President Aquino’s Sixth And Final SONA: Just Another Sign Of Pinoy Immaturity

Okay, President Aquino’s fifth and final SONA is over, thank goodness. Hopefully, we won’t have to listen to any more of his lies in the next few months leading up to the 2016 presidential election, the day when we can finally give the guy the boot for good. However, I tend to think that his speech is just another symptom of a heavily flawed system (which his mother helped create) and a hopelessly delusional and myopic mindset. Indeed, while this does not excuse his actions and inaction as a president (and a failed one at that), I can argue that the kind of speech pattern President Aquino (as well as many other Pinoy politicians for that matter) follows isn’t all that different from the kind of things a spoiled child would make when caught doing something bad.


Please allow me to elaborate:

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He Loves Covering His Mistakes With Superficial “Achievements”

Look, I’m willing to admit that I did this kind of thing back when I was in elementary. When my grades were especially low (more specifically mathematics) I would tell my mom that I at least passed my English and Science subjects. In reaction to this, she would just neatly fold her arms over her chest and make her nostrils flare the way a dragon does when it’s getting ready to breathe fire.

Anyway, these statements might not be so bad coming from a child. Unfortunately, more should be expected from an adult. President Aquino once again shows off his juvenile thinking by insisting that his pet projects somehow helped improve the country in some way. Okay, what about the dam that simply melted when it started raining? What about the housing projects for Yolanda victims that easily get destroyed by particularly strong winds? What about the economic improvements that have done very little for the less fortunate people of the Philippines?

Okay, so maybe some of these projects do some good after all. However, they are not enough to make significant improvements for the Filipino people. May I add that President Aquino’s statements have had little to do with the SAF 44 and the other troubles of the South and seeming to imply that the BBL (which is both unconstitutional and flawed on so many levels) is the solution to all that. While the military has indeed received a boost, most of what President Aquino is boasting about is just help from the Americans (whom the constitution his mother endorsed continues to cheat and his media supporters continues to demonize) and was something that former President Arroyo thought of first. The K-12 system might be a big boon to the system but while the media networks that support President Aquino continue to dumb the population to surprising new lows, we can expect more youths to travel the wrong path and contribute to the crippling overpopulation and dropping literacy rate of the country.

Again, I will say an old quote that I learned from college:

“Good is not good enough when better is expected.”

Blaming Others

Oh God, do I even need to talk about this?

Okay, I’m gonna share a little personal information with you about myself. Growing up, my dad was an absolute dick to me. He was a drunk and gave me a lot of trouble in so many ways.

For much of my life, I used him as an excuse for the dickery I committed on a regular basis. I would blame him and the way he affected me on the various acts of selfishness and cruelty I resorted to. When that didn’t quite jive, I would blame the bullies of my childhood and how they ruined my mindset even when I was aware of how self-centered or insensitive my actions were when given a closer look.

Later on, it wasn’t until I really got heartbroken (which again can be blamed on my selfish ways) that I learned that, at the end of the day, you can’t really blame everything on everyone else. While yes, you might just be reacting to a given circumstance, the choice of what you should do next always falls to you.

Okay, so maybe the Arroyo administration gave President Aquino very little to work with or the Marcos regime did some questionable things that contributed to the country’s current dysfunction. If this is the case, shouldn’t President Aquino be looking for ways to work around these said disadvantages instead of complaining about them all the time. Being a leader, isn’t it his responsibility to find a way to make the dysfunctional Philippines into a fully functional system again instead of whining about the problems left behind the previous administrations.

Again, President Aquino proves just how juvenile he is by blaming the previous administrations for his troubles instead of finding solutions for them. I used to complain a lot too, I can admit to that, but I later on learned that wasting time whining and complaining squanders precious time that could be used for finding viable solutions instead.

Instead of providing the common people with ways to improve their current situation, President Aquino is just diverting criticism and hatred away from himself so he can get away scot-free. At the end of the day, he’s again just covering his butt because he has done so little to improve the situation in the Philippines and has, in fact, made it even worse as he ruined the situation with China by refusing to issue any kind of apology about the bus hostage crisis, has essentially favored terrorists over the lives of the 44 men who fought and died bravely for him and continues to destroy the Philippine economy with protectionist policies.

Mocking His Enemies

Like a high-school student saying: “This is just for my friends and not you!”, President Aquino went on to name the people who “helped” him during his regime. He is essentially just being a sore loser and making good with his friends the way a beaten teen will go with his friends when it becomes obvious that he was in the wrong all along.

While it was nice of him to criticize former Vice President Binay, it is just another case of “the pot calling the kettle black” (no pun intended). He is merely trying to antagonize the latter to make himself look like a hero or saint in comparison.


On another note, I have finally come up with two good villains for a friend’s LGBT superhero webcomic!

I’m gonna call ’em “Fish Face” and “Shadow Skin”!

Thank you President Aquino and former Vice President Binay for some good ideas on comicbook villains!

23 Replies to “President Aquino’s Sixth And Final SONA: Just Another Sign Of Pinoy Immaturity”

  1. That’s right Grim! Immature is the word. The other PH Fail blog site owner actually describes the Philippines as a country run by bunch of grade-3 pupils. What more can you expect?

