If Binay deserves to be jailed for the 2007 Manila Peninsula Siege, so does Trillanes!

Vice President Jejomar Binay cannot stop the “Senate hearings” and the social media chatter surrounding his alleged ill-gotten wealth and dynastic leanings, but he can get to the source of the cough — phlegm. By simply flying under the radar, ignoring the noise, connecting with the masses (his electoral bulwarck), and focusing on what he does best (looking and smelling good), Binay will win the 2016 presidential elections. He just needs to starve his detractors of the hearsay “information” they feed on and have so far been using to sling the traditional pre-election mud at him.

Mutineer-turned-‘senator’ Antonio Trillanes IV committed a fatal flaw in his continued efforts to demonise Binay by admitting that he had made a deal with him back during his mutineering days in the 2000s. According to Trillanes, Binay had assured him a civilian backing a-la Philippine-style “people power” when he led a band of rogue soldiers in an armed assault of the Manila Peninsula in 2007…

Binay then promised that he would use his position to mobilize the employees of Makati City Hall, the urban poor, the students of the University of Makati, even the Makati traffic enforcers and police, according to Trillanes.

“On the eve of the Manila Pen incident, we were able to bring in our guns to Makati City Hall so we could use these for our revolt. Up to that point it was clear he was with us,” he said.

But when the day of the siege came, when the Magdalo soldiers had walked out of their trial, Binay and his promised group of supporters were nowhere to be seen.

“He put the whole group in trouble,” he said. “Not even the shadow of Vice President Binay was seen in Makati that day.”

'Senator' Antonio Trillanes IV led a rebellion against the Republic in 2007 that could have resulted in thousands of civilian deaths.

‘Senator’ Antonio Trillanes IV led a rebellion against the Republic in 2007 that could have resulted in thousands of civilian deaths.

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What seems to fly over the pointed head of this criminal ‘senator’ is that he is building an entire adolescent tantrum on top of a lame rationalisation of his far more grave past criminal behaviour — criminal behaviour that, in most normal countries, would have ended with its perpetrators being put in front of a firing squad. Trillanes’s actions and involvement in the July 27, 2003 Oakwood Mutiny, the February 2006 Marines Stand-Off, and the November 29, 2007 Manila Peninsula Incident and related incidents put innocent civilian lives at extreme risk. Furthermore, his “military adventurism” created an entire future of political instability and, with it, the ill perception of the Philippines coming from the global community. All that was to become ultimately detrimental to the ordinary Filipino who continues to struggle to this day to find sustainable livelihood as it is. This highlights the irony of how said popular will is actually a disservice to the “people” who are supposedly its source.

Suffice to say, the only real mistake former President Gloria Arroyo and the Philippine Army, then under her command, committed was capturing Trillanes alive. He could have been simply taken out by a sniper or any member of an assaulting force on sight right there and then and that would have been the end of that — a clean shooting when one considers the gravity of what Trillanes was doing in 2007 — an act of rebellion against the Republic. Instead, he is now a Philippine ‘senator’ thanks to the insult-on-the-intelligence presidential pardon he was granted by Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III in 2010. That’s Philippine society and its limpdicked sense of “justice” for you.

Indeed, no less than Senator Miriam Santiago chimed in on the heels of Trillanes’s tirade over Binay’s “chickening out” from the debate and declared that if Binay was indeed, part of Trillanes’s consipracy to overthrow the Philippine government, he should be put in jail for it…

Santiago said “merely agreeing and deciding to rise publicly and take arms against the government for the purposes of rebellion is already punishable under the crime of conspiracy to commit rebellion.”

“Thus, it was immaterial that Binay allegedly failed to mobilize the supporters, and was nowhere to be seen during the Manila Pen siege,” she said in a statement.

“While Trillanes and the other participants of the Manila Pen siege, and their civilian supporters were granted amnesty by President Aquino in 2010, the amnesty did not apply to Binay,” the senator said, referring to the uprising by Trillanes and fellow soldiers from the Magdalo Group at the Manila Peninsula in Makati City.

The core point many Filipinos will have missed here is that it is only on the back of the privilege of President BS Aquino’s politically-motivated pardon that keeps Trillanes out of jail today — the same jail that Santiago asserts Binay would belong in if found to be complicit in Trillanes’s hienous 2007 crime against the Republic. But trust Filipinos to keep their silly smiles plastered on while that one sails right over their heads.

