The Aquinos helped create the Binay dynasty

A lot of Filipinos do not like the Binay family. Some people see the Binays as a force to reckon with. Some hate them so much they see the Binays as monsters. There are also some groups devoted to stopping their rise to become the most powerful family in the Philippines.

The Binays do not even need introduction because most Filipinos know who the Binays are. They are one of the most powerful political dynasties in the country. In fact, writing about the Binays kind of makes one a bit queasy because the adults in the Binay family occupy powerful positions in government and it’s perplexing when one starts to wonder how they all got voted into office to begin with.

The Binay clan: how did they become one of the Philippines' most powerful dynasties?

The Binay clan: how did they become one of the Philippines’ most powerful dynasties?

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It becomes quite a daunting task when one has to write information about all of them in order to show the conflicts of interest. It makes one crazy thinking about how the children — Nancy, Abigail and Jun-Jun, a Senator, Congresswoman and Makati City Mayor respectively — all come to the aid of their father to defend him against his political enemies and critics while the father comes to the aid of his children to do the same.

I guess the only way to understand the complexity involving the Binays is to accept that they treat their hold over a portfolio of government posts as a family business. In a family business, it is natural for the owners to help each other out. The problem is, the Binays shouldn’t be treating their government posts as a family business because they are not dealing with their own money. It’s only in the Philippines that dysfunctional behavior exhibited by the Binays has gone unnoticed until recently.

One has to wonder how the Binays managed to hold on to the mayoralty position in the country’s premiere financial district for decades without anyone complaining until now. Surely, their cohorts in the alleged crimes and the people who kept voting for the Binays despite their excesses should be blamed as well for the sorry situation the country is in with the political family.

The popularity and notoriety of the Binays is partly due to the incessant negative publicity they have been getting from the media from months. One member of the media who has been conducting a trial by media is Solita Collas-Monsod. She seems to have taken on the role of unofficial attack dog for the Liberal Party.

In a recent article on her Inquirer column, Monsod tried to refute the claim made by the Binay family that the Aquino administration is persecuting them. To counter that claim, Monsod reveals that President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino gave his Vice President Jejomar Binay a lot of privileges since Day One.

Monsod enumerated some of the “requests” the Aquino administration granted VP Binay starting with giving him the Coconut Palace as the VP’s official residence. In addition, BS Aquino also gave Binay Cabinet roles as Presidential adviser for OFW affairs and as Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council chairman, which, according to Monsod, gave Binay a lot of opportunity to grandstand. Monsod also goes on to mention how Binay was receiving “P200-million-a-year share of the pork barrel—until that was removed”.

President BS Aquino: not in his usual undiplomatic demeanor when it comes to Binay.

President BS Aquino: not in his usual undiplomatic demeanor when it comes to Binay.

If we are to believe Monsod, those things should be enough proof that the Aquino administration has been more than generous to the Binays. Yes, one would have to agree that the Aquino administration has been generous to the VP and it has benefited his family. In fact, in enumerating all the privileges that Binay has been enjoying until the VP’s resignation from his cabinet posts, Monsod inadvertently proved that BS Aquino is partly to blame for creating a “monster”.

Why did BS Aquino agree to give VP Binay the Coconut Palace and even had the place refurbished to the VP’s specifications? According to Monsod, it cost the public more than 50 million pesos to refurbish it. Furthermore, why did BS Aquino give Binay 200 million pesos worth of pork barrel funds? Now, why did BS Aquino approve that? What the heck was he thinking? I thought BS Aquino was against the excesses that happened in previous governments. It turns out he has his share of excessive spending of public funds. Why did he feel the need to spoil his VP with that budget?

The thing that we can take from Monsod’s article is that, BS Aquino himself may not be directly involved in the orchestrated attacks against the Binays headed by a few senators who appear to have a grudge against Binay. If you compare how relentless he was in attacking his political enemies in the past like former President Gloria Arroyo and former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, it is interesting to note how BS Aquino is very restrained when it comes to VP Binay and his children.

