Why Philippine President Noynoy Aquino should resign

The administration of President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III should end now. But it should end in accordance with the due process now upheld by the admittedly strong institutional frameworks the Philippines now enjoys. Within these institutionalised processes are mechanisms for removing a president that like President BS Aquino today, has evidently suffered a catastrophic loss of public confidence.

The key issue here is the on-going wellbeing of the country. Obviously, the Philippines is now locked in an untenable paralysis thanks to President BS Aquino’s glaring ineptitude in the fields of statesmanship and people relations. This is not a good time to be suffering a lame duck government, considering that there are Chinese warships delivering building materials to construction sites on Philippine territory, a succession crisis that leaves Filipinos with very little options around decent leaders to lead them after 2016, and a cornered and increasingly restless Islamic terrorist infestation in Mindanao. A landscape like this would severely challenge the best of presidents. An incompetent one like BS Aquino will simply implode — which seems to be what is happening now.

Noynoy Was Not MePresident BS Aquino seems to be headed towards a personal collapse that could bring the entire Executive Branch down with him. He is now completely isolated from the people he is supposed to lead, those he once regarded as his “bosses”. Despite spending what was reported to be 12 hours of expensive presidential time schmoozing with the grieving families of the 44 massacred Special Action Force police officers, he still failed to issue categorical statements about (1) his role in the chain of command involved in the tragedy, (2) approaches to hold the perpetrators accountable for their involvement, and (3) steps being taken by his office to expedite delivery of swift justice to the victims.

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Instead of being on the right side of the argument from the perspective of the interests of the state, his government dithers on crucial debates that demand absolute positions to be taken by the Chief Executive. His top “peace” negotiators have issued embarrassing statements that show a bizarre bias towards the interests of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) whom they’ve evidently cozied up to over the years they’ve been in talks with. Some observers have raised the possibility that head negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer who continues to refer to these bandits as “brothers and sisters” may already be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors. It seems that beyond holding all of Mindanao hostage, the MILF have also all but captured Coronel-Ferrer’s sensibilities as well!

How much more abuse can Filipinos take from their demented government?

There is no reason to continue tolerating the leadership of an inutile president. Fear of an equally-detested Vice President taking over should not be an issue either. These are all just imaginary problems put into Filipinos’ heads by unscrupulous and opportunistic king-makers exploiting the now-chaotic political landscape.

The only sound argument provided by people who do not want the government of Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III to prematurely end is that a handful of “movements” to “oust” him lack credibility. I cannot really disagree with that argument seeing there are really just two key instigators in this circus — (1) commies and (2) agenda-driven shady characters. Commies who seek to remove the president using their classic tried-tested-and-failed “mass actions” are so last century (and so embarrassingly consistent in the use of their tired old slogans) simply can’t be trusted. As for calls for an ouster and establishment of some sort of “transition council” coming from circles backed by old-fartish disgruntled oligarchs, well, that’s just gonna be a repeat of the 1986 “revolution” that has now been reduced to a sad joke.

Quite a quaint sight to see people banding together into “movements” and alliances of convenience when, the fact is, said people really do not have anything in common in the way of shared philosophies. Then again, that’s pretty much Opposition 101 in Philippine politics.

The thing that ultimately makes such oust-[insert president’s name here] “movements” rather lame is that the arguments that underlie them are based on primitive tribal motivations rather than modern ethical principles. Commies, like their Islamic terrorist kin, for example, are, by nature, opposed to any government that applies ideas that fall outside of the scope of their little manifestos and bibles. And shady agenda-driven characters, for their part, are worse. For them, the issue is simply just personal.

The key to a more credible movement is to underlie it with sound principles that are scalable and timeless and not dogmatic (like those of the you-know-whos) in nature. This is the more modern more innovative and more intelligent way of undertaking an advocacy. Rather than attract a following by insulting Filipinos’ intelligence with tired hollow slogans, moronic demagoguery, ‘activist’ spectacles with a cast of clownish costumed characters, directives from creepy pastors and cult leaders, and has-been celebrities singing corny acoustic ballads, movements should be constituted around the same pillars of modern free socities — critical thinking, free inquiry, and continuous evolution.

[NB: Parts of this article were lifted from the Wikipedia.org article “Stocholm syndrome” in a manner compliant to the terms stipulated in the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License that governs usage of content made available in this site.]

