Retired General Jovito Palparan is a Filipino soldier

The case of retired General Jovito Palparan who had recently been arrested on charges of grave human rights abuses against activists is an interesting one. On one hand, here is a highly-decorated officer admired by his comrades in the Philippine military for his consistent zeal in the battlefield and singular focus on crushing the enemy — the New People’s Army (NPA), the terrorist arm of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). On the other hand, he is regarded as the “Butcher” and the Berdugo (“executioner”) — a man who allegedly oversaw the torture and killing of activists as a means to the ends of his marching orders.

Left without US military assistance, the Philippines is a largely helpless and defenseless nation.

Left without US military assistance, the Philippines is a largely helpless and defenseless nation.

Even in the corporate world, ambitious employees aspire to be seen by their superiors as the guy who gets shit done. Corporate culture rewards executives who are able to inspire their staff with glibly militaristic directives like “go over there and kick ass” or, when referring to “issues”, to “make it go away”. Corporate executives, cubicle warriors are incessantly told, don’t want to hear excuses, only results.

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Interestingly, this sort of prevalent corporate culture models itself on the typical military organisation. Military command is arguably the most efficient results-oriented approach to organising people. When a military organisation fails, people die. Lots of people. Thus, military organisations have evolved over the centuries into what they are today — no-nonsense organisations whose mission is to kill and survive while doing that.

Similarly when corporations fail, people lose their jobs and economies take hits in their growth targets. More importantly, executives don’t get their bonuses and get chewed out by their wives for failing to bring home the diamonds. And that is why corporations, taking on board the wisdom of management consulting firms, have adopted the ethos of military organisations and sport teams — so they could tap the primal impulses of their young guns to deliver results. To the bottom line, in this case.

Most corporate types will attest to the effectiveness with which corporations are able to “motivate” them to nail the sale and kill the competition. So effective and systematically-applied is this “motivation” that generations of brilliantly-small-minded university-educated career folk have sacrificed health, family, friends, and spouses at the altar of corporate success.

What does this have to do with Jovito “the (alleged) Butcher” Palparan?

Well, everything. Many of us can never know what soldiers go through in the battlefield. The “enemy” to a typical soldier is a mere abstraction, more a target to kill than the human being it usually is. It is the same whatever end of a gun barrel one might happen to be situated. When you are behind it, finger twitching on the trigger, the other guy is a kill that must happen. When you are on the other end being shot at, the other guy is a bogey that you desperately also need to kill. If your man on the ground is in the habit of launching into existential debates in his head everytime he is faced with a kill-or-be-killed situation, well, you really wouldn’t want that sort of soldier in your team. And that is why that kind of mental habit is systematically beaten out of the average cadet in basic training.

In short, soldiers are trained to kill on orders.

Make no illiusions about what military training is all about. It is all geared towards training killers and getting them to work well amongst fellow trained killers to form a collective that works cohesively to crush the enemy. So there is really no mystery behind why Filipino soldiers continue to admire Palparan and why their gentrified “officers” are under pressure to order them to keep that sentiment to themselves — because civilians will never understand what soldiers go through.

People will balk at that simple but confronting truth. Soldiers, the average emo civilian will insist, are “defenders”. Of course they are. Japan’s Imperial Army is now known as its “Defense Force” precisely to pander to that sentiment. But that doesn’t change what its soldiers are. And by no means should that sort of peace time sentiment change the Filipino soldier either. Because to be able to defend a territory and keep its citizens happily tapping on their iPads while sipping their lattes at the local Starbucks, there are enemies to kill.

If you find yourself in a dark street corner with a shadowy figure coming at you with a knife, you’d ideally want a big black shiny attack dog on your side — not a yip-yip lap dog. You’d want that shadowy figure sprawled on the ground with that dog’s jaws clamped around his neck first before you come around to the task of figuring out who he was and what he planned to do to you.

Jovito Palparan was that attack dog. Did he take his mission to crush Filipino communists seriously? By all accounts he did. Did the means with which he sought to fulfill that mission justify that end? That is what is debatable today. What position you take in that debate will, of course, depend on what side of the kill equation you happen to be in.

[Photo courtesy UPI.]

