Rubbish-littered Manila NAIA Terminal 3 airport lounge tells the real story

A photo of a waiting lounge littered with rubbish in Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) has caught the attention of many people and is making the rounds on social media.


The photo was originally posted by former Philippine Bureau of Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon on Twitter with the caption:

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NAIA 3…trash left behind by passengers..if only they had done their patriotic duty to throw their trash in the bin.

The NAIA has for many years been consistently featured in lists of top worst airports in the world owing to the decrepit state of its physical structures and shoddy service within these that have made it world-renowned.

But this photo is evidence that airport officials alone cannot be blamed for its squalor — or for that matter the squalor of any public facility in the Philippines. What can be noted here is that the actual facility itself seems to be new and well-maintained. The floor is polished and the seats seem to be in good order. The problem here seems to be in the people who use the facility.

Indeed, ultimately what the Philippines is today reflects the character of the people who constitute the country.

221 Replies to “Rubbish-littered Manila NAIA Terminal 3 airport lounge tells the real story”

  1. How true, Filipino’s that live in the Philipine’s are FUCKIN PIGS ! the first time I obsrved a Toyota ‘Hi_LUX’ pull off the CDO to Valencia highway to just thrwo out some garbage from a jollibee, ICBI and was repulsed. After living on a beach where every Monday the beach would be littered with the garbage that was not cleaned up by the Filipino’s that had visited that beach over the weekend ,I came to the conclusion :FILIPINO’s living in the Philippines are FUCKIN PIGS !

    It is that simple, and obvious to any visitor that stays in the country for even a small amount of time. It is also a NATIONAL DISGRACE !

    1. Not only Filipinos in the Philippines, there also some here in Canada who behave like they are in the Philippines. They go the public parks and leave their litters all over the place.

    2. don’t generalize Filipinos not All Filipinos are like that…. You’re the most real Idiots..fucking PIG your Brain… Don’t comeback to Philippines….kainis ganitong tao kung mag-comment..

      1. In the Philippines they elect morons like Noynoy, Nancy and Erap. They watch moronic TV at noontime and prime time. Their blockbuster movies are stupid. Anybody can take a leak anywhere in the city. Yet according to you we can’t generalize as uncivilized, uneducated , unrefined dolts?? OK !!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. The people behind the movie & television industry in the Philippines know how to take advantage of the gullible television & movie-watching Filipinos. Feed their brains with the same tear-inducing, friends-and-neighbors-gossiping-and-fighting drama. The same romantic comedy that makes their hearts melt & private parts throb (got to be partly responsible for overpopulation in the country). The same cheap comedy flicks where they’ve got to have gay actors, preferably with motor mouths. You feed their brains with cerebral movies; movies that are going to make them think very hard (like “Fargo” & “The Manchurian Candidate”) & they will lose interest in less than 5 minutes through the film. Those showbiz & movie industry people know so well how to take advantage of the gullible Filipinos. Then they get into politics to further take advantage of the gullible idiots.

      2. Mr. Unknown. I more-or-less agree with you. Actually I DO agree with you but because I’m an expat married here I must adapt, but adapting does NOT mean accepting ignorance. What I try to do in my own small way is to point out stupid things first in a diplomatic way, and if not heeded, then I get ignorant & in their face. Stupid behavior is stupid behavior even if it hurts someone’s feelings.

      3. @ DOm, OK Dom ! I won’t come back, BUT TELL ME: How do YOU think I will treat YOU when I see YOU in my country,huh?

        What comes around goes around,PAL !

      4. DOm, you are a litterer yourself.
        You litter with your mouth. Please keep it shut and spare us the shit that comes out of it!

      5. Butthurt much?

        I suppose you’ll want to declare “persona non grata” and have the original commenter (who is only telling what they see after all) assassinated for speaking the truth.

  2. I feel like there’s a lazy consensus that “that’s what cleaners are paid for” here. You see it in all fast food places where no one clears the shit off their tables, the only country I’ve seen that happen. Maybe it’s an effect of so many adults still living under Mama’s roof and not having any responsibility.

    1. I really do not know why Filipinos are such slobs, but in general they are. Otherwise this country would not look like a giant trash can. Just yesterday I was sitting @ a sari 2 store in Tagaytay having a beer. During the drinking of 1 bottle I counted at least 10 people throwing trash on the ground. The last time a guy did that he was standing not 2 meters from a trash box and he threw the wrapper of his candy on the ground right in front of me. I picked it up, waved it in his face and put it in the proper trash place. He looked at me like I was frickin’ crazy for trying to keep HIS country (not MY country) clean. I’ve never seen any expat throw trash out, but it is the norm for nasty-ass filthy acting Filipinos. Do that in MY country and at least in Pennsylvania you will get a $200.00 (P9021)fine for every piece you throw on the ground.

  3. For a country that claims to value education, this product speaks volumes.

    Basically, our educational system sucks.

    Our government sucks most of all, for letting our educational system drown in its mediocrity.

  4. Pinoys like us tend to think of our private spaces as inviolable and sacrosanct, but public spaces? Let them smell, let them fester, let them rot — it’s the other guy’s or the government’s problem anyway.

    And people wonder why the metropolis is so fucking unsightly.

  5. That’s just not exclusive of Philippine airports. i’ve seen it happen even in LAX, Heathrow or CDG. some people are just pigs. that’s all. you can’t generalize a whole group of people because of this instance, just like “Gerry” commented. most likely these passengers are “mang-mang” and “probinsiyano” and they probably litter their own backyards as such. Ruffy Biazon just made this picture viral, which is unnecessary and irresponsible, especially the fact that the whole world is already eyeing at Manila airports causing more bad rap we don’t need.

    1. But this is get real philippines. This site is all about the issues of our country and its people so please stop bandwagoning with some other nationalities. You’re just making yourself feel better.

    2. so you would rather sweep this issue under the rug?

      as a pure make-you-think piece i suggest reading this article… especially the one on delicadeza… the fallows article that should be recommended reading for all filipinos.

      fallows is wrong when he in effect states that Filipino culture is static and will remain unchangeable (but thirty years of little to no improvement after EDSA is making this harder and harder to argue)… it can be changed but it must begin with the people.

      also acknowledging you have a problem is the first step to solving it.

    3. Sorry, Hulaboy but your attitude to this is pretty irresponsible.
      Sure airports everywhere get visited by the odd litterbug who leaves a paper-bag and a plastic cup, but having extensively traveled myself (and spending MANY hours in them) I have never seen an airport left in THAT state.
      Next time you head out to Starbucks or grab some fast-food..or better what people do at a packed out food court at the mall, and check out the state that they leave the tables in…even when they KNOW someone is going to take their table when they leave.
      The Universe doesn’t need photos to go viral for a bit of bad rap, seems like our Kababayan are pretty good at doing it all by themselves.

      1. I agree, but the food court example does not really apply. The food courts have staff that runs around cleaning tables and if you tried to clean your place you would not find a bin & the guys are quite good @ cleaning up after you so in those places, just leave your tray because in 30 seconds or less your place will be readied for the next customer.

        1. I know we are on the same page here, and the next best thing is (as you suggest) to pile your crap on the tray, ready for cleaning. But why doesn’t the food court apply? Even if there is staff to bus tables (which isn’t always the case, there are a handful of other eating places like the little snack stalls that fringe supermarkets), why isn’t there enough common decency to clean up after yourself as you go?

        2. The reason the food court does not apply is because the staff there is very efficient at cleaning quickly and getting tables ready for new customers. If food courts had refuse containers and expected customers to clean up after themselves it would not be as efficient as the current procedure. I agree that people should keep their trash on or around their tray so it can be cleaned up quickly, but having ready staff to do the actual cleaning just works better. Notice that iun mall food courts there are no refuse bins and just for that very reason. They don’t WANT people cleaning up after themselves in that one place.

    4. The truth is that bashing here will not change anything except driving traffic to this site to earn a few dollars on advertising. If you people care abouy the Philippines start cleaning the airport and stop claiming yyou are all righteous. The comments ove read here as if something you start a civil war, bashing anything even the Scout Rangers at the other post. Go to the airport, clean the mess to show that you walk the talk.