  2. Aquino’s SONA is a comedy. Why can’t this Guy, just tell the truth? “I have no mental capabilities to solve the country’s problems. My friends and supporters helped themselves in stealing from the National Treasury. And, I cannot stop them.”

    “So, Abad and I, came up with the programs: DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel scams, etc…to help ourselves also, for a good portion of the National Treasury…”

    “I am a mediocre person. I was mentally retarded, at an early age. My grades in school were awful.”
    “And, I was elected as a President of the Philippines.”

  3. Hi Grimwald,
    I think I completely understand your article although I myself am totally ignorant about Philippines politics. But thanks to those GRP articles that has politics as a topic I get more and more informed.

    Having said all that, I really wonder who the last president was (dead or undead) who – objectively – can/could be regarded as the best for the people and the country.
    And if that man or woman can be named here, what did he/she do to deserve that title of being the best (so far).

    After reading almost all political articles here (plus looking deeper into the PH society and their culture) I would really be (positively) shocked and stunned to see a president in the future that can really be called/named a populations’ president.
    I doubt it very much that such a president will ever stand up.
    Its simply not in his/her benefit to make the population wiser, brighter. Because when the population gets “better” (in all aspects) it becomes a threat to all politicians.
    This is also why – I guess and think – no president candidate will present a detailed plan what he/she wants to achieve when he/she is really president.

    I really hope I am wrong with all statements made by me above.

    What remains in this “fight” is that the population itself will start lifting themselves up to a highr level so that they will become a threat.
    But unfortunately, this is something I dont see happening for the near and far away future. Why? Because the PH culture wont allow it to happen.

    So are we talking about a Catch-22 or a prisoner’s dilemma here?

    1. @ Robert,

      I don’t think it will ever remain a catch 22 situation in which to expect a bit more than what we currently have cannot be achieved but it will probably happen not during my lifetime. If in terms of the catch 22 logic being used in an analogy of the ‘people of the Philippines’ getting to think critical just for themselves, then yes it will stay at that as we are being surrounded by dumb and tasteless media in which majority of the people have fallen in love with. A lot of our kababayans are really plain stupid looking at them at all angles possible and I as a Filipino is still not losing hope that I can still witness a paradigm shift to happen for this country. A population’s president here in the Philippines is not going to be an intellect but rather won his/her throne via compassion. our current culture cannot fathom yet the far reaches(for the majority of course) of rationality and logic.

      1. Grinder,
        “… people of the Philippines’ getting to think critical just for themselves, then yes it will stay at that as we are being surrounded by dumb and tasteless media in which majority of the people have fallen in love with.”

        The Philippines have about 10m OFWs (right?).
        Dont they learn and see how media works and should work when they are abroad?

        The Philippines have a lot of pinays and pinoys who moved abroad bec they married a foreigner (right?).
        Dont they learn and see how media works and should work when they are abroad?

        Dont those Filipinos (who are residing in the Philippines) who have access to the internet, read foreign media websites to learn and see how media works and should work?

        I know nothing about the PH election system (is it mandatory/compulsory to actually cast one’s vote?) but after reading all (or most) GRP articles regarding failed presidents, I would certainly consider not to vote anymore. Or start an active protest group for demanding better president candidates (in order to open the eyes of my fellow country men and women).

        Last but not least and as weakest offer/option, I would consider leaving the countrey for good. But this option will make sure nothing will change in the country.

    2. It is not Catch 22(loss-loss situation), for Filipinos. We, Filipinos can do something about the situation.

      It is in the spreading of information of the true State of the Nation, that will be the beginning of the healing of our country. Second, is electing good and able Leaders, who have visions and platforms for the country. Third is getting us out of the Feudal Oligarchy form of government. And, the removal of family political dynasties.

      All we listen and see in the Media are political propaganda of politicians, like Aquino.Stupid shows, that are for immature audiences… The Media is a “captive tool” of politicians. It is because the Media owners, own businesses that contract government projects.

      The German people, were held captive by the German Nazi propaganda machine, during World War II. And, the German people , were intelligent people , compared to the Filipinos.

      Adolf Hitler was a failed artist in his native Austria; uneducated; had mental problems, and was a drifter. And he became the absolute ruler in Germany.

      So, the Media has a primary role in making the Filipino voters stupid. This is where we have to start.

      “A journey to a thousand miles, begins with a single step…”, they usually say.

      1. Hayden,
        by reading Benign0’s latest contribution

        it seems to me that there is a case of “lose-lose”. Everybody is caught in a web of lies; nobody is taking any initiative; nobody is saying enough is enough; there is not one person standing up as a natural leader. Everybody seems to be completely paralyzed and in a comatose state (of mind).

        All these ingredients are not a perfect, ideal way to start a change.
        I have read it often here: get out now (as in leave your country) but that wont solve a thing.
        I dont think the Philippines need (new) heroes, the Philippines need people who pave and build “new roads”.

