Why a Bongbong Marcos presidency in 2016 is unlikely

Many Filipinos will not vote for Bongbong Marcos for the same reason they voted for President BS Aquino back in 2010 — because of who their parents are. Whatever people of any camp say, that sort of thinking pretty much makes most Filipinos of the same ilk as far as thinking faculties go. That pretty much summarises Philippine politics. It is a difficult tribal mindset to purge from the Filipino mind — divorcing the identity of one from one’s parents. From infancy through to adulthood we are sons or daughters of whoever, not we in or of ourselves. It’s in our cultural DNA.

The President Filipinos are unlikely to get: Sen. Bongbong Marcos

The President Filipinos are unlikely to get: Sen. Bongbong Marcos

Step back, for the time being, from that specific example and regard the bigger contextual frame. We are a society imprisoned and impoverished by dynasty politics. A tiny handful of feudal clans and oligarchs own an astoundingly huge chunk of the Philippines’ capital base and, as such, rake in a scandalous pile of the national product. So it is not surprising that one of the most obvious “solutions” to reducing the crushing poverty that Filipinos suffer is to build a more egalitarian society — one where wealth is more equally-distributed and where the “playing field” for business is more level; i.e., open to competition from both foreign enterprise and small domestic players. One of the biggest roadblocks to seeing that vision through is the country’s entrenched business oligarchy.

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Unfortunately for Filipinos, the very oligarchs that block any effort to create that aspired-for egalitarianism also monopolise another key aspect of Philippine society — its politics. Look no further than the names now being thrown around in the lead-up to the 2016 elections. It’s a who’s-who of familiar names: Aquino, Binay, Roxas, and Poe. Well, okay, let’s add Escudero. And Cayetano even. Who gives a flying frig. The Philippine public — including its most eminent “thought leaders” — is lapping it all up and, in the process, shrinking the political discourse to an idiotically small square. Think outside that proverbial square, and you will find yourself outside of the range of chatter most Filipino pundits have tuned in their pointed ears to.

On those six names, Filipinos (led by those ‘thought leaders’ they are beholden to) are playing a girl’s game: matching primary colours. My grasp of college math is a bit rusty, but six names, I believe, yields about 30 pairs of possible combinations — what presidentiable speculators call “tandems”. That is, there are 30 possible ways these six bozos can pair themselves with one another. Because President BS Aquino cannot run for president again (but can run for Vice President), we can remove five of those possible pairs — those with PNoy running as president. So we’re left with 25 possible pairs. So far the leaders of this infantile “debate”, have explored three out of those 25 so far: Poe-Escudero, Binay-Poe and, recently, Binay-Roxas. There’s two years to go so there is still time to explore the remaining 22.

In essence, Filipinos and their “thought” leaders are spending their time toying around with six names that, in an irony that flies over their pointed heads, collectively embody the very singular fundamental problem of Philippine society.

So much for all the talk about ending political dynasties. And to think most Filipinos see their politicians as the sole cause of their wretchedness. The above thought experiment alone demonstrates the core nature of the Philippines social cancer — the way even its most educated citizens think.

To be fair, a National “Debate” focused on pairing six dynasties into a lineup of “tandems” over the remaining two years of BS Aquino’s term is likely to take up 99 percent of Philippine society’s stunted cognitive faculties. No less than a neural boost like the one Lucy (played by Scarlett Johansson) experienced in the film Lucy can elevate the quality of this “debate” to anything above simian levels. So let’s not hold our breath hoping for a debate on the issues and platforms anytime soon, plez.

Back to Bongbong Marcos then. For now, he really seems to have no chance of being president in an environment where such is the “debate”. Because he is the son of reviled parents, he is severely handicapped even before he begins such a journey. And because he only has his ideas for the future to table if he decides to set forth on that journey, what he has on offer is unlikely to resonate with the Philippines’ famously vacuous electorate.

After all, the good senator did say, “[…] there’s no use being a president if you’re not going to be a good one…”

And that is why Filipinos need not be worried about a Bongbong Marcos presidency anytime soon. It is unlikely to happen in a country like the Philippines.

[Photo courtesy Sydney Morning Herald.]

