Will Manny Pacquiao beat Floyd Mayweather because of Filipinos’ prayers?

Filipinos lead much of the world getting pumped up in the lead up to the day when we find out for sure who really is the pound-for-pound greatest fighter on the planet. Filipinos not just want but need a Manny Pacquiao win. “Filipino pride” depends on it!

manny_pacquiaoWhat can ordinary Filipinos do to “help” Manny Pacquiao win? For many Filipinos, the answer to that question is obvious: prayer. Filipinos, according to Inquirer columnist Rina Jimenez-David “know the power of prayer”. Evidence of this, according to Jimenez-David is in the way Mary Jane Veloso who is in death row in Indonesia on charges of drug trafficking was granted a reprieve after her compatriots called to the heavens en masse to beseech their respective gods to intervene with fate.

Thus the resounding call to the heavens now echoing from the only predominantly Roman Catholic country in Asia…

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Drawing on the “People and Prayer Power” exemplified by the Edsa Revolt of 1986, the Spirit of Edsa Foundation is enjoining the nation to join hands to pray for the victory of our very own “Pacman.”

“Let us again make use of ‘People and Prayer Power’ in the Spirit of Edsa by praying together on May 1, 2 and 3 at 12 noon for the intention of our humble God-fearing and God-glorifying hero—Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao against his contender,” the foundation says.

It is urging everyone to pray one “Our Father,” one “Hail Mary” and one “Glory Be,” after which it asks that this prayer be recited: “Heavenly Father and our dear Lord Jesus Christ, we beseech you to please protect your faithful and loving son and servant Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao from bodily harm and for a safe and victorious fight. All for Your glory. Amen.”

But what is the logic behind the idea of “the power of prayer”.

Say, for argument’s sake, God does “hear” Filipinos’ prayers, intervene with fate, and make Manny Pacquiao win this Sunday. What exactly does this mean? Does it mean that God likes Pacquiao better than Floyd Mayweather? Does it mean that he likes Filipinos better than Americans?

Why would God grant blessings on Filipinos by making their hero win against Mayweather after burying thousands of people in Nepal with an earthquake?

I can hear it now. “Oh, God was not reponsible for that tragedy.” Another may chime in with “We cannot presume to understand God’s mysterious ways.”

But of course.

Every human soul is supposedly equal in the eyes of God and we are all taught to leave it to his “infinite wisdom” to bless some with great fortunes while others lead wretched lives and die horrible deaths elsewhere. Yes, it is very convenient for the prayerful to shroud God’s wisdom in “mystery” to exempt it from critical scrutiny. God’s “wisdom” after all is a non-negotiable construct. How, after all, can our finite minds presume to aspire to subject God’s “wisdom”, a product of his infinite mind, to our relatively puny cognitive faculties?

Next time we shout out how “blessed” we are by God, perhaps take at least a minute to ask Why? Why does God bless me while millions of children starve to death in Africa? Why me??

There is no answer to that question, of course. It is all a “mystery”, see. But at least reflecting on that question alone will hopefully provide us better perspective when regarding the idea of “praying” that Pacquiao wins against Mayweather this Sunday.

26 Replies to “Will Manny Pacquiao beat Floyd Mayweather because of Filipinos’ prayers?”

  1. How sad that in 2015 so many people still believe that getting down on your knees and muttering something under your breath will really make a difference to anything.

  2. guy’s getting paid truckloads of cash for his hard work and expertise. that he’s pinoy is incidental. if that’s the type of “hero” people are willing to put in a pedestal, well shit. even if he loses he still has billions and a government job to abuse and a gullible citizenry to come home to. i admire the guy’s accomplishments FOR HIMSELF. but never did i think for one second he speaks for me or anyone else in the country. he deserves his success. that the people are so enamored by this they’re willing to bend over willingly for him is entirely another story.

  3. If they believe prayer were truly so powerful, why don’t they pray for worthier causes?

    Winning a boxing match? Are you serious? Why not pray for Nepal? Why not peace in Africa or the Middle East?