89 Replies to “Retired General Jovito Palparan is a Filipino soldier”

  1. Gen Palparan is accused of a crime he did while on duty. Then the AFP should provide him with all the necessary defense as the supposed crime occured while he was on active duty, and therefore in accordance with his role in combat against the enemies of the state.
    All men in uniform should support his cause, as it is also theirs.

  2. excellent piece Sir Benign0! Gen. Palparan was so effective on his job that the left leaning Media always make it a point he allegedly ordered the death of UP “students” and consciously ignoring the part where the AFP knows theyre part of the NPA…

    coupled with the fact that the CHR chair is a known NPA supporter and seems to gleefuly condemn AFP members whenever human rights complaints surfaces but stays silent when her comrades blatantly violates it…

  3. The Philippines has been fighting a COMMUNIST insurgency for nearly fifty years. This is a movement whose stated goal is to destroy our democratic institutions and impose a Maoist-Communist social order along the lines of North Korea. And yet the national government imprisons General Palparan, a soldier who did exactly as he was ordered — to defend the country against an enemy threat.

    It is characteristic of the feeble-mindedness of the Aquino administration and their useful idiots in the media and the ‘human rights industry’ to be morally incapable of confronting evil. It is the same attitude they have adopted when dealing with the jihadists in Mindanao. Like the communists, they are sociopaths at heart — obsessed with their own tribal desires and utterly incapable of conferring justice or compassion on those outside their inner circle. If you were not one of them, you were a lesser being, and, in their mind, should be treated any way they saw fit.

    It is stupid and careless to place the ‘rights’ and interests of the enemy over the interests of the people you are sworn to serve and protect. It is immoral to elevate the interests of your enemy above your own rights and freedom.

    1. HA LOL,and what ‘Democratic institutions’ would you be reffering to? The syndicate masquerading as a ‘Senate’ ‘HOR’ house? the Philippines has as much ‘Democracy’ as your foot does.

      after trying the current system for as long as the Philippines has a MAN with a brain would consider that it just doesn’t work, and yet you stammer on and on as if the other systems you have probably never even lived near, nevermind under, are somehow beneath what you are living in now.

      Been a while since encountering one so clueless.

    2. What if a number of those people you brand “the enemy” weren’t really enemies of the state, but were caught in the crossfire, so to speak?

      That’s a salient question, isn’t it?

      1. Please go over what you said.

        You just stated they WERE NOT THE ENEMY. Your premise was that there are people caught in the crossfire. That is a tragic reality of war. Any real soldier in the field takes great pains to avoid it.

  4. Really Stupid and feeble our Gov to Protect the Troops while they’re encountered Problem Againts The Communist En”

  5. Filipinos require strict discipline to keep in line and achieve results. The only reason Davao’s streets are comparatively safe is down to the tyrannical mayor.

    I’ve tried to give Filipinos opportunities to work online from home and earn a fair income based on the work they do, but after their initial enthusiasm and success, their lazy and undisciplined nature has taken over and they’ve drifted back to comfortable unemployment or the manacles of a day job with appalling pay.

    1. You are exactly right and then they make excuses of their being poor and that’s why they want to be among those rebels/terrorist an easy way out to demand from government. As asking financial aid and free land. But if you give them land they just sell it or do nothing bcoz, they are lazy.

  6. it’s been often said that in order to understand the martial way life, one has to actually have lived it, though i’m not sure if you had any but you have indeed written a brilliant piece on the matter. lastly, i certainly agree that it all boils down on whose side of kill zone you’re in.

    1. Thanks! I’ve never been a soldier, but have cousins who, straight out of PMA in the 70s, fought both commies and Moros in Mindanao (and came back different men after the experience). Nonetheless, to write about something you’ve never experienced from the perspective of a person you’ve never been, I guess, takes just a dash of good old-fashioned empathy and lots of imagination. Both of those — empathy and imagination — are probably the two biggest things lacking in the Philippines’ political “debate” today.

      1. So as a Pinoy I lack the empathy or imagination to understand a trained killer — which may be true, but I don’t see why I have to condone his killing people who were guilty only of being on his crosshairs. Please, enlighten my mind on this, for I don’t quite get how killing college students (not combatants nor informants nor spies) can be lauded or whitewashed, because if anything, I see your work here as a carte blanche, an excuse to get medieval on anyone’s asses.

