Why do Singaporeans hate Filipinos?

It’s the obvious question everyone is asking nowadays amidst a raft of hate blogs and other such digital artifcats going “viral” all over the Net. Many of these seem to have stemmed from the whole fracas surrounding a plan by Filipino community leaders to stage a 12th June Independence Day event at a major shopping centre in Singapore. The plan attracted a lot of debate and, with it, anonymous trolls lobbing racist abuse into the mix.

Politicians on boths sides of the sea have since chimed in even as organisers of the event withdrew their plans presumably under the weight of the harrassment. Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has condemned Singaporeans who were involved in the online harrassment for their “thuggish behaviour”. Charles Jose, spokesman of the Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) assured everyone that this is an “isolated” incident and that such attitudes reflect only that of “a small number of Singaporeans who don’t have the full appreciation or understand of the role of Filipinos there”.

But the more important question remains the elephant in the room politicians and mainstream commentators tiptoe around:

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What is the source of this hate, and why does it seem to resonate amongst a big sector of Singapore society; big enough to shut down a major community event such as this year’s Independence Day commemoration there?

The most recent and, by far, most virulent sower of hate against Filipinos in Singapore involves a 24th May post in which the author encouraged his (or her) compatriots to “step on them, push or shove them” when boarding a train. Before that there was another blog published by a different author proposing that Filipinos be made to ride in separate buses owing to their being perceived as too loud and annoying.

This intolerance seems baffling considering that, by any measure, Singapore is one of the most racially-tolerant societies in a region where racism is often an institutionalised part of society and governance. Racial and religious harmony is regarded by the Singapore government as a crucial part of Singapore’s success, and played a part in building a Singaporean identity. But achieving and maintaining this harmony was (and continues to be) no easy task.

The 1964 race riots were a series of riots that took place in Singapore during two separate periods in July and September between Chinese and Malay groups. The first incident occurred on 21 July during a Malay procession marking the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. In total, the violence killed 36 people and injured another 556. About 3,000 people were arrested. At that time (1963–65), Singapore was a state in the Federation of Malaysia. In 1969, seven days of communal riots, a result of the spillover of riots also occuring in Malaysia, resulted in a final toll of 4 dead and 80 wounded. Singapore would not experience a major riot until 44 years later when the 2013 “Little India Riots” erupted on the 8th December 2013 after a fatal accident occurred at the junction of Race Course Road and Hampshire Road. About 300 migrant labourers from Tamil Nadu and Bangladesh were involved in the riot which lasted for around two hours.

According to the Philippine government, Filipinos are important to Singapore at a macro-economic level.

According to the Philippine government, Filipinos are important to Singapore at a macro-economic level.

Where do Filipinos figure in this scheme of things?

According to the records of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas, there are 180,000 Filipinos living and working in Singapore. The Philippine government’s stated position on this large presence is that these residents “remain an important part of the city-state economy”. That is, of course, seeing it at a macro-economic level. The way individual Singaporeans see that presence at a street level may tell a different story and may have deeper social implications separate from the economic numbers. And that is, perhaps, where the “debate” around root causes should be. As such, the Philippine government’s position on the matter may be incomplete, which means that an incomplete or, worse, a flawed solution to resolve this (if any such is actually being planned) may aggravate the problem further. The last thing we need, specially in times when the Philippines grows ever more dependent on foreign capital and employment for its survival, is for the proverbial elephant in the room to keep growing bigger.

[NB: Parts of this article were lifted from various Wikipedia.org articles related to Singapore in a manner compliant to the terms stipulated in the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License that governs usage of content made available in this site. Photo courtesy Pinoy-OFW.com.]

169 Replies to “Why do Singaporeans hate Filipinos?”

  1. It would e interesting to have a psycographic profile of Filipinos in Singapore. And a survey of Singaporean’s attitude towards OFWs in
    Singapore. I see that one comment states that OFWs are too loud, which annoys others (Singaporean, particularly). Maybe, we’ll make the OFWs tone down their voices. It seems too superficial. That comes to me as low tolerance by Singaporeans of others, OFWs in particular. Some socio-psychological intervention may help.Dialogues, communication exercises, sensitivity training among OFWs may help in adapting to another culture.