        1. You have to have a ticket to get in so who is going to buy a ticket just to clean up after Filipino shitheads/

        2. Tinuruan ko mga anak ko panu mag ayos, mag segregate ng basura, what ive seen here from most posts are the nonsence, look how many of you criticize the AFP,is just one example of sickness of this site!

      1. “what have you done”

        well highlighting you and your ilk’s despicable practice of routinely turning a place into a pig sty is one. problem with people like you is you don’t do anything and still enjoy the perks that come with someone’s “complaint”.

        btw, i don’t throw trash on the floor. is that walk the walk enough for you?

    5. From what I have seen here in the Philippines the people here are pigs. They hire maids to do the cooking and cleaning, it’s like they can’t even take care of a 25 or 30 square meter house. The simple fact is Filipinos are lazy, incompetent and stubborn to the point of being foolish. It is not generalizing when you see the same thing happening over and over in different places.

      If you ignore criticism, you will end in poverty and disgrace; if you accept criticism, you will be honored.

      1. Calling human beings pigs is the most racist thing ive read on this blog. Please stay civil and avoid calling names,kayo rin ang magsisi sa huli, spread the love not hate!!!

        1. No! Calling humans pigs is an insult to pigs as they are actually clean animals. They are only dirty when being held by humans.

        2. And yet you hypocrites also call even your fellow Filipino muslims as dibidi dibidi. Who is spreading the hate now? Btw I bet you’re one of those idiots at skyscrapercity.

    6. good points dude
      but being “probinsyano” myself I was slightly offended from that comment… not all “probinsyanos” are “mangmang”, just like not all Manileños are cosmopolitan or well educated.

  6. There are several things at work here. Filipinos in general are not taught what to do with their trash, partly because there is no SYSTEM for proper trash disposal. In most places there is no refuse service that comes around periodically to remove household garbage so people “learn” to just pitch it wherever they can.Until a system that works is in place the problem will persist.

    This leads directly to the situation in the airport. There simply are not enough trash bins for people to use even if they want to. Then, to make matters worse, the entire airport itself is so rundown and decrepit that it just fosters an “I don’t give sh*t” attitude. When people are trapped for hours in a building that looks like a dump ready to fall apart around them there is little incentive to clean up after oneself.

    1. Don’t know if you see it (Or read it), but that’s NAIA 3. Sure it’s not the best airport in the world but it’s relatively well maintained and a damn sight better than NAIA 1–the dump I am going to assume you are talking about. There ARE trash cans in 3, not as many as I would like to see..but that’s public spaces for you in the Philippines..never enough trash cans.
      Even if this was taken in that decrepit puke green painted hell that is NAIA 1 (Which is also equipped with visible trash cans in waiting areas), it still would not justify leaving your crap all over the place for someone else to have to wallow with it for hours.
      Harping on about the lack of infrastructure for waste disposal isn’t a very good excuse for bad habits. Garbage pick-up or not, most people do not leave their homes in this why is it okay in public spaces? Honestly, I think majority of the time it doesn’t even occur to people that by not cleaning up for themselves, they are contributing to a problem that they CAN actually do something about if they choose to.

    2. Here in Canada and maybe in some countries too, if we don’t find any garbage bin around or close by, we bring the litter with us and throw them in our own garbage bin at home. Simple as that. No system is no excuse to just leave your litters everywhere.

      1. I am a American living in this pig pen. And I still do as I always have done. No trash can around? Put it in my pocket till I find one. I just wish the locals would stop pissing on everything like dogs to a lamp post. Just go before you leave,,, is it that hard?? for real (pun) is it ??
        The stink of piss on the streets is just nasty people! Just a bunch of savages. Drop your loin cloth whenever or wherever the urge strikes. Take the bone out of your nose and loose the loin cloth & enter the 21st century for Christ sake…

        1. This kind of problem we can found not only in the Philippines, but we can found anywhere in the this case the attitude of the passengers, would be penalize for doing this thngs ….they should throw their garbage in the proper place.

        2. damn, whatcha you doin livin in a pig pen man? The PHILS is fine for short holidays by the beach and such, but livin there?

    3. I never had trouble finding a trash can in NAIA 3. As Philippines terminals go, it’s really not bad. Even the Wi-Fi works most of the time.

  7. What else do you expect from my countrymen. We’re not Japanese who love their country & will do everything to keep it clean. We shit & piss anywhere & everywhere. We throw our garbage anywhere & everywhere. Just look at our streets, sidewalks & slum areas. We’re kind of like filthy swines.

  8. I agree with all the sentiments… People just throw their garbage everywhere. Like the old commercial in the 80’s were a family just throw out the garbage off the window of a new car on a family trip and the head of the family says…iba na ang neat! It goes down why sewerage clogged up easily. And when it begins to flood, you would see people had their trash, neatly wrap in a garbage plastic bag and let it float like a paper boat, wherever it may lead up to, who cares!!!

  9. It is all a question of proper education. I used to live in Malate around the corner from St. Pauls College. The streets around the school were littered with garbage left behind by the students. They just threw about anything on the ground. I always asked, why no one in that school notices and cares about that? What kind of a college do they run? If I were in charge there I would get the students to pick up the trash around the school at least once a week to teach them not to litter. But we all know what would happen. Some asshole parents would immediately complain and scream bloody murder, because their silver spoon fed asshole kids have to pick up trash. If they would start to educate early, this would not happen. People would think about what they do. Among the first things you learn growing up in Europe is not to litter. But here its fine. Piss and shit where ever you like as long as its not in front of their own house. Disgusting! People who litter should be arrested and forced to clean the streets for one week. This country is doomed. Proud to be Filipino????

  10. Yes!
    Culture of corruption!
    Culture of dishonesty!
    Culture of Kayabangan!
    Culture of wanna be!
    Culture pa rin ng kababuyan!
    Yan ang Filipino

  11. I guess the “real” garbage disposal is an alien thing to a number of Filipinos. The fact that they throw their garbage anywhere shows that they see their country as trash mountain. Yes, it has something to do with your love for your country. Even Values Education or GMRC (good manners and right conduct) seemed ineffective anymore especially when kids would see adults carelessly flaunting their “dirty ways”. Since Filipinos are easily enticed by cool advertisements, maybe educating Filipinos on proper garbage disposals should be done in that form, too. Perhaps each person should also be given a flyer on what garbage disposals look like and its purpose. Funny it has to reach that way but when lack of discipline is an ingrained behavior, how do you unlearn such bad behavior unless you shoved it to one’s throat? I bet litterers would feel ashamed being taught that way like they don’t know what’s right from wrong. Hah!

  12. Just can’t let this topic go. It’s such a mystery to me. How can a people who are so clean with their bodies just let their surroundings go to shit?

    I just have to let it out… it takes everything I have to stop and not slap the shit out of any person I see littering.

  13. probably those sitting there didn’t bother to stand up and throw their rubbish in the nearby bin for fear of not being able to regain their seats while doing their supposed ‘patriotic duty’

  14. This is a wake up call for NAIA management to do tough measures w/ regards to littering in or out of the airport! Teach those litterbugs a lesson!!!

  15. Hindi naman lahat ng pinoy eh,tamad, tayo nga ang pinaka masipag, pag andun tayo sa ibang bansa, dito sa Singapore, marami bawal dito, pero mga pinoy masunurin, ewan ko ba sa atin bakit di sumusunod sa mga maliliit na bagay, gaya ng magtapon ng basura. Sana matuto na tayo, para din sa atin ito, at sana naman mga pinuno natin ay silang gabay para sa atin, matuto na kayo, mga pulitiko, patnubayan nawa tayo ng Maykapal.

