All-out war: Philippine Army now fighting for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front!

The only real winner coming out of the Philippine and Malaysian governments’ Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) scam is the terrorist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). It is pure genius. The MILF has locked itself in a ceasefire deal with the government of Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III effectively hog-tying the Armed Forces of the Philippines. One of the bigger tragic outcomes of this monumental hoodwinking of the Filipino people is the savage massacre of 44 officers of the Philippine police’s Special Action Force by the MILF as the AFP sat on their hands. Most disturbing of all, it is becoming increasingly evident that the MILF will likely get away with this hideous atrocity laughing all the way to the bank.

Indeed, the MILF has so completely hacked into the brain stems of the people who run the Philippine government. It has all but taken over the heads of chief “peace” negotiators Teresita Quintos-Deles and Miriam Coronel-Ferrer who now negotiate on their behalf rather than on behalf of the interests of the Filipino people. And now the MILF have also effectively turned the Philippine military into their own mercenaries!

Our boys: Now fighting the enemy's enemy!

Our boys: Now fighting the enemy’s enemy!

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“All-out war” is what AFP chief of staff Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang Jr now calls it. All out war has been ordered by Catapang against the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) and the
Abu Sayyaf, both of which are enemies of the MILF (or so the MILF would have us believe). So now the Philippines is fighting the MILF’s war as well. And for what? So that the “friendship” between President BS Aquino and his terrorist buddies will be saved?

This crisis has proven just how outclassed President BS Aquino’s government is when it comes to dealing with entities that possess vast experience playing chess in the international leagues. First it had allowed China to walk all over it. Now it had put out a welcome mat to Islamic terrorists into its strategic planning core.

The MILF are no juniors when it comes to making fools of entire governments. Former Secretary Rafael Alunan now describes the whole deal with the MILF as a “road straight to hell”. Alunan recounts a 1995 meeting with his intelligence counterparts in Pakistan with whom he exchanged notes about what they knew about the MILF…

The MILF would select recruits from the Philippines, overseas Filipino workers in the Middle East, and religious scholars in Saudi Arabia or Egypt, and send them to Islamabad for further religious studies; then to a madrassah in Peshawar for military training; then across the Khyber Pass into Afghanistan for combat duty; then either smuggle them back in through the back door or the front door whenever feasible. Backdoor meant Sabah, Malaysia.

Alunan’s conclusion is pretty straightforward. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks…

The deceitful and amorphous MILF that proved untrustworthy during FVR’s term remains so to this day. And instead of mounting punitive strikes against the MILF-BIFF Salamat faction (versus the Murad faction that may or may not be sincere) in Mamasapano, the government shielded them, and its bumblers are now fumbling to cover up the monumental act of betrayal that resulted in unnecessarily high casualties!

Philippine president Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III and his Iskul Bukol administration has just only a little bit more than a year to rule the Philippines, and his apologists insist that, given that little bit of time left, Filipinos should allow this government to just work its way through. But with an “all out war” now being waged, a lot more damage can be done in that short period of time. The clear and present danger here is that President BS Aquino has graduated from being a quaintly hilarious gaffe bucket to a monstrous rogue head of state who could plunge the Philippines, and possibly the entire region, into a nightmarish entanglement with a major cell of a global terrorist organisation.

Already, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, a force of more than 200,000 armed personnel with access to 40 million citizens fit for service if called to serve, is suffering a critical breakdown in command structure. It is widely-believed that the Philippine police had kept the AFP out of the loop in its efforts to hunt down its FBI’s Most Wanted targets precisely because of this, specifically because the AFP could not be trusted to keep the MILF (with whom, under BS Aquino’s BBL fantasy, they have become comfy with) out of the same loop.

Normal people would call that a complete breakdown in an entire nation’s ability to operate as a modern country. Not Filipinos. It’s simply business as usual. President BS Aquino has so ingrained an ethic of mediocrity in Filipinos that his apologists have all but converged into a standard script — (1) that Aquino should continue to be supported because he is “not a bad man” and (2) that aspects of the situation are pretty peachy if we ignore all the bad stuff. That’s Tardic Reasoning 101!

How long will Filipinos tolerate bullshittery that passes off as government national policy? That’s up to their voters, of course — which makes real “hope” for a better Philippines as big a delusional fantasy as “peace” in Mindanao under the BBL.

[Photo courtesy Philippine Star.]

