The Philippines after the Second Aquino Presidency: A profoundly-DAMAGED country!

Suddenly, people are crying Vindictive! as outraged Filipinos now seek justice for the unnecessarily enormous casualties sustained by the Philippine National Police’s (PNP’s) Special Action Force (SAF) and direct a long-overdue outpouring of anger against Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III.

44 elite police officers are now dead thanks to the savagery of an Islamic terrorist group that the Philippine government under President BS Aquino was astoundingly foolish and vain enough to negotiate with as equals. Yet some people now appeal to the public to see that this is really just an unfortunate outcome of a web of thousands of intertwined historical and political variables at work and that all this is really nobody’s fault.

Jesus H. Christ, give us a break.

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noynoy_aquinoEven if, for argument’s sake, we suppose that this appalling death toll was not President BS Aquino’s fault, the fact is someone killed those 44 men. And because they died in combat within a war zone, somebody was in command of those killers. Thus the conclusion is straightforward. Somebody killed those 44 police officers.

At the very least the perpetrators of this war crime should be hunted down and brought back to Manila to face their accusers. But no. Even these crooks are being coddled by the government of President BS Aquino!

It is incredibly baffling that one would even propose that this issue be regarded as too complicated to assign accountability. How convenient. The fact is, police officers were killed by bullets somebody shot out of a firearm purposely aimed at them. What is so difficult to understand about that??

The argument in vogue nowadays is that we should all move forward and “build” rather than “rip apart”.

What a crock of shit.

Sometimes something needs to be demolished before a new more modern structure can be built. If the Philippine government and the “democracy” that supposedly lends credence to it needs to be ripped apart, then so be it.

The fact is, the government of President BS Aquino has always been a dud. Indeed, it has now proven to be worse than a dud — it is borderline criminal. Filipinos in all their world-renowned idiocy already gave it a free pass after it was found to have violated the public trust and made off with hundreds of millions taxpayers’ money to fund a witch hunt to save Uncle Peping’s hacienda. Now, 44 dead police officers later, minions of this same government are now calling for the public to again turn their backs to a much-needed quest for accountability!

How many more times will Filipinos succumb to the tired allure of an old mid-1980s narrative around dead “martyrs” and their prayerful son who went on to be the Reluctant President? Are his critics the “vindictive” ones around here?

I think not.

President BS Aquino invented vindictive politics. Indeed, under his watch a former president awaiting trial remained incarcerated beyond a reasonable period within which justice should have been served. Suffice to say, the Second Aquino Presidency has been the most divisive in Philippine history — turning the entire country into a virtual two-faction society: on one side all those who are loyal to the Yellow colour of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan and, on the other side, all the rest. Now if that isn’t an act by an incumbent government that does not have the effect of ripping apart the fabric of an entire society, I don’t know what is.

I’m hoping Filipinos have had enough of idiots appealing on behalf of the humanity of their president. Kesyo their president is “only human”, “imperfect”, and “burdened” by the immense responsibility of running a country of 101 million.

Excuse me, but presidents are presumably elected because they can do stuff most ordinary schmoes can’t. I mean, it was once safe to assume that only an infinitessimally small handful of mortals possess the rare chops to be president of the Philippines, right?

It seems, however, that President BS Aquino has all but destroyed that notion that Filipinos are entitled to expect their presidents to be exceptional people.


The presidency of BS Aquino has heralded a new era of utter mediocrity in the Philippines — one where fatal errors are excused and banal incompetence is regarded as normal in the Chief Executive of the land.

True reform in the Philippines will only be seen when Filipinos in unison say enough is enough. President BS Aquino has not encouraged Filipinos to aspire to be at their best. Instead, he has encouraged them to continue to hang on even more firmly to that comfy culture of mendicancy that has long been a tradition — one where pwede na yan passes off as ACHIEVEMENT and bahala na serves as a proxy for VISION.

President BS Aquino has done a lot of damage to the Philippines. One more year of his rule means another year’s worth of profound damage to an already deeply-damaged society.

When will enough be enough?

[Photo courtesy Inside Story.]

20 Replies to “The Philippines after the Second Aquino Presidency: A profoundly-DAMAGED country!”

  1. I have nothing to say but this is the sad fate of our country under BS PNoy mismanagement. I hope this is the last Aquino in Malacanang, thanks God! BS Pnoy don’t have his own family I mean his own wife, sons, and daughters.

    1. Boy Sisi strikes again. Sinabi niya noon na si Purisima ang nagfeed ng wrong info. Tapos ngayon sinisisi niya si Napenas. Eh di ba noong Yolanda times nagyabang siya na may rescue team tapos noong nalaman na sinungaling siya ay Sinisi ang mga body counters bakit masyado daw malaki ang bilang ng mga namatay? Agree ako na sana ito na ang last Aquino president but sadly, maraming Noytards na nagpapakabobo at sadly again, marami sa kanila ang nagsasabi na itigil na ang Mamasapano issue dahil nabubuking ang kabobohan ng mahal nilang si Ngoyngoy. May hirit pa silang ayaw nila kay Binay kahit elected official ito kaya hangga’t may supporter ang retarded na si Ngoyngoy ay may chance na makaupo din si Krissy.