  16. Thats why i left the philippines…dont wanna go back to that hellhole specialy the visayan people oh…my God theyre nasty as fuck. And they dont know how to respect…

  17. Kasalanan mo Ruffa Biazon at ng mga katulad mo sa ruling class kung bakit ganyan ang mga ugali ng mga Pinoy. Masyado kayo nag pabaya habang nasa position kayo. Kinuha nyo ng mga pera sa edukasyon, binabaan nyo ang standard ng edukasyon, kinurakot nyo ang mga pera na para sa mapa ayos ang NAIA, binulsa nyo ang pera na pang bili ng mga rubbish bins at dump trucks, etc.. Sa maikling salita, NAGPABAYA KAYO sa gobyerno noon pa! Kaya ayan ang bunga ng inyong kasakiman. Mga lider kayo ng mga baboy, bobo at mga inutil. Tapos kung makagamit kayo ng inyong diplomat visa sa ibang bansa proud na proud kayo!? Shame on you!!

  18. Wala akong tiwala sa website na to. They are anti-Filipino. Everything I read from this site makes me want to hate everything that is Philippines and makes me feel ashamed about my country in an unsettling way. We are not shitty people, we’re not even a shitty country, we’re good people who live in a great place, that is in a shitty state ruled by shitty people. That’s as general as I can get.
    May mga makalat na tao, hindi lang ito confined sa Pilipino. Pinagaralan ba at may datos bang nakalahad para ilagay lang ang sisi sa pinoy to
    remind us of our fucking “Patriotic duty to throw our trash in the bin?” sabi ni Biazon, pano kung isang grupo ng foreigners ang gumawa nito? Para
    sakin kasi hindi kayang irepresent ng isang picture ang ugali ng isang buong bayan. Bakit hindi pwedeng makalat lang ang airport bilang airport siya at labas pasok ang lahat ng klaseng tao doon?
    Get Real Philippines is a hate site. I say hate because they do not offer solutions to the problems they write (I’ll change that to rant) about, they bitch and make sarcastic critiques about how they hate it here so much and are quick to condemn us and make it sound like they are above us kasi english ang gamit nila. They have been doing this for a long time and it sickens me to read them generalizing us without proper data to back their shit up!
    This is irresponsible journalism and sana wag na nating tangkilikin ang mga ganitong pananaw. I’m not getting on that think positive trend either,
    we as people should not let ourselves be defined by these people over petty shit like this and should be insulted that we are quantified by claims of a former politician/head of customs when shit is wrong, but we fucking drool over massive media marketing shit (kahit di related kay Biazon) like ‪#‎Puso‬ despite their lack of training and disappointing play. It is beneath us to succumb to unsupported generalized claims about how much we suck as people of this country by faceless people who may not even be living in this country.
    So there, read this and and think about that bad taste in your mouth after.
    ‪#‎AskYourSelf‬ ‪#‎ResponsibleJournalismPlease‬ ‪#‎GetRealGetRealPhilippines‬

    1. Truth really hurts…Filipinos in general while in the Philippines lacks discipline… Metro Manila alone is a big trash bin…people urinate even in public places or many people see them etc. etc. etc….Rats, Cockroaches, Flies are everywhere…rivers, canals, drainage system are full of trash…and who to blame? Filipinos not just the gov’t.

        1. @wintersoldier, how did you know I am.turning a blind eye? Did you know me? Or the hasty generalization is at work again on this blog.

        2. Actually we already know you and the way you post here tells us that you’re an anti-progress idiot. If you already saw the problems, what did you do? You ignore them because you’re proud to live in mediocrity ever since you’re a sperm cell.

        3. Solutions have been offered time and time again. Just look for it yourself. We’re not here to spoonfeed you, spoiled little ingrates. I myself have given my fair share of possible solutions, and for that I was given rebukes and insults. That’s how concerned citizens are treated here in this shithole country. But I bet you didn’t know that huh a-wipe since you yourself guilty of generalization, guilty of generalizing this website and everyone in it.

        4. @aer: Guess what, son. I am indeed right. Jmac has point on it. I sense the hypocrisy on your posts. -_-

    2. I would like to agree with you but the data that you seek is in front of you. I don’t know if you live in one of them high walled gated villages but the minute you step outside you see trash everywhere. Even in the Makati cbd. Take a look at the potted plants there they are fertilized with trash.

      The solution is simple: pick up your trash. Tell your children to pick up your trash. Throw trash in the right place. This does not require a PhD in political science.

      I the first to criticize the countries leaders for their horrible exploitative management of the country but this is a personal responsibility issue.

      I at times agree that this site makes you feel down about being Filipino. I think that’s the point, to make you sad so that one realizes that there is something wrong so people start changing.

      1. It is a variable. What I’m saying is the site promotes hate and is generalizing. To pin this on pinoys is just an emotional biased response from Biazon (funny how that kinda rhymes). It’s the general feel of the articles that are being written in this site is what makes it lousy. Yes there are people who litter, yes there are people who are undisciplined. But it is trash write ups like this that do not offer solutions, and jumped to the conclusion based on how biazon feels about a certain this topic and he could be wrong about it. The picture is a piece of evidence, it does not represent the what it claims. Do we have pictures of the passengers who left the trash? Are we certain that it is an all filipino passenger, if so can we present the manifest?

        It is but an opinion piece and badly written one due to lack of insight. If this site really boasts of change as it claims. It doesn’t even address the start with your self cliche. This website is bigotry at it’s finest. It has no accountability due to the anonymity of the writer hence an abuse of our freedom of speech.

        It basically says fuck Filipinos and people are agreeing.

        1. Do we need pictures of whodunit? Do we need the manifest? To draw a lesson from this?

          Evidence wise: 1. It happened in a Philippine airport… that alone makes it likely that one in the cohort of litterbugs is Filipino.

          Assuming that none were Filipino…why allow the trash to fester and lay there? It does look like it’s been there for awhile. This is a Filipino airport run by Filipinos.

          Solutions to.this are rather obvious: pick up trash and throw properly. Put people on the job to keep the place clean.

          Anonymous speech no matter how cowardly you think it is is protected by freedom.of speech.

          I would say this site promotes discomfort not hate. That statement that this site promotes hate is a generalization itself.

          Read the getrealphilippines book.

        2. Filipinos live under a damaged culture. This website just points it out no matter how trivial it is in the grand scheme of things. Seems like you missed the memo.

        3. Carlo, you did not just imply that this trash was left behind by foreign tourists, did you? You feel offended because you are Filipino. Deep inside you know damn well that what is written here is true. You skin seems to be paper thin and instead of accepting the fact that Filipinos are litterbugs and using you brain to digest what is said here, you look for excuses. How typical “Filipino” of you! How cowardly. You are part of the problem.

      1. Ikaw ang mema award sir! looking at your avatar, I can see you are a man of intellect due to your dismissive and pathetic reply. What point did miss sir? Do tell me.

        1. Read the whole article again you dimwit! It’s already obvious that you’re missing the article’s point because the problem with you is that you’re automatically labeling grp as anti-Filipino site while ignoring that fact about the issues of our country and the dysfunctional mindsiet of flips like you.

    3. It’s enough to walk the streets to find the same utter ignorance and/or apathy clogging the metro. The point, I think, is that if Filipinos cared about such things more that would make a much bigger difference in the way things are in the country. THEN and only then can we shame/ban/blame/etc. foreigners who don’t do the same. It is exceedingly hasty to judge the entire writing force of this website based on “balat sibuyas” and emotional thinking, when this site is actually one of very few who force us to think and accept our own individual responsibility for the problems plaguing the country. With that in mind, yes, we ARE a shitty people, because we ALLOW shitty people to put us in a shitty state, making us a shitty country overall. And “that’s as general as I can get.”

      1. Wow congrats hater. I can see how you love this site. No one’s saying we ban foreigners but if that’s how you see it, then by all mean subscribe to that and see how that works out. You are the point of my comment. Bravo to you and yours. I am basing my opinion based on what I have read on this website which means I have a basis, which means I know what the fuck I am saying. Do clarify what you mean.

        1. To clarify you,

          You’re a total POINT MISSER.

          You’re basing your opinions on what you read but you’re using your EMOTIONS rather than brains.


    4. I bet you throw your garbage anywhere. Tell me you don’t toss candy wrappers or plastic on the street on a regular basis.

    5. @Carlo:

      GRP Bloggers are not Journalists. They are ordinary people, like you and me. So, everything goes. Do not impose “Responsible Journalism” in this site. They write/blog ; what they want to write/blog. It is up to you to believe or not believe, what they write/blog….use your common sense..

