SAF 44 massacre fallout: Why Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III should resign

Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III has lost the confidence of the Filipino people. This time, the trust he continues to squander hits a government service critical to the wellbeing of ordinary Filipinos — the police force. The loss of 44 of the Philippine National Police’s (PNP’s) finest officers to the savagery of the terrorist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has dealt a fatal blow to the morale of the already demoralised law enforcement agency.

pnoy_smileAs if it weren’t enough that the PNP’s chief is currently suspended over corruption allegations and, yet, somehow implicated in the botched planning and operations that led to this appalling carnage, President BS Aquino also failed to appease the public in the critical hours following the breaking of the tragic news. To add insult to injury, President BS Aquino spent (and continues to spend) his energies — and dwindling political capital — distancing himself and, worse, washing his hands off this affair. That’s no surprise considering that at the root of this mess is his violation of a fundamental principle upheld by most decent governments — that terrorists are not people to negotiate with.

Reports have been trickling in surrounding how grieving family and friends of the SAF troopers have been giving President BS Aquino the “cold shoulder” as he belatedly and feebly attempted to reach out to them. So far, most of the big traditional mainstream media outlets have refrained from elaborating on these otherwise newsworthy observations. But the news is spreading through other social network channels (both new- and old-tech) just the same. The message is coming across to a broader public — President BS Aquino is toast.

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The even bigger tragedy here is that it took Filipinos five long years to figure out that President BS Aquino is a failed president by design. His lack of statesmanship, vision, and deep insight into fundamental issues plaguing the Philippines has been evident from Day One. Day One of his campaign, that is. All he had going for him was his pedigree platform which worked wonders for an electorate that, at the time, was hopelessly dazzled by the Yellow glow of the medieval propaganda of the Aquino and Cojuangco feudal clans.

To be fair, there is much about the events that led to the deaths of the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos that needs to be understood. But the fact remains that President BS Aquino alone is in the best position to (1) assure us that the truth is eventually revealed and (2) communicate that truth to the public. Until the president grows a big enough pair to do just that, the public will judge him on the basis of the information that is currently publicly-available. Politcs, in a democracy that upholds free inqury, remember?

But even without that detail, President BS Aquino as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces and ultimate head of the Philippine police is accountable. That’s what being a president is all about.

As for the MILF, what else are they but criminals? That they illegally bear arms alone already makes them so. No amount of history lessons can change the fact that the MILF are terrorists. I’ve been using the word “terrorist” as a qualifier for my references to the MILF for years now and nobody has called me out about this to date. Lawyers may plead insanity or bad upbringing even as a defense for the behaviour of homicidal maniacs. But that does not change the homicidal nature of said maniac and what needs to be done to prevent him from doing any further damage to society. Society still needs to be protected from them. Their ability to kill needs to be neutralised.

It is, of course, nice that these terrorists were “willing to negotiate”. I’ve never disputed that this is a good first step. But hard terms are important when undertaking negotiations with criminals. The problem with President BS Aquino is he negotiated with them as equals. So while there is some credence to the popular point that BS Aquino was not wrong about “taking an unprecedented stance in pushing a peace deal with the MILF”, the fact remains that the approach he took to go about it was classic BS Aquino brand incompetence — flawed at the most fundamental levels of its design.

History cannot protect the MILF from fact of their savagery, much the same way that history was of no use to the Sultan of Sulu’s claim to the island of Borneo.

As President BS Aquino’s henchmen argued during the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona, this is now a political exercise. Fair or unfair, public opinion today rather than history is what will judge the Aquino administration in this instance. We can quote history all we like just as we like quoting history to highlight all the rest of the “unfairness” of a lot of the issues that routinely crush the Philippines’ hopes of becoming a better country. But ultimately, what the future holds is what matters. And that future will not be determined by feel-good stories spun about the past.

Perhaps invoking plausible deniability — this “I have no idea what happened because I just woke up from my nap” argument that is the position BS Aquino takes today — might work for the administration in this instance. But step back up to the bigger picture and we see that excuse for what it is — the underlying fundamental issue behind the wholesale failure of the Second Aquino Reich.