Today’s Op-Ed piece written by the Inquirer editor captures the essence of the rot at the core of Philippine society at work here…

One day, an underpaid construction worker, desperate about his miserable fate, steals groceries in a nearby wet market to feed his family, gets caught, is mauled, and is put in jail that very day, where he stays for many years.

On the other hand, hardened criminals rob a bank, kill the security guards, tellers and bank clients. The question hangs: Would they ever be hauled to court and imprisoned?

61 Replies to “If Binay deserves to be jailed for the 2007 Manila Peninsula Siege, so does Trillanes!”

  1. But leading a rebellion got Trillanes voted even when he’s in jail supposedly to fulfill his punishment for, as you said, “put(ting) innocent civilian lives at extreme risk”, doing an “act of rebellion against the Republic”. Filipinos has this feeling that if a person like him “made a difference” for them they ought to be put in the government (while this said person (Trillanes) automatically use his “noteworthy” deed as his ticket to win an election treading on his initial sense of service to the country (also escaping jail for his ~crime~) because it soon turned out he don’t know what his position stands for). Somehow election, at this term, became a gamble where your vote’s your bet.

    Filipinos really love the circus – more entertainment, less work. Needless to say, Trillanes and Cayetano (always coming before others in advertising campaign) knows fairly well where to put their nose in, really waiting for the perfect time before revealing and solving a crime. Philippine politicians (I guess you can’t call them leaders anymore) really believe that Filipinos are too dumb to put their votes on popular candidates, made popular only by the noise they created. Ride along, people! One hellish rule again come 2016, 2014 pa lang it’s decided na. Haha

  2. Grave mistakes of this post:
    1. ‘BS’ Aguino should be B.S. Aquino if you want to make it short, or you are merely claiming that you are a superior invididual morally/intellectually than the president of the Republic of the Philippines by using a double-meaning quote for him.
    2. You have no rebuttal of Sen. Miriam Santiago’s position on the jailability of V.P. Binay, so the title of your post is totally misleading and often a flame-bait for you to gain more dollars on this advertise-supported blog. If you want to gain reputation of your posts here, remove google adsense.
    3. You said: “‘Senator’ Antonio Trillanes IV led a rebellion against the Republic in 2007 that could have resulted in thousands of civilian deaths.”

    And then you propose:

    “Suffice to say, the only real mistake former President Gloria Arroyo and the Philippine Army, then under her command, committed was capturing Trillanes alive. He could have been simply taken out by a sniper or any member of an assaulting force on sight right there and then and that would have been the end of that — a clean shooting when one considers the gravity of what Trillanes was doing in 2007 — an act of rebellion against the Republic. “

    Double standard fallacy. One should note that the 200 soldiers at the time are no ordinary soldiers(some were Scout Rangers) and also were many snipers on their side. If a fight between the gov soldiers and the mutineers happened, it would be huge casualties on both sides until the Oakwood building be reduced into rubbles.

    While I agree that a more harsh punishment should be implemented against any form of rebellions, the government also have no moral upperhand to do or implement that. And the amnesty program was the highlight of government’s effort to acknowledge some of the CLAIMS of the mutineers as valid. ((corruptions in the upper AFP ranks) would you also like to post articles related on the corruption instead of defending Binay?) They cannot do this type of treatment to muslim rebels who wants to have a separate states or to the communist rebels.

    This article has nothing to offer but bash Binay’s ditractors with no compelling reason or argument to defend Binay’s denial mode of the accusations. Binay out of his vast resources can create a public website documenting that he is in no way the owner of large track of lands or any of that. But so far, he is in denial mode where one can conclude that he is indeed hiding something.

    1. I have “no rebuttal of Sen. Miriam Santiago’s position on the jailability of V.P. Binay” because I am not arguing against it. If Binay is found guilty of conspiring to rebellion with Trillanes then by all means he should be punished for it.

      The rest of your comment is built upon your ASSUMPTION that I am defending Binay for the sake of it or because of any one of those standard reasons behind any endeavour Filipinos tend to be comfy with as explanations. Tough luck. If your faculties for reading comprehension were a bit sharper you would’ve worked out the real deal about me by now.

