As Manila debates ‘Bangsamoro’, there are bad men with guns on the loose killing cops in Mindanao

It’s simple, really. A crime was committed. Filipino policemen are dead. The criminals remain at large. And so the only question really worth asking is this:

Who is going out to get them?

There is irony in how so many Filipinos nowadays find the idea that “peace” is a “normal” entitlement. I suppose it is because a lot of those “new age” types who form among the noisiest cliques in the national “debate” are parrots raised on popular but nebulous slogans like “give peace a chance” and “make love not war” — fashionable statements that have been all but ingrained in the minds of today’s free-range Cerelac-fed babies.

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enemy_of_the_stateUnfortunately, the reality outside of The Matrix is different. If people haven’t noticed yet, the planet’s mightiest, most prosperous, and most culturally-virulent societies were built upon the blood that legions of their young warriors spilt on the battlefield. They are the most war-like civilisations in history with centuries of martial tradition behind them — the Germans, the Japanese, the Chinese, the British, and, what has been called the single greatest achievement of European civilisation, the United States of America.

The martial symbols and traditions of these societies are legend and continue to be held up as models of achievement in the science and art of motivating, organising and projecting fighting capability. They continue to wield armed forces that can mobilise and deploy at full force over thousands of miles of land and sea within hours an order is given.

Peace is made possible because of the existence of a recognised superior force. War, on the other hand, tends to erupt when one or the other “side” detects parity on the other.

The reason the criminally terrorist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) “leadership” has taken to heart the ridiculous notion that it is in a position to “negotiate” today is because it detects a palpable weakness in the Philippine government. That the Philippine government was willing to negotiate with them as equals to begin with irrevocably emboldened this brutally-treacherous enemy. The Philippine government dropped the ball by violating the global community’s biggest no-no:

Never under any circumstance negotiate with terrorists.

The Philippines’ premiere talking heads make the issue more complicated than it really is. They say there is a difference between criminals and “revolutionaries”. Ordinary Filipinos, however, see things a bit more clearly. To most of us, we see only a bunch of bad bad men illegally bearing arms who went on a cop-killing rampage. Why does it need to be more complicated than that?

Because, we are told, we need to sing along with the very dead John Lennon and “give peace a chance”. If I recall right, Lennon was also shot by a bad man with a gun. Go figure.

The adage most attributed to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is, I think, the best of them and I see no shame in copying it: They always get their man. If there is anything that motivates any police force worth their salt, it is capturing cop killers. Most of us are quite sure that Filipino policemen are itching to see the day they drag a hog-tied Islamic terrorist into a precinct and bark the venerable Robocop’s immortal words: Book him. He’s a cop-killer.

The trouble is, the soul of the national “debate” is being sucked dry by a raft of pointless Congressional “inquiries” into the case; while, in the meantime, the MILF grows bolder. With every day that no ultimatum backed by the threat of state-sanctioned violent force from the Philippine government is delivered to these crooks, their sense of entitlement grows to ever more deadly national security-threatening levels.

Peaceniks who command the lion’s share of media air time are quick to point out that it is easy for armchair “keyboard warriors” to talk about going to war. What is funny about that argument is that these are the same morons who assert that the Philippine military is subject to civilian authority. So here’s the thing then: let civilians do what they do and military folk do what they do. Civilians philosophise about war. Military people make it happen. I don’t see any conflict between the two.

For argument’s sake, just the same, perhaps it is worth going down the path of exploring the deeper reasons why Filipinos balk at the idea of “dying for their country”. What is happening today actually provides a confronting reality to help us understand the nature of the real answer to that point. Recent events have proven that 44 young officers can die in the service of their country, after which (1) the leader of the nation will not be bothered to show up at the right times to lead the nation’s grief, (2) pointless “debate” will prevail when a clear course of action is already staring us in the face, and (3) benefits of the doubt will overwhelmingly favour the enemies rather than the friendlies in that “debate”.

Most importantly, the enemy was invited to a table of equals despite decades of perpetrating the killing of hundreds of thousands of young Filipinos who were serving their country. Perhaps our men in uniform and those wearing badges do, indeed, deserve the snappiest salutes — because they are willing to die for a country that does not deserve their deaths.

At the very least, Filipino civilians should place a bit more honour around the whole point underlying the existence of the armed services — war. There is honour in war and only temporary fattening false comfort in “peace”.

While we are at it, let us consider that pride in one’s country is propped up by only one pillar; and that is achievement.

