Robin Padilla sickened by the Philippines, may leave for good!

A-List Filipino actor Robin Padilla has reportedly expressed a desire to leave the Philippines for good.

“Ayoko na sa Pilipinas, tol! Ayoko na dito. Sawang-sawa na ako sa Pilipinas. Saksakan na ng maraming sinungaling dito sa Pilipinas,” (“I’ve given up on the Philippines! I’m sick and tired of it. The country is crawling with liars”) Padilla says.

Sick and tired of the Philippines: Actor Robin Padilla

Sick and tired of the Philippines: Actor Robin Padilla

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Robin Padilla is no ordinary celebrity. He is also a Filipino film director, screenwriter, producer, and martial artist. Padilla is both a matinee idol and cultural icon; he is sometimes referred to as “James Dean” and dubbed as the “Bad Boy” of Philippine Cinema; as he portrayed ‘protagonist gangster roles’ in his films Anak ni Baby Ama, Grease Gun Gang, Bad Boy 1 and Bad Boy 2. Padilla is active in television series programs. He has played important roles in Asian Treasures, Joaquin Bordado, Totoy Bato, Guns and Roses, and Toda Max.

Padilla is also involved in charity work and other advocacies. He has been an anti-malaria advocate since 2004; he appealed for media support for his cause against the disease in the press briefing of Department of Health’s ‘Movement Against Malaria.’ As a MAM spokesperson, he engaged television networks in the campaign for the use of mosquito nets.

He also actively supports the development of the martial arts in the Philippines. On September 15, 2007 he donated 2.5 million Philippine pesos to the Muay Association of the Philippines and currently serves as its chairman.

Thus, Padilla’s recent statements punctuate just how much Philippine society frustrates and exasperates its most productive citizens. Small wonder that the Philippines continues to haemorrhage top talent many of whom find their skills better appreciated in other countries. This is a country that had been described as baldly anti-intellectual, a society where the “national debate” is “droll and unintelligent, focused on the trivial or the irrelevant,” where, in the popular discourse, “logic and common sense take the backseat to political arguments and the views of the poorly-educated.”

Recent events seem to re-enforce observations that Philippine society tends to downplay the smart and, instead, celebrates mediocrity. A Get Real Post writer tweeted “Being smart is considered a DISEASE here in da Pinas”. Another political commentator recently summed up the country’s hopeless plight in a single tweet; “Worst airport. Port congestion. MRT torture challenge. That’s just 3. You call for positivity. I call it denial.” One commenter in the GRP Facebook page lamented, “I want to vote the right man but I’m surrounded by stupid voters,” referring to the dearth of good candidates being fielded for the coming 2016 presidential elections.

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25 Replies to “Robin Padilla sickened by the Philippines, may leave for good!”

    1. You are right.

      Actor? What actor? What is considered an actor here can maybe get a job as an extra abroad.

      Go abroad and say, “I want to be an actor”. Then take the first step and apply as a waiter.

      Here they give acting awards for hysterical screaming and slapping people. You ask them about Shakespeare, they will tell you that they only know San Miguel Beer.

      1. Sound effects kill me. The movie tough guy hits some other guy in the soft stomach (which on humans causes an exhale of air & a grunt), but the sound effect here is made by hitting a piece of plywood with a bamboo stick.

    2. I think your comment is unrelated to the real issue. Although, I won’t disagree that Philippines actors are mostly not good. Lea Salonga is the only real actress I know.

      But to relate to the issue, I think Robin is speaking the truth. He can influence the people and help them wake up from reality. But not if he would leave the country.

      1. I suppose Vic Silayan, Jay Ilagan, Ruben Rustia, Eddie Garcia, Dolphy, Pen Medina and a bunch of others weren’t/aren’t real actors, huh?

        We have a lot of great actors, it’s just that mainstream cinema doesn’t encourage subtlety.

  1. Robin Padilla, as one of the Philippines most influential personality, should help save the Philippines instead of running away from the problem and leaving the very young and innocent children to suffer the result of corruption created by greedy politicians. Why not join the fight to save the country??? Where are the selfless Filipino people??? Robin, why leave your country at the time it needs you most???

    1. He probably made good of the threat of some pinoys whenever they hear someone complain of the state of our country: “Puro ka reklamo. Kung ayaw mo dito, ba’t di ka nalang umalis ng bansa!” Hehe

  2. E kagagawan naman ng mga kapwa nya artistang naging pulitiko ang lahat ng kabulukan dito sa Pinas ah? Mga mandarambong at immoral na artistang gaya ni Erap, Junggoy, Bong Revilla, Tito Sotto, etc. na binoboto ng mga tao dahil sikat sila tapos puro kalokohan lang ang gagawin. Sisihin nya ang mga kabaro nya.

  3. Most Filipinos go abroad to work and others because the whole family migrated already.

    But, in Robin Padilla‘s case, signifies a deeper issue. He is tired of being with Filipinos. Perhaps, he is just lamenting his frustration about the negative traits of the Filipinos. He cannot stand to stay here a bit longer.

    Will Padilla‘s statement awaken the people? I doubt it. Filipinos are too lazy to process Robin‘s sentiments. Goodbye, Bad Bod of RP Movies.

  4. para sa mga impokriting santo diyan ang kapal naman ng mukha natin na kamuhian ang Pilipinas e nakikitira lang tayo dito. tao ang kamuhian, tao ang laitin hindi yung bayan na kinatatayuan natin. kung ano man ang nangyayari ngayon sa ating bansa eh kagagawan natin ang dahilan.

  5. R. Padilla is one of the very few pinoys that has patriotism in his blood. Even the most active, optimistic and intelligent citizen will opt for better places. Problem with Pinas, it condones, tolerate and duplicate those that makes society intolerable ( bribes, plunder, theft, blackmail, GGG and chismis to name a few ) !We have characteristics that are capable of making our country strong and resilient. If we can only get rid of that “Crab Mentality” and “24/7 Survival Mode”, we all will be able to see and anticipate future problems and act accordingly, or better yet, act correctly and consciencously ! Easier said than done YES, but, IT CAN BE DONE !!!!!

  6. Puro kayo reklamo, kung ayaw nyo dito ba’t di nyo nalang gayahin si Robin Padilla at umalis ng bansa!

    …sorry, i couldn’t resist

    1. di kasi kasi tulad mong masokista na tinatanggap na lang ang panggagago ng kapwa kaya kami nagrereklamo.=)

      sorry couldn’t resist din, dre

    2. And you’re one of those anti-progress bastards who deserve to be wiped out from the face of this country.

      And yeah I can’t resist it because I’m sick and tired of goddamn bastards like you who are smothering this country! You don’t deserve to be free!

    1. Sige na REAL LIFE FRAUD, kaya siya lalayas dahil sa mga taong tulad mo na pasaway sa lipunan, mga taong hangad ay SHOWBIZ GOVERNMENT. 😛

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