4 memes that illustrate all the wrong arguments about the #DAP

The Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is a fund created by the administration of Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III that serves as a vehicle for transferring unused appropriations from one project to another. It has since been deemed unconstitutional by the Philippine Supreme Court because it was ruled that the President does not have the authority under the present Constitution to transfer funds out of the jurisdiction of the Executive branch.

Here are four key arguments being fielded by Malacanang and other apologists of this controversial presidential slush fund that we’ve rendered in memes over the last several days.

(1) Release of funds appropriated via the DAP were done in ‘good faith’.

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(2) Officials involved in the management and control of the DAP were ‘not informed’ about its potential illegality.


(3) Malacanang begs to differ to the interpretation of the constitutionality of the DAP issued by the Supreme Court.


(4) Ignorance of the law does not constitute grounds for impeachment.

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Stay tuned as only time will reveal which of these arguments win (and the Philippines is a society renowned for seeing the wrong arguments win in most “debates”).

7 Replies to “4 memes that illustrate all the wrong arguments about the #DAP”

  1. Nyetang Malacanang to, Supreme court na nga ang nagsabi na ilegal ang DAP, ipagpipilitan pa rin ang gusto? Sa simula pa lang anarkiya na ang gusto ni Noynoy, ayaw niyang kinocross check siya ng ibang department. Mayroon pa siyang nalalaman na “kayo ang boss ko.” Bumaba ka na Noynoy! Bobo lang ang mauuto mo! Ngayon mo ipakita ang pagiging makabayan mo Trillanes, pati ikaw ginamit mo pa ang alias ng katipunan sa pagiging rebelde mo!

  2. They all plead “ignorance”? If I go to their houses. And steal their valuables and money. And, if I get caught. Can I also plead : “Ignorance”?

    I will tell them: ” I don’t know that stealing is bad, and is a violation of the law.”

    What a bunch of Dumb Ass we have, as Political Leaders. They think people are, as stupid as they are.

    Jail all these Crooks. They are the worse thieves…

    1. Jail or Impeachment is too light a punishment for these Pigs who stole Billions and Billions of Taxpayer’s money. If there is still a Gas Chamber they should be gassed para hindi na pamarisan at ma Purga na rin ang Pilipinas sa mga Tiwaling Politiko or better still i Firing Squad sila.

  3. After the DAP fallout… The president and all the presidents men and woman are out to do damage control by way of propaganda and short quips.


  4. Ang mga bobo ay walang alam, kasi bobo sila. Ah ha ha. Gusto nila tayo pa ang mag-isip para sa kanila.

  5. Many wants BS Aquino to be impeached but many government officials even the vice president saying that it is useless to take action. What does this means? Does it mean that if the president is impeached then it will start a change of government? Why is the vice president not wanting the president to be impeached? Is he also involved? I mean senators are involved and many others, so if the vice president not involve why does he not support The impeachment for the president? Think about it?

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