      As for your claim that having ads on this site subtracts from our “reputation”, well, look around you. GRP is the NUMBER ONE political blog in this space. So eat your heart out. You can whine and quibble all you want about ads and all that. Take it or leave it. Stay if you want to be a part of our undisputed success in the Philippines’ political blog scene or go off and join the wannabes elsewhere. We’re the Rock Stars in this neighbourhood. Deal with it.

      1. @ Benigno, Thanks for shuttin this guy up properly. IF you make some CA$H from Google on this site , hey, you deserve it.AND why shouldn’t you? Making an honest buck or two is far different than the corrupt ‘STATE’ of affairs that is often discussed here.Taking an adversarial position against, or even for,a political entity takes balls.In a country where most seem like cowards at least you have what it takes to speak what you see as the truth in all matters and are willing to give a reasonably fair hearing to all sides.
        Enjoy being a ‘ROCKSTAR’ coz it doesn’t suck!Believe me,I actually know.It also doesn’t last forever and can be gone in an instant.
        T.REX said it best: “Get it on, bang that gong”,so do it!

        1. Thanks. The bigger a rock star you become, the harder it is to stay one. How exactly we plan to stay one in light of that fact is, of course, a trade secret we don’t talk about in public forums as a matter of policy. 😉

          One thing I will reveal is that the the formula to success in this line of work is quite simple and within easy reach of anyone with access to a keyboard and the Internet. But like most simple things, it routinely flew atop the heads of our long-deceased competitors and continues to sail above those of the remaining ones that eat our dust everyday today.

      2. @ benigno, my apoloylgy if I misunderstood the post. IT is the title of the post that is quite misleading. Trillanes should be jailed, if Binay deserves jailtime. Meriam rules out the possibility, yet the title of your post suggest otherwise and I cant’t find any argument from your post to support your assertion in the title itself.

        As for the popularity of this blog, I am neutral and can comment on that. I was here accidentally looking for news about UN filipino troops in the Golan heights and I’ve found post in this blog and reas it. All the foreign articles I’ve read so far are supportive of the Filipino troops action at Golan, except for some Indians of course.

      1. I am not staying here, do not worry.
        Stay cool people, for it is quite dangerous for doing stuff like this. Suffice it to say that I am for a change of the Filipinos for the better, if you agree to this basic stance then we are one. I do not agree to the notion that the Philippines is hopeless.
        Again, criticism against politicians maybe good, but racist comments against your fellow Filipinos is another thing. You will reap the consequences of doing so, bad or good.
        Plant hate? Expect the reward as hate also. This is only a friendly reminder.

        I am not staying here of course. Sometimes my moral standard will be overshadowed because of emotions, and my apology if I offended some of you in short stay.

        God bless…

  3. “Ill perception of the Philippines coming from the global community”????

    Hate to break it to you, friend, but that ship has sailed long ago. Since pre-Marcos the Philippines has been internationally noted as THE most fucked up and corrupt Coconut Republics this side of Mars.

    Always has been. Always will be. Period.

  4. J.C.,
    See some African nations and many others. You should not be living here in the Philippines with that kind of attitude and you must not be my neighbor for the exagerration and the extreme negativity of your post. Hiding in front of your keyboard is the most cowardly thing you can do. Keyboard warriors.

    May God bless you..

    1. Aer, are you totally fucking retarded? How many African nations grow coconuts?

      There is absolutely zero exaggeration. Name one — just one — Pinoy president who was / is not corrupt. Oh, wait, you can’t even count to one can you, moron?

  5. I will answer you JC if you stop your foul language in your post. You sounded like an uncivilized bigot living in constant hatred against the Filipinos.Be sure not to become my.neighbor, and you should noy be living here in Philippines.

  6. J.C. Thank you for your hatred. I hope you will cool yourself soon and may try to reconsider Philippines as a beautiful destination of one in your future vacations. (Palawan is the best island in the world).

    I think I can tune myself to only hear good news from my beloved country, contrary to yours(all negative news and then exagerrate them). I am done with all this negativity, it should start from within if we want change. I saw firsthand how Filipinos behave and I do not buy all the negativity in this blog. Your comments reminds me of the ISIS rampage in the middle east, but by this time, not physical rampage, but only with a keyboard as your weapon.