76 Replies to “Why a Bongbong Marcos presidency in 2016 is unlikely”

  1. “[…] there’s no use being a president if you’re not going to be a good one…”

    There is no reason to expect that Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. would be a ‘good’ president. Like all of his contemporaries, he is the epitome of the traditional politician. Filipinos — especially northerners — point out that he has done much to improve their lives. That does not demonstrate principled leadership. It’s an example of the same old partisan politics — reallocating and redistributing as much of the country’s wealth that he will allow to his ‘kababayans.’ They overlook the fact that Marcos is NOT a representative of Ilocos; he is a SENATOR of the REPUBLIC. That is an office that serves the NATION; ALL Filipinos, NOT his local network of relatives, friends, cronies and hangers-on. His office represents ALL ethnic groups; it isn’t limited to people born in the Ilocos region. Understanding that the President of the Republic represents ALL Filipinos should come first.

    1. Well, for that matter, you can leave the names and places blank in the above comment and it will serve as a beautiful template for describing ALL of the current presidentiables. That was the point I was trying to make in this article.

      Once we recognise that and try to evaluate each of those individuals through lenses uncoloured by our cultural and historical baggage, THEN we can have a REAL discussion about the 2016 elections.

      1. That’s for damn sure.

        I wouldn’t say that we need to be ‘uncoloured’ by our ‘cultural and historical baggage.’ That would be like professing the need to be OBJECTIVE or UNBIASED when it comes to reportage, or commentary. It just isn’t possible.

        Varying political philosophies and ideologies (often at odds with one another) emerge precisely because of differences in social circumstances and are shaped by individual cultural backgrounds. The whole point of our democracy was to be able to have a forum to allow ALL these dissenting opinions to be aired. With the explicit understanding that no one point of view would be imposed over the rest but that a consensus could be achieved that best satisfies all those who wish to participate in this democracy.

        Open partisanship is probably the best use of our democracy and its accompanying freedoms (of expression). That way we’d at least know where everyone stands and what it is they stand FOR.

        Unfortunately, given the Filipino experience over the last thirty years, we’d be hard pressed to identify any political philosophy that can’t be reduced to the accumulation of a personal fortune in the shortest possible time and the transmission of that wealth to one’s heirs.

        1. but then you come out with this! I put you up there on a pedestal and you shoot yourself in the foot!

          God damm Sam. R U A JOURNALIST? A BLOGGER with an axe to grind? WHAT?

          “VARYING IDEOLOGIES…”? WTF who R U kidding with that shit? Sadly, it is a rhetorical question, Ur not kidding, and there-in lies the problem with the entire fuckin country.

        2. Full disclosure…I am a thief, a grifter and pirate.

          While Thom Hardy is a LIAR and a serial onanist who tries to pass off regurgitated conspiracy theories as original thought.



        4. @SAINT,

          Your just a Rbel with out a clue, a complete jackass who may be right about what happens in his own country,once in a while.

          I present facts JACKASS. No ‘Conspiracy theories’, and YOU choke on ’em A-D-D-BOY!

          U make me laugh!

        5. Mouth-breathing rants and misguided opinion. Nothing more. Contradictory to boot. Seldom facts. And certainly nothing new. Desperate to justify his cynicism and assuage a low self-worth.

    2. @ SAINT, this is what you are good at KID, local filippine politics. U know they suck, the officials are corrupt as the day is long….and at least you know it.

      Now if you could do something constructive about it, your country would stand a chance of progressing to where it should be already.

      (IDC if U think this is a peace offerring, it is not.Next time, like every other time, you incorrectly quote the USA constitution,see an international affair thru the eyes of an 6th chromosome etc… you will get schooled, as usual. BUT at lest your good at seeing the local scene correctly.)

      So, whatchew gonna do ’bout it?

      1. Thom Hardy the LIAR…still clueless.

        Desperately needs an Internet conspiracy theory to pass off as his opinion.

        1. Makes me giggle to see people accusing other people being a conspiracy “theorists” and forgetting that there are also “factual” conspiracies. Well, guess there are people who can’t think outside the box.

  2. Politics indeed has become a family business. Well, most Filipinos easily forget history or to put it bluntly, elections are taken here in this country like an occasion, a concert, a reunion and a picnic.

    Everything boils down to name recall and well-oiled political machinery.

    BB Marcos for president? Well, maybe, their camp is thinking, it is time to paint the town Red again. But, Senator Marcos knew that it close to impossible to gain popular support in order to win the presidency. He is most like to run for re-election as senator.

    Why can‘t these politicians just drink poison all together? I am just telling my frustration.