    1. filipinos as a group are not compatible with singaporean culture

      the noise isn’t really that much of an issue, it became an issue only when filipinos became an issue, filipinos are not an issue because of the noise

      personal opinion as a singaporean
      filipinos generally yes do talk, yes noisy, but everyone else is already noisy. but when you take a train and realised in a carriage out of maybe say .. 50 people , only 5-8 look like singaporeans and 15-20 filipinos yakking away , you start to have a problem here.

      filipinos can never seem to answer questions correctly and commit faux pas everysingle time, like what are the four main races in sigapore”malay, chinese,indian, eurasian/others”
      some answered “filipino”
      others have the view singaporeans who are chinese are the same as mainlanders from china (another faux pas , malaysian/singaporeans who are chinese do not want to be associated with mainland)

      national service, filipinos who have been interviewed stated clearly they are still filipinos are heart and considered 2 years training in the army “repayment” for economic/educational opportunities
      malaysians/indonesians even mainland chinese do not say so.

      religion is another matter, while a large number of singaporeans are catholics/christians….etc more aren’t and many find it offensive for religion to be involved in the govt or daily life, and it’s extremely extremely offensive to see religion used in the same manner filipinos do in singapore.

      how this arise is larger number of filipinos are now white collar workers, some moving into positions of authority ,even local communities. and suddenly religion is part of the planning , filipino nationalism is part of it. filipinos are suddenly a “race” a force to be reckon with. and the struggles with mainland chinese who keep claiming singaporeans(majority 70% chinese) should look towards china and listen to the great country up north
      is faced with one more group who have ties to the old country
      these people have zero loyalty to singapore, but are jousting for influence.

      with malaysians/indonesians , the basic social rules were always there unwritten, unspoken. you come in to work, get your money and go home. those that stay and gotten acclimatised became singaporeans

      filipinos/mainland chinese/ indians from india are not here simply working and making a living but forming associations and playing politics . and with a larger population you see threats against singaporeans.
      even at it’s worse, the racist posts of the blogger only wants to send filipinos back. filipinos’ responses have ranged from racial dominance one day to shooting singaporeans in philippines .
      which only served to remind singaporeans of how filipinos will behave if they stayed.

      and the best part of all these is I often see filipinos blaming the poor and uneducated filipino ofw for the agitation
      when it’s actually the filipino middle class who are doing the stirring

      1. something particularly of notice to filipinos is they like to harp on about how the chinese are the “ruling race” in singapore and how that translates into how filipinos view singapore.

        1. the signboards and streetsigns in any nation symbolises the people who are the political masters

        2.Lee kuan yew isn’t chinese

      2. Racism by Filipinos online is nothing new here, this is one of the most racially prejudiced nations on earth. You have got to see what they post against Chinese/Filipino-Chinese here because of the territorial issue. “burn their businesses” “beat the shit out of them” “kill them”. There have been no reported incidents of those here. Filipinos are passive aggressive at most so whatever threats those cowards or morons post online won’t exactly translate to actual crime. Mainland Chinese and Indians on the otherhand..

        1. a singaporean got shot and killed sometime last year, pretty much the general response was, “you deserve it, who told you to go there”

  2. As a Filipino living in the Philippines, I can totally understand why the some Singaporeans* hate Filipinos.

    (*Or XXXXX<-insert random butthurt-of-the-day hate target here.)

    Why? Because if you ^really^ think about it, most Filipinos on some level are corrupt racist sexist prejudiced narrow-minded hypocritical ignorant assholes with double standards who feel that they are mandated by religion and gratuitously entitled to use the entire world as both their toilet and dinner plate.

    (What the hell, might as well insult 100 million Filipinos all at once. At oo, bilang Pilipino, kasama din ako.)

    As for the inevitable hate comments, read again: If you ^really^ think about it . . .

  3. Why do u worry about it? Even God has haters and USA is still the most hated country in the world. Dont lose sleep over it

    1. Filipinos just love America, because they have no idea about American politics and what is really going on there. Filipinos love America for what they see in the movies and on TV and for basketball, et cetera. Average Filipinos are just uninformed people. Heck, they can’t even find their own country on the map.

      1. now that’s not true, you could easily spot on the philippine islands on the world map with eyes cloosed bec of its shape and location. maybe if the question is- where is singapore? my bet is they’ll look first at china then eyes will troll downwards, left, right, down and will go “ah there”

    2. Yeah, right and by the way, North Korea is the most loved country in the world because they are peaceful, rich, powerful and prosperous the whole world are jealous of her.

  4. Why can’t a Phil Government agency, the DFA for that matter, conduct a “culture sensitivity” training about the host country prior to shoving the OFW out of the country? Ooooddps! Me and my loud mouth! Another fee/money making scheme looming on the horizon.

