sa iyo, kung saan galing lahat lahat ng nandito sa mundo o sa kalawakan, mag pangalan ka ng tao na gumawa lahat nyan…. nakakaawa ka sir kasi hindi mo talaga kilala si Jesus Christ….

        1. ruth samson,

          Please GET REAL and don’t shove your religious delusions on others to try to make them feel guilty. Try to ask a Jew, a Muslim, or an Atheist the same question about Jesus Christ and they’ll tell you to take a walk.

          Nobody knows how the world is created, and to assume it’s Jesus Christ who did it is being presumptious. The problem with this world is most people believe their religion–and their gods and deities–is the right one, while everyone else’s religion (or lack of it) is wrong.


      29. Kaibigan,ang akala ko ang taong bulag ay yung mga taong walang at di na kakakita..hindi pala,kasi meron palang bulag na nakakakita.. tulad mo..Kung hindi ka namn ganon,siguro mababaw lang talaga ang pang-unawa ma sa nangyayari sa kapaligiran mo, kaya nman talagang wla ka talagang kaalam-alam sa pinagsasabi mo..Sa kasong yan puede ka ng intindihin.. pero ang ignorante,walang kapatawaran yan!Ganyan ka ba??

        1. Armando pons,

          I believe your fantasies about religion has completely muddled your mind. Let’s get back to reality, okay?


    2. i’m no fan of pnoy;but in calling him the worst president ph ever had, i don’t know what good means….

      1. There has never been a good president in the Philippines, or ever will be, because these people came from the same focked up culture, with dysfunctional moral values, that all Filipinos came from.

        1. “There has never been a good president in the Philippines, or ever will be…”

          What’s the point of being “THE ONE” (while having the most number of comments and arguably the most industrious and ever present commenter in GRP at this time) if the same is possessing a Primitive CLOSE-ENDED MINDSET unlikely that of the GRP “Critical Thinking” that he espouses?!

      1. Pareho kayo ng minamahal mong panggulo: dakilang bintangero. Where’s your proof then noytard ultranationalist? Nothing? Manigas ka!

      2. Dontwanttofight
        Mas mapera si Abnoy ,hawak niya ang taxpayer money. Expert siya sa bribery and extortion na examole kay Pacman. Expert din siya sa palusot at do nothing. Walang utang loob si pnoy dahil al;am niya na di naman talaga siya nanalo noong 2010, kaya ganyan na lang hantagrang ginagago tayo. This President has a criminal mind umpisahan mo sa Hacienda Luisita at doon sa mga sinipa at pinatay na lider sa mindanao dahil sa greedy sa natural resources. Ano ba ang pinag usapan nila ni Grace at Escudero noon sa Palacio halos whole day. Gusto niyang siguruhin na wala siyang sabit sa corruption pag naupo ang isa sa mag alipores niya sa 2016

        1. Weee ikaw nalang mag presidente, laking galit mu kay pinoy

          6 years, and you idiots still use that spiel?

          Our tax money is definitely wasted on you idiots.

    3. how can you say its great? it destroys a working president to all the world without appreciating any good in it… wala bang pang good vibes?

      1. JOhnny, Sino ba sa tingin mo ang dapat maging presidente? Tutal, matalino ka naman, sigurado alam na alam mo kung sino ang dapat na pinuno ng Pilipinas. Baka nga sa sobrang talino mo, ikaw dapat ang maging presidente. Paki sagot kung sino at kung bakit para naman maliwanagan kami.

        1. “Ikaw na maging presidente”

          This spiel again?

          You knuckleheads really don’t have any originality do you?

          That spiel is also equivalent to saying “edi wow” which only means that you no longer have anything intelligent to say here.

          Better think up of a new spiel, because that shit’s getting old real fast.

        2. Only ignorant, delusional fools would say such nonsensical words like “Ikaw na maging presidente”, I mean kelangan ba talagang pumasok sa pulitika in order to change things?

          Typical Pinoy mindset, ladies and gentlemen…

        3. gorgots. ang iboboto ko ay either Binay or Miriam. Kung sino sa kanila ang magsasabi na kakasuhan nila si PNoy at Abad ay siya kong iboboto ! Ang linya mo gorgots ay panahon pa na nandyan pa si Ricky Carandang sa Malacanang. Kaya Pigot … ay Gorgots..pala.
          Umayos ka na. Maghanda handa ka na sa pagdalaw sa kulungan sa mga nagbabayad sa iyo.

      2. Dear Lord,

        Thank you for democracy because I can speak in this twitter. May it be used to further the good and to lead in pursuing the good.

        Sana, its all about telling the readers to vote for those who deserve their vote, for a better Philippines.

        Go Pinoy you still have 8 months, marami pang pwedeng gawin.

        Kaming mahirap sanay sa hirap. Sana lang may respeto sa bawat tao. Kahit mahirap ma enjoy naming kahit hindi material tulad ng karapatan, kapayapaan, kabutihan kaligtasan…

        Lord, bahala ka na sa masasamang loob. I lift it up to you in this tweet. Bye

    1. mrericx @
      Tang na ,di pa Presidente Nognog ay corruption na. Pustahan tayo,pag nanalo si Binay mawawala na yang mga bintang na yan . Dapat ay pagbutihin ni Roxas at Trillanes na makulong si Nognog dahil malapit na ang 2016..Ano ba at walang nangyayareat walang nakukuklong,nakakatanggal luga na yang puro bintang pero na wala namang action ,parang si pnoy do nothing..Tang na Roxas ,devorce ka ke koring pang di ka naging Presidente ng sibuyas

      1. Sir, may immunity po ang president at vice president. Pag nawala na sila sa pwesto saka lang sila pwedeng ihabla. Kaya kailangang mawala muna siya sa pwesto at patunayang wala siyang kasalanan. Dahil oras na manalo si binay siguradong wala na rin mga kaso nya.

  2. I would say he’s the worst president the country NEVER had. Did he even do anything? At all? The public might as well have voted for a tree stump.

    The best that can be said about him is that he prevented someone far, far worse from holding office for a few years.

    1. You mean dead wood ??? Maybe worse than that… dead wood ay pwede pang taniman ng orchids. Napanood ko kung paano tirahin si Noli de Castro mismo sa ABS/CBN at si Corona sa affair nila. Si Ruffy Biazon na nagreresign ayaw nyang magresign tapos tinira sa SONA. Kita mo ang pumalit na matino (Sevilla) sa BOC ay pinalitan ni Bert Lina.
      Unpresidentable si PNoy…kulang sa human compassion !!!

  3. Ilda you said Aquino is the worst president of the not complying with the law..some people say the most ignorant, and you know what else.THE WORST PRESIDENTS……..I am wondering where you and all those Aquino critics have been???? Aquino is better than those previous president…beginning from Diosdado Macapagal..I just starting to read when I saw in the news paper about corruption and kickbacks during that time as you can see,, corruption is already rampant long before Pinoy term as president …and it became worse…martial law ..we left the country for our own future because we saw the hopelessness in the Philippines..I am part of the hippie generations ..we call it the flower love of the 70’s..we left because martial law..there is no freedom and future in the Philippines…Never from the succeeding presidents you heared about corruption and government official getting commission or kickback from this politicians who handle budgets of city town and barrios or Baranggay …all you see around you is they the politicians getting rich and you dare question where they are getting this wealth…all we hear is go to politic if you want to get ahead in life in the Philippines..and for so long it flourished and I myself , experienced in fraternities in college all brothers and sister talking about how to get rich the easy way if you are in government service…Corruption is rampant from the lowest policeman to security guard all the way from the top and to justices of the law everybody getting away with crimes…you know a politician will never be punished…government stealing budget money for the people or infastracture get stolen., never finished.. Etcc. Have you ever know any politicians who did not get rich in public service…if there is any they not even 1 % of public countries did not invest they factories in the Philippines because ,,,policians required commissions %%%% before they can be approved incentives…the incentives is for the politician to approved it…what happened Philippines became the sick man of Asia ….now tell me how this DAP AND PDAF went on public…IT is in Aquinos term…as president…if not for jinggoy Estrada faced against the wall the use of funds to influence congress voting to proced a law will not be exposed….my goddddddd how long has this been going on, no wonder Philippines has no progress the only progress it has is the politicians get richhhh…now tell me is Pres ..Pinoy Aquino is the worst president in your point of view…I can say You and the rest are blind…or maybe just trying to shine on your critics…that you are one of those who will criticized who ever is in power…there are no better or qualified candidates in the Philippines because all the smart Filipinos have already left the country ..almost all my generations are gone..and the ones who was left behind are those that are hoping to be in government to still get rich… know what most of the people o know who went back home in the Philippines… know why they come home…they always say ,,,it is still easier to get rich in the Philippines..sometimes you wonder why and how it is easier…most of them went into politics…you do not have good candidates or best qualified capitate because they are not in there…they stay overseas…PINOY exposed a lot of modus operandi of this politicians on how they steal the money…that will be his legacy …he is better than those previous presidents…..why a lot of Filipinos wants to get out or become OFW’s ….that doesn’t occur in your mind..why?????? My own personal opinion……Ilda I can say you are blind…

    1. How much did the malakanyakanyang miscommunications group paid you to attack this site with your cheap “pnoy is a god” propaganda you noytard failipino?

      1. ang mga noytard nga naman oh, mahirap makipag usa sa ganyan, bsta importante kahit anong sabihin nila, alam na ng madami ang katotohanan…hndi na nila mababawi pa o mabubura iyon 🙂

      2. Butthurt much?
        Is the truth too much for yourpuny little mind to handle, troll?

        Delusional trolls like you will never accept the truth since you guys are too blind.

        You know,you don’t have to display your obvious butthurt here if you can’t handle the truth.
        Besides,you don’t have to be here if you claim this site is “shit”, otherwise, you’ll just be dismissed as another loser troll like the others.

      3. if corrupt si pinoy, alam nyo ba na ang utang ng Phils is 77billion, and ung reserves funds ng phils sa imf 80billion dollars? Ask economists for crying out loud. Corruption is very very rampant in the previous admins. To renew a drivers license itll take like 5 hours and 1500 before. Now? 1500 and around 500 pesos i think. Bir collections tripled in the aquino administration. (Meaning noon ninakaw ang 66% ng bir collections) what are ur credentials to say hes the worst? He may or may not be the best but he did good. He promoted love of country, and in his term. Its the first time i can feel that the Philippines needs to be loved and we need to be proud of it.

        Thou there are moves i dont like example the bbl but Philippines is rich. The country itself is rich and not the politicians. Please check and research the status of the philippines on reserves. In aquinos admin we are the 33 or less largest economies in the world in terms of gdp. And NO new TAX is added except the liquor and cigarettes thing.

        Kung di nyo na feel nag improve ung lives sa mga pinoy. Baka kasi di kayo marinong mag ipon and invest kaya hanggang ngayon ganyan pa rin kayo.

        philippines isnt bringing more debt every year instead its growth in sales of the corporations and SMEs are growing because of the growing economies.

        1. But why only limit the corruption ONLY to your “god’s” past admins? You feel the improvement kamo? How? By what your “god’s” yellow journalism feeds you? We’re not very stupid like you to just believe that because we always live in reality and not your fairytale mindset.

        2. Correction, PNoy never promoted love of country, he promoted division among the masses, among politics, even among regions, talk about BBL…talk about blaming the past admin, talk about unresolved crimes and all sorts. He may have manifested love for his family — but he has no compassion for the Filipino people. He is a prejudiced man, He gives back to his supporters, but care less upon the rest.

        3. Mga aggainst kay pinoy yan yung mga taong walang naitulong sa sambayanan,kundi ssihin ang mga naka upo,hayyy naku bkit dpa tayo magkaisa magtulungan at tayo’y mag mahalan,para sa ating mahal na bansa,,,

        4. Kung meron ngang nagawa si panot sa nakalipas na anim na taon, bakit ka pa pinapunta dito sa site na ito para lang mag kalat ng dilaw na propaganda?

          Yan tinagalog ko na, baka sakaling maintindihan pa ng maliit mong utak.

    2. he is the worst president!!!! Most Corrupt, no respect to the Philippine Constitution and most of all no concern to the Filipinos…he is not a true a Filipino, he is most likely a traitor!

    3. Well, I pity you, kid. kasi hindi ka pa nagigising sa katotohanan na hangang may aquino sa malacanang, this fucking country of ours will be controlled by the fucking oligarchs, who continue to bleed our country of resources, dont you know that the Lopezes are now trying to control the flow of gas from malampaya, thru their First-Gas Consortium, bakit nila binenta ang meralco, its obvious, mas malaki ang kita sa energy development, kesa sa electric distribution, na ngayon ay hawak na ni Pangilinan.. WE are being controlled by the so-called ALA conspirators!!.. Ayala-Lopez-Aboitiz.. this families now controlled much of our buisness transactions, and they are Aquinos fucking allies!!…

    4. Surely a point here is that Aquino’s war on corruption was against his opponents whilst his cronies filled their snouts in the trough. This does make him worse.

    5. Hi Cezar, yes it’s true that corruptions in the Philippines is rampant regardless of who’s the President. However, based on the combined report of the United Nations in vevey and the Transparancy International, PINOY Administration/Government – Philippines became the most corrupt democratic country in the world and number 5 of the most corrupt country in the world as reported. Under PINOY time, Bureau of Custom is the most corrupt Government Agency.UN warn the Philippines and be delisted from its membership if within five years, the corruption cannot be improved. Also refer to the BCBP PMTL where BS Aquino III is the highest in corruption perception index as compared to Ramos, Estrada, and Arroyo’s administration. The reverse is true from the filtered news based on propaganda employed by the Pinoy’s men which portray PINOY as the President “fighting” against corruptions – look what happened to Pinoy’s appointed secretaries? Are they really fighting for corruptions?. Perhaps you have the knowledge of rampant corruption in customs, e.g. Rice smuggling, OFW balikbayan boxes, etc..

    I beg to object.

