7M-peso 12-foot high wedding cake of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera baffles the world!


The wedding cake of Filipino starlets DingDong Dantes and Marian Rivera may have set a world record for biggest cake actually used in a wedding reception! A photo of said cake tweeted by a certain @yziimanabat was picked up by the British tabloid Daily Mirror after it reportedly became the “top trend” and “baffled half the world”.

The Guinness Book of World Records currently awards the accolade of “biggest wedding cake ever” to a six ton masterpiece made in New England, USA, in 2004, but the three biggest wedding cakes ever made were made for presentation purposes only, and not for an actual wedding.

It means that guests of Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, whose wedding took place today, could be consuming the biggest wedding cake ever ordered.


The cake was said to be worth 7 million pesos (more than USD150,000). According to an ABS-CBN News report, the cake which was “decorated with Swarovski crystals and was 3D-mapped for projected CG effects” was baked by Philippine fast food chain Goldilocks which the groom, Dantes, currently endorses (see video below).

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The Philippines’ top socio-cultural commentators and thought leaders have slammed the event as an obnoxious affront to good taste with regard to the Philippines being one of the world’s most impoverished nations although the legions of Dantes and Rivera fans who mostly belong to the low-end “C-D Crowd” demographic have defended the occasion saying that the couple have every right to spend their “hard-earned” money whatever way they see fit.

The Philippines is known for a celebrity culture that feeds upon mediocre television and cinema fare. In a 16th June 2006 article published on the Inquirer, noted columnist Isagani Cruz wrote (quoted on page 60 Get Real Philippines Book 1)โ€ฆ

The Philippine entertainment industry is not only a vast wasteland, as television has been described in America, but a vicious instrument for the abatement of the nationโ€™s intelligence. The shows it offers for the supposed recreation of the people are generally vulgar and smutty, usually with some little moral lesson inserted to make them look respectable, but offensive nonetheless. On the whole, they are obnoxious and unwholesome and deserve to be trashed.

The indiscriminate audience eagerly laps them up because it has not been taught to be selective and more demanding of better quality shows for their pastime. In fact, the easily satisfied fans have been taught the exact opposite reaction — to accept whatever garbage the industry offers them and, to add insult to their injury, to pay for it too.

The leaders of the entertainment industry are supposed to be responsible people but they have evaded their duty to elevate the taste of their mostly unthinking supporters. They have instead cheapened them into a mass of automated individuals whose ultimate joy is to roll up in the aisles at the lewd jokes of potential senators.

Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III was also a guest at this wedding and served as a “special witness” to the ceremony.

[Featured thumbnail photo courtesy @kaiiheartsyow posting on Twitter.]

124 Replies to “7M-peso 12-foot high wedding cake of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera baffles the world!”

  1. That’s it i’m unfollowing your page on facebook. Jesus christ GRP, i’ve been annoyed by some of your posts in the past, but this takes the cake already. (Pun intended). Why dwell on this topic when there are other issues at hand. I’m definitely not a fan of these two, in fact i can’t stand anything about pinoy showbusiness. Which is the primary reason i’m unfollowing you guys. I can’t stand seeing all these showbiz stuff on my feed.

    1. Jerry, you could’ve just avoided it. I don’t unfollow the techblogs/sites that I read a lot everytime I see an arse-kissing article about Apple products.

    2. I agree that knowing the details about Marian Rivera’s wedding is a waste of energy but please take time to read the whole article. I’m sure you’ll understand why Benigno wrote something about this bullshit media hyped wedding.

    3. Wow talk about bloated self-importance. Does it really matter if you unfollowed GRP on Facebook then announce it right here?

  2. Benign0, i know u. u seem to focus on personalities like jim paredes, etc. u are maybe just like them, elitist, smallminded, hypocritical, with hidden agenda like bongbong marcos

    1. R, I know you. Everybody knows you never go FULL RETARD.

      You just went FULL RETARD, man. Never go FULL RETARD. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I imagine more British readers would be amused by the revelation that DingDong is a legitimate name over in these parts, especially considering that a far right party had to issue an apology recently when one of its members disparagingly referred to a Thai woman as ‘Ting Tong.’

  4. Just read it, enjoy (or curse if you prefer) but then, move on with your lives. You don’t read and like articles just because it conforms with your beliefs, wants and needs. If that is the case, then just write your own stuff and read it over and over and over again to your heart’s content.