    1. the “council” for the independence day celebrations in singapore prior to the cancelations, had an issue with people not paying for advertising to participate in the event, something that made a lot of people take noticed regarding how filipino organisations organise and handle money or the means to come into money.

      that being said filipinos are not going to be shove out, at the end of the day other than maids killing each other resulting in the burning of the singapore flag and a burger king manager robbing his own outlet
      filipinos are generally white collared workers here and not prone to violent crimes.

      malaysians put into policing positions have being caught trying to get bribes and bully members of the public in lockups . when the railway is completed with larger influxes of malaysian labour due to ease of travel, filipinos may yet become a popular source of manpower when trouble arises from this

    2. @Noy P Salaula,

      one of the requirements for Non-EU citizens to settle in the Netherlands, is to do an exam (Exam takes place in Dutch embassy in MNL. Or more in general: at the Dutch embassy in your own country). That exam consist of: Dutch language plus also testing knowledge of a wide range of the Dutch culture. You fail the exam, you wont get a (permanent) Visa.

  5. As I was reading the sentiment of some Singaporeans:

    1. Filipinos are taking the Middle management jobs.
    2. They are saying their world class education is useless since their graduates can’t find jobs.
    3. Paying Filipinos (those in the corporate level and professional level) is CHEAPER.
    4. So I believe most of the sentiments are gonna come from their middle class.
    5. They resort to Xenophobia and Racism especially the Indians.

    1. the majority of singaporeans are not university graduates nor are they in middle-management

      singaporeans who are unhappy and comprised of a large part of the population do not care about that, it mainly overpopulation and crime rate, not middle management posts.

  6. DOLE should take note of this, and incorporate a cultural sensitivity component in their placement programs. Otherwise our OFW’s will continue to act as if nothing is wrong and create only more hostility.

    It’s just plain old delikadesa to behave in public, and even in our own land, a lot of Filipinos are just flat out pigs.

  7. I’m an American living in The Philippines and I can say first hand that Filipinos are onion-skinned racists when ANYTHING happens that they take personal offense to.

    I believe that if Filipinos do not want to be viewed as “loud and intrusive” then they need to learn not to be loud and intrusive. Filipinos in general are rude, inconsiderate of others and they mistreat animals to the point that animals become annoyances to everyone. I expect responses and I am prepared for them.

      1. Jerry Lynch- I live in Europe for a long time and live in a tourist district. Because am Filipino and I get along with americans, you know why am Filipino and am loud (I adjust my attitude to whom am talking to and Filipinos here in europe ARE NOT loud) nobody will speak to americans here because germans dont speak english. We admit we are loud, guess what americans are loud too, you all talk like you dont have neighbors or you are hoping that others will understand you and will engage in your conversation ( probably that explains why Fil_Ams are so loud) . So are the french speaking refugees here — have you heard their children scream so loud when they get annoyed- the mother will shout back at their children louder. Let us not forget the latin people- I assume you encountered them all your life, have you seen them fight at each other or when they get excited, that irritating spanish accent? The number one list here for having a boombastic vocal chords are the chinese-when they answer their fones the are like two metals squeaking-that is probably one reason why I would not want to go to China . I am sorry if we are loud for you but you know what , you can go back to your peaceful country just leave us loud happy people alone.

        1. I know it’s a bit off topic but it speaks to the fact that every race has its good and bad personalities. I can say this about Filipinos, Americans, Malaysians, Singaporeans and Thais as I have lived in all of those countries for years at a time.

          It’s sad that Americans, living in the Philippines, suffer from poor and untrue generalizations (ie – ugly Americans) as a result of the ambassadorship of people like Jerry. These old fat dudes, who can’t get a woman in their own country to speak even a few words to them outside of how do you want your coffee, go to live in the Philippines and marry young ladies, who have no idea what they are getting into, and exploit them. Many expats in the Philippines will treat their partner very poorly as they hold all the financial cards.

          And it is not just Americans doing this. I have seen Korean, Chinese and even Singaporeans doing much worse!

          While it’s no excuse, this behavior teaches many of the young in the Philippines that it must be ok to go to other countries and act as they wish without assimilating or respecting that country’s social mores.

    1. I am Filipino and i agree. Most pinoys just think so highly of themselves that they don’t care about others.they don’t respect differences,they expect you to be like them,or be one with them- or else, you will be tagged as hypocrite.as a filipino, i feel sorry for my kababayans.they dont know and wont accept that there is something wrong somewhere…

  8. It’s more like Singaporeans crying out in the same vein as Americans do when they see Latinos, “taking their jerbs.” I sympathize with them. They can’t get opportunities of work in their own land because these leeches take theirs instead. I bet if it was the other way around, Filipinos would be as salty if not even more so because of their inflated ego.