After VP Binay criticized the Aquino administration – calling it incompetent, uncaring and blundering – BS Aquino’s response could be interpreted as puzzled yet accommodating. He even said “thank you” to Binay. That is very different indeed to how he treats his “real” enemies. What could be holding BS Aquino back from retaliating in return? It’s not like him to be diplomatic. Could it be that Binay could help him escape prosecution once he is president?

It has been said before that the Binays are actually allied with the Aquinos. Binay has been vocal about crediting the late Cory Aquino for giving him the opportunity to enter politics. Some people even claim that the President’s sisters prefer to endorse Binay as the next President and not the Liberal Party’s bet Mar Roxas. At some point, celebrity sister Kris Aquino was even consoling Junjun Binay after his wife passed away. She may have been to his main office in Makati City, which, according to Monsod, is “huge—larger than a two-bedroom condo in Makati”. We didn’t hear Kris complain about the size of Junjun’s room.

The Aquino sisters have long been close to the Binay family - the most hated family in the Philippines.

The Aquino sisters have long been close to the Binay family – the most hated family in the Philippines.

It is quite laughable to think that BS Aquino’s most rabid supporters are busy campaigning against Binay while the Aquinos themselves could be secretly supporting a Binay Presidency.

The bottom-line is, those who hate the Binays so much should look deeper and see who put him and his family in power in the first place. First it was the Aquinos who put the senior Binay in-charge of Makati City and then the voters who got addicted to the Binay dole outs helped build the Binay dynasty.

While the timing of the cases against the Binays is quite suspect (why bring up the cases now when these should have been filed before 2010?), it is still welcome. If it will help expose the Binays and, as a consequence, the Aquinos for who they are, that’s all well and good. But judging by the way the majority of voters have acted in the past – this exercise of campaigning against the Binays will yield results that will simply fly over their heads.

21 Replies to “The Aquinos helped create the Binay dynasty”

  1. Politics in our country is “Symbiotic relationships” among Politicians. They may have been on “opposition”, or “alliances”. However, they protect and profit from this political relationship. This is the reason, we have political family dynasties…

    If election time comes: it is time for “Political Zarzuelas”, for the consumptions of the Dumb Voters. People are entertained on these : senseless investigations; mudslingings; character assassinations; digging dirt on your political opponents; political acting ups; etc…it is necessary to Dumb the Voters, as much as they can….

    Have you noticed that the real issues of : BBL Law; DAP, PDAP; incompetence of Aquino; Feudalism; Oligarchy hold on the economy; China invading the country; Agrarian Reform; Hacienda Luisita; Mamapasano massacre; Maguindanao massacre; Aquino’s misbehavior in office; etc…are not even touched. They are hidden somewhere else.
    After the election…same old shit…and more of the same…

    I don’t know about most of our countrymen. But for me: I am not entertained…

  2. None of these people/elected officils are enemies. Remember the headlines of the ‘persecuted’ GMA ? Where is she now? with all of her loot, tell us you still think she is in that Hospital? ROTFLMAO !!!! They are all in it together, take turns kicking each other in meaningless ‘press-attacks’ and meanwhile laughing all the way to their U.S.Dollar accounts.
    Or how about E-CRAP? the once almost impeached, had sooo many enemies, YEAH RIGHT !!!!! IT WAS A CHARADE and I’ll prove it, HE IS THE MAYOR OF MANILA NOW !!!!!
    Get real? NO, WAKE UP !!!! they are not enemies, none of them !!!!

  3. The BS Aquinos and Binays are trying to show the Failippines they can do whatever they want, wherever they want, and they’re powerless to stop them.

    Appeasement only makes the aggressor more aggressive. And they will be emboldened to push Failipinos even harder.

    As for Solita “Winnie” Collas-Monsod…There is no expert on the subject, there is no wise old man. There’s… shit, there’s just us.