    But no, Filipinos would rather pray for a millionaire to win a fight. With such mismatched priorities, even in purely spiritual matters, Filipinos have no hope in earthly matters.

    1. …@Tank

      B I N G O ! ! ! Your comment hits the nail right in the head.

      How can God help someone with distorted values? If there is help, that one will never appreciate the help?!?!!

      Ask first for a clear and open mind, as well as a well proportioned sense of values. So help or no help, one has already alligned oneself to things divine. And, one can understand that God has made His Laws a long, long time ago; He is no god if He keeps changing these. So, do not expect Him to make a circle a square. Prayers outside of this have no meaning for one reaps what one sows. “….because to anyone who has something, more will be given, and he will have more than enough. But from the one who doesn’t have anything, even what he has will be taken away from him.” (Mt13:12) …I don’t think God wants to be in the company of the wimp and the ignorant.

      Let us stop this feel-good religion. Let us be brutally frank, to be good Christian is hard work, very hard work and study… and enlightened prayers.

  4. Religion is opium for the people specially here. A substitute for hard work and acting responsibly exemplified by the “bahala na ang diyos” (leave it to God) attitude of so many. After all, praying is so much easier than looking for and keeping a decent job.

  5. It is all subjective and unprovable.Say your prayers like a good boy, if you must, but don’t blame anyone but Mayweather when Paquiao loses.If Manny wants to give the credit to Jesus Christ that is great.You get the point,yes? OR……


  6. The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays.

  7. If God answered our Prayer during EDSA. Why did He give us an incompetent and low IQ Presidents, like mother and son , Aquinos? Why did God let Feudal Oligarchy reign in the Philippines?

    I hate people who use religion , with politics.
    God has nothing to do with Pacquiao winning, or losing. God has nothing to do with Filipino Pride.

    The same way that God has nothing to do with Islamic Radicals, beheading Infidels. Islamic Radicals shout: “God is Great”…after beheading Infidels.

    We misuse our beliefs in God, to satisfy our own evil ways…

  8. Both Pacquiao and Mayweather are human beings and their existence are permitted by God. God is love according to the Bible. If God grants the prayer to let Pacquiao beat Mayweather which is popularly would be a knockout, then where is the love there? Mind you, I bet Mayweather’s camp has the same prayer against Pacquiao.

    I’m a bit confused on using prayer to allow violence which at the end of the fight, what’s at stake? – Money out of betting, pride, glory – exactly what is being preached for us not to have.

    If Manny wins, he’ll raise our flag and put us Filipinos again in the world map. – Probably but would that make China leave West Philippine Sea? Will that make ISIS disband and do something else better?

    If Floyd wins, he’ll get a hefty sum and finally prove that he’s the best – really? Ali just told Floyd that “he’s still the best” and a lot of people agrees. And I bet, given enough training and coaching, someone in this world could make the task of knocking out Floyd look like a walk in the park. Uncertainties, uncertainties so be careful in making bold claims.

    I’m not a fan of both but as a fellow human being I wish them no ill.

    I wish that sporting event is over so that Filipinos can get back and focus their minds on the economy, stability and growth of the Philippines.

    1. Umepal na naman ang pekeng pari na ito na wala nang ginawa sa buong buhay nya kundi uminom at tumambay lang sa Starbucks. Dyan ba napupunta palagi ang mga binibigay na pera sa iyo ng mga nagsisimba ipokrito? Mahiya ka naman katoliban.

  9. Manny DUCKBOY Paquiao just lost to FLOYD as I knew he would. Manny got a boxing lesson, and then in a dramatic display of delusional thinking said ‘I thought I won the fight’, I scored the fight 118-110, the judges had it 117-111 2X’s and 116-112
    4 FLOYD. SO, IDK what Manny was thinking but he said ‘UUUHHHH’ A LOT !!!!! The OOMPAH LOOMPAH GOT BEAT, like anyone who knows BOXING would know he’d get beat.