      1. They have an audience. They have influence. People are buying into that influence. Let’s not hide behind the technicalities of this site is.

        1. @Carlo:

          The Blog Readers/Writers are not children. They have minds of their own. They are writing their opinions…with sense or nonsense…If it influences the Readers…then, so be it…if the site does not match your taste…don’t read the blogs…don’t go to this site…

        2. now you’re insulting the audience. i assume you’re a regular of this site, and now you’re forming a conclusion about it. no one pointed a gun to your head for following grp and i assure you no one will do it once you get out. you’re getting bent out of shape because of a few bloggers’ point of view (which i find spot on most of the time, actually. not user-friendly or as tactful as you may want,but they have a point). it’s hard to write something ‘nice’ about something that can barely show something ‘nice’ in a sea of aboominations. besides, if you want a sugar-coated version of things, there’s always rappler and PDI for you.=) your attitude borders on censorship. even conrad de quiros would disagree with you.=)

    6. I have been to over 50 major airports in the world and this is the only airport that looks like this, who is to blame? I guess very undisciplined pinoys. Just look at all the rubbish on our streets. Sorry Carlo, but look at reality,it is staring right at you, and mind you I don’t like your use of words, it shows your character.

    7. i have to disagree. These things should have been taught when we were in grade school. It’s easy to see why these things happen because they were never taught to a majority of us when we were young. It continuous to happen and people don’t know any better. People don’t see anything wrong with leaving trash in a theater or not throwing away used wrappers and cups in Jollibee so the next person can sit at a clean table. We are in a “shitty state ruled by shitty people.” But then how can you expect a leader to perform properly at 47 when they don’t even know the basics that should have been learned at 7. Our focus has to be on the next generation. Education, family, and maturity. People have to start thinking about others and not just of themselves. This will not happen overnight. I think it will take at least 3 generations before we see improvements but it has to start now.

    8. Filipinos really can’t accept the truth, especially when it’s staring them in the face. I believe that the problem with our country is all of the people, and not just the government. Filipinos are selfish, basically. Whether they’re politicians or not.

    9. What you have just seen in the photo is not a normal scene in airports. You dont need the data or statistics to prove that most of manila is miserable due to indiscriminate littering of our countrymen. Even in NAIA 1 you will find the same scene whenever Filipinos board the plane and leave their trash in boarding areas like nothing happened. You knew it, unless you live in Forbes or some high end subdivisions. Truth hurts, Filipinos need to be slapped constantly until they wake up but I guess consistent slaps makes their thick faces numb.

    10. @ Carlo

      “We are not shitty people, we’re not even a shitty country, we’re good people who live in a great place, that is in a shitty state ruled by shitty people.”

      Really, if this “great” country is filled with good people, why then does the majority of filipinos live in poverty?

      “May mga makalat na tao, hindi lang ito confined sa Pilipino”,

      So it’s ok to just let things go the way they are?

      “Get Real Philippines is a hate site, I say hate because they do not offer solutions to the problems they write…”

      Yup, this site hates idiots….And oh, just in case you missed it, solutions are also found within the site.

      “They have been doing this for a long time and it sickens me to read them generalizing us without proper data to back their shit up!”

      Again try reading articles which come up with the search function of the site. Huwag tamad.

      “This is irresponsible journalism and sana wag na nating tangkilikin ang mga ganitong pananaw.”

      So you want only good things written about this “great” country and its “great people”, just what you think that will achieve? Progress? Wake up and smell the crap, son.

      Finally, generalizations are what they are, defining a group by what they commonly exhibit. You want to be generalized another way, then change majority of the people within the group. Change can only be done when we accept the things we need to change. This site highlights things we need to change, and sadly you take it as bulshitting you? Good luck then with your change for the better.

      1. Since you effectively took me down point by point, I am only obliged to do the same to you.

        + Really, if this “great” country is filled with good people, why then does the majority of filipinos live in poverty?

        -Really? Are you seriously asking me this? People are poor because they are bad? Itagalog mo nalang tanong mo bro. Idiot!

        +So it’s ok to just let things go the way they are?

        Okay, what things are we letting go the way they are? can you be specific or is that too much for you? If you mean the littering well of course no! Generalization of filipinos in this site when it pertains to littering of course we have to stop that too. You are smart sir!

        +Again try reading articles which come up with the search function of the site. Huwag tamad.

        Okay so anong sources na nagsasabi tunkol sa kahit anong study about waste management, enforcement, memos about nationalism and waste management?! Question, binisa mo ba yung comment ko seeing as nagreply ka sa comment ng iba? Wag tanga sir.

        +So you want only good things written about this “great” country and its “great people”, just what you think that will achieve? Progress? Wake up and smell the crap, son.

        Ang pananaw lang sir na gusto kong iwasan dito ay ang generalization. Kung may mali may mali. And which part of my analysis said that I only want good things? I say this is a hate site because it just brings pinoy’s down and condemn. Dude, are you even smelling your crap?

        Finally, generalizations are what they are, defining a group by what they commonly exhibit. You want to be generalized another way, then change majority of the people within the group. Change can only be done when we accept the things we need to change. This site highlights things we need to change, and sadly you take it as bulshitting you? Good luck then with your change for the better.

        OKay so I take it that you personally are a useless littering filipino that is doomed. NOt just you but also your children and your wife (kung meron man) and parents are all part of the demographic this guy wrote? Kasi that’s how you generalize, walang exception unless specifically named. Also it highlighted a messy airport o possible random event and then labeled the whole race. So sinong in denial sir?

        1. “Really? Are you seriously asking me this? People are poor because they are bad? Itagalog mo nalang tanong mo bro. Idiot!”
          Anong tawag mo doon sa mga dakilang palamunin na humingi palagi ng incentives & freebies at hindi na sila nagtatrabaho? Gunggong!

          “Okay, what things are we letting go the way they are? can you be specific or is that too much for you? If you mean the littering well of course no! Generalization of filipinos in this site when it pertains to littering of course we have to stop that too. You are smart sir!”
          Then what do you call your ignoramus mindset about our country’s serious issues then? You keep on denying that you’re not an ignoramus but you still keep showing it here. We’re not the ones smothering our country. You are!

          “Okay so anong sources na nagsasabi tunkol sa kahit anong study about waste management, enforcement, memos about nationalism and waste management?! Question, binisa mo ba yung comment ko seeing as nagreply ka sa comment ng iba? Wag tanga sir.”
          Ikaw ang wag maging tanga juan tamad. Search it yourself. And no BS sites like rappler, pdi, abias-cbn and the like are not acceptable.

          Ang pananaw lang sir na gusto kong iwasan dito ay ang generalization. Kung may mali may mali. And which part of my analysis said that I only want good things? I say this is a hate site because it just brings pinoy’s down and condemn. Dude, are you even smelling your crap?”
          Ang hirap sa iyo nakita mo lang yung salitang “Filipino” sa bawat article ng site na ito generalize kaagad ang nasa isip mo. And this site brings pinoy’s down? It’s all about getting da pinoy’s shit together because they lack discipline.

          The problem with you is that you don’t know the difference between hate and constructive criticism. You’re just like any typical dumb flip who always labels anyone (especially a foreigner) as a hater or even worst racist only because he was criticized or even being joked. pinoy nga naman oo ginagamit palagi ang puso hindi ang utak.

    11. Just another one of those privileged Filipinos that live in exclusive gated communities and continue to miss the point of articles like this, work and hangout in one of the country’s posh business districts, being obliviously proud and ignorant of the fact that most Filipinos are poor and live outside those gated communities.

      Why don’t you go back to sipping your Starbucks latte in while twiddling with your latest gadget reading the newest fashion trends being covered in the lifestyle section of, and leave real discussions like this to the smart ones.

      1. Whoever this Carlo is, I’ve already envisioned the same (well said, sir). Either he’s an OFW who never knew what it’s really like to live in his Motherland or he’s a spoiled rich kid living here. I don’t wannna have to judge anyone I’ve never seen in my life, but if this Carlo can’t come up with a rebuttal then I rest my case.

