Filipinos: Lost in a Web of Delusion

In my first meeting with my counselor, I was asked to write about how I really felt about myself. She told me to be honest with what I wrote and that I should put in even the small details that have some significance to me. I had some problems with recounting everything that happened but my counselor later congratulated me on being able to admit a few things to myself including certain transgressions that I’ve done to others. She told me that a lot of her previous clients tend to be hard in denial at first before admitting to a lot of mistakes. She went on to say that getting people to admit to their own failings is the first step to improving themselves and their situation.

Unfortunately, she also confirmed that not all of her clients tend to go through with admitting their faults and is one of the reasons they never fully recover from their problems. Well, while I can admit to still having problems, my counselor went on to point out that by not admitting one’s mistakes, one can never move on from their troubles and are doomed to repeat their mishaps. Then, she went on to tell me it was often self-delusion that caused criminals to do more and more reprehensible acts throughout their lives until they became total monster. A good example of this would be some of the Nazi war criminals and extremist Islamic factions of today. They hide behind causes that they consider just such as national security or interests and religious fanaticism respectively or sometimes even both.

philippine_hopeNow, I will admit that the Philippines, despite its troubles, are nowhere near as deplorable as some of the more unfortunate nations of the world, this is cold comfort considering the degree of denial the government, the media and the people have. For instance, more Filipinos find interest in news regarding the Jamich couple as a recent comment in another article stated instead of the troubles at hand like the terrorists of Mindanao and the ever present threat of China across the South China Sea. While people have a right to consume what media they want, I don’t think they’re fully aware of the dangers that threaten them because of their selective obliviousness to their situation. It confounds me to no end that the troubles of celebrities (while some do warrant attention but are not, say, a matter of national security) often take center stage over more pressing concerns like terrorist attacks or the possibility of being annexed by another country.

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During my college years, I often joined stage plays and one of my most memorable roles (for both me and my audience at the time) was that of Uncle Screwtape from the Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. It was a very loose adaptation actually as we took liberties with the original work and tried to make the story less about demonic hierarchy and more about the nature of temptation, human frailty and redemption. Anyway, for those not in the know, The Screwtape Letters is about demons and their relationship with humans. In the book, it is shown how they tempt people into committing acts of evil, both big and small, and how they whisper justifications to the minds of people to prevent them from realizing the horror of their crimes and repenting.

Anyway, upon remembering both the book and the script I was given at the time and comparing it with our society, I can say that a lot of people are caught in their delusions and cling to them to justify their existence and their often terrible attitude towards one another. One line I will never forget is: “They see only what they want to see and hear only what they want to hear.” It chills me to the bone to admit it, but this is certainly what I see in plenty of my countrymen.

I don’t want to sound preachy here, but if you’re familiar with the Bible, Jesus spoke a line that said: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” This was because a lot of Jesus’ tormentors and executioners at the time probably didn’t fully understand what was going on. The scribes and pharisees, the people who were in charge of organized religion at the time and paid lip service to the Roman Empire, twisted the words Jesus had said to make him look like a criminal before the public. Since seeing Jesus as a criminal and blasphemer was easier for people to accept than say that they were essentially all slaves of the Roman Empire, they chose to have the poor man crucified for all his troubles.

So okay, I might actually be stretching things a bit and I don’t really want to compare former President Arroyo to Jesus, but I can point out that our own heavily-biased media has fooled us (similar to the scribes and pharisees mentioned above) into seeing her as a criminal. In the original Screwtape Letters, it is mentioned that the favorite tactic of demons is to use the emotions of people to get them to see things in the wrong light. To twist a person’s words and their meaning to something different from what intended. While emotions aren’t bad in and of themselves, getting carried away by them is one way a person can commit some of the most heinous crimes and never realize it until it’s too late. Because of our emotions, we become easy to manipulate and easily blinded with propaganda. The same tactic is also used to prevent us from seeing the fact that China is expanding further into our territory and that the terrorists down south continue to terrorize the populace by presenting to us media sensations like extravagant celebrity weddings and beaten movie actors.