56 Replies to “Why Philippine President Noynoy Aquino should resign”

  1. In 1973, Jan Erik Olsson walked into a small bank in Stockholm, Sweden, brandishing a gun, wounding a police officer, and taking three women and one man hostage.

    During negotiations, Olsson demanded money, a getaway vehicle, and that his friend Clark Olofsson, a man with a long criminal history, be brought to the bank.

    The police allowed Olofsson to join his friend and together they held the four hostages captive in a bank vault for six days.

    During their captivity, the hostages at times were attached to snare traps around their necks, likely to kill them in the event that the police attempted to storm the bank.

    The hostages grew increasingly afraid and hostile toward the authorities trying to win their release and even actively resisted various rescue attempts.

    Afterward they refused to testify against their captors, and several continued to stay in contact with the hostage takers, who were sent to prison.

    Their resistance to outside help and their loyalty toward their captors was puzzling, and psychologists began to study the phenomenon in this and other hostage situations.

    The expression of positive feelings toward the captor and negative feelings toward those on the outside trying to win their release became known as Stockholm syndrome.

  2. The palace said he will not resign it looks he will continue until his term ends in 2016, he really cant resign. Should the Filipinos wait till his term ends I really cant feel opposition have enough power to oust him, others said he should take full responsibilities but the masses cant see he do his jobs well and it is really seen and heard through his works. San kaya kumuha ng kapal ng mukha ito.

  3. I believe in Forcing Out this incompetent President, whose name is Aquino…I an not a Commie, or have any political agendas. I don’t like Politics; but I am a taxpayer…I want the money that I am paying to serve well my country.

    Aquino has many “palpak na nagawa”. From the Luneta Chinese Hostage murders, to Corona impeachment, to POrk Barrel bribery, to DAP, PDAF thievery, to financing of MILF/ISIS/Al Queda, to the massacre of the 44 SAF police/soldiers.

    Aquino simply has not enough mental caliber to Deal with these issues…he lacks the required intelligence and leadership.

    This Dude was born in a very rich family. He is SERVED by servants, at every turn and movement in his needs. He is Too Dependent on people, to do his Job as President.

    The faster , he is REMOVED, from office; the better for the country. He is leading this country to Destruction…

    1. He won the election now let him serve his remaining days as Jester the Clown. Remove him, then what? It just opens up a can of worms we’ve opened again and again. So the VP becomes the P? Nonoy maybe an incompetent clown but Binay is the stealth ninja thief lurking in the dark. It’s downhill one way or another. #Failippines

  4. Should the Filipinos wait till his term ends…..
    That is what the process is. You elect someone and then let him serve his term.

    Why write a law and violate it later? Why resort to unconstitutional and illegal act when we have a system for changing elected leaders?

    1. “Why write a law and violate it later”….

      Very intriguing questiions that looks simple yet requires in-depth analysis; an article may be should be written. But my short answer is: why have a president who’s the chief violator of the law and the constitution? Abnoy does not deserved another minute to be our president! We’re really stuck between a rock and a hard place. An article written by Mr Alejandro of MST offers what could be a good alternative. Peace.


      1. But my short answer is: why have a president who’s the chief violator of the law and the constitution? Abnoy does not deserved another minute to be our president! We’re really stuck between a rock and a hard place.
        If that’s the case, impeach him. We have a process of removing a sitting president under our Constitution. We have all the remedy within the bounds of the law to do something to what we think is a problem and going unconstitutional is not one of them.

        1. I totally agree with all your points. I have never said or suggested we resort to another version of “people power” to force him out. I merely expressed that our legal option is very limited outside of using unconstitutional means, thus the proverbial phrase “of being stuck between a rock and a hard place”. Moreover, although there is an impeachment provision in our constitution, we must keep in mind, impeachment is a political process; and with Aquino having control of the legislative branch, impeachment is dead on arrival even before hits the doorsteps of Congress.
          Mr Alejandro del Rosario’s article on MST does make sense as an alternative, to quote “I suggested that instead of presidential and local elections in 2016, we elect delegates for the holding of a constitutional convention for a shift to a parliamentary form of federal-parliamentary form of government. Power is too centralized in imperial Manila to the detriment and development of other regions.