Craig Nelson introduces his book Rocketmen, with the story of a 1969 United States Senate briefing (shortly after Apollo 11 landed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon) where Fermilab physicist Robert Wilson is asked how a $250 million atom smasher he proposes be built will contribute to the security of the United States. Wilson responded by saying that it will contribute nothing, but that the American people’s capacity to undertake endeavours like those is what makes the United States of America worth defending.

That was a physicist asking Uncle Sam for 250 million in 1969 US dollars to build a particle accelerator for research purposes. Asked why, he gave a convincing answer in no more than one sentence.

46 Replies to “As Manila debates ‘Bangsamoro’, there are bad men with guns on the loose killing cops in Mindanao”

  1. Could it be possible that the murderers remain at large because it was a ‘staged’ even t and that those responsible aren’t really the MILF?
    Such events have been known to happen and are refferred to as ‘Black Swan’ events.IDK, and who knows, but the fact remains that the shiftlessness of the admin. is suspicious in and of itself.

    Other than the fact that no one has definitive proof of who killed these cops it is just as uncertain, although the ignorance of the masses displays attitudes to the contrary,as who really materminded the “Charlie Hebdo’ attacks in Paris.The so-called skilled and professional terrorists were so stoopid(?) as to leave their ID’s in the getaway vehicle.Kinda like the perfectly intact passports that were the only surviving pieces of paper at the scene of the World Trade Center attacks that led to the spending of $6,000 BILLION USDollars and the killing and maiming of millions of Iraqi’s and USA soldiers.

    While it may seem patriotic and gung-ho to scream for revenge in the face of such monstrosities it is just that sense of outrage that perpetrators of ‘Black Swan’/’False Flag’ events count on to keep the people occupied by wars while the real terrorists rape and pillage the resources of an entire nation.It can be recalled that the Iraq War happened from 2003 till 2012 during which time the biggest robbery since ‘the GREAT Depression’ occurred in the West.

    While bashing the hippies and ‘peaceniks’ may seem like a really macho attitude and it is true that the killers of these cops are at large, but giving peace a chance may also provide the opportunity to see what else is going on inside the country.It has been rumored that the country has had problems with government officials mis-handling/outright stealing tax-payer funds.

    Looks like perfect timing to too.Ever wonder why these events pop-up at the most interesting times?

  2. Now I’am not going to debate with you (or anyone) anymore whether or not peace is still the right course of action. I had already given up on that (discussing/debating with people that is).

    What has been bothering me here for the last 2 blog post was how you keep insisting that the congress and by that extension the government keeps debating/discussing about the BBL when they had already suspended indefinitely any discussion about the BBL to give way to the investigation bodies. Am I missing something here?

  3. I agree that peace is a moral entitlement; and the same with any other right that has been violated, you also have the right to seek justice when this has been wronged. Wronged, especially at the scale such as the 44 brave men who died under a ‘peace treaty’ because they were trying to uphold said peace by putting away notorious criminals at terrorist level.

    Will you say to a rape victim, don’t prosecute the offender, it will just make things worse and it’s better to just keep the peace? It might be a different circumstance, but this is the equivalent of not cracking down on MILF. And for the rest of Muslim Mindanao crying out for ‘peace’ why can’t they make a stand and say they don’t want these a-holes representing them, have they forgotten what Noor’s right hand man did to Zamboanga just a year ago if this massacre isn’t an example enough?

    It’s a matter of trying to live in a world with Order. Without that, no peace. No progress either.

    1. “And for the rest of Muslim Mindanao crying out for ‘peace’ why can’t they make a stand and say they don’t want these a-holes representing them, have they forgotten what Noor’s right hand man did to Zamboanga just a year ago if this massacre isn’t an example enough?”

      Right on the spot. I always wonder why muslims in mindanao and quiapo over all of these years do not, and have NEVER publicly berate / reprimand their gun-totting, triggerhappy, barbaric brothers in faith. Where they (peaceful muslims) following some islamic doctrine/ taboo, or are they simply afraid of these monsters? Why all they see (always) at fault was the Philippine government, the AFP, the PNP, and other groups that were non-muslim.

  4. Benign0

    But, these “bad men with guns on the loose [want to own] Mindanao”!

    In 1976, there was a treaty (the Tripoli Agreement) negotiated in Libya with MNLF under Nur Misuari; now, there is another proposed treaty, this time around with MILF, scheduled to be signed this year 2015.

    But PEACE may not be guaranteed to ensue immediately, for there’s still another group in the offing — BIFF. I’m sure there’s going to be another treaty to be inked with this third group soon.