  4. Politics is the art of deception. It’s more about making the public believe half truths and lies to gain votes. Politicians will stop at nothing for power and wealth.

    An Incumbent President or any candidate to higher office or aspiring to be President, need only to pretend to be an opposition & accuse the Incumbent or his/her Predecessors as being corrupt/bad to attract attention and gain people support or to stay in position/power.

    Kunyari MAGKAAWAY? o OPPOSITION ka ba talaga? whe di nga, bat ngayon lang?

    Pareho lang sila Binay, GMA, Enrile, Ramos, Estrada, etc. Lahat kayo kaalyado ng mga Aquino since EDSA days pa. Lahat din kayo pareho-pareho kasabwat ng Aquino sa pagnanakaw at panloloko sa bayan.

  5. To be fair to Winnie Monsod, she has been a critic of the Binays way, way before Jojo Binay became a VP. So, one wonders what vetting process the Aquino sisters had that they ended up in full support of a Noy-Bi. It is not that the Monsods are not influential on the Aquinos. Winnie was Cory’s NEDA Chairperson. The Monsods being the next door neighbor of Juan Ponce Enrile, Winnie was instrumental in asking Cory to take it easy on JPE who became Cory’s DND Sec. Though Winnie became one of the bitterest critic of Gloria, Winnie was actually very close to Gloria prior to that and influence Cory to fully support Gloria in EDSA2. (Cory eventually apologized to Erap when Gloria turned out to be a big, big disappointment)

    Meanwhile, Christian Monsod was one of the framers of Cory’s 1987 Constitution. He was Comelec Chairman during Cory’s incumbency in Malacañang. He is an executive of the Lopez Group of Companies (ABS-CBN, Benpres and Meralco) — the Lopezes, of course, are very close to the Aquinos. (Well, if PHL has lousy TV programs and the highest energy cost, blame it on the Lopezes)

    But then, one has to be very careful with the Monsods, they say so many things in support of the BBL. They are against Binay, but are for BBL, maybe we know where they are coming from.

    But then, while Marcos seemed to have attracted the best and the brightest, the Aquinos seem to be a magnet for the most corrupt. Marcos had Gerry Sicat, Cesar Virata, Carlos Romulo, Blas Ople, Manny Pelaez, Fidel Ramos, JPE, etc. With Aquinos, hello Binay, hello Gloria Arroyo, hello Dinky Soliman, hello Puno of DILG, hello Purisima, hello Torres of LTO, hello Abaya of DOTC, hello Vitangcol of MRT, hello Paquito Ochoa, hello Abad, hello Alcala of Agri, hello Joel Villanueva And if not probably the corrupt, the most flaky: hello Mar Roxas, hello Coloma and Lacierda, hello Petilla, hello Coronel Ferrer and Deles, hello Rufus Rodriguez, hello Risa Hontiveros, hello Loretta Rosales of CHR, hello Leah Navarro, hello Jim Paredes, hello DongYan …… Daang Matuwid, or KKK pala?

    And now that the forces of Binay and Gloria have come together, we will see who they will attract. Binay said:

    Quote…Ang UNA ay hindi samahan ng mga palpak at manhid. Hindi ito samahan ng mga tamad, usad-pagong at teka-teka sa pagharap sa mga problema ng bayan. May sapat na karanasan at hindi bagitong mag-aaral pa lang sa pamamahala at pagsisilbi sa bayan.

    Aaminin natin kapag tayo sa UNA ay nagkakamali. Hindi tayo maninisi o magbibintang sa iba. Aakuin natin ang responsibilidad at pananagutan nang buong pagpapakumbaba.

    At lagi nating igagalang ang ating Konstitusyon at laging paiiralin ang batas. Patitingkarin natin ang tatlong sangay ng pamahalaan na pinahina ng panunuhol at pananakot. ..Unquote

    Wow, fantastic words. Ah well, another cover for a new round of corruption?!! Same, same, parang slogan din ng Daan Matuwid. No wonder the Aquino sisters like Binay, same style, same methodology as their unico hermano.