BS Aquino’s promise to eradicate corruption — and consequently, as his logic goes, the poverty that it supposedly causes — is premised on the notion that he will be in control; squarely on the driver’s seat. Because, if you think about it, the only way to stamp out the deeply-ingrained criminality in the Philippine government, is with an iron fist, a focus on results, and a keen eye for legal strategy.

So far BS Aquino and his henchmen have displayed none of the above. But then a failure to deliver results is bad enough. Causing damage where there once was none is an even bigger failure.

44 Replies to “SAF 44 massacre fallout: Why Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III should resign”

  1. Another muslim killing~

    An Australian man has been arrested in the Philippines and charged with the murder of a teenage girl.

    A man reportedly by the name of Ali Ali, from Melbourne, was arrested in Dumaguete City on the southern Negros Island, local media has reported.

    Fairfax Media understands consular officials are providing assistance to an Australian man in the Philippines.

    Witnesses have reportedly claimed to have seen the 42-year-old Australian in the company of the 17-year-old girl before she was found dead.

    The man is reportedly also facing drugs charges, after allegedly being found in possession of marijuana.

    1. What has this Australian’s crime have to do with “jihad”? Most murders are committed by individuals who happen to be Christians. Does that make them Christian killings? Get real, bigot.

  2. @Chrissie:

    Thanks for the article of Mr. Tiglao, of The Manila Times…all patriotic Filipinos MUST Read the column…

    1. I’m not a Filipino BUT I read that article and it has no support for a lot of what is written in it.For example: Who says that Aquino is hunting for a ‘Nobel Peace prize’? I mean WTF? That is pure bull-shit.The saying that meeting in a third neutral country diminshed Aquin’s standing at the meeting is,again, purest BULLSHIT. It diminishes the MILF leader NOT Aquino.Aquino meeting the guy on separate soil extends NO QUARTER to the MILF leader in the country where the MILF leader seeks to be recognized,namely the Philippines.Talk about FLIPing the script,EE-GAD MON. It is actually an insult that Aquino would not meet the MILF leader in the Philippines and because the meeting in Japan apparently went well for both sides it prompted Aquino to meet, and announce that meeting,’anywhere in the Philippines’.
      The rest of the article meanders along in much the same way, trying to discredit the sitting head-of-state of the country that the author lives in, and doesn’t make much a substantial case for that discrediting unless falsely interpreting what is happening and misleading the apparently easily misled readers.
      Fuckin guy should get a clue.

        1. @ jame-boy, my comment had nothing to do with ‘feeling’s, it had to do with the twisting of the facts by the article’s author. I am not a fan of any Filipino politicians: they are all full-of-shit,lying,thieving weasel’s, every single one of them.
          However, that does not qualify the basic mis-representation of facts that the quoted article contained.
          Look at what the guy said and then ask yourself if it is true. Not much of it was verifiably true, actually none of it was. Read ,if u like, my comment again.It doesn’t deal with feelings…it deals with verifiable facts.

        2. It’s not really about feelings, it’s about your not being a Filipino as reason to fail to acknowledge the fact before you. I really don’t care about the author, Tiglao, but it so happened that what he said was also what I think about the events. I’m also not a fan of politicians, heck, I’m a fan of nobody. Like you, I say it as I see it and I didn’t like what I saw in how we deal with the MILF.

          Diminish his standing or not, I don’t think Pres. Aquino or any president for that matter, should be meeting any resistance, rebel, bandit or terrorist group that threatens the country’s stability in a foreign land. They are not his equal. They do not represent a country. In fact, they represent the same country only with a different objective.

          That is the reason I do not agree with what you said. And here’s another thing that I disagree with you. You said the MILF leaders, not Aquino, were diminished by the meeting.