    And so, expect more treaties with the fourth, the fifth and perhaps hundreds of other alphabet soup acronyms or abbreviations of Muslim groups that will once again emerge from time to time, claiming to own a territory until the whole island of Mindanao will be ceded — if only to give PEACE a chance to flourish there.

    So, I think the ultimate (but still hidden) target is, after all, the whole island of Mindanao.

    Regarding this matter, I refer you to the Official Statement of the MILF by Al Haj Murad Ebrahim on the massacre last 25th January 2015 as follows:

    Take careful note that the topmost right side portion of the MILF letterhead above is the Star and Crescent Islamic symbol.

    What is strange and disconcerting is that, inside the space within the Islamic symbol, there is a MAP of the whole island of Mindanao along with the island provinces of Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi.

    But, take careful note that, “The Envisioned Territory of the Bangsamoro” — as defined in the 2012 Framework Agreement between the Philippine government and the MILF signed on October 07, 2014 — includes only a SMALL portion of Mindanao as indicated in the official map:

    So, if the Bangsamoro territory is envisioned to constitute only a SMALL portion of Mindanao, why is the ENTIRE island included in the MILF Islamic Logo design?

    And even granting that MILF merely wanted to include the whole island of Mindanao solely for reference purposes, the spot where the actual “envisioned territory of the Bangsamoro” in Mindanao is located should have been indicated with, perhaps, a different color so as not to provoke confusion and trigger doubts that the entire island is the pursued goal.

    Even then, is there a possibility that the MILF (and other similar groups) may later on grab ALL the other regions in Mindanao to become “part of” its so-called Bangsamoro “contiguous territory” later?

    Legally, MILF can grab all the others. Under Sec. 3, ART. III (TERRITORY) of the Bantsamoro Basic Law, the Bangsamoro “may opt at anytime” to expand and thereby increase the extent of its territory by adding “contiguous territory,” in this manner:

    “Section 3. Contiguous Territory – The areas which are contiguous and outside the core territory may opt at anytime to be part of the territory upon petition of at) least ten percent (10%) of the registered voters and approved by a majority of qualified votes cast in a plebiscite.”

    And this territorial expansion can even be accomplished slowly — piecemeal, barangay by barangay. In fact, as it is now, the “core territory” now includes “the 39 barangays in the 6 municipalities of North Cotabato that also voted for inclusion in the 2001 plebiscite” as shown in the Bangsamoro map earlier cited here.

    In light of all these glaring deceptions, will the duped Filipinos be crooning Sinatra’s “Fools Rush In” (1940) soon?

    1. Indeed, the underlying implication of this whole “Bangsamoro” venture is in the question: Will acceding to the MILF’s demands change their long term goal of dominating ALL of Mindanao? And will it stop their alignment with the overall Islamic vision of a world living under Sharia law?

  5. Wow, Benign0 is on the roll. He must be drinking something potent. He has come out in the last four or five essays with some of the best thinking on the subject matter — and perfectly written too. Keep them coming, man. Hope PNoy, Deles and Ferrer are able to read them… oh, maybe that is asking too much; these three are blinded by their egos and vested interests, I almost forgot that with the fantastic write up above.

    1. When you are sober Benign0, you show a spark of genius. Keep up the fire in the belly.. Despite our disagreement in the past, I can’t help but notice that you were perfectly right on track. On it just so happened that we see the problem from the same prism. 🙂

  6. Those that beat the drums of war against ISIS in the USA and against MILF in the Philippines seem to be suffering from testosterone induced amnesia. Are you so quick to forget the lessons of Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq?

    You hold the USA as a model of fighting capability. Yet, after a decade long struggle in Afghanistan and Iraq, which cost hundreds of thousands of deaths and three trillion dollars in American expenses; what has been accomplished? Not only is the situation not improved, it has worsened significantly.

    The countries in the region are in turmoil and millions of displaced persons have become refugees. Not only have the insurgents not been defeated; they are ascendant and attracting young recruits from all over the world.

    The American economy has caved in. Infrastructure needs are ignored. Unemployment grows because we are not investing in the training and education of our young people. In 2014, the US will pay 500 billion dollars to the Dept. of Defense or 60% of the budget. The war in Afghanistan is costing 10 million dollars for every hour we continue to stay.

    If a rag tag group of terrorists can do this to the strongest fighting force in the world; what realistic chance does the Philippines have of finding a military solution in Mindanao?

    Your characterization of recent events as a “bunch of bad men who went on a cop killing rampage” is a classic example of what Grimwald referred to in his recent post on GRP titled: “False Dichotomies: Black and White Stupidity.”