24 Replies to “All-out war: Philippine Army now fighting for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front!”

    1. Prayer is not enough if a Country is Ruled by a Mentally Defective Ruler. The only way to survive is to get rid of him by all means possible.

  1. There was really something very wrong with this all-out war. First, the MILF kill our cops, now they seek to kill our soldiers by pitting them against their enemies. Even then, we can’t even say that the BIFF are the MILF’s enemies given the close ties that they once shared. Can we say for sure that the BIFF is NOT in cahoots with the MILF? Could this be a trap? Clearly, the author of this article is right, our leadership is definitely out of its league on this one.

    One thing is for certain, if we can hold the President accountable today, and he gets replaced by the corrupt Nognog, we’d have no reason to fear the Nognog because, at the back of his mind, he knows that he too will be held accountable. This and the knowledge that Nognog probably won’t bungle the problems in the south as much as Simeon, means that I really don’t fear a Binay Presidency. In fact, at this point in time, I’d welcome it.

    1. I cannot and will not trust NogNog because his agenda is obvious, Me First, and no one else.

      Don’t be naive to know that the Malaysians have been looking at Mindanao covetously these past many years. And they would be happy to destabilise it. Do your trust these Muslim brothers? They themselves fight against each other. And against a common enemy the unite.

      1. Nobody said anything about trusting Nognog (I understand that this was a bit off topic since this post was about the MILF, not him). In a democratic society, never “trust” your politicians, be wary of them always and make sure that they know their place – exactly the message Noynoy’s resignation should bring… Noytards trusted him too much. Look what happened.

      2. I’m from Mindanao, and even here, Muslims are a minority. There are more Lumads (non-Muslim tribal people) here than Muslims.

        Yes, I’m wary of that guy in Malacanang. And I’m getting sick of seeing one joke of a peace plan after another.

        And yes, I’m also pretty wary of Malaysian.

  2. This is just being negatively melodramatic

    The aim in the first place is to get rid of all the rebels. One less to deal with is better than dealing with all of them

    Some of the words used. Like “rule over Philippines ”
    No one talks about their govt this way unless it’s a monarchy

    1. And therein lies the problem. The Philippine government is in bed with the biggest of these rebel groups that that Filipinos need to “get rid of”.

  3. Which one is lesser evil:

    1.Philippines still keep Mindanao and keep fighting against milfs form many generations to come,

    2.or give autonomy to Mindanao so they can release themselves from the shitty system built since the bad apple Spaniards brought plague and hedonistic vibe to King Philip’s islands.

    1. You forgot one big issue that plagues poor Islamic states:

      They become breeding grounds for terrorists. And considering MILF are Jihadists like ISIS, expect to see a rise in crime and terrorism in Southeast Asia.

      1. Bad for tourism business and winning asian or global ties. PNoy’s lack of planning equals emergency crisis.

  4. And so, the Philippines yet again solidifies its status as a basketcase of a country. Noynoy may be feeling great about himself and his childish dream to bring peace and maybe get his Nobel Prize, but this will definitely come back to bite him.

    And when this rogue state at our own backyard acts like North Korea and provokes everyone for their ideals… the Philippines may have written its own death warrant.

  5. What is wrong is going after those who are responsible for the killing of 44 PNP-SAF? Isn’t that we’re asking and looking for? I mean, what is the government to do to be able to get justice to those who died and once and for all confront those who were guilty of the crime?

    An all-out war is not an easy task. Lives will again be put on the line. Not ours but the people in uniforms. Whether you like it or not, the gov’t. is now making a move. It is now sending the signal that enough is enough and they have to move in if the MILF cannot do it by themselves. That’s completely valid to me.

    Anything that will move the ass of the president should be welcome regardless of affiliation. Why? Because the objective of the all-out war is the pursuit of justice for those who died in the encounter and to uphold the legal authority of the gov’t. Isn’t that what we want to happen?

    Actually, this ‘all-out war’ order puts the MILF on the spot because we are now going to see how deep and serious their resolve is to go to the bottom of the Mamasapano case. How will they react once the shooting starts and those friends, comrades and relatives they have in BIFF and Abu Sayyaf starts to fall? That would be the test and I like to see that happen for only then we’ll find out where the MILF really stand.

    To say this early that the PHL is fighting for the MILF is doing a disservice to those PNP-SAF who died.

