Filipinos give Philippine history’s ‘bad’ guy a second look due to lack of progress

Former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos passed away in 1989 but seeing the way people are talking about him lately, it’s as if he is still alive today. This is evident in the way some members of mainstream media keep reliving the “horrors” of the Marcos years. There are quite a number of articles highlighting the same things with one so-called “investigative” journalist admitting it was easy for the Marcoses to slip right back into politics like they never left. Never mind that it was the voters who put them back in power anyway.

It’s a real mystery why so-called “experts” who claim to know a lot about the alleged crimes during the Martial Law years can’t or didn’t even file a case against the perpetrators so the issues could finally be resolved. Had the cases against them been tried in court, the parties involved could have found justice and the Filipino people could have had peace and moved on. Instead, the issues continue to be ‘highlighted’ even after they had dragged on for decades.

One can be forgiven for thinking that the accusers do not really want closure so they can continue pointing the finger at someone to blame for the lack of progress in the country. Perhaps the late former President Cory Aquino herself wanted it this way because she did not really want to know and pursue the people responsible for her husband’s death.

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A “Never Again” movement on social media is even actively advocating taking a stand against Marcos and his heirs. The movement aims to remind Filipinos about the atrocities during the Martial Law years in an effort to prevent a repeat of the same experience. Although for a group standing against tyranny and dictatorship, their discussion on the social networking site Facebook is not open to public scrutiny. Likewise, people with opposing views are not welcome. So much for the freedom of expression they supposedly hold so dear.

Even after two Aquino presidencies, Marcos's alleged 'crimes' remain unresolved.

Even after two Aquino presidencies, Marcos’s alleged ‘crimes’ remain unresolved.

Despite the efforts of the “Never Again” advocates at reminding Filipinos how ‘horrible’ it was during the Marcos regime, there are still people who become nostalgic for what they say was the “good ol’ years” – back when they still felt genuinely proud to be called a “Filipino”. Their numbers seems to be growing and it is enough to “alarm” a group of artists to wage a campaign to counter what they think is “historical revisionism” in social media. The artists reportedly came up with posters containing critical views of the Marcos regime.

A spokesman for the group was quoted as saying “it’s alarming when people say that they would rather have martial law than the democracy we have today”. The artists seem to think pro-Marcos propagandists are making it out to appear like “the iron rule of Ferdinand Marcos look admirable—and even worth repeating—to the younger generation.”

It is an interesting phenomenon indeed, the way some people are romanticizing the Martial Law years. It is one thing for the older generation – those who actually lived through it to be nostalgic but it’s quite another for the younger generation of today – those who didn’t live through it to also wish they could experience the perceived “order” and “prosperity” in the country back in the 60s and 70s, which some old folks quite often talk about. Young Filipinos also get excited when they see old photos of a cleaner Philippines.

Some Filipinos are of the opinion that Martial Law can bring order and instill discipline again in Philippine society. They believe that Filipinos just need to be ruled with an iron fist to be better citizens. Their eagerness to try this style is evident in the way they desperately clamor for former Davao Mayor and self-proclaimed “strongman” Rodrigo Duterte to run for President in 2016 despite him repeatedly saying he is not interested.

The appeal of dictatorship is quite ironic considering Filipinos got rid of Marcos for his supposed dictatorial tendencies. Some people’s rationale in justifying a dictator style of leadership is that, one will only get in trouble when one violates the law. Of course this is assuming that the laws benefit the majority and not just a few. Considering that the current Philippine lawmakers come up with the most idiotic and self-serving laws, it is doubtful a dictatorship will work in the Philippines.

For some people, Pinoy Pride used to be more genuine back then.

For some people, Pinoy Pride used to be more genuine back then.

Going back to former President Marcos, the guy has been dead for three decades but a lot of people still think he is a threat to Philippine society. Granted, his remains are not buried yet, but he is unlikely to rise up and reclaim his post. Those who still talk about his supposed crimes are starting to come across as insecure. They always get nervous when election is near. They think that Senator Bongbong Marcos will commit his father’s “sins”. It’s the same thinking that led to some believing that the son of Ninoy and Cory Aquino will continue his parents’ “legacy”.

If people actually think about it, part of the reason why Filipinos cannot move on from the Marcos years is because of President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino himself. First of all, his speeches quite often include mentioning his family’s suffering during the Marcos years. This comes before or right after he mentions the “dark decade” of his predecessor. Second, by reminding people of the “terrible” past, Filipinos expect something better from his administration.

The good ol' days when Manila wasn't likened to 'the gates of hell'.

The good ol’ days when Manila wasn’t likened to ‘the gates of hell’.

Unfortunately, because not much has changed in Philippine society even after so-called “democracy” was restored in the Philippines, Filipinos get increasingly disappointed at President BS Aquino’s leadership skills. The lack of progress gets highlighted even more when he blames past administrators. In fact, in some people’s opinion, the situation now is even worse than before. They cite the instance that nowadays, most public servants blatantly pocket public funds as compared to the way things were in the past. In other words, the systematic stealing by public servants has become institutionalized thanks to mechanisms such as the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and various Presidential slush funds.

Aside from the mismanagement of public funds, some people say that the current crop of public servants is mostly incompetent and not as intelligent as before. Filipinos are also increasingly getting frustrated at the way President BS Aquino quickly absolves cabinet members who get embroiled in corruption scandals.

The latest staff President BS Aquino cleared and defended is Philippine National Police Chief Director Alan Purisima even before he was investigated on allegations of accepting bribes. Filipinos can see he applies a double standard in dealing with his allies. Further proof of this is the fact that his allies who are embroiled in the pork barrel scam scandal have not been investigated.

Only impunity progressed under President BS Aquino's rule.

Only impunity progressed under President BS Aquino’s rule.

Frankly, the way President BS Aquino is behaving in office – disregarding the rule of law, bribing lawmakers and threatening to clip the powers of the Supreme Court — is already tantamount to being a dictator. But he is not the benevolent dictator Filipinos need because he is only looking after the welfare of his allies. The Filipino people can see through his self-righteousness. Despite already having all the resources available to release non-stop negative propaganda against his enemies, the reality still works against him. And the reality is, the country is still mired in poverty and public servants are still corrupt.

There is only one thing that can prove to Filipinos that life was worse during the Marcos years. And that is, real progress.

When the living conditions of the majority have improved, people young and old will realize that life is better even without Martial Law. And those who are working hard to remind us to say “never again” to a dictator do not have to bother with their advocacies. Until then, some people will continue to question which situation they would have been better off living in — the past or the present.

[Aerial photo of Ayala Avenue courtesy LPL Suites Greenbelt.]