    No, I was not talking of the Games of Thrones, but then who cares about all of you and me, we are not part of the elite. The game is all about the elite and those trying hard to be elite, and the hell with the Philippines as far as they are concerned.

    1. Let’s reverse the game…Lets enter the new “players” we, the educated and extremely “dangerous” heh..not in the political arena…but in the arena that are so vital in maintaining their power and deception…their weapons…our weapon will be the same but it will be a silent killer…”We” the new player shall organize into one super efficient and uncompromisable group that we shall become a threat to the “veterans” hehe…but we will not bash them or attack them…we will attack their source of power…the dumbed down people…We shall…in our initiative…awaken them one by one making each realize that they can govern themselves and be self sufficient and contribute to the world…lets make our people mature and ready…Then “we” and the “people” shall merge into one organization… a united front and assault all those BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!! well if some repent change though, we’ll forgive….if not…quote from batman: Death or Exile?

    2. You want FAIR? Go to the World’s Fair, coz ‘FAIR’ doesn’t exist. The sooner you get over that, and realize that the country has been fouled to the point of the ‘death stench’ permeating the breadth of the archipelago by people who are robbing the treasury blind. it has gone on for decades and will only stop at the barrel of a gun.

      1. I know…but I won’t just give up…I will exhaust all options available and gather the right men for this herculean task…We shall awaken the people at all costs…I’m prepared to sacrifice my own wants and desires, my own life if I have to …just to do my duty…

      2. Barrel of the gun won’t work unless you want to bring this nation back to the dark ages. I agree with apprentice that we go for a quiet revolution. Lets form an elite band of incorruptible and efficient Filipinos. I bribe no one; I cannot be bribed – will be our slogan. It will be posted high on the halls of every institution we conquer. We will have cells – like the strategy of terror cells but without advocating violence. This is the start of the awakening of a giant. We are the incorruptibles!

        1. Let’s also follow the strategy of the sending of the disciples by Jesus…let’s get the concept of it..and how effective it was in creating an uproar in ancient Israel 😉

    3. sno ba ang sumulat nitong article na ito puro baliktad ang mga sinsabi. Di ba puro magnanakaw ang mga secretary ni marcos? Si gloria nga kapartner niya ang asqa niyang si Arroyo sa pag kurakot nauna na sa Customs.

  6. VP Binay’s Speech delivered at the UNA launch. (This is the draft that was not delivered…it was not even typed by his secretary) Get to know him.

    BUONG puso nating tinatanggap sa oras na ito ang hamon na isulong ang tunay na pagbabago at kaginhawahan para sa bawat Pilipino. Madali naman kayo mapaniwala at linlangin.

    Naglulunsad tayo ng ating partidong UNA na may galing at talino, makatao, may malasakit, at nakikinig sa hinaing ng mga mamamayan. Pero pag nahalal tayo bahala na ang mga kasama sa buhay nila, napakarami sila.

    Kaakibat ng sambayanan, itatatag ng UNA ang isang pamahalaan na nakasandig sa katapatan, hustisya, puso at galing; ginagantimpalaan ang pagsisikap ng mga pribadong mangangalakal, habang tinitiyak ang pangkalahatan at pangmatagalang pag-unlad ng mamamayan, at pagkalinga sa mga mahihirap at kapuspalad. Hindi pwedeng Daan Matuwid lang. Dapat maintidihan na sistema sa Filipinas, pwedeng zigzag, pwedeng nakatuwad. Kaya sino ba ang tapat? Wag lang kayo pahuhuli at iuuntog ko kayo, hindi nyo ako binigyan ng balato.

    Maayos na serbisyo sa sambayanan batay sa karanasan, dunong, kahusayan, at malasakit sa kapwa ang lideratong inaalay natin. Dahil sa UNA, ang kapakanan at ginhawa ng Pilipino ang laging inuuna. Magtitipid tayo. Hindi na tayo gagastos sa pampaputi. Uso na ang itim.