        1. *he’s an OFW

          I meant he’s Filipino who grew up and is currently living overseas. Damn, sorry about that.

      2. Dude, I used to live in a slum, I grew up in a province,
        Oh yeah, Krauss I’m a rich kid who didn’t even say anything anti-poor on my comment because I’m not a classist troll like you guys are.

        Also you are soo smart to the point that name calling is the only logic that can happen in your arguments.

        I’ve lived in urban poor communities and have visited rural areas engulfed in poverty, don’t make me the rich boy here just because I can analyze properly. I don’t have to defend my sad economic state to you or anyone. You obviously paint a clear picture of what rich people do.

        NEXT WAVE please.

        Also I have concluded that domo is an idiot.

        1. Yes, but you didn’t even bother to live in a slum like Manila.

          Oh yeah, you’re also a troll since you’re also guilty of generalizations as well.

          “I’ve lived in urban poor communities and have visited rural areas engulfed in poverty, don’t make me the rich boy here just because I can analyze properly. I don’t have to defend my sad economic state to you or anyone. You obviously paint a clear picture of what rich people do.”

          Yet, you’re still a POINT MISSER and nothing could change that.

          Cite specifics, plez.

    12. Sorry kid, but the truth hurts. It doesn’t really take much thinking to boil it down to the fact that those trash were thrown by Filipinos themselves.

      Hate site? *sigh*…if you must know, every “negative” thing that has ever been discussed in this site hurts us just as much as it hurts you. Nobody celebrates on hate here (everyone here is just demanding for change) and if you don’t understand that then you go ahead and continue hating us.

      1. You demand change with proposed solutions guy. You don’t just say what’s wrong then let others figure it out. *sigh*

        If you can read how this piece was written, there is only one truth here and that is Biazon posted this first, and the writer backed him up by proverbial fellatio.

        This is a hate site because it just makes people say that pinoys are idiots therefore that is a statement of hate because it does not say any statements that would show a positive light to it. It does not encourage change. SO hate site. *sigh*

        1. The problem with you is that you don’t know the difference between hate and criticism. Again you just love to sugarcoat every single issues in order to make yourself feel better. I bet you can’t handle criticisms because you’re a proud COWARD!

        2. The solutions are already there, but you just turned a blind eye on it.

          Oh yeah, you’re whining about this being a ‘hate site’ yet it’s more of a generalization on your side.

          Nice TROLLING, son. 😀

    13. Carlo, you are ranting way over your head. There is a lot of truth in what this article said, yes, even if it is largely anti-filipino. Its stand against filipinos is not something I can defend, but I can tell you that of all the airports I’ve gone to NAIA is the only place where it’s okay to leave your trash in the f*cking lounge and pretty much everywhere. I think that’s reason enough to think that this shameful behavior is more common in this country (or airport at least) than in some. And that says something about us as a nation.

  19. Sadly many of these negative comments are true. After living in the PH for many years I have observed the same. The worst neighbors in a mixed community-Filipiino. I will not rent/buy near a Filipino. The only problem neighbor on the floor of a building I live in now-Filipino. If you want the image of your country to change, the people must change….and stop blaming it on the politicians or those who call you out. I said something to a Filipina galpal once and she said “It is ok to toss trash were there is trash, us foreigners don’t understand it keeps others employed.”

    1. It is true and we see it everywhere, reading what he wrote and agreeing to it is sadder because we accept what bullshit this guy says about us.

        1. Anyone who says that what the writer said is “bullshiit” is either blind or has never been to this sh*thole of a filthy country. Of course that commenter is an onion-skinned Filipino with his head up his rectum (rectum hell, I’m a Filipino).

      1. I appears you always love to sugarcoat every single issues our country is facing in order to make yourself feel better. Don’t deny it you escapist dimwit!

      2. Or you just have your head stuck so deep far up your own ass you can’t see or smell the truth right in front of you. Don’t worry you’re not alone Carlo. Happens to many Pinoys.

  20. Our kababayans can be pretty gross, to a point of extreme embarassment, even when there are rules in place and when they should know better. Case in point is some of our OFWs in Hong Kong. Do they need to have all thier kalderos all over the place leaving a garbage trail wherever they go? I mean kakahiya na when you see them, literally, picking each others lice while sitting on banigs in the Central area. Shit people, no wonder they have a low opinion of us, monkeys do that in the zoo.

    1. Mga tanginang inutil na OFWs in Hong Kong. Karamihan don ay chimay ang trabaho & galing sa probinsya. Pinapakita sa HK citizens & other foreigners na nagtatanggal sila ng kuto na parang unggoy. Mga bwakanginang bobo at inutil!!!

    2. lu, you just made me laugh out loud.
      I totally forgot about the public lice picking. Yeah, that is something you don’t see in many other countries

  21. I don’t know about NAIA 3, but everywhere I look na makalat I look for the trash bin and I find out ang liit ng trash bin tapos puno na rin… wala na rin malagyan kahit ibasura mo ng maayos… so I can’t make any conclusions. I’m flying on Monday thru NAIA Terminal 3 and I will check ….

  22. I am a frequent traveler to Cebu and Tacloban.
    I have never encountered this at NAIA T3.
    Waiting areas before boarding are always clean.

  23. Hmm if this is the case then, it is true that the passengers have the sole responsibility to put their trash in its proper place (The trash bin) However, I would like to beg and disagree that airport officials alone cannot be blamed for such squalor. I must rather say that we as a nation and our officials are to be blamed as well. It must be noted that as a nation, it is our responsibility to hold the dignity of our country. On the contrary, it is the responsibility of any rank and file as well as executive officials to educate the people on how they must uphold their dignity as people. I may not be a frequent domestic traveler, but I have exited Manila thru NAIA 3 last October 2008. I have found myself aghast when I exited Manila once more thru NAIA 3 last March 2014. And Boy, some passengers would just leave their trash in the seats they used. I know that it’s kinda, disgusting and painful but it’s true, especially when I get to land in other international airports, particularly in Japan, Spain, Korea, Italy and Canada. In Japan, when you have thrown your garbage at the wrong trash bin, the airport personnel would show you right in your face where you must throw your garbage. Same thing in Korea and Italy. So I guess, this situation is something that we must not be sensitive about, but it must serve as a wake up call for everyone.

      1. Who wouldn’t be? Respecting the environment is one way to love your country. Keep the rationalizations to a minimum please. You ‘re embarrassing yourself now.

      2. Given how we treat our public spaces (well, the ones we have left at any rate, those not opened to real estate or any other speculation) in the cities? We SHOULD feel patriotic for bucking the fucking trend and treating our surroundings the way we treat ourselves.

      3. We already do that you dimwit. You know what’s not patriotic? You smothering this country thanks to your ignorance about this country’s serious issues by sugarcoating it.

      4. and you don’t? Whenever I throw my garbage in the bin I’d like to shout “proud to be pinoy.” And you know what, I’ll tell you a very inspiring story. I was walking down my neighborhood one day and then this tricycle full of elementary school students passed by. One of the youths threw a candy wrapper on the street and you know what. The driver stopped, told the kid to pick it up and scolded him: “kaya nababaha ang Manila kasi nagtatapon lang tayo ng basura kung saan-saan.” True story and my faith in the Filipino is restored. Sad to say this is the only thing that I have witnessed in this country that restores any semblance of hope in my people.

        If you think that this site is all full of negativity why don’t you start your own site and highlight everything that is good or hopeful in the Pinoy. Sadly, I don’t think you would find much.

  24. di naman gagawin ng foreigners na magkalat eh they are more disciplined and mostly pilipino lang gagawa nyan.diba kahit san naman sa metro manila may mga basura.tumira ka sa ibang bansa like sa canada or us,mapapansin mo ang malaking pagkakaiba.i love my country but the people meh..KULANG NA KULANG SA DISIPLINA ANG MGA IBANG TAO DYAN..

  25. I agree with Carlo. Hands down. There are a lot of self-loathing Filipinos who flock on this page because they are much TOO LAZY to do anything REAL. Everything they are criticizing on this site is merely a reflection of who they are. A guilty conscience, need no accuser. So in order for people NOT to see them for who they are, they just rant about it.