    Filipinos should know their place. You are not a tourist, you are under the mercy of the locals where you are working whether you like it or not. Got a problem with that? Go back home or assimilate.

    1. this is another issue, it’s my belief filipinos at 180000 (official numbers) already outnumbered local minorities like eurasians and indians,

      400,000 visitors from piilippines visited SG in 2007, possibly higher now and it is noted a lot come in as tourist for work.

      so at any given time filipinos might actually outnumber the malays.
      overall yes while the chinese are 70% of the population, that 70% is targeted at the 3million “citizens” whom , these days are comprised strongly of mainland chinese and malaysians

      chances are singaporeans are already a minority out of the 5 million and the projected 6.9 million and that is very attractive for the singapore govt who is accused of trying to use filipino voters to help them win

    2. But in the case of America it is already proven to be a myth that Latinos or other immigrants are taking away jobs from Americans. That believe is absolutely false.

    3. On the flip side, the Singaporeans themselves are partly to blame for their “foreigners taking away our jerbs” sentiment. Either they should drop their prideful disdain against 3D/blue-collar jobs and clean their crap by themselves, or just put up with obnoxious aliens (legal or otherwise) cleaning the crap for them.

      The statement above though isn’t for the defense of da “balat-sibuyas pero matigas ang mukhang” Pinoys who never do a thorough research about whatever foreign lands they are about to step into.

      1. this is a point of contention

        filipinos, by and large are considered a luxury, not something that pops up all over the place hired by singaporeans
        last official figures listed 80,000 as maids, out of 16-180,000

        it costs roughtly $1k+ sgd to hire a filipino maid, the majority of the singaporean workers do not pay income taxes , meaning they’re paid less than $3k sgd a month, when you’ve deducted out the “cpf” of 20% (a form of pension scheme)
        most workers are paid slightly below 2k , hardly the kind of pay that allows you to hire a filipino maid so that takes are the “clean their crap by themselves” theory you just put up

        and non maid filipinos are mainly white collared workers , blue collared jobs appear to go to mainly malaysians/PRC chinese/ indian/bangladeshis

        why there’s noise now is because the bulk of the complains come from office workers who are getting displaced.

        given the standard of english literacy you can check out the various places singaporeans post comments and you’ll noticed most prefer “singlish” to english

        but the complaints that single out filipinos are often delightfully well written in english

  9. I’m here in SG and I don’t see the Filipinos working as middle management angle. We are still the rank and file. In fact the Filipino stereotype here is still the maid. Here’s my analysis. Singaporeans think Filipinos are lower kind of race because they allow themselves to become maids. With this in mind, they think filipinos should have less rights than a normal person, I think you can compare it to how Spanish people treated filipinos back then.

    1. So, Filipinos are sub-human? Like Hitler think of the Jews? Superior race mentality is still here. Every race is unique and some of their people are capable of aataining excellence…

  10. I am filipino and i have been to singapore. The Philippines is a country full of polution, noise and garbage. Generally, filipinos wreaks body odor. Dishonesty is all over the country starting from the dumbass gay president abnoy down to the street children.

    1. It is a sad fact that you are correct. A little street kid walked passed me and slid his hand up the outiside of my shirt, Knowing why, I put my hand on what was in my shirt pocket before the little bastard knocked it up and out of my shirt pocket and onto the street where he would have picked it up and ran. He was surprised I was so fast, and I turned to him and stated that :”If you try that shit again I will break your little fuckin arm”, and I know he understaood me, as well as the somewhat angry looking people that saw what had happened.They all seemed to think the little thief was justified in what he was doing.Which is just as bad a reflection on them as it was on the little thief and those that spawned him.Despicable situation that is not going to change, what a fucked up country.

    2. Then Jerry, why don’t you pack your bags and leave so you can can get rid of nation full of onion skin racist. PRONTO!!!

      1. Typical reaponse from an onion-skinned filipino. Maybe all foreigners should leave the Philippines. Take our spending power, investments, and businesses with us. Plenty of other SEA countries worthy of a visit in my opinion.

        1. i don’t actually think that would hurt philippines, the most important thing propping up the nation is all the remittances

          people don’t invest out of goodwill so as long as the returns are good why would anyone pull out?