    Mga kasama:
    Sa loob ng limang taon, napakarami pa rin ang walang trabaho, kasi hindi kayo naghahanap;… mga nagugutom, kasi mga tamad kayo,… at mga maysakit na walang magamutan. kasi hindi kayo naliligo. Mga kabataang hindi mapag-aral ng kanilang pamilya, kasi inatupag ang computer games at barkada….. Talamak na krimen at iligal na droga sa mga komunidad, kasi walang paki-alam mga tao. Kanya-kaniya lahat. …. Laganap pa rin ang kahirapan. Ay naku, mga problema kayo. Cge, mag OFW na kayo para mabawasan ang problema.

    Kaya ba ang tanong ng bayan: nasaan ang gobyerno? Ang tanong ko: bakit ba kayo umaasa sa gobyerno?

    Dahil sa anomalya at pangongotong sa MRT, palpak ang serbisyo. Iilan na lamangang tumaktakbong bagon. Sa haba ng pila at matinding siksikan–papasok ka na amoy bagong-ligo, lalabas ka ng tren na amoy-pawis. Alisin na natin ang MRT at ibenta na natin para kumita tayo. Ang dasal ng mahigit kalahating milyong pasahero sa bawat araw ay wala sanang aberyang mangyari sa sinasakyan nilang running train coffin. Mga tanga, mag-bisikleta na lang kayo.

    Tanong muli ng bayan: Nasaan ang gobyerno? Muling tanong at walang humpay na tanong ko: bakit ba kayo umaasa sa gobyerno?

    Nagbuwis ng buhay ang apatnapu’t-apat na magigiting na miyembro ng ating kapulisan – ang SAF 44. Nagkaroon ng katakot-takot na imbestigasyon at report, ngunit walang nasampahan ng kaso. Sinasabi ko na ngayon pa, walang makukulong at si Noynoy ay marunong magtago. Dadaan kayo sa bangkay ko. May bromance kami ni Noynoy.

    Ang tanong ng bayan: Nasaan ang gobyerno? Ay naku, ano bang klaseng tanong yan?

    Mga kababayan:
    Ang sigaw ng UNA at ng taumbayan:

    Sawa na tayo sa kahirapan.
    Sawa na tayo sa kawalan ng hanap-buhay.
    Sawa na tayo sa kriminalidad at iligal na droga.
    Sawa na tayo sa kakulangan ng basic services.

    Hirap na tayo sa manhid at palpak na pamahalaan.
    Hirap na tayo sa turuan, siraan, at pambobola.
    Hirap na tayo sa kaunlarang iilan lang ang nakikinabang.

    Sige na. Mag sawa na kayo at maghirap pa kayo. Suma total enjoy naman kayo sa ganyan kalagayan.

    Ating inihaharap ang plataporma ng UNA para sa bagong paglaban sa kahirapan. Ito ang bandera ng ating paglilingkod, ang ating dakilang misyon, at ang ating saligang gabay sa paglilingkod sa sambayanan. Wag kayo maniwala kila Cayetano, Pimentel, at Trillanes

    May tatlong haligi ang ating programa ng pamahalaan:

    Una, pinalawak na serbisyong panlipunan o social inclusion/improvement of basic services;
    Pangalawa, masiglang ekonomiya o economic dynamism;
    At, pangatlo, epektibo at may malasakit na pamamahala o effective and caring governance.

    Idadagdag ko pala ang pang-apat, h’wag sana tayo mahalata ng anim na taon.

    Ipatutupad natin sa buong bansa ang ibayong serbisyong panlipunan na nagawa na sa Makati. Sa gayon, maraming Pilipino ang maiaahon sa kahirapan. Sila ay mabibigyan ng ginhawa. Papatayo tayo ng parking building para sa lahat. Pag wala silang kotse, problema nila yun at kung baun sila sa utang dahil sa nais magka kotse, problema din nila yun. Pero pati kalabaw at kabayo, meron parking.

