DAP is the result of Noynoy Aquino’s lack of planning, lack of foresight and lack of vision

Nobody knew about the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) outside of Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino’s inner circle. Not even the members of Congress and the Senate knew the program existed until the President was forced to defend giving additional P50 million each to the Senators who convicted former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona in 2012. So, the question remains: what the heck did the President and his men mean when they said disbursing “savings” through DAP “was done in good faith”?

What happened since? DAP happened!

What happened since? DAP happened!

DAP is more of the result of the President’s reactive style of management as opposed to the more efficient style of being more pro-active. In his recent speech defending the DAP, he claimed to have been “taken aback by certain information given” to him hours before he was scheduled to deliver his 2011 SONA — like the one about DepEd, “only managing to complete 18 out of the 8,000 school buildings that they had targeted to build.”

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First of all, isn’t it strange that the President’s staff would only brief him about the country’s state of affairs hours before he delivered the state of the nation address? Second, why didn’t his staff know about the problems his department would face like “problems with land, assessment issues, as well as the complex processes in our bureaucracy in building the schools” beforehand? He should have been aware of it while he was drawing up the blueprints for his projects.

Could the rumor be true that BS Aquino hardly has cabinet meetings at all? If true, that could explain why he doesn’t get briefed in a timely manner about what is going on in his area of responsibility. The contents of his speech seem to indicate so. He admits to being “surprised” and being clueless about the issues his cabinet members have to face.

In his speech explaining the use of DAP, BS Aquino confirmed that he was aware that they were dipping into funds that were not allowed by the law:

The Cabinet agreed, regarding their respective funds: Use it or lose it. If you cannot use the funds allotted for this year, clearly, those are savings. We are given the chance to extend, at the soonest possible time, those benefits that have immediate impact on our Bosses. In this way, benefits that may have been delayed are replaced by other benefits. Let us also remember that the government is at a deficit: We have to borrow funds for our projects. If we allow funds to go unused, then we would be paying interest for nothing.

Clearly, the Chief Executive’s problem is not the Judiciary’s ruling against his use of “savings” or DAP. His problem is his lack of planning and foresight. Had he not cancelled the projects initiated by the previous administration, like the Php 1.9 billion in flood control projects, not only would the Filipinos — his “bosses” — have benefited from it by now, he would have been enjoying taking the credit for it as he always does. As someone wisely mentioned, “BS Aquino lacks vision. Had he not abrogated former President Gloria Arroyo’s projects in 2010, either they fail or succeed; he can blame GMA or credit-grab!”

Indeed, lack of planning, lack of foresight and lack of vision defines BS Aquino’s administration. This is the only reason why they had to use so-called “savings” and transfer it from one department to another. In other words, they were overcompensating for under-spending at the beginning of his term. They also tried to right a wrong with another wrong.

After his speech, some of BS Aquino’s most rabid supporters who do not even understand the law are now openly expressing their anger towards the members of the Supreme Court. This is a result of BS Aquino’s seeming threat to ask Congress to intervene in the escalating conflict between the Executive’s interpretation of the law and the Judiciary’s. In fact, some members of Congress have already mobilized initiatives to undermine the independence of the Supreme Court:

Iloilo Representative Niel Tupas Jr., a member of the administration Liberal Party, filed House Bill 4738 seeking to repeal Presidential Decree No. 1949, which created the JDF, which Malacanang’s allies have derided as the “judicial pork barrel.”

Last week, Ilocos Norte Representative Rodolfo Farinas also filed House Bill 4690, seeking accountability in the use of the JDF.

PNoy House lackeys Rep. Rudy Farinas and Rep. Niel Tupas Jr spring to action!

PNoy House lackeys Rep. Rudy Farinas and Rep. Niel Tupas Jr spring to action!

Again, lack of foresight seems to be motivating these lawmakers. They don’t realize that if they cripple the Judiciary, it can affect the Filipino people. Justice delayed is justice denied. There’s already a backlog of cases waiting to be heard by the Supreme Court. The last thing the Justices need is to be distracted by petty politics. Besides, removing the Supreme Court’s pork will not affect the Supreme Court Justices as much as removing the elected officials’ pork. The Justices do not need to buy votes or spend on campaigns to retain their positions so the impact shouldn’t be as shattering.

BS Aquino and his supporters now use Book VI, Chapter 5, Section 39 of the 1987 Administrative Code of the Philippines in defending DAP. They insist it allows the President to use savings to cover deficit in any other item of the regular appropriations. But unfortunately for them, the Administrative Code was issued while former President and Presidential mother, the late Cory Aquino “still had legislative power before Congress became operative. It antedates the 1987 Constitution” as per Constitutional expert, Joaquin Bernas. Meaning, the Constitution overrules the Admin Code.

The excuse that the Executive had no choice but to use DAP for “urgent” projects doesn’t really make sense because according to some senators, the Office of the President asked them to name their pet projects for the extra 50 million pesos that will be given to them as “incentive” for convicting Corona. Since the project was yet to be named at the time, then it surely wasn’t classified as “urgent”. To use BS Aquino’s analogy, there was no use parking at the no-parking area when the reason is not considered an “emergency”.