    In my opinion, ANYONE holding a gun is the “bad guy”; regardless of which uniform they are wearing. Please, give diplomacy a chance!

    1. If I recall right, President BS Aquino and his crew really did think they were giving diplomacy with the MILF a chance. Look how that turned out.

      And also if I recall right Grimwald had something to say about the effectiveness of appeasement under certain untenable circumstances.

      1. The solutions that come out of Washington or Manila are ineffective because they are imperial by nature. The problems they are trying to solve are tribal and sectarian. Little can be achieved without the support of a grass roots involvement. The hubris of the big boys thinking they can impose their will on the locals has been demonstrated time and time again. It may work for a while; but when the soldiers go home, the troubles boil back up to the surface with genocidal results.

        What to do? Draw a line from Cagayan de Oro to General Santos City. Everything east of the line becomes one state. Everything west of the line remains part of the Philippines. Davao becomes the new regional capitol. Let the natives work out what they want to do in the new eastern state.

        1. correction: everything WEST of the line becomes the new state; everything EAST of the line remains part of the Philippines. Let the natives work out what they want to do in the new WESTERN state.

        2. The Greek Christian and Moslem Turkish segments of the population of Cyprus demonstrated through a bloody 20 year civil war that they were unable to live with each other. In 1974, the UN partitioned the island in half. The UN peacekeepers kept a buffer zone between the two different parts of the island. Over time cooler heads prevailed and in 2014 talks resumed to reunify the two different parts of the country.

          They should have partitioned Iraq into Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni sections ten years ago. It could have avoided a lot of blood shed.

        3. The solutions that come out of Washington or Manila are ineffective because they are imperial by nature.
          I will only believe that if it will come from the MILF itself.

          Actually, the solution is no solution. Those at the other end of the table simply want power, period. They are using the past to justify something they cannot have by working in the present. We granted them the ARMM. Did it solve the problem?

          No way to even suggest for a solution because this administration and the administrations before it has bent backwards just to find peace and remedy and accommodate the wishes of every rebel group in the South that tries to speak for the Muslims.

          There is something in the problem that makes it unresolvable. It can only be controlled and managed by force but it will never be resolve if we’ll just give in to every whine and complaint and tantrums of the other side.

    2. I’m not into comparison because for me, most often, it does not really put clarity in the discussion but instead make it more confusing. Once you’re sucked into the comparison game, you either push your own bias or the other party insist on his and the conversation goes haywire. Let me explain.

      The US never fought an internal war of its own the way we do. It involves itself in conflicts, wars, etc. because it not only has interest in many countries but it is a superpower acting as the global police. She fights the wars of others as a means to protect theirs and her interests in the long term. And not only that, the military industrial complex as a money-making enterprise makes war America’s business. Network of contracts and flows of money and resources among people and countries is the order of the day, hence, America needs to fight wars and engage in skirmishes and conflicts in order to oil the wheels of the business.

      We are none of those. We are not in the business of war, we’re in the business of peace and justice. Peace with MILF and justice for those who perished in Mamasapano. An area in Mindanao who is under the control or jurisdiction of the MILF. The group who threatens the state with arms and violence and self-promoted itself as the representative of all Muslims in the country that entered into a peace agreement with the government. That, in spite of the fact that there is a splintered or breakaway groups breathing side by side with it where the massacre was committed.

      Last I look, the gov’t. and the MILF are having a series of meetings and negotiations towards pursuing to the end the peace agreement they agreed on not too long ago. I don’t know where the ‘military solution’ idea comes from. That is a thinking that is so 1980s.

      The opinion that ANYONE holding a gun is the bad guy regardless of uniform will be an idea worthy of suicide if you are attempting to invite a discussion with that as a subject matter. Unless it is a personal philosophy, I’m not going to elaborate on that very weak view unless challenge.

      To the MILF, how can you represent your self as the voice of the Muslims when you cannot even silence the break away groups that also speaks the same language you do: violence? How can you be the representative of the Muslims in a peace process when you cannot even extract and differentiate your self with those of the enemies of peace?

      In Tagalog, we ask you this: SINO NILOLOKO N’YO?

      1. @Jameboy:

        The U.S. has engaged in internal wars. Many against the aboriginal native people who occupied the land before the European settlers did. The most noted internal war occurred in 1860. It cost the lives of 618,000 people and fueled the flames of hatred that have not cooled, even over a hundred years later. That war was caused when part of the country tried to break away from the federal government.

