Does the Philippines Need a Savior?

Okay ladies and gentlemen, here’s a big question for the Filipino people. Do we need a savior? Do we need an honest-to-God miracle to save us from our predicament? With the up and coming elections of 2016, it becomes a question of the utmost urgency because we know that the Philippines isn’t exactly in a safe position all things considered. For instance, there are those Malaysia-backed terrorists to the south and there’s the fact that our Chinese neighbors are building an airstrip to our west. To top it all off, rainy season is making its presence known even during these hot summer months and, with its untimely arrival, will bring with it storms which I know that all of you hate for good reason.

So really, let’s go back to the question. Do we need someone to save us from our troubles? Related to some of the articles I’ve written earlier, I ask this question knowing that a lot of people out there will answer yes. As written by one commenter, most Filipinos are almost always praying for a hero to come and save them from their respective predicaments without making an effort of their own.

supermanLook, let’s put some evidence on the table of why this kind of thinking, this oversimplified “Cinderella aspiration”, is probably one of the most destructive aspects of the Pinoy mindset. I’ll lay it out that we aren’t the only ones with this kind of thinking and, in history, some of the biggest examples of similar thinking were the Germans and the Russians. For those not in the know when it comes to world history, well, allow me to tell you what happened to these two countries.

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After the events of World War One, Germany was devastated. As in utterly defeated and destitute. The German mark, their unit of currency at the time, was at an all-time low and the German people could barely get by. Then, along comes a man named Adolf Hitler. With an iron fist, he united the German people and made them into a powerful war machine. Because the German people were so beholden by their new leader, they chose to overlook his less savory aspects such as his rabid hatred for “Non-Aryan” people like Jews, Roma and Slavs as well as his socio-political enemies like the Communists and the homosexuals.

As for Russia, the decadence of Imperial Russia disillusioned the Russian people to the point that they rose up against the Russian imperial family and killed them all in an uprising that came to be remembered as “Red October”. In the end, Russia became the totalitarian state of the U.S.S.R. which is well remembered for being one of the most terrible regimes of the 20th century and, along with the United States and their allies, endangered the world with nuclear weapons. Even today, Russians could tell you about the stringent laws of the Soviet Union and that, during their “Red Revolution”, millions of Russian civilians were killed either because they sided with the Tsar and his family or were unsure of just where to stand in the matter.

Unfortunately, I would like to note that our media doesn’t exactly say much about world history, if it mentions it at all even. In fact, like most things, the media just oversimplifies a lot of facts. The Axis was bad and the Allies were good. The Soviets were bad and NATO was good. That pretty much sums up what the media has to say about World War Two and the Cold War. Few even bother to explain just what was it that made the Axis and the Soviets the bad guys in history. Again, it’s turned into a textbook fairy tale (giving credit to the Cinderella Story mindset) wherein either side is either black or white. It is never mentioned that it was essentially the Nazis’ beholden attitude towards their Fuhrer that led to them to become evil or that it was the Russians’ delusion that their “Red Revolution” would solve everything that allowed them to devolve into becoming the Soviet Union.

One of the reasons for this oversimplification or omission of facts is probably because of the Roman Catholic Church here in the Philippines where I see time and time again church officials trying to cover their butts. Take note please that I am still a practicing Catholic but I cannot help but notice that the local churches (as well as many religious folk in the schools I’ve been through) tend to gloss over the Crusades and the Inquisition. They are all too eager to sell us the message of hope and salvation but all too often fail to mention that reaching what they promise is far from easy and that even Jesus himself mentions that the road to our redemption is one that is rarely traveled and is fraught with both danger and temptation.

Now, if one were to ask me, I suppose the Philippines could use someone who could save it. However, it will not be in the same vein as many here will probably expect. If anything, I don’t believe that the Philippines needs a savior that will solve everything for the people because, due to our culture, we may soon find ourselves pinning everything on that one person.

If we are going to have a savior of sorts, then I think it should be a Biblical character like Elijah. Someone who will cast down our “idols” just as the prophet did in Israel where people worshiped the false god “Baal” who is now associated with demons. It was essentially Elijah who returned many Israelites of his time to God and the values that He tried to espouse on his people.

Alternatively, we could also use someone like Jonah. You know, the guy that got swallowed by a fish. Of course, again, his story is somewhat simplified with some people actually seeing Jonah as a jinx of sorts (common among nautical folk I suppose) when that’s actually far from the truth. Anyway, what is often missed out is that Jonah was swallowed by a fish because he refused to go to Nineveh where God told him to go and tell the people of their dickery and stupidity. Anyway, I suppose I can tell you the rest of his story in another article.