    …you broadcasts this most
    unfounded blog to mislead,
    while the fact is that
    only the gullible and stupid
    will buy this as true
    to believe.

    1. First of all, grp is NOT a media site. Second, stop watching too much BS local media news which shows nothing but propaganda to show how much of a “god” your precious pwesident is while ignoring his absolute incompetence. Anlaki mong uto-uto bobong pinoy. O baka naman isa kang bayaran ng malakanyakanyang miscommunications group para umatake sa site na ito.

    2. Sorry bernard, looks like your attempts to troll have failed miserably just like your piss poor excuse of a poem.

      Like I said before,
      Troll Harder

    3. TROLL. 😀

      Only gullible fools like would believe in the Aquino Magic and Hype, that and everything that has a last name on them.

    4. Very true. World bank is praising the phils. Every month there is a head of state visit from other countries. Would obama come here is he has no confidence in the phils. The past presidents of the us didnt even come here. Right now i am proud to be pinoy

  5. He is and will always be considered as the worst president! He did Nothing…look what happened to the yolanda funds…

  6. It seems this article attracted the usual kind of attention that GRP usually gets from malacañang morons.

    You noytards want proof of your idol’s incompetence?

    Look at how they managed to bungle up the maintenance of the MRT stations.

    Look at how he managed to get 44 SAF troopers killed just because he wanted to secure his nobel peace prize for handing mindanao over to the MILF.

    So don’t come over here expecting undeserved praises for your incompetent idol.

    To the two idiots that came here to troll.
    Troll Harder because your idol is definitely indefensible now that the public is already tired of his so called “tuwid na daan”

    1. Are those the only problems of the country? Marcos was not even able to revolutionize the Philippines in his 20 year term…

      1. @mulz are you kidding? marcos wasn’t able to revolutionize the Philippines??? alam mo ba na yung mga projects nya during his regime hanggang ngayon ay nagagamit natin,like, SLEX,NLEX, HEART CENTER,LUNG CENTER, NKTI,PGH, LRT,MRT ETC…ang kaso yung mrt and lrt, aayusin na nga lng ng present president hndi pa magawa gawa…kung usapang revolutionizing lng dn naman ang pag uusapan at sasabihin mong di nagawa yun ni marcos,ano pa kaya si aquino? kahit pag samahanin mo yung tatlong aquino wala namang nagawa yan para sa Pilipinas…

        1. he,he, very true bro. pinoy will likely go to jail, once his terms is finished.. he practically violated every law in the book!!..

        2. Alam mo rin ba ung 2billion us dollars minimum kinuha nya treasures, bank notes and etc kinuha nya? Noong 1980s pa yan ha 2 billion usd.

        3. Tama. Hindi daw narevolutionize, pero walang presidente sa ngayon ang kayang makagawa ng nuclear power plant o kahit ano man lang na pwedeng ipantapat doon.

      2. Anlaki mong tanga! Anong tawag mo doon sa San Juanico Brdige? Anong tawag mo doon sa NLEX/SLEX? Kung idadaan mo iyan rebuttal mo sa martial law, pinapakita mo na ang pagiging talunan mo inutil.

  7. You do nothing but complain. Is that what you can only do? By the time a new president will be seating in 2016, you will agian do the same thing you are good at – complain.

    If he is the worst, then who’s better than him back in 2010?

      1. nakulong nga eh and still nakakulong pa rin dahil sa pagnanakaw ng PAGCOR funds… GMA is still better than PNOY? hahaha… bobo ka ba? aaah baka naman GMA 7 yung sinasabi mo….

        1. Hehe, nakakulong based on HEARSAY. And yung sinasabi mong PAGCOR funds e allegation pa lang or dumped down due to lack of evidence.

          And yes, GMA is still better than Noynoy. If you think blunders, blame games, and incompetence is a sign of wisdom the bobo ka nga.

          Aahhh baka ABS-CBN yung sinasabi mo… 😀

        2. Real leaders never play the blame game.

          Real leaders never rely on propaganda but rely on solid action which your president clearly doesn’t do since he keeps sending idiots like you,ed, to spread propaganda.

          GMA is still in hospital arrest despite the fact that all of the cases that were filed against her clearly lack substance which again, shares the same attributes of your piss poor propaganda and your intelligence(or lack of)

          Your days of trolling are numbered, real life FRAUD.

        3. ” bobo ka ba? aaah baka naman GMA 7 yung sinasabi mo….”

          no comment. napatawa mo ko dun.=) nga naman, nakakulong nga e no? kahit di naman napatunayan.=) sige, katol pa.=)

    1. So you prefer that this country will continue to be shattered without our complaints and suggestions because you hate progress and improvement? Mahilig kang kumain ng pagpag ano? Ang hirap kasi sa mga bobong pinoy na katulad mo palaging dumadaan sa “bahala na” kasi tamad ka mag-isip nang matino at tingin mo palagi na lang ganito ang buhay. In other words, you’re batshit insane because you just expect change without seeing what’s wrong over and over again.

    2. Since you’re a real-life TROLL and a real-life HYPOCRITE who loves to LIE on everyone else…

      I never voted for the guy. I voted Gibo Teodoro and Bayani Fernando for president and VP back in 2010 and when I found out the results, it’s sad.

      All Noynoy had is vengeance against GMA. While Gibo? He has a LOT of platforms that is benefiting for the people. But sadly, you caught up with that. 😀

      1. lel seems you’re actually missing the point, son.

        Noynoy has little to NO platform and it all falls on this slogan “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap”. And where are we now?

        Yes, GMA is still in house arrest and so what? What I mean is that there are many charges were filed against her yet they were dropped like flies. Let the courts decide not your angry mob BS.

        And yes, Corona was ‘persecuted’ because it’s more like getting rid of a political enemy rather than the so-called “anti-corruption” that this incompetent administration is trying to pull. Hearsay, bribery, and blackmail can be considered as ‘evidence’ against the former chief justice. You connect the dots…

        Anyhow, what’s so laughable is that you’re actually brainwashed to begin thanks to the biased media’s bull-shit stories in order to manipulate the people. And if someone here who is dumber here bro, it’s just you and your lack of intelligence is showing it.

        Oh yeah, just don’t bite your tongue when you try to laugh and choke back those tears.

  8. THEY WIN!!! All Politicians have created what they needed. Filipinos are turning on each other, including those commenting here!!! Read the things we say to each other in these comments!!!

    Politicians “Play Fight” with each other during the day, THEN LAUGH AT US ALL NIGHT because we’re foolish enough to fall for the fake drama.

    Aquino, Binay, Marcos, Poe, Roxas, ALL OF THEM are playing roles. Their lust to maintain status and power is all that matters to them. They see people a disposable subspecies for their amusement.

    IIda is right, Aquino is the worst President, but only because he is the most recent President. His predecessors were corrupt in their own way; Aquino just created newer more clever ways to screw the people; any successor will design newer methods.

    Talking about these Politicians is a waste of time and effort.

    Either look for, recruit and support new honest leaders, or STFU. CHEERS!!

      1. Yes, Pallacertus, sadly, that’s the conclusion. Failure to legally define “Political Dynasty” within 30 years is the central issue. That failure ripples through the entire Government,and the lack of significant movement in Poverty,Infrastructure, Individual Wealth Creation and Military and Calamity Preparedness.

        The secondary issue is Energy. EPIRA and the guaranteed ROI Mechanism ensures perpetual poverty for generations to come.

    1. All of them are corrupt ! But, present administration is the most corrupt. Ang nakaraang administrasyon may nakikita kang projects kahit may commission sila. Ngayon, nabubulsa ang pera ng walang projects

  9. Whatever lessons we already learned from BS Aquino’s term will be only as good as the capacity our brains have to recall them enough to not repeat them.

    I think we can check off this combination of feigned incorruptibility and outright incompetence – as another failed experiment. Guys when will we ever get this experiment right?

    PH still in the search for that elusive embodiment of the combination of incorruptible and competent. Where are you? Will the Lee Kwan Yew of the PH please stand up?

      1. Go Rico thanks for the “second the motion”.

        How I wish the PH government had an unbiased nonpartisan search committee to find this LKY hiding under a bushel somewhere?

        He/she could be a president of a state college, or a company CEO, or a very honest judge, who nobody notices. But if the search committee finds those jewels, they can be recommended to the public.

        Leaving it to media to tell us who the apples are that we can choose from is not turning out any better each passing day as we draw near the fateful Election Day.

        As of the moment, unless we get new blood into this dying cadaver, we are simply doomed to keep repeating this failed experiment again and again and again….

        1. Glad you entered the conversation, zaxx. I was getting really depressed.

          The Nonpartisan Search Committee is intriguing, especially if it’s in an academic environment.

          A colleague in Univ of Houston/NASA put together a campus wide, Interdisciplinary integration of research in energy technology, science, engineering, architecture, law, business, and social science.

          As energy technologies mature, the group writes policy recommendations and commercialization plans in parallel.

          We could do the same thing here and include issues critical for Philippines. We could do some “TED Talks” and exchange data with Univ Nationally.

          It would be like an incubator for leaders of the future.

          Would that work?

        2. Hey goRico. You shouldn’t get depressed. You’re go go go man! yeah I think a platform that can bring out the LKY- class leader of the future will definitely be a step in the right direction. binign0 will surely welcome a TED talks show in the PH – finally a way to cultivate a culture of logical thinking and debates.

          I agree Academe must take the lead coz that’s what their role is in a society – to be the philosophers and brains. Interdisciplinary is a word PNoys still need to learn – great brainstorming we got here.

          Anyone willing to work on the “new blood discovery project”?

        3. Thanks for the encouragement, zaxx!!! Yes, Sir, everything is prepped and ready.I have visited with some University Presidents and they’re excited. CHED, not so much, hehehe.

          Instead of doing research and spin off technology, we will take a mature technology and spin off Research Institutes throughout ASEAN + 3, with PH as the hub.

          This way we stay independent and self funded, no need to involve Manila Mafia.

          We have to proceed with caution, however. Lot’s of scary scenarios here, hahaha.

          The TED Talks will create a paradigm shift in Philippines Social Structure.

          This will be a great adventure. CHEERS!!

        4. Hey, zaxx. I apologize for sending you a copy, but I sent this comment to Grimwald Article “Is Philippines a Democratic Nation”. When I finished, I realized this fits with what you and I discussed earlier……….. Our representatives have either failed or never intended to represent their constituents. Our votes only supported their perceived Divine Right to Rule OVER US, not WORK FOR US.

          HOWEVER, Divine Right has a limited shelf life. Thirty years have passed and the Divine Ones still haven’t dealt with Political Dynasty or FOI.

          Senator Santiago filed 2 Bills dealing with Dynasties at the National and Local Levels, and both are pending in the Senate committee on electoral reforms and peoples’ participation since 2013.

          As the House and Senate are, by and large members of Political Dynasties, their inaction makes the case of conspiracy to remain in power, consciously depriving citizens of right to Constitutional Protection from Dynasties.

          By using their office to receive control unconstitutional PDAF Funds, the case morphs into a Criminal Conspiracy, with or without contact with JLN et al.

          I would suggest 1) Senator Santiago withdraw her bills from Senate Consideration and present them to the public to be adopted directly by Initiative and Referendum (Petition) My guess is both measures will win 90% popular support.

          2) Passage of the Anti – Political Dynasty Law will effectively disqualify about 75% of the Senate, so this would be an opportune time to use Initiative and Referendum to change the election of the Senate to Direct Representation of the Regions (one Senator per Region), not elected “At Large” as it is now.

          3) As a punitive measure for failure to represent the people, disqualified House and Senate members and their families will prevented to own stock in any enterprise with business before the State for a period of 30 Years or accepting any appointed Cabinet, Agency or Department office for 20 years.

          4) To prevent Political Dynasties or Powerful Interests from selecting and promoting “Straw Candidates”, campaign spending should be limited to P5 Million for National Office of P2 Million for Local Office.

          5) As Philippines evolves from Aristocracy to Meritocracy, candidates with strong academic backgrounds and proven proficiency will tend to rise to the top, and top candidates will debate publicly, offering choices from among the “Best and the Brightest” instead of the “Rich and Famous” demonstrate their

          These are just suggestions to return power to the People

        5. Hi, ZAXX. It’s come to my attention that discussion of using Initiatives and Referendum to activate Anti-Political Dynasty or Change the Constitution has caused some concern and raised questions about my motives.

          Although the proposal seemed logical to me, it seems that others would prefer the status quo.

          I apologize if our dialogue has caused you any discomfort. Ciao

  10. I would rather have as my patron a host of anonymous citizens digging into their own pockets for the price of a book or a magazine than a small body of enlightened and responsible men administering public funds.

    I would rather chance my personal vision of truth striking home here and there in the chaos of publication that exists than attempt to filter it through a few sets of official, honorably public-spirited scruples.

  11. Ramon Magsaysay is still the benchmark of a good presidency, it seems. If anybody want to gauge Noynoy’s final grade, compare him to that guy.

      1. Hah,saying “edi wow” only means one thing…

        You don’t have anything intelligent to add to the discussion.

        In other words, you’re a dumb troll.

      2. Haha pinakita mo rin kung gaano ka kabobo salamat sa basura mong mga salitang iyan. Iyan ba ang tinuro sa iyo ng guto mo utak squatter na inutil?

  12. Bravo. This intelligently captures my whole George Orwell feeling about the last five years of PNOY and its twisted reality. The sick LP mind behind this abuse of power studied his Machiavelli to the T.

  13. He is the Best President because like the mother he was hesitant to be a President. The mother became a President, anyway, because they claim there was Cory Magic.

    He is the Best President because the mother died, and they didn’t want the Cory Magic to die. The magic must be on the one who walks, talks, acts as a good mama’s boy. He loves music, computer games, guns, fast cars, and pretty women, even if these women don’t love him back. So, he became a President, anyway.

    He is the Best President because riding on the emotionally charged atmosphere because of the necrology, he hit a sweet spot at the hearts of people. He said let us pursue the straight path; thus, it was easy for his ad men to come out with a slogan: Daan Matuwid.