          How can that be when they were able to show to the world that they stand side by side on the same platform with the president? Can you imagine the impression that means to them? That image, for them, is a confirmation of who they are in the eyes not only of the PHL gov’t. but also of the world. They need International publicity more than we do. They wanted it more than we do not because we do not want peace but because the publicity will elevate them to the level where they will be seen not merely as a terror group but one that deserved respect and cordiality. I don’t think they should earn it through publicity. They should earn it through concrete and sincere deeds with or without publicity.

          You said, it’s an insult to the MILF that Aquino would not meet with them in the PHL. Again, I disagree. It’s the other way around. Aquino not meeting the MILF and meet them outside the country suggest either external pressure or ignorance how to wield power and authority. If I’m Aquino, I dictate where we meet. Why? I’m not the one asking for favor, I’m the one who will grant favor, if ever. You tell me we meet outside the country, you insult me. I’ll insult you back. That’s how to negotiate from the position of strength.

          You want something from me, then, listen to me. That’s how we talk to someone who seeks our assistance. Unfortunately, PNoy is a pampered boy growing up surrounded by females with the only man in the family in incarceration. He has a lot of softness in him that don’t have any use in the Office of the President.

          Good for the MILF.

  3. ..Je Suis SAF. Soy SAF. I am SAF. Ako Mao SAF. Ako SAF.

    Ako SAF. Pasensya na, akala ko ang #JeSuisCharlie ay tungkol sa Jesuits. Si Pope Francis at Cdl Chito ay mga Jesuits. Ang presidente din natin ay turuan ng mga Jesuits. Napaligiran tayo ng Jesuits, kaya nagkamali ako ng akala. Ang #JeSuisCharlie ay tungkol din pala sa mga Muslims na pumapatay ng mga tao. Akala ko ang mga Muslims ayaw ng baboy, bakit kung pumatay sila ng tao parang pumapatay ng baboy? Pasensya na, siguro ayaw nila ng baboy, kasi baboy sila?

    Ako SAF. Maganda ang pag-iisip sa likud ng #JeSuisCharlie. Bakit mga Pilipino ang na-isip nila ay #Fallen44 lang? Hindi ba sila pwedeng maging SAF kahit sandali lang? #AkoSAF? Magaling naman tayo gumaya, bakit pag magandang pag-iisip, hindi natin magaya? Dahil ba sa dahilan na kaming mga SAF ay maliliit lamang ang mga sahod kaya ayaw nyo ng buong-buong pakiki-isa sa amin? Pero salamat at tambak ang bulaklak na sa Crame — nakakabagbag na ng damdamin.

    Ako SAF. Nasa blog tayo kaya mag-English tayo at yan ang lenguahe ng blog. Mag-tatagalog ako at isusulat sa English ng kapatid ko. Maliit ang sahod ko, kaya lang gusto kong mas maganda ang kinabukasan ng kapatid ko, kaya itinatawid ko ang pag-koleheyo nya.

    Ako SAF. We went to Mamasapano because of the enemy of Mercy and Compassion. It was not supposed to be about MAMASIPANOT. We, more than you, want peace, but there can’t be peace without mercy and compassion. We will not know mercy and compassion, if there is no justice. The enemy knows not any mercy nor compassion.

    Ako SAF. I do not like what I am seeing in social and mainstream media. We are being told that grieving is something personal. We should leave Mamasipanot alone. Since growing up, he has not known anything but grief. Anyway, Obama also didn’t show up at the big rally in Paris for #JeSuisCharlie. The difference between Manila and Paris is that White House later acknowledged that it was a mis-judgement and a mistake; Obama should not have missed that historic event with other world leaders. Malacañang still insist that it is a mis-encounter, and it is the people (ang mga bosing) that should acknowledge their mistake; Mitsubishi was the priority. We know already; it is about credit grabbing. Even if that car factory has been in planning for the last 10 years, he has to be seen as being principal part of it. The same way that he had to inaugurate the Cagayan de Oro airport alone, even if that was the project of another mama, Gloria.

    Ako SAF. We don’t care if Mamasipanot still knows how to grieve or not, emotionally or psychologically, because growing up for him was traumatic. We don’t care if he does not want to grow up because it is something traumatic. That Thursday when my dead brothers arrived in Villamor, we wanted a note in history — that is all we asked. If he didn’t want to give that any historical significance because economy is more important, why foist on us his distorted sense of value, grieving or not?