  5. This blog is trying to earn money from Google AdSense. Good luck with that. Bunch of cheapo writers trying to make a living by making sawsaw on everything. And man, your facts aren’t valid. Slammed daw bay top socio-cultural commentators. Haha.

  6. I find this article really distasteful. It just shows the author’s naivete on the actual impact of the wedding. Yes it is lavish, yes they have money, but it’s not like they stole it from the general public. If anything hosting a big event like this gave opportunities for employers to make money off of it. Sigh to jealousy and bitterness.

  7. I have very high regards with GRP. I am a huge fan. But this is going nowhere. What’s the point of ur headline? Enough. Move on. If it is people’s money then we should all curse them. Enough of this crap.

    1. The author is surely ugly, poor, and insignificant. I feel for this blog for resorting to this cheap tactic to drive traffic and earn from Google AdSense. I bet, mas madami pa nagawa si DongYan sa Pilipinas than the combined efforts of all people behind this blog.

  8. Lol this is really stupid. A group of writers writing without accuracy or reliability in a website that tries too hard to be relevant. Can you be more patethic? You also tried to put in some things that are supposed to be “facts” in your article which obviously are products of your own bitterness and denial of reality. Before you give figures or whatever, please make sure they are real. Before you say words that are demeaning to anyone, please make sure that they are at least a teeny bit based on reality. And before you say words that make you feel like a “hero” ala Jose Rizal because of your stupid, condescending, inaccurate, bitterness-enduced, small-minded articles, please have a life. Get married, too, and spend as little money as you can on your wedding (which, based on how low you went, you probably don’t have a choice about, anyway.) and really feel like a real Filipino who doesn’t brag and doesn’t enjoy luxury (which, again, you probably don’t have a choice with, anyway). Before this all ends, I guess you have to be grateful to the celebs you have mentioned in your crappy article because they’ve been pulling audiences for your shitty website. You should start loving them now for that, shouldn’t you? Maybe you can go get some Jollibee takeout later because of them.

  9. People don’t let jealousy or envy get the best of you! please focus on the politicians. Couple have yet signify intention to enter politics, so let us not kill the joy & happiness of the newly wed.

    “Why is everybody so serious?

    It’s not about the money, money, money
    We just wanna make the world dance
    Forget about the price tag”
    by Jessie J – Price Tag

    If itโ€™s not about the money โ€“ what is it about?

    1. To make money circulate, create financial or economic acitivity and provide work or employment to many.

    2. Strive for Excellence – couple are focused/driven to stage the highest standards or best wedding ever and strive to achieve the most memorable experience, then money matters less.

    3. It’s about sending a message – both may run for political positions even though they do not have experience & knowledge when it comes to politics. This is the sad reality in Philippine society who choose Showbiz or Sport celebrities instead of choosing competent leaders.

    1. remember the MAR Roxas wedding? People seem to forget the timing and the fact that PNOY is on both weddings.

  10. from this article: “…regard to the Philippines being one of the worldโ€™s most impoverished nations”

    -what is your source? according to imf (posted in gfmag.com), we are #58. india is 55. china is 95. 20 poorest nations mainly consist of african nations, including 2 asian (afghanistan and nepal). UN (posted by nationsonline.org) did not even include phl as one of the least developed nations. phl among the most impoverished nations? yeah right.

    still from here: “the legions of Dantes and Rivera fans who mostly belong to the low-end ‘C-D Crowd’ demographic have defended the occasion saying that the couple have every right to spend their ‘hard-earned’ money whatever way they see fit.”

    -was also reading previous posts from this site. who are you to say that the people saying that “the couple have every right to spend their ‘hard-earned’ money whatever way they see fit” are those who come from the legions of Dantes and Rivera fans? or is such statement a mere hasty generalization?

    get real. really real.

    1. To say we are not an impoverished nation is just ignorance at its best. Yes our GDP (i’m assuming that’s what your ranking is based on) is at #58 in the world but GDP don’t mean shit. ever heard of the Gini coefficient? the measurement of income inequality? we’re just 45/100, a higher gap between rich and poor compared to indonesia and thailand. We also have the highest unemployment rate in the ASEAN alone. out of the 261 countries registered, we are ranked 81st based on our poverty index (Percent of the population below the poverty line) 23 MILLION people are dirt poor, that’s on par with the whole population of Australia and 193 other countries.

