Philippine gov’t THANKS terrorists for returning weapons looted from the corpses of our massacred #SAF44 boys

So the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) handed over some of the weapons looted from the bodies of 44 Special Action Force police officers they had massacred. Big deal. This means that the MILF leadership clearly know who among them were directly involved in this savagery. It means that every day that passes wherein they fail to hand over these specific individuals to the Philippine government is another day they are guilty of harbouring fugitives.

There are also reports that the weapons returned were missing parts. More importantly, that only some of the weapons were returned raises even more questions — like where’s the rest? GMA News reports that out of 63 missing firearms, only 16 were returned.

But, see, this is only the second biggest outrage in this tragedy.

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One of the M4 rifles returned by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front to the Philippine government(Source: @gmanews on Twitter)

One of the M4 rifles returned by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front to the Philippine government
(Source: @gmanews on Twitter)

The biggest outrage of all is how the Philippine government is treating that token gesture as some kind of monumental favour granted them by that terrorist group — as if this was a big step towards that fragile “peace” President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III desperately needs to get his pet project, the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), back on its wings again.

Chief “peace” negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer gushed amidst all the handshakes being extended in the quaint turnover “ceremony” the other day how (translated from Tagalog), “The road leading to this day was not an easy one to traverse. Just like the families of the slain SAF officers, the MILF also suffered casualties.” She even referred to them as “ating mga kapatid” (“our brothers and sisters”).

Okay, I wonder what the families of the fallen SAF trooper could be thinking in light of this height of national spinelessness. Is Coronel-Ferrer sleeping with the enemy? Because it sounds like she is. According to the same GMA News report, she even “commends” them!

More disturbing are the words being used in discussions with the MILF surrounding the rest of the firearms that remain missing. Coronel-Ferrer “calls” on these terrorists to return them. Since when does a government “call” on an enemy of the state to comply with its terms?

No, the word to be used in this instance should have been demand.

That small detail is important considering that the word “sincerity” is also a word being bandied around here. In a statement issued in the early days following the eruption of this crisis, Senator Bongbong Marcos who heads the Senate committee reviewing the draft BBL already laid out clear criteria around what real sincerity should mean to the Philippine government and its “bosses”, the Filipino people…

1) Return the arms, equipment and personal effects of the PNP SAF troopers who were killed in the massacre.

2) Provide assistance in finding and arresting bomb-making expert Basit Usman, the secondary target of the PNP SAF contingent deployed to Mamasapano.

3) Demonstrate that disarmament has actually begun and show willingness to surrender arms to the government or third party.

4) As a sign of good faith, identify the commanders whose units were involved in the massacre of the PNP-SAF officers.

5) Explain fully the true relationship between the MILF and BIFF.

6) Include the BIFF in peace talks as their presence is essential for the BBL to succeed.

So far only one — the first — item in this list has been touched upon. Touched upon, but by no means fulfilled. 16 items out of 63 that were stolen from the victims of a war crime is simply not acceptable.

It is no wonder that the Philippines is a mediocre nation — because its standards of achievement are absolutely mediocre. Hailing the return of firearms looted under such appalling cirumstances (from victims of what evidently was cold-blooded butchery) is a new low being plumbed by Philippine society. Do Filipinos really want to be part of this national shame?

One thing’s for sure, these terrorists will return another batch of these stolen goods quite soon — by shooting them back at the remainder of our boys out there bravely defending the security of this sad nation. I wonder how “thankful” Miriam Coronel-Ferrer will feel when that happens.

17 Replies to “Philippine gov’t THANKS terrorists for returning weapons looted from the corpses of our massacred #SAF44 boys”

    1. I’d like to think that Ngoyngoy is playing mind games with these bandits but since he’s such a simpleton, what you see is what you get from him. Even in the Rolando Mendoza hostage crisis, he’s too dumb to think of a plan.

      I said this and I’ll say it again: One country, one constitution. If these bastards don’t want to follow Philippine laws, they should be arrested for carrying weapons and should face trials for the murders they committed in the past. These Moro terrorists don’t want peace talks, they like playing our country for a fool and kneeling on their demands. 70 billion pesos BBL assistance fund out of taxpayer’s money? Fuck you Iqbal and associates. Fuck you MILF and your alliances, I’d rather see my tax used by Duterte to expand his covert police hitman squad to eliminate all of you than give up to your anarchy. Government should raise the reward so it would be a dog eat dog world for these bandits.

  1. Mayor duterte is running if “only to save the republic” IDK who dahell is this guy but I like it.He seems like a good person with good purpose.