    1. Because of his humble and affable nature,I wanted Manny to finally shut up Floyd.But when he stood there at the end of the fight, with that shit eating grin on his face,and proclaimed that he thought he had won the fight,I lost alot of respect for him.Unable to congratulate Floyd,unable to graciously accept defeat was shallow and a great example of how pinoy pride made him look like a complete fool….are we suprised?

      1. @ Biif, Yes, ‘completely unable to graciously accept defeat’, EXACTLY ! NOW, Paquiao ,who was the one ‘DUCK-ing’ the fight all along with his Bull-Shit, ‘blood tests weaken me’ cow-dung.Paquiao even sued Floyd when Floyd suggested Paquiao was taking steroids, which he probably did take. Anyone who looked at the shape of his head and how it has changed over time could strongly suggest this and not be out on a limb due to cranial shape change is a sign of steroidal abuse.
        NOW Paquiao has the CLASSLESSNESS to suggest he was injured and unable to fight the way he wanted to fight. WHAT CLASSLESS BULL-SHIT WILL HE COME UP WITH NEXT? Even if it is true, he could have pulled out of the fight and waited until he was healed, but NO, now he uses it,if it happened, as an excuse because he is unable to admit ,HE FUCKIN LOST TO A BETTER MAN.
        One question: Does Manny Paquiao have a ‘CERTIFIED TRUE COPY’ of the MRI scan report? I haven’t seen one and it is not likely to surface, is it?
        Excuses are for children and losers, that is a fact. Man up when you lose, at least people respect that.But Paquiao is not too smart and doesn’t know that, and neither does Roach or Joo Arum.They are scam artists that have run out of wiggle room and do not know what to do or say.That is obvious.

  10. Q: Will Manny Pacquiao beat Floyd Mayweather because of Filipinos’ prayers?

    How about will our country become a great nation [as great as Singapore or South Korea] because of Filipinos’ prayers?

    ummm, calling Pinoy bandwagoners!


    I also heard that San Antonio Spurs also had lost on the NBA Playoffs against LA Clippers just as the same night that Pacquaio had lost his match against Mayweather. :\

  11. Oh… I think God listens but there were more prayers for Mayweather — 5.8MM twitter fans versus 1.9MM for Pacquaio

  12. Because of his humble and affable nature,I wanted Manny to finally shut up Floyd.But when he stood there at the end of the fight, with that shit eating grin on his face,and proclaimed that he thought he had won the fight,I lost alot of respect for him.Unable to congratulate Floyd,unable to graciously accept defeat was shallow and a great example of how pinoy pride made him look like a complete fool….are we suprised?

  13. From the best sports book I have ever read. Season on the Brink by John Feinstein.

    He turned to Alford. “Steve, you always talk about God. Well,
    I’m gonna tell you something, Steve, God is not going to provide
    any leadership on this basketball team. He couldn’t care less if
    we win or not. He is not going to parachute in through the roof
    of this building and score when we need points. My father used
    to tell me that God helps those who help themselves. And, I’ll
    tell you one more thing. No, let me ask you this. Do you really
    think that God is going to help a team that I’m coaching?”
    Knight was not trying to be blasphemous; he had been raised
    in a Methodist home and had gone to church every Sunday with
    his mother and grandmother. But the spectre of organized religion
    made him uncomfortable, and he really did have a problem with
    athletes invoking God as their helper. Earlier that week, during
    a speech to the local Rotary Club, he had brought up the Texas
    A&M kicker who had made a field goal with time running out to
    beat SMU and then said that God had helped him kick the field
    goal. “Does this mean,” Knight asked, “that God decided to screw
    SMU? God does not give a damn what goes on in athletics. Nor
    should he.”

  14. A foreign reporter just interviewed an ordinary Filipino mother after her son was saves from a burning public school building where hundred children died:
    Reporter: So ma’m, what can you say about this unfortunate event?
    Filipino Mother respond: I’m very very happy that God save my son. Thank you Lord.

    1. Your story might have been better with a link BUT I have seen it many times where there are victims of a natural disaster or some other catastrophe and the immediate reaction in social media or even the newscast is to hope no Filipinos are among victims. There is a word for that. Starts with “r”.

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