117 Replies to “Filipinos give Philippine history’s ‘bad’ guy a second look due to lack of progress”

  1. I think the nostalgia for the Marcos years should not be confused with a nostalgia for the return of
    Marcos-type authoritarian rule (trust me you don’t want curfews, state-sanctioned torture and summary executions). The nostalgia for Marcos is a cry for better governance and vision from our leaders. It is also a realization that after 30 years the EDSA revolution has been for the most part a colossal failure.

    I hate how leaders who benefitted from EDSA hold it up as some type of accomplishment when those leaders have shit all over the meaning of EDSA. EDSA was a cry from the people for democracy, progress, fairness and reason as opposed to dictatorship, poverty, cronyism and caprice. Yet everywhere you turn the leaders of the EDSA generation have made a mockery of its spirit. We are poorer and more subject to their caprice today.

    Worse, I think those leaders who benefited from EDSA possess less vision and less intellect. Di lang corrupt, bobo pa. You can say many bad things about Marcos but being dumb was not one of them (perhaps he was too smart).

    The EDSA generation should be reminded that the people not the personalities in the revolution ultimately made the revolution a success.

    So what comes after EDSA? So why have Marcos nostalgia? Today, maybe we the people don’t know what exactly the Philippines is supposed to be, but we know that it’s not supposed to be this shit. It can’t be this. And that’s a start.

    1. Yes, Marcos was a brilliant guy. Yes, Marcos built the infrastructures and got kickback from contracts. To make it worse, the money to build infrastructures were borrowed and Filipinos are still paying the debt incurred during his presidency.

      Marcos used the commies to declare martial law. He was the one to orchestrated the violence so his declaration of Martial Law is justified. Remember operation Sagittarius? This is the reason why he had Aquino arrested. The people can not and must not forget Marcos’ atrocities. As the saying goes, “history repeat itself.” We must also be reminded with dictators like Marcos so it will not happen again.

      The loyal supporters of Marcos are the Ilocanos, his remaining loyalists/cronies, and those who financially benefitted from him.

      It’s true that the every single president after Marcos have not been exemplary, they all have their faults but they are not equally or worse than Marcos.

      Human rights was non-existent during Marcos’ time. If you criticize him in public, your ass would be thrown in Jail. It is true that the crime rate dropped drastically the year he declared martial law BUT after a year, the crime rate soared again.

      Corruption was rampant as it is now. The only difference is the people who plundered funds are the Marcosses, his thousands of cronies, government officials who are pro-marcos, etc. It is also a fact that bribing cops started during marcos – anywhere from traffic citations or crimes.

      I do not know if many of you remember the pre-marcos era, where corruption was almost unheard of and crime was really low, and the costs of goods were affordable. Poverty was very low as well.

      These Marcos apologists make me ill. Had their parents, uncles, grandparents were victims of Marcos, I am sure they will sing a different tone.

      I remember when I was in the 7th grade, it was always mandatory for us to join a parade when a state official from another country visited the Philippines. We were given 5 pesos each to attend and, if we chose not to attend, we will be marked as absent that day. Same for my mom who was a government employee. They were forced to join the parade and, if they refuse, it would be taken out of their vacation day.

      Any mid level to high level employees of government agency were getting kickbacks left and right. Many of these government employees live a financially comfortable life amid their low salaries.

      Local, National, and provincial government officials to the barangay captain were also corrupt – and almost all of them amassed wealth.

      These pro-Marcos are delusional. Well, if they directly or indirectly benefitted from Marcos, I can see why they view him as the Messiah.

      Also, sons of public officials during Marcos were untouchables. They freely commit crime knowing they would get away with it while if the common man committed a crime, he will be immediately apprehended or salvage although I did not have a problem when the cops would salvage heinous criminals, especially drug dealers and killers BUT, if they happen to know someone who is Marcos’ puppet, they would get away with almost anything.

      Filipinos are very forgiving people which is also a fault. The bad part is Filipinos forgive BUT they also FORGET. Marcos’ apologists wants us to FORGET his atrocities because, as they say, “it has been almost 30 years and we should get over it and move on. Yes, move on my brown Filipino ass. If you want to forget Marcos’ atrocities, keep it to yourself and your fellow Marcos apologists.

      You can not drastically reduce the Poverty rate in the Philippines no matter who becomes president because politicians have been lying to the Poor on how they can eliminate poverty when they get elected.

      The government’s role is to ensure the rights of its citizens, provide basic and “needed” (not “wants”) social services. It is not the government’s role to give hand outs.

      Unfortunately, many just want hand outs. They always blame the government for being poor. Many poor people have more than 3 children. WTF?

      People loves to point fingers for their failures. They hold other people accountable except for themselves.

      Marcos apologists really makes me ill.

      1. What you stated is not fact but hearsay or your own biased opinion.
        Where were you with your accusations when the Marcoses were being prosecuted? Because if what you are saying is true, then you could have sent of all them to jail. Wala naman talaga eh! You’ve got nothing on them! Imelda was acquitted by the judge in the USA. The Marcos children were declared innocent by the Supreme Court during Cory’s term.
        Aminin mo na lang na paid writer ka ng mga 3conomic hitmen! Or the power group that started all of the troubles that we had before Martial Law.
        if we make you sick because we seek for the truth, we will do better! We hope our actions and our hope to make tha Philippines great again and truly free, will KILL liars and traitors like you sir!

        1. Ren Car’s experiences and description of the time under Marcos pretty much coincides with how I view the era as well.

          I have asked some of my friends and it is interesting that they do not seem to have the same view as mine. I’m not sure why that is so.

          But one thing I don’t go around believing is that those who do not share my opinions are liars and traitors who need to be killed, LOL!

      2. Do you know what you are talking Sir? Have you researched your facts…do you know that Marcos and Aquino are brothers in their fraternity? If Marcos really is not a good President, how come Philippine economy was spiralling down fastest when Cory sits as president. She became a puppet president for those oligarchs who where targeted by Marcos in order for them not to steal the from the Filipinos you know these? If not please put your sources where do get your facts!!!

      3. sir, parang wala.po kayo dito sa Pilipinas noong panahon na Marcos ang nanunungkulan at lalong parang wala din kayo na si Aquino ang nanunungkulan? baka kasi po na nasa ibang bansa kayo at di ninyo ma differentiate between the two era of ruling the Philippines? o nagtatanga-tangahan lang kayo? or isa kayo sa bayaran na media ng mga yellowtards na yan? at paki-explain na rin po kung ano ang nagawa ng mga Aquino sa Pilipinas para po baka maniwala pa kami sa sinasabi nyo? …… sa nakita po namin mas lalung lumaki pa ang utang ng Pilipinas ngaun at lalong naging corrupt at nawala ang respeto ng ibang bansa sa Pilipinas! ang tingin nila ngaun sa mga Pilipino ay stupids!

