Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand top 2015 World Happiness Report!

Where does the Philippines rank in the 2015 World Happiness Report? Interestingly Scandinavian countries disproportionately topped the “Happy” list and, in Asia, famously stoic countries like Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea made decent showings. It is interesting because Filipinos have always seen themselves as a charmed and “blessed” race leading a peachy existence in a rich land while deriding these affluent steely societies as ill-humoured suicidals.


The key to real happiness is a strong foundation for it. As GRP writer Ilda once say, we need to get serious about it

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How do we sustain the baseline level of happiness? Being happy does not necessarily mean that we should always be in a gathering with friends having a ball or a party. Being happy does not necessarily mean that we should literally be laughing all the time or making jokes that make light of otherwise serious things. It would be more ideal to find happiness during our spare time doing some productive work that stimulates the imagination — like reading a good book or learning a new set of skills to keep our brains occupied and sharp. This sort of baseline happiness is more sustainable and healthier for the brain. It offers greater potential for monetary rewards, which can lead to being in a healthier mood for longer periods of time.

And that is what makes a truly happy society.

6 Replies to “Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand top 2015 World Happiness Report!”

  1. The thing about happiness is that is an individual case. Myself for example:

    I’m a selfish young hedonist who ALWAYS place himself first above everybody else, doesn’t necessarily mean I step over people, I just don’t help when it’s not to my advantage and only for the sake of being “good”(I call it enabler).
    Not minding other people parallel to my introvert nature, not much responsibilities and sufficient amount of hobbies with a job to enable the means for it made me less miserable than most, and that makes me happy. 🙂

    1. You’re my kind of rebel scum. Everyone’s happiness is their own respective personal accountability. If everyone looked after themselves better and stopped depending on other people and higher beings for their happiness and prosperity, this world would be a much better place.

      1. “Happiness comes from the self and only you can make it possible.”

        Changed my life from being a depressed cynic to a happy cynic.

  2. With the Almighty thing, if I did something for the glory of God, it really makes me happy like for example, doing something for someone or contributing something to the society, or simply doing the right thing, I find it difficult sometimes especially when I noticed the uncaring people around me but when I think, do it for the one who blessed you with the ability to perform, it’s not that difficult anymore. And when one accomplishes a good deal of work in a day especially those that a person planned, it’s really fulfilling. And I believe fulfillment is one of the greatest forms of happiness.

  3. Its unfortunate, but the definition of happiness in the Philippines has been twisted around so there is no real definition anymore.

    Apparently, its what makes others happy.

  4. I always read your article , I admire your opinion about politics and other social issues which I find very helpful to me to understand and realize what is really going on in our society.

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