    Ako SAF. Mamasipanot declared Friday a Day of Mourning. We also know now because he wanted the day before that, Thurs, a Mitsubishi kind of laughter, the vroom-vroom kind. (Kawawa nâman sya, he was forced to sell his Porsche and now he has to settle with only a Mitsubishi Evo??)…. But Friday was also some kind of a car race, not really a Day of Mourning. He talked about his grief and tragedy, — again, me, and me (after 5 years, he still thinks the presidency is about him — how pathetic could one be.?!?!). He said he was ahead of us in terms of mourning. I thought grief is personal, but why do we have to compete with his grief when we grieve??? Is there a trophy when one grieves more than the other?

    Ako SAF. I don’t like the Board of Inquiry. How can PNP investigate PNP? We know growing up is traumatic for some, but do we have to think of everybody as being retarded? At the same time, two committees in the Senate are competing to hear the Mamasapano incident. Mamasipanot indeed has a big influence on the Senate — meron din bang car race doon? Epal competing with epal. In the end, epal winning on top of truth. Eventually, they will have to bring their epals to a car wash. And, you have truth, as usual in the Philippines, being given the latest bubble shampoo and a thorough WHITE-WASH. But, they are evil, so we may have to call it black-wash??

    Ako SAF. Why can’t Mamasipanot just follow the advice of Tabako, Fidel Ramos? There were 44 or 64 SAF dead, and being the commander in chief, he has to acknowledge where he committed a mistake, and from there, we all could proceed. Sorry, Sir Tabako, like the Luneta hostage crisis, DAP, etc, ..he will not acknowledge anything — it is about propaganda and credit grabbing, remember?) But, it is glaring, how can a special force be headed by a special child even if they are both special? …….Everything else is in a shadow of a doubt because of the shadow of Mamasipanot. ……Can we not show P-noy some compassion? But, isn’t this the highest form of compassion….. by telling him the truth and by asking him to tell the truth, and nothing but the truth?


    Ako SAF. But, if Mamasipanot is NOT willing to die for TRUTH, and he is our commander in chief. Then, we have to question WHY. Why do we have to die?

    Ako SAF. Do not talk to me about peace. Do no talk to me about history of Mindanao for we know that like I know the history of my family. Do not talk to me about MNLF, Misuari, and Tausogs, for I have met them in battles whether in Zamboanga or Sulu. Do not talk to me about MILF, Salamat and Murad, and Maguindanaoans for I have encountered them too. Some of them on both sides are my friends, but politics make us fight them.

    Ako SAF. Don’t tell me I am against peace if I am against BBL. I am for BBL if it is to correct past mistakes of our colonial pasts. I am for BBL even if it is a two nation solution for after-all the concept of a nation will eventually be gone with the ASEAN integration. But how can we have peace with groups fighting among themselves. How can we deal a peace agreement when they can’t agree among themselves? How can we deal peace when we ourselves can’t agree? That is like asking me to marry a deranged woman. Can I talk to just her left brain? Or, right brain? Or, do we assist them to first have peace among themselves, so that we know that we are talking to a healthy cerebral cortex?

    Ako SAF But, Mamasipanot wants to hurry up BBL. Please tell us the truth. Is this about peace, or about a piece of paper for credit grabbing purposes.

    Ako SAF. 44 of us died, and I don’t know why now? Sana, it was for truth, justice, and peace. I too will probably be next to be massacred, for ours is not to question why, but to do and die.

    Ako SAF. Sana, Pinoys, you could come out with the hard questions and not stop till you get the answers. If only for truth, yes we can do and die even a thousand times so you, people, can live. For #AkoSAF.

    1. As an aside, since I haven’t read the article and skimmed briefly through this post:

      A cultural faux pas like the no-show at Villamor (whatever its underpinnings, psychological or otherwise) is not and cannot be an impeachable offense.