        1. @Robert:

          Yes, I agree; but it is not yet a lose-lose situation (Catch 22). Some of the Bloggers and Web Writers, are trying to pave that road. There are many who will resist change. They want the “status qou”; because their positions are affected, if change takes place. Our Feudal Oligarchs will lose : lands, political influence, political status, etc…
          However, it will move the country forward.
          It is hard, but it is not impossible…

        2. Hyden,
          Bloggers and web writers can write a lot but by doing that they are not paving and not building “new roads”. That is all talk but people need to start “walking” (and actually do something).

          Its very easy to read what Benign0 c.s. writes, then comment that the commenter agrees but at the end of the day sit on their fat asses and do nothing. Thats not the way how to build a new nation with higher goals.

          And so far, I didnt read anything here that a commenter started building a new road and in the process he/she had a big flock behind him/her (where the flock was actually doing the exact same thing as the commenter). Hopefully the flock doesnt follow the commenter blindly but the flock was first convinced with some sort of evidence that changing the roads might actually be a change for the better, for a better future.

          And I dont need to tell you that a lot of new roads need to be paved and be build.

        3. The first step to solving a problem is acknowledging there is one. How many people have acknowledged there is a problem in Ph society? Only a handful. What kind of “action” do you expect us to do when the majority are resistant to the idea there is a problem?

  4. Yes…Aquino should have said in his SONA: “I was a mediocre person. And, I was elected as President of the Philippines, because my mother died”…

    1. That’s not the end of the Aquinos yet. Bam Aquino may become become President as well in the distant future because “he sure looks like Ninoy!!!”

      Then there’s Kris. Pag-tinopak siya at mag-run din – ay naku sigurado. So if his brother dies later on – then people will vote for Kris because “her brother died”.

      Filipinos will vote just about anybody to power for every conceivable stupid reason. As of the moment, Grace Poe may get into power because her current middle name is that of the king of PH cinema.

      PH politics is a circus – it’s mainly just for entertainment of the masses. At least for now – until the rise of the Zaxxuns…

      1. Then as early as now, I would like to forge a pact between the Zaxxuns and the Grimlings. We don’t want to end up like India and Pakistan so let’s discuss this peacefully.

  5. “LIARS GO TO HELL” guess Pnoy was not taught this at home or at school…if he just wanted to establish a baseline, comparing his accomplishments with previous administrations, he could just have mentioned the numbers without blaming anyone..something like, “when I became president there were x numbers of classrooms and after 5 years, we now have x numbers”..simple, really…but of course, for the ultimate failure that he is, it is always good to blame others…long live the memory of the Fallen 44!

    1. “Liars go to hell” – is not taught in Filipino homes or schools. I doubt it is even taught in Filipino churches. So let me do all the Pinoy’s here a favor and paste the exact scripture:

      “But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” Rev.21:8

      The PH is one big fat country that claims to be “Christian” but where most who claim be so don’t even open/read the Bible. Another PH epic disconnect.

  6. I’m so tired of all the propaganda of ABS-CBN, controlled by Aquino’s party. If the media isn’t controlled by them, Aquino would have been thrown tomatoes (and maybe even stones) by the people.

  7. It has always been my private conviction that any man who puts his intelligence up against a fish and loses had it coming.

  8. the country is FUCKED, and will continue to be FUCKED. It is run by criminals and these criminals have stolen everything including the Filipino’s future.

    if there is a smart Filipino reading this:LEAVE NOW, while and if you can, and never ever return. WHY YOU ASK? Because the country is FUCKED, and will continue to be FUCKED.

    Now, THAT is simple.

  9. Sharing this piece of pure genius.

    Sa mga nagsasabi ng :

    “Sisi ka ng sisi edi kaw magpresidente”

    “Ikaw anu ba naiambag mo sa bayan”

    “Ano nagawa mo sa bayan”

    “Lahat nalang ng problema sinisi mo sa Presidente”

    “Ayusin mo muna buhay mo bago mo punahin ang iba”

    Tsk! Sa totoo lang nakukupalan ako sa tanong na ito!

    Since he kept on targetting the past administration/s let us be reminded that during his term at least:

    *18 senators and 100 house of representatives on the Napoles list and only 3 charged, none of Aquinos allies charged going on 2 years now.
    *The SAF 44 massacre was a total coverup and the pork barrel and Dap funds under Aquino just up and disappeared with no accounting of how the money was spent.
    *The selective justice including the former Chief Justice Corona impeachment fallacies wherein 20 senators voted yes out of 3 (Santiago, Marcos and Arroyo).
    *FOI Bill wasnt able to pass on his term as promised for the transparency, but has forgotten.
    *Our hell on wheels wherein Philippines’ MRT trains 5 times ‘more dangerous’ than counterparts + the “alleged scandal” involving her sister Ballsy in MRT Extort.
    *The Hacienda Luisita vast landholdings whose distribution to farmers has been dodged and haunts for decades. SCTEx Luisita Insertion and Overprice.

    If you think I have missed something that should be included its up to YOU to find out.

    None of us have to settle for the best this administration offers, a dull, adventureless journey from one entitlement to the next.

    To restore the trust of the people, we must reform the way the government operates.

    Will leave this short question:

    So hows the “DAANG MATUWID” thing? People want results. Real results!

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