    He is the Best President because the people became convinced the Cory Magic must be with him. He said he was throwing all his weight on Daan Matuwid. People are sick and tired of decades of corruption; nakatuwad na sila. So, they cut him a big slack.

    He is the Best President because he went after the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; never mind if this was another branch of government, and the move could damage the institution. The CJ, anyway, was perceived as corrupt and was a pain in the neck of Hacienda Luisita, a very large property owned by the family of the mama’s boy. People remembered they cut him a big slack, so let Justice takes its course even if it had its long term ramifications on the three branches of government.

    He is the Best President because he didn’t allow Justice to take its course. He bribed the Congressmen and Senators in the millions so Justice will bow to the Best President. Thus, for the first time on TV, a CJ cried his heart out. But, bribes could do wonders, and maybe magic, so out of the window went the poor CJ, bruised and literally limping. People asked if that was Cory Magic, or was it about Hacienda Luisita, but they remembered they cut the Best President a big slack.

    He is the Best President because people started thinking that the blurred lines between the Executive, the Supreme Court, and the Congress had to be repaired quickly before there was a permanent damage. The SC fired a salvo and pronounced the Development Acceleration Program (DAP) of the Best President unconstitutional. People became divided; some started thinking more, some stopped thinking. Those who were thinking started looking for development and found they were still to be developed; a good part are still in the drawing board. They also started looking for acceleration, but the Best President knew; he sold much earlier his Porsche. So what they saw was that the Best President didn’t know how to accelerate anything except a Porsche. They could not also find a program, so some concluded he must have done a Cory Magic on it, so it must be that a Best President could manage without any vision, without any laid out priority, without being pro-active.

    He is the Best President because he is a President who will not accept a Supreme Court decision. He went on TV in prime time to show the people who cut him a big slack that he was bursting to the brim in anger. He said the Justices were wrong; they should not meddle with the Best President. The Best President knows best, and the hell with the budgetary process. He will use the money of the people the way he want it used; never mind if it can used to bribe. He knew the people cut him a big slack.

    He is the Best President because he did not show anger when the SC earlier decided that PDAF was unconstitutional as DAP was. He could also use PDAF the way he wants to, but since it is already alloted for Congress, all he could do is to decide who within Congress could receive a handsome sum. If that is the SC decision, then let Congress be angry.
    Unfortunately, you neither can find the Best Senator nor the Best Congressman in Congress, so Congress cannot be angry.

    He is the Best President because he ignored Benhur Luy, the whistle blower who spilled out that pork barrels called PDAF were being pocketed by Congressmen and Senators with the help of his boss, Napoles. People got angry, and Napoles was forced to hide. But, when she could no longer hide, she decided to surrender.

    He is the Best President because he welcome the surrendering Napoles to the Palace, and they talked for an hour or so. It turns out the Best President is also a friend to another Best; she was the Pork Barrel Queen, to whom the Congressmen and Senators bow the same way they bow to the Best President.

    He is the Best President because of the PDAF mess, he instructed his Secretary of Justice to jail three Senators, but to jail no other, especially those who bow to the Best President. Those who stopped thinking called it a milestone in the fight against corruption. Those who continue thinking called it Selective Justice. The Black and White Movement who pride themselves on being able to define what is good and what is evil in a complicated world also proclaimed to the world it was a milestone. The BWM is also composed of the best fading showbiz stars.

    He is the Best President because he is above the fray of colors. Nobody could no longer tell which is black and which is white during the term of the Best President because things have become varying shades of gray. It does not matter; the Best President is about being yellow. Yellow hides the Cory Magic; never mind if it is now dirty yellow.

    He is the Best President because he stands his ground in being a yellow. He could not be found for hours after eight Hong Kong tourists which he monitored in real time from a nearby Chinese restaurant. Many attest that that restaurant serves good food and it must have a secret Daan Matuwid to his bat cave.

    He is the Best President because he went to Zamboanga on the day there was a big SAF operation in nearby Mamasapano to get Marwan, an FBI most wanted terrorist. He was calling his Best General who was suspended then and who was thousand mile away in Nueva Ecija so that the general could give advice, not instructions, to those in the field to do their best. Unfortunately, 44 operatives of SAF were massacred by Best Rebel Group, the MILF, who are in the middle of a peace talk with the Best President. The best alibi is to tell the public that the Best President was in Zamboanga on other business and he was not monitoring the massacre in real time. There had to be the best alibi because there were accusations that he ordered the SAF reinforcement to stand down less they jeopardize the best peace talk with the best rebel group; never mind that 44 heroic men were being massacred.

    He is the Best President because he disappeared for days after the Mamasapano incident. Like the Chinese restaurant, there must be a secret Daan Matuwid from Zamboanga to his bat cave.

    He is the Best President because after finally appearing from his bat cave, he said that it was one of the field generals, Napeñas, who was at fault. He said he approved the op because Napeñas only briefed him of an encounter; Napeñas didn’t tell him there was a risk of mis-encounter. The Best President invented a word and found the best scapegoat named Napeñas.

    He is the Best President because he wants the public to forget about the SAF44 who sacrificed their lives in what the Best President calls a mis-encounter. He has instructed Camp Crame to remove all the pictures, tributes to the 44 out of the premises. They should not have died from their multiple gunshot wounds. If they didn’t die, then his best peace talk with the best rebel group could probably be in effect by now with a BBL (Best Bullshit Law)

    He is the Best President because he is pushing a peace talk that is unconstitutional. The Best President knows best; and people should not tell him when his project is unconstitutional.

    He is the Best President because the economy grew to unprecedented level and credit ratings improved during his term. Economists attribute this to the OFW remittances, the rise of the BPO sector, to the economic policies of Gloria, and what is happening to the world economy. If the Best President had an economic policy, all credit will be due him, but since the Best President has no policy, except those which are unconstitutional, then the Best President might as well grab the credits due others. The Best President knows best.

    He is the Best President because people now know there is no Cory Magic. They also know now Daan Matuwid is just secret alley to his bat cave. Mabuhay si Batman.

        1. Well, if you consider blunders, blame games, and incompetence makes you the ‘best president’, then you need to seek help. 🙂

  14. The minions of Aquino and the YellowTards, are worried; because once Aquino is gone; they will be replaced by people of the new administration. Their positions and privilages will be transfered to the winning team. Out they go…

    There are no programs that Aquino has formulated to solve the country’s problems. His programs are: DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, BBL Law, Patronage Politics,etc…all to bleed more money out of the National Treasury, going to their foreign bank accounts…

    Aquino era will be judged by Historians as the Worst era in Philippine History…

  15. Add,,,,,you just analyzed the 6 term of Pinoy and you for the most part hit the target…Aquino and his administration are not the best ..and none from the previous Presidents as well,,, nowwww what the future brings the Philippines and its people…it’s a Big 0 or I say NADA. Some of the commentators here got a good idea for change ,,, but it is only good if it will put to action ,,,but with out no financial backing it is doomed to fail…God help the Philippines and the Filipinos…I rest my opinion…

    1. Cezar, you’re exactly right, good ideas and reform cost money. That’s why the Politicians and Oligarchs keep everyone broke. Poor people can’t threaten their status.

      All the talk about Direct Foreign Investment is just talk. The word around the world is “If you’re coming to PH to make a small fortune, you need to bring a BIG FORTUNE with you” (coz corruption is too expensive).

      No worries, Cezar, changes are coming. CHEERS!!!

      1. i would like anna to answere that and all this critics and pro Marcos regime that think they are the smartest Filipino in the world..what reform are most important to YOU…and how would you like to start it..My answere to that question is this..60% of Filipinos are in survival mode…meaning they are poor and barely eating 3 times a day…the reform they would like or I would like to see is the politicians to put their effort in highest priority….find a way to put all poor Filipinos to work..that pays a decent salary..and not earn less for their effort to go to work everyday.they say they want the poor to better their life…how can they be better if they spend more pamasahe and the cost of miryenda on what they earn a day..what a life this people has..

    1. your right ana, I was once at EDSA, at santolan road,feb.22-23, 1986,, I got disilussioned when Cory’s men finally climb malacanang, and lo!!,, they just stole,steal, nakaw, plunder,etc..,, and they still glorify that fucking yellow-shirting shit~~.. She was the worst president ever, she never intended to governed our country the way it should be.. All she wants is to avenge the death of his stupid husband,thats why all of FM’S achievements was her main target, she let it rot, so people will blame MARCOS,. just like her son did to MRT, abnoy let it rot so that people will blame GMA!!, THE Way he blames again GMA in his fucking SONA!!…

  16. What all you idiots need there is a stalin and Hitler like leader. All you idiots created your own demise. What all you need is a dose of reality and a swift kick in the ass.

  17. Btw, the Chinese are knocking on the Door. Might as well change the name of Philippines to FAILIPPINES. What Manila needs is to be nuke and built from the ground up. Civil War needs to happen. The FAILIPPINES IS HOPELESS unless a third or half of the population needs to be eradicated. That’s the only way.

  18. What can I say? A troll like you is actually butthurt and ignorant. According to George Carlin,

    “If you have selfish, ignorant citizens then you elect selfish ignorant leaders.”

    Try to TROLL harder next time. And please, stop using your username since it’s a disservice to the victims of the Mendiola and Hacienda Luisita Massacres. Or maybe you’re just an actual supporter of the murders itself…. 😉

  19. all you bitches have been saying the same thing as far as i could remember.from FM, Cory, FVR, Erap, GMA to PNoy. and i’m quite sure you will be saying the same thing when Binay, Mar or Poe becomes president. i’m no fan of PNoy but it seems like all you flipinos do best is bitch and whine and blame everything on the government.

    so here’s my two cents worth of advice, work your asses off and stop complaining the government is NEVER going to change. and maybe someday you can earn enough to retire and not give a piss and shit what goes on in malacanang, the senate and the congress.

    1. Dude, what makes you think one can’t do both; i.e. “retire and not give a piss and shit what goes on in malacanang, the senate and the congress” AND write blogs critical of the government?

      In fact, me personally, I plan to do even MORE of such blogs when I retire as I will be focused on writing for GRP full time. Now that for me is my ideal retirement plan. Doing what I love and do best. 😀

      1. @ benignO. GO FOR IT!!! You have a great plan!! You’re good at what you do, you enjoy what you do and we’re all better off for what you do. THANK YOU and GRP.

    1. Roy: you actually think the government’s opinion of itself consititutes a ‘valid link?’. I mean, like, really?

      Governments don’t even tell the truth about themselves in proper countries. What governments SAY is of no relevance whatsoever. What actually HAPPENS IN PRACTICE is all that matters.

      Seriously though, the number of people who actually believe government propaganda in the Philippines is quite astounding. So whatever it is they’re doing to get misinformation into the average Pinoy’s head, they’re very, very good at it.

    2. Using a government website full of lies isn’t helping your argument, little troll.

      Seriously, using a site that’s only full of self praise is not the best way to convince us.

  20. Look and listen to all of you Filipinos ,I am pretty sure you all want changes for the better in the Philippines ,but attacking each other ideas and credibility shows how Filipinos referecent the whole population that is what I see everyday….Filipinos are not one….no team work …all want the changes but doing so they argue within on different ideas then thing becomes personal…you look like the Muslims of the Middle unityyyyyy. Be one …talk about what’s actions are better then fight back through media…this site is biasssss ..anti Aquino….that will not help a thing…talk about what direction is better and use this social media to fight the government media….be a teammmm…or you just wasting your time..all for personal this blog..useless…

    1. Well said, Cezar!!! GRP is our forum, the thoughts we bring to it are our individual responsibility..

      In reality, the disagreements between us are over Political Personalities. If we took a poll of what we need to accomplish (Poverty, Equal Opportunity, Education, Infrastructure, etc.) my guess is we’d be nearly unanimous.

      GRP is a great vehicle for discussing and sharing positive ideas. That said, we owe it to our families and our country to come together and get Philippines moving in the right direction and quit wasting time talking about people that don’t give a damn about us. The Politicians have squandered their opportunity to lead,so it’s time for us to step up.

      No more marching in the heat in the street, no more protest petitions, just assume our position as real the Government, and that Politicians are just a better dressed version of Vice Ganda.

    2. I couldn’t disagree with your recitation of facts of what makes Pnoy the best president bungler of our republic. If Pnoy would be the President of Russia for instance with the record breaking bungling of State affairs he has done he would be accused of treason.

  21. Hmmm, a civilize conversation is a must here. We don’t need name calling if we want to be taken seriously, don’t you think?

    I am a Filipino living abroad and getting in touch with the Filipinos once in a while is just in my system.

    Being abroad, I don’t have the luxury of following the day to day news about how Aquino is leading the Philippines. Here in the USA, not everybody knows about Philippines, some even thought that it’s part of Thailand, Cambodia even China, eh. Those who know about about Philippines only know the corruption of Marcos and Strada’s going to jail for again, corruption. Now, we seem to be getting good news how Aquino was trying his best to lessen or completely eliminate corruption that has been deeply rooted from top to bottom of the Gov’t. I know this can’t be done in 6 years in the office but it’s a good start. Whether this is true or not, I’ll give Aquino a credit for lifting the Philippines’ image to the world.

    1. @Hugh

      I’m sorry but since you admit that you do not follow “the day to day news about how Aquino is leading the Philippines”, then you have no idea how he quite often violates the rule of law and disrespects the country’s institutions as specified in my article. The things I mentioned actually happened. I did not make them up.

      What you probably get to watch are filtered news based on propaganda employed by the President’s men. They like portraying PNoy as the President “fighting” corruption. But how exactly is he fighting corruption? He and his secretaries are actually corrupt so to succeed in fighting corruption, he should start with himself and his own people.

    2. Hi, Hugh. I apologize for the late reply. Interestingly we have something in common at 180 degrees of separation. I’m an American living in Philippines.

      If you want follow news here, I recommend GRP in general and IIda in particular for objective, unfiltered analysis.

      True, there’s action by Aquino re:Corruption, but it is too selective (political opponents only) and too little and too late.