    1. Actually, I have to agree with you on this. Even if Binay who is replacing Noynoy is known to be greedy, as long as he continues to fight the MILF, it would be welcome. At least the presidents before Noynoy tried to do something about them. Only this president has the gall to be in bed with the enemy.

      This video pretty much sums up my displeasure.

  6. it’s easy to oust the Philippine president…

    1. civil disobedience. make it a holiday or so till he’s out.
    2. don’t pay your taxes. pay it later when he’s out.

  7. He (binay) amassed billions of pesos from the government.He is a plunderer.Are you out of your mind? I think there is no intelligent person,would ever want binay to become president of this country.

    1. Yes, no one in their right minds wants him as President. Then again, if we are of the right mind, we should hold Aquino accountable. So now, the assertion that launched Aquino to the presidency must now be asserted again, “Which is the lesser evil?”

      Only in the Philippines are citizens forced to choose between “evils” as their leader.

  8. If the President of the Philippines, no longer serve the interest of the Filipino people, and the Republic of the Philippines. He has already abandoned his duties, as President.

    Deles and Ferrer, are negotiating for MILF/ISIS/Al Queda…they are MILF prostitutes ,and are profiting enormously from the financial deals; Aquino also profits from the financial deals.

    If you study the History of Islamic Caliphate, which ISIS and Al Queda, have been trying to impose to the world. They used: terrorism, deception, and genocide…Deception is their greatest tool. Slavery of infidel women, beheading, crucifixion, and other barbarities were their trademarks…It was then, in the 7th Century; it is now happening in the 21st century.

    Aquino cannot understand the situation; or he refuses to understand the situation. ISIS and Al Queda are expanding globally.

    1. @ HT 007, IF you look at the Al-qaeda and ISIS you will have to understand that the USA’s CIA developed Al-qaeda to fight against the Soviet Army in Afghanistan during the mid-late 80’s and now ISIS has been developed to get rid of the Russian Federation backed Syrian President Assad (the West tried to flat-out get rid of him w/Obamma’s laughable ‘Red Line in the sand’ plan and it failed.) so as to block Russian access to the Mediterreanean Sea.

      These organized ‘terrorists'(LOL !)inevitably turn on their Master’s and become too big to control.
      The Malaysian gov’t. is involved in all this somehow,HOW? IDK, but there are International forces at work in all of this Mindanao conflict and it is all ready to burst.and NO-NO has no clue what to do,wind his watch,whistle, who knows? but he don’t.

      1. James Gang:
        Al Queda came from the Afghanistan fighting the Russian. ISIS came from the Al Queda in Iraq…fighters can turn coats and loyalties, if their interests are served. Same as superpowers, like the U.S. and the Russians.

        In the world’s politics of Oil, Religious and political ideologies, etc…there are no permanent friends and enemies; only permanent interests. Now, the U.S. and Iran are fighting ISIS, together in Iraq…

        The Filipino political leaders are the Masters of this “TurnCoatism”…watch when Aquino will be out of power…the same people, who kiss Aquino’s Ass now; will be the same people, who will be kissing the Ass of the New President..

        1. Al Queda started in Saudi Arabia, from the Wahabi Islamic Sect…the religious ideology, went to the Afghan Jihadists, led by Usama bin Laden…the Taliban, was a creation of Pakistani Intelligence. When Afgahnistan was fighting the Russian occupiers..

  9. The answer to the question asked at the end of the essay are: For their entire lives.

    If the correct outcome of the ‘election’ does not occur, it will be rigged.The country has slid so far down now so it is that the curb looks like a sky-scraper.

    The will tolerate it, BUT WHY ?

  10. I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous. And God granted it.

  11. How long will Filipinos tolerate bullshittery that passes off as government national policy?

    Forever. The Filipinos gave away the government to the dynasty families 28 years ago. A culture of don’t complain and don’t get involved allowed the government to turn into the crime syndicate that they are today.

    The 1987 Constitution of the Philippines states in Article II Section 26, “The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law.” but this bill has been passed over by each Congress since 1987

    28 years of disregard.

    The Philippines is the “world capital of political dynasties,” with 178 active dynasties.

    18 of the current 23 senators are members of political families.
    80 provinces, 94 percent or 73 out of 80 have political dynasties

    It’s more fun in the Philippines if you own the government like the dynasty families.

    The voters gave away the government, It’s over, The bad guys won

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