      2. Asshurt much anti-progress flip? Implying that you’re actually doing those dysfunctional cultures of da pinoy Kupalmo mentioned because you embrace mediocrity.

        1. @ DIO, maybe burning at the stake is a li’l harsh? Maybe if he were to go to another country and get treated like shit,robbed and abused as visitors to the Philippines often are, he would be enlightened to the point that he could see the errors in his thinking/ways?

          As a foreigner in countries I am a visitor in, I always expect to treated badly…so when someone goes out of their way to be cool, it is really greatly appreciated.

        2. you should try vietnam and laos

          I could walk around a village market place alone without harassment

        3. @Oldbread…IDK about Vietnam, the USA bombed the shit out of that country. I actually know the li’l girl pictured in the 1971 ‘Napalm’ bombing photo. A nice young lady living in NYC now. Irrevocably scarred though, physically and mentally.Her nickname is ‘Miss Saigon’, she was one of the last to get out in ’75 on the chopper at the U.S. embassy in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City..true story/nice girl….tragic.

        4. Interesting bit of mendacity by Thom Hardy. Far from being irrevocably scarred, Mrs Kim Phuc went on to study medicine. She converted to Christianity. Around 1992 she and her husband defected to Canada. In 1996, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund invited her to attend the Veterans Day ceremonies at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. Kim spoke to a group of several thousand Vietnam War veterans about her experiences after the napalm attack on her village. She used that opportunity to share with the verterans about how she finally found happiness and freedom after years of pain and suffering. She even met a pilot who coordinated the air strike on her village — she forgave him. She was made UNESCO goodwill ambassador and runs a foundation for child victims of war. Very different from the emotionally broken person Thom claims to know. Also, Mrs Phuc lives in Ontario, Canada. NOT New York.

          Try getting your lies straight. No one calls her ‘Miss Saigon.’

        5. Just to clarify Thom Hardy’s mangling of certain historical facts: The now famous photo of Kim Phuc was taken by Nick Ut on 08 June 1972, NOT 1971 as Thom claims.

          Ut took Kim Phuc and the other injured children to Barsky Hospital in Saigon, where it was determined that her burns were so severe that she probably would not survive. After a 14 month hospital stay and 17 surgical procedures, however, she was able to return home. Ut continued to visit her until he was evacuated during the fall of Saigon. Mrs Kim was NOT evacuated with him in 1975. She remained in Vietnam and, as a young adult, was used in propaganda against the US by the communist government.

  11. As a Filipino tourist in Singapore I see pinoys and pinays worker in different field my comments are simple Filipinos in Singapore are more good looking and beautifuls than singaprean faces. We the Filipinos we dont have a pure distinctions because most of us are mixed race we are beautiful than them. They are insecured and jealous.

    1. Really? Then how come I see artificial whitening products in your drug stores with delusional peeps buying in hopes of becoming some indio Aryan huh? Pot calling the kettle black.

    2. Oh boy! Really? That is how you measure Filipinos? They are beautiful? I guess that is the most important right? Holy shit!

      1. Well, boy … Im not saying in physical appearance , if you define what is beautiful. The inner beauty is more impotant of Filipinos.

        1. Sorry, but no self respecting person would want to procreate with a monkey, much less date him/her no matter how nice they are. You gotta have the looks too. That’s just the way the world works.

        1. Translation: AH BASTA! Congratulations emo asshurt. You’ve just answer oldbread’s question you loser.

      1. That’s its not your problem. Too many people are affected with my posts. You know, Reality and truth do not require emotions when I stab you by knife and see your blood we have the same color of blood red and your brain and mine has the same size. Fuck you mother fucker.

        1. Look who’s the asshurt now. They’re just stating facts and yet you’re being a dakilang mangongontra because your rebuttal is like “ah basta”.

  12. The whole thing is a non-issue amongst the ‘big picture’. No one gives a shit.
    Sure, most people dislike loud people on trains and in movie theatres. Some black people in the states do that a lot, but are tolerated and only hated in private.

    You have to lern to live and let live, or you will die in a hurry.

  13. In the old Southern State in the U.S. There was a Jim Crow Law; that required blacks, to sit at the end row of the bus public transport. Or to give her/his seat to any white woman or man.

    Maybe soon they will require Filipinos to have their own plances: restaurants, comfort rooms, public transport,public parks, etc…

    The bad behaviors of Filipinos is brought in in Singapore; where they are guest workers…

    1. Its just a dumb ignorant, when you hate people you dont know, something wrong with you. You dont want them dont hire them you only get jealous and insecurities of Filipinos then racism, prejudism, discrimination has no space in the 21st century, unless you have a backward mind. Good luck !