        2. I don’t think you are all being critical in wanting to oust PNoy. I strongly believe that the benefits of PNoy’s resignation do not exceed the cost of leaving our nation leaderless in the midst of crisis. Binay won’t ever be my option. You want to oust PNoy because of his unintentional misdeeds right? Then why would you want to patronize Binay who intentionally deceives people and unmistakenly abuses his position. Pnoy has never been found guilty of corruption and compared to former presidents, I think that’s a good sign and definitely a basis for letting him stay in office.
          Voters should now be more informed and be more critical in selecting leaders that will govern the country. You do not have the right to join the calls for a politician’s resignation if you accept bribes from them! People constantly make bad decisions and I think they should be given second chances, and besides PNoy should be held accountable for his actions. Let him correct his mistakes!
          By the way, PNoy is immune to impeachment complaints until July since he already faced one last year. You guys should take into consideration the consequences of your wishes.

        3. Congress are not stupid to impeached this bean head.They like this kind of idiot. If they can persuade to ask kris son joshua to run ,100% they will approved,U know why?
          Walang masasabit sa corruption

  5. there will be no peace if they don’t sign the BBL. what’s congress waiting for? just sign it for peace that’s what the president want.

    1. Seriously?? Sign the BBL for “peace”?? That’s tantamount to saying: “Let’s give Mindanao to the terrorists and pay them 70 billion pesos so we can avoid conflict!”
      Hell, why not give the Spratleys to China next, so you could avoid conflict with them as well?!

      1. The Chinese already owns Spratlys. They’re reclaiming like mad crazy over there. In a year or so, Shenyang J-15s will be taking off and landing there. No need to come from far away Yulin Naval Base in Haiyan Island. Then they can implement the Air Defense Identification Zone. God help those PAF Korean-made TA-50 Golden Eagles. They’ll be lucky to even make it past Palawan. #Failippines

  6. Marcos was Forced Out from Office…this is unconstitutional; but the Aquinos’ and the YellowTards Forced him out

    Another rule for the Aquinos’ and another rule for Marcos?

    If an incompetent President is there…it just right to Force him out…FIRE THE IDIOT AQUINO…

    1. Between the fact of martial law (suppression of constitutional rights, persecution of political antagonists, desaparecidos, unless you think they all offed themselves and the parents all Communist sympathizers) and even the worst insinuations about Mamasapano — mere idiocy cannot hold a candle to willful villainy, Toro.

      At least the 1986 and 2001 revolts had something other than incompetence as an immediate spark (for one, allegations of vote-rigging; for the other, allegations of corruption) — here, nothing is yet clear, only the basest desires of certain sections of the populace to get rid of yet another president for reasons less than rock-solid and overwhelmed with bias if not spite.

      1. Pallacerteus:
        Aquino suppresses the Freedom of Expression by Hacking our Blogs. Do not ask me, how I know it…

        Do I believe, he is Clueless on the 44 SAF massacre? I was not born yesterday, and I am not that Naive…

        He is the Commander-inChief…Purisina, a suspended Cop, and his buddy-buddy (suspended on corruption), was directing the operation.

        The Army delayed its rescue and reinforcement, that would had saved the 44 fallen SAF…

        A barrage of artillery fire could had also let the 44 fallen SAF, escaped.

        Who ordered the delay? Who was the conscienceless man , behind the shadow, who orchestrated this massacre?

  7. OK, let’s see:This article presents its unhappines w/the current admin then steps back and see’s that there is no real credible threat or even opponent capable of pulling of a ‘coup de tat'(or even asking for one to take place,LMAO!) or even a chance of a plea taken in congress of ‘lack of confidence’ enough to remove BS Aquino from office,yes? With such paltry means of removal ‘MOUNTING’ (BWHA HA HA…MOUNTING !)or more likely ‘NOT MOUNTING” ,WHY OR PLEASE TELL US ,WHY would a President even consider ,rather than scoff. at such suggetstions. GET A CLUE, the guy is going nowhere and, unfortunately neither is the country unless a new gov’t. is made to re-place the old corrpupt as shit the country is currently stuck with…mind numbing clue-less-ness this was!

  8. In developed nations, leaders resign if his or her regime is not moving the nation forward. Over here, they have the balls to stay in office and not admit defeat. In short, we, Filipinos, are sore losers and cannot accept failure.

    1. With all due respect to all the noisemakers, you won’t give all the investigative bodies time to wrap up and conclude their investigations. You wanted Noynoy ousted without a moment’s hesitation (fuck, not even a moment’s notice for crying out loud) —

      — and look where you are right now. At home.

      Blessed be the noisemakers, for they can all go home now.

    2. Interxavier–Correct me if I am wrong.A Filipino politician is only aim is to abuse power and profit.The Laws they created protect their interest and used against us.