        1. As I explained in the article, the position one would take in this “debate” really depends on what side of the kill equation you happen to be.

        2. If you fallowed the case of Gen Palparan on the alleged kidnapping of two “UP students” without bias you would easily know that the were not anymore students of UP having been out of UP some 3 to 5 years when the incident of alleged kidnapping happened. UP has all the records to attest to that. If you talk to the parents and relatives of the two women as well as their friends in UP you would know the answer whether they were combatants, informants, spies or not.

      2. @Benigno, it is obvius youhave never been in the Army. the infantryman is the ‘grunt’ who needs to able to kill at a seconds notice.
        the vast majority of the rest of the Army is support staff that rarely see’s combat and doesn’t even need to know how to kill. while every soldier in the Army learns how to fire various weapons most are not trained killers whose sole purpose of killing others is their primary MOS. it just isn’t.

  7. The UP students did not engage the military in a shootout. If they were involved with the NPA, then they should have been jailed, not made to disappear.

    I think you compared the situation in Davao the wrong way. Davao achieved peace and order because of enforcement, the same way every developed society does it. The Dutertes make it a point to ensure that laws are being enforced. SBMA and Olongapo under Gordon was beautifully managed. So was Marikina/EDSA under BF. There wasn’t tyranny behind the successes there.

    Back to Palparan – ‘credit where it is due, but no to shortcuts to due process.

    1. R U from Davao? I am. You don’t know the Duterte as well as Gen. Palparan. You are just being brainwash of the Rebels/Terrorist propaganda. (Unless you are among them). Don’t be one sided if you want the truth.

    2. Did you just say no to shortcuts to due process? Isn’t that what Dong Dirty is doing in his home turf? Extra Judicial killing capital of the Philippines. You are such an ironic person.

      1. You R just a one sided person. Ba2-ba2 sa langit ang natatama-an wag magagalit. We know what side you’r
        IN. You don’t even know the real Gen. Palparan……

      2. LISTEN TO yrself…..YOU R D ONE who is IRONIC….& Pathetic….. DO NOT JUDGE AS YOU WILL BE JUDGE!!!!!God knows the kind of person you R.

  8. Why is the broadcast media and the broadsheets adopting trial by publicity? Is not General Palparan presumed innocent until proven guilty? He has been called butcher as the media continues to toe the communist line of black agitation propaganda. Jose Maria Sison is the real butcher. Remember that he purged by genocide his own communist cadre. Recall Oplan Zombie, Oplan Ajos, etc. Sison is still purging communist NPA who quit the movement. May I suggest you read the book “To Suffer thy Comrades.” This is available in National Bookstore. Sison is like Pol Pot! It was also Sison who planned the Plaza Miranda Bombing. His commanders warned Ninoy Aquino not to go to Plaza Miranda. Marcos was blamed for the bombing. I believe that General Palparan will not get justice as Leila De Lima is the relative of Juliet De Lima-Sison… the wife of Jose Maria Sison. If Sison planned the Plaza Miranda bombing he may have planned the destruction of General Palparan. Retired general Palparan is still a hero to many in Central Luzon.

    1. I recall posting a link of the jose Maria Sison website… Two reports of Lisandro Claudio in GMA news. Who had an informal alliance with Jose Maria Sison? Answer… Ninoy Aquino. Who served coffee to Joma Sison in Times Street? Answer… Cory Aquino. Who later released Joma to fight the government another day? Answer…Cory Aquino. Who released the Morong 43 despite strong evidence of the AFP? Answer…BS Aquino III.

      “The enemy is already within and past the gates.”

    2. That’s right and they don’t even know that Gen. Palparan has help so many Rebels, people in all walks of life and businesses wherever he was assigned either financially and spiritually.

    1. It is war against the insurgents; the insurgents kill also innocent people.

      The collaborator, Aquino has to appease his NPA comrades…this is the reason, he
      made an example of a good soldier like Gen. Palparan.

      The motives of YellowTard Aquino of releasing those NPA in Morong, Rizal is a glaring fact, that he is protecting the NPA insurgents…Whose side is Aquino in?

      NPA, Islamic Radicals of Mindanao -he had partitioned the Philippines, to give them sanctuary. Aquino should be tried for treason, and plunder; not Gen. Palparan…

      1. What the fuck is this?

        So insurgents killing innocents means the military can do what they do in the name of fucking security or some bullshit?

