The Filipino Obsession With Self-Destruction

Before I begin, I would like to apologize if my previous article, The Rape Of The Philippines: A Vicious Cycle, offended anyone. It was not my intention to trivialize rape nor create misleading ideas about it. I merely wanted to create a good metaphor for the kind of trouble the Philippines is in. Unfortunately, it seems that my choice turned out to be not just inappropriate but outright offensive. For this, I hope I can be forgiven as I did not choose my words (and my scenario, for that matter) as carefully as I should have. Anyway, I hope this new article will serve to clear some of the misleading statements I might have made.

Okay, let me share a little bit of personal experience first. I was once mugged in a squatter-infested area in a city and many of my friends attributed this to the fact that, considering what I was wearing at the time, I stood out like a sore thumb. The thing is, would things have been different if I had worn attire that was less catchy or if I had chosen to go through a less shady area? I believe so. Wearing brightly-colored clothing in an area filled with people in faded and torn t-shirts will indeed make you look a bit conspicuous.


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Now, on we go with the situation in the Philippines. Truth be told, this isn’t the first time the Philippines has gotten in trouble. As a matter of fact, even after we got our alleged “freedom” in 1986, we continue to be mired in poverty, bound down by corruption, under the threat of war and violence and the situation only continues to deteriorate as we speak. The Philippines has a long history of being a victim of foreign powers but, unfortunately, has failed to learn anything that could help it avoid the same fate again. Worse yet, it feels more like the Philippines is actively refusing to learn anything that could at least improve its situation in the long run. Instead, it holds on to victimhood and refuses to take any kind of responsibility for its own well-being.

To put things into perspective, allow me to give you my thoughts now:

The Threat Of War

Okay, from the west we have China trying to claim our territories for themselves and the south we have the various terrorist groups that have time and time again kidnapped, raped, tortured and slaughtered our countrymen. Instead of trying to get a viable and realistic solution for our problems, we simply go for easy and often detrimental methods to get ourselves out of our current predicament.

So here we have the BBL and how the MILF is trying to shove it in our faces with guns pointed at our heads and the heads of our children. “Sign it or else” is what they say. “Approve BBL or count body bags” is what President Aquino says.

While I certainly respect Muslims and want them to be granted equal opportunity and privileges as the common Filipino, I can’t help but notice that the MILF does not in fact represent the whole Muslim population and they are not the only insurgent organization we have to worry about. The BBL does not guarantee the peace and safety of the Filipino citizens of Mindanao and it will, more likely than not, create even more body bags in the process as it will only create more conflict for the factions involved. Unfortunately, it seems that President Aquino is adamant in his decision to sign the treaty to earn his Nobel Prize regardless of how many lives it takes. He even outright refused to acknowledge the Fallen 44 in his last SONA, perhaps the greatest argument against the approval of the BBL and shows the true colors of the people we’re supposed to be “negotiating” with.

As for the issue about China, we can thank both the US, Japan and our friendly neighbors the Vietnamese and Malaysians for finally getting the Great Red Dragon to shut up and sit down for a moment. As to how long the situation will last, we can never really tell but I don’t think it’s really over at all. In fact, it might just be beginning.

Unfortunately, I will add that President Aquino has done very little to ease our troubles with the People’s Republic of China. As a matter of fact, he has only made things worse for us. I mean sure, he got a lot of military stuff from the Americans but, at the end of the day, they are often second-hand rust-buckets that are probably just worth several years of service before finally going kaput. Very little has been done to improve the AFP and still has too many incompetent officers compared to competent soldiers. Also President Aquino has also destroyed any chance of diplomacy with China by refusing to make formal apologies as a leader after the hostage tragedy involving Chinese nationals not so long ago and comparing them to the Nazis in front of the Japanese of all people.

The Mar Roxas And Jejomar Binay Debacle

Okay, yeah, I find the two of them amusing but I will not, for the life of me, ever vote for any one of them into office.