  2. if the people would just look at the good side of Marcos, he was a dictator indeed but also he was a strong and wise leader, it was him that gave the country a sense of direction toward progress no other president could have done, in fact he was so good at his job that Philippines still remember what he did for 30 years, that when somebody mentions martial law, they’ll automatically think of Marcos, he may be bad as the media says but as a leader i think he was the best.

    And also the real problem lies on the “parasitic leeches” on the government not on the president, those greedy, opportunistic bastards with their minds fixated only on how to gain profit, using the Media in controlling the people like a puppet and the Government as a sort of straw to suck the funds of the country empty.

    Actually it might be because they cannot control and profit from Pres. Marcos back in the day (because he monopolizes it) , that caused these “leeches” to overthrow him as a president, and after his fall they resumed their dirty work that continues up until these days, this Oligarchy is the cause why the progress of the country has stagnated.

    1. Very well said.Most of the people who supported the edsa revolution realized that the Marcos Administration is better than today’s so called democracy gov’t,i was one of them who rallied against Pres. Marcos but i regretted that moment.

    2. He stole everything that was nailed down and presented his wife as some sort of ‘gift’ for his crimes. You truly are an idiot if you can not see what a total POS he and now his whoe fuckin family is. The style of political corruption was carried on after his defeat, that is the problem. Except it got even worse, when people saw how easy it was for him to get away with stealing everything, others quickly realized that setting up a merry-go-round of installing one criminal after another and giving the other thieves on the ride a piece of the formidable pie, it got even easier to say, “Hey fuck the people,Fuck the infra-structure of the country and everything else we need. After we are done stealing, we will beg the West for coz they need us !”….and we will even have the bald ass face lie ready for the investigators when we say “It was my predecessor, and we will set up the court sytem to be so god-dam slow that by the time any real case’s are finally ready to go to trial the people that started the case’s against us will be dead of old age.”.

      Calling one thief better than another set of thieves points out the state of mind of the average Filipino. Criminality is all they know.The entire country is a scam. No wonder the rest of Asia see’s them as scam artists and Filipino’s abroad do not like to be associated with their homeland.

      1. Be careful of what you say, remember that during his time, the Philippines was known as one of the Tigers of Asia, ngayon basang sisiw nalang. Stop covering your ears every time we talk about Marcos’ accomplishments for the Philippines. I know what happened to a number of people during his reign but all I’m asking for is for you to acknowledge both sides of the story. Think about this, was there proof that it was Marcos who planned the assassination of Aquino?

        1. bobo ka lebron. lahat ng inakusa kay marcos wala proof . kaya mga galing na mga bobo na gusto lang mag pakasaya ang nag eenjoy sa bulok na pilinas ngayon.

        2. SICK MAN OF ASIA ang tawag sa pinas noong huling mga taon na ni Makoy. Our economy was so bad and so crippled with debt that we were borrowing more just to pay the INTEREST on exstng debt.

          Magaral ka ng kasaysayan bago magsalita.

    3. You are absolutely right! People took advantage of their closeness to PFEM and abused it. They were the ones who dragged him down. The opposition were so insecure of his intelligence and even friends of his like the US gov’t., IMF and World Bank were scared because the eyes and ears of the whole world were focused on his personality and intelligence. He was gaining so much attention and envy by International leaders. His vision was not only for the Filipinos but for the whole world. That’s why he established diplomatic relations with Russia and China. His legacy could not be accepted by his adversaries that’s why, although it is the best legacy for the whole humanity, they don’t want to accept it. All the opposition wanted to, was to erase in the minds of the Filipino people, all the good things that PFEM has done for the country and humanity, as what cory aquino has promised when she took over.What kind of gov’t. do we have now? We are not even respected by any country now. We are surpassed by other countries now who were behind us in progress during his time.So said to say that, our country is being run by incompetent, corrupt and not so witty politicians, voted by our un-intelligent voters who are only after their popularity. LET US BE MORE INTELLIGENT IN SELECTING OUR LEADERS NOW BECAUSE WE ARE THE ONES SUFFERING, LET US BE MORE PROACTIVE NOT SENTIMENTAL. LET US THINK OF THE FUTURE OF THE GENERATIONS TO COME.

      1. Use your brain to vote. Dapat sisihin dito mga bobong botante. Porket artista or anak ni ganito binoboto na agad. Sabay mag complain kau na pinabayaan kau ng govt. Dpt sisihin dito yung mga tangang pilipino. Mga bobo! Dpt sa inyu paalisin ng bansa dhl wala nmn kau na contribute tlga sa bansa. Pahirap kau. Vote wisely! Cguro nmn kht bata alam ang tama at mali kau pang mga gurang! Kakahiya kau! Wala tau napala sa edsa at yng mga aquino na yan kala nyu napaka perfect.

    4. I totally agree with you Miss/Mr RealityHurts. Ang the same story’s once again repeating itself. The same old leeches are trying to do everything in their power to keep the Marcoses from coming back to power.

  3. who benefited from marcos’ mistakes.. no other than aquinos. they can keep using that past to continue their political ambitions. i really wanna say shut the fuck up to all those sitting in government. all fucking hypocrites! all about money. philippines should be sold to other countries. filipinos dont know what they are doing to their country anyway. philippines for sale.

  4. You remember this opinion piece by Oscar Tan for inquirer, “Alienating the youth from EDSA”


    He says: “[S]uch emotional responses, often from those old enough to remember Edsa and directed at those too young, sometimes contain vitriol and not much else. This characterizes many responses to persistent Facebook posts about how the Marcos years were allegedly the Philippines’ best in terms of economic growth, peace and order and literacy, to news articles floating Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. as a presidential candidate, …” That’s how it is really. Vitriol. They don’t care to tell us just how bad it was back then. And “self-righteousness” thats the word I was looking for to describe the way the Aquinos behave–they portray themselves as being saints and the frustrating part is that a lot of Filipinos still buy it. I won’t claim to know what its like to live under martial law, I’m too young for that, but growing up, and learning to value living in a democracy, I can’t stomach Aquino’s dictatorial tendencies. Seeing people so vigilant with what the previous administration did, I can’t help but feel that our democracy has taken a step back–or worse, our “democracy” is whatever an Aquino says it is. During the past administration, the Aquinos were part of the opposition: they are the ones who are supposed to be vigilant over the abuses. Now that they are the admin, they still behave like they are the opposition. Sorry for the rant.