        I understand your point of view about comparisons. However, what is point of history, if we learn nothing from past mistakes and continue to repeat the same bloody errors again and again? What, if anything have you learned from the history of past problems with Mindanao?

        1. Yes, 1860. But can we advance a little bit more to at least be in a more realistic set up in comparing our problem with the US? I don’t think you’ll be able to do that without twisting some facts.

          The point of history is to learn precisely from it and not go there to look for comparison. The point of history is not merely to look at result and wonder but to find out the thinking, the ideas of the people at the time and how they were able to survive the challenges they faced.

          What do I learned from the Mindanao problem? Like I said, the solution is no solution. Truth is, we’re are not being frank about it. We do not like what the rebels are trying to do. We know they’re after power and we are willing to share some of it just to keep them quiet. Not good.

          You think if we settle with the MILF problem is solved? I don’t. Like I said there is something in the problem that cannot be settled in the negotiation table. Back in the day when the MNLF is the toast of the Muslims in the South, the MILF is just a ragtag called a breakaway group, lost command, a splinter group. Now that they own the leading role after the star of the MNLF dimmed, breakaway groups or lost commands, etc. still roams that part of Mindanao ready to jump in to take the leading role once the MILF starts to flounder.

          It’s a never- ending cycle. It’s an opportunity for the enemy and a curse for us.

        2. @Jameboy:

          I understand that with the wealth of examples of different types of conflict, a historical example could be found to justify any position. I only raised the American comparison because benignO did so in the article above. You said, ” I don’t know where the ‘military solution’ idea comes from?” That is precisely what he is proposing in the same article. For example: “There is honor in war” and “…state sanctioned violent force is delivered to these crooks.”

          You are reading the featured article, aren’t you?

        3. If a rag tag group of terrorists can do this to the strongest fighting force in the world; what realistic chance does the Philippines have of finding a military solution in Mindanao?
          I stand corrected. Although I picked up the ‘military solution’ on the above paragraph, you are right on your point and I’ll accede to that.

      2. @ Jameboy, I had to stop reading this comment as you are a Filipino commenting on things and goings on in the USA that you have no idea what you are talking about. As proof ,and before you get your panties in a wedgie,’The USA never fught an internal war like we do.’, UH …WHAT? If you knew what you were talking about you could never have said such a thing because you would know all about the U.S. Civil War that raged Militarily from 1860 to 1865 and idealogically from A LOT EARLIER THAN 1860 TO SOME SAY IT NEVER ENDED.
        So, get a clue, get an education or do whatever it is you have to do so you may know what you are talking about in the future.

        1. That is the reason why I hate comparison. People with narrow vision will drag you to it and force you to accept their loaded and biased theories.

          And JAMES GANG, please the arrogance. We can talk straight on the issue without pushing forward the offensive barricades. No need for that.

          I think I already answered the “1860” issue. I’ll just have to state the fact that in the last 50 or so years, the US, unlike the PH, have not had internal conflict about autonomy or secession based on culture or religion.

          Enough of comparison, please.

        2. @ Jameboy, U said it ,not me,HA !

          and further, you still do not know what your talking about. ‘The rag-tag bunch of….’, wait, stop…right there! Depending on which ‘rag-tag’ shitheads you are talking about. The USA has created the ‘rag-tag’ shitheads in the first place.The latest ones ISIS are a prime example, now giving the USA its own permission to bomb the shit out of Syria so they can get rid of the guy they tried to remove a couple of years ago, until Russia stopped them. So,follow along now, the USA is giving people weapons to fight with and then the USA starts fighting those very same people so they can get control of the country,Syria, (by removing Assad,the Elected President)that has Russia’s only Western sea-port and gate-way to the West through the meditereanean sea.
          You see, it is not that complicated but by reading your comments,as well intended as they may be, it is obvious you are clueless when you compare the USA’s problems with the Philippines. Unless, of course (and it is entirely possible), that the Philippine administration is arming the rebels in Mindanao(MILF/BILF/JO-JO and King-Wong). (but what would they do that for? Who’s gov’t. are they trying to topple?).
          The same goes for Al-Qaeda which the USA started in the late 1980’s (probably before you were born) to fight the Russians in Afghanistan.

        3. @ Jameboy, U silly flip, your the one that mentioned it. Filipino’s do this all the time and think they are slick…PPPFFFF….