    The problem is HUMAN nature and not exclusive to Filipinos. There are SHITTY Americans, SMELLY Koreans or Indians, and Crooked Russians or Scandinavians…why??? because they are human beings. And the author above? is an alien pretending to be human. LOL

    1. In my experience the most self loathing keep changing their ID on a page because it indicates the instability of their security and their convictions. Pinoys are uncivilized compared to the rest of the world in terms of their environment and their maniac drivers. What country will vote for an imbecile like Noynoy solely because his mom died. WHO????

    2. In other words, you’re content with humanity’s flaws. That’s not the right way to go about things I don’t think. We are capable of so much more.

    3. Translation: you always love to eat shit even if it’s disgusting. What’s the matter dimwit? Always having a love affair with mediocrity much?

      1. Good job on the name calling, that really stings…. not! What part did I sugarcoat again? I didn’t say that we are not capable of littering. I’m addressing the voice of the writer and what the site in general implies. I really love the fascist way you guys deal with things. I will not change my handle on this issue, block me if you would like to block me that’s cool too, seeing as you guys resort to name calling immediately instead of a discussing something really shows a lot guys! Good Job team Domo and ChinoF!

        1. Oh and now you’re implying that you’re a “god” who always know what is right. And we don’t need to discuss with you properly because it’s very obvious that you’re missing the point of this article. Typical pinoy: always demanding respect when you must achieve it.

    4. Do you pick up after people who threw garbage in the improper place Mr. “i-don’t-have-a-guilty-conscience-so-i-react-when-being-accused-because-i-am-not-too-lazy-to-do-real-things.” Anyone who tries to enforce a garbage segregation policy in this country would soon find themselves utterly frustrated by the inability of Filipinos to throw garbage away properly, as clearly shown in this picture. Have you heard about that story of a Japanese National who picked up cigarette butts littered NEAR A GARBAGE CAN in the Philippines because the Filipinos can’t do something as simple as putting cigarette butts in the garbage, but the Japanese well because he cares about the beauty and cleanliness of their surroundings?

      Since you complain about not having any concrete solutions, I will propose one: Let us open NAIA to street people who go around the metropolis picking out dumpsters for stuff to sell at the junk shop. Imagine a NAIA full of people with plastic bags on their backs picking through discarded garbage for stuff to recycle. That would solve our garbage problem.

        1. Wow. Nice article. Let me quote some of it here:

          “n an exemplary display of proper education and awareness for the environment, Japanese fans who were in the city of Recife, Brazil to attend the match between Ivory Coast and Japan [b]made their country proud[/b] when they were seen picking up garbage in their section after the final whistle.”

    5. Nice TROLLING, son. 😛

      Seems you’re missing the point here. There are SHITTY Americans, SMELLY Koreans or Indians, and Crooked Russians or Scandinavians. There are human beings but do you have ANY idea why those countries have a better government system, a better economy and even have better living standards? Because unlike most Filipinos, they never play VICTIMS and they always care for their own people.

      LOL MY ASS. -_-

  26. I understand both Carlo and others. I think, Carlo, that the bloggers here see it as their mission to uncover the faults and present them to the public in general. American bloggers do it all the time and in many other countries- their role is to expose something.

    And other people’s role is to recommend a solution. And someone else will implement it.

    The Philippines is definitely not the only country where there’s a lot of “makalat”- India is the same, many Latin American countries are the same, but that is what makes a country perennially third world and a laughing stock of others- ang pagkabalewala.

    When guests come to your house and see it makalat, they will form a disrespectful opinion about you. The same if you go to another person’s house and magkalat doon. He will think bad about you, too.

    Yes, you can always say- “this is my country, I do what I want” but in a global community now, news travel fast. It affects the way people get treated in other countries. It damages the reputation of the country.

    The answer to all this is so simple- put a sign in the airport- “no littering” and start fining people. It will get better.

    1. nicely put sir! the truth hurts but in order for people to change someone has to point it out or better yet achieve self realization.

  27. PS. As I said, this is not exclusive to Filipinos. You’ve mentioned Russia, Scandinavia, America, etc. Go visit Moscow airports, airports in the US, and in Scandinavia. You will see nothing like this. Or once is many, many years. Yes, there are litterbugs in other countries, too, but they immediately get fined. And they litter no more. So, while everything is present everywhere, in some countries some things are more frequent than in others.

    Go to a park in Japan, or in Germany. See people eat, picnic, throw things in the trash and go. They’ll leave the place clean. 99% of the time.

    1. But this is get real philippines. This site is focused on the issues of our country and da pinoy’s dysfunctional mindset and not from other countries. So don’t ever include other nationalities sins to justify the latter’s or are you just being an escapist?

      1. Wow lack of context and hate towards anyone who’s not a member. *Slow clap

        Not addressing a solution and name finger pointing is also an escapist trait.

        Quickly saying dismissive things to get people to shut up without analysis of a reply, this is turning out to be a bullying website too.

        1. “Wow lack of context and hate towards anyone who’s not a member. *Slow clap”
          “Quickly saying dismissive things to get people to shut up without analysis of a reply, this is turning out to be a bullying website too.”
          And congratulations for your lack of common sense.

          “Not addressing a solution and name finger pointing is also an escapist trait.”
          grp is already providing solutions here. Just read all their articles. The question is a. will you gonna accept them or b. you continue to be a dumb flip?

  28. “Where the Leaders go; the People will follow…” they usually say.

    Our leaders do not follow any law. They think they are special people; and are above the law. So, people follow them.

    The problem here is: there are no Law Enforcers, against “LitterBugs”. People throw their Trash anywhere, anytime.

    And if there are Law Enforcers: people will just offer them: “Lagay”…to get off the hook; or to look the other way.

    Remove also those Squatters. They are the worse polluters. They throw their Trash, anywhere…all kinds of Trash.

    It is like our Traffic Mess…people don’t follow Traffic Rules. Because, they know: they can get away with it; by giving “lagay” to law enforcers…

    Enforce the Law, and make people abide by the law. This includes our leaders…

  29. If there’s a silver lining to be found in this, at least the custodians won’t have time to bum around their arse with work all over the place.

  30. wow. i have been to many airports domestic n internationl, europe/americas/asia. but this is the first time i see so much rubbish in an airport. is there no trash cans? are there no maintenance crew? its really shameful to see such uncivilized behavior.

  31. Ok, just to give some Filipino’s support: There are no garbage cans in the coutry, so there is nowhere to put the garbage.

    BUT BUT BUT, there are no public garbage cans because Filipino’s steal them.

    SO THERE YA GO, the country is just FUCKED, get out while you can.

    1. “There are no garbage cans in the coutry, so there is nowhere to put the garbage.”

      Da next ‘Pinoy logical’ step? Turn the whole country into a (global) garbage can. Naks, may ipagmamalaki nanaman ang mga Pinoy Pride drones!

      1. @gafused:

        Canada just sent a BoatLoad of Garbage to the Philippines…our country is now turning into a Garbage Dump…who is next to send their Garbage?

  32. Classic example of – shooting the messenger and can’t see the forest for the trees
    The site shows the ills of the country and the writer’s opinion of events. Some will agree, some dont. Why shoot the messenger?
    I my opinion, this website is spot on. I have seen drastic changes in the Philippines and how the country is run and most especially how Filipinos have become intolerant of other’s views. I left the country in 1987 but have consistently returned to visit – so I can tell how it has degraded. Forget the structures, forget the plush malls – these are embellishments for a small percentage of the citizens. Overall – metro manila is so crime ridden it has become a way of life to be consistently looking over one’s shoulder to avoid being a victim of crime. Also they have become part of the problem since the citizens have become polarized by the current status quo – oligarchs who continue to have a grip on the country by creating division through vindictiveness against their political enemies

    1. Even in the airport, the very same public servants hired to protect and serve the arriving/departing guest are the perpetrators of petty crime. One time a porter noticed my luggage was overweight by a few pounds (5 lbs) and he harassed me for grease money until I got to the EVA counter.
      Another time – I paid for terminal fee and was told the clerk didnt have change, balato na lang daw.
      This is reality in our country – some refuse to admit it because they are blinded by their love of their leaders or just plainly do not want to accept the truth because their leaders are being criticized.