      I’m assuming you’re not a fan, you’re probably just a crab, intent on pulling someone else by defending the wrong people(why do i say so?) nothing in your comment proves anything, you’re not contributing to the debate. You’re just pointing out technicalities(which are wrong btw) You’re either a troll or just plain ignorant.

      Get smart, really smart.

    2. That’s right Ignoramus Destroyer.

      GDP measurements don’t mean squat. Look at India. One of the biggest economies in the world, with a nominal GDP of $1.4 trillion, the tenth biggest in the world Only a fcking moron would say India is one of the richest countries in the world, when in fact they have one of the world’s poorest populations. They are growing fast, but still poor as shit. Decent sanitation is such a problem in India that a lot of urban poor resort to squatting on public open spaces that serve as makeshift toilets.

      Similar reality with the Philippines’ economic metric. Big GDP relative to several other countries but still largely dirt poor. There’s a percentage of the population that’s well to do. The rest barely eke out a decent living.

      Nothing annoys me more than Pinoy armchair economists that pathetically dabble in some macroeconomics here and foreign exchange rates there to prove how healthy the Philippine economy is yet really have no damn clue what they’re talking about.

  11. This isn’t about they have money or what not. This is about decency and common sense. Wedding is supposed to be private and within the boundary of friends and family. And preferably at a price that is humane.

    You don’t see billionaires throwing lavish wedding all around the world. If they did we (the public) probably won’t know about it. It is only in the Philippines where celebrities or famous people outdoing each others’ wedding or proposal. It is mind boggling. Decadence at its worst!

  12. I wonder how much mileage will Goldilocks get from this? Also, if that cake was never all eaten (chances are it wasn’t), will they just throw away the remains? It would’ve been better if they gave the leftovers to street children outside. If they did already, then that’s nice.

  13. Ask yourselves before posting anything:

    1. “Does anyone, especially the parties involved, about, care what I think?”

    2. “Will this make me rich and make my life better?”

    If you answered at least 1 with NO, well then …




    1. I agree there are indeed vovo pinoys. We can’t hide it as it clearly shows in ur comment. Yes dude ur the one ur referring to.

    2. LETS SEE! if the & million Cake can help in their relationship. baka 7 years lang tatagal ang mag asawang yan, baka nga 7 months lang…. kasi ang kasal eh hindi party.. its a binding…. naku! pera din ang pag aawayan ng mag asawang yan for sure later……

      1. Before you judge them, have you yourself done anything for the poor? Do you belong to the other network who has nothing to do but bash stars from GMA. The wedding was planned way ahead of Seniang event. Why can’t we just be happy for them. Moreover, this couple has raised funds in the past for disaster victims.

        1. Typical pinoy comment who judges a message on the basis of whether or not its coming from the other side. FYI, DongYan asked Kris Aquino to invite PNoy to the wedding.

      2. They don’t have the DIRECT responsibility to feed the hungry, yes, but they have the power to influence how their audience thinks and acts. That is what they should treat with care.

        How would you like it, if during a calamity, your beloved Marian and Dingdong said that it’s not their responsibility to help you out? What if, during a calamity, they decide not to endorse any outreach efforts because it is not their responsibility, because their main responsibility is to entertain?

        I’m not attacking the wedding itself, but your kind of thinking strips people of their accountability for each other. That’s frightening, considering we Filipinos take so much pride in helping each other out and calling it unity and resilience. Responsibility must still have some weight in this whole circus.

    1. tama. loser na hater pa. kasal naman nila yan, pera naman nila. di bale kung politician sila na na-ngu-ngurap lang.

  15. Eh kung nagbabayad naman si Marian at Dingdong ng tamang TAX wala na tayong karapatan na pakikialaman ang mga ginastos nila sa kasal. Pinaghirapan nila yun!

    At kung pera naman nila ang ginastos doon lahat kahit ilang milyon pesos pa yang pinagawa nilang wedding cake wala na kayong karapatan batikusin. Ano kinalaman nila sa mga naghihikahos na taumbayan! Eh hindi naman sila mga government officials.

