Pnoy’s Rating Slump and the Big “So What?”

See, this is why politics in this country bores me… News goes around that King Benigno S. Aquino III’s ratings plunges even further down and people are contributing their two cents as they share the links on their Facebook walls, perhaps only vaguely aware that these ratings only matter in a small and not even practical way.

Trust ratings only matter in situations where the president of a country can and is seeking a second term. These ratings form the basis for saying whether the president has a strong or weak chance of winning another term. So getting high trust ratings can mean a higher chance of winning a second term.

This is not the case in the Philippines where the president is assured of a single, continuous term of six years.

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The only way that this drop in Presidential trust ratings would be interesting is if it were in anyway actually indicative of an upswell of support for a movement to oust him. But it’s not in anyway an indicator of that.

If we take Aquino III’s ratings slump as an indication of the people’s sentiments arising from his past behavior through out the Mamapasano Massacre controversy, it just simply doesn’t lead anywhere because it simply isn’t any kind of stimulus that can have an impact on his future behavior. That’s why I find it funny that one newspaper’s online edition even has an article with the title that goes something like, “Aquino Still Not Sorry for Mamapasano Despite Ratings Drop”.

WHY??? Why even go there?!!

Moreover, if the rumor that Aquino III is actually psychopathic is true, then it is even more unlikely that a ratings drop would actually matter to Aquino III in the way it should and might probably be an incentive for more bad behavior as certain psychopaths actually relish the pain felt by their victims.

So, where does this lead us? Nowhere.

But just so that this article isn’t a complete waste of time for you, let me point out that if you want things to change in the way that would make such perception surveys have an some kind of impact on the behavior of the president, the constitution should be changed so that presidents have two four year terms as they do in the US.

It’s still not a guarantee though, but at least, there’s a chance of booting an ineffective and inept leader.

2 Replies to “Pnoy’s Rating Slump and the Big “So What?””

  1. Survey Ratings can go up and down, according to the Rating firm. Maybe, the survey came from the : “False Asia Survey…”

    They use Statistics in that survey. It depends also, if the Statistician is: prejudiced; did not know hat he/she was doing; taken Statistical Data in the wrong way; or put Data for himself/herself, to up or down the Rating..

    It does not matter for Aquino. The results of his decisions are better indicators, than the surveys/ratings…

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