      Candidly, for every case of anti-corruption case, Aquino has initiated two new scams to defraud the public. I wish it weren’t so, but that’s reality.

      These high visibility cases were important to getting Fitch “Investment Grade Rating” for Philippines, less to do with cleaning up Gov.

      As you know, Political Dynasties and Oligarchies have been the whole fabric of Philippines Culture for centuries, but the push for reform is reaching critical mass.

      On the flip side, US Supreme Court Citizens United Decision allows a New American version of Oligarchy, and it’s interesting to watch the two dynamics on opposite courses.

      Take care, stay safe and follow IIda. She’ll keep you on track. CHEERS

      1. Hi Go RICO, With all these distorted, filtered and propaganda news going on around the world, I don’t think it is smart to trust anyone anymore, otherwise I might as well take Trump’s statement that Iraq is not a country as fact.

        1. Hi, Hugh, yeah, it’s hard to get the straight story these days.

          For US News I go to Young Turks, Daily Kos and Truthout. Kos is hard left, Truthout and Turks are Left of Center.

          Trump is a Capitalist ONLY, and will tell anyone he makes more money during Democratic Administrations.

          The GOP HATES him, he out shines the Tea Party favorites the Koch Brothers can’t buy him and control him like they do Scott Walker.

          2 scenarios 1) Trump wins GOP Nomination and Clinton wins or 2) he loses the GOP Nomination and goes 3rd Party and splits the Conservative vote and Clinton wins. Either way, Clinton wins and Trump makes more money.

          In Philippines, Binay and Roxas both need Grace Poe as VP to win, but she’s too smart to trust either of them.

          I hope Duterte runs with Poe as VP. Scenario; Duterte wins, settles Poes residency issue, and Philippines will finally get a progressive team with long term prospects.

  22. Johnny Derps, what in the heck you are talking about? Throlls and butthurts,,,hmmm your lingo is the wild card on this site . Oh we’ll maybe it’s a waste of time being here..this site for the guy like Johnny Derps

    1. You think this site is a waste of time?then why are you wasting your time trolling here?

      You know that the more you try to defend aquino, the more he’ll be seen as a guy who relies too much on propagandists.

      Of course, you’ll never reply back because everything I’ve said here is 100% true.

  23. Juan Dela Cruz III, who pays you to make that comment? You ARE actually freaking blind.

    Come on you can TROLL better than that. 😀

    1. Hi, whilst we appreciate your calling out people who you believe are “trolls”, that template response if repeated often enough wears a bit thin, becomes tiresome and, itself, adds no further value to this forum.

      If you believe a comment is authored by a troll, just ignore it and leave it to the Admins to make that judgement and act accordingly. Your comment should be based on a clear position backed by a sound argument. Perhaps focus more on meeting that standard than wasting energy on calling people “trolls” and sarcastically encouraging them to “troll harder”.

      Thank you.

  24. Well said Benigno, a site like this can be helpful to unite Filipino people against the bad habits of our government, criticized then suggest a meaning full solution ..Just like America said United we stand and we became powerful divided we fall…productive criticism ,,, is can unite the masses….Egypt bloggers did it…they are united…they change the government ..Filipinos can do it too….do not be personal ,, personal attack with no direction is a waste of time…don’t be bias who ever political party your are on..they are the one we want to change…not any particular party…critized both side who we think are wrong for the Filipino people.. We are not here to shine and put anybody down…we are here to bring changes to the government habits….exposed them do’ nt let them get away…with our money…let the Philippines and its people share the wealth of this country…I hope we can make a difference…admin of this site….listen to both sides do not be bias.

    1. Is there a point to listening to yellow propaganda if everything in it is a complete and utter lie?

      Ask yourself, is the government really doing its job well if it relies on propaganda and falsehoods?

      1. these pnoy supporters, apologists, true hardcore fans would like to be friends now, because they’ve nothing else to say. The truth can be the greatest of weapons. PENOY has done nothing good and it hurts them. well, sure, the added military assets was a good project, but apart fromm that, nothing more.

        These noytards would like to be friends now, hold hands with the critics, and sing kumbaya. Not gonna happen. I for one will continue to tell the truth. The boy has done nothing to improve this nation. At our expense.

        A whiner,a spoiled kid who needs to be paddled.

  25. Another ‘soap-box’ performance for anyone who will listen to someone bash the latest failure of a leader that the country can boast.
    Naming a past President that was not a corrupt -as-shit, thieving scumbag and you may have a place to start from instead of just another in a long list of thieves that have imposed the damage of their thieving presence upon the people.
    The ‘proven in court’ rebuttal doesn’t apply in the country either. You do not need a weatherman, or a conviction, to realize which way the wind blows or that the people that run the country take part in a well choreographed charade where they take turns being the ‘leaders’ while they all just grab as much of the countries wealth and laugh at the people who are delusional enough to believe that they are anything but a Syndicate of thieving scumbags.
    The fact that no one ever goes to jail should be a bit of a red light indicator of what is actually happening in the country since before anyone writing at GRP was born.

  26. @Don’t Tell Me and @Cezar, let’s assume you and IIda are both right. GMA committed the largest single crime by selling Filipinos out to the EPIRA / Theft Conspiracy, and the Aquino Administration committed the most sinister crimes of Legitimizing Plunder through PDAF, and Political Bribery through DAP.

    Each President attacked us with different Poisons, but rather than work together to defend ourselves from ALL Presidential Poison, we’re arguing about which poison we prefer.

    IIda’s articles are based on critical analysis, which requireS a few reads and some reflection to form a worthy intellegent reply.If you’ll try this a few times, I promise you’ll learn a lot.


  27. @SAMMY, thanks for the comment. I am lucky, I’m just a guest here, so I watch PH Politics without emotion or bias. No Yellow or Red Shirts.

    In my opinion; Philippines Politics is just a “Spooky Kabuki Theater”, a bunch of rich guys with no talent, no skill and lazy intellect doing an amateurish Cosplay as Politicians, with a sequel every 6 years, same plot different choreography, same weak players with roles reversed.

    The most bizarre part is the audience. Filipinos hated the last play, but buy tickets to the new play hoping for a better performance. Instead of protesting the bad play, the audience throws popcorn and soda at EACH OTHER!!! WTF???

    Recommendations; 1) Stop paying for bad behavior & performance. 2) Write, vote and adopt your own Anti-Political Dynasty Laws and send the old Cosplayers back to their Haciendas. 3) Don’t waste time and money prosecuting them; just send them home in disgrace.
    4) Write your own script and choreography, audition and select the Best and Brightest Talent as players, then get on with the show. CHEERS

    1. Yes all opinions sana may statistics naman sana rin may good sources naman… at sana for good reasons naman… God bless 🙂

  28. Geez, what a delusional, hypocritical point-missing crybaby you are. Also, you’re very ignorant about the fact that the solutions are already here.

    I don’t know what shabu you’re taking but every selfish, ignorant and incompetent leader are arguably the worst.

    P.S. -pahiwatig na nagsimula ang problema sa mga taong nabanggit mo at maganda at perpekto ang pagkaka-implementa ng constitusyon ng 1987 at kahit pa nung 1942

    Stop being EMO and set your priorities for once. Ad hominem is just for the weak and insecure. Remember that.

  29. Honestly speaking, if you think things like bribery, blackmail, blunders, blame games, nepotism, favoritism, selective justice, inciting vengeance, incompetence and all forms of abuse of power are considered as ‘best’, then you need to seek help. That’s angry mob mindset, mind you.

    Those things that I’ve mentioned are what makes Noynoy Aquino the worst president that we have. The real crybabies here are people like you – idiots who are easily being manipulated on whom to hate and whom to love by a simple whim.

      1. @MSN:

        Honestly, Mr. Angry Mobster, it seems you’re totally one-sided and refused to take a look on the other side of the story. You ARE already manipulated by mostly like the biased media and such.

        Marcos is just two-sides of the same coin and no comments on Erap because I’m aware of that. Arroyo was competent, but she was just swallowed by the system.

        But please don’t make the incumbent incompetent nutjob as an exemption. And yes, Noynoy did all that. But as of now, the president has immunity. It’s only a matter of time when he finished his term then the filing of charges will be up. And if someone here is whining like babies bro it’s just you and your lack of intelligence and logic is showing. Being EMO is being a sign of being an idiot but what do I expect from people with angry mob mindset?

  30. @Magsasaka sa Nayon. Maybe you have a point, we should all contribute solutions to the problems instead of throwing insults at each other.

    Here’s your opportunity to lead by example. We’ll all wait here for your list of actionable solutions, and your sincere apology to Ms. IIda.

    1. @Magsasaka sa Nayon, since I doubt that IIda’s insult to your intelligence didn’t include the words “motherfucking” but your insult did, it’s up to you to be the bigger man and go first. It’s an unwritten rule. OK?

  31. So this article got 10 noytards attacking the author but neglecting(as usual) to rebut every point made.

    Looks like malacañang is panicking over the fact that more and more people are already questioning this so called “daang matuwid” they keep on harping about for the past 5 years.

    Defintely explains the appearances of the noytards here and on the GRP fb page as well since they also can’t rebutt points made against their propaganda intelligently as well.

  32. My, my, isn’t this a mature site… People calling the President noytard and such, insulting and demeaning each other. Tsk tsk.

    In any case, I’m quite new to this site though I do live in the Philippines and follow the news quite closely. I’m by no means an expert however, so feel free to point that out if you must. On that note, I have to say that the country seems to be doing better now than it was before.

    The things that the author pointed out did occur and are disconcerting to say the least, but you know what they say about eggs and omelets.

    Additionally, the author’s attempt to paint the President as a bullshitter through a rather vindictive moniker of BS Aquino seems a rather blatant attempt at bating arguments. If I’m wrong, I do apologize.

    As for the President being the worst in history, that’s going a bit far, isn’t it? At the very least, he hasn’t declared marshal law on us.

    President Aquino is a flawed man, but he’s about as good a leader as we can get during these troubled times IMO. He revamped the image of the country, making the international community finally take us more seriously and his handling of this China affair is quite mature. If he was indeed the worst President in Philippine history, we’d be in much deeper trouble than we were before.

    As such, describing him thus makes the author a little difficult to take seriously.

    Treat me kindly now.

    1. @hack_gu_haseo

      You are correct in saying that this is a mature site. This is not for people with onion-skin and crybabies.

      I have to say that the country seems to be doing better now than it was before.

      Would you be so kind as to provide us with data or proof to back up your statement? For example, has the standard of living improved? Has the jobless rate gone down? Are there less or more Filipinos leaving the country to work or live overseas?

      As for the President being the worst in history, that’s going a bit far, isn’t it? At the very least, he hasn’t declared marshal law on us.

      Is not declaring martial law your only basis in saying he is not the “worst”? You make it sound like martial law was a bad thing. I’m not defending it but considering there is a provision in the constitution for it, then its use was legal.

      I’m sorry, but in saying that BS Aquino is a “good leader”, you inadvertently admit that you are okay with someone mediocre. There were other candidates back in 2010 who were better than him.

      I don’t know what you are talking about when you said he “revamped” the country’s image but that is just a perception created by his PR machine with the help of media owned and operated by people allied with the Aquinos. You can check the history of the Inquirer and ABSCBN and how Cory Aquino was responsible for their rise to power in the media industry.

      His attitude towards China is immature. Instead of using diplomacy, he is provoking them. The strained relations with China started with the way he handled the Luneta massacre of 8 Chinese tourists in 2010. He angered China further by refusing to apologise for the botched rescue operation. It’s no surprise Chinese officials do not want to talk to him. China knows the Philippines currently has a weak leader that’s why they fast-tracked the construction of their facilities in the disputed islands.

      He is the worse President in Philippine history. His lack of leadership and diplomatic skills is creating conflict among Filipinos and not helping ease the tension with other neighboring countries like China.

      What’s wrong with using the President’s initials “BS”? You need to focus on the message of the article instead of speculating on something that is not there.

      1. “Would you be so kind as to provide us with data or proof to back up your statement?”

        Here’s a rather straightforward report by the World Bank organization. Not a shining example of prosperity but certainly far from dismal.

        Here’s a report on the labor situation in the country as of July 2015.

        Unemployment is down and wages are up. Granted, the situation could be better, but progress is better than no progress, isn’t it? Besides, the way I see it, much of the problems that are slowing down the growth of the country are caused mostly by an incompetent house of congress and senate.

        I’m also a realist when it comes to the economic state of the country. It would have taken a miracle for the President to turn the whole shit show around in the 6 years he had. It took So. Korea decades to get to where they are now, and they had naturally disciplined citizens to begin with.

        “I don’t know what you are talking about when you said he “revamped” the country’s image but that is just a perception created by his PR machine with the help of media owned and operated by people allied with the Aquinos.”

        Quite the reach the Philippines has then if it can affect the perception of more developed countries. I didn’t realize we were that good at fooling nations like Germany, France, Japan, So. Korea and the like who think that the Philippines is a better prospect for business now.

        “Is not declaring martial law your only basis in saying he is not the “worst”?”

        Nope, but it’s right up there on my list.

        “I’m not defending it but considering there is a provision in the constitution for it, then its use was legal.”

        Slavery was legal back in the day too and it was illegal for women to vote. So…

        “Instead of using diplomacy, he is provoking them.”

        What? China is being a jerk right now and you want to make nice? I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but China isn’t exactly in the mood to compromise right now. Either they get what they want or it’s pointless to have talks. Besides, bringing the matter to the UN is the diplomatic and mature approach. Much like how you tell the teacher if someone is bullying you at school.

        “What’s wrong with using the President’s initials “BS”? You need to focus on the message of the article instead of speculating on something that is not there.”

        I am focusing on the message, but that doesn’t mean I can’t point out certain elements that paint this whole article as rather biased and fueled by personal agenda. If you really didn’t mean to call the President a bullshitter with the BS, then as I said, I apologize. But you have to admit that it’s easy to misunderstand your intent when you add such unnecessary details in the content.