  5. Right it is questionable why the case of his traitor father ’till now is unresolve? Huh two Aquinos became a leader and noone of them can take charge to open the case. Will it’s because they know the answer. Isn’t it? This two family C. And A. can answer this question.

  6. Another intersting piece, Ilda. The romanticism of the Marcos rule is not really a phenomenon but rather the logical outcome of two rivals. When two opposing super powers/rivals are pitted against each other, each side would struggle to distinguish how different they are from each other. Thus resulting in a stronger sense of identity. Case in point, ADMU and DLSU. Every so often you can hear a Lasallian boast of their accomplishments and characteristics in contrast to an Atenean. The duality is rather natural. And to paraphrase what triple r said, the Philippines can’t be just this dystopian society we are living in. Naturally, people would look to the other side of the fence, the Marcos Dictatorship.

    I was not alive when Marcos ruled over the Philippines, I only hear stories of what was and what could have been. But from where I am standing right now, it feels like we are in a grid lock. It seems rather hopeless. It’s like the people just gave up and are tryin their best to get by with what the government throws them. (an image of an obese man in a suit throwing a bone to a scrawny man on a leash comes to mind)

    Because of this lackluster behavior, this wala tayo magagawa ganyan na talaga yan mindset, this pathetic pacifism brought to us by the kind of media and entertainment the masses are fed, the government does not fear us. When will we progress? When the Filipinos realize it’s not enough to get sick an tired of the status quo but when we take a more proactive approach to anti-anti-intellectualism andwe fucking grow a pair.

    1. @Otep

      Thanks. Everyone is just so distracted by technology nowadays. Unfortunately, even before our country achieved “greatness”, majority in our society already became complacent.

  7. There are always point missers in any GRP piece whether you see it on the comments or not. Allow me to give an analogy to this from my own life that has a similar theme. My dad remarried in his 60s. My mom was not perfect his choice of a second wife was not a big hit with his adult children. The newly married couple hired a maid for their apartment who also had experience with my mother. One of the few times she got to talk to me she starts bringing up my mother in an extremely complimentary and nostalgic fashion. In a way she was knocking the status quo without mentioning the status quo. That is similar to this whole Makoy the greatest sentiment. You go back to the past even with some amnesia because your present is well worth escaping.

    1. And that is really what it comes down to. Since the Marcoses were removed from Malacañang, the political oligarchs in the Philippines have cornered the economic wealth and opportunity that were the implied promise of the 1986 ‘EDSA Revolution.’ Instead of ‘restoring democracy,’ they made conditions intolerable for the majority of Filipinos. OFWs would rather risk their lives in war torn parts of the planet than try to eke out a living in Metro Manila.

  8. It should be Never Again for these Fake Heroes who are the real Plunderers. These Kultong Dilaw and their followers should be in the Gas Chambers for bankrupting not only the National Treasury but the minds of the unsuspecting Masa as well through their Dirty Politics and Propaganda using the People’s money. Ginisa nila ang mga Filipinos sa sariling mantika.

    1. Gas chambers are too kind for this lot of scumbags.All of them, every single one.
      Ever see someone who has been beaten within an inch of his life only to have boiling water thrown on him/her and then drawn and quartered by thorourghbred horse’s?…thats more like it.

  9. Hi Ilda
    How about making a blog on the many achievements that FM accomplished during the martial law years and how they impacted the life of the people, economically, culturally, and as a nation.

    1. yeah do that but state the facts. Like how the Phil economy went down to worst in history, how politicians being corrupt became a part of our culture and how Philippines became the sick man of asia.

    2. Yes. Publish all the good works that has been done during Msrcos years and people will see the big difference.

  10. “Real progress” even without martial law. Sweet words, and good to hear. I wish that we will have the patience and perseverance to endure many more miseries until ‘real progress’ come about. As it is, we are in a rut. Mismanagemnt after mismanagement; one cohorts of oligarchs and cronies, after another set of cronies,while the poor multiplies in hordes, and the rich gets most of the goodies aided by mercenary politicians who sell their to souls to evil rulers for 30 pieces of silver. We do not have a respectabl democracy, in fact it is an oligarchy, and plutocracy who will let the people “eat cake”. We are in a rut because we remain infantile as a people. We refuse to mature. We are a soft people that always remain vulnerable to predatory rulers nd businessmen complemented by a bureacracy that is lazy to think, and to assert what is right for survival sake, even for a mierble survival. I guess the real heroes are indeed the OFWs who refuse to be broken by the lousy sytem of government tht cannot even provide decent jobs to its people, and yet these OFWs have remitted tremendous sums of money which help the economy afloat. Martial law supplant the ruling oligarchy by its own cronies, and EDSA 1 broought back the old oligarchy to resume exploitation of the patrimony and restore its renewed oligarchy. We are an infantile people who refused to mature. We long for justice. We are too soft, and we forgive easily.

    But being infantile, we are restrained from bringing justice into this land. We forgive, but without restitution, and punishment, there is no justice. We are a loving people but of the hollow kind of love. The late Cardinal Jaime Sin said: Charity without justice is baloney. And even EDSA 1 just exempted the biggest ruling oligarchy from bringing justice to the peasant, and exempted the biggest landed estate owners in land from Land Reform that brought mockery to the social justice of the basic law of the land. We are a soft people, an infantile one who are unable to mature and cannot distinguish forgivenes againt justice. Charity without justice, is indeed, baloney. 2016 will just usher another set of oligarchs, cronies, plutocrats, and compliant bureaucracy. And the poor will grow into greater hordes than the current hordes. We are a soft people who don’t have fire in their bellies, much less in our hearts.
    Real progress will come about when we have grown and nurtured the fire in our bellies and in our hearts. Until then ‘real progress’ will only be for the ruling oligarchs, plutocrats, cronies, and compliant bureacarcy, all corrupt and uncaring for others.

    1. There should be a “Like” button here, +1, or thumbs up.


      – I wonder if they still teach land reform in grade school social studies. Big media seems to have forgotten all about it. I wonder if its still in the history books. The new pinoys have become too docile, or ignorant.

      – They’re not Aquinos, they’re Cojuangcos. They’ve been sucking up wealth then(Marcos’ time), they’re still doing it now.

  11. Life under Marcos was better for one main reason. There were fewer people. The other South East Asian countries have controlled their populations more successfully. That is why they continue to improve and the Philippines continues to decline. The infrastructure and resources cannot keep up with the mushrooming population. No father figure is going to fly down like superman and rescue the Philippines. As long as the culture ignores the problem of lazy irresponsible parenting; no progress is possible.