    Nasa kanila na yun kung tumulong sila or hindi. Pero ang alam ko may binigay rin sila sa mga homeless sa Leyte. Batikusin ninyo yung mga GOVERNMENT officials na nagkanaw ng pera sa kaban ng bayan! Biglang yaman wala namang negosyo! Umaasa lang sa pagiging politiko!

    1. only a fool will buy a wedding cake worth 7 million. yung wedding ring nga eh ala pa sigurong 1M, may HERMES bag bang worth 2 to 3M is marian? rolex ba ang suot ni Dingdong? huh! pasikat

  16. Your money is your money, spend it the way you want it. Who is responsible for the typhoon victims? Not Dingdong not Marian! Get real envious people!

  17. I was correct with my gut feelings. My friendly butiki, who listens to everything inside the executive offices of GMA7, confirmed that it was the network that paid for everything (repeat, everything) in the so called ‘royal wedding’. It was over Php100m on the wedding day alone, not including other expenses in the pre-nuptial activities. This is an eye-popping amount if it is just a wedding expense (as I am one of those who think that a 20m wedding is already stupid and insensitive in a Third World setting, even if one could afford a 500m one.) Over 100m, however, is a justifiable amount, even cheap vis-a-vis the ROI, if it is accounted as marketing and advertising expense of a large corporation that regularly spends much more anyway in their ads and promos.

    If the network has been able to project that their signature stars are bigger than those from competition, then they would have been able to deliver the message that GMA7 is the bigger kid in the block (don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong in being number one in a very competitive business) It appears they have achieved this objective, and the network executives are happy. In fact, they are very happy as some foreign media picked up on the event, like the CBS morning show and that already mentioned above, etc. There were also other side messages that were delivered in the process, like they control the other “stars” in politics and entertainment (no less than Pres BS Aquino attended… almost a dozen bishops and priests, and the competitors’ signature stars were also there. ….Ateneo and La Salle were also united since the groom is an Atenean; the bride, a La Sallian).. and other corny things and spins, which were debated, but were eventually dropped so that the main message would remain uncluttered.

    The unexpected bonus for them were the articles from GRP and how the event went viral in social media, as this extended the discussion of the event beyond the 24-hour news cycle. This came free (though, GRP might want to think of collecting some fee from GMA as it has helped in the PR blitz in a big way. I understand some of the lesser known stars were paid their PF, professional fees, for their attendance in the wedding). GRP, of course, could choose to be untainted by GMA’s money; afterall GRP had their own bonus — those who normally don’t pay attention to more important issues than a royal wedding finally visited the site. (Ilda should be congratulated.)

    We are all caught in the spider web of media, and as I make my comments now, I am very much aware that I am allowing myself to be entangled in the web of GMA7 — they want us to talk about the wedding. GRP and some commenters here know this as well. The point is that if we know we are in the web, we should know how to get out of the web. Unfortunately, it seems a good many don’t know this, and it is easy to spot who these were; their operative words in the comboxes: inggetera.. ano ba paki-alam nyo.. it’s their own money.. they worked hard for it… this is democracy… etc. Well, knowing what was said earlier, can these comments be considered moot and academic now? (It was not the couple’s money; it was a marketing expense of a large company. And, even if one had all the money in the world, one simply can’t go against decency, good taste, and all such principles that might enhance, improve, or elevate the culture and society at large.)

    We have a good many damned, or dumb, suckers of whatever media dishes out. They buy the media products, events, shows, etc, without even pausing to think. Well, this was expected of the D and E demographics, and that must be why GMA went ahead with the project, even building the anticipation to the event in their daily news. I would like to think it was not expected of the middle class that populate the social media — how could these guys who have all the access to knowledge thru Google and the like be buying a fake imitation of royalty? Ganun na ba tayo kababaw, that all we need is “kilig” and cheezy things? So, does PHL have a bigger problem with the mentality of the middle class than poverty? Would it be able to solve poverty in a more efficient way if it addresses the mentality of the middle class first? Or, did we already know that Education should have been the priority and the focus all this time?