  9. This proves that the phrase “Philippines is a developing country” is an understatement to the phrase “Philippines is an underdeveloped country and will always be” because as long as this anti-intelligent is still in position, then Filipinos are still hopeless.

  10. At the risk of sounding smug —

    Today, after what has been revealed in the Senate regarding Noynoy’s role in the whole snafu: to all the NTCers, the Edsa 2/22ers, the bishops and the students and the Pepings and Tingtings — can all of you do the country a favor and calm the fuck down and let all the investigations end in peace?

    I think a few apologies are in order (also a brofist to Trillianes for summing it all up — yes, the irony smells). Not for anything else Noynoy has done that you or I or both of us think is wrong, mind — just this one.

    Just. This. One.

  11. SORRY, but I’m calling BULLSHIT on this one,will this get deleted? IDK, but…

    The first paragraph of this ‘essay’ states “…the admittedly strong institutional frameworks the Philippines now enjoys.”.
    W-W-W-WHAT the fuck?
    Who or even WHAT is doing the ‘ADMITTING’?HA,WHAT?
    and by ‘ADMITTING’ that the ‘strong institutional frameworks’,exactly WHAT would those be? The rules written into the laughable 1987 Philippine constitution? (The one that is really a tweaked copy of the U.S. Constitution?)The constitution that is openly defied on a daily basis for lack of enforcement? and that lack of enforcement would be what the ‘admittedly strong institutions…’ refers to and what is meant in the ending phrase ‘NOW ENJOYS.’?
    The entire Philippine gov’t. is corrupt as the day is long.Not a single worthwhile sitting member in the entire lot of ’em,including the raving lunatic Defensor-Santiago who was shunned by the I.C.C. after showing just exactly the type of mad-woman she really is during the scam trial(is there any other type of trial in the country?)she must have mistakenly thought was her audition for that job at the I.C.C..
    Bashing the country is too easy (it could get to be a very lengthy comment too,ZZZZZZZ….),so that is enough. Suffice it to say that what this ‘essay’ purports to say in the opening paragraph is just as fallacious a statement that can be made.

    1. Nah, I agree. The whole notion that these institutions are rock solid is really debatable. So, yeah, debate away.

      One thing I will assert, however, is that it is not really a question of the stability of institutional governance as it is more about whether or not ANYTHING can really work in a society populated by a bunch of emo voters.

      1. @ Benigno, Thanks for not deleting the comment, you are truly a Man’s Man.I really do have a split opinion about the state of the country.On one hand the corruption that has infiltrated and thus paralyzed and sucked the life out of every bit of the society from the economy to the government and rigged elections to the two or three tier criminal justice system so as to shape the opinion that the situation is ,indeed ,hopeless. AND THEN ON THE OTHER HAND ,where there is life there is hope and it can bee seen in the faces of the children of the country and even those well past childhood all the way to those of advanced old age (for a lucky few the smile never goes away:HOW? IDK!). The hope being that the people will find a means to get rid of the entrenched criminal oligarchy and puppet govt. that seized control of the country and has sucked the country dry as a dog’s dead bones and somehow cleanse the system of these vermin that do not deserve a bit of what they have plundered.For example, the recent case of the fuckin old scumbag that flaunted the fact that he raided the treasury in order to give his friends One Million peso Christmas gifts and bragged about it openly. That kind of arrogance deserves hard time behind bars under the harshest of conditions. After all , in many places, you can be murdered by cops for selling un-taxed ‘loose’ cigarettes on the street and yet the old scumbag does this and is not even forced to give the peso’s back? WTF? The people could take the country over and rid themselves of this evil in less than a day, they just need the balls to say ‘TAMA NA’ and then take appropriate actions.That is what stands out as hope for change,REAL change. It is possible and so easily so possible it is amazing it has not happened.

  12. The entire Philippine gov’t. is corrupt as the day is long.
    But talk is cheap. One don’t have to even submit to a credibility test to say the above. Worse, even an insane can conveniently recite it all day long and no one will take offense. Merely saying it is not the same as establishing a fact or proving the truth. Truth, as we all know, demands and takes a lot for a statement to not be reduced to an empty slogan.

    Although benign0 somewhat took a 360 degree, I agree with him on his “strong institutional frameworks the Philippines now enjoys” because it is simply backed up by facts. Tale note, I did not say perfect or we can argue on the ‘strong’ angle of his description but it is a working one that we cannot deny. We were able to remove a Chief Justice, indict three well known senators, etc., and if everything falls on the right place the sitting president can even be subject of an impeachment.