  33. We like to blame the Filipinos in General or the guy next to us for all these indiscriminate littering but we are not aware that each of us is contributing to this big mess. Did you feel bad upon seeing the NAIA terminals as dirty as hell while we maybe unconsciously left a piece of consumed cigarette butts or candy wrappers just in front of us thinking it’s not a big deal. Congratulations, all Filipinos did what you had just done and see the result. If shamiing wont work for us to change, then we need a person with an exceptional DNA to lead us with an Iron fist. Kahit yata si Hagedorn susuko sa ganyan. Putol kamay o reclusion perpetua daw ang ipapataw sa magkakalat or lifetime community service.

    1. Well the “exceptional DNA” you mention is not going to be found in any of the current crop of weeds you call politicians in this country. You (I can’t vote here) need to stop electing the same people over & over and electing other people just because they have TV recognizable names who gets elected just because people think they are famous. You let some movie star marry a congressman (Cavite Province) and suddenly said movie star has another famous name so is instantly elected to some other position. Only an infantile populace would do such a stupid thing.

      1. Can we (foreigners) ever vote here? If we marry, do all the right documentation, live here for most of our lives and raise children here, do we get the right to have a say in how things go down? (Like a Filipino would in the same circumstances in many other countries).

        Or will we always just be interfering foreigners who should “go home?”

        1. Yes Dave, it’s very hard to hear “if you don’t like it go home”.

          I usually reply, well, this is my home you idiot and if I complain it is for the fact that I care. And I have the right to say my opinion, if you like it or not. And I will kick you ass if you piss in front of my house, because I would not piss in front of yours. Comprende amigo? Filipinos have ALL rights in our countries, yet we have NO rights here. Speaks volumes about Filipinos and their twisted mental state involving stupid beliefs, feelings, values and dispositions.

  34. New airports being built in every country to try and keep up with the growing demand in air passenger traffic and the Philippines tries to build a garbage dump.

    The great thing about Metro Manila is that if there’s a nuclear attack it’ll look exactly the same afterwards.

  35. I have been to NAIA 3 several times and I believe that there is a possibility of such trash left behind by the passengers . Why ?
    1. There is not enogh trash bin to throw . ( pls check )
    2. The janitor / garbage collector don’t go around to collect all the trashes hourly. I believe , if delayed flights they should go around the area more often to collect all the trashes . If the bins are full , people just leave their trash on their seats .
    3. If there is a sign of No littering may help BUT if no enough trash bin and janitor to collect then it’s useless to put a sign .
    4. I see a lot of airport staffs just seating on the floor . I don’t know if it’s their siesta time / break time or off duty around the airport . Pls check your CCTV . I think it’s not proper for staffs just seeing around the airport waiting or loitering. I think they should stay on area where they should be .

    Re : Toilet
    1. I think each section of a toilet has only 3 cubicle which I think it is really few for a standard of an international airport .
    2. The toilets are quite far and at times some sections are closed and you need to walk farther . As in really FAR .
    3. Lately , I saw improvement on cleaning the toilet .

    These are my observations and suggestions which I wish it would help and improve our NAIA 3 . Thank you .

      1. Don’t look too far… We all know what a movie theatre looks like when the movie ends and they turn on the lights. No one takes their trash to throw into the garbage bin.

    1. The last time I was sitting in that crappy lounge area in Naia 1 waiting for my flight, 3 janitors were standing literally looking over my shoulder watching a basketball match on the TV. After several dirty looks from me and no response from them, I eventually asked them to leave. I thought I was going to get a knife in my back.

    2. If I have trash to dispose off and there are no trash cans, I will find someone from the airport personnel, tell them that there are no trash cans and hand them the trash. That should make a difference, unless they will just wait for angry “Joe” to walk away and then drop the garbage where they stand.

    3. And let’s penalize those who leave trash around or throw it on the floor! A fine of P1,000 for littering in the airport is appropriate. Once a few people miss their flights because of their gross neglect of littering, word will get out that the MIA means business and people will think! The money collected from the fools who litter can go to getting decent trash bins and keeping the place clean.

      1. Or getting pocketed and become part of the scamming tactics NAIA jokers do on a daily basis like the idiotic “terminal tax.”

  36. karen is so right. the problem is not enough trash can all around. if there is one, you have to walk to the end. people don’t bother to walk that far afraid that they might miss the flight. most of the times it is full. are there any collectors of garbage every hour since every hour we have a flight. if you go to japan airport or other airport, personnel are nowhere to be found except in their designated area. but i notice that this is the place where they go meet and talk.
    are the head of the airport department cannot see this. are they just sit around without knowing what is going on around the airport.
    the worst airport so far. lack of management.

    1. So if there is no garbage bin you are justified in throwing garbage anywhere? Is that what we want to use as justification for being messy? I think there is no excuse for using the floor as a garbage receptacle. Anyone can hold on to garbage long enough to find a bin to throw it in. Leaving it on the floor is just being an irresponsible, messy person.

  37. I have used terminal 3 numerous times and have never seen a mess like that. I think Karen is right, though, it can be difficult to find bins sometimes but let’s not knock the one airport terminal here that is to international standard.

  38. I have been in this airport several times but I have never seen such mess. But this happens anywhere because many of us have not internalized what we have learned. One subject we take up in school is science. It starts from the elementary until college yet one very important concept of science literacy which is keeping our environment clean, is still very hard to practice. The character of being responsible of one’s mess is still not ingrained in us. Responsibility and cleanliness are traits I never forget. I have learned these traits from my professor way back in college Dr Saturnino Seville, when he said “I always take care of my trash. I put it in my bag if I have one or I make it as small as it can be to fit in my pocket. Even in the movie house where it is dark, I never throw my bubblegum wrapper, I place it my pocket. then when I go home, I empty my bag or pocket and get rid of the trash. I feel guilty if I do not take responsibility of my trash” It really boils down to one’s character to do what are expected. Thanks

  39. Karen, would you believe if I tell you that Filipinos will bring with them their garbage and not leave their garbage around even if there is no visible trash bin around, IF THEY ARE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY? Sad to say that Filipinos do not have enough respect to others and their surroundings in the Philippines, but will whole hearthedly follow all the rules of other countries to the letter. Sad, Sad state of the Philippines which will be a failed state in 40 years if the Filipinos does not change.

    1. Eugene,that’s not entirely true.Take a look at any Filipino shopping center parking lot in California.You’ll see trash everywhere.

  40. No surprise. Just look at Metro Manila. Many of the streets are filled with trash. The rivers are filled with trash. Why would they treat their airport any differently?

    1. I agree. I almost got stabbed when I told a pinoy litter bug that the trash can is just 5 steps away. It’s like i’m infringing on his freedom.

  41. Airports are also used by other foreign travelers. NAIA is no different. It is known to many travelers that a few other Asians do these things in airports more than Filipinos.

      1. You are not only a domo. Gago ka pa. What he was saying is that: Siguardo ba tayo na mga Pinoy ang nagkalat ng basura? Nakita ba ni Ruffy Biazon noong kasalukuyang nagkakalat ng basura ang mga Pinoy? O nakita lang nya na nakakalat na ang basura? Alam naman natin lahat na ang isang airport eh doon dumadaan and maraming travellers kasama na ang mga banyaga. Paano nakasisiguro si Biazon na ang nagkalat ng basura ay mga Pinoy at hindi ang mga banyagang turistang Tsino na marami na ang nakararating dito sa Pinas?

        1. Isa ka pa inutil. I bet you’re one of carlo’s recruits to troll this site because he’s running out of ammunition. Isn’t it very obvious the way you dumb flips throw your garbage anywhere because, you know, proud to be juan tamad? It’s obvious that you’re making an excuse of da pinoy’s sins by pointing other nationalities’ sins in order to make yourself feel better and I can tell it with your anti-china mindset that you post. I see your double standards you hypocrite warfreak thanks to your boycotting of buying products made in china while ignoring the fact that you’re actually buying one like the pc that you’re using to comment me. Don’t deny it! And INB4 accusing me as a chinese.