It is becoming clear to a lot of people that BS Aquino did not really have a sustainable economic policy prior to and after winning the Presidency. He and his men just needed to boost the economic growth rate as an attempt to define his legacy during his term. Sadly, boosting the economy through government spending is not a very sound policy. It does not create industries that will result in jobs for the unemployed. It does not even promote innovation that can attract foreign investors who can then provide additional jobs.

I’m glad it’s not my job to defend DAP. It would be hard to prove government spending benefited the people when people want to see tangible proof that it was spent wisely. The economic growth rate wasn’t even inclusive and the credit rating upgrade doesn’t mean anything to the average Filipino. It would be hard to explain giving a big chunk of it to Senators who they knew were giving funds to bogus NGOs.

8 Replies to “DAP is the result of Noynoy Aquino’s lack of planning, lack of foresight and lack of vision”

  1. So Noynoy’s so-called “honesty” is just a myth. The guy’s just corrupt as the rest of ’em. What happened to the BS his minions have been telling everyone, especially during his campaign—that he wouldn’t do anything to ruin or tarnish his parents’ legacy? Jeeeze… he couldn’t care less about his mom’s 1987 Constitution! Well, that’s one very important legacy he’s not willing to honor. Now we know.

    I guess he would rather save his BFF’s face than his mom’s. The proud pinoy public have been fed a bunch of lies! And, his minions seem intent on selling their souls to save abNoynoy.

  2. I am not surprised with all the claims in your title. Noynoy was a 50 year old good for nothing slacker when his mom died and now he is supposed to have accomplished economic miracles. DAP was created to cut a corner . Noynoy wanted Corona out for his own personal agenda and he had no qualms covertly playing the shell game with public money for his agenda. He could care less that to be this corruption crusader on what he considers corruption he had to resort to corruption himself. He resorted to corruption simply because he lacks the skills to get his goal done in the framework of his duty as president . His cluelessness on other issues that are still part of his duty stems from his focus on the personal ( vindictiveness ) as well as his refusal to know of bad news . What effective leader has that trait??? Oh yeah, the guy was never a mediocre leader before let alone effective. But Ms. Leah Navarro chalks that observation up as other people being bitter their personal candidate lost. Loser president with loser echo chamber. Noytards. Noytards everywhere.

  3. “DAP is more of the result of the President’s reactive style of management as opposed to the more efficient style of being more pro-active.”

    You mean, Ilda, that he is still managing the country? From day 1 of his tenure, the country has been running itself like a car without a driver. What his admin is doing is just repair and pickup all the things damaged due to nobody driving the car, and doing it rather incompetently, too. And that is what they are using as a reason to justify DAP, to repair and pickup pieces damaged by his incompetence. Management, my foot!!!!

  4. Why do I keep hearing “in good faith” in the government when there’s no such thing? All their transactions should be written in the general ledger after the cause for “budget” is planned, right? First of all, you put this certain millions, like, say for educational projects and these for health projects and these for building of infrastructures and these for calamity funds. Before you know how much you needed for it, you first have to have a solid, reliable, on the go plans or projects for it so when the budget is there zoom! all goes to work. I’m sorry maybe I just don’t know how they arrive with the people’s billions allocations because as it is, they are just good in counting people’s money for their own expenditure as they deemed necessary and call it “in good faith.” That’s DAP, right?

  5. Any Corporate Executive can tell that: Aquino does not know what he is doing, as President. He is clueless on everything happening around him. He does not even understand the functions of our government.

    The ” savings” that he claimed must be justified. He cannot just call our taxmoney “savings”, without proof of where these ‘savings” came from…good Auditors and Accountants, can audit these “savings”…

    As usual , Aquino has his minions of defenders, headed by Tupas the Liar; and Farinas the exhibitionist; followed by Belmonte the Pork Barrel Addict. Porky Drillon is silent nowadays. These people are confirmed Pork Barrel Kleptomaniac addicts. Maybe they are frigthened by their emerging withdrawal symptoms.

  6. My thoughts on the matter of the PDAF/DAP Ilda… From the very beginning it was planned all the way. The despot defied the SC and is still hatching plans and schemes against the Judiciary. Yes… The despot plans to cow and control the SC as a whole. Can he do it? As I said before… you cannot fool the people all of the time.

    1. @ T.J….it doesn’t matter if he fools anyone, it just doesn’t. The guy will do as he chooses. Anything that legally can stop him will take years to implement and by that time someone else will be stopping Aquino and his very own wheel-chair from wheeling himself outside the country. Someone else will get to say “Stop thief” to Aquino and then he will be put in a hospital room for a few days and everyone will wonder where P250BILLION has gone and the fuckin guy won’t even be in the hospital room most of the time and by the time he is actually facing any sort of legal proceeding your great-grandchildren will be dying of old age.

      There is no hope for any justice in the Philippines (or anywhere else really!) and there is only one way left to get some. The Filipino hasn’t got it in him though and the islands will sink before anyone grows a pair big enough to do anything.

      Its sad too, cause it wouldn’t take much at all to effect a change.

      1. Perhaps it is time to draft a bill creating an Anti-Dictatorship Law in the Republic of the Philippines to stop abusive despots like BS Aquino. The penalties should be sufficient to stop all related abuses done by would be dictators.

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