      1. The no show of Aquino at Villamor Airbase is a show of his INSENSITIVITY to the murdered Filipino Police/soldiers.

        He cares only for himself, his Hacienda Luisita, his buddies the MILF/ISIS/AL QUEDA…He is responsible for the death of the Police/soldiers… He cannot be impeached; but he can be FORCED OUT from office and hanged for treason..

        1. I’ll just reply to one sentence from your reply to me, deranged as the rest is with hatred and spite and unfounded and unprovable accusations about Noynoy:

          “The no show of Aquino at Villamor Airbase is a show of his INSENSITIVITY to the murdered Filipino Police/soldiers.”

          Wrong-headed it certainly was, but insensitive? I’m sorry, but have you been elected or selected president of anything? (And as long as we’re going with this tripe about insensitivity and Pinoy police/soldiers/whatever, why no peep from you or anyone about Noynoy not showing up at Mamasapano to grieve with the families of the slain men of the MILF, killed in that blood-soaked cornfield?)

          Oh, and before I forget: benign0, you blocked a well-meaning man from posting on this site for supposed hypocrisy (but for you it was Tuesday, I know). Maybe you can do all of us a favor and block all Hyden Toro, his endless alts, and his rabid frothing posts? It is simply incredible to me that Joe America is unable to post here and… this… unhinged black helicopter believer is allowed to allege and smear with impunity.

        2. @Pallacertus, don’t presume to know the decision making processes that underlie our moderation practices behind the scenes here.

          First of all, you wouldn’t know which posts we delete/block to begin with because you don’t see them now. Second, Joe America was not blocked. He is perfectly able to post here if he wants. He is one of only two regular commenters here who I had given a special kind of proposal which came about because of the behaviour they exhibited here.

          See this blog for reference. The commenter referred to in that blog is the other of the two I mentioned. The ultimatum I gave to Joe America is exactly the same word-for-word.

        3. Benigno Aquino, Sr., BS Aquino III grandfather, was a Japanese Imperial Army collaborator. He founded the KALIBAPI Party, to collaborate with the invaders/occupiers. Many of the KALIBAPI Party members were responsible for the death of Filipino Guerrillas.

          During the U.S. liberation of the Philippines. Aquino Sr. fled to Tokyo, Japan with the Japanese invaders. After the surrender of Japan…he was arrested by U.S. Military Police in Japan…returned to the Philippines; and was convicted to be Hanged for Treason. He was pardoned eventually by Gen. MacArthur…to obtain peace among Filipinos…

        4. @Pallacertus

          why no peep from you or anyone about Noynoy not showing up at Mamasapano to grieve with the families of the slain men of the MILF, killed in that blood-soaked cornfield?)

          What an idiotic comment! Were they even under the President’s command? You must be nuts for bringing that up. I mean, you seriously putting the MILF rebels on the same level as the PNPSAF?

          Think before posting your comment.

        5. @Benign0

          This Pallacertus has a lot of nerve questioning your discretion and the guideline in your own blogsite. He talks like an expert in the blogosphere. He should create his own site before judging. I bet he’ll block everyone who disagrees with his views.

        6. The no show of Aquino at Villamor Airbase is a show of his INSENSITIVITY to the murdered Filipino Police/soldiers. – Toro
          It’s just funny that you saw the ‘insensitivity’ of the guy that you described as this:

          “May kiriring ang tuktuk ni Aquino”
          We have a President, who is educated, but mentally retarded…

      2. @ Palla…I agree,during the Iraq and Afghani wars how many dead American soldiers coffins were met at Andrews AFB in the USA by the sitting Presidents? Bush and Obamma attended to that just about zero times. It is not a lack of respect, it is not Aquino’s job. Calling for the guys impeachment all the time diminishes the REAL crimes he and his admin have committed and should have already been prosecuted for.

  4. There is a popular sentiment among people, who may or may not be supporters of Pnoy, that he shouldn’t resign because the next in line to the presidency could probably be much worse. So the lesser evil would be to just let him be, let him serve the remainder of his term.

    If that indeed is the predicament, then the country IS hopeless.