    Pangunahin na sa ating plataporma ang pagbibigay ng hanapbuhay mula sa limang sektor na pinakamalaking tagapaglikha ng trabaho. Palalakasin natin ang agrikultura, manufacturing, turismo, business process outsourcing, at export. At pag hindi natin ito kaya, pipilitin na lang natin lahat na magtanim ng kamote.

    Ikalawa sa ating plataporma ang pagpapalawak ng de-kalidad at libreng basic education at subsidized higher education. Kasama dito ang ayuda para sa uniporme, gamit sa eskwela, libro at mga tamang pagkain para sa mga batang mag-aaral. Lulutasin ang matagal nang kakulangan sa silid-aralan. Aasikasuhin natin ang kapakanan ng mga guro na matagal nang pinababayaan nitong pamahalaang ito.Ibayong suporta sa mga state universities and colleges ukol sa agrikultura at food security, science, technology, sining at patakarang pambayan. Important ito, bawal ang tongpats dito. Pero pagiisipan natin kung makakalusot sa CCT.

    Gaya ng ginawa natin sa Makati, pagagandahin natin ang serbisyo ng mga pampublikong ospital sa buong bansa. Magbibigay tayo ng komprehensibong health care para sa lahat at libreng serbisyo medikal para sa mga mahihirap. Isusulong natin ang preventive health care sa pamamagitan ng malawakang bakuna, sanitasyon at tamang nutrisyon. Ibayong suporta sa mga lokal na pamahalaan na siyang may pangunahing mandato upang pangalagaan ang kalusugan ng kanilang nasasakupan. Kasinghalaga nito ang pagbibigay kalinga at suporta sa ating mga health workers sa lahat ng antas. Pero para hindi tayo mahirapan, bawal ang magka-sakit. Pag masakit, tiisin na lang.

    Pundasyon ng serbisyong panlipunan ang masiglang ekonomiya. Ito, ito ang lilikha ng maraming trabaho at magdadagdag na pondo para sa ibayong serbisyo ng pamahalaan. Mga negosyong lumalago mula sa de-kalidad na kasanayan ng manggagawang Pilipino, malinaw at hindi pabago-bagong mga batas at mgapatakaran. Para may mga negosyante tayong patuloy kokotongan..

    Mas mabilis at simpleng proseso ng pagpaparehistro, pagbubuwis at pagkuha ng mgapermiso at lisensya, maayos at modernong imprastruktura, public transport na hindi palpak tulad ng MRT, airport at pantalan, at abot kayang presyo ng kuryente. Mga panaginip natin yan, hindi naman masamang managinip.

    Titiyakin natin ang mahigpit na pagkakaisa at koordinasyon ng pamahalaan at mga gobyernong lokal sa mga patakaran, programa at alituntunin. Titignan natin kung anong magandang pangalan ng PDAF at DAP. Walang hiya ito si Noy, pinaso mga ito — tuloy nabuko. Pero mas ma-utak tayo.

    Mga kasama:
    Ang UNA ay hindi samahan ng mga palpak at manhid. Hindi ito samahan ng mga tamad, usad-pagong at teka-teka sa pagharap sa mga problema ng bayan. May sapat na karanasan at hindi bagitong mag-aaral pa lang sa pamamahala at pagsisilbisabayan.

    Aaminin natin kapag tayo sa UNA ay nagkakamali. Hindi tayo maninisi o magbibintang sa iba. Aakuin natin ang responsibilidad at pananagutan nang buong pagpapakumbaba.

    At lagi nating igagalang ang ating Konstitusyon at laging paiiralin ang batas. Patitingkarin natin ang tatlong sangay ng pamahalaan na pinahina ng panunuhol at pananakot.

    Bilib na ba kayo? Pati si Igbal at Murad, bibilib yan. Hindi intindi ni Deles at Ferrer ang style natin.

    Mga kasama:
    Samahan ninyo ako upang magkatotoo ang ating pangarap na iangat ang buhay ng bawat Pilipino.