    More than the code against extravagance, I think there is a more forceful code, written or unwritten, related to truth in advertising. If you sell a royal wedding, was there truth in it if there was no body in attendance who had a blue blood? Or, is the government afraid of media? Is this the reason why they have allowed Education to deteriorate in quality since media has more influence than the teachers? and investment in schools, teachers, and books would just be negated by the ubiquitous noontime and showbiz tsismis TV shows? Or, are they afraid of a well-educated populace because this would be a threat to the well-entrenched corrupt government officials? and it might as well that media churns out programs after programs on TV and radio that make people uncritical, if not really dumb? Or, is an educated populace simply a threat to anything? Or, is an educated populace the only way PHL could progress?

    Even then, congratulations to GMA7 (and ABS-CBN and Channel5 as well) for your fantastic bottom lines, but I ain’t buying your lousy products. Still, you deserve your multi-billion profits; you have studied and know your respective audiences well; they will follow you wherever you go. Sige, continue with your ratings war; it is exciting for Pinoys.

    But, “Royal Wedding”? I had hope you would have spared even just a billion more to have at least Kate Middleton, or the Sultan of Brunei, as guest — that would have been a real royalty present, not a fake one. It would have kilig to the max even China who might have dropped their claim on Spratleys right there and then. ……. But, a royal #DongYan, go tell that to the Marines.

    1. You’re taking the “Royal Wedding” literally. We are not saying that they were born like Kate Middleton or whoever you want to mention. Because dude, we don’t have like that here in the Philippines. And that is obvious. They were called “Royalties” (correct me if I’m wrong) because they were dubbed as King and Queen by their home station. Why so affected?

    2. Absolute-fckin-lutely. Genius!

      This comment by Add deserves an article in itself. Worth reading every word. Worth more than hundreds, no, millions of meaningless simple-minded kneejerk comments made by nimrods here:

      (“Anong pake niyo, pera nila yun eh!”, “Inggit lang kayo!” etc.)

      Those kinds of comments.

      In other words, to the other commenters who made those sorts of comments, ANG BABABAW NIYO MGA ULOL. Just needed to be said.

      Yes, congratulations talaga to GMA7. You know your audience very very well. Nagtotoast na siguro ang mga executives niyo for having pulled off the most extravagant publicity and marketing stunt ever pulled on live on television.

      1. Ah so hindi ka makatanggap ng mapait na batikos, kahit totoo, instead resorting to the usual “crab mentality” scapegoat.

        U no handle d truth dude?

        Why do you write like that anyway, are you 12 years old?

    3. Eh bat nag aalisan ang mga artista sa GMA? and kung ibayad ba sa mga pinagkakautangang crews ng GMA eh di mas kalugod lugod ang NETWORK ninyo sa mata ng tao, at tatangkilikin pa kayo…. kaya nga di ako nanonood sa GMA7 eh

    4. Well, this is certainly a different take. If what you say is true (I’m still taking my grain of salt as an excuse), and that GMA did indeed want this kind of reaction from its target demographics as well as us quasi- and pseudo-intellectuals from GRP and like sites (with international media zooming in and reporting at second hand as a bonus), the question (or at least a start at it, for I don’t have the same qualms about commercialism as most thinking people do) now would be — should this and any related developments from be taken negatively, i. e. the wedding detracts from other more fruitful activities related to broadcast media?

      (If by any chance you have said anything of the sort that addresses the question I posed, do quote it for me as you reply.)


    because CNN, BBC, Fox News, CBS, and Al-Jazeera hounded like hungry wolves on Prince William’s nuptials to a commoner, GMA-7 wouldn’t want to get left behind. simple as that. but still, this entire #DongYan circus flies in the face of so many Filipinos who are disillusioned by what ever crap the local media feeds them, resulting in a temporary amnesia from the ills of daily life like poverty, unemployment, hunger, etc…


    If Marian Rivera is indeed a LaSallian, where did she get her palengkera skills from? Also, I’d like to think that being able to afford a tuition fee in such school will allow for some elegant intellectual contributing to the betterment of society, but instead, the lady is like a hollow shell going about her show business with just a pretty face to offer and mediocre dancing talent, and whose work ethics have been described as “appalling” by her colleagues. I have more respect for weddings like Juday and Ryan Agoncillo’s, or even that of Marc Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s… These couples have more substance.

