Bangsamoro Basic Law not a peace agreement but a SURRENDER agreement!

After reading the comments about the Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro (CAB) and the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), and connecting it to what I personally know about the Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s behavior from the era of former President Fidel Ramos to the present and the history of Malaysia’s long-term involvement in supporting secession in Mindanao, it is my opinion that the CAB-BBL is NOT a peace agreement but a SURRENDER agreement between the Philippines and Malaysia represented by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front as sole proxy, with the full consent of and approval by the highest authorities of the land.

Philippines Police Commandos KilledWorse, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front is in bed with the global jihadist movement that complicates our national security disaster. In the event that Malaysia obtains for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front that sub-state which it would sooner than later declare as an Independent BangsaMoro Islamic State, not only will that country within our country serve as a security buffer zone for Malaysia, it will give jihadists a firm grip on our throats and jointly force the Philippines to give up its claim on Sabah.

This is how I see it. I join good sons and daughters of the Republic to prevent that from happening in the courts of law and public opinion, and in the battlefield if it gets to that. This is a very serious matter that every Filipino must look into NOW because this concerns the long-term future and security of Inang Laya, our nation’s children and succeeding generations.
The quality of our society and government needs improvement across-the-board, from Luzon to Mindanao. The problem of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) is a reflection of the nation’s problems. The lack of good citizenship and good government is felt everywhere – corruption, ignorance, social injustice, exclusion, organized and street crime, terrorism, political monopoly. We need to fix those to resolve our fundamental problems instead of tinkering around with idiotic ideas that only promise to worsen them.

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The solution to our problems is national transformation – starting with our “ugali.” As we’re working on that foundational issue, let us take corrective steps to make local and regional autonomy truly responsive to the people’s needs through political reforms. Where ARMM is handicapped by human resource limitations, let us consciously help it with outsourced experts from here and abroad.

The problem we have is people, specifically our behavior. Giving land to jihadists and proxies of Malaysia is obviously not the answer. It’s like a driver that keeps bumping his car so the solution is to change the car instead of the driver. It’s INSANE.

[This article is published with Mr Alunan’s permission and was originally posted on his Facebook page. Photo courtesy PhilStar.]

20 Replies to “Bangsamoro Basic Law not a peace agreement but a SURRENDER agreement!”

  1. The Approval of BBL Law will be the capitulation of the Philippine government to the Islamic Radicals. You can see their works: from Lebanon, to Syria , to Iraq, to Libya, to Somalia, to Pakistan, and now to Kenya…where Christian students were massacred recently by Somalia’s Al Shabab Jihadists.

    Pakistan is the best example, of how Taliban, has gained a foothold to attack Afghanistan.
    A foothold in Mindanao, will surely attack Major Visayan cities, and cities in Luzon; including Metro Manila.

    Malaysia has a hidden agenda on sponsoring the MILF.

    I urged fellow Filipinos, to write what they thinks about the issue. To inform fellow Patriotic Filipinos. ISIS,Al Queda, and Radical Islam are spreading worldwide…terrorism will continue..

  2. Certainly, the most comprehensive, the most coherent, and the most cogent assessment of the present situation.

    No doubt, PHL is being laid waste, and there is no exaggeration about this to those who are capable of objective thinking and foresight. And yet, our present leadership remains oblivious to the situation they’ve definitely made much worse than before because of puerility, incompetence, selfishness, greed, as well as narcissism. But, this has been possible because of the ignorance, apathy, parochial mentality and malformed priorities of the citizenry in general.

    If you still love the country, let us heed the advice of this experienced, clear minded and wise man. Thank you, Mr Alunan, for the article. Just wish there were more of you in the leadership roles in PHL, Sir.

  3. But why are the higher authorities still pushing through with this agreement? The Filipinos know that these authorities have first hand information about the risks they will be placing everyone in this country if they go through with it. But why are they still doing this agreement? They’re claiming that the lives of the 44 SAF troopers who died in the Mamasapano encounter will be worth for nothing when in fact it is the complete opposite.

  4. ASK YOURSELVES:What would Filipino’s the nation over say if: Aquino announced that the muslims were being given an area to ,at the insistence of a foreign gov’t., train people that will be needed in the Middle-east conflict?
    There is the Filipino people’s answer as to why this law/treaty is being made. It is not being made because there are traitors,or maybe they actually are(but that is besides the point:War is business and business’s play both sides so they always win),but more because it is necessary. It is not being done for the benefit of the Filipino nation(whatever that is), that much is certain.Ask yourselves, is it?

      1. YES, sad but true (MARK these words:The agreement is going to happen and the violence is not going to stop)… Southern Mindanao is the perfect place to train the necessary ‘cannon-fodder’ that is needed to fight the ‘proxy war’ being waged by,GUESS WHO?, in Eastern Syria/North Western Iraq(among other places) and anywhere else these types of religious warrior types are needed. They, the soldiers, do not even know who is behind their existence and why.The people in the Failippine government (that are being paid,again, by….GUESS WHO?)aren’t going to tell the soldiers ,that is for sure.

  5. Years from now, they’re gonna ask us this question. Where were you when they took over your country?

    And the Failipinos will say…We just stood by and watched.