        What the fuck is this?

        And then when the military does what the insurgents do, we go and ask for the President’s head because conspiracy theory logic?

        What the fuck is this?

        1. That only shows you don’t know nothing but on the side of the insurgents. Do your homework, if you are not one of them. Will see what happen to you when Philippines becomes a communist Country, like China, Korea, Russia or the ISIS will control YOU.

  9. I think we need to distinguish between an advocate and a combatant. If you are not committing a violent act, conspiring to commit violent acts, engaging in hate speech that advocates violence; you should be free to espouse any political philosophy that you want. That right is protected by the constitution. the disappearance of, torture, and summary execution of students and protestors is NOT okay. Labeling them as communists or radicals does not erase their human rights.

    1. Pretty much.

      If benign0’s little essay extolling the ever-virtuous General Palparan (assuming as we all do his guilt) is not an apologia for his murderous ways, if this isn’t an attempt at whitewashing his crimes under some flimsy Nuremberg defense or another, I don’t know what it is. Some of you might fancy trusting guys who might yet slay you, all the while making excuses for them, but trust me, I’m not one of them.

      1. As I remembered, Nuremberg happens because Europe choose appeasement of a megalomaniac rather than confrontation, and Churchill was dubbed a “warmonger” then. Flips don’t learn history seriously..

    2. What about the human rights of those killed by the communist or radicals? What about the human rights of Gen. J. Palparan labeled as butcher? What good this communist/radicals did for the good of the people and the country? Pangilkil (stupid law or stupid govt.) REVOLUTIONARY TAX? for the poor). WHY? WHO gets it? Napa hiwi…

  10. Speaking of “Human Rights”; the peasant/tenants of Aquino in Hacienda Luisita, who were killed and massacred, by his order, have “Human Rights” too. The people who did not pay “revolutrionary taxes” , demanded by the NPA, and were killed by their “Sparrow Units”have “Human Rights”, too. The Journalists in Maguindanao who were killed by the Ampatuans, and who are now politically alligned to Aquino, have “Human Rights”, too.

    “Human Rights” can be used as a political tool to destroy your political enemies; and appease your political supporters. It can be used to fit your political agendas.

  11. Hyden Toro: The concept of “Human Rights” is more than a political, figure of speech. It is a universal principle that should guide human beings in their treatment of one another. See Wikipedia….

  12. Aquino, the YellowTards, the NPAs, etc…should practice what they preach. Universal concept?…my ass, did they follow it? Wikipepedia or no Wikipedia…it does not make sense in the Philippines…they use it as a convenient political tool, to prosecute their political enemies…

  13. why most people who read the article above think it condones what palparan did is beyond me. it simply stated how the way things are. don’t insert your own biases into it.

  14. No one thought the activists were getting murdered by NPA and factions within it, then the NPA stooges conveniently point to the military as the culprit?

  15. @Thomas Jefferson

    The JoMa Sison Website article is very enlightening, to what transpired in our country…a Feudalist being used by a Communist; and a “Communist” , having symbiotic relationship to a Feudalist Politician…only in the Philippines, Dudes. They are all Political Opportunists…

    1. Watch out, if that idiot YellowTard Aquino has already sold us to Al Queda or ISIS…collaboration is in Aquino’s DNA…

  16. Communist sympathizers always harp about human rights issues. It is a convenient weapon to weaken government counter-insurgency efforts. Their agitation black propaganda lies is intended to deceive the gullible and less knowledgeable. The intention is to destroy the image of the government. The lies of the communists speaks for itself.I challenge the sympathizers to show evidence of wrongdoing. There are intelligence reports showing that the so-called kidnap victims were spotted in NPA camps in Bicol and Mindanao. It is true. The NPA of Jose Maria Sison still purge comrades who quit the movement.

    1. So the families of the desaparecidos aren’t grieving but advancing the cause of a doctrine more or less politically discredited for more than two decades now.

      Tell me how that works.

      1. @Pallacertus

        The families of the tortured and disappeared during the purges of Jose Maria Sison caused a great division in the communist movement. The Sison faction lost out when the rejectionist NPA separated from the mainstream. There is still grieving and hatred from the rejectionist side. They still remember the nightmare of those purges against the communist cadre. I repeat… It is Jose Maria Sison who is the butcher.