    On the idea of the article to which some agree by insinuating that PNoy should either resign or be forced out, one thing was left out. What would be the reason that will make sense in making him resign or forcing him out of office?

    If its voluntary resignation, no problem. All PNoy has to do is to declare it and the process will take care of the business. The vice-president takes over, etc.

    But to force him to resign would be a tall order at the moment. People will have to do a lot to be able to make the demand for resignation credible and plausible. And that includes daily protests, mass demonstrations and expression of loss of confidence to the chief executive. Acts that brings political and economic instability often makes leadership take a second look. When chaos and confusion takes over the tendency is to calm down the populace. And when the situation has already developed to something explosive and precarious the method of calming down would be very, very dangerous on both sides. Are we there yet? I don’t think so.

    With that at the back burner we come to entertain the idea of golpe de Estado or coup d’état. Can the military do it? Sure. Anytime. But the question is, will it succeed? The armed forces is the main actor in coups but they alone cannot guarantee its success. They have to have support from the public and civilian authorities to be able to mount a successful one. I’m convinced that there are groups within the military apparatus and police organization that are not satisfied with the performance of their commander in chief and has lost their trust and confidence. But personal conviction is not enough to move against and seize power from the gov’t. I say, aside from what was mentioned above, there should be ample strength to counter an expected opposition. The would-be reaction of the international community must also be considered in order to make the transition complication-free.

    With regard to its eventuality, the absence of public support and legitimate grievances that accompanies destabilization moves makes us like little boys playing on train tracks, the silence of the train rails gives us an idea that the train is not coming any moment from now. And with that kind of scenario I’m not going to be surprise if PNoy – with his balding head held up high and with that famous grin on his face, the one we saw after the Luneta hostage taking – will tell his people what they want to hear from him:

    We’re safe.

  13. and who would u want to replace hiM? VICE PRESIDENT BINAY?? come on guys you should think better than this. ok fine let say they are both corrupt, but who is worst? who has a lot of issue regarding corruption? and look at this you want Pnoy to resign because of what happened to SAP 44? its not even Pinoy who murdered them, its a war expect the unexpected. instead of blaming it to Him or to anyone why dont we focus on the resolution? i bet this is work of those who want to get out of jail and those who want to sit on his place. so guys dont listen to media. listen to ur own opinion!!!

    1. PrincessDuenas–I dont like Binay either because they are in the same camp with Abnoy..The true savior is not born yet..Mga artista ng ABS CBN..may credibility for govt post

      1. “Mga artista ng ABS CBN”?! Are you out of your mind?! you already elected Pacquiao. there are enough unqualified politicians in our government! AND PEOPLE, WOULD YOU STOP ELECTING ACTORS AND ACTRESSES?! LET THEM STAY IN THEIR FIELD OF EXPERTISE. STOP ELECTING UNQUALIFIED POLITICIANS THEN REGRETTING EVENTUALLY!

    2. Did the author even said that? Even if binay will take the seat, he’s obviously out next year. Obviously you’re just another failipino playing the victim card.

  14. Pingback: verychelly
  15. get real.. PNOY is the first president that got the Philippines an investment grade rating. This website is anti-Aquino right from the get go. You definitely have an axe to grind with him and the Aquinos. It shows. So who do you propose to replace him ? Joseph Estrada ? you must be out of your mind.

      1. do you even hear yourself? sure replace a faulty president with another faulty president. you are a proof of how people tend to go with the flow.

    1. @gus u

      Oh yeah…he used DAP (illegal use of savings) to go on a “spending spree” to make it look like the economy went straight up so fast during his term. LOL.

      Please tell us where all that money from DAP go? Where are the results? He didn’t even maintain and upgrade the public transport system. How sad for Filipino commuters.

        1. And where did you base your “research” about your “god’s” dap? Your yellow journalism of noybita?

    2. I agree gus u. Speaking from an economic perspective, PNoy did best among the previous presidents. It’s just sad that he wasn’t able to implement the DAP appropriately.

    3. Yeah right investment grade and yet many Filipinos are still jobless that they still need to work abroad. And what is so anti-aquino about this site when it’s only criticizing your “god’s” obvious incompetence you stupid noytard? And did the author even say that we must replace your “god” with another incompetent person? Well that’s your problem because you’re too lost to see the answer that you always rely to your “god’s” yellow propaganda.