    1. We can have an SNAP Election for the President and Vice President. Try Aquino-Purisima-Abad for Treason…and hang them…

    1. I hate to speak ill of the dead; but, I have to question your characterization of the PNP as a: “govt. service critical to the well-being of ordinary filipinos.” The PNP is largely invisible to ordinary Filipinos. These lazy, corrupt slugs spend most their time sitting on their fat asses at the station, stuffing donuts into their faces. Most of the policing in this country is being done by private security guards.

      If the PNP showed the same degree of competence displayed in the bus hostage debacle, it is no wonder they were massacred.
      Was this a case of “sending a boy to do a man’s job”? or just more incompetence displayed by the upper levels of PNP management?

      The emo response of crying out for a strong man with a big pair of balls to deal withe upstarts who dared to besmirch Pinoy honor; is counter productive and stinks to the high heavens of Marcos nostalgia.

      Most of Aquino’s policies have been ineffective in dealing with the serious problems that confront ordinary Filipinos. He has frittered away the budget on bribing lawmakers and on half measures that have done little to address the resource/ infrastructure crisis of the country.

      However, his record on Mindanao contrasted with his predecessor, looks pretty good. The 50 journalists butchered by a war lord who was a good buddy to the President because he delivered the votes necessary for her to win her election; is absolutely a classic example of corruption, at its worst. Because of her support for him; he thought he could get away with anything.

      The Erap strategy which the macho arm chair warriors love, is not a long term strategy. Once you kick ass and the jihadist disappear into the jungle; what then? Permanently occupy 1/3 of the country? Does this country have the resources to do that? Would that even work?

  5. Considering that our President must step down from his position, then who will take his place? VP Binay probably. Again an endless arguments would take place considering that he is also in various controversies right now.

  6. Snap election can take place…for President and Vice President…no HOCUS PCOS machine….then, put these three stooges, on trial for Treason…they ceded territory and financed the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda, with our taxonomy and U.S. aid money….

  7. Our TaxMoney and U.S. Aid were used to Bribe the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda in the negotiation…What is Abad doing in that negotiation? He is the Purse Holder of Aquino.
    What is Purisima doing in that negotiation? What is Aquino doing in that negotiation? He is selling us to these Terrorists…

  8. I can define BS Aquino’s presidency in five events. First, the Manila hostage taking where a handful of Hong Kong residents were killed. I remember it vividly. As a housewife who is always tuned into the radio, I remember wondering why no one was paying attention to the situation. It started in early in the afternoon and ended at night. Not one of the “smart boys” from the Aquino government gave a hoot. To make matters worse, we found out that BS Aquino was having dinner in some Chinese restaurant nearby. He was excused from this.

    Second, the Yolanda typhoon where he showed insensitivity and callousness. He had the nerve to talk about being hungry when he’s never experienced the pain of going totally hungry because of EXTREME poverty. He showed no compassion for the people that had lost everything. Again, he was excused from this.

    Third, pork barrel. He welcomed that pork-looking Napoles to Malacanang, To make it worse, he even escorted her to her cell. Then he denied he knew her. Again, he was excused.

    Fourth, the Zamboanga siege. I can’t remember much about this situation. But what the heck! I want to blame our idiot president just the same!

    Fifth, the fall of the SAF 44. Up until their fall, I had no idea there was a place in the Philippines called Mamasapano. Yes, call me stupid and ignorant. But at least I have no presidential ambition. Seriously, how long will it take us to see that we under the sovereignty of extreme stupidity? Please don’t tell me BS Aquino will be excused from this.

    1. So in other words, you have condemned Noynoy of arson, murder, and jaywalking in your mind, fully recognizing that you don’t hold full possession of the facts, and indeed spurred by your insecure hold over them — and for all that he must resign or else.

      Stick to your day job, please.

        1. You’re reading tons of non-existent innuendo where there is none. I’m not implying anything.

          Like some of us here, I am waiting for the truth commissions/investigative committees/whatchamacaliits to finish doing their thing and publish their reports for everyone to see. If the lion’s share of the blame goes to the President, I’ll act accordingly; if someone else is to blame, the same.