    1. drinking poison? why rob pinoys of fun? i say chain these pig shits politicians, have a national raffle of some sort, who’s name are pick will have the opportunity to whack these pieces of repugnant garbastic pig shits with a cricket bat or whatever bludgeon weapon they fancy! that’ll be fun. oh man! that’ll be really really fun – im gonna whack these fuckin guy drill-fuckin-on with crowbar and maybe taser his head!

  3. And politics is no longer a platform for those who are hungry for “money” instead of answering concerns what the Filipinos needed most. I know those squatters living in the slums need “basic items” (house, food, work, job, etc) but still, there are lots, lots, AND LOTS of problems that needs to be filled preferably long term goals for ordinary Filipinos like us.

    I know somebody here remembers the true horrors of Martial Law in 1972 but it’s long dead since then. Same with EDSA 1986 and Ferdinand Marcos’ death in 1987. EDSA 1986 is nearly 30 years but what improvements we’ve been experienced here? I don’t think so(maybe mixed reactions)…

    Sigh. I’m enough of this (excessively) silly things going on. Too much errs with improperly managed president of our own. For SBBM, I would respect your decision regarding on your position to run as a President or not. I’m already aware that most of our backward-thinking Filipinos are against your position: your parents, ill-gotten wealth, etc including the notorious Martial Law.

    Well indeed, I might say it will be the same old story again… year, after year, after year even after 2016.

  4. Any politician in this world of
    “popularity politics”, who employs only platform, vision and skill, etc. is more likely to lose, not mentioning the rotten system.

    But again, what we need is not
    “politician change”
    but cultural or system change.

    Until the constituents realizes this, then what we will have is the continued “recycle” of dynasties.

  5. “After all, the good senator did say, “[…] there’s no use being a president if you’re not going to be a good one…””

    It’s because its in your DNA that you can NOT be a good one.

        1. Oh boy, here we go again.
          Another lame attempt as usual to change the subject.

          You’re still not very smart are you?

    1. @ Hey Joe, D not be discouraged, any time someone disagree’s with one of Jonny “I am a JACKASS” Saint’s comments/buddies they willtry to dismiss you as “not smart’ ‘Conspiracy theorist’ and other ridiculous insults. Pay no attention to te ASSHAT named SAINT.

      He just a thinks he knows it all but is really a know nothing JACKASS!

  6. There is law that protects the life of an animal. Although, I do not hold high respect for most politicians, I still respect animal rights. So, there.

  7. Vote for the “Clean Slate Party.” No one may belong to the party who has been in politics before; is related to anyone in politics; is wealthy; is a media star, athlete, is in the armed forces or police force. Even the most inexperienced person who has to learn the job “as they go along” is going to be better public servant than an entrenched oligarch.

      1. They said the same thing about the Green Party in Germany and it is quite influential now. There are many community activists and academics who would make fine thoughtful leaders. There is a bewildering passivity in the Philippines. Instead of fixing a problem; people choose to learn to live with it, instead. A perfect example is the filipino gay community. They could not even garner enough votes for the Ang Lad Lad party list. Instead, most gays waste their time dressing up as women and trying to become “beauty queens.” By contrast, U.S. gays are fighting for marriage equality and an end to discrimination.

  8. I think you’re giving Filipinos too much credit, Erap nearly won the last one and I also see the rise of Bong bong fan clubs among the youth (thanks to GRP). Well, I was giving BB the benefit of the doubt(because he seems low profile)but the moment I saw his commercial in youtube this early. I just knew, he’s as traditional as a politician gets.

  9. Say, 2016 will mark the 30th year after the dictator’s exit and 35 years after Martial Law. According to COMELEC’s record (2013), we have 52 million registered voters, 12M of which are under 18-25 years old (accdg to Kabataan Partylist). Not experiencing Martial Law or even EDSA revolution, there’s a high probability that they would vote for Bongbong (Marcos Jr. made himself seemed credible except when his name is connected to his parents… to youngsters) if they are pissed off with all the political dramas already staged (with the usual casts) and thought they’ll be wise unless their oldies pass on them their voting principle vouching for someone like Binay, Roxas or Aquino (should we watch out for an Estrada?) then their vote is sold (a tragedy, I know). And how do you know the oldies haven’t infected their children/grandchildren’s minds (as some people simply want to pass on their belief)? And how do you know if after all the crime committed, people will learn not to vote for them? But then again, it’s not like this country is united in a common goal. And it’s not like you’ll have a hard time choosing who to vote because each candidate deserve the position they’re running for. And it’s not like there’s about 10M voters in our country who won’t (or aren’t able to) participate in the election. Yes, take in consideration also the number of voters who are within the poverty line and the unemployed (easy prey) and the business partners slash panderers who already hold millions of minds under hypnosis. By 2015, I bet studies about the voters’ profile is more of the politicians concern since uh-huh, it’s easy to outline an agenda, I mean, political platforms (lies).