    Many of us still loves the Philippines despite of its weaknesses, it is our home, we are the patriots. And don’t deceive yourself that by critizing Filipinos as pigs, slums, suckers or anything on that level is patriotic. That means you lowered yourself more than the people you were critizing.

    A good example of how to critize Filipinos is this one from quora:


    1. Moralizing against someone and then doing it yourself to someone else,typical. Don’t let yourself fool yourself, your just the same.
      Just because you do not like the guys ‘attitude’ for using what you consider ‘foul language’ doesn’t mean you did not do the exact same thing in your first post. Just using a different set of words makes you no different.
      and FYI, the guy happens to be right about at LEAST one thing: The Philippines is the only country I have ever been to where the indigenous population just throws garbage wherever they want to throw it that seems most convenient, and for that, those that do such a thing…. are fucking pigs.

        1. Great, Aer … you go to Cambodia to fiddle kiddies and then complain about my language. Just wonderful!

          You have the IQ of a gerbil with Down’s.

        2. @ AER Angor Bhat’s mushrooms are THE FINEST in the world, eat some…and hold on for the ride of your life !!!

          Try not to let what you consider ‘foul’ language bother you. This is an internet BLOG and not a library for politeness and corutesy’s of the sort found there.

    2. Aer, does it hurt when you think? That dunce cap should be welded permanently to that pointy little head of yours.

      The fact is that I am a Filipino. You are obviously confused by the fact that, unlike you, I don’t write incoherent, mumbo-jumbo drivel in pig-Latin.

  7. Politicians who steal millions, or even billions of pesos; will never be jailed. They live on to old age, to enjoy their loots. Look at those thiefs: Enrile, Ramos, Erap Estrada, Arroyo,Imelda Marcos, etc…

    Binay and Trillanes, may had committed a conspiracy to overthrow the Arroyo administration. However, it is Trillanes’ claims against Binay’s silence…it is naive for Trillanes to believe the assurance of a Filipino politician…anyway, it made him a Senator…by having a political show of coup’etat…naive Filipino voters believed him…and they elected him…

    It is hard life living in this Philipine “Coconut Republic”…However, we have some “political zarzuelas”, as entertainment. While they steal our tax money…

    1. Our complain of a corrupt government here in PH is at all valid on the sense that this corrected, first step should be to vote wisely.

      What I’ve found wrong among the comments is that the Philippines is home to a sick people and a failed state, and I am here in a land where there is no corruption like in the Philippines. If your reasons to leave PH for the US is because of the corruption, then think again.http://www.msn.com/en-ph/news/newsopinion/corrupt-philippines-look-at-america/ar-BBej2v6

      1. Hey, Aer, you conveniently failed to point out where the article states over 1,300 people have been indicted over Katrina-related fraud and corruption. Now, dickhead, precisely how many have been indicted over corruption in the Philippines?

        Try almost zero.

        Of course, with that syph infection ravaging your three lonely brain cells, you can’t even count to zero.

        Earth is full, Aer. Go home.

  8. Just shows what a parhetic, piss stupid country we are. In civilized countries, both bastards would be in jail. Here, they continue to hold high offices and are given airtime. No wonder we’re such a pathetic basket case. In an anti Filipino site, it said that our national average IQ is 84, one of the lowest in the world. When i see how things are going here, i believe them.

    1. Liu, we aren’t THAT pathetic. Transparency International has us pegged as only something like the 70th most corrupt nation on the planet. Only countries more corrupt are pure shitholes such as Indonesia, Libya, Venezuela and Afghanistan.

      I also don’t think our average IQ is 84. We are sort of like the Chinese 100 years ago, but without the violent streak. Hard to be an Einstein when 4/5 of our nation sleeps in mudhuts wondering where their daily bowl of rice and fish-head soup will come from.

      Unfortunately, what we need is a Pinochet. They catch a politician stealing 20 pesos, cut off his fucking hands after a two-minute dog & pony show trial. A government official accepts a bribe and take him up in a helicopter and make him fly. A guy father’s five kids with five women, cut off his balls. And get rid of that fucking Catholic Church. No, God will not give everybody a hot-tin roof and an extra ounce of rice per day no matter how much you sacrifice and pray.

      1. @ J.C. , the penalties for corruption MUST be increased and the enforced. The ‘Jue-teng’ king himself was convicted, pardoned and is now doing it again as Mayor of Manila. That conviction shoud have been enough to keep him in jail and definitely exclude him from ever holding public office again. BUT not in the Philippines, that fact alone speaks to the disgrace that is the political landscape in the philippines.