    1. see “depo provera” ….one shot every three months prevents pregnancies. It is less expensive than the pill. This should be made available without cost to all teen age girls and adult women of child bearing age. People should be educated and these treatments should be advertised and advocated; especially among the poor and squatters who continue to have very large families. It does not cause sterility and the anti-fertility symptoms can be easily reversed by simply stop taking the drug. It was able to dramatically reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies among young, unmarried African American women in the USA. Please try something! According to the UN, the number one cause of poverty worldwide is the lack of family planning.

  12. Marcos who is dead for more than 30 years is used by the Aquinos , Cojuangcos, the Feudalist Oligarchs, the YellowTards…as a “Bogeyman” to frighten people of Martial Law.

    I have two good friends here in California, who were in the NPA, during the Martial Law Years. They are Diplomate Cardiologists. They graduated from the School of Medicine at University of the Philippines; joined the NPA. However, they abandoned the movement , when they realize the Aquinos and the Cojuangscos, were using the movement. They came to U.S.; further their studies, until they became Diplomates in Cardiology.

    They told me: “Martial Law was forced by the Aquinos and the Catholic Church on Marcos. Because they supported the NPA”.

    It was not as Bad,then, as today in the Aquino era; or as featured by those “Never Again” YellowTard minions of Aquino…
    The Aquinos came into power. some of the NPA came out.

    Feudalism came back ; the Oligarchs are back in power.

    See those NPAs in Congress. Did they pass laws for Land Reform? Did Jose Ma. Sison, talked against the Aquinos against Feudalism?
    No , Sir.

    Cory Aquino never implemented any Land Reform program. She protected her Hacienda Luisita. Ninoy Aquino, Jr. , died for Hacienda Luisita.
    His Son, continue to protect Hacienda Luisita and Feudalism. He is more corrupt than Marcos…

    1. It was the “Rightist” using the “Leftist”, and vice versa…the winners were the : Political Opporutnists, which we have them in abundance today…

    2. Thieves, all of them. None better or bigger than the other, WAKE up HT. Do you even realize what you sound like? Rating the thieves that run the country and saying one was worse than the other, WTF? HOLY SHIT you should know what you sound like, but obviously don’t.

      1. I know they are all bad characters…I’m just telling the truth about Martial Law; during those days.

        It is up to Filipinos to use this information to better, what they can in our country…

    3. I agree. Was activist during my college days. Worked in an engg’g consultancy firm and surprised to be recruited to be a prjct engr in a govt prjct in the visayas. There and then ifound out how great the vision pf Marcos govt. The problem was and my constant problem then were the trapos constantly meddling the project for their own interest.after finishing two projects i resigned. I never believed with the kultong dilaw people.
      Self interest lang. I do not see how a person shot in a tarmac become a hero. Ginamit lang para ibagsak si Marcos which for me is the true Filipino.

  13. Filipinos are so brainwashed, all they can do is think of one oligarchic family or another. Don’t you have any intelligence or imagination? DO NOT VOTE FOR ANOTHER RICH PERSON!!!! Better to vote communist; than to continue to vote for the same families that have been exploiting this country for the last 75 years. Nothing changes because you continue to vote for the same type of political dynasty again and again and again.

    1. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again; expecting different results, everytime…”

      from: Albert Einstein

  14. Vote for academics or scholars, medical doctors, engineers, community activists…DO NOT vote for lawyers, media stars, athletes, soldiers, or anyone related to a politician. Experience has showed that these type of people are egocentric. They are more concerned with personal power than they are with serving the people.

  15. Have you all gone insane? The Marcos Administration destroyed the very democratic checks and balances that would have saved us, ensuring that crooks and scumbags would take over after Marcos is gone.

    Anyone looks good spending all that money being an autocrat and dictator who is unopposed by its own government in fear of being prosecuted. Then you realize that it’s coming out of your wallet and future generation’s wallets.

    And of course nobody was going to go against Marcos legally (and live to tell about it). Try suing a top politician for anything today (preferably if they did actual wrong to you), see how far you can go with it without getting thrown out or receive death threats. The police won’t help you, and with the heavy restrictions placed on journalists in the Philippines, they can’t help you either.

    All this infatuation with the past that only seemed great from the surface is a waste of time. Do something about the future instead, and it starts with yourself. Likewise, there are many Anglophiliacs who would want to go back to England’s Victorian times – yet they fail to see that not only was drug use and alcohol rampant in that era, but also domestic abuse, bad body odor, and smallpox goes with the era as well. There are many today who see the Marcos Administration with rose-colored glasses, they fail to understand that they will only regret letting a Marcos-like dictatorship take over their lives.

    1. And the worst thing about the Marcos nostalgia is how much people don’t realize that we’re already doing great even before the Marcos era. We’re at an upswing in economic standing thanks to the actions of politicians before Marcos.

      Marcos took advantage of the upswing, made illicit spending and tinkered with the election results in order to secure a lockdown of a 20+ year presidency. Give ANY president 20 years and you will see progress.

      If any of you looked at the actual economic statistics from the 1960s all the way up to the end of the Marcos era, Marcos created that downswing that didn’t seem apparent in his time, but it eventually resulted in how Philippines sank down to the near bottom of the economic standings in Asia.

      If you’re thinking I’m supporting the current administration, take that bullshit out of my face, I have zero support for the current administration as well as zero support for the Marcos administration. People should miss the time when actual qualified individuals are running for politics (incidentally, before the Marcos era). Thanks to mass media and how we glorify celebrities, people are now voting for a familiar face (ie celebrity) that can be manipulated by the rather machiavellian politicians running things behind the scenes rather than qualified individuals who can make a positive difference for the Philippines.

      This is your fault, fellow Filipinos. I take the blame as well, since we’re all in this together.

    2. @cssr

      You seem to have missed the point of the article. I suggest you read it again.

      Those who need to have their heads examined are the people who keep blaming a guy who has been dead for almost 30 years and a sick elderly woman in custody for the lack of progress in the Philippines.

      And of course nobody was going to go against Marcos legally (and live to tell about it). Try suing a top politician for anything today (preferably if they did actual wrong to you), see how far you can go with it without getting thrown out or receive death threats. The police won’t help you, and with the heavy restrictions placed on journalists in the Philippines, they can’t help you either.

      There you go. Then the Aquinos and their supporters should quit bragging about people power’s success in restoring the so-called democracy in the Philippines.

      1. You failed to read the context on what I’m replying on: people and commenters that are looking fondly at a time that will never happen again, and it wasn’t that great a time anyway. Marcos had done what he had done, and I’m not blaming some person “who died 30 years ago”, I’m blaming the people today who glorify this person as their new saint simply as a reaction to the failures of the current administration.