    1. I’m not defending Marian, alright? But are you saying there is no diversity in La Salle? That every single student is no different from the next one? And looking at the history of your comment, way back in Marimar? She wasn’t that big back then. She started her diva antics later on. Are you trying to tell us that you’ve been a hater ever since? Or just an Angel Locsin fan? Funny how the main topic was criticism towards the lavish wedding alone and you randomly shifted to criticism of the person. If you really are an educated critic, at least you should have known a little bit of objectivity.

    2. right on!
      the lady is like a hollow shell going about her show business with just a pretty face to offer and mediocre dancing talent, and whose work ethics have been described as โ€œappallingโ€ by her colleagues.
      totoong totoo yan.

    3. where’d she get her palengkera skillz? from being a typical (as in masa mentality) filipina of course. Bloated sense of entitlement, not much investment in her upper coconut (not the midsection pair of coconuts mind you). Its the “standard” of mediocrity we see everyday in our culture.

  19. Can’t help but comment on how narrow-minded most Filipinos are. I think the article is never meant to denigrate the likes of the celebrities involved or the concept of the wedding for that matter but to criticize how most Filipinos are so gullible, sold out and brainwashed akin to mindless zombies by some fancy media spin. Unfortunately, we have this celebrity/entertainment fairy tale mentality but we don’t impose the change we want among ourselves. Worse is, we use ad hominem attacks to refute our stupid unwarranted claims (see what I did there). Kairita!

  20. Simple lng yn mga kapatid, naghihikahos ang ating bayan, my yolanda mn n dumating o wala. Kahit ganu ntin sabihing GMA or ABS ang gumastos ng kasal or goldilocks ang gumastos, ang tanong; ang gnyang halaga bah ay naipaabot ntin s ating mga kapatid n biktima ng mga ngdaang bagyo? Di pera ng taong bayan ha? Ung pera tlaga na galing s nu…
    Pro oo nga, wla n taung paki s pera nla, konsensya po meron tau hbang mraming dumadaing ng tulong s mga biktima ng ibat ibang sakuna.
    Happy New Year po.

  21. I dont get why people have the energy to bash other people who are happy. And i dont get it. Why blame successful people (and by successful, i mean those who have earned their sucess by their hard work and not corrupted) about typhoon victims? They did their part to help. Have you? Weddings has been an honorable culture for Filipinos. And because they have money to spend, say even if its their home station paid for it, it still their money, and they can do whatever kind of wedding they wanted to do. Theyre kind enough to do charity too. Unlike our corrupt government. Want to blame someone on something? Blame it on the government.

    Government and media are two different arch.

  22. Kudos GRP for bringing this topic up….its fun reading anti DongYan and Pro DongYan bashing eAch other. Its like the movies may bida at may kontrabida. Kidding aside Ph telenobela are all crap… Puro drama at kabaklahan , i been telling my family to stop watching tele novela dahil wala silang mapupulot na magandang aral. Look at the kids in the streets, dont they act like thier idols ? Puro kabaklagan , puro papogi at paporma kahit wala silang mga pera. They even spend lots of money to buy whitening products so they look like thier movie idols… So absurd and ridiculous. Oh by the way i just bumped into one of the biggest star in the store her in Singapore and no one takes a second look. I know now why this country is so developed , everybody works hard and they dont spend time idolising fellow human being who maybe is telegenic and funny.

  23. Tacky, just like the entire affair, the couple and the people who are actually defending this. Eh, that’s what the Philippines tries to project itself to the world: utter lack of taste.

    inb4 Jealous. Yeah, you’ll have to fire better ammo to get your salt through me.

  24. i’m not a fan of marian or dingdong but i just want to be objective and ask the author…what is your basis for saying the cake was worth 7million pesos? The ingredients for making the cake im sure will not amount to 20 thousand pesos even if it was 6 feet high. 1 million can buy you an entire bakeshop! i say this because we also create cakes. you said it had swarovski crystals…ok but it is basic in making cakes (and food preparation for that matter) that majority if not all of what you put in the cake is edible and that includes the design. there could be swarovski there but im sure it was not used in the entire cake because that would be dangerous for peopke who will eat it. Having said this….isnt the author benign0 the same author who claims that the wedding cost amounted to 100 million? again without citing any basis for the amount.

    1. Looks like a fancy, scripted romance to prop up showbiz careers, being forced on the audience. Why do they have to prove to much to the public?