    They say prevention is better than cure since the cure comes when the right specialist is in. But how does one prevent these same culprits for running? And even if there’s this one, this one guy who’s worth voting for, ha ha! Don’t you hate it when “people get their mirror image, este, what they deserve” rings true?

    “What this country needs is not just a change OF men, but a change IN men.” – Dick Gordon, Gordon-Bayani 2010 (how time flies)

  10. Bing-bong, Nig-noy,Cha-choo, WTF? is the aim of all these nicknames to somehow make the people think this guy is their friend?
    This guy is nothing but a scumbag, just like his Father was.
    The Apple did not fall far from the tree, a political opportunist.
    “OMG, its a political hot potato.”. Uh, NO!

    Someone should plant this guys tree next to a river so when the apple falls off the proverbial tree, it fuckin drowns!

  11. What is needed in the country is pretty obvious, even if no one here said one damm thing about it. Until national political agenda with solid infrastructure mandates is enforced by a strong central gov’t ,that is absent corrupt officials, is instituted you, the Filipinne people, are just going to be screwed.

    1. that can’t happen tom. the government the filipeni have was their choice remember? i mean the filipeni can’t have an “ideal” government because they don’t have the capacity to use their brains (if they have it) to pick a “better” politicians. man you have to digest this – they expect a different outcome by doing the same, they’re trying to disprove einstein man.

      1. @ Boybastos, WOW thats pretty harsh. The electorate may not be all too intelligent but the elections are also rigged by ‘SMART’ machines(that they are called is just a back-handed slap in the face to filipino’s and YES ITS A CONSPIRACY SAINT!), vote buying and all sorts of scumbaggery so it is not all the people’s fault.

        Sadly, its just impossible to assert that anything in the country is legitimately undertaken.

  12. Bongbong Marcos is from the Marcos political dynasty. One of the dynaties, ruling the Philippines. I have distrust on people from family political dynasties. We have to produce new leaders; new faces, with new visions and ideas for the country. A political name (good or bad) will never help in solving the country’s problems. Nor, does it assure that the bearer of that famous name will do good in his/her term. Look at the Aquinos, they are useless leaders with famous names…

    1. @HT you are correct again. BUT FIRST How to get rid of the current band of thieves, yes? Elections just will not get it done. I say, let the Virtual Vigilante handle all thinsg political. A guaranteed fair shake will be had for all.It might be messy at first, but hey, they had their chance to stop fuckin up but they blew it, u kno?

  13. I find it hard to take a 56-year-old man seriously when he goes by the name ‘Bongbong,’ but apparently that isn’t an issue to most Filipinos. I guess it’s more fun in the infantile culture.

  14. Besides, there are good criticsm and bad ones. GRP offers good critique on what is wrong in our country… it helps those who really think to think even harder and come up with their own good contribution to society, big or small. Better than listening to people who love to pontificate every Sunday.

  15. The reason why I’m going to vote Bongbong Marcos for president on 2016 is because he has a name to clean. He will do all his effort to redeem his name of all these bad things around them and try to recover from it. And that means perseverance in hard work on leading our nation and through this we can achieve real challenge towards progress and our nation can be great again. Iyan ang hindi nakikita ng karamihan sa ating mga Pilipino. Ang gusto natin ay yung popular at malinis kuno pero pagka-upo sa Malakanyang ay palyado naman ang leadership. Kalimutan na muna natin ang pangalan at nakaraan ng tao, ang importante ay yung leader na may ipinapakitang talino at determinasiyon. At kung hindi talaga maburabura sa isipan niyo at hindi niyo mapatawad ang sinasabing mga kasalanan ni ex-president Marcos, tandaan niyo na lang na si San Pablo ay dating #1 enemy ng mga Kristiyano. Siya ang nag uutos sa mga Roman soldiers na patayin ang mga Kristiyano. Pero bakit siya ginawang disipulo ni Jesus na ngayon ay sinasamba ng mga Pilipino Catholics?