        Hating on one side does not mean support for the other (which is what a lot of numbskull “Marcos” vs “Aquino” people are today), because they’re both shitty administrations that we need to move past from in order to have real progress.

        1. All Marcos Loyalists have the Right to glorify their dead leader. Same way as those YellowTards glorify the accomplishment of the incompetent and corrupt Aquino. Anyway, the Aquinos already declared themselves as: Saints and Heroes…they have : buildings, airports, etc…named after them. They have statues of themselves. And, they are in Philippines History Books as “Great Leaders”…how good can you get from this rotten people?

        2. @cssr

          Like I said, you need to read the article again because you missed the point. Here’s the part where I explained why some people cannot move on from the Marcos years:

          If people actually think about it, part of the reason why Filipinos cannot move on from the Marcos years is because of President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino himself. First of all, his speeches quite often include mentioning his family’s suffering during the Marcos years. This comes before or right after he mentions the “dark decade” of his predecessor. Second, by reminding people of the “terrible” past, Filipinos expect something better from his administration.

          Unfortunately, because not much has changed in Philippine society even after so-called “democracy” was restored in the Philippines, Filipinos get increasingly disappointed at President BS Aquino’s leadership skills. The lack of progress gets highlighted even more when he blames past administrators. In fact, in some people’s opinion, the situation now is even worse than before. They cite the instance that nowadays, most public servants blatantly pocket public funds as compared to the way things were in the past. In other words, the systematic stealing by public servants has become institutionalized thanks to mechanisms such as the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and various Presidential slush funds.

        3. @Ilda: THIS.

          The sad thing is that people tried to correct the past by just STICKING to it s opposed to building for a HOPE of a future. And why do you think people keep forgetting the past and repeating it all over again? Because they have no vision of a future to look forward to!

        4. OMG, the thieving never stopped, the whole country is one big scam. “THE MORE THINGS CHANGE THE MORE THEY STAY THE SAME.”. Blame the dead guy, blame the fragile little old lady and BLAME all the rest of the cohorts that are all in on the same exact thing that Marcos started.


    3. I wanna ask you: so you like being in a government whored by media that tells you ‘everything is ok’ and never look forward for progress as a nation and society but to be part of a MEDIOCRITY?

      Sad to say, THAT is what exactly what happened after Marcos left.

  16. they should forget about the names
    aquino, marcos, et al..
    we need to learn from what happened in the past and not repeat the mistakes and improve on those things that are done right
    to truly progress we need a visionary
    someone with a good plan for our country
    and not a dictator
    but a good leader is nothing if he/she doesn’t have good followers
    a sad realty here in the philippines is that almost all people here are corrupted
    can’t even follow simple rules.

  17. Aquino and the rest of the Political Leaders, are at the helm of the government. They could have right the wrongs that Marcos had done…instead they use him as a “Bogeyman” to frighten people ; and as a good target to Blame for their incompetence…and their corruption and greed…

  18. I am enlightened about Marcos… I ithink we need to give chance to Bong MArcos to do what his father’s legacy.. together with R.Duterte of Davao.. We need them not for a change but for a new constitution with KAMAY NA BAKAL…

    1. We don’t need political dynasties, or Fascists, or any kind of Dictatorship. We need good Leaders with good Visions for our country. Leaders who can really lead…

  19. its all the same shit, the thieves never left….they multiplied. the country is run by a bunch of criminals that steal everything they feel like stealing, and do not even care when they get caught as they know nothing will happen when the next ‘Senate blue-ribbon committee’ is selected to investigate themselves:”Political Theatre’.
    The idea of calling one group of thieves more desirable than another set of thieves is as laughable as saying that people “aren’t welcome on Facebook”, mindless truly fuckin mindless.

    1. It’s the CHOICE of the LESSER EVIL…we cannot Vote for a Saint again; after Cory Aquino, who was a Fraud Saint…

    2. So, are you going to vote in 2016 to elect another set of “thieves” or euphemistically called the lesser evils? Is the Philippine really bereft of ‘good leaders’ who will be truly servant of the people? Is the Filipino ready for such public servants? What are you going to do to promote the so-called alternative ‘good leaders’? Is there no hope for Philippine politics?

      1. There must be a “consensus” candidate supported by concerned Filipinos. I don’t believe we have any future from any “Trapos”, Political Dynasties, Political Warlords, Oligarch’s Puppet, etc…

        It is more than “rocket science” to solve the mess in the Philippines…we have good leaders, but , they have not yet come out…

        1. This candidate must have a good University education; management experience; crisis management experience; leadership, integrity and a good vision for our country…

          We don’t want another Cory Aquino…

  20. And you know what’s worse than those Marcos fanatics? The ones who don’t admit it. Like people who say “I’m against dictators but he was better than Aquino”. Christ, grow some balls.

    1. Marcos fanatics are the same as the Aquino Yellowtards….both behave the same; both are mentally retarded. Both have made a Cult of their leaders.

      Let us forget Marcos…he is dead and history. Are you afraid of a dead man? Dead for more than 30 years?

      1. The Aquinos, Mother and Son are worse than Marcos…as believed by my Cardiologist friends….

        To me, Marcos worked for Land Reform; the Aquinos destroyed the Land Reform Program to protect their Hacienda Luisita, that they swindled….

        1. Ok you have that, Marcos is still worse for me, just for the fact that he kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured his political rivals.

        2. Aquino ordered the massacre of his Hacienda Luisita serfs/tenants. The Maguindanao massacre is shelved, under his administration. Police become criminals…etc…

        3. Marcos’ military men tortured people with electric shocks, water boarding, cigarette burning, russian roulette, solitary confinement, burying alive and gang raped women. This is by the thousands.

        4. Both Aquino and Marcos are bad characters. Both are Evil…but, you can see the Evils in our country now, because of the Aquinos….

        5. just so you guys get my point, If Marcos is the president today and you guys have this website criticizing him, you guys would be hiding for your life.

        6. Add to that is that the Philippine Government and not Cojuancos are the original owners of Hacienda Luisita. There was no Hacienda Luisita to begin with.

        7. I totally agree on this Aquino-Cojuangco treatment of Land Reform. It smacks of mockery on the social justice provision of the Constitution. The farnmers in Hacienda Luisita have not yet got their justice. I hope justice will be gioven them at the soonest.

