Evil versus Evil: The Reality of Politics in the Philippines

“Ang demonyo, galit sa kapwa demonyo.”

(Demons hate other demons.)

~Grimwald’s Mom, when I explained the concept of the Chaos Gods of Warhammer 40,000 to her

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Okay guys, it’s not long now before 2016 when the circus -oh wait!- presidential elections come to town. Indeed, it’s not quite campaign season yet but we can already feel the way many politicians in the Philippines are trying to win the favor of the masses. On one hand there’s people like Mar Roxas trying to make himself out as the hero by doing various works such as directing traffic, carrying market goods, putting armchairs together to dancing sexily in a thong. Then you have Jejomar Binay giving away ton after ton of freebies from rosaries, cakes,  movie tickets to prostitutes as well as taking advantage of any leverage he can get such as the SAF 44 who, under normal circumstances, wouldn’t even get a second glance from him. Lastly, you have senator Grace Poe who seems oddly quiet like some demure heroine in a typical teleserye.


But of course, while they may all seem amusing in their own way, I am willing to admit that I would never vote any one of them into power. The presidency isn’t just a position ladies and gentlemen, it is a responsibility. Being able to act, being able to give freebies and pretending to be an innocent victim of injustice might seem like good entertainment but we need to remember that these are not grounds for becoming a good leader. If one were to ask me, true leadership is about having a sense of accountability, a willingness to take responsibility for one’s actions and decisions and protecting the people and the next generation at all costs.

Yes, I know that I blame the media far too much but I have to say that one of the biggest problems in the typical Pinoy mindset is our tendency to see things in black and white. We see things simply as “good” or “evil” and is why so many choose to follow charlatans who just know how to pose in front of a camera or scumbags who use stolen money to buy cheap trinkets for their brain-dead followers. As I’ve said in a previous article, not everyone knows the real difference between what is “nice” and what is “good”. I can tell you now that even a rapist can pretend to be nice to his potential victims until he can get them at the right moment when they are vulnerable. A skilled assassin can lull his target into a false sense of security right before he plunges a dagger into their heart or puts a bullet through their heads. If one reads the Bible even, one can note how the Devil can easily take on an angelic appearance but is essentially the direct opposite of what he appears to be.

Going back to the quote above, any of the potential presidential candidates can make themselves look good in front of the camera but, the bottom line is, they’re all just in it for themselves. Like the Chaos Gods themselves, they may appear to oppose each other, but are essentially just part of the same evil entity.

[Photo courtesy Fox News.]

13 Replies to “Evil versus Evil: The Reality of Politics in the Philippines”

  1. It is time for more Political Zarzuela again. I do not see any good potentials of leadership on these Presidential contenders.

    Roxas is a known and proven incompetent.

    Binay is corrupt to the core…he is good in recycling what he had stolen.

    Grace Poe is inexperienced and naive.

    More of the same…if not worse is to come. We are at the “Gates of Hell”, or in a Hole. We will never dig ourselves out of this Hole.

  2. In the 90s, alternative punk music was on the rise. They slowly took over the mainstream. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was referring to a time when Nirvana seemed to have taken the spotlight away from bands like GNR, Metallica, KISS, Black Sabbath, etc. Why did that happen? I think because Nirvana does not put spraynets in their hairs, doesn’t wear leathers to look like a member of a biker gang and plays new music that is actually good and relatively simple (except of course Kurt’s voice). They perform live wearing what looks like they have been wearing since they woke up-no effort on wardrobes, stage effects, etc. Its really all about music and performance. And that is still being emulated now.

    Why did I say this? Because I am hoping that a “Nirvana” candidate will pop out of the scene between now and the deadline of filing of candidacy. Sure, Nirvana has also been mainstream eventually as I fear that this alternative candidate I am hoping for will be eaten by the system sooner or later, but I’m sure by that time comes, another “Nirvana” will be ready to take on the seat, following the precedent set by the first alternative candidate.

    Unfortunately, it seems that most Filipinos (which sadly make up the majority of voters) are not impressed with “out-of-nowhere” candidates expressing new ideas or have different views. It’s either they find that person dull, boring, a under-qualified rookie or at the most, a real-life Judge Valderama (the famous FPJ movie villain-Judge turned convict then pastor then killed by FPJ. Why? Because he looks like an intelligent and honorable person but with bad intentions).

    Evil vs Evil – exactly but I am still wondering why despite the obvious lack of choices, Filipinos are not crying for a new option. With that, I really hope our 2016 ballot will look like this:

    “Please choose your president

    A) Dagul
    B) Boy Nganga
    C) Tikboy
    D) Find me another candidate”

    And with the way things are going, I hope D wins.

    1. because new options means getting away from the dominant choice of the herd. us pinoys have a very big problem with eating lunch alone for fear or being called out “walang prends” if you get my drift.=)

    2. A few “Nirvana” candidates were present last presidential election, and what did the people choose? A balding queer.

      According to da Pinoy mindset, even if there were nine legitimate “Nirvana” candidates out of ten possible choices, they’d pick the tenth one, simply because he or a relative of his was “saintly”, “charismatic”, “a good person”, and many other shallow qualities one could slap on the tenth candidate’s butt.

  3. Animals don’t behave like men. If they have to fight, they fight; and if they have to kill they kill. But they don’t sit down and set their wits to work to devise ways of spoiling other creatures’ lives and hurting them. They have dignity and animality.

  4. Haven’t you even realize? These idiots who disagree with the author are more like childish, immature brats who knew nothing but to attack the author and not the message.

    So he has a right to do that. Heck, even his account is hacked. -_-

  5. Oh, you again, I hope you don’t refuse to see that Corona’s impeachment and GMA’s imprisonment are part of vengeance agendas and are not “justice” or “anti-corruption.” Persecution may be a bit of a stretch, but you may see it as evil versus evil, an evil force trying to impeach and thus remove evil competition, enabling a monopoly of corruption. You need to wise up on the reality.

      1. GERRY/SAMMY/DFS doesn’t seem to change the way he posts here. Not surprising that his comments keep getting thrown out into the spam box.

  6. So we’re made to believe that there is evil versus evil on the political level. But there is a third evil. As I said, corruption exists in the people too. They also steal and mismanage resources. But aren’t they also voting these “evils” into office, and perhaps work with them as paid shills? So there’s that third side to evil. Ordinary citizens are also part of the network of corruption that plagues our country.

    So the saying is, “Evil prevails when good when do nothing.” That’s probably because the supposedly “good” men are evil themselves.

  7. I like your mom already, Grimwald. LOL

    Anyways, politics is evil. All politicians has the potential to do “dishonorable” things in the name of their interests and beliefs. But what defines a true politician is the one who can dance with the devil without discarding his honor. One obvious example is Lee Kuan Yew.

  8. Liberal meliorists like to think that human life contains many things that are bad, some of which may never be entirely eliminated; but there is nothing that is intrinsically destructive or malevolent in human beings themselves – nothing, in other words, that corresponds to a traditional idea of evil.

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