Missing AirAsia QZ8501 plane possibly at sea bottom, US assistance sought as search continues

The search for AirAsia Indonesia Flight QZ8501 which went missing on Sunday, the 28th December continues. By Monday, officials involved in the search have become less optimistic and “saw little reason to believe the flight met anything but a grim fate.”

The search which, until the end of Monday, was focused over seven zones has so far yielded little. Reports of suspicious oily patches and objects being spotted by search crews have trickled in but the information remains inconclusive.

Map of search zone for missing AirAsia QZ8501(Source: Royal Malaysian Navy)

Map of search zone for missing AirAsia QZ8501
(Source: Royal Malaysian Navy)

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The Malaysian and Singapore Navies are covering the two northern zones, while Indonesian military and civil search teams are covering five others. The Indonesian government has formally requested the United States for assistance in the search and the US Navy Seventh Fleet is currently on standby as the details of the requirements are worked out between the two governments.

Other governments are also contributing resources to the effort…

Indonesia has reached out to the United Kingdom, France and the United States for help with sonar devices that may be needed for an underwater search, [Bambang Sulistyo, head of Indonesian search-and-rescue] said Monday.

France has dispatched two investigators to Indonesia. They are due to arrive in Jakarta on Monday, France’s Foreign Ministry said.

The missing plane is made by Airbus, a French company.

China will dispatch aircraft and ships to participate in search and rescue efforts, the Chinese Ministry of National Defense said Tuesday.

A Chinese navy frigate previously patrolling in the South China Sea was en route to the waters near where the plane lost contact, the ministry said on its website. The Chinese air force is also assisting with planning, the ministry said.

The latest official assessment coming from an Indonesian official is that the plane is most likely to be “at the bottom of the sea” by now.

[Featured thumbnail photo: Indonesian Air Force C-130 Hercules search crew courtesy New York Daily News.]

22 Replies to “Missing AirAsia QZ8501 plane possibly at sea bottom, US assistance sought as search continues”

  1. The latest I have heard is that land searches will be done as well. On social media, this accident lead to people believe that a new “Bermuda Triangle” has been invented /found (after MH370 has gone missing).

    1. It is the site called: the Devil’s Triangle. Some Japanese Reseach Vessels were lost there, some years ago, and never been found.

      There are reported activities of “Unidentified Submerged Objects (USO)”, in that area.
      USOs can travel in space and deep in the ocean. We are not yet, in that technology.

        1. We are not alone in this universe…there are billions of galaxies…like our galaxies.Maybe, by only a small probability, there is a Planet like the Earth in another galaxy…Ever heard of the Area 51 Research Center in Nevada desert, U.S.A.?

          If Extra Terrestrial will be known to exist. Organized Religions will collapse. Theocratic governments will collapse. Energy sources will be cheap. Medical Science will grow leaps and bounds. There will be new discoveries on the use of our intuitions (minds)…

      1. Is this related to those Vile Vortices? I guess there’s a triangle in just about anywhere around the world. Though there’s little information about that Devil’s Triangle, there’s a Devil’s Sea though.

  2. How come the Philippines isn’t contributing anything so much as a tugboat in the effort? Too poor to involve themselves to help their neighbors? When disaster strikes them lots of countries contributed to relief aid, Indonesia and Malaysia included. What an ungrateful country.

  3. This would highlight one thing: humanity hasn’t mapped the bottom of the ocean completely. It’s murky and dark in the water, so we don’t know what’s down there. And it’s hard to find stuff that goes in deep. Here’s where we see our limitations as humans.

  4. There is a Papal Planetary Observatory at his Summer Palace at Castel Gandolfo, Vatican. It is powered by powerful Zeis Refractor Telescope. Jesuit Priests Astronomers manned the telescope.

    There was a Papal Edict that was released during the time of Pope Benedict the 16th: ” Believing in Extra Terrestrials does not negate the belief of God”. The Priest Astronomer had seen something; to make the Pope issue an edict…

  5. The ocean’s contours shift from time to time…so it is very hard to map the ocean depths…islands disappear, and reappear, also. Depending on the tide flow.Some volcanoes in the ocean depth, erupt, making islands appear in the middle of the ocean. The ice on the North and South Poles are melting, increasing the widths of the oceans…

    The Philippines is 200 Years , behind in technology and Science, compared to advanced countries. We are more interested in Politics; than in Science and Technology…

      1. Filipino ShowBiz makes Filipinos Dull and Dumb. Most are nonsense and pandering for free money.

        Our “Teleserias” are written by “stupid people”. I have never seen an Educational Program in any Filipino TV Show…

        I think these Political leaders want us all to be: Dumb, Dull and Stupid…

        1. And they are doing a really great job making the masses dumb and numb. That’s the problem, the same masses don’t like their minds getting poked, but when something intelligent tends to insult the “intelligence” of these same masses..they parade like a bunch of butthurts demanding for apologies.

    1. I haven’t seen anybody writing that yet, but if such a mentality exists among certain Filipinos then they’re no better at logic and reasoning than fundamentalists.

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