      2. Our Blogs are Hacked by YellowTard Hackers…our being anonymous protect us from YellowTard wrath…or being murdered by them…

        Remember when they put Rewards on our heads; including the Webmaster’s head. For me, 500,000 Philippine pesos…for the Webmaster, Behigno, 1,000,000 Philippine pesos…where did they get the money reward? From DAF, PDAF, Pork Barrels, or from the ramsons in kidnapping people by the Police…

        1. well if you think the only reason why you are not being tortured right now is because they can’t find you (personally I think PNoy just doesn’t give a crap), It’s up to you, because I have not read any article or news of leftist activists or rallyists being GANG RAPED lately.

    2. Oh fuck you. You’re so against Marcos when you don’t even have a hard proof for those. Let’s just all admit that our country was the most progressive under his regime bec. whatever we do, we can’t deny. And the man scored 99 and topped the board exams. Then he got a 100 after retaking it bec. the people taught he cheated on the first one. He fucking have no copies sfo his speeches. He memorized a 3-paged speech in one read. We can’t deny he was the smartest president we ever had.

      1. we never needed smart president, all we need is someone who isn’t power hungry and really care for the country , lets also remember that PGMA ,Ramos & Emillio Aguinaldo are also smart, Pnoy’s flaw is his care for his Allies but i dont see anything that bad that he done (44 fallen, DAP bloated news)yes its somewhat bad too but if you compare to other President…

  21. There’s this fallacy of associating an event with a similar event that happened at the same time. For example, while one lost a card game, a plane was flying overhead. So he claims he loses a game when a plane flies overhead. So people who go reminisce Marcos days seems to associate the easier pace of life before with his presidency. However, those things can be mutually exclusive. Life was easier then because things hadn’t deteriorated yet.

    But with today’s Aquino era, you can associate a lot of bad things with it, and certainly you have a lot that can be directly blamed on the administration. The failure of August 23, 2010, slowness of help and recovery after Yolanda, etc. So after Marcos, the Aquinos didn’t really do anything to fix things. Just things like a reactionary “president can only have one term” rule in the constitution – that they’re trying to get around. haha

  22. Phils has no future. The politics and the church are both sick. Tapos the Pope will visit? So what? To make Pinoys just pray na lag and see it this way: Dont worry folks; life is better in the next world!!! Both these institutions should be abolished.

    1. whether in heaven or in hell, there is news blackout. You wouldn’t know what’s happening there, if there is any at all.
      The institution of government and the church are there for people to have an orderly human life. Unfortunately, political leaders and church leaders are also of feet of clay, subject to human passions and emotions that often blur judgment of what is the best for people. So our life here on earth is either bliss or misery, or just on a surviving and boring mode. Leaders can either make our lives comfortable or miserable. Since many of those who elect their political leaders are incapable of true discernment, and courage, we often get a set of leaders who bring many to further misery while the elected and appointed make hay while they are in office. But hope springs eternal in the hearts of the miserables.

    1. Well if dont like martial law maybe you like victims of rape, holdup, kidnap, masacre.. have a picture of it and tell you self if you like it or not..

  23. The Author said it best when the “know-it-all” people who claims to know a lot about the abuses during the martial law years didn’t even bother to file a case, but as BBM recently said, everything that happen in the past is already part of our history, those behind the “never again” slogan are just like the current sitting president, sisi lang ng sisi just to make himself look good, they don’t want any closure so the blaming game will continues and we will never have real progress.

  24. Nonetheless I love every article Ilda writes. She certainly speaks the truth without a hint of ass kissing. I’d love to share my thoughts on how Filipinos in general have become dodgy, corrupt and money hungry since the Aquinos came into power but instead I will use my time more productively by eliminating as many of these type of people as possible (jokes). In the meantime time keep up the awesome writing Ilda. More Filipinos ought to be like you as opposed to their so called leader.

  25. mom told me that ganda kaya ng pilipinas nung 60’s & 70’s.MALINIS.MAGANDA.MADISIPLINA.MASAGANA.nowadays, what you see is way incomparable from the marcos’regime. Talking about freedom of speech/press meron din advantage yung pag.control ng mga dasabihin ng mga press lalo pa’t makakaapekto sa aspeto ng kalakaran at pagpasok ng mga foreign investors.patayan dito.bomba doon discourages investors to put up business here which could provide jobs for filipinos and need not leave their homeland to suffer from maltreatment.

  26. The idea of the State disciplining its people seems like a great idea…until the State starts disciplining you. The mere notion of internet censorship and libel already has millions of “netizens” foaming in the mouth with anger.

  27. Well, regarding this ‘bring back dictatorship’ issue, I agree that the only way to discipline fellow Filipinos is probably through this. Although I don’t really have first hand experience of the Martial Law nor did I exist during the Marcos regime, I still want a better, cleaner country with noticeable progress. Yes, we can bring back dictatorship, but at least not Martial Law? Hah~ come on, what would a 13-year old child even know?

  28. After all these years, if all the accusations of Marcos atrocities were all dismissed, then let it be it. Who are you to judge? The country had suffered so much from black propaganda by the Yellow Zombies and the communist that the Filipinos until now are still confused politically. Move on from the black propaganda of the past.

    1. We have a nice sleep during Martial Law no one lurks around our premises especially thieves. The one who suffer most are those who like to go against the law and also against curfew hours. Our money has a higher value. business small and big are doing good. Corrupt officials who steal millions are put behind bars. Today you steal billions and you are a member of a yellow submarine you won’t worry of a prosecution.

  29. kahit sino pa ang presidente ang umupo kung meron din naman siyang ibang galamay na corrupt hndi pa din makakatayo c juan dela cruz…dapat ibalik ang martial law.ang death penalty..pantay pantay..pulitikang magnanakaw ikulong ng habambubay..mga may rangkong nangrarape..ipabitay..mga drugpusher ibitay.kung ang kamay ang may kasalanan..putulin..ihambing ang batas ng u.a.e. sa pinas..tgnan lng natin kung may tatangkang gumawa ng krimen.

  30. Drugs such as Shabu is sold over the counter at a local sari-sari store… that is now.
    Then as in before, drug pushers are shoot in Luneta…!
    10 Billion of Napoles is just the tip of the ice berg… kay Marcos 900 Million daw…?
    Marcos na Senador… ilan ba?
    Si Bong-bong at si… Grace Poe!

  31. During martial law my Dad said whenever he’d be in a night shift, along the way going home from work they’d stop to a check point and the military would check their cedula and whoever doesn’t would be interrogated. But he is very much convinced that years in martial law compared now a days is a lot safer.

  32. I have 3 persons who I asked about the martial law years, my dad, my father in law, and my uncle. Lets start with my dad, he works on a night shift. I will confirm one of the comments here that there is a checkpoint during nights, and a cedula or special permits are needed if you are on a GY shift. This doesn’t bother my dad, he was a middle class earning enough money to buy the basic needs of his family. In short life was easy for him during that time.