  7. The Philippines continues to be plagued with an intelligentsia that doesn’t really know the difference between achieving peace and keeping it. What caused all those insurgencies this country has had for the past 50 years or so? Poverty. Every President, legislator, or local official has promised the moon, the stars, even the universe, just so the voting public would believe he is the one who will lift this country out of its misery. Once in a while, someone would come out to probably fit the bill, only to be silenced by the Dark Side of the Force. It is this Dark Side of the Force that needs to be obliterated if this country will ever see true prosperity and a semblance of social justice for everyone. Until poverty stares much of the citizenry in their collective faces, insurgents will continue to replace those that have died before.

  8. No one wins a war, by dying for his country…he wins it, by making his enemies die for his cause…

    Congressional inquiries produces nothings…it is a waste of time…

    As of now, no one is going after those who murdered/butchered those police/soldiers…

    Aquino ordered, no one to act…

    1. @ Toro 007, You know, you are the first person that has a clue here. Why are the killers still on the loose? this whole thing reeks of a set-up or ‘false-flag’ or something other than what just about everyone thinks it is. YOU MY FRIEND HAVE A CLUE !!!
      Congratulations, although I am sure you do not give a shit what I think I actually appreciate it when people such as yourself display some real thinking.Look at the facts, what verifiable few there are and look at the actions of those allegedly involved, before and after.It is not rocket-science but it flies right over a lot people’s heads.

  9. The move of Aquino is Appeasement…and this emboldens those Islamist Radicals to murder again…this is not the first time, they murdered soldiers…

  10. “Peace in our Times”? stated British PM Chamberlain to appease Adolph Hitler…the next thing he knew was: Hitler was invading country to country in Europe…then, Hitler pounded Britain with bombs…

    I have never seen such idiot as Aquino…Nobel Prize for Peace?Anyone?

  11. The hell this nation faces as always was created not overnight but by through decades of living under a flawed culture.

    Now, decades later, we have leaders who want comfort and very unwilling to do their jobs, People who are self-entitled and more than happy to screw over their fellow man and breed like rats. It’s sad to say but this is the future this country chose.

  12. “Section 3. Contiguous Territory – The areas which are contiguous and outside the core territory may opt at anytime to be part of the territory upon petition of at) least ten percent (10%) of the registered voters and approved by a majority of qualified votes cast in a plebiscite.”

    The mechanism is already in place. Remember how national elections are decided by 1 or 2 provinces in Lanao? Flying voters. All they have to do is populate a barangay with their ilk who will stay there during the prescribed time and presto you can have an Bangsamoro barangay inside a non-Bangsamoro area. They then repeat this process for other small barangays. Or, they may harass residents of a non-Bangsamoro barangay and for want of a more peaceful life the harassed family(s) transfers to another place. Through this, they can increase their presence in that area paving the way to a “win” during a plebiscite.

  13. Is killing a known terrorist wrong? I ask this, did the terrorist allow any of his victims quarter? No, then allow him no quarter, and hoist the black flag.

  14. The Congressional and Senate Inquiries are “Delay Tactic” of Aquino to BUY Time…until the Public Outrage will die down…and forget about the 44 murdered/butchered soldiers/police…

    Aquino has no conscience…he is the most evil President I have ever seen…

  15. Aquino is Going after the one who Uploaded the Video at You Tube, showing the massacre…

    However, he is not going after the murderers/butchers , who did the massacre…

    Can you see the thinking of this Idiot President?

  16. ..I think many of the comments here are missing the context of the article. I read it as NOT a suggestion to go to war. Rather it is a critique on the prevailing MENTALITY, because in part that is where the current leadership is wanting it to be, that thinks it could negotiate for peace when it is becoming obvious that it can’t. There are fundamental flaws why it can’t, and above article talks about one of them. With attempts by varying interests to usually muddle issues, not just the recent one, it is often useful to go back to something basic.

    Let us not forget please that we are in a site that has devoted itself, sometimes with too much passion, to pointing out what may be wrong with the Filipino way of thinking. Many have surrendered and call it FAILippines, but it seems this site has not surrendered, and that is why I visit it. Development has something to do with the mentality of the population and its leadership. In fact, mentality is the starting point, and when you have a nonchalant — pathetic, if we are to be brutal — populace, there is good sense in some times using hyperbolic tones if only to slap the face of the thinking class of the population — which may have to be done repeatedly in the hope that in some days, or one day, it could wake up for or against an issue with the same passion.