        1. I think the Philippines, being in a region of high-achievers, no longer can use the “We’re not dismal” argument to demonstrate that things are going ok. Being just “ok” is not enough when you are a region that includes Singapore, the relatively prosperous countries of Malaysia and Thailand, uber-competitive (because of price advantages, for now) Vietnam, and up-and-coming Indonesia. We also share trade channels with superstars like Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong. And, of course, there is China where everything is made nowadays.

          Perhaps being “not dismal” will fly in Africa. But not in this region. Indeed, anything can be made to look good simply by setting the bar low enough. But in order to achieve big in absolute terms, absolute standards need to be set. Is our goal to simply keep apace or to catch up? Is it merely to catch up, or to overtake? How motivated Filipinos are to succeed depends on a clear answer to those questions taken to heart.

          Just keeping apace alone (i.e. keeping the gap between us and, say, Malaysia) is already hard enough. But are Filipinos content with merely tagging along and keeping the lag from getting even longer? Or are they up to the challenge of exceeding even their own expectations? Only Filipinos can determine their futures. And it does not help when our standard of success is merely being “not dismal”.

        2. @ hack_gu_haseo, thanks for the Bank link. Unfortunately, it helped make the case against “BS” progress.

          • “Supreme Court decision which found some provisions of the Disbursement Acceleration Program unconstitutional, budget execution bottlenecks, and slow disbursement for Typhoon Yolanda reconstruction”•

          More than unconstitutional, BS and Abad’s DAP was 1) a pool to bribe Senate Votes for Impeachment of Corona, 2) double entry of assets to inflate economic reports that are the basis of Fitch “Investment Grade” rating to investors and banks. 3) Lying to the press and the people is one thing, lying to investors and banks is fraud.

          Manila still has no final death toll from Yolanda, but they announced the Typhoon’s impact on the GDP within 24 hours. The aid for the living victims is still in the bank drawing interest and putting on a good face on for Investors (suckers).

          So, economic progress aside, BS’s neglect of his people and using schemes and scams to cook the books makes him a candidate for worst President.

        3. @hack_gu_haseo

          Oh dear…you can’t just provide links without giving your own insight into the information provided. For example, the article mentioned, “economic growth slowed down to 5.3 percent in the third quarter of 2014, due to weak government spending on the demand side and agricultural production on the supply side.” What can you say about that?

          Besides, I don’t think the articles you provided backed up your claim that “the country seems to be doing better now than it was before.” The difference during Arroyo years is not that significant. The majority does not even feel the difference. In fact, according to this report More OFWs are leaving PH under Aquino

          No, BS Aquino can’t fix the economy in six years. In fact, since he doesn’t have other economic policies aside from government “spending” to encourage growth, he won’t be able to fix it even if he stayed as President for decades. In other words, he doesn’t have a plan on how to bring the Philippines from Third World to First.

          Please do us a favor and quit trying to infect us with your love for mediocrity.

          Regarding the media’s influence in the perception that BS Aquino is doing well, the international community relies heavily on news about the Philippines from local media they deem as “credible” source so of course they will believe whatever is being reported. If the Inquirer sugar coats bad news for example, other countries will not know how bad BS Aquino is in managing his affairs unless unbiased foreign correspondents witness the shenanigans themselves and report it as is. We here in GRP try to fill-in the gaps intentionally left out by local mainstream media.

          Citing “slavery” in this discussion doesn’t make sense. Martial Law is not the same as previous laws on slavery.

          Regarding China, nah…you can’t dispute the fact that Chinese officials do not want to talk to BS Aquino and you can’t dispute the fact that it was during BS Aquino’s term when the construction in the disputed islands went full speed. Your President is a weakling and the Chinese know it. I wrote an article about this before: Is President Noynoy Aquino to blame for the diplomatic and military row with China?

          You focus too much on trivial stuff. BS is his initials and I am not the only pundit who uses it. Try Googling other Filipino columnists in mainstream media.

    2. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Martial Law declared because of the civil unrest and threat of communist takeover (and the older Benigno Aquino and his allies then inflicted fear on people causing the civil unrest)? Also, the immaturity and incompetence of Filipinos appear after its end. Somehow it’s like Marcos knew how incapable and corrupt Filipinos are so you can’t give them free hand unless they are educated first, learn discipline and knew how to sacrifice for the good of others and the country (yes, I know the Marcoses had their share of corruption but even so the country is rich and with promising innovation under his rule as per history). Imagine if the likes of Aquino rule in the 70’s. 😛

      1. You’re correct, Naknak. Marcos intended to develop Philippines but he started at the wrong end.

        Whether you are a Colonial Empire (GB) or an Occupying Force like US in post war Germany and Japan, the basics of nation building are the same, “Roads, Codes and Colleges”.

        “Roads”, Highways and streets are the arteries that support growing economies, and new communities, and Codes (Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, Building Codes, etc) so everyone knows what they may or may not do, and “Colleges” to develop and educated work force and progressive new leaders.

        Building Institutions first, Marcos did little or nothing for millions of hungry, landless families, which led to civil unrest and then Martial Law and even more unrest.

        30 years later not much has changed. The people never stood a chance.

        1. Thanks for the info, Go Rico. Because of that I have to revisit history of Philippine politics again to see where Marcos did go wrong. But in the middle of research I have to stop because I can’t see how this will help us now. We’re no longer under Martial Law. We’re no longer under the rule of a corrupt dictator who’s also known to favor his cronies. But like I said, in spite what he’d done he left us with developments and laws that we can use for our own good. It’s best to focus on the problems at hand and the means and resources that we presently have to solve those problems. Our government should come up with strategies that will work for the current state of the nation and weight of population. The thing is election time is here again and what we can see here are the propaganda machines at work. The cronyism during Marcos era evolved to Padrino system. While most Filipinos can name Marcos as the sole and biggest corrupt in Philippine history because he control the nation’s budget expenditure during his time, at present we have most of our public servants engaging in pork barrel, the source of their ridiculous loot. There’s bigger budget appropriation without reasonable projects to match it. Given that we are still in a democratic country and one of our best chances to get out of the mess we’re in is to have wise and good leaders, I am hoping we won’t screw up again in this coming election by choosing the wrong leader and choosing for all the wrong reasons.

        2. Thanks, Naknak, I appreciate the reply. You’re exactly right, studying history is important so we know what NOT to do. The future is up to us.

          We already know that the Manila Government is a waste of time. They cannot or will not do anything. They can’t plan and they can’t complete. Our money just disappears. The people can do it better.

          Imagine if a Region with 6 Provinces met and decided to make a petition for people to sign, saying that their farmers would grow energy crops, and Provinces would use those crops to produce it’s own fuel and generate it’s own electricity. No need for any money from Manila.

          Each farmer would earn P 750 K per year raising energy crops (ends poverty) and each technician and employee at the fuel and power stations earned P 800 k per year(ends poverty). The Power Station would sell electricity to everyone in the Province P 6 kWh (1/2 of current price) and fuel at 75% of current price. Everyone makes money and saves money, and all of the profit stays in the Province for reinvestment.

          Now, let’s assume that 6 Provinces select a Regional Planning Commission to design a network of highways to link the Provinces and their communities together. The Civil Engineering Students could do the planning under the direction of qualified Professors, and the Region Pays the University the Professional Engineering Fees.

          Additionally, the SUCs can form interdisciplinary teams using the knowledge derived from the Farm/Power/Fuel and Highway projects to develop new Environmental and Energy Policy, Energy efficient architecture, lighting, appliances, plumbing and water systems for the new communities that the Region needs.

          Students get real time experience and know how, and are now designing their future.

          Flashback to the Farmers and Technicians that now earn P750 to 800 k per year. They each owe the BIR P195,000 year in income taxes. OUCH!! Not to worry.

          Each Region with 5.5 Million people will need 20,000 farmers and technicians. Instead of sending the tax money to Manila, the Region collects the P 3.9 Billion and makes tax deductible donations to the Regional SUCs (65,000 full scholarships per year) so theoretically, all students in the Region get free college education forever.

          20,000 Farmers and Technicians will probably want new homes. That’s a lot of homes. The Provinces can pool their people to open factories to manufacture Air Cons, Stoves, Refrigerators, Windows, Doors, Light Fixtures, Furniture, Curtains, Plumbing Fixtures, Televisions etc.

          So, if all 18 Regions can make their own power, fuel, water treatment, jobs, homes, roads, schools, hospitals, gymnasiums and malls without Manila’s money or help, why do we need them at all?

          No more ERAP Politicians and silly scams and scandals. Just good jobs, hard work and fun.

  33. If in your opinion Noynoy is the worst president the Philippines ever had, who do you think is the best president the philippines ever had ? And why ?

  34. “Pnoy is the best President ever! – BS Aquino is the greatest! – One more term for Pnoy.” And so on, and so on. These are but a few of the rally cries that those wonderful supporters of Philippine president, Benigno S. Aquino III have been rambling to the world this past year. And after much deliberation, I have to agree with those folks. He is good. But in a very different sense. He has been good in achieving a track record no one would have ever expected. Especially coming from another Aquino.

    5 years of nothing but being an abysmal failure at nearly everything he has touched. And if you don’t believe me? Then read on. [*]

    1. Under Pnoy, the country achieved the “Highest Unemployment Rate” in the whole Southeast Asia and even the ILO affirms this fact!

    2. It was only Pnoy who Bastardized, Perverted and Violated the Constitution repeatedly and with such impunity, you’d think BS Aquino believes himself to be above the Constitution and all the prevailing Laws of the Land!

    3. Smuggling loses reached $26+ billion in 2011, only a year after Aquino ascended to the Presidency. A feat that surpassed the smuggling loses of the 3 past presidencies.

    4. The MRT has broken down almost daily since Aquino became President despite a government subsidy of $1.2 million a month for maintenance & rehabilitation.

    5. Almost 2 years since typhoon Yolanda wrought havoc, the majority of typhoon victims still live in TENTS despite the huge donations from the Global Community. Donations of which, $90 billion cannot be accounted for.

    6. Metro Manila was given an allocation of 28+ billion “IRRIGATION FUNDS.” Even though Metro Manila has a single rice field anywhere.

    7. We now “Import” Rice, Garlic, Onions, Ginger, Galunggong and Salt, despite being an “Agricultural nation” surrounded by vast bodies of water.

    8. We have become the “Global Dump-site.” We just “Imported” 400 Container crates containing garbage and other assorted wastes from Canada. Do not be surprised if “Imported Garbage” eventually appears from countries such as Japan, South Korea and Germany. Eventually reaching the Bureau of Customs.

    9. Balikbayan Boxes are now subject to “Random Inspections” and taxation if it exceeds $500 in appraised value. An unprecedented feat which no previous administration even thought about.

    10. Misappropriated billions upon billions of Public Funds at the stroke of a pen. Yet, didn’t create an Executive Memorandum. Released those funds without GAA approval. And justified his actions by stating it was “Done in Good Faith” to “Boost the Country’s economy through Massive Government Expenditure.”

    11. Sent the PNP-SAF 44 on a mission to capture an International Bombing Terrorist. Then when the mission went awry, intentionally withheld orders to send reinforcements, which naturally resulted in the Massacre and eventual Mutilation of the valiant SAF 44. And then blame them for not “Coordinating” with the enemies of the State.

    12. Consistently blame his predecessor, former president Gloria Arroyo for the last 5 years of his monumental blunders and Fiasco’s. While at the same time, taking credit for her accomplishments.

    13. Brainwashed his followers. Converting them into mindless fanatics and having them believe all of his lies, including his being: “Irrefutable and Infallible” since he can do no wrong. After all, he is the only son of a “Hero & a Saint.” This blind fanaticism has only be matched by the North Korean people’s fanaticism of the Kim’s.

    noynoy_aquino14. Presented a graduate of his K-12 program during his final State of The Nation Address. Even though the K-12 program had only gone into effect, earlier this school year.

    15. Boasted of having completed around 12,184 kilometers long “Farm to Market Roads,” which until now, no one has actually seen. Experts estimate that these roads, when connected end to end. Would stretch from the Rizal monument in Manila. To Rodeo Drive in Hollywood, CA.

    16. Consistently defied Commission On Audit directives (and the Transparency clause of the Constitution as well) to have his PSF (read: Presidential Pork Barrel) audited.

    17. Borrowed a total of $100 billion from other countries in just the 1st quarter of 2015.

    18. Boasted of achieving the Next Tiger Economy status under his “Able and Inspired Leadership.” Which did not translate to: Poverty Alleviation. Sustainable Job Generation. And bringing down the prices of the most Basic Commodities.

    19. Caused the National Debt to balloon to P6.4 trillion. Which means every Filipino, including the unborn, already owe in excess of P61,000 each.

    20. Defined the horrendous Metro Manila traffic as: “Sign of Progress,” despite estimation by analysts that the traffic problems cost the economy billions in lost revenue every day.

    21. Berated and belittled the priests and other clergy in front of the Pope during his recent Papal visit.

    22. Told the grieving families of the slain SAF 44 that they are now “even” as he also lost his father Ninoy, who was gunned down in 1983.

    23. Declared that the P700 million Fertilizer Scam during Gloria’s term as being “Much Bigger” than the P10 billion Janet Lim Naples PDAF Scam.

    24. Exerted undue influence on the Legislators to have a sitting Chief Justice Impeached, by releasing billions of Public Funds as “Rewards” on a non-Culpable Violation of the Constitution.

    25. Openly defied the Supreme Court by insisting that his DAP is legal and that the SC was wrong in declaring it as unconstitutional.

    26. Intentionally defied the ruling on the Civil Service Code on Appointments. And exerted undue influence on the Commission on Appointments just so his “Appointees” finally got the CA nod, after having been rejected by the CA at least three times.

    27. Appointed a new Chief Justice who failed the Psychiatric Evaluation. It being the 1st requirement to be even considered as candidate for the Supreme Court.

    28. Privatized 75 Government Hospitals, depriving millions of Filipinos their guaranteed rights of access to Free and Affordable Medical care.