    The second person, my father in law, is a truck driver delivering goods in the pier. he doesn’t have any college degree, but for him, the money he brings home during that time is enough to buy the basic needs of his family.

    Both person that I asked are on the same age group or range. One is a college graduate, the latter; uneducated. Both have the same opinion. Life is good during the martial law years.

    The last person is my uncle, who was a student back then. He doesn’t have a job. Nagaabang lang sya bigyan ng allowance. He had a different opinion about martial law. METROCOM nakakatakot daw. May curfew daw, etc. In short ayaw nya sa Martial law when he was still young, but now it changed also. He now believes the country benefited from it.

    I don’t know why it changed, perhaps he realized na wala lang syang pera during that time.

  33. Those who called Marcos Loyalist as “idiot”. I’m sorry to tell you, If you are a true filipino blood; s puso, s salita at sa gawa. Nkkahiya ka…sarili mong dugo sinisiraan mo. Mas mabuti png aso sau, kumikilala pa ng amo.

    As a President, hndi lng puro internal affairs ang dpat tingnan. As a head of state, commander in Chief, tingin mo kaibahan ng may alam s batas, national security. Binubully na tau ng ibang bansa.

    Kilangan ng disiplina ang bawat mmayan, pra s ikauunlad ng lipunan. Ano nga ngaun after EDSA nyo. Nkkatulong b? For the personal interest of those who joined the EDSA. Haha… tingnan po mabuti kung saan banda tau malaya…

    kung ttuusin, ndi problema ang curfew, o martial law. Ung mga ayaw nyan, ay malinaw na sila ung laki sa layaw. Ayaw ng disiplina, o kaya sila ung pinapasawan ng mga kumunista.

    Marcos in his time;
    1. He was able to established almost 40 State Colleges ang Universities.
    2. He was able to established almost 20 Industrial Factories / with investors. And many other infrastructures…
    3. He was able to resolve National Energy Crisis,
    Geothermal Power Plan in Ormoc “The Biggest in World-decade ago, which span an area of almost 107,000 hectares. Plus BNNP na ndi pinapaandar.
    4. He made the Philippines Military Power in the Upper Class.

    You need proof… hwag kau manood lng s T.V. Conduct investigation an actual site visit.

  34. The progress is slow because Filipinos are contented with democracy. Can we just think and reflect that we are already a nation of 100 million? Can we just think and reflect that in democracy a stupid vote cancels the vote of a smart one? And these self entitled leaders (also stupid ones) who are running for position in public offices are influencing these mediocre guys so that they can get their votes. It simply implies that we are over ruled by fucking stupid people and it’s because of democracy. We elect these leaders and we are also part of the creation of these horrible creatures who continuously served their private interests.

  35. ” History Repeats Itself ” I Believed in that indeed , Noy Noy Aquino and Bong Bong Marcos Are The Mirror of The Past ,litterally They Have the Names from their Fathers “FERDINAND ” and ” NINOY ” … And For My Opinion They are The New Models That Who Will Declare Who was the Real Hero , They are The living Evidence that will reflect the past ,Noynoy failed and We Dont Know About Bong Bong If He will Become a President , If Bong Bong Will have A Succeed Presidency ,so The People will judge that the Aquinos are the Real Bad Guys ,,
    (Sorry for my english i hope you get what i mean to . )

  36. After President Marcos.. . there was nothing. The people who rallied on EDSA are responsible for what is happening to our country now.The church and the Media..and the traitor. KAWAWANG BANSANG PILIPINAS.

  37. A Bongbong Marcos presidency will be an improved and perfected version of a Marcos rule and I believe that is what we need now!

  38. more than 25 years of coquanco, aquino and friends administrations. decline in education, infra, baon sa utang and more. you are still saying the coquancos are better? tjey suffered marcos era? do you know the coquanco and aquino family history? they basicaly stole money from government, has been the elites manipulating and claiming properties even way before marcos. marcos wabts to get things back to the filipinos like tue hacienda luisita! so ehat did they do, they eliminate marcos to cancel the deal anf execute the farmers who know and willing to fight for their claim. hence the hacienda luisita masacre. sad how the victors changed history. let us stupigy the masses. filipinos dont deserve a future anyway and only marcos is stupid enough to waste time on this shithole. creating projects that is tagged with the philippine brand like manila international airport, lrt, picc, ccp etc. unlike the victors who put their family brand so these moron of a race will forever remember that their lord and savior Ninoy died for them in the international Airport hence changing it to NAIA.

  39. “Marcos children – two of them elected officials and wife Imelda, also an elected official, all continue to deny the reality of the Marcos’ crimes against the Filipino people. In fact they have dedicated themselves to erasing his misdeeds from collective memory. What does that make of them?”. raissa robles

    Please read the article:
    Just before dying, Vicente Paterno called dictator Ferdinand Marcos a thief.

    Ang next nilang gigibain si BBM.. the history of his Father and his Oxford Diploma…

    It’s all politics!!!

  40. Without Marcos and even perhaps GMA, the Aquinos and the yellowtards will realize they are in trouble because they need them as an excuse for their existence. Lagot sila sa taong bayan kasi mga incompetent yan silang mga dilaw. Mga linta.

    1. It is a part of the “blame game” characteristic of the Failipino people to look at their history’s “bad” guy a second look; not only due to the country’s lack of progress, but also due to their inability to accept the fact that they all came from the same corrupt lot (society) that these “bad guys” came from. Thus, had all Failipinos been given the chance to be ‘bad,’ they probably would. Remember: “the fruit does not fall too far from the tree in which it came from.”

    2. It is a part of the “blame game” characteristic of the Failipino people to look at their history’s “bad” guy a second look; not only due to the country’s lack of progress, but also due to their inability to accept the fact that they all came from the same corrupt lot (society) that these “bad” guys came from. Thus, had all Failipinos been given the chance to be “bad,” they probably would. Remember: “the fruit does not fall too far from the tree in which it came from.”

  41. lots of news were published about Marcos ill gotten wealth and here are some:

    World Bank and United Nations Report :

    The time of Marcos started money laundering – placing unexplained outside the country, if he was sincere he should have introduced this – but he did not!!! Behest loan was rampant, his cronies, assemblymen and appointed officials loaned millions of pesos to different Government Banks and their collateral were their names and positions – under corporate names and businesses that declared bankruptcy afterwards – which banks cannot recover these losses.

    If you noticed, the offsprings of the marcos cronies, officials and henchmen are not in the helm of power – so what do you expect – fed with looted money – they will steal some more money from taxpayers.

    Ranatics are fanatics – they just want to see want they want to see!!!

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