    Palaganapin ang ating panawagan ng bagong laban sa kahirapan. Ipaliliwanag din natin ang kawawang kalagayan ng ating bayan dahil sa isang manhid at palpak na pamahalaan. Ihahayag ang ating solusyon: at ito nga ang plataporma ng UNA para sa maganda at maginhawang buhay. Ibalik natin ang pananalig sa panginoong Diyos.

    Himukin, tipunin, at organisahin natin ang ating mga kapuso, kapamilya, at kapatid, kaibigan, kapitbahay, at kakilala sa mga balangay ng UNA.

    Nagbubukang-liwayway na ang ating laban. Malinaw ang ating adhikain at pinapangarap. Matibay ang ating pagkakaisa at kapasyahang paginhawain ang mahihirap. Nasa panig tayo ng katotohanan. Kapakanan ng sambayanan ang ating dakilang tungkulin.

    Ganyan ang isigaw nyo sa kampanya. Madali naman mabola ang mga Pilipino.

    UNA ang bayan!
    UNA ang tao!
    UNA na rin ang Pilipino!
    Mabuhay ang UNA!
    Mabuhay si Gloria, Erap at Poe
    Mabuhay ang America, Mabuhay ang China at Japan, Mabuhay ang ASEAN
    Mabuhay na rin ang sambayang Pilipino!
    Mabuhay ang Hacienda Binay mula Appari hangang Jolo.

  7. why bring up the cases now when these should have been filed before 2010? — I’ll answer to this question and it’s very easy. Remember about the Dasmagate incident when Mayor Junjun Binay scolded to the security guards of Dasma Village almost 2 years ago? Well a year after that, former Makati Vice Mayor & former Binay’s best friend, Mercado jumped into the bandwagon and finally exposed the family’s dark side to the public that they and including him had done a corruption practices on their administration within the Makati City Hall. And thanks to that controversial CCTV footage when we’d saw that Dasmagate incident almost two years ago, the Binay clans finally got their karma on their back and talk about that poetic justice that Mr. Mercado gave it to his former friend, Jejomar Binay. More expose will come especially after next year’s election.

  8. Corruption has a face. And who is better suited to be the posterboy of Philippine corruption than Binay.

    It would be great to have a corruption metering page on GRP? We can line up all the major politicians in the Philippine political landscape and place a corruption meter bar above their names/faces. It would be a good indicator for our voters to refer to in the upcoming elections.

    The problem is how to numerically rate corruption level. Who will do the rating? Do we base it on the number of news articles there are in the major papers, or the number of cases filed against the politician?

    This may be key to finally ridding our political offices of scumbags.

  9. Ang style ng mga aquino, lahat ng presidetiable maglalagay sila ng kamaganak nila o endorse nila, sa mga marcos lang sila wala tao, kung manalo manok nila may say pa rin sila, meron kb narinig kay kris o sa sister ni pnoy….WALA, MASKI KAY PNOY LALONG WALA¡!!!!kung lumusot c bnay may say pa rin sya, kaya nakaiting sya kay poe at escudero ng 4 n oras, kasi alam nya tagilid c roxas, c poe at escudero malapit sa marcos…AYAW NILA MAUPO C BONGBONG, YUN TINANIN NILA PANINIRA MASASAYANG AT LALABAS ANG MGA BAHO NILA

  10. Am I watching a third rate game of thrones knock off here? Nope sadly this s is real. Something about honor and thieves not having it among them.

  11. We knew Erap was a drunk, and we voted him in. We knew Honasan was a coup plotter, and we voted him in. We knew Jess Lapid and Ramon Revilla were known for cheap action flicks than as Senator material, and we voted them in. Trillianes was in jail for chrissakes,, on mutiny charges, and he got voted in!
    We knew damn well Nancy Binay at best was just an OJT, and yup, she got voted in.
    What are the odds, with us knowing how corrupt Jojo Binay reputedly is, that he gets voted in?

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