  25. You guys took your facts from the Daily Mirror. The fucking Daily Mirror.

    This article — the source — and all over a fucking wedding cake — dear God —

    What next, you want the couple to fucking give all their money to charity and fucking live the rest of their fucking lives as fucking beggars to fucking atone for the obviously unpardonable venal sin of having a fucking towering fucking wedding cake at their fucking wedding?

    For the love of God, they’re private citizens — by all accounts they earned their money fairly — they have money to burn — why don’t you guys let them fucking burn it? Because this is the Philippines and they’re fucking supposed to care about the less fortunate all the fucking time? Even if the guise wears thin? Would you want a slice of hypocrisy with that, dour sirs and ladies?

    (Oh yes you would — yes you fucking would!)

    1. …Dude there’s a limit to how much you want your exercise your rights to express your tackiness and ostentations. This just reeks of excess and arrogance in a society that does not need at the same time.

      No one here is trying to “spread the wealth” here or other Communist rhetoric if that’s what your insinuating.

    1. In Canada, kung anong kaya bilihin ni big boss, kaya din bilihin ni rank and file. But then again, taxes do actually work for the people over there. Further, edukado sila kung bumoto…

  26. “C-D “”Crowd”” ” wow, they’re people too you know. With aspirations and disney dreams that they may have witnessed in this affair.

    Crowd huh? Sheesh elitist writing with not a hint of class at all and bitterness splattered all over.

  27. People are given “disney dreams” and teary eyed GMA drivel instead of a living wage. Why do people do not seem to find anything wrong with the idea of a everyone living like wage slaves in order to support a tiny minority at the top that lives in splendor.

    The cake may be beautiful; but what of those that made it? Goldilocks is one of the most merciless employers in the country. The cooks and retail people are hired for minimum wage on six month contracts with no guaranteed number of hours and no benefits. The accepted practice of hiring people for only a few months and then laying them off is a immoral and keeps large segments of the population living from hand to mouth. In the face of the growing inequality in the country; displays of wealth like this wedding, are in extremely bad taste.

    1. Stop practicing Crab Mentality. There is nothing wrong with wanting to experience the finer things in life. It feels great to help those who are less fortunate but killing your dreams just to avoid making them feel bad is just plain stupid. The couple started from the bottom too and now what we are witnessing is the fruit of their labor so isn’t that supposed to be inspirational? MOST poor Filipinos people STAY poor because they relied too much from the help while there are few who have successfully lifted themselves up out of poverty simply by understanding that their lives depend on their own hands and used their resources right. Rather than defending the envious feelings of others why not let them face the reality, afterall, envy is a great motivation.

      Btw, extravagant events like this produces opportunities for businesses to flourish thereby producing more jobs to people.

    2. Wow. Are you saying that they should sacrifice their dream wedding just because some might get offended? They earned their money the right way, they’ve done their part in sharing their fortunes to help those who are in need. They’ve actively done their part as Filipinos; Don’t they deserve to enjoy how they want to enjoy their money? Have you ever really done your part as a Filipino? I bet not because you seem selfish and envious. Pulling them down just because their on top why not do your part instead and educate the poor to change their self-destructive mindset like yours?

    3. Let’s put it this way. These minimum-wage workers should be happy that there are these two crazy celebrities who decided to burn their money to keep the economy moving.

      If everyone decided not to spend their money on cake or anything, people will lose their jobs, which is even worse when the country’s unemployment goes up.

      To clarify your point about Goldilocks abusing labor rights, you should let the government handle the situation. If anything, people should be criticizing the government for not taking any action, not these two marrying individuals or their cake.

  28. I don’t believe the wedding cake cost 7m but I ‘ m pretty sure it was a gift to Dante. I have a feeling the BIR will be knocking on Dante’s door for this sponsorship gifts. The wedding dress, I believe Marian paid only 50% for endorsing Cinco. I’m just curious how much they paid for the reception, the Sea Bass fish alone is very expensive, again thru sponsorship this could also be discounted. I have a feeling this wedding cost them at least 15M or more than and it’s hard to believe it was all shouldered by Dante. The wedding was really beautiful, outstanding and outrageously very extravagantly. I just hope and pray that they will live happily together and forever

  29. benign0, im sorry to inform you but this article reads as RUSHED. I know you mean well (citing how much this is just a publicity stunt flaunting arrogance and irresponsibility) but the logic in this writing is off. Once again I suggest refraining from trying to use tabloids as legitimate sources of info.