        1. I know domo. He is one big DODO kaya huwag mo siya patulan. Ang mga tanga at walang pinag-aralan, ganyan talaga ang argumento.

        2. Thank you for your honesty. Still it doesn’t change the fact that you’re already a moron here. Same to you hypocrite. Yeah I’m talking to you tarzan’s wife.

    1. Let’s suppose that other Asian nationalities do it, does it make it ok then? Of course not.

      Let’s not limit it to airport terminals. When you travel any street of any city in the Philippines, you’ll see scenes like that. So it is safe to assume that Filipinos are in fact lazy, messy and undisciplined when it comes to garbage disposal and good behavior.

      1. “Let’s not limit it to airport terminals.”
        Indeed. Take the lottery outlet with those lottery cards and useless tickets being scattered anywhere near it when I went there to bet earlier in the evening for example.

  42. It requires a cultural change by Filipino’s. This is the same nature of Filipino’s throughtout metro Manila. I can’t count how many times i’ve seen rubbish being dropped on the ground and thrown out of jeepneys and private vehicles. I even saw someone in a private vehicle throw a whole bag of rubbish into the pasig river from the window of their car as they passed over a bridge. I just came back from KL in Malaysia and its very clean. Manila is just one big rubbish tip in comparison because of the people. Perhaps DepEd could tacle this in schools as parents are neglecting their duty.

    1. The trouble is there is no discipline. See what happens to you if you drop rubbish in the terminal or the street in Singapore – or for that matter most other cities. You get slapped with a fine. Same should go here!
      We sure do need a cultural change – but we also need a slap on the wrist if we contribute to filth!

  43. I was in that terminal and never saw anything like that! What an unholy mess! Is that on the budget flight/domestic side? Because certainly nothing like that was seen on the international side.
    Definitely, the terminal needs to impose fines on people who do such things and security guards ought to have the authority to step in and impose such fines (to be sure, monitored by security cameras so that the security guards don’t get involved in petty bribe taking!).
    How sad and how shameful!

  44. That litter might probably be from a group of provincial travelers, visiting Metro Manila for the first time. I myself experienced this, having my relatives visit me in Manila for the first time, and I was shocked how they just threw their peanut shells and used tissue out the car window, into the streets. I said, “um, we don’t do that here in Manila. Just keep your trash and throw it when we get to the house”. My cousin said “oh ok, I just got used to doing that in our town, everyone does it there”.

  45. The biggest problem with us Filipino is discipline in our country. I say this because these same Filipinos doing this when they are in the USA they follow rules. Even drivers, our traffic is caused by people not following the law, and this attitude of needing to out smart or out do other drivers.

  46. I learned after a few days that this is a fascist site. If you don’t agree with the writers you get ganged up on. Too sad, there is no room for proper discourse here with the amount of name calling and bullying from the members. Comments from members are all dismissive 1-2 sentences of profanity filled with violent words. You get accused of a number of things. This is hate people it stems from a fascist mentality being propagated by the webmasters. Paalam GRP, I pay no more patronage to your site. This experience was mind-numbing.

    1. Haha. You seriously equating pointing out problems in a frank manner as hate? Hahaha. Try exposing yourself to other cultures. Ours is the only one that really puts a premium on smooth interpersonal relations and “hiya.” Other cultures don’t mind telling others in their face that they are doing something wrong (and obviously, littering is a “wrong”). I suggest you watch this (in full)

      It is a documentary about the German people from the point of view of a British man. One of the things that made the Germans such a great people was they never hesitate to tell their peers that they have done something wrong. Never have they equated that trait with “hate”. Obviously the Germans know a thing or two about hate and being facist so go figure.

    2. Now you’re accusing this page as a ‘fascist site’. So… do you admit that you’re a Communist jerk as well?

      Either way, the terms “CRITICAL THINKING” and “fascism” don’t work together.

      Paalam din. Keep on destroying the Failippines with your EMO mentality, sheer ignorance and blatant idiocy.

    3. So you love to accuse eh? Well how about if I accuse you that you’re just jigs the dakilang mangongontra in disguise?

      Oh and again, ang pinoy nga naman oo ginagamit palagi ang puso hindi ang utak. You’re watching too much sensationalized shows do you emotard?

  47. In Singapore, I had the privilege of going into the PH Embassy, and felt like being back in Philippines

    Super Clean Singapore is a big contrast

    in the embassy a lady accidentally tipped and split her whole cup of soft drink and without a worry, not even pretending to clean it up, just moved to another seat

    And a guy was munching some burger and when done, just put the wrapper and all under the seat

    And another guy, was drinking Starbucks coffee, and once his name was called, left the Empty cup in the seat next to him and once he had done his business in the counter he just walked out, and not even bothering to throw away his empty cup left on the seat.

    above acts, eating and drinking in busses, govt establishments, library, offices etc are strictly no-no and subject to severe fine and punishment. And if you spill drink or food in a no-food and drink area, you will be fined, forget even agreeing to clean the mess.

    When they can follow the rules when in Singapore, why can’t they follow the same when they step into Sovereign Philippines Soil ?

    Beats me

  48. Regardless who left the trash, it only means no respect to the host. Show respect and demand respect. There is what we call Law and someone to Police it with a penalty charge. Rubbish bins should be supplied and recheck all the time. But before that, “Respect yourself and others will respect you”.

    Let’s just assume there was a bomb scare, so they took off quick smart.

  49. NAIA — when in Rome … .

    NAIA is one of the shittiest airports I have ever seen. Third world cities in China have better airports.

    One problem is that NAIA is overcrowded and understaffed. Those who are actually on duty are on their perpetual coffee break. No matter how nice staff are, why do we pay them to have a 7.5 hour coffee break per 8 hour shift?

    We need people on duty who can see that passengers are being pigs and hold these people accountable. Or, if they can’t hold them accountable, make all the airport employees clean the terminals after they are off duty.

  50. I was just at CRK for a couple hours today. In the lot I watched Filipino families eat Marienda and then just put the litter on the ground. Same with cig. butts. TAKE YOUR TRASH WITH YOU. Not a good way to be a rising air travel hub. First impressions were trash, people who can’t park in slots and leave luggage carts about. Any of the people in the terminal above could have also taken their trash with them…tamad.

  51. Sa isang Elementary School sa QC nagtanong ako sa isang gr3 teacher, “mam bakit po maraming kalat sa sahig?” Sagot ni mam, “Tinuturuan po namin sila na wag magkalat ng kanilang basura, kaya lamang di namin napapansin na marami sa kanila na nagkakalat pa rin, anyway may naka-assign namang cleaner pagkatapos ng klase”
    Sa isa namang pagkakataon sa aming pag-uwi may sinusundan kami na isang kotse Mercedez Benze along Quirino Hi-way Caloocan City bumukas ang bintana sa likod ng driver at may inilaglag sa Hi-way na isang supot ng pinagkainan galing fastfood store. Naghimutok ang misis ko sa aming nakita.
    Sa aming probinsya sa Quezon tinanong ko yung may edad na na street sweeper kung bakit hindi inilalagay ng mga tao yung kanilang basura sa basurahan, ang sagot sa akin ay, “ok lang yun dahil kung walang magkakalat ng basura di wala kaming trabaho.”
    Minsan napasyal kaming pamilya sa likod ng MOA wala kaming maupuan dahil puno ng mga pinag-kainan ang upuan kahit na may basurahan sa di kalayuan.
    Ang ganitong ugali ng karamihan sa atin ay natutunan sa tahanan at sa eskwelahan, sa palagay ko malaki ang magagawa ng DEP-ED sa masamang gawing ito ng maraming Pilipino.

  52. People are trained. Throw something on the street in Singapore, and see what happens to you.
    Subic is the best example. Don’t stop at a stop sign. You get pulled over. Guess what. Everybody learns what a stop sign means. And they stop, in Subic. ONLY in Subic. As soon as they get out, they ignore stop signs.
    Discipline is learned, and the best way to teach, is to post stiff fines, and ENFORCE them.

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