    The above are just some of BS Aquino’s wonderful achievements. I am sure. Given time. This list would continue to blossom. But as of this writing, the man does have 9 months to go. Who knows what he can come up with in that time?

    Well, there is always the Bangsamoro Basic Law. Isn’t there?

    Yes! BS Aquino is indeed “The Best President” who brought Shame and Indignity upon his people. And his country!

    Those “Tards” must surely be proud right now.

    1. 29. Missing 2,000+ container vans in Customs
      30. LTO- we are paying for invisible stickers and car plates since 2013.
      31. Zamboanga Siege
      32. Luneta Massacre
      33. Virgie Torres’and Rico Puno’s anomalies
      34. AFP’s anomalies
      35. DILG’s patrol cars anomalies

    2. Hahaha…pag critics talaga bulag sa magandang nagawa, pero dilat na dilat at memorize pa yung mga negative na mga pangyayari. Parang ni isa walang nagawang maganda nag presidente natin. Dyan tayo mali eh…never tayong sumuporta sa presidente natin kasi hindi tayo kaalyado…kaya ganito pa rin tayo…how about sa mga previous presidents? Anong masasabi mo? Wala? Wala kang nakitang mali sa ginagawa nila…parang napaka perpekto ng mga dating presidente at puro mali nakikita mo kay NOYNOY. O baka namn mahal bayad sa yo sa comment na…

      1. Translation: I love to eat shit no matter how disgusting it is because we must eat it anyway for us to survive. Bakit ko susuportahan ang isang tao kung masyadong marumi naman ang trabaho nya? Hindi ako tanga para gawin iyan ulol!

      2. Hindi naman sana titignan ng mga tao yang mga “mali” na yan e, kaso masyado nang obvious sa mata ng masa kaya di mapigilan na sabihin. E wala namang masama sa pagsasabi ng totoo.

  35. So many presidents in the philippines always with the same problem, corrupt,worst, my question is who is the good,better and best president? And who is your president and now who is you camdidate for president???

  36. charlie marjalino,

    Question: “So many presidents in the philippines always with the same problem, corrupt,worst, my question is who is the good,better and best president?”

    Answer: none.


    1. Aeta, GREAT ANSWER!! No point in discussing the past. Just give ALL past Presidents failing grades and worry about performance and honesty of the next one we elect. Ciao

    2. Pinoys like charlie just don’t seem to get it.

      All this talk about who the best president was is pointless. They just want validation and a chance to argue that their chosen manok was “the right one.”

      For all this looking back in the past that Filipinos keep doing, it seems that they have not learned their lessons from it. Rather, they use the past to escape their wretched present by harking to the times of “the good old days”. They’re stuck.

      The future? Pinoys don’t plan for that, never have, never will.

      1. @Amir Al Bahr. Hoping and praying the next Philippine president will make a difference, is like waiting for a “pie in the sky” to fall from heaven onto your lap.

  37. “Worry about performance and honesty of the next one we elect.”

    With great reservation and trepidation, Go RICO; it goes with the territory.

  38. This administrations have shortcomings, but I beg to disagree that Aquino is the worst. Filipinos are never contented when in fact, we are all to be blamed. Well, maybe we just have no other “good” choice at that time. Hopefully in 2016, we’ll have a good list of presidentiables so we can choose with a impressive platform and a good heart.

    1. You serious with that my friend? We didn’t have any other ‘good’ choice at that time? How’s Gibo and Dick sound to you? They may sound like a tambay just like bobet but man, they sure pack an intellectual punch bruh.

  39. Another great article. Unfortunately things are not going to improve look at the next batch of candidates, total amateurs. Imagine any of these losers face to face with the Chinese. I was reminded of the comedy quality when I saw want to be vp sen gringo on tv yesterday.

    The economic growth is a myrrh.the next president will be forced by the big puppet masters to push threw TPP at any price.

        1. Have you ever had a good president, I think not? They all just obey their masters wishes in order to survive. Marcos would not play the game and was removed by his western overlords.

  40. I consider Pnoy a better than average president. I like the economic numbers under his administration. He is far from perfect and have made many mistakes but i would vote for mar and leni to continue what he started. We need stability to draw more foreign investments , a Mar and Leni win will provide this.

    1. Clone ni PNoy si Mar. Kaya di mananalo… si Leni ay malabo ring manalo. Wala namang nagawa si Mar. Nang-aangkin lang ng di kanyang achievements. BPO at Cheaper Medicine Act. Ang kanya lang ang MRT deterioration at distribution ng overpriced Patrol Cars.

  41. Ang haba ng comments, it make me sad kasi, hanggang dito ba naman di parin tayo mag kaisa tungo sa pagbabago nag sisiraan padin tayo, masakit isipin na ang mga idulo natin na mga naging president ay di maayos, doon na tayo wala na tayong, magagawa, bakit di tayo mag kaisa pag usapan kung sino mas karapat dapat ihalal sa susunod ng walang halong pansariling interes, bakit di natin amenin na ang bansa natin lubog n sa kahihiyan ngayon, at gusto natin maiahon ito sa tulong ng natin mgak Filipino, Hindi ako against sa inyo kaya lang ang dami natin problema sa bansa malake ang maitutulong nyo for sure yan try nyo lang, pinoy magaling lahat at proud ako don, at kung magkakaisa tyo di malayong makakamit natin ang gusto ng lahat na pagbabago.

  42. I didn’t read the whole article. If you think Noy Noy is the worst president, clearly you are mistaken. You probably think Erap or Arroyo did a better job right??? Why don’t you check their bank accounts and assets and tell me where they got all those millions and millions of dollars. Simple math go back and check their employment before becoming a president. Wake up pinoys!!! Baka si Noynoy lang and presidente na walang hakot. open your eyes folks….. Majority of politicians are crooks and there’s no doubt about that… Any educated Filipinos that understand the current situation would vouch that Noy Noy did a great job in his term….. Arroyo probably sold part of the country to the Chinese and Erap or Binay would do the same. These folks doesn’t care about the people, they about how much they can steal because of their greed. 20 years from now Philippines will be run by rich foreigners ( majority Chinese) and the locals if not extinct will be the slaves. Time for a reality check my peoples!!!

  43. Haha Natawa naman ako sa title ng article na ito. Worst talaga? Worse kaysa Marcos (Martial Law), Erap (Graft and Corruption)at Gloria (stole the presidency twice, sold the Philippines to China)?

    1. Yes. Noynoy Aquino is the worst because he’s the most incompetent president EVER.

      Mas natatawa ako sa kabobohan mo. In case you don’t notice, you’re choking on your own tears. 😉

    2. Anong tawag mo sa taun-taon nyang mga kapabayaan na maraming namamatay? Palibhasa ang hilig mo pa ring dilaan ang pwet ng minamahal mong panggulo bobong hyena.

  44. GDP growth at constant 1985 prices in Philippine pesos:[29][34][35]

    Year 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979
    GDP growth % 4.6 4.9 4.8 9.2 5 6.4 8 5.6 5.2 5.6
    Year 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989
    GDP growth % 5.149 3.423 3.619 1.875 -7.324 -7.307 3.417 4.312 6.753 6.205
    Year 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999
    GDP growth % 3.037 -0.578 0.338 2.116 4.388 4.679 5.846 5.185 -0.577 3.082
    Year 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
    GDP growth % 4.411 2.894 3.646 4.970 6.698 4.778 5.243 7.117 4.153 1.148 7.632 3.6 6.8 7.2 6.1[33]
    Composition by sector[edit]
    analyze this data

  45. That’s not true! Noynoy is the ” BEST FROM ALL THE REST” He is the only President who never steal money from the people…HONEST AND UNCORRUPTED PRESIDENT. And you will see for the next President in 2016 election. .. if Poe and Duterte will not reign…Robbers you will get…and then you blame yourself…because you never learn.

    1. @Claire

      Seems you are okay with Noynoy bribing members of congress using public funds. You are also okay with Noynoy helping his allies escape prosecution. Corruption is not just about stealing funds, it is also about mismanagement of funds and using patronage politics to achieve his personal interests.

    2. @Claire

      It seems you are also content with letting our countrymen continue to eat pagpag, ride an MRT/LRT that consistently breaks down, getting victimized by the Tanim bala gang inside the airports(NAIA T1 to 3), consistently high unemployment rate, etc.

  46. Noynoy is still the Best President for me…He may no be perfect but better from the rest. He did his best but may not be enough but we must also bear in mind it is not easy for one man to monitor hundreds of tv screen and correct what is wrong without our cooperation. I am very thankful for his sincere and honest service he rendered into our country. Thank you MR.PRESIDENT NOYNOY AQUINO.God Bless you sir.

    1. Why is that whore? Because you still love to lick his balls? Kayong mga bobong noytard talaga oo mga dakilang tanga. So ibig sabihin pala best president pa rin si noybita sa iyo kahit na pinatay nya nanay mo? Doc, bring the stretcher. This bitch has serious mental issues.

    2. Yes Pnoy is the best president. Why? for starters he will NOT kill (like assassinate political rivals) just to remain in power and extend his term for 20+ years.

      To be honest If Pnoy where like Marcos.. The fallen SAF 44 is a good opportunity to declare Martial Law and Pnoy to remain in power indefinitely

      1. Because he does not want to put his name in the mud for it. If he is a great leader then he would have the balls to declare it or at least make a move that would give the fallen 44 justice. He is too keen on passing the BBL even though there are a lot of provisions that violates the constitution.

      2. oh,..ho…ho where did u get this assertion?

        44 fallen soldiers is not enough for that declaration. ur misleading us in defining martial law.

        when the state was in imperil from the communists impending plot of taking over,….u still don’t want martial law?

        the Vietnam or Cambodia case is one example of no martial law, right Pnoy?

  47. At least Pnoy Doesn’t kill to remain in Power like what Marcos Did when his term is about to end. Remember Marcos ordered the bombing of Plaza Miranda and blamed NPA for the killing, which NPA denied doing it. I do know when an NPA group kills or bomb something they ALWAYS openly admit doing it. PLUS the article is a 360 degree B.S. Why? well at first the Loyalist can only describe the Good current president with the initials BS to insinuate another meaning to the hate readers.

    What should Pnoy do? He should declare Martial Law. So the Loyalist like this one would taste the cruelty of what martial Law truly is when you are against the Government.

    1. ” Remember Marcos ordered the bombing of Plaza Miranda and blamed NPA for the killing, which NPA denied doing it.”

      Nope, it was actually Joma Sison who ordered it and it was also suspected that Ninoy himself was also behind it due to his suspicious absence during that assembly.

      “What should Pnoy do? He should declare Martial Law. So the Loyalist like this one would taste the cruelty of what martial Law truly is when you are against the Government.”

      Doing that would only make things worse for this government. Why? because it would cause people to realize that they’ve been duped by this goverment and it will only cause another that would remove Aquino from Malacanang so be careful of what you wish for.

      On a side note, accusing us of being Pro-Marcos, Pro-Binay just because we are speaking against the government, which you are clearly working for is just showing us how desperate you idiot malacanang morons are in stopping discontent with the government.

      1. Under martial law anything can happen, that’s the way this military rule expected when applied and the number of death usually occurred due to the changes.

        military protocol is ensued after the declaration. the killings may have not known or reach Marcos knowledge due to restriction imposed on media.

        so only good reporting was in function.

        unless there was an existing manifesto that Marcos ordered it, he’s still Innocent from this crime.

        no military personnel seemed to have come forward to involve him. the only case that ever caught his sight was the capture of Joma Sison who was kept alive inside the prison cell until his deposed.

        the only sins that Marcos committed:

        1. he did not carry out death on ninoy after the sentence.

        2. he did not lift Martial law in a shorter period of time to bring back the civilian government.

        3. he did not put to death Joma after his length of time from his capture.

        the rest of death are resulted from military protocol of martial rule.

  48. You’re right, he just allows his men to get slaughtered by moslem terrorists, there’s a huge difference there right?

    He simply refused to give aid to his men who were being blown to bits, and THAT is not killing per se. 😀

    1. Well, it is still considered as killing them since he left them(SAF 44) to die at the hands of his terrorist BFFs, the MILF.

  49. I thought the past president was really bad, and prior to her was the bumbling Erap who really did not know how to run the government.

    PNOY is another low. I won’t argue, it is a waste of time. The fact that this BBL was a pet project of his and which he stubbornly insists on passing and implementing and shoving down our collective throats says a lot about what a fool he is. Running the country like a hacienda.

    SAF 44 is another matter. Boy, the chickens will come home to roost one of these days.

  50. To all those yellowtards out there, don’t just defend your beloved Noynoy. Can’t you see he’s screaming for help? “I’m a poor strategist and decision-maker! I can’t put an end to even just one problem in the country! I can’t inspire the people to work with integrity and do a good a job. Help me!” And Mar should be taking advantage of his boss’ underachievement by showing he can do what PNoy can’t instead of continuing what he started. Too late though.

  51. a good leader knows how to create a long term vision. A leader knows how to sacrifice his ill will for the greater good. A leader lives for the peple and by the people. Now Does Hacienda Luisita, a long sustained roadmap, and getting vengeance to the opposition shows good leadership? Does Pnoy really created a long term roadmap for progress? The statements of aquino’s fantards are too orthodox so to speak. Pls see the battlecry of the filipino people and hear from them.

    Vox Populi est Suprema Lex

  52. you can determine the outcome or shall we say the results and resolution to the problems of Poverty where during Apo lakay Marcos time, the masagana99 legacy of a first world status great Nation Philippines of converting a quarter of a million peasants to landowners where Marcos Power or Presidency was usurped and replace by the economic hitmen of 32 years MADPnoy yellow hacienda luisita self interest, you are not a pilipino of worthy to die for zero conversion of hacienda luisita farmers to zilch own land nothing but pappag eaters and cemetery dwellers of the 3rd world status of a kulangkulang99.

    1. If there was a rating system then
      the Aquino administration would be at…

      “Abysmal” or dreadful, awful, terrible, atrocious, disgraceful, shameful, lamentable, hopeless.