27 Replies to “Does the Philippines Need a Savior?”

  1. In my own honest opinion Filipinos are getting what they rightly deserve: truly incapable celebrities in just the right position to screw their economies even more. And to top it off, big daddy USA economy getting ever weaker thanks to their liberal policies so without uncle sam to hold its hand and with all threats surrounding the place this country is screwed. Time for brown nosing China next!

  2. The Philippines have become the very dystopia that fiction has popularized. If anything, the country is one giant “Lord of the Flies” book (Children running around doing as they please after a failed attempt to be civil) mashed in with “1984”. (Minus a decent surveillance system but the mindless masses and indoctrination is still there)

    So, the best ‘Savior’ the Philippines could hope for is either a visionary Tyrant, or an accomplished backstabber.

    So in short, someone like Joseph Stalin. A man who managed to orchestrate the removal of many of his political opponents while remaining low-key as Secretary of state until he felt it was his time to rise and when he did, he managed to improve the USSR while keeping political opponents at bay thanks to his paranoia. He accomplished this so well that even after his death, people were still afraid to move thinking its one of his tricks.

    1. They don’t need to waste money on state surveillance, the people are doing that voluntarily with periodic selfies and Facebook updates.

  3. Do we need a savior? The more interesting questions would be on what is a savior is to us? What exactly do Filipinos want to be saved from?

    Filipinos want to be saved from the hardships of the world. However, all our woes are our own making; our own faults. Filipinos, therefore, want to be saved from themselves. Filipinos want to be saved from their own fault, from having to do anything for themselves because that is suffering.

    We want to be free from having to make hard decisions and do hard work. We want someone to take care of us, feed us, give us free stuff and tell us what to do so we won’t have to worry ever again. Our savior is not the Christ but Pontius Pilate.

    Freedom is slavery.

    1. true, freedom is a slavery for us but discipline could make us free from that kind of misery just like what it done in Singapore for the past 50 years. If we need a “savior” that could eradicate the bad freedom & use discipline as a tool for a survival, transparency and true freedom for our country then who should it be? Maybe we could find that guy somewhere in the south of our country which I heard of him as the so-called The Punisher. 😐

  4. Like what Tank’s point: how do we Filipinos define and expect a from savior?
    Is it the person:
    – who after we spent all of our meager salaries in one night of drinking will give us a bailout?
    – who will reattach or repair or damaged limbs to its original after we lit that firecracker on a New Year’s eve while we are drunk despite warnings from the DoH?
    – who will feed our children and provide for our family because us parents do not have work and are poor and knows this from the very start?
    – who will make us all instant lotto winners?

    etc, etc, etc,

    In the end, we Filipinos should remember that we elected a manager and a coach of our community/country not a wet nurse for all of our individual woes which most of the time we caused to ourselves. A manager who will juggle our national priorities using available resources and as a coach to tell us his constituents of our potentials and roles in the country and make us aware of our flaws to make us realize our limitations and how to push the boundaries when needed. – Not a relief good distributor, not a barangay basketball sponsor, not a parade show off, not a waiting shed builder, – Not someone who will spoil the masses (mind you some are not even taxpayers or does not pay taxes at all) at their own expense so he can further his political ambitions!

  5. To answer the titular question: from the general people’s perspective, yes. A huge chunk of our adult population are just people who want to be kids forever. Everything has to be spoonfed to them, like babies who, when he feels thirsty for milk will cry to no end, except they are mid-aged adults who are supposed to be capable to take charge of their lives. Sad part is that they have this twisted sense of entitlement, that they have a right to ask for success on a silver platter and that this supposed-to-be hero’s job is to serve it to them. That is why it is so convenient to believe in religion – what else but to have an abstract object to escalate problems that you cannot solve yourself? Same reason a lot of people depend on their extended families and ‘barkada’, simply because most Filipinos are self-made disasters who need someone to clean up their (social, emotional, financial etc.) mess for them.

  6. NO, not a ‘Saviour’ per se, BUT A NEW LEADER. or LEADERS !!! The current system is so broken as to be unsustainable.IT IS OBVIOUS : The current situation could be remedied in less than ONE WEEK !!!! What happens after that is critical !