        1. I cannot argue with you on that, Gerry. The penalties must be drastic and enforcement swift and sure. The question is, however, how do we change the status quo? Those with the power & money now are heavily invested in maintaining the status quo. Even our lovely Catholic Church just gives lip service to fighting corruption. Remember Pajero Scandal. 😉

          The Chinese, as fucked up as they are, do some things right. They have a concept known as “Kill One, Teach One Hundred” aka “Kill the Chicken, Let the Monkey See”. You take the very next government official who steals over, say, 10,000 pesos, arrest him, put him in jail, give him a fair and quick three-day trial, find him guilty and one week later on prime time national TV put a bullet in his head. Lather, rinse and repeat. Corruption will drop to zero in a month.

  9. @J.C. Thank you for being so judgmental, of course that is the result if your IQ is too high, you can justify your actions in front of those who will willingly agree to your version of Filipinos.

        1. National Statistics Office. Poverty level something like 18,000 pesos per year. 30% officially below poverty line. See any problems with that, Aer? What the fuck can you do with 1,500 pesos per month? The REAL poverty level is something like 50,000 pesos per year. That’s likely well over 1/2 the population. You don’t see the slums surrounding Metro Manila decreasing in size do you, moron?

          Ok, I’m sure your brain hurts with the education you’ve just received. Oh, and talk to your English teacher, too, shithead. The word is “about” and not “abouy”.

          Enjoy third grade. And, Aer, please don’t propogate. One of you is already fucking up the gene pool,enough.

  10. @J.C. Thank you for that information. I am sure you feeling okay now by your derogatory comments, if that makes you feel good.

    Thanks to our smart phones’ keyboard now adays we can type abouy instead of about and there is no edit button. It’s my finger’s fault. That’s how far your high I.Q. can grasp the actual situation J.C.?

    And it took you at least two to three hours to search the whole internet for the source? If that feels you good, go on with complaining how low an I.Q. of anyone disagreeing with you! How dare am I with such a low I.Q.

    1. Actually, Aer, I don’t feel ok. Now that you do understand, I feel more like a special education teacher.

      Hey, dumbass, are you going to blame your retarded sentence structure in “how dare am I” on your cell phone, too?

      You are the poster child for retroactive abortions, Aer.

  11. Seriously, you need counseling JC.
    If you get sick seeing people make mistake such as the retarted sentence I’ve made above.
    Call us shitheads, morons, retarted or any of those derogatory comments while hiding yourself in your computer keyboard.

    Will you please do it in public?
    Okay, thanks for replying anyway.

  12. J.C. Am ranting out of frustration. However fucked up, this place is still home. Despite being able to move overseas, my family and i dont. Guess that puts me in the lowest IQ bracket. 😀

    1. Lui, you must be one of those guys who see the cup as half full.

      Sure, it’s home and to tell the truth it does have it’s charm and more than it’s fair share of wonderful people (Aside from Aer, that is). But the simple fact is that politically, economically, religiously and ethically it’s a cesspool and judging by history it won’t change until pigs fly or Aer grows two more brain cells. Virtually impossible.

      It’s sad that to have a comfortable life you either need to get the hell out or else become a thief like Binay et. al. You don’t need to be frustrated, Lui. You need to be angry and pick up a big fucking rock.

      1. You living in America JC? If so, America’s government is moving to the dark age of intolerance, news such as this is disturbing:

        And speaking of thieves USA have a fair share of corruption.

        I am expecting to recieve beautiful words from this civilized people, I think that in order to become a descent man one should incorporate foul language in their daily conversation especially using it against the people who oppose them, common among kids today kusog mamalikas. I accepted my mistake in my first post on this article but I will stand with these:
        1. Title of this post is misleading
        2. Double standard, Arroyo’s decision not to rush on shooting the mutineers is correct contrary to what was written
        3. A well written article should call people on their real names, but I digress, this must be a norm now for a civilized society where cowards(im serious) belong. In this manner, there is no difference between this type of people and those leftists protesting in the streets of Manila.

        1. Tell me then. Between the US and the Philippines, where do you think it is likely that a perpetrator of corruption will be investigateed, charged, tried, and jailed?