  30. The wedding that is really classic to me is the ones without any ninong and ninang but all paid by the bride and groom and no material gifts. All monetary gifts are donated to charity. I know it’s a tradition in the Philippines to have as many ninongs and ninangs as possible What is the significance- they are counting on monetary gifts to off-set their wedding expenses?Thats obnoxious and classless.What I know sponsors are only applicable to christening.

  31. So, the cake is more expensive than the wedding gown? Who put out this alleged amount? Can’t wait when Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin will tie the knot and what their home TV station would comment on how much they would spend on their wedding. Hope they go exactly the opposite way and donate to charity what they are suppose to spend on their nuptial. That would earn a lot of respect for real…Whatever amount they spent it’s from hard work and not from stealing from the citizens of the land like most politicians/government officials do. Sour grapes…Somebody even quoted a violation of some kind of law and they should be stopped. I say, all rich people in that land are violating that law for permanently displaying extravagance with their mansions, expensive cars, etc.


    1. So you are just bitter because they did not donate, that they spent their hard-earned money on themselves, and that the poor whom the couple does not know did not get a taste of their gigantic and over-exaggerated cake?

      If you want to help the poor, talk to the government. It’s the government’s responsibility for their citizens’ well-being, not these marrying individuals’.

  33. My take is .. it is too much. What is really the goal for that extravagant Cake.
    Oh well it’s them so why are we bothered.. Not really right? We are just broad minded , observant and talented people who likes to comment. Hey I think it is our gift.
    I like to say something about Isagani Cruz article. Yes some but not all. I met the Star of BCWMH at the Mabuhay Lounge. I wanted to take a picture w her and asked politely and she pout and act irritated ” cige na para matapos na to”
    When we arrived at LAX.. She acted so sweet though the crowds almost came like a defensive football linebackers.
    I believe now that some acted to be respectable and sweet but actually they are obnoxious. I did not since that incident like watching that teleserye.
    Been in USA for 45 years and the star’s attitude of that long series gladly came to end.

  34. Where else should they spend their money? A second wedding or their funerals? It’s their money and they have their right-of-way to spend it on whatever they want.

    Are people really naive enough to think that they are obligated to contribute it to a charity just because they are financially-qualified to?

    I am not even Filipino; I don’t even know these two celebrities. I just know that these two people wanted to celebrate the wedding of their dreams. If that means an expensive cake, then let it be because they can afford it, and I am sure they aren’t stupid enough to go bankrupt over it either.

    They are not using government money or public benefits to sponsor their wedding, so people should back off from their poor rights and advocacy.

    If the couple decides not to share their hard-earned wealth for charity or whatever, that’s their choice and no one can criticize that. Don’t let your “jealousy from the poor” get all over you. If you really think people’s money should be contributed to the charity, you might as well go rob a bank since you believe you have a such a valid and legitimate reason.

  35. I dont get it… So what if they spent that much for their wedding. ITS THEIR EFFIN WEDDING. Let’s leave the couple alone and let them enjoy their “WEDDING”

  36. The writer has every right to say Philippines is an impoverished nation. Come on its very obvious. Im a filipino myself. The celebs has every right to have their wedding that way if these were gifts from sponsors. It was a media stunt… at the same time it only shows too how far the gap is from social status A to E. Lets get real and set aside d feelings of embarrassment and insult.. whilst also making other fans dream a fantasy that might not even come true in their lives its also adding insult to injury of the economic situation too. Not to mention politicizing a wedding

  37. I dont think is possible for a wedding cake to cost that much.. Thats so unreal..what im trying to say is if you wanna impress people for how much money you have.. I would say feed everyone in your entire city on your wedding day and you would not hear people talking shit about the money you spent.. I bet everyone will give you a compliment..

  38. That money is the equivalent of 5 arterial switches for children born in the Philippines with TGA, unlike the western celebrities the filipino rich are ignorant and selfish on charities. Many babies die each day in the Philippines due to heart defects that just 1 million pesos would fix for a normal long life.
    Agree, even a London hotel cake would not cost that much, must be iced with cocaine

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