Well, I suppose if Mar Roxas decides to put on a show as a macho dancer to please his crowd, I might actually be impressed and I might seriously consider voting for him as head garbage collector but that will be all. This man, along with his wife, is responsible for keeping the common Filipino in the dark and in abject poverty so that they can stay in charge. Their inability to provide any substantial aid to the victims of Yolanda without showing off their “generosity” through the media is proof of their deceptive nature. If anything, we should focus on what Mar and his wife are like when the media isn’t looking at them to get a better idea on what kind of people they really are.

Now, if former Vice President Jejomar Binay could provide some of his supporters with free prostitutes (as a certain Takeru Miyamoto once suggested), I may also think about voting him into a good position in sewage management but, again, I think that’s as far as I’ll allow him to go. This man and his family are responsible for a considerable amount of corruption in the government and are even aiming to continue holding the Filipino people by the neck through their political dynasty.

The bottom line is, we know what these men are about and it is most certainly not looking out for the common Filipino. They are in it for themselves and, should they ever come to power, will doom the Philippines into becoming a failed state if it isn’t already.


So all of this adds up to the fact that no, the future of the Philippines isn’t a bright one. From the get-go, we know exactly where President Aquino’s “Straight Path” leads: a wasteland filled with depraved and ravenous demons hungry for our flesh and our destruction. The Daang Matuwid will ultimately take us to a horrifying slaughterhouse in Hell where we will all be raped and tortured into madness and then be butchered like mindless swine.

Yet still there are so many of us who have been blinded and brainwashed by the media. So few of us are even aware that we walk the path to our own destruction. Like a parade of maddened lepers, majority of the Filipino people march towards their own demise, guided by the music of oligarchs who they have come to acknowledge as their saviors and worship them as gods. Pinoys fail to realize that it is essentially their exalted saviors who send their fellows to work as slaves in other countries and potentially endanger their lives in the process. Pinoys fail to realize that it is their false gods who are throwing them into the meat grinder of poverty and violence.

[Photo courtesy Nam News Network.]

16 Replies to “The Filipino Obsession With Self-Destruction”

  1. Sometimes (and always all the time), Failipinos want what they want, even if they know it’s going to kill them.

    1. You have to wonder how we survived a half-millennium of needless oppression and torture. Maybe that oft-touted and oft-maligned quality of our “resilience” isn’t so worthless after all — though sometimes I admit to feeling like wanting to genocide the entire country — to save us from ourselves.

    2. Have you seen the documentary of wilder beast animals jumping in the flowing river with crocodiles waiting for them to eat them?????why do you think they still go through the flowing river even they know it could kill the them …All humans are the same not only Filipinos……is that explain clearly to you???? I hope you get it… is the essence of survival…

  2. The Philippines to my observation since the very beginning before the foreigner arrived…its native people are in survival mode…invaders comes and established their culture ..we became a mixed race of a lot of breed,We survived and up to now the Filipino people is in survival mode..we continue to have this survival mode mentality up to the present….every one is on his own…team building and team work are only a show and temporary….leaders good talk are just like that a misleading show ,after they get what the want to be a leader…they divert back to survival mode…..and the ultimate goal is to be on top makes them feel accomplished by being better than anybody else and enjoying the praised of the population especially their friends….we cannot get out of this one man team environment….that is only if you are living in the Philippines….Why Filipinos overseas adapt to that country and flourished , if they go back to the Philippines they become like them again back to its old habit…..why are we like that??????

    1. very well said! There is no sincere concern for one another, no respect for one another, that’s why posted video of someone helping others is becoming a big news, as if it is a rare treat for us to see a kind person, but it should be a natural for us, for kindness resides in our hearts.

  3. You’re a BIG MAN, Grimwald. Your apology is accepted, but not entirely warranted.

    Although I understood the metaphor, I can also see how others can perceive the article differently. I admire your character in stepping up, I hope others recognize quality.

    Re: “Self Destruct”, the Roxas and Binay Debacle, Threat of War (BBL and China) are wounds inflicted on Philippines by our leaders, not by China or MILF.

    While China was changing leaders in 2011-12, Aquino purposely provoked China by refusing to apologize for the deaths of Chinese tourists on Philippines soil, knowing full well that China would take something of value to “save face”, and the Spratly Islands take over is now a fact.