          As to that bozo Patricio Abinales, I had the pleasure of engaging in an online discussion with him back in 2005 which you can check out here. He’s probably a smart guy if he weren’t such a bozo.

          I find it quite amusing all these quaint attempts to put the Philippines side-by-side with the United States in a pissing contest. Just another demonstration of the sort of self-importance Pinoys are so renowned for which ranks amongst the many aspects of the flawed thinking that contributes to their chronic failure to prosper.

        2. @ benign0: As Aer so ingeniously pointed out, there were many cases of fraud in the US over the Katrina relief effort. That said, over 1,300 individuals were indicted — some for only stealing a few hundred dollars. Meanwhile, in our beloved Philippines millions of dollars go missing and precisely ZERO people are indicted. Par for the course in a Coconut Republic, sadly.

          We seem to have an almost sexual obsession with the USA. We have to compare ourselves continually with the USA in everything and our whole ego depends on being as much like them as we can. Just watch TV. Almost every TV commercial will go something like this: “Tagalog blah, blah, blah, blah … Super Clean! … More Tagalog blah, blah, blah.” WTF? Correct me if I am wrong, but I’m pretty certain we can express “super clean” using Tagalog, no? So WTF do we have to throw in two English words every five sentences of Tagalog or Visayas? Why? Is it a linguistic whitewash? Does saying “Super Clean!” In English mean the laundry soap is somehow magically worth the four pesos it costs?

        3. Aer, nowhere is entropy more clearly viewed than in your increased stupidity.

          The U.S. has thieves. However, unlike in the Philippines, they end up indicted, prosecuted and incarcerated. In the Philippines they get promoted to president.

          That California photography studio didn’t decide to close. They were forced to close when the state canceled their business license. Ok, honesty and facts aside, let’s look at your retarded views of intolerance. First of all, I need to apologize and admit that I screwed up. I though you could not possibly be even more retarded than your previous posts indicated, but I was wrong. You must be the dumbest turd on the planet. Intolerance? Dark Ages?

          Now, I don’t particularly admire trannies, poofs and tomboys. In fact, I think they are pretty weird, albeit funny. However, they are still people and as such worthy of respect and decent treatment. Can Jollibee post a sign on their door stating “No bakla or tomboy allowed!”? Is that something you see as acceptable? Just WTF is wrong with you, Aer? Did the midwife drop you on the head when you popped out? Next you will say that a photography studio can refuse service to blacks. Or Mexicans. Or Filipinos. You are a really fucked up dude, Aer.

          FYI, government is legitimized by the people. All the people. Any business exists only because the government gives them permission to exist. When you get that business license and the rights that go along with it, you have to respect those that gave you that license — the people. White, black, brown, bakla, tomboy, tranny and, yes, even idiots like you.

          Crawl back in your hole, moron.

        4. @ Benigno, when the truth is told: The corruption in the USA is so far wide-spread that it makes the Philippines elected officials look like ‘dime-store hoodlums’.Mind you though, it is done differently. The elected and appointed federal officials (Senators/Congressman) draft and legislate laws for jobs with lucrative Banks/Law firms after public service.State officials (State Governers, Assemblymen,local judges etc..) are much more connected to in-office Bribes,kickbacks on state contracts and it is all very hard to prove.Judges that get high donations for their campaigns give Lawyers representing certain ‘clients’ before the court get lighter sentences, for example.
          In the Philippines it’s like the state-level in the USA and even worse.The LTO office ,for example, will demand a fee for a license from an EX-PAT looking to drive in the country, and often charge TWICE the LTO fee.I have had that actually happen to me…more than once…and that is just one example.

        5. and further, if a Dept. of Motor Vehicle clerk in the first world(EU/USA/Japan) tried to extort twice a license to drive a vehicle fee from anyone,never mind an EX-PAT, they would be fired and thrown in jail.

  13. Spetsnaz have the right idea when dealing with terrorist or traitors, kick the front door in and take them all out. Or just blow the building up and say fuck it.

  14. @benign0
    Tell me then. Between the US and the Philippines, where do you think it is likely that a perpetrator of corruption will be investigateed, charged, tried, and jailed?
    Honestly, in my current perception, it would be the US that will likely investigate a suspected currupt official and jail a convicted corrupt gov official..
    But that is not my point.