    1. Ngoyngoy can still save his shitty face by junking BBL and turning the tide of war by using greed as his main weapon. Place huge dead or alive bounties on every terrorist leader heads. If new leaders are elected, spread the intel for more rewards. Malapit na kasi siyang bumaba kaya wala na siyang pakialam kahit paglaruan tayo ng mga terorista. Pero pag natuloy ang BBL, sana yung Hacienda Luisita niya ang unang pagtripan ng mga rebelde pag hawak na nila ang 70 billion pesos assistance fund.

  2. This means that the MILF leadership clearly know who among them were directly involved in this savagery.
    Yes, and we know who among them were involved: them.

    All those Muslim groups in rebel-infested areas in Mindanao are affiliated, connected, joined and related with each other. They may vary in shape or number but when you scratch underneath it’s all the same: opportunists and killers riding behind the “Allahu Akbar” slogan. More to come.

    1. Agree. Returning the guns are proof of guilt. Kung di talaga sila ang nakaengkwentro ng SAF, bakit alam nila kung saan mababawi ang mga armas? Wag nilang sabihing nakita lang nila sa kalsada na pakalat kalat at pinaglalaruan ng mga civilian? Gago lang ang maniniwala sa mga gagong MILF na ito.

    2. In an interview by ABSCBN Central Mindanao today, Fr. Eliseo Mercado OMI, a diehard Bangsamoro apologist, revealed government paid the MILF a substantial amount for the return of the SAF firearms.

    3. The PNoy administration will remain in the crosshair for failing to arrest the growing dissatisfaction on how it’s handling the MILF with kid’s glove.

      Right now, I’m looking at some legislators who are very critical of the MILF for relief and to show Malacanang how to handle the bunch of opportunistic hoodlums in suits and the steps it needs to make to take back the confidence of the people that is slowly slipping away.

      1. @jameboy
        Call me jaded, but I have a feeling these legislators, who are ‘critical’ of the MILF and the BBL, will capitatulate in the end. There’s a lot of political horse-trading going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about.

        1. Call me jaded, but I have a feeling these legislators, who are ‘critical’ of the MILF and the BBL, will capitatulate in the end. There’s a lot of political horse-trading going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about.
          I can’t blame you for thinking that way because it (capitulate) is possible. I was just hoping that the likes of the Cayetanos, Bongbong Marcos, among others will really be true and serious in their critical stand with the MILF and BBL.

  3. Here’s what’s going to happen, the Philippine Government will see this POSITIVELY. And will be convinced that their peace plan will work flawlessly thanks to the cooperation of their so-called “rebel groups”.

    Unfortunately, this is merely appeasement and it will show that the Philippine government is too weak to to anything against them and it won’t be long till this “autonomous nation of Mindanao” will be conducting raids like the Somalis.

  4. benign0 hasn’t read his broadsheets or tabloids or watched the news on TV on this day the dawn of the Wooden Sheep, that’s all I’ll say.

  5. Ms. Coronel Ferrer is out of touch , of Reality. These Islamic Terrorists will never comply to all of the demands ; a FEW of the demands will be met, but not all.

    Aquino’s purpose is Appeasement of the Islamic Radicals. If the money he had Bribed to these Islamic Radicals was used for the Modernization of the AFP. It would had a better chance of ridding out the Islamic Terrorists.

    Islamic Terrorism is like a many headed Hydra.
    You cut one head…two heads will come out.

    Or, like an Air Filled Balloon. You squeeze one part…the remaining Air will go to other Parts of the balloon…

    Unless, you go for the Total Victory…this will not be solved. Diplomacy had not worked in Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Pakistan, Checkniya, etc…the more you talk to them…the more they take advantage of you.

    Aquino should be tried for Treason, for Financing the enemies…

  6. Well really, what does anyone expect them to say? uh, “NO You keepem you murdering POS.”? I men really. what can anyone say to tht except be gracious and say thanks !

  7. It was wrong from the very start to negotiate with muslims rebels without proving to them that the government can decisively win the war.
    Coronel Ferrer and Deles do not seem to understand that everything they
    Are doing only show the weakness of their position:(

    1. Coronel-Ferrer must be one of those terrorist’s bitch to defend this so-called peace process. Iqbal and associates with the CBCP community are just some idealistic idiots who think that terrorists have palabra de honor. 70 billion pesos assistance fund can really make people sell their principles.

  8. After the bloody encounter, it should be “Surrender or suffer dire consequences”! AFP, PNP, the Central Government are all shaking hands with the REBELS. Fallen 44 indeed. #SIV (sacrifice in vain)

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