  16. Your comment on Bongbong is biased. The numbers will show his support regardless of your opinion that you are entitled to. And you think Aquino is not a crook, nor Binay? nor the congressmen who took the funds meant for the people? nor the author of the funds?

  17. We’ll see.The good Senator is not yet déclare his candidacy.Too early to predict he is not winnable.There are many people in the countryside who still believed to his father.The many projects undertaken during Marcos time was still alive in every provinces even in far away Mindanao.

  18. This man is lousy liar.. Ian,sure will be the president of,the phils. 2016. Filpino people were educated,enough to realize who is responsible person to serve our people and country. After more,than,20 years of EDSA 1 THE PEOPLE BECOME,POORER ANS THE RICHBEXOME RICHER..

  19. this article is completely bias, partial and one sided to the Yellow cults. The writer of this article is obviously paid by with groups that supports the LP to benefit their self interest. People from the Philippines re already aawaken by the lies, deception and manipulation of the media. The real truth has already come out and the Filipinos will not be a victim anymore with these corporate media who continually send lies and cover the real truth. What Marcos did to our country before were only the best interest for all the Filipino people. You can say and write as many article as you want but people are wiser now.

  20. Why dont we change this site. “Your dumbest post” or “get bias post”
    This aint for real. Research pa ng maigi at kelalanin mo muna kung sino talaga ang mga taong na mention mo. Hindi yung dahil yan ang nakikita mo sa mga propaganda!

  21. There is one simple reason why it will be difficult to Bongbong Marcos to WIN in the 2016 election…Philippines right now is controlled by Oligarchs…if BBM will win, BBM will correct the history that the Oligarchs have bestowed on his father legacy and to their name…if the truth will come out this will destroy all the hardship of the Oligarchs after they took over Marcos Sr during the EDSA people power 1….history will be corrected and the rightful owner for the Philippine leadership will be known and progress for the Philippines will come.

  22. I haven’t read completely with what you wrote about Bongbong. But I will assure you that my vote is 100% for Bongbong. Don’t talk crap. We’re done with those past bullshit concerning politics. No matter what people may say against Marcos, to me he is the hope of my country. Tama na yang mga pinagpipili nyo maawa ka naman sa sarili mo. Yumaman ka ba or corrupt ka na rin ba ngyn?

  23. This article’s conclusion does not have any sense at all. You cannot justify a person based on his surname. You have to base it on the facts of what he has done himself. Compare to our current president, marcos is way more qualified as a public servant aside from the fact that ABNOY is certified mentally retarded.

  24. This writer is a moron! BBM is the only person in your line up who is not possessed by power and the glory of having money.
    He is the only person worthy of bringing this country out of poverty.Period!
    If all Filipinos will think like this writer, then the Philippines will be erased from the world map!

      1. The lopsidedness of this blog only shows how inept the author is with his facts. I don’t what planet he came from, but he should refrain himself from writing these kind of blogs. BBM has all the qualities of becoming a great president, maybe even greater than his father. Maybe he is not a lawyer, but he sure knows what laws to abide and what not to break. His experience in both executive and law-making is currently unmatched by any of those who have declared their intentions of becoming the president following a horrible performance of BSA. Luckily for us, Filipinos, our country was kept afloat by the remittances of millions of our OFW’s, as well as the resilience of those who were left here to bear the brunt of corruption. BBM has experienced the before and after of the so-called “EDSA Revolution”, and was imbued with the legacy of service to the Filipinos by his father, Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr., the greatest President of the Philippines.

        1. Filipino are known to be the most stupid voters,Filipinos are lack of discipline. they don’t even know what discipline is. the make a jokes out of it.

    1. i wish you morons read the entire article. though if you did, you perhaps did not get it.
      long story short, benign0 is merely explaining why the voting majority is highly unlikely to elect bonget.

  25. He has a cult following amongst the young or newly registered voters. If these young ones would decide not base on the past but the future of the Philippines at bilib na bilib sila kay Marcos dahil sa progress na nakita nila sa Pinas no’ng panunungkulan nito (na sana hindi lang dahil sa buyo at testimonials ng kanilang mga magulang at lolo’t lola), kung ang basehan nila ng pagboto ay revival ng Pilipinas from third world to first, ilalaban nila si Bongbong.

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