    I find it quite amusing all these quaint attempts to put the Philippines side-by-side with the United States in a pissing contest. Just another demonstration of the sort of self-importance Pinoys are so renowned for which ranks amongst the many aspects of the flawed thinking that contributes to their chronic failure to prosper.

    I accept that there are Filipinos might be the majority who refuse to take criticism and in return get offended when criticized for the wrong behavior. I myself within my extended family experience this with regards of properly caring the children. But the comparison(PH/US) is drawn from the fact that both governments shared this same HUMAN CORRUPT NATURE. Leaving the Philippines because of corruption and then settling in a country where the present government is equally corrupt while at the same time demeaning Filipinos living in the Philippines for tolerating their corrupt government is hypocrisy. You should first find a country with a very clean record of governance and settle there.
    Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?-Jesus Christ

      1. I can’t yes but my point is both governments are corrupt.

        My sister in Alabama told me that both Republicans and the democrats are corrupt though they have different approach of doing it.
        Example, GOP less government, more private,more races, more corrupt,they will give jobs to friends with money,so they preferred less government. Whoever in charge with the sector will reap the financial benefits. They privatize mental health, got less workers and the CEO will get the money. Then the politician will have his kickback.
        While democrats,more gov sectors,more middle class,more helpful to the poor,and want to pass immigration laws,and support giving amnesty to illegals. In election they will raise money in order to win, then the lobbyists will give money to both parties for their companies’ interests. Of course, just like here, not all are corrupt. My sister don’t like both parties,most Asians voted for democrats.

    1. @aer hate it when people misinterpret JC. JC= Jesus Christ. I’m quite sure that the quote from JC about correcting the speck in your eye before pointing out the speck in your brother’s eye CANNOT be interpreted as disallowing criticism. What’s next judge not lest you be judged = JC advocating for anarchy? Come on.

      Do you mean that only when I settle in a country with a clean record of governance can I criticize a corrupt country like the Philippines? Again, the all or nothing fallacy rears it ugly head.

  15. @J.C.
    Welcome to the Jesus mythers club. The myth hypothesis was debunked by most historians including atheist scholars. I have a better understanding now J.C. with regards to your comments’ foul language that is normal with atheists.

    But that is not the point, the validity of the saying stands, regardless of your personal belief on the historical existence of Jesus.
    Claiming superiority in knowledge(in your comments by calling me names) and now by saying Jesus is a myth figure, you are showing your true color J.C.

    1. Is there anything you don’t misunderstand, Aer?

      While Jesus existed as a person, he never was or will be “Son of God” precisely because God is a myth.

      Jesus as Son of God and pretty much your entire Bible are nothing more than mumbo-jumbo, psycho-babble bullshit for emotional and intellectual cripples.

  16. You’ve been reading too much of Richard Dawkin’s strawman. Do it in the proper forum J.C. do not think you can disprove anything by just posting comments on this blog, thus deluding yourself.
    While you _explicitly_ said that Jesus is myth, now you change your tune.

    Welcome to magical world of 0 x nothing equals everything. I would have recommend you a book from Alvin Plantinga and many other Christian thinkers to educate yourself or learn from the theist perspective. But that’s it, It seems you’ve chosen the path of intellectual suicide by claiming that an immaterial and lifeless universe evolve into beings that can think. Some people think that being an atheist is cool, and deluded themselves with this elitist mentality that anyone that opposes them is tantamount of being deluded.

    1. You are delusional, Aer.

      Time and time again science has proven the Bible to be bullshit. #1. Evolution. Darwin 1. Bible 0.

      And the Catholic Church? A pathetic joke.

      But, hey, if you think the Earth is flat that’s ok. I’ll still let you into my photography studio to have wedding photos taken. 😉

      Oh, and a immaterial and lifeless universe did evolve into beings that can think. Obviously, though, you are just not one of those beings. Good luck with your crutch.

  17. You must be an adherent of Scientism.

    And please do not underestimate the Roman Catholic Church, try one of their apologists to see how far you can go.

    The content of your arguments as usual is very common among atheists. Hoping you can bring something unique on the table, but of course _there_ is none. Thanks to Richard Dawkins and other atheist fundamentalists.