      1. @ Pallacertus

        Yes, I will stick to my day and night job, which is being a full time housewife! I’m proud to be one! And that’s why my heart goes out to the wives of the SAF 44!

  9. I don’t see Pres. Aquino resigning voluntarily just because 44 policemen died in Mindanao. Here’s the reason why.

    One, we don’t have it in our DNA that officials resign just because some unfortunate thing happened in their watch. Actually, even if they have a direct hand on an event, so scandalous and incriminating that their leadership is put to question, nobody resigns. Heck, Gloria did not even imagine it after the Hello Garci expose. Erap, even when no longer in power still insisted of no resignation on his part but only temporary leave. Nope, we don’t have it in the current line up of officials we have.

    Secondly, the one thing closest to resigning is if a political unrest develop which makes the situation untenable, in terms of Aquino governing free of disruption that will force outside influences such as the US to consider other possibilities in the horizon other than waiting for Aquino to stabilize the situation. But that is a big ‘if’ for now because aside from the ordinary noises we hear at present I don’t see any individuals nor groups capable of mobilizing the people to cause problems to the administration.

    Lastly, resignation is a possibility but a remote one at the moment simply because we do not see any confluence of events that could force it to happen.

  10. it is the bangsamoro propose state that could save hacienda luisita through what they insist the ‘ancestral domain’ pnoy will fight for that for sure over his dead body because that’s the only thing he’s been fighting for, the fight his parents died for, the hacienda luisita, the roots of all this mess.

  11. it is the bangsamoro propose state that could save their plantation through what they insist the ‘ancestral domain’ pnoy will fight for that for sure over his dead body because that’s the only thing he’s been fighting for, the fight his parents died for, the plantation, the roots of all this mess.

  12. call for the oust of the yellow dynasty and its army, not pnoy. you oust pnoy and who’s gonna take over, another yellow? are you guys kidding.

  13. @ Pallacertus

    Geez, you’re too highfalutin to read between the lines. Job? Where are the jobs?????????
    Did I say he should resign? READ BETWEEN THE LINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Nobody rejoices when life shattering events strikes a nation. Peoples lives are put to a halt, families bright future dimmed, trust shattered, pain and anger lingers.

    Pres. Aquino, I’m sure is shocked at this tragedy. The nation is, and who isn’t, but in spite of the tragic loss of lives, the nation must move on. The assassination of JFK, the greatest modern US President did not put the US at a stand still, the US moved on.

    There are many questions to be asked, congressional inquiries, finger pointing and speculations but at the end of the day smart Filipinos will have to go about their daily business and the dumb and parasitic will continue blaming others for their misery.

  15. My quick rant and theory on this issue is this. That simpleton (ab)noynoy in his teleserye mind thought: hey my boy purisima is in trouble. Why not give him the chance to be a hero.

    In (ab)noynoys mind the operation to catch marwan would go smoothly and boom he could then give credit to his conquering boy purisima. This is the simplistic and teleserye type thinking that I believe lead to this tragedy.

    Hey (ab)noynoy this may not be the match that lights the dynamite that kicks you out of office but if in the summertime power failures start to become a regular thing, we will revisit your status then.

  16. benign0, why do you have to put all the blame to Pres.Aquino. Why do you have to add heat to the fire, what you have written here is pure hatred towards Pres.Aquino.. Instead of promoting hatred why not sympathize with the family of those 44, send help or encouraged them to still believe in the goodness of life. WTH

    1. Son, why are you and your fellow simpletons are totally missing the point? In any case, what you have written speaks more of your idiocy and ignorance. It seems you never understood anything about things like LEADERSHIP and COMMAND RESPONSIBILITY.

      Instead of continuous Noynoy cocksucking, why don’t you also sympathize with the family of those 44 AND criticizing the president himself? Criticism of the president is also believing the goodness of life. As Theodore Roosvelt states:

      “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the [sic] public.”

      Congratulations, son. If anything, you just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote. SMFH.

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