        1. Remember Pol Pot of Cambodia…the Khamer Rogue communist massacred millions of Cambodians; when they got into power. This will happen in our country; when these NPAs will gain power. Murder, Gulags, Concentration Camps, Labor Camps,Forced Labors, Slavery by the State, etc…we don’t want another Pol Pot…

        2. What does any of this have to do with Palparan’s alleged crimes? It’s Palparan who’s the subject here, not Joma Sison.

  17. Use Democracy to destroy Democracy itself. Use Human rights to destroy human rights itself. This is what these insurgents do.

      1. The Russian Communists, headed by Lenin ; hijacked the Parliamentary government of Russian PM Kerensky…the Communists were a minority.

        1. @ HT….Uh,NO..not really. The ‘White’ or ‘February’ Revolution never held Moscow, the capital, and was centered in St.Petersburg. After some minor squabbling and the Tsar’s abdication,in Moscow, the ‘RED’ faction (the latter day Red Army)took uncontested power.All this as the Tsar and the rest of the Romanov family was marched to the ‘House of Special Purpose’ and their final destiny.
          1922 was really when the dust finally cleared.

  18. Another theory: what if other generals or officers are the ones guilty of killing the activists, then Palparan was made a scapegoat? Or, even if Palparan is involved, why is he singled out? So many things are fishy here.

    1. It doesn’t have to be complicated. General Palparan hqppened to become the subject of scrutiny by the public and singled out by the media as the epitome of government abuse. Typically, instead of determining the facts of the situation, the Aquino administration chose to distance itself from him and play into the fears of an already distrustful populace that persons in authority intend to abuse their power. It fits the narrative Penoy Aquino has been selling since the beginning of his term — that the police, the military and public officials in general are inherently corrupt and that he will heroically swoop in, turn it all around, bring in a new era of prosperity. General Palparan has to be prosecuted and convicted to preserve the image of ‘Daang Matuwid.’ There was no way he was going to get a fair hearing.

      1. Yeah, that’s what the current admin had been doing. Setting up some “sacrificial lambs” to make it look like they’re doing something, and some distractions as well.

      2. @ SAINT, It was you that stated that the Juduiciary is the only thing keeping the current administration in check? Now you state a Man cant get a fair trial? because of Aquino’s daang muttawino?
        That is classic double-talk, and its obvious you are talking out of both sides of your mouth, a double-talking bullshit artist that thinks she can predict the future!
        You are so full of shit SAINT I can smell it over here!!!
        SCHOOLED AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! LEARN YOUR LESSON SON, and go back to school and LEARN how to do something besides being a bull-shit artist.

        1. Typical. Thom Hardy the LIAR cannot even keep his lies straight. The point made in the previous article was that among the three branches of government, the Judiciary is the least tainted with regards to the PDAF/DAP debacle for the simple reason that the Supreme Court rejected (reallocated) money being offered to it by Secretary Abad. There was never statement to the effect that the Judiciary is the only thing keeping Penoy and company in check.

          As to the other lies being propagated by Thom Hardy regarding General Palparan. The exact statement was ‘There was no way he was going to get a fair hearing.’ Which is exactly what happened. He had previously been cleared of any allegations of human rights abuses and even ran for Congress. In 2011, amidst Penoy Aquino’s ‘Daang Matuwid’ campaign, the state again resurrected a case against him for kidnapping and human rights violations. He judged correctly that the intention was to have him charged and convicted primarily because of his reputation, the left-leaning sympathies of the Aquino administration and Penoy’s need for a ‘big fish’ to go after. Not surprisingly, Palparan went on the run and kicked of a three year manhunt.

  19. those branding him as berdugo are berdugo themselves… npa decimate population of sitios they perceived as not with them… they were just given a dose of their own medicine… efffectively and efficiently by gen palparan… now these reds have such influence in malakanyang… sori for palparan

    1. In war thrs no crime. bobobobo!!!!! either you will be killed or you kill. Try to examine yourself if you are not killer? R U in favor of abortion and corruption? What did you do to help your country, to help the poor and the needy? Do not judge as you will be judge BCOZ you don’t know the real Gen. Palparan but just hearing the false accusation of the real butcher except if you one of them (REBELS/TERORIST). What will you do with the Rebels/Terrorist in Philippines? And with the corrupt officials?