    1. Yes,a paradigm shift in thinking or sentiment can occur in in a moment’s time….an epiphany,like the turning on of a lightbulb…all that is needed is for the seeds of change to be planted in the people’s minds,so that you rise from the despicable conditions you find yourselves in…its all in your mind,its all an outward expression of an inward journey,so why not make it better?? Like I said before YOU NEED A STRONG LEADER TO MOTIVATE AND INSPIRE AND DRIVE THE FILIPINO PEOPLE FROM THE QUAGMIRE THE PHILIPPINES HAS BECOME….IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ON ITS OWN PEOPLE !!! YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN,FIRST IN YOUR MINDS AND HEARTS,REACH DEEPLY INSIDE YOURSELVES,HAVE A SOLID,CLEARLY DEFINED PLAN,AND MAKE IT HAPPEN,AND FOR THIS YOU NEED A STRONG,SELFLESS LEADER !!!!!

      1. Im going to say it AGAIN…YOUR LIFE IS AN OUTWARD EXPRESSION OF AN INWARD JOURNEY….bring whatever change you want into YOUR REALITY !!! WILL THE REAL LEADER OF THE PHILIPPINES PLEASE STAND UP AND TAKE CHARGE !!!!!! Quit complaining and do something NOW !!

        1. Clearly,the Philippines has devolved into a place without any social,political,environmental and economic boundaries.You get what you ask for.Ask yourselves if this is sustainable.Ask yourselves if this is what you want for the FUTURE of the nation.Take a hard look around and ask yourselves what YOUR world is going to look like,unless you have someone strong in spirit and character,step up to the plate,and start drawing some clearly defined lines….get over yourselves !!! YOU AIN’T MAKIN’IT !!!THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ADMITTING DEFEAT !! IT’S HOW YOU LEARN AND MOVE FORWARD….OF COURSE YOU A STRONG LEADER !! EVERYONE ELSE CAN SEE IT BUT YOU !! STOP THINKING LIKE A FILIPINO!!!

  7. We need someone with a strong arm of former President Ferdinand Marcos. That’s right…I said it. The business mind of an Ayala. The foresight of an Edison. And if need be, the ruthlessness of a Pol Pots (minus the genocides of course).

    1. @ C-007, HA, that is really funny ! You want a thief that throws his enemies into prison to run the country !THAT IS PRICELESS, the only difference between Marcos and what is going on now is the ‘throwing his enemies in prison’ part.
      The people that run the country NOW are stealing everything that is not nailed down, JUST LIKE MARCOS DID !

      1. I completely agree w/you @BING BONG. There were NEGATIVES/ABUSES during his rule….but:
        – To rephrase. I meant the results of his “strong arm” tactics:
        — Though they existed, squatters were far and few; unlike today, thousands more roam the streets/neighborhoods of the country, not just Manila
        — Though not always prevalent, people were mostly disciplined; they lined up while waiting for their bus rides/jeepneys/etc;
        — The crime rate was a lot lower

        That is one characteristic in my belief, is what we need in a leader, until we get our act together.

        Also, though not related to this article, if you look at it from an objective standpoint, the mission/vision (not the actions…mind you) of the KBL was quite simply…perfect for an immerging democracy.

        1. The people acted differently, BUT THE LEADERS were still a bunch of fucking thieves.Ferdinand Marcos being the biggest one.I knew little about the Man at the time he ruled, but I knew his wife had 5,000 pairs of shoes. Anyone who has that many pairs of shoes, I do not like: automatically.

        1. It is only now that I understand the MV Karagatan incident. The Plaza Miranda bombing is also connected to this incident.

          Old newspaper articles, showed, Benigno Aquino, Jr., had a photo ops, with a Israeli Uzi machine pistol. Why was Aquino not present in the LP Miting de Avance?

        2. Excellent! Great info on our history not widely known to many! Di lang pala mga taong kagaya ni Bing-Bong ang kalaban ni Mr. Marcos pati na rin Communist China at CIA!

  8. We need a “Moses” , who can lead us out from “slavery”, to the Promised Land. The Israelites had wondered in the desert, for forty (40) years; of what would be an eleven (11) days journey to the Promised Land. It was not anything else that God made them wondered in the desert. It was their Bad Characters, and “Slavery Mindset”…God even fed them with Manna from heaven. Moses hit a rock, to give them water in the desert.
    Yet, they complain of these blessings from God.

    Yes, we need a good Leader, not a Dumb one, like Aquino; or a self serving one, like most politicians; or a leader from the ruling political family dynasty…

  9. We are like the dumb ancient Israelites, who wondered in the desert for forty (40) years. We go around and around the stupid desert…we vote the same evil political leaders, every election…so we go around and around the stupid political system.

    Vote the right leader, who can lead. It is possible, we can elect another “Moses”, to lead us out of this polirical wilderness..

  10. When it comes to choosing a savior, Failipinos won’t settle for just a human being.

    Someday when the Failippines becomes more older, they’ll learn who to trust. But heroes and saviors, can’t save folks like them Failipinos.

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