Filipinos are so much like children who have now wandered into a dangerous filled with snakes, wolves, bears and other wild animals as shown by Benign0 here. Now, instead of taking appropriate actions like hiding or defending oneself, the common Pinoy is taught to simply close their eyes and pretend that all those wild animals do not exist as if that will somehow make the ravenous bears, starving wolves and venomous snakes disappear.


12 Replies to “Filipinos: Lost in a Web of Delusion”

  1. “Fiddling as Rome burns.”

    Is a phrase that comes to mind while reading the article. Because thanks to our culture and the media, the people don’t really care about important things and more about the mundane.

    All thanks to the oligarch-controlled media as it has done a bang-up job in keeping the people dumb without having to control the flow of information going to the Philippines! (George Orwell would be astonished by this.)

    This is the kind of stuff you can’t make up in literature.

  2. Do you know that an Ostrich buries its head, when in danger. To prevent itself, from seeing the incoming threat.

    The Aquino administrations; and most Filipinos are like those Ostriches…they have eyes but , they refuse to see the present dangers…they rely on U.S., to defend them…

  3. Next thing you know, this BS Ack admin will have a BBL deal with something like China. We’ll find Filipinos being pistol-whipped by Chinese secret police. Well, in a dystopian future, at least.

    1. Unfortunately, the Philippines right now is a huge dystopia if you look at it closely.

      “Fuck me, I’ve landed in a dystopian sci-fi novel.” ~ Marius O.

  4. GMA had to personally escort hundreds of millions of Peso’s back to China after the ZTE scandal cancelled the broadband deal she was going to broker….at a ten % illegal profit.

    The 1st Gentleman (HA,whatta load of dung !) went right up to the fine line of breaking the law and sold used helicopters as new ones back to the people….and did not go to jail(where his ass belongs)as he did not sign the final bill of sale BUT did pocket the money paid for the helicopters.

    These Arroyo’s are a typical Filipino political family: Thieves through and through.

    BUT FEAR NOT: They will not go to jail and not give any money back.All the BS publicity will not solve the corruption problem in the country and it will encourage it as the ends justifies it. NO JAIL TIME, NO MONEY FOREITURE,so hey WHY NOT STEAL?

  5. How can I clearly see what’s wrong with someone else, and then look at myself as though I’m standing in front of a fogged mirror?

  6. The sad thing is, in the unknown future..I guess in one of the possible futures for this country..we’d no longer be known as the Philippines…the Philippines we’d probably only knew would be Manila..if you want to go to Bicol you’d need a passport as soon as you leave the last city in the NCR.

    It would not only be run like hell by what used to be known as Filipinos, but it will be run like hell by pretty much anyone who had a stake at power. And there will be a long line of corpses along the way, because some if not a lot of people will try to “fight the good fight” but in the end everybody gets fucked in their ass not knowing this whole war thing is just another sham.

    That scenario wouldn’t be too far from the truth.

    1. I’m actually kind of surprised we even lasted 60 years without breaking up. You’d have thought the Balkanization would start right after “independence” from the Americans.

      Probably because we’re obsessed with external appearances, and yes—the nation’s territorial integrity is itself all appearance.

      (No, and as you can judge from my diction, I’m not the reincarnation of MarianoRenatoPacifico. If I were him I’d go all “englishtchez” and “goot Filipinos” and all that.)

  7. Filipinos are also #1 epic fail & gullible fools falling easy preys on romantic movies made by ABS-CBN & Star Magic (i.e. D. Padilla-K. Bernando movies). Cheaply produced & recycled romantic movies to target millions of gullible Filipinos, especially Filipinas, who giggle non-stop & their panties drop off easily at the sight of romantic tandem such as Padilla & Bernando. These movies make those gullible Filipinas to think about love & sex very often causing unwanted pregnancies. No wonder the Philippines is #1 in Southeast Asia & ranked very high globally in teenage pregnancy & single mother population. ABS-CBN & Star Magic don’t give a rodent’s posterior. All they care about is Ka-ching Ka-ching, easy money in the bank, you gullible fools!

  8. The long time cartoon called The Simpsons reminds me of Philippines. I wish they make an episode about Philippines. They made one for Japan and twice for Brazil.

    1. I doubt that will be likely. Knowing the Pinoys, they’ll throw a hissy fit and demand an apology as well as demanding the government to have Matt Groening be added to the country’s ever-increasing blacklist.

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