  16. We unfortunately have to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. This is how pathetic Philippines political landscape has turned into. The option to remove an incompentent Chief of State clearly comes at a price of putting in place a highly clever THIEF. I have always pictured a Duterte-Fernando team-up in the excutive branch. Sure, Human Rights activists would have a hard time digesting that, but the glaring reality is that we lack the iron will and hand to impose discipline whomever and whenever it’s warranted.

  17. I didn’t had the hand in ousting CJCorona, I did no wrong in DAP (now SAF?)–even pointed out SC as triggering constitutional crisis. I did nothing wrong in Mamasapano. A “No wrong” character, a “No wrong” personality can hardly be expected to resign for reason of wrongdoings. This personality is conditioned to be just near “Perfection” (just always right). Lately, your president washed his clean hands (what to wash if hands are clean?) over SAF 44 fate–put on the blame to the obedient Gen. Napenas. (Obedient because during the alleged meeting with purisima and your president the president emphasized purisima as the one he has to listen to)–. assuming the president really had entrusted purisima the mission, common sense would tell us, he trust purisima more than his acting pnp chief, and the afp chief as well. why purisima when the guy is already suspended?

  18. Author, if you really want PNoy out of our lives, then we got to get the trustworthy public servants to get Binay out of office with PNoy. Ousting PNoy alone is another tip of the iceberg. If you really want to cut the head of the snake, we have to oust both the Vice-President and the President. That’s where the ‘healing’ of our political ground commences.
    Oust only PNoy, and Binay will continue the “Straight Path.” Makes sense, does it not?

  19. I am really sad with the kind of thinking filipino nowadays has,
    The filipino people always has something to complain about isnt it, failures always overshadow success, the author want him to resign but failed to recognized who would replace him,
    like what my boss tells me, do not present me problems but present me solutions.
    these people are just complainers always seeking the negative of things,they are the know it all, but when failure comes they are the first to save their ass off.they are also the backstabbers and are unhappy of someone success, they wanted change but are hesitant to lead.
    I cannot say that the president is the most effective nor the most competitive.
    but what his administration has done for me is outstanding.
    his critics can throw anything against him, incompetent, immature but they can never accuse him of being corrupt.

    1. I am really sad that you’re actually missing the point.

      Wanna ask: what’s so outstanding about his incompetence, blunders and blame games? And if things like nepotism, favoritism, selective justice, bribery and abuse of power is not corruption to you, then you’re barking on the wrong tree, son.

      Set your priorities for once.

    2. FYI,Incompetence is also corruption.
      You want evidence?
      Look at the poor state the MRT is in right now. Ask yourself, is that considered as competency?

      There’s also the fact that he abandoned the SAF44 to die at the hands of the MILF, that’s also incompetence.

      Better think again bucko because you are not convincing anyone here.

    3. Nah it’s failipinos like YOU who already has a backward thinking because you’re too stupid to see reality and always rely to BS media as your gospel truth.
      Which part of her article did she even said that noybita must resign? Specifics or you really are an idiot. grp already have their solutions. Just read all of their articles in this site. The question though is if you can accept them?
      I wonder if that company you work for always ignore your customer’s complaints because all you want is their money and not their satisfaction. What you think they’re abusive even if they show reasonable complaints to you? Do me a favor and get your pink slip now from your company because you sound like you’re too weak to handle the pressure. And that applies to your “complaining is bad” cowardice. You call complaining bad. We call it efficiency.
      Outstanding you say? Are you always living in a rock enjoying your fantasies? So you’re saying that him saying to the yolanda victims “but you did not die right?” and took away the money donations for them from the whole world outstanding? So you’re saying that him having a trillion peso pork barrel outstanding? So you’re saying him just letting the SAF44 die outstanding? You’re batshit insane indeed. Do me a favor and knock your puny head into the rock you’re hiding from because again you’re a doofus.

        1. To the author: Oops my bad because I thought this is Ilda’s article. I’m sorry for the error. Silly me. Anyways to change my fixed words:
          Isn’t it obvious you doofus? He already can’t handle his job as a president and yet here you are playing the victim card for him because your “bahala na” mentality comes first than your conscious.

      1. To add more from your “Filipinos today” spiel, it’s obvious that you want the Filipino people to continue their mediocrity mindset because it’s their “culture”. Dysfunctional culture that is. Don’t deny it you failipino!

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