BS Aquino: The President of the #Philippines is a LIAR

With lie after lie after lie coming out of the President’s mouth, there are more and more and more people that need to be kept silent to keep this house of cards of deceit from crumbling. The latest scapegoat now unceremoniously hung out to dry by the President following the massacre of 44 Special Action Force troops by elements of the terrorist Moro Islamic Liberation Front is relieved SAF commander Getulio Napenas Jr.

According to President BS Aquino, Napenas “disobeyed his order to properly coordinate the operation with the Philippine Army several days before its launch instead of informing the military hours before operation launch.” This is notable considering that in mid-February, President BS Aquino claimed that he was receiving information primarily from suspended Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima and went as far as accusing Purisima of “feeding” him lies about the situation on the ground as it happened…

noynoy_aquinoHouse Representative Rufus Rodriguez reported to Mornings@ANC following a 23rd February meeting they had with the president in Malacanang that…

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“It was very clear that the President was not only misled, he was lied to. That was his word, he was lied to by Gen. [Alan] Purisima because the texts of Purisima said that the support of the artillery of the Armed Forces Mechanized Brigade has already started, that there was already support in that encounter…”

More importantly, it was a an official statement from Malacanang that shows that President BS Aquino’s orders were issued directly to Purisima

Malacañang on Monday also said Aquino told the leaders of the House that he had given specific instructions to Purisima, who was then suspended as PNP chief, to inform PNP officer-in-charge Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina, and to then SAF director Getulio Napeñas to coordinate with the AFP.

“However, he found out later that these instructions had not been followed,” Communications Secretary Sonny Coloma said.

…which brings us to wonder why, in President BS Aquino’s quaint rant to a bunch of “Christian leaders” in Malacanang yesterday, it was just Napenas’s name being dragged through the mud with no mention at all of how Purisima figured in the chain of command leading to President BS himself. One wonders what it is exactly that is going on between President BS Aquino and the disgraced Alan Purisima. It was highly-irregular for the suspended Purisima to have been allowed within the loop of such a sensitive operation to begin with. Aquino must have so bizarrely deferred to Purisima above everyone else for some reason to the point of ignoring the fact of his being suspended on corruption allegations, no less!

This deference was such that even Interior Secretary and Liberal Party top presidentiable Mar Roxas was also kept in the dark. And now, we see Purisima just as mysteriously dropped from the picture in this latest presidential effort to cover his royal behind and shield his precious but imperiled Bangsamoro Basic Law from condemnation.

President BS Aquino is increasingly isolating himself from his bosses — the Filipino people — who have become increasingly outraged by, the layers upon layers of lies piling up around this national crisis. First, President BS Aquino turned the 25th February Edsa “Revolution” anniversary into an exclusive event — locking out activists from various sectors from the inner sanctum of the Edsa Shrine where he cocooned himself amongst his yellow-shirted minions. Then, yesterday, another obssessively-secured “meeting” in Malacanang with friendly folk before whom he viciously laid blame on Napenas.

One thing BS Aquino’s certainly got going for him is he has quite the army of loyal and tight-lipped minions. Foremost among them is Secretary Roxas who, you’d think, would be mad as a hatter after being left out of the planning circle involving an agency he was responsible for, is sticking by his boss.

Fact is, as President, whether you’ve been lied to or disobeyed by your subordinates, the buck still stops with you. President BS Aquino seems utterly incapable of grasping what being the President means. And he’s been “president” for five years and counting! To that sort of thing, the venerable Obi Wan Kenobi’s asked the rhetorical question in the excellent 1977 movie Star Wars:

Who is more foolish, the fool, or the one who follows him?

As someone elected by popular vote, President BS Aquino gives Filipinos a bad name. He and his lying face are reflections of a country that chose him to be their leader. How long will Filipinos who are evidently obssessed with propping up “Pinoy Pride” continue to live with the appalling embarrassment that is their president? Nakakahiya sa mga Kano!

16 Replies to “BS Aquino: The President of the #Philippines is a LIAR”

  1. Every time that yellow leader opens his mouth he continuously flush his administration down the drain. I suggest that they put a leash on that guys neck and put a gag on his mouth to stop him from further humiliating this country and Filipinos all over the world. Sadly he represents the country and its people – and there is nothing that we can do as mostly voted and supported him during the elections. It is the whole nation suffering from this kind of leadership whether or not who voted for him. He is truly an embarrassment to all Filipinos! Obviously incompetent, obviously hard headed and obviously lack the sense of responsibility.

  2. This pathetic BS President that we have right now is known for two things; first he always blame others because of his failures as a commander in every disastrous events in our country, Second and last he always take the credit of others’ accomplishment. That’s BS PNoy!