  6. After reading this and seeing who wrote it,this comes to mind.Some things have changed since Ramos time & GRP may have some formerly influential people’s attention, but that is all for naught. The current regime is being told what to do and they know how it looks and it has to have them squirming for a way to make it look good, but they can not make it look good.Because it is not good.The whole situation is bad,as the former Cabinet Secretary clearly states above,but IT WILL CONTINUE. There is no doubt about that and nothing the Filipino people say will stop it.The time where speech could effect an outcome here is long gone.

  7. This is a clear assessment of this Bangsamoro supposedly peace process. I agree that to assess the effectiveness of the current ARMMS structured in Mindanao we must evaluate the influence of the efficiency culture that our governance infrastructure is established here in the Philippines. Whatever our National government’s behavior and performance is reflective to that of the ARMMS. Our national government is truly ineffective for years and created this culture that bastardized the whole legislation of the country. Without conditional restrictions the legislation are manipulated by politicians, government officials, courts and lawyers creating this governance chaos we have today. So how could you expect this governmentwith this bad culture expect to produce a peace prprocess arrangement and expect it to be effective.

    We have to be realistic with our expectations and first accept this deficiencies in governance to be able to make the necessary changes that will influence this needed governance culture changes. Even our law academic establishments need to also consider this review and changes if the Philippine way of governance is to change its culture. It is then we can expect changes.

  8. let our whole country know about these CAB and BBL all about pls publish them not only in social media but also in local papers who can reach even in the grassroots and in the schools before its too late remember they are doing EVERYTHING…..

  9. ‘yang mga hinayupak na MILF na ‘yan dapat ipako sa krus ng patiwarik!

    Dapat ibulgar din natin ang kagaguhang ginagawa ng Malaysia. That will destroy their image to the int’l community. A sweet revenge, ‘ika nga.

    If all else fails, beg Uncle Sam to nuke Mindanao to the ground before giving it away to those terrorist.

    1. Nuke Mindanao? Are you serious! If it wasn’t for M Uncle Sam we would not have this problem in the first place! Even BBL is passed or not violence Mindanao will not stop!

  10. hindi makuha ng mga MILF ang Punto o ibig ipa unawa ng matagal na. na ang lupa ng mindanao ay sumasaklaw sa mga ibat ibang grupo ng mga katutubo hindi lang mga MILF o Moro kayat hindi lang kayo ang my karapatan jan sa Mindanao parang sa Luzon, Visayas hindi lang naman Manilenyo, Cebuano, Ka pangpangan, Ilocano, Ifugao, Cavitenio, Ita at marmi pang ibang lahi dito sa bansang Pilipinas lahat naman dapat sumunod sa batas ng bansang Pilipinas pero hindi naman sila inaagawan ng lupa hindi ibigsabihin na kapag ikaw ay sumailalim sa watawat ng bansang Pilipinas ay kinuhaan kana ng Lupa mali po ang inyong Paniniwala lahat po tayo my karapatan at obligasyon nating sumunod… kung history ang pag babatayan lahat po ng tayo ang mga ninuno natin ay mga dayo lang sa lupain ito kung kayat isa alang alang po natin na ang isang bansa ay sumisimbulo sa ka ayusan at pag sunod sa itinakdang batas sa kanyang na sasakupan… sanay ma unawaan ng mga ka patid nating muslim na hindi natin sila kinukuhaan ng lupa bagkos gusto lang natin silang maging parte ng bansang Pilipinas…
    Just now · Edited · Like

  11. BBL doesn’t make any sense for peace process, really, in that in the long run the whole Mindanao will be at stake and the controlling party will be BangsaMoro. Basically, that’s what they want to happen, BBL being their very device to accomplish it. I’m wondering why they just don’t turn ARMM into BAR (BangsaMoro Autonomous Region). Obviously because not all of Muslim Mindanao are BangsaMoro? And the fact that many regions did not join ARMM under Tripoli agreement, Muslim community being minority on most areas in Mindanao, shows that the present government is just capitalizing on the threat of a revolutionary group wreaking havoc due to their ill-fated past and land rights so they claim (which the indigenous peoples has more rights in fact), to subdue them without bloodbath which is the essence of peace treaty with our present government.

  12. By the way, the government shouldn’t be promoting BBL. They’re using every government medium to promote it in a way brainwashing people into believing what they should study and judge themselves as acceptable or not. They want the people to just listen on what they have to say and agree since on their part BBL is the only solution they’ve got to right everything that’s wrong in Muslim Mindanao.

  13. If they want peace in mindanao, strengthen the Armed forced and control the mindanao area.
    BBL is not a peace process but deceiving process. It putting big and more danger in the whole Philippine nation. It giving terrorist and Jihadists safe haven under Bangsamoro leaders. Wala pa ngang BBL pero di na nakaporma ang AFP para mai-reinforced ang SAF44.

  14. Mmes. Quintos-Deles and Coronel-Ferrer, like the President are from Luzon. One wonders whether this figured-in, in their chivalry and benevolence towards the MILF. We know that those Christians and Lumads in and around the proposed ‘BBL’ area must feel anxious and let-down.. convinced that they had been taken for granted. Winston Churchill once said, “An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping that it would eat him last.”

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