  53. I totally agree with this article!! like to those filipinos who still supports pinoy; are u guys still sleeping and still in the dream of your “Pnoy is BEST president”?

    You think all of you(Idiotic Pnoy supporters) can turn a blind eye and not be dissapointed starting with the YOLANDA? That was the biggest blow of DISSAPOINTMENT he did! What did Pnoy did that time? Did he took action directly? NO! IT TOOK A FEW DAYS OR WEEKS TO HELP THOSE POOR SURVIVORS and have you even heard the criticisms of other countries of what they think of PH Gov.?

    Balikbayan Boxes were opened randomly by greedy inspectors; at anung ginawa ni Pnoy? Too late na niyang na action hindi ba? For past years, walang ganitong problema tungkol sa balikbayan boxes at hindi nyo ba iniisip na pinagpaguran pa nga ng mga OFW para maipadala nila sa pinas?

    At isa pa, yung napaka BULLSHIT at nakaka BOBO ginawa ni Pnoy sa Masacare ng SAF44 at nung sa LUNETA(eto ang one of the big dissapointments at nakakahiya pa ang LAW ENFORCEMENT AT SWAT DITO! A LOT OF INNOCENT CHINESE TOURIST were HURT because of poor rescue planning!)

    Now, kayu mga BS AQUINO BOBO SUPPORTERS, May ginawa ba si PNoy na maganda sa pinas at may biggest improvement ba ginawa? WALA. I know all of u supporters know that and still deny the FACTS that is already in front to everyone! Mas marami pang ginawa nyang nakakahiya si Pnoy, puro mali, and you supporters call him as ” PRESIDENT”? It’s time for a WAKE UP CALL!

    and start respecting this article since this based on PURE FACTS that is happening under PNoy’s reign.

    And asking such innate questions like “Who’s the BEST President of all-time?” … Really? Itanong pa ba yan? Alam nmn natin sagot nyan e… WALA!

      1. Graft and corruption have been commonplace for more than fifty years now, from the time of President Ferdinand Marcos up to our current administration. This problem has become a national issue, a source of shame for the country in the international community. A problem that seemingly has no solution in the horizon. What is the root of this problem? What is the real answer? We need the solution NOW! And not just powder puff and halfhearted programs. No time to waste! And the challenge is for A SINCERE, WHOLE HEARTED EFFORT in fighting graft and corruption.
        Hence of this grievance for the change of the Filipino people, we take this challenge to work for change and transformation for all Filipino and government workers and servicemen to live as Mabuting Pilipino. To stand with honor and integrity. To be good examples throughout the world as a nation with high moral standard and quality of life.

        RMD is the right track to mobilize a massive change in moral and spiritual values. Total transformation is the key to preventing the worsening corruption, further disgrace, and embarrassment of the Filipino people.


        (The honorable President’s appeal:
        “Samahan ninyo ako sa pagtatapos ng laban na ito. Tayo na sa tuwid na landas. Kayo ang boss ko, kaya’t hindi maaaring hindi ako makinig sa mga utos ninyo. Tayo na sa “tuwid na daan.”)

        that’s why I wrote to Him cause I have the accurate program fo the remedy to our national problem. pero wala lang mukang ang tuwid na daan eh programa lang talaga no implementation program

        1. @Robert David: RMD is the right track to mobilize a massive change in moral and spiritual values.

          Jesus preached his gospel to the world, but i wonder how many people have followed him? few?
          now if his spiritual message won’t change a man, how wud u expect others to obey ur suggested solution?

          unless they changed their heart of course! but the world in which we lived in and its machine are empowered by money. without it, it wud be a rubbish thing to their ears.

          corruption is ancient. no man will ever say he won’t steal. otherwise the law won’t be handed to us for a reproof.

          history proves that the Roman empire of julius did not fall due to corruption.

          it was due to the power struggle that led to his killing and removed from power.

          i think Binay has this thing from his previous public engagement.

  54. Pano ba maitutuwid ng Pangulo ang isang bansa kung ang mga mamamayan ay hindi naman UNITED, sa mga comment pa lang e kita na, na kahit sino ang maupo sa pwesto ay walang magagawa.. Bakit ba kasi umaasa sa kakayanan ng isang tao lang? Hindi iyan kaya ng isang namumuno, kailangan ang mga citizen ng Phils mismo ang magka-isa, paunlarin ang sariling bansa, linangin ang natural na kakayanan, gamitin ang INTELLECTUAL upang tumuklas ng mga bagong bagay na mapapakinabangan ng bansa sa ikauunlad at wag hayaang pangunahan ng ibang lahi. Magtulungan ang bawat pilipino, OFW man o hindi. Hindi na kailangang maghintay kung ano ang sasabihin ng namumuno, kailanagan mag kusa. Tandaan, ang problema ay nag sisimula sa loob at hindi sa labas ng bansa, at iyan ang naging dahilan ng pag bagsak ng imperyong Roma noong unang panahon. Gamitin natin ang ating likas na karunungan at angking kakayanan at ipakita natin sa mga bansa na naka paligid sa atin na kaya nating tumayo sa sarili nating paa.

    1. “Pano ba maitutuwid ng Pangulo ang isang bansa kung ang mga mamamayan ay hindi naman UNITED”

      u can’t expect a unity with the Aquinos or shall we say there is no such thing as one united nation.
      In fact our UN does not function as one either and it takes longer time to approve one resolution.

      Noynoy said that unless the Marcoses admit their mistakes from their crimes, there wud be no forgiveness.

      if Bongbong was so dumb to note his deception he wud rather be grabbing the chance to take it for good.

      however he is not dumb. admission of guilt wud mean they’re criminals. the actual is it was Noynoy who chose the path of disintegration.

      are u still expecting unity from this lunatic?

      1. That is what I have always said about ourselves as Filipinos. We are just a bunch of self-serving (makasarili/kanya-kanya) people with an aristocratic (hambog) mentalities. Every Filipino has an “every man for himself” attitude about himself, his fellow Filipinos, and his own country.

        1. yes, change must come from the inside to outside. that’s the reason why Filipinism was born. it’s actually a brotherhood like the title entente of France after the fall of their monarchism.

          i’m a BBMarcos endorser at ur service

  55. Have you ever had a good president, I think not? They all just obey their masters wishes in order to survive. Marcos would not play the game and was removed by his western overlords.

  56. Sana naman ang susunod na pangulo at kanyang gabinete ay tunay na makatao, makaDiyos, may tumpak na pag-iisip, may kosensya at kaluluwa. Iyan ang aming dalangin.

  57. The worst ever, yeah! and i add his mother brought out the worst leadership in the world. this Chinese intrusion was after all the brainless handiwork of Cory and associates. freeing Komander Dante and Joma made me to support to the belief that she was a communist’s sympathizer. She was famous for being a drama queen. u know what i mean.

    thanks to her ninoy’s biographer Lisandro Claudio for his article, “Ninoy networked everyone reds included” people are too dumb to know this.

  58. @Claire – noynoy as the best?

    unless ur stricken with Yel-low-IQ syndrome u can praise this man whatever u wish to say.

    he almost got u by his flattering lips and
    blindly ignoring the bible says that only God is the best.

    1. @Lim

      The fact that noynoy still relies on idiots like Claire here for propaganda purposes only further proves what we here at GRP have been saying for the past 5 years that he(noynoy) is a president that has no substance.

      Real leaders never rely on propaganda.

  59. Sometimes I have this fantasy of beating the crap out of penoy in a fight. the dumbest piece of shit, a sorry excuse for a leader.

  60. all i can say is Pnoy is the weakest president philippines has ever had. halatado naman eh. sya lang sa lahat ng presidente ung binatikos ng husto dahil sa walang kapakipakialam nya sa kanyang mga bosses kuno. yan kahit anung paliwanag pa ng mga noytard dito yan na ung legacy nya lalo na saming mga OFWs na wala siyang kapakipakialam din. ngaun lang siguro kasi eleksyon na pero gaya nga ng sabi ni susMARyosep “EH di bahala na kayo sa mga buhay nyo” goodluck sa eleksyon. tanggapin man natin or hindi malabo manalo ung manok ni panot itaga nyo yan sa bato.

    1. >pahiwatig na nagsimula ang problems Kay Arroyo at maganda at perpekto ang pagkaka-implementa ng 1987 Constitution at kahit pa noong 1942.

  61. actually spoiled na kayo masyado, dami niyong reklamo but you seem to be forgetting what happened with Marcos, Erap and Gloria at marami pang iba. yan ang problema sa mga pilipino ngayon, something shitty happens blame it on the president when in fact madaming piipinong di disiplinado sa kanilang mga sarili.

    and to the asshole saying Martial Law is overrated, say that to my face, ipapa experience ko sayo Martial Law first hand, if you just know what my parents and my relatives experienced during those times. Palibhasa di niyo na experience or siguro kasama kayo sa mga cronies, buncha know it alls

    1. Sa comment mo pa lang, mukha ka nang spoiled. 😛

      Actually, many people are criticizing Noynoy Aquino for one thing: his incompetence. What’s weird is that hindi mo sinama si Cory sa listahan mo dahil nung umalis si Marcos ay wala na silang disiplina under the guise of ‘freedom’. You connect the dots.

      Experience Martial Law? For what? Actually, son, you just want to overrate his atrocities yet most people found the truth that it was also a time where society was disciplined. And I wanna ask: what the hell did your parents and relatives do anyway? Honestly, you’re just making a fool of yourself because you are overwhelmed with your emotions. Try to set them aside and you will see the bigger picture.

      Cronies, huh? Oh yeah, you’re more like a know-it-all and worse, dumb. I say this because the Aquino cronies are much worse than Marcos because they’re the ones who turned this country into a shithole. Go figure.

      1. Society wasn’t disciplined, they were frightened stiff. Buti sana kung criminals lang ang narerendahan. Pero pati yung mga ordinaryong mamamayan hindi na makapagsalita against the government because they either wind up tortured or dead. Yes, Pnoy is the worst kind of incompetent, but nothing could be worse hands down than a dictator who tramples on human rights and kills people for criticizing his corrupt rule.

        1. You fail to look on both sides of the story, fam. Just like every dumb EMO Pinoy trolling on this site. Puro kantyaw at appeal to the emotions.

          Seems that “freedom of speech” is more important to you than something fruitful like “freedom from poverty”. Singapore represents the latter, I tell you. You just love to bring it up while you enjoy seeing your fellow kababayans eating pagpag and instead of discipline, peace and order, they can do whatever they like. Anarchy, to be exact.

          I tell you the truth: Noynoy is the absolute worst since he’s an incompetent nutjob and if your reasons about Marcos being the worst due to trampling on human rights and kills people, then you are one of the same delusional idiots who think that we are better off after 30 years after 1986 and always jumping for joy when someone mentions things like the Mendiola Massacre and the recent incident in Kidapawan; even rejoicing the corrupt Aquino/Cojuangco clan and their cronies.

          Son, take your FAGGOTRY to somewhere else.

        2. hacienda luisita story what was happened back there? sorry i cant recall maybe u should tell me so

  62. FYI Sctex and telex is PGMA projects not Pnoy. Likewise The subway tunnels in Mindanao Ave Goin to nctex and subway tunnel in quezon Ave Goin to Sctex, widenIng of the commonwealth ave., quirino ave. C.P.Garcia etc. etc. PGMA is The only Pres that came close to the late Pres.Marcos when infrstrature projects is concern. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Si Pnoy not a single public hospital wala,with his budgets of 6 trillons in loans. The most corrupt govnment of Pnoy. Yellow dogs wake up.wake up. Think!

  63. kung si Pnoy ang worst president ng ph, ano na lang ang tawag mo kay erap? i won’t count on marcos coz i know he’s d best for u 😉

    1. In case you don’t notice, the Aquino-Cojuangco clan and with their own brand of cronyism, they took advantage of the 1987 Constitution to rob the public BLIND for over 30 years!. Their best crime is convincing the public that Cory is a saint, her son Benigno Aquino was a capable leader in comparison to that crook Marcos.

      Hate to break it to you, but it’s sad and pathetic that you always focus your EMO on Marcos who apparently shattered the country. Well if Marcos wasn’t around, who would build the nationally funded structures then still heavily used by the country now? After him Cory nor others didn’t even give a lick about national infrastructure or foreign investments. You overrate his atrocities yet many claimed before finding out the truth about him that his time was actually a time where society was disciplined. Two sides of the same coin. People demonize Marcos but take away what he did for the country. People uplift the humanly nice Cory and the Aquinos as demi-gods of the country when just as much corruption happened in her time as much as Marcos did, to go with inefficient decision making as a leader to boot.

      Go figure.

        1. And you overrate those stuff? Heck, the number even grew more after Marcos left. And most of these so-called ‘victims’ are not just all innocents.

          Go. Figure.

      1. Unfortunately, you are. Since you actually a GIRLY MAN who plays CRYBABY MODE when it comes to these issues.

  64. …Bakit nagpakamatay si Ret. Gen./Defense Sec. Angelo Reyes? Can the pro GMA explain in details WHY???

  65. @JoHunter ABNOY is the Absolute worst president, and second worst is CORY.

    despite dictatorship, Marcos remains to be the ultimate best FILIPINO President with grand ambitions for our country.

      1. Another overration on your part. Like I said, the number even grew large after Marcos left. You’re just grasping on straws.

  66. To the author: your eyes are close. Kahit po siguro sinong presidente ang nakaupo kung nananatiling nakapikit ang iyong mga mata ay wala kang makikita. However, that is your opinion. But for me, Pres. Aquino is the best president on this country since I was born. Isa po akong ordinaryong Pilipino. Naramdaman ko ang ginhawa. Kailangan lang po nating magsikap at huwag iasa sa gobyerno ang ating pag-asenso. Nagsisikap po kami ng aking pamilya at patuloy na nagsusumikap para guminhawa ang buhay. Naramdaman po namin ang magandang pamamalakad ngayon. Sa una po ay medyo nahirapan tayo dahil maraming pagbabagong ipinatutupad. But if we will analyze everything, tama naman e. we just need to adopt it para masanay tayo.