    “In real life, democracy is built on two practical pillars: cooperation and conflict. It requires BOTH. Cooperation, because people have a natural hunger for solidarity that makes all community possible. Conflict, because people have competing visions of what’s right and true. The more deeply they hold their convictions, the more naturally people seek to have those convictions shape society.” — Chaput

    The major shift today with P-Noy is the emphasis on cooperation, glossing over conflicts. Marcos and Erap emphasized conflict. That cost us a lot of lives. That cost us a lot of money we can’t afford. So, we can forget that option; the lessons are clear in the over-emphasis of just one notion.
    It is being proclaimed that BBL is just advancing, or improving, what Ramos tried and where Gloria failed. That is totally inaccurate.

    Ramos negotiated, but was ever ready to go to war — the reason why that peace deal is looked at as a deal with parity. It looks like it failed today. But that is not because of the deal per se. MNLF’s Misuari lost his vision with the attractiveness of power, and money that comes with it. Misuari, a Tausog, was thus seen as discriminating against Maguindanaos as now represented by MILF. But, a lesson has not been learned. We are again negotiating with a group that does not represent all Muslims, not to mention the Lumads and other non-Muslims in ARMM, if not Mindanao.

    Gloria can be said to have negotiated, but was never ready to go to war. Because of the Garci Tapes and her consequential paranoia towards coup d’etats, she turned a blind eye, and even encouraged, the corruption of certain generals in the Armed Forces and the Police. That may be true, but she created an alternate political pwer in the ARMM regions in the form of the Ampatuans that could always disturbed whatever the MILF might have been planning. We can, of course, say now that that was a horrible approach for the Amputuans eventually abused their power. But that is not the point. The point is Gloria didn’t go to the negotiating table with empty hands, or she went with empty hands but with a manipulative brain.

    P-Noy is over-emphasizing cooperation. That is not learning from past mistakes. That is starting from a totally different philosophy. It is exhibited by the more than expected capitulation towards MILF by people in the Peace Panel by the likes of Deles and Ferrer, that a few senators in the on-going Senate Hearing on the Fallen44 had to ask whether these two important persons in the Panel are still on the side of the government, or on the side of rebels. It is exhibited by the heartfelt tears of PNP Espina, SAF Napeñas and AFP Catapang, who all just want to be true professionals in their uniforms, but are now being asked by powers that be in politics, who don’t even know they have shifted philosophy, to cover-up the emerging flaws of the philosophy.

    How is it possible that Mar Roxas, Volt Gazmin, Gen Guerrero, etc., who literally were rubbing shoulders with P-Noy in Zamboanga, all of a sudden had a mass amnesia on when exactly P-Noy was told of the gravity of the Mamasapano incident? Was that not an example of the cover-up going on live in nationwide TV, if we are really thinking? They could not tell P-Noy because he was in a foul mood? He was in a foul mood because he could no longer take his scheduled 6-hour drive to Cotabato City where he was supposed to be receiving the trophy of a successful fight against terrorism, the slain body, or a cut finger at the very least, of Marwan???

    The new philosophy is likewise exhibited by the hesitancy of P-Noy to condemn the barbaric act on the Fallen 44. The hesitancy of course comes from the fact that MILF combatants are the primary suspects, even if eventually it may be proven that BIFF were the ones who massacred the 44.

    Maybe, it is a good philosophy. But if it is that good, why go through all this expensive motions of having Hearings and Investigations that are just focused on what is being made to appear as lack of proper coordination between PNP and AFP? — if this is not the master ploy to cover-up something bigger, what is? If we have found a philosophy that is that good because it emphasizes cooperation with the enemy at all cost to arrive at peace then why bother if PNP coordinated well with AFP? — this is after all an operational requirement that should be improved daily. I just don’t see how grandstanding legislators could improve in the glare of TV.

    Maybe, it is good because it is a philosophy of pursuing peace at all costs whether that means bringing down the dignity of the Presidency of the republic as an equal to the leader of a belligerent group. So, why was the meeting of P-Noy and Murad in Tokyo at first kept a secret? It is a philosophy of accomodation of turning the other cheek when one cheek is slapped. So, why the hesitancy of Deles and Ferrer to might as well admit fully that they are on the aide of MILF, who are ones that have been oppressed for a long time and thus, have now the right to slap us in any way they want? We are not belittling the neglect of Mindanao, but how can BBL convince us that it is something close to panacea that it is being trumpeted it to be.

    Maybe, it is good philosophy because it gave us the illusion that there was already peace. So, even if in the planning of P-Noy, Purisma and Napeñas classified MILF under the category of enemies on paper, this didn’t translate into the actual precautionary measures, Why? Because there was supposed to be a peace being negotiated? An illusion that generated a mentality? A mentality that generated carelessness? Deles and Ferrer should be tried for treason if they are the ones responsible for this illusion.