    There is no evidence of your science disproving the Bible. Many have done that in the past to claim King David as a myth, yet proven wrong. The Tel Dan Inscription and the Hezekiah’s tunnel are few examples of archaeological evidence that some portion of the Scripture matched with historical artifacts. Many Christians in the past were scientists who made major contribution to science, to prove the fact that science is not at war with religion. But you are not interested right?

    However of course, Exodus never happened and the ancient chariots found at the bottom of the red sea just happened to be there, magically. From Charles Darwin to Dawkins, we have now been enlightened. If you think seriously, science is just a tool, it can neither disprove or prove the existence of a deity, of course if you think the way a scientist will think.

    Thank you for inviting me to your photography studio though. I assume that you are using genuine software to run your business, it is a good business.

    There no point of discussing this any further.

    1. No need to reply to J.C. J.c. has been trolling me at the other posts. He has virtual hatred in religion nor understands it. So there is no point of replying to JC regards to religions since he will curse you and call you names.

      Having said that, religion has nothing to do with a country’s success or failure. France is predominantly catholic but is a nuke power, first world, un veto power. You also got poor catholic nation like east timor at the opposite end which awfully poorer more backward than the philippines. You got rich Protestant, catholic, Islamic or communist/atheistic nations but also got poor nations with those respective religions/beliefs.

      1. Deep Throat, trolling here now? At least your dropped your hare-brained ideas of how highly skilled osfw are.

        Religion itself is not the cause for the Philippines being a political, economic and ethical cesspool. But it is a certain contributing factor.
        Maybe you are proud of the fact that you don’t know which of ten can be your father and thank the church for your bastard status. There are, however, millions more — the vast majority of which live in poverty — who aren’t. The simple fact is that while money is the number one influence over Malacañang, the Catholic Church is number two.

        France has a smaller percentage of Catholic population than the Philippines. It is a developed country in every sense. But the Catholic Church doesn’t run to the French president screaming and yelling when a local municipal,government decides to change a street name. In the Philippines, however, the archbishop gets into a hissy fit and Malacañang listens. Pathetic. Almost as pathetic as you.

      2. No one in Europe gives a flying fuck about religion they have better things to do. Only 1 in 20 French people now attend church on a regular basis.
        All across Europe churches have closed down in the U.K a lot in churches in town centers have been turned into bars.

        1. Exactly, Yawn. In France the church is largely irrelevant in government. In France the archbishops just STFU. In the Philippines they are bribed with Pajeros and envelopes stuffed with cash. The archbishop doesn’t like something, he threatens to excommunicate the president & then the president shits his pants.

          The Catholic Church is a very real part of the stinking cesspool which is the Philippine government.

        2. Yawn. Fading adherents of religion among Europeans is not a sign that Christianity position on God’s existence is questionable.

          In fact quoting that argument to advance the delusion of atheists is fallacious. 15% of scientists believe in God, and this is not about numbers, something to think about.

  18. Given that Trillanes was also thrown into jail, the headline is mute. If Binay really was a co-conspirator he should be regarded as a mutineer too regardless what Trillanes says. But as we all know, the Binays are close to the Aquinos so any investigation into involvement will not happen. Was it not Binay who protected the Aquino family during the revolution against Marcos? So why is it hard to believe that he can be involved it an overthrow attempt against Gloria?

    Just as BS Aquino pardon Trillanes, so did he in a way ‘pardon’ the negligent non-remittance of Makati taxes to the national government.

  19. Aer, are you crazy?

    The Bible is similar to Lion King. Yes, lions exist, but they just cannot sing and dance.

    And when someone claims they went to the desert outside Rosswell, New Mexico, was kidnapped by a UFO and we call bullshit, we don’t mean deserts are a myth. We don’t mean Rosswell, New Mexico is a figment of their imagination. But we do mean there were no UFOs there and much less did you get kidnapped by one.

    The Bible references certain historical events. It also paints a picture of what people perceived as truth at the time. There were chariots. There was an Exodus. But nobody magically parted the waters of the Nile, walked on water or, even more lame, rose from the dead. Nobody talked with God unless they were on LSD.

    Evolution is fact. Just like the Earth is round even though for a long time pinheads like you thought it was flat.

    And the Catholic Church? Probably the world’s biggest scam. Imagine popes for ages covering up for priests buggering little boys and then these popes are named as saints. If it weren’t so disgusting it would be hilarious.

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