    1. Unfortunately, your eyes are closed SHUT in the first place because you’re missing the point. Best president? Nah, you’re just too young to realize it and you rely on the biased media so much.

      Ramdam? When was credit-grabbing a very good trait?

      Oh yeah, this is a TROLL post.

  67. marami pong sistema sa ating bansa ang hindi maganda. Nang maupo po si Pres. aquino ay unti-unti naming naramdaman ang pagbabago. Hindi naman po kasi overnight ang changes na hinihingi natin. Ilang milyong Pilipino ba tayo? Bawat ay may kanya-kanyang opinyon at gusto. Pero Sa administrasyon na ito ko naramdaman ang sinserong magpapatupad ng pagbabago. Kailangan lang po talagang may magpatuloy dahil kung wala ay balik tayo dati.

    1. Sorry, but reality-check, wala pong nangyaring pagbabago. You’re just blinded by the media and that’s it.


  68. Sana po ay gawin rin natin ang ating parte bilang Pilipino. Ang pag-angat ng ating bansa ay hindi lang gawain ng isang Presidente kung higit sa lahat ng bawat Pilipino. Ask not what the country can do for you but what we can do to our country.

    1. Yes, I will do my part but unlike you, I am not voting for someone like Mar Roxas. Unfortunately, you have lost credibility when you praise Noynoy as a capable leader.

      Ganyan talaga pag maka-Dilaw. 🙂

      1. I wouldn’t call Noynoy a capable leader either. But just because someone else would doesn’t give me the right to question that person’s credibility. That’s just arrogant bigot talk. Like that other idiot who throws the word FAGGOTRY at everyone who expresses opinions that don’t agree with his.

        1. You’re missing the point. Opinions are nice but solely focuses on one side ONLY is downright FAGGOTRY. Yours is also arrogant bigot talk.

  69. Matthew 7 New International Version (NIV)

    Judging Others
    7 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    1. Fuck the catch-all Bible verses that people use as props, for their lack of knowledge of how the real world works.

  70. Ganito na lang, GetRealPhilippines. We pretty much agree about everything you say about the Aquinos in general and Pnoy in particular. Words fail to describe my disgust about calling Cory Aquino an “icon of democracy”, renaming NLEX after her, or that priest’s suggestion about proposing her for canonization. It was a huge mistake putting Pnoy to the presidency.

    But saying Pnoy – or any president for that matter – is worse than Ferdinand Marcos is like saying being stripped naked is worse than being stripped naked and stabbed simultaneously in the stomach, heart and neck with a 10-foot wooden stake. This is the truth the whole country acknowledged before your generation gained your trademark arrogance just because you became good at blogging. You people are smart, but please don’t pretend to be smarter or more knowledgeable than the generation that was actually there to live through the dreadful Marcos years.

    1. And you never realized that you have your own arrogance about thinking that overrating Marcos is good. It’s just the opposite.

      Unfortunately, you are also disrespecting the people who also lived good lives during those dreadful years. You’re too one-sided to realize it.

  71. The Philippines was not better off when the Aquinos took the helm of government. But the one good thing that came out from that is the Marcoses were removed from power.

    That was then, though. Now, well, our country looks doomed to repeat history because of an entire generation that stubbornly and stupidly refuses to learn from it.

    1. Thanks for exposing your stupidity. I just want to tell you that changing one political family to another is not an achievement either.

  72. You keep on saying Marcos is the worst since you overrate his atrocities/corruptions yet never understood the fact that Noynoy is much worse due to his stupidity and incompetence.

  73. too many words. .. in plain English. . No excuses please. He didn’t do a good job as president. Too many failures because he couldn’t give a damn. He doesn’t love his country and the people he serve enough to do the work he is paid for to do. End of story. what a shame!

    1. Sue,

      Benigno S. Aquino (Penoy) only loved himself, his family’s wealth and status, his Chinese heritage, and men (secretly).


  74. [Correction]


    Benigno S. Aquino (Penoy) only loves himself, his family’s wealth and status, his Chinese heritage, and men (secretly).


  75. End of Era. We all hope its going to be a positive reform to a very corrupted country. Extortion bribery corrupt drug infused gang driven country. When I left last month I promised not to ever return back to this islands. I have traveled here since 1995. Too early to see any change. But by the clear admission of departing senator’s there is no further this country can drop.
    Good luck Mayor. I have wasted interest in the Philippines. Its a waitvand see game now????????????????????????????????????????

  76. link

    isa ka sa mga pilipinong masyadong perfectionist, one who cannot appreciate the efforts of another.see how other nation appreciates our own president yet you turn a blind eye on things his administration has been able to accomplish.oo nagamit niya ang economic reform ideas ni gloria and it means effective siyang nagawa ito, how many years si gloria? so please be reasonable enough hindi mema lang.

  77. BS Aquino is a narcissist. BS Aquino needs a psychiatric ward after his term and he can bring all his trolls!

  78. 47 na palitan ng peso to dollar ngaun, pakisagot ung realtalk, GUMANDA BA EKONOMYA NG PH OR HINDE?

    sa mga d nakakaalam sampolan ko kau,
    ang philippines nag angkat ng langis sa US sa halagang $2/barrel which is 2×47=94pesos then ibebenta ni philippines sa mga consumer nya sa bansa,

    imagine $1=40
    philippines aangkat ng langis sa halagang $2/barrel which is 2×40=80, then mapupunta sa mga consumer sa bansa,

    ngaun potang ina nyong mga fandogs ni abnoy, sagutin nyo? umangat ba ang pilipinas sa termino ni abnoy?? isang realtalk na sagot jan?? mga consumer or mga pilipino ang naghihirap dahil jan sa bobo nyong abnoy

  79. I pity all the commenters in this blog but I pity more the total stupidity of the writer of this article. Total lack of knowledge is stats, real facts, GDP, GNP, S&P performance ratings, investment knowledge, PSEI, and economic news. Very moronic and imbecile know hows!

    For everyone’s peewee brain to know, Philippines has an average GDP economic growth of 6.5% per year under Pinoy’s watch and the best in the country’s history according to Bloomberg, top 5 in both investment ops and tourism and now is the 2nd fastest growing economy in Asia. AND THESE ARE FACTS!!! NOT MADE UP NEWS AND FAKE FACTS LIKE THIS WRITER DOES!

    Change begins with you!

    1. Ok then, “economist”, how exactly does, GDP growth translate into a better way of life to the rest of the wretched population? =)

  80. Nice and very accurate views. If you have complete control of Media, Catholic Church’s Bishops and Police, then you can do whatever you want to do in government. You can basically make it appear good and in order. It is like making a movie. Churches and similar institutions should or must not be involve in politics. History tells us, that it destroys the harmony between people and its government. Not because it is righteous, if ever they are, but it is righteous in its own interest. Money is root of all evil and that is the main root of evilness in religion. When it comes to police, they also are similar to religion. They have their own purpose, but again money is the reason they buckle their principles. The master, which is the state’s leader does not have to bend the system because his previous parents have already destroyed Philippines decades ago. He just have to sit and let the machine running from old, used engine oil which was inherited from previous generation. Philippines which I really want to call Maharlika, is ruined by the Spanish and Portuguese and the religion they brought with them. Filipinos did not really understood and still do not understand that their enemy is not the Late Pres. Marcos but the Vatican and USA and UK and the elite rich of the world. During his time he was the only leader who can enter any country, whether it is democratic or communist and even in Middle East where most leaders could not. So he was feared by those who wants to control the world’s economy. The Aquinos benefited from his defeat. His defeat by the way was, “the surrender to the people he served, the Filipinos”. Now the Filipinos have a leader that is not a conventional leader but more like real politician, tactician and a true-flag-person. He will have people working for him to serve the people. He will just be like a conductor in a symphony orchestra. He does not have the formality, but he can manage the alteration of the course of the country. Hopefully, will be able to steer it to the right path for the people and not for the government. Filipinos are so confused because they believe in ideals without acting on it. They rather allow the media to form their ideals into false reality. Hoping that it will mask the victory. They have a cancer that they thought was terminal and I believe it was misdiagnosed by the religion and elite international and local business people. The mentality of slavery is imprinted in their consciousness that those who are below the line must forever stay below the line. Most Filipinos may disagree with me, but the reality of it all is, it is still visible in almost every Filipinos’ behaviours. They are very angry, but still not angry enough to get up and change their environment. Those that stood up before Marcos was lead by Vatican and elite business people, who blindly destroyed their own country. It is indeed a sad scenery. For me who left the country for decades now felt I abandoned the great leader. When I was 18 I saw FM as a leader who stood up against USA. But I left the country because of my mother’s childhood dream to go to Australia. I visited the country after 18 years. I saw a destroyed country which was really a big disappointment. Then I keep visiting it afterwards. And hoping that a leader will one day appear to make Philippines a respectable country again. Koreans use to dream of going to Philippines because they though it was a paradise in Asia. Philippines must be united with it’s neighbouring countries and be able to maintain it as long as the land and its people lives. How about changing Philippines name back into Maharlika again, to restore its identity. Perhaps it will change its people’s pride and hope. For corruption I say, Enough is enough.

  81. Hindi si Pnoy ang the best! Hindi rin sya ang the worst!


    Sa lahat ng maka Marcos… ang tatanga niyo!!! Itanong niyo sa magulang niyo kung ano ang totoo… puwera na lang kung bobo din mga magulang niyo!

    Parang mga taga Makati… Maka Binay dahil na bulag sa yelow card!!!

    At hindi porke’t anti-Marcos eh pro Pnoy na… Pung ina niyo!!! Sagad sa kabobohan!!!!

  82. Everybody is entitled to his or her opinion. Those who approved of what he did for the country will say he’s the best and those who didn’t will say he’s the worst. One notable observation though is that the Pnoy government was flooded with negative propaganda and you can just imagine the enormous amount spent for these, and the government with its vast resources didnt even bother to counter, he just did whats to be done he thought would be good for the country.

    1. @JBP

      What propaganda are you talking about. He made all the wrong decision himself. He did all the bungling and mismanagement himself, no need for a propaganda for that. He did all the corruption aided by all his KKKK.

      Chances are, you wont bother replying back as same as your BSAquino, you have no balls.

  83. This post can be recycled again after 6 years and titled “Rodrigo Duterte is the Worst President the Philippines ever had”..

  84. He is the best. He gave us clean honest, efficient elections. They weren’t peaceful there was a lot of bullying. But it isn’t his fault. And Gloria what kind of elections did she give you?

    1. Lies. He is the worst. Due to his blunders, blame games, and incompetence. And him giving us a ‘clean honest, efficient elections’ is a blatant lie as well. There is alleged cheating in most parts as well, including Basilan. Of course, the media didn’t even take notice and even the COMELEC itself, not to mention the fact that it was headed by Andres Bautista.

      Please, take your FAGGOTRY to somewhere else. Chances are, you wont bother replying back as same as your BSAquino, you have no balls.

    2. Delusional troll.
      Your accusations against gloria won’t hold any water anymore. In the first place, was she convicted of that alleged crime?

      Your president had 6 years to prove any guilt but even that was too much of a task for that incompetent piece of shit.

      Gloria is freed, proven innocent.
      Nothing will ever reverse that fact.

      Your tears are delicious by the way.

  85. Ikaw Gorgot!!! You do know what you are saying! Bullshit you are! Every move by the late president Marcos has passed through a governing bodies for approval. Masyado ka walang kwentang tao!! Hinde ka ata filipinp eh!!!

  86. It all boils down to leadership and strong will, Aquino doesn’t have that my god look at his personality there’s nothing great even when he’s talking. i wont look at him as an idol or a person to look up to. This guy lacks everything as a president of a nation and he doesn’t care if the so called growth did not trickled down to every Filipinos as long as some gets. I don’t know what he’s legacy are aside from the constant telling of the legacy of his father from every speech he made. Thankful i did not vote him on 2010. This country direction should be on top now but 30 years have past and where still moving so slowly as if every future Filipino should endure the pain of the past.

  87. Marcos will be buried soon in the proper place. His burial will be a big big black eye to the yellows since their propaganda will be rendered invalid.

    After duterte took over, he made Aquino look like an incompetent fool since he acted immediately on the problems(such as the drug problem) that Aquino worsened with his inaction.

    Aquino is indeed the WORST PRESIDENT to have ever taken office.

    Real presidents also don’t rely on trolls for spreading propaganda which was exactly what the ex-president did during his stint.

    In the end, the yellows are been beaten, battered and bruised. They didn’t come out unscathed after that disastrous presidency of their “idol”.

    1. “Marcos will be buried soon in the proper place. His burial will be a big big black eye to the yellows since their propaganda will be rendered invalid.”

      Like I said, “let Marcos finally rest in peace and the Yellow Party needs to go away in peace.” Both are dead and are now just memories.

  88. Wow Ilda, you are writing against Aquino, you are a pro-Marcos loyalist!

    Does loyalists think yellows are anti-semites too?

  89. Irate Hongkees thought that Aquino was “off his rocker”
    sporting that silly smirk adorning his clueless look during the press conference
    about the hijacked tourist bus incident
    which tragically resulted in the murder of HK tourists
    effectively making himself the laughing stock of the world
    and marked the beginnings of the now universally-accepted “Yellowturd” sobriquet.

  90. Think of all the crises that kept on piling up: the Luneta hostage incident, SAF 44, and the chaotic handling of the Yolanda relief, among several others. Plus his so-called ‘dormitory cabinet’ of Atenistas who failed to get things done. I can recite a litany of all the failures of the PNoy administration, but if there are three words that best describe it, these are the four ‘i’s: Incompetence, Insensitivity, Indifference and Irresponsibility. In the end, these equally showed that he was also very, very poor in crisis management. People wanted to hark on the ‘Aquino brand of leadership’ but this does not work magic–as peoples’ mindsets DO change over time

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