      1. Your answer is typically Third World mentality. Face it, The Philippines is nothing but a cesspool of inconsiderate, unruly idiots. You come to singapore. Learn to ASSIMILATE YOU DUMB FLIP!!!

    2. @ HT, Jim Crow has been gone (legally, BUT maybe not morally) since 1861. The USA has moved on, although in some of the ‘DEEP’ Southern States there are some incredibly backwards thinking people.


    3. You’re pointing your finger to unselfish don’t generalized filipinos check ur fingers why they were not the same in length. Look at the mirror and reflect unselfish…..

  14. What is everyone’s problem here?

    Please be reminded that no race in the world is perfect, Filipinos like Singaporeans were just the same, but differs to circumstances that put them at the different class status. How could Singaporeans be placed on the shoes of the Filipinos? How could Singaporeans work in the Philippines if it happens Philippines will the last country who can offer them opportunity to survive if our country sink unto the water because of brainless bloggers.

    Please be reminded that Philippines was the front line of World War 2 that shielded Singapore from Japan’s occupation. Because of Filipino’s bravery, the Imperial Army of Japan weakens before it reaches Singapore.
    Take into account, how Korea is paying attention to history that teaching their citizens to pay respect to Filipino’s who died during Korean war.

    Take into account how Singapore prospered because of Export and Import activities in the Philippines that channels through Singapore. There was no Malaysia and Indonesia before that pump the commercial and financial supremacy of Singapore.

    Let us be civilized enough, to put end to these prejudices against races and nationalities.
    I have no idea how God gave computers and gadgets to Dumb and Idiots!

    Who among here belongs from Perfect Country with perfect society.

    I am Singaporean who reads, thinks and work with Filipinos who are also human like me.

    Who among here belongs from a perfect nation with perfect people?

    1. i think you are the brainless one because your knowledge of history is all screwed up

      where you learn your history from? or are you too high from drugs?

    2. first of all there’s no singaporean race, for that matter there shouldn’t be a filipino race either, these two are nationalities

      secondly, philippines did not shield singapore from anything, the japs came saw conquered and sook chinged the hell out of singapore so I don’t know what drugs you’re taking to say that.
      in fact the filipinos were slaughtered en mass on the field in philippines. poorly armed, poorly trained .
      China took up more of the damage so should asean kowtow to china?

      the fark is this

      do you even know what singapore does to make money?

      I have no idea how God allowed you to touch a computer

    3. “Please be reminded that Philippines was the front line of World War 2 that shielded Singapore from Japan’s occupation. Because of Filipino’s bravery, the Imperial Army of Japan weakens before it reaches Singapore.”

      I’m quite fond of history, and this is the first time I’ve heard of this incredibly stupid and unfounded claim.

      “Take into account how Singapore prospered because of Export and Import activities in the Philippines that channels through Singapore. There was no Malaysia and Indonesia before that pump the commercial and financial supremacy of Singapore.”

      Oh yes conveniently forget about China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan… so you’re claiming that goods to and from these countries didn’t pass through Singapore? So the Philippines has exclusive trade rights with Singapore?

      “Let us be civilized enough, to put end to these prejudices against races and nationalities.
      I have no idea how God gave computers and gadgets to Dumb and Idiots!”

      Yes by all means let us all make the stupidest claims about history and let’s dance, hug one another and sing kumbaya.

      “Who among here belongs from a perfect nation with perfect people?”

      And top it off with a completely rhetorical questions that nobody here and not the author of the article ever claimed that they came from a perfect country.

  15. I suggest that Idiots and Dumb must learn how the world exist, rather than posting irrelevant comments after masturbating on porn sites.

    Common fellow Singaporeans, better find a work cause I am paying taxes to make you breathe and eat! Instead of blaming Expatriates on your misfortunes in life because of your drug and porn site addiction. Or else commit suicide by jumping toward your window.

    1. your common fellow singaporeans paid more through their GST and CPF despite their low pay to finance the security of singapore, paid in blood sweat tear in national service so that a bourgeois pig like you can come online to flaunt your importance.

      if you truly earn enough to be taxed , may I asked if it’s enough to cover the $600 million estimated earnings from the increased in GST?

    2. “Common fellow Singaporeans, better find a work cause I am paying taxes to make you breathe and eat! Instead of blaming Expatriates on your misfortunes in life because of your drug and porn site addiction. Or else commit suicide by jumping toward your window.”