      1. I agree with you. I see how Jovito palparan lives. He hardly eat even when he was an active general. He is a goodguy who really hates bad guys. He will always have my families’ respect whatever happen.

  20. and what about the war crimes on the other side of the kill equation? hmm sipping latte in the Netherlands.. courtesy of the mother of the straightjacket asshole in malakanyang who happened to call my General a berdugo.. well, the communists started from the fields of Tarlac

  21. He wasn’t called a butcher for being a warrior…he was a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATOR, TORTURER…A PIECE OF SHIT calling himself a soldier, he’s no soldier, much less an officer and a gentleman. HE’S JUST A MANIAC IN A SOLDIER’S UNIFORM…A DISGRACE…

    1. You R d disgrace. Who R U by d way? You are not a soldier!!!!What service did you do for the good of your Country. How many women/girls u violated and torture b4 u got married ( if U R ) R U married? If so did u take good care of them and provide well 4 ur family. Do you have a good job? Did you help ur gov. or run after the corrupt officials? They are the butcher, the torturer, making d Country poor and starve the people. You, the rebels, d terrorist are d butcher as taking advantage of the poor. Did U favor abortion? Hope not. You don’t know Gen Palparan. You are not in his foot. Don’t judge as you will be judge. And I bit you are a piece of nothing and no dignity but just a mouth and a hypocite. You are the butcher who don’t share your wealth. SAWAY WIWI OTRONG HIWI.

      1. The human right organization is the organization for the terrorist. Have you listen to the speech of NATINYAHU? Hope you did and you will know what is meant by HUMAN RIGHT ORGANIZATION…..YOU ARE JUST ANOTHER COWARD!!!!!! Can you defend your country??? If you are not one of those rebels, what would you do about them? Can you tell me of what they are fighting for? What do they want?

    2. You R D one A DISGRACE!!!!Ungrateful…..Your D one a Pc of Sssssssh!!!!You R D one who S a MANIAC!!!! Person like U? we can tell ryt away by D tone of ur writing na ang kasabwat… mo ay C h – trd & D D—- nyo. Y R nothing compare ky Gen. Palparan. Kau ang tunay na violators nang Human Rights, mamatay nang Demokrasia sa Pilipinas. Baka ikaw pa nga cguro ang ng butcher nong mga ina accuse nyo ky Gen. Palparan. WHO KNOWS? Ngpa kita ka kunyari nang galit just 2 insinuate hatred 2 gain sympathy 2 cover U up all ur wrong doings. Wht kind of help ur organization or u personally did for the good of your Country? Selfishness——puro salita, walng kayong kabutihan at kaunlaran na naitulong sa Pilipinas. User of D poor, taking advantage of thr. innocence. Ur eating w/d hard work of the poor. Enjoying good life nang mga kinikilkil nyo sa kanila. IF YOU ARE ALL ACCUSING GEN. PALPARAN of things HE didn’t do or name him names, What do U think Gen. Palparan will get out of it as you said killings? and besides, of sacrificing HIS OWN LIFE, HIS FAMILY and HIS OWN HAPINESS. Ng pataba ba sya nang bulsa? like you or like all politicians in the position? San ang Mansion nya (like any other generals or officers). Pwera na lang sa mga true to thr duty. San proof nyo? How much money you have in D bank? compare to Gen Palparan….YOU HYPOCRITE!!!!!

      1. If you didn’t do anything for the good of the country…….YOU might as will be QUITE and BE FAIR. AND IF YOU REALLY wanna know the truth!!! why don’t you try to investigate it yourself. Know the REBELS/TERRORIST/RADICALS, thr. reasons, purpose and goals. And so with the LIFE of Gen. J. Palparan, who HE really is? What his been through since the time HE entered in the military. What kind of life he has? AND be prepared to be ashamed of yourself by judging HIM…I challenge you to do that….OR do it for your own satisfaction instead of continuing your bias accusation.

  22. I’m thankful thrs a Gen. Palparan, who work hard for the good of the Country and not let this Country fall in the hand of the Communist with the twisted ideology, principle and GOD less life kind of people.