    But, if it is a good philosophy, it should stand on its own. There is no need to threaten the whole nation that if BBL is not passed by Congress, the only alternative is war. But, I thought the problems of Mindanao are complex. If it is a good philosophy, there is no need to rush its passage by ramming it down the throat of the nation as if this was another Corona impeachment process.

    Or, do they know that they have introduced a new philosophy? A philosophy that has never been tested and tried. It is way in the opposite side of which the above article talks about. What has been tried and tested is that you don’t negotiate peace if you are not ready to go to war. Let us first go back to that basic before we bet on BBL as we also urge everybody to remove the mentality that Lotto could make us rich.

    Again, the two practical pillars: cooperation and conflict.. we have no choice accept both for that is reality…. We don’t need illusions for as proven by the Fallen 44, this can be fatal.

    I wiill end with another quote from Chaput;

    “..democracy is not an end in itself. Majority opinion doesn’t determine what’s good and true. Like every other form of power, democracy can become a means of repression, a slavery in disguise. Democracy—for all its strengths—also carries the seeds of its own kind of social tyranny. The reason is simple. Democracy advances the forces of mass culture. Those same forces tend to narrow the aims of life from beauty, heroic virtue, and transcendent meaning to the pursuits of work, material consumption and entertainment. Human life settles into “a one-dimensional materialism and [a diminished moral] existence” that undermine human dignity and eventually tend to a withering of the spirit.

    To put it another way: The right to pursue happiness does not include a right to excuse or ignore evil in ourselves or anyone else. When we divorce our politics from a grounding in virtue and truth, we transform our country from a living moral organism into a kind of golem of legal machinery without a soul.

    This is why working for good laws is so important. This is why getting involved politically is so urgent. This is why every one of our votes matters. We need to elect the best public leaders, who then create the best policies and appoint the best judges. This has a huge impact on the kind of nation we become. Democracies depend for their survival on people of conviction fighting for what they believe in the public square—legally and peacefully, but zealously and without apologies. That includes all of us.”

    Kierkegaard once wrote that “the introspection of silence is the condition of all educated intercourse,” and that a culture of constant chattering “is afraid of the silence which reveals its emptiness.

    Now, in the silence of introspection let us be on guard of false coup d’etat. There are powers today that will try to retain that power, and these powers are masters in manipulation, illusion, slogan, one-liners, and propaganda. I would like to think our political system presumes a good foundation, a thinking that has worked, and that pre-exists this state.

    If you are confused, go back to something basic and fundamental.

  17. Add:

    First and foremost; we are not a Democracy. We are Feudal Oligarchy, ruled by Family Political Dynasties.

    Mindanao is not all Muslim, much more Radical Islam. There are many tribes, many kinds of people of all kinds of religious beliefs. We have to address this issue , also.

    You can never negotiate in weakness…you negotiate with Strength and with your guts.

    Appeasement to these Radical Islamist will never work. Just Look at those territories controlled by ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The minorities, and the Infidels are massacred by hundreds…the women are sold as Slaves and properties.

    Aquino and his administration cannot understand the Radical Islam political and Religious ideology.

    I don’t have problems with moderate and liberal Muslims. Some of them are my co-workers and friends. One of them is my best friend.

    Aquino plays the “bata-bata” in the military.
    He promotes people in the military, not on their capability, but their loyalty to him.

    This is the reason we have: Purisima, Catapang, etc… “not what you know, but WHOM you know”…

    We have been fighting all kinds of insurgencies, for many years…we have not gone bankrupt. What is bankrupting us is the widespread corruption, like : DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrels, outright thievery of government funds, etc…

    Unless, you will take the “Bull” by the horn, and pacify it…it will come back to “gore” you…

  18. I don’t know about you but whenever I see mamasapano on the news I am struck by its natural beauty. It still looks like a livable place environment wise anyway. It looks downright idyllic especially the wooden bridge across the river.

    Maybe we should leave it to the moors? Seems on the surface that it has more of a future than the crap heap that we made of manila.

  19. According to Zeigler, author of “War, Peace and International Politics” there are two kinds of people who views war: “idealist and realist.” The first is what Benign0 called the “cerelac-feed babies who cried out loud to “give peace” a chance. The second is that war is a question of power. One has it and would go for it to silence the other with lesser power because once this adversary acquires equal or greater power, it will dish out war to the other. We should give it to MILF while it is still incapable of putting the AFP to a stalemate. The reason the present govt. cannot give it to MILF because its present leadership was overdosed with celerac.

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