      What an annoying brat. Hey kid, didn’t you just claim in the preceding comment:

      “Let us be civilized enough, to put end to these prejudices against races and nationalities.”

      You tell people to be civilized and then kill themselves?

  16. Why Filipinos is always the center of Discussions? Hhhhhhmm…sikat? Then if I’m going to discriminate singapore too? During my trip in singapore as tourist I’ve seen a lot of singaporean like a typical chinese who eat foods like shit,,,the people eating infront of me at People’Complex area close to china town and their restaurants kitchen are very untidy singaporean restaurant kitchen are the most dirtiest kitchen in the world owned by chinese singaporean. Then in Sentosa Island while I was ordering my foods at KFC the attendant doesn’t know how to speak english im not sure if they Malaysian because they answered me a bahasa malayu language. Then their looks are cery ugly and dark- skinned . I’m not trying to be a racist but … Okay, let’s say singaporean are in a high status due to its econmic standards but in general you singaporean are also loud and noisy, boor, untidy, almost nobody likes you the way you are. You are also a typical asian the way you eat your foods while you sneeze your nose. Those are my observation in singapirean people while staying in singapore.

    1. What’s wrong with having dark skin? You must be one of those that likes to use that skin whitening poison? Pretending to be mestizo mentality. Get rid of that you shallow minded pg.

        1. Look who’s racist now indio. Yan naman ang hirap sa mga mayabang na pinoy na katulad mo e: you’re always claiming that you are the best master race than any other races in the whole world all thanks to your dysfunctional pinoy prayd. In short, you’re demanding the whole world some respect for you pinoy praydists. Don’t deny it you dimwit.

  17. Kinda odd to see that there is such a thing as a Filipino race in a foreign land when back at home it’s completely undermined. and:

    “specially in times when the Philippines grows ever more dependent on foreign capital and employment for its survival”

    Yeah, this is a huge problem already why aren’t we doing something about this?

  18. I think Singaporeans are jealous of Filipinos because we speak far better English and are hired across the world while no one prefers to hire Singaporean workers
    If you come to Dubai you will see how all the main positions are held by Filipinos and how we are running the economy just like we do in Singapore

    1. Dexter,

      Wow, are you Filipino or a troll? Either way you are delusional! If you are Filipino the you suffer from delusions of grandeur… and I bet you have to look up the term whereas a Singaporean might not have too.

      Singapore has world-class factories, infrastructure and educational systems. The practically the whole country of Singapore is ISO certified and I doubt you even know what that means. Singapore has faster internet speeds than I currently have here in California! In the Philippines I was slugging along with 3 m bit burst rates and suffering from brownouts for most of the day.A web designer I hired a few years ago came into the company with a resume touting MS FrontPage as the main HTML editor used while attending college level classes. MS FP had been obsoleted five years earlier. The list goes on and on…

      Anyway, as an American having lived in both cultures for many years, I can truthfully say Singaporeans are far better educated and capable of building a world-class city. Singaporeans do not have to farm themselves out to work in other countries as they are also world-class business people who work together to build a better nation.

      I cannot say the same for the Philippines. Your people set fire to factories that didn’t tow the corruption line and pay out bribes. I know this from first hand experience.

      Bottom line is people who work on visas in foreign countries do so at the pleasure of the host country. I knew this each and every time I lived in a foreign country and learned to accept that which I could not change

      I would take a more respectful approach before you burn bridges you won’t be able to repair. Don’t let your unrealistic nationalistic pride get you into a situation you can’t back out of. Philippines has a long way to go despite all the current positive press. If not for all the aide your country is receiving you would already be speaking Chinese as your native language!

      1. I am not talking about the countries, yes I agree Singapore is in a better shape and Philippines is poor in comparison. I am talking about the people, you cannot deny that we speak far better English than Singaporeans, and we are also preferred workers in many countries because of our English speaking ability, our positive attitude and our ability to work in any environment.

        1. “I am talking about the people, you cannot deny that we speak far better English than Singaporeans, and we are also preferred workers in many countries because of our English speaking ability, our positive attitude and our ability to work in any environment.”

          Very difficult to answer this question as I haven’t been to Singapore since 2003. But the people I worked with, at that time, were fluent in English. Many were educated in the U.K. and Canada.

          Filipinos educated at Ateneo, UP or Silliman are very impressive individuals. Those college educated in lesser institutions in the provinces are no better at English than some uneducated people i know in the Philippines. Again corruption allows many “colleges” to operate without meeting minimal proficiency requirement.