      1. Your D one on drugs!!! Philippines, is a wonderful nice country to B in but the people like U is the one destroying it. Lots of foreigners want to move and retire thr. but we’re informed by the Embassy & told not to and F we come 4 vacation were told to avoid places to go or will B kidnap for ransome by the NPA/Muslim terrorist.. What can you do about this? Can You help for the safety of Foreigners? How many foreigners already were killed and were kidnaped?
        Supposedly, the Only Catholic Country in ASIA…

  23. Let the courts of justice decide.
    Mga edukadong tao tayo lahat dito.
    On the other hand, patayin ang dapat patayin at buhayin ang dapat buhayin

  24. Gen. Palparan just did his job..and he complied it with all his heart..that’s how he loved his fellow Filipino, that’s how he loved our Country..ayaw nyang mpasa kamay tau ng mga komunista, n wlang ibang inisip kundi pansariling kapakanan lamang..mga komunistang ayaw umunlad ang bayan..Saludo ako sau Sir/Gen Jovito Palparan!!!Sana’y marami pang sumunod s yapak m..Mabuhay k!

  25. Lt. Gen. Nathan Jessep a.k.a. General Jovito Palparan – “You cant handle the truth! Son we live in a world that has walls, and those have to be guarded by men with guns. Whose gonna do it you, you lieutenant Weinberg? I have a greater responsibility than you can possibly fathom. You weep for Santiago, and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury, you have the luxury of not knowing what I know, that Santiago’s death while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence while grotesque and incomprehensible, to you, saves lives. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you talk about parties; you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall! We use words like honor, code, loyalty, We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something, you use them as a punch line. I have neither the time,or the inclination, to explain myself to a man, who rises and sleep under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner, in which I provide it. I’d rather you just say ‘thank you’ and go on your way. Otherwise I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn, what you think you are entitled to!”

  26. eh TARANTADO ka pala na Jack Maila ka eh! Isa kang gunggong na walang alam kun di magbuka ng bunganga! Alam mo ba na sa Nueva Ecija, talamak ang mga sindikato! Alam mo ba na si Gen. Palparan lang ang nagpanginig sa mga halimaw na yon!na nag aastang mga dios! na kung hindi sya ipinadala doon walang mga dimonyong nagtatakbuhang parang mga daga sa takot kung hindi dahil sa kanya?! Sa husay nya!sa katapangan nya,sa talino at lakas nya! Eh ikaw na animal ka! ano kaya mo gawin? Manood ng tv ,kumain dumada at magmagaling!! Nakakahayblad yang mga words mo,kailangan ipakain uli sayo! Mga teroristang mamatay tao ang pagsalitaan mo ng ganyan o kaya si mangudadato !yan ang mga berdugo!salot ng lipunan!kung kaharap lang kita ngayon talagang sasabunutan kita!kahayblad!! bwiset.!!

    1. Para sa akin si gen. Palparan AY isang sundalong lumalaban sa mga taong gustong mag aklas at manggulo Dito sa bansa natin at agawin ang gobyerno para sila ANG mamuno,kayo ba ay papayag Na magpasakop sa kanila?ako hindi…pasalamat nga tayo at May Matulad ni gen.palparan na lumalaban at nagtatanggol sa atin,MGA taong mamamatay at terorista pati na ang mga taong masasama na gen. Palparan ay sumumpa sa kanyang tungkulin na pangalagaan ang ating bansa…

  27. makahanap ng cartoons, oggy and the cockroaches, pantanggal bwiset!! Kuhh!! Bwisit na mga malabnaw utak! makasalita lang ng kayabangan! Letse sarap ibala sa kanyon!!

  28. Pres. Duterte must pardon , Gen. Palparan . He is a good Filipino soldier, who protected our country, from the communist insurgents.

    Those communists insurgents and their collaborators, use “human rights”, to punish soldiers, who defeat them.

    Never in human history, have we seen communists, who were in power follow “human rights”. Pol Pot had his Khmer Rouges massacre millions of Cambodians in his “killing fields”. Joseph Stalin of the former Soviet Union, had his “gulags”, that killed more than 30 million Soviets. Mao Tse Tung had his labor camps, that murdered millions of Chinese.

    Communists use “human rights”, as shield to get into power.

    Reverse the verdict of Gen. Palparan. He is a true Filipino hero !

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