  3. Sa simula pa lang palpak na ang pagkakaluklok kay PNoy. The emo Pinoys are the ones who called for him to run for President right after his mother’s death. Wala sa hinagap niyang uupo siya agad bilang pangulo dahil alam n’yang hindi siya qualified, hindi siya handa, alam niyang hindi basta-basta ang maging pangulo malaking responsibilidad. Siya hahawak ng malaking responsibilidad? Nanay ko po! Kaso kailangang makasiguro ng mga nasa posisyon na mahahawakan nila ang higit na kapangyarihan sa gobyerno, hindi ang magserbisyo sa tao. Kung hindi ba, ang Liberal Party ay hindi pipiliin ‘yang si Mar o si PNoy bilang standard-bearer nila sa pagka-Pangulo. Alam nilang malaki ang hatak sa tao, popular sa masa, malaki ang pag-asang manalo. Kapag nga naman nanalo ang bata nila, tuloy ang ligaya, may access ule sa malaking budget na pinagpuputahan ng mamamayang Pilipino. Ang manok ng Liberal Party noon e si Mar (na siguradong disaster din ang hatid sa bansa kung sakaling naluklok). Tuso ang mga walanghiya at walang pagkatuto ang mga botante. Sabi nga, magpatanga ka ng paulit-ulit at ‘di maglalaon isa ka na lang certified na tanga, hindi mo na maiisip na boto mo lang ang mahalaga sa kanila hindi ikaw. Tapos noong naging Pangulo si PNoy, dahil “nagbigay daan” si Mar, favored agad as DILG secretary pagkamatay ni Sec. Jesse Robredo, nevermind if he lack the qualifications to fair with the position o kung matutuloy n’ya ang sinimulan ni Mang Jesse. Kampihan sila syempre. Kilala ‘yang mga ‘yan sa cronyism lalo si PNoy kita na’t hindi maidiin ang kakuntsaba n’yang si Purisima. Kaya iyan bumubula ang bibig sa pagsisinungaling.

  4. And whatever happened to judgment? As President he should exercise wisdom, judgment. Everything that comes to him is just input. He should know how to process, validate, monitor, confirm…THINK…processes all associated with a well-evolved mind. So you tell me what that means…

  5. Someone has claimed major credit for making President of PNoy for supposedly bringing out the idea first: Conrado de Quiroz. Where’s the guy now BTW; he is no longer writing for PDI.

    I think the PNoy presidency was meant for some divine purpose: to erase the Myth, the myth they call the Aquino Legacy.

  6. This is just appalling. Now I know that Noynoy has really screwed the pooch on this whole issue. He let 44 men trying to do their job die horribly, its made clear their “allies” are terrible people (returning only the salvaged shells and thanking them for it), on EDSA day, he has deployed FAR MORE police than he ever did during the SAF 44 event. All to prevent protesters. Something actually covered in democracy.

    The real question here is, will the regular Filipino learn from this catastrophe or will it end just like every other presidency? Forget and repeat.


  8. They are all “COVERING THEIR FILTHY ASSES” . From Aquino to Roxas to Purisima to Caduwag,etc…whoever are involved in the failed operation, that resulted in the butchering of the 44 SAF police/soldiers.

    If you “Cover Your Ass”…you have to Lie, to people…Every son-of-a-bitch of these YellowTards are liars….”magpalusot sila”…

  9. what will it take for the Filipino people to wake up from their stupor…it’s too obvious that the president is lying through his teeth…he’s spouting a lot of his name around..

  10. What the fuck?

    First Catapang, now Napeñas…

    How many scapegoat will Noynoy make to save his BFF Purisima’s (and Roxas’) ass?

  11. Fuck Mongol President PeeNoy kung puro sisi lang alam nya gawin mag DoTA na lang sya dun bagay ang mga sisidor na tulad nya

  12. putangina mo panot abnormal ka talagang presidente ka puro ka bobohan ang alam mo puro pang sariling kapakanan ng aquino ang iniintindi mo magnanakaw kang hayop ka pati mga te
    rorista binibigyan mo ng privelege na magkaroon ng sariling batas kasi you are a big pussy you sack of shit imbes na ipagtanggol ang mga pilipino ibinebenta mo para sa kapakanan ng kurakot mong pamilya FUCK YOU PANOT NA PRESIDENTE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE NOT WORTHY TO LEAD THE PHILIPPINES ALL OF YOU SHOULD BE IN JAIL

  13. there is this one other meaning of “BS”……….
    and so far, all that is coming out of his mouth is b__ ___t. He is SHAMEFUL!!!

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