    The long term Philippines objective was to get the US to bring bases (the consequential economic stimulus and new military hardware) back to the Philippines. The strategy worked.

    As always, 46 families will reap 76% of the increased GDP while the poor will lose land, fishing rights and dignity to accommodate the new forces.

    Also correct, BBL was negotiated between MILF (not representative of the greater Muslim Community) and Aquino Government, also not representative of the general public.

    In the end, Philippine taxpayers will pay MILF P 75 Billion per year for “Good Behavior”, and the same 46 families will get their usual 76% “Royalty Fee” (PUN).

    Re: Roxas / Binay; There’s an old saying among Politicians in Texas, “If you can’t blind them with brilliance, just blind them with Bullshit”.

    This certainly applies to the Binay / Roxas drama.
    The Media has the whole country distracted about two unannounced and unqualified candidates for an election that’s 9 months away, while the real power players are orchestrating our destruction.

  4. “To err is human; to forgive is divine”…people commit mistakes. However, it is different, if they did not learn from their mistakes.

    Aquino is really an incompetent, and an egoistic leader. The future of the Philippines is not surely bright. As dim as Aquino’s quest for the Nobel Prize. Will those people awarding the Nobel Prize; even give a slight notice to an incompetent, bumbling and egoistic idiotic person? They may had awarded the Nobel Prize to a Terrorist , the late PLO Chief Yasser Arafat, and Israel’s Ytsak Rabin. But, I’m sure they will not commit another mistake. U.S. Pres. Obama, was awarded one. Now, look at the mess, he has done to the U.S., and to the world.

    Binay and Roxas, with Korina Sanchez in tow. They are like the “Three Stooges”…anyway, we want to be entertained.

    Filipinos cannot distinguish between “normal” living and self destruction. Living around the garbage dump, is “normal” to them. Living with yearly floods, is “normal” to them. Being mugged in an alley/garbage dump is “normal” to them. Accepting that most of the politicians are crooks is “normal” to them. Going to work in a foreign country, as an OFW, is a “Fortune” to them. They got out in the “Hell Hole”. At last, they can live a “normal” life…

  5. Using my Negative mindset:
    Rape of philippines. actually pwede mangyari to “literally”. tignan mo mga kababaihan natin ngayon. puro pagpapaganda, pagpapaputi, narcissism, pa-sexy para sumikat at malagay sa FHM or any other media (FB). i tell you if WW3 happens and US will drag us there with them, and if we lose, our women will either become entertainers and sex slaves of the strong (opponents). probably they’ll just marry anyone from the opposing forces to stay alive and get impregnated or prostitute their way to safety. it happened before and it will happen again. women are war loot actually.

    But we will not allow it to happen. they’ll trample over our dead bodies first. we will fight!

    “let’s give them nothing. but take from them, EVERYTHING!” – King Leonidas

    1. Women do that because it is dictated by consumerism and media, men are also becoming like that now. I’m a woman but i don’t do what you call ‘puro pagpapaganda’ but what do i get, ridicule and downright insult from men because i don’t adhere to what is pretty to their standard, but i’m over that and i don’t care anymore… for God sees what is in the heart and not what humans look at.

      1. good for you. don’t conform with the standards of the society no matter what they say. i prefer women with no make up at all. probably just a little. i just don’t like women who puts make-up too much to the point that their face mutates to something else. lol!

        simplicy is beauty.

        make me a killer beef-nilaga and i’ll truly be happy. ^_^

  6. Self destruction by doing nothing. for example, PNoy reaction to political persecution in GRP. PNoy: “I did nothing to deserve all these negative commentaries against me” . Answer of the Boss (PH people): “that’s exactly the reason – you did NOTHING at all.” Apology for Chinese hostage massacre, justice for SAF44, etc. etc.

  7. The primary cause of “The Filipno obsession with Self-Destruction”: their stupid obsession with their individual “Pinoy Pride” chicken image, that compels them to compete with one another–while destroying their country at the same–to gain a sense of aristocracy of who they are.

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