      Attention seeker ang critics? Tang ina mo iyakin ka Ngoyngoy. Kapareho ka lang ng tatay mong nagtago sa mga NPA at nanay mong inutil. Angsaya ko lang pag Hacienda Luisita ang unang iterrorize ng MILF at BIFF pag naipasa yang stupid BBL mo. Magdate na lang kayo ni Iqbal tutal pareho naman kayong tuta ng Malaysian rebels.

  2. Needless to say, the Philippines today is the result of a collaborative ignorance. Their flawed mantra of “Pwede na yan”, added with admiring mediocrity and discouraging independent thought since it would be considered “disrespectful”, is what turned the country into the monstrosity it is today.

    This song pretty much sums up the Aquino administration and the people’s reaction to him:

  3. “Sometimes something needs to be demolished before a new more modern structure can be built. If the Philippine government and the “democracy” that supposedly lends credence to it needs to be ripped apart, then so be it.”

    — and this is where I bail.

    I will say it here: it is possible to support democracy and the laws and institutions that embody it and operate through it while being critical of Noynoy and his policies. People who say that Noynoy must step down are fine with me so long as they have their reasons and mind that even the president is subject to due process. People who say that Noynoy must step down, democracy be damned… well, they must think of government as a toy, to be discarded when they’re tired of it or when it displeases them. Certainly these people don’t want truths at odds with the truth as they want it told, and deep down fear the possibility of their being fucking wrong; that’s why they’re so noisy right now about Noynoy stepping down pronto… in favor of something “more modern”. What “more modern”? Binay? Gloria? A junta of question marks? Gimme a lot of breaks.

    I’ve got a lot more to say about this, but it’s obvious that I’m wasting my time here. Enjoy your circlejerking, circlejerking — may your seed not bring forth monsters of anarchy.

    1. what exactly do you call PNoy’s administration? a “democracy?”

      gimme a break.

      don’t hit the door on the way out.

    2. Can’t speak for all, but the problem with due process is that it hasn’t started. Pnoy is obviously failing big time, and two things have NEVER been brought about— accountability and the consequences of that accountability. And it doesn’t just start with Pnoy. It starts with the people who QUALIFIED him to run in the first place. If the qualifications of being a president were more stringent and less mediocre, then we would have a better leader. Not a perfect one, but certainly almost anything is better than this. Almost.

  4. The trouble of Aquino is: he cannot accept responsibility. He find somebody to blame for his incompetence. He is good in finding an “Escape Goat”…He is also too dependent on people, to do his job as a President. “Tamad siya talaga”…Aquino grew up with “silver spoon” on his mouth. A son of a very rich “haciendero”. His is served by an army of servants; who cater to all his needs. The family has money; however, he just have a mediocre education. He never excelled in anything.

    So, this is what we got…a President who lies, blames, and cannot accept responsibility…A DUD Presidency…

  5. the commander in chief’s command is only applicable to the ground commander. now, whose fault is it, pnoy, purisima, or napenas? where is the fault?

  6. your president is not a psycho man. he knows what he is doing, that’s only his alibi to escape just in case. just always mention hacienda luisita and he’ll go crazy on that. i know he’s reading on this site. that’s his only goal hacienda luisita being a president to save it nothing else. he’s targeting the ancestral domain which is in the sharia law to save luisita, not the nobel award.

  7. A damaged country run down by a damaged culture. Of course, without that culture, we could’t have reached his state of affairs. We’d be doing better.

    1. BS Aquino would’ve been called out sooner, or perhaps he might not have even ascended to the top spot.

      Filipinos lack the predilection towards responsibility and accountability:

      “Accountability is something that is left when responsibility has been subtracted.”

  8. Of course, PNoy will leave a profoundly damaged country. He has bastardized, debased, perverted, and prostituted the dignity of the highest office of the land. That office will no longer be the same.

    In histories of nations, there have been madmen as leaders, but PHL has now the distinction of having put one in that office who is a moron. He ran for the office unqualified, a candidate in 2010 who had zero performance in his previous positions and yet was voted in. No wonder China has no respect for us and is building structures right in our own backyard. No wonder our army is now fighting the war of MILF, and why not, MILF see the President as their water-boy who they could dictate by creating situations PNoy bites hook, line and sinker. (Di ba nabola sya ni Nappy ng ganun lang?) See, boys and girls, PNoy could contradict himself, lie in public through his teeth, and all we could do is write our frustrations in articles and comments like this. We are a damaged nation. The last 5 years has been a very costly exercise for PHL in more ways than one.

    But, PNoy will never go to jail because he can always plead insanity. He, in fact, did it already during a prayer meeting set-up by sycophants and apologists to prove the point. The message of that meeting is quite clear: “See, guys, he is a moron. So stop looking for the real killer of the 44. You put him in office; you killed the 44.”

    So, weep for the children of the 44, and weep for your children too, — they have come to know a country run by a moron.

  9. Peenoy so fucking idiotic. Nakuha nya ata sa mga cojuangco ang pagkamongoloid nya parang si Josh lang pareho silang mongoloid

  10. The trouble with vindictive people like BS Aquino is that they feel they are doing you a favor by not allowing you to say constructive criticisms. They seem to think that one day you’ll look back and thank them for those precious times they just added to your life. What they don’t understand is that those are just times you can spend hating their guts and plotting revenge, which they don’t even give a shit.

  11. My family is in deep shit because of this incompetent,dishonest lackluster leader and the voters who put him in power. Thinking of immigrating.

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