          But I can tell you for certain the Singaporeans are not jealous of the Philippines with the exception of natural resources that are being squandered.

          I am also pretty sure that Singaporeans don’t need to work in other countries as OFW to support their families back home. It’s like comparing apples and oranges… That’s why this argument is so futile.

          As for Dubai, Wikipedia says the following:

          “The population of Dubai is 2,109,274. Approximately 85% of the expatriate population (and 71% of the emirate’s total population) was Asian (chiefly Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan). About 3% of the total population of Dubai was categorized as “Western”. In addition, 16% of the population (or 288,000 people) lived in collective labour accommodation were not identified by ethnicity or nationality, but were thought to be primarily Asian.”

          I don’t see Singaporeans in the mix… maybe they are part of the 3% categorized as Western… I don’t know. Again Singapore is not an economy driven by OFW remittances. Filipinos may hold some key positions but I am sure you are viewed as infidels that must tolerated (as are all non-muslims) so the the native Dubian… Dubanese.. whatever’s can all play sultan…

          If I had to choose between Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan, which makes up 71% of the OFW in Dubai, then I would choose the Philippines as being the best speakers of English.

          I would not choose to setup a business in any of those countries due to rampant corruption at all levels.

          I know there is corruption everywhere but at least in the US I am not expected to pay coffee money to a police man who pulls me over for a traffic infraction. They only stop me here for violations not to shake me down. Same for Singapore…

          Bottom line is you would be hated less in a host country, as a foreigner, if you assimilate into a host country versus trying to change the country to fit your needs. And as I well know… if you don’t liek that then leave 🙂

        2. Well said, John. Would like to add to that what’s the point of hiring some Juan who only has “good English” to show for? East Asians may not have the same caliber, but they can market themselves in other areas way better than Filipinos can and guess what they’re English skills are slowly, but surely improving. When the time comes that they’re able to carry a natural English conversation, OFW’s better watch out because your “work ethic” alone isn’t going to save you. Working smart is 10x better than working hard.

        3. I’ve always found the standard of English speaking and comprehension to be better in Singapore than in the Philippines, but it might be because SG is closer to British English rather than American, so we understand each other better.

          Many Filipinos had trouble understanding me until I Americanized my accent by extending the Rs and replacing Ts with Ds.

        4. Dexter,

          All you pinoys can do is just play down your weakness ( too many to hide though ) and just wanna win by exaggerating your strength )

          Pinoys speaks good english? you mean your fake American eccent? like fuck-tory ( factory ) and daler ( dollar )

          If only you guys will humble yourselves and learn from your mistakes. Maybe philipines will by a better country on day..

    2. @Dexter,

      Singaporeans have built a far better country for themselves despite their limitations in the size of their population, natural resources, living space, AND despite their lack of English proficiency.

      Frankly I haven’t found any evidence that Filipinos are any better in English than Singaporeans. Maybe you’re talking about the accents? Filipinos speak English in a way that mimics Americans, which is all very pretentious anyway. Doesn’t prove that Filipinos are more proficient in English.

      Another fact to consider is that Singaporeans aren’t leaving their country in droves in stark contrast to Filipinos, hence your comparison is moot. Furthermore, your claim that Filipinos are running the economy is dubious and laughable.

      And what’s more, you seem like a typical Pinoy pride-ist. I have observed that Filipinos have this delusions of grandeur about themselves that other nationalities find quite bizarre. Perhaps this is why Filipinos aren’t taken seriously when it comes to international dialogues and diplomatic negotiations.

      1. singaporeans generally consider singapore “safe”
        and other countries unsafe violent and dangerous
        that makes it quite hard for the average singaporean to want to work overseas

        1. Not much different mindset from another affluent Asian nation: Japan. They go out of the country for leisure, not for work for the most part.

    3. And why you say that showoff flip? Because you’re proud to be pinoy? Here’s a question that you can’t always answer very specifically since you have a nut-sized brain: be proud of what exactly?

      1. Here’s a question that you pinoy praydists can’t always answer very specifically because you always use your heart than your brain:


    4. Singaporeans are jealous of Filipinos for what reasons exactly? Before you go further, let me remind you that the Philippines ranks as 3rd world, is one of the most corrupt nations in the world and its culture is based around fleecing, bullying and exploiting those with genuine work ethic, compassion, ethics and morality for their own gain.

      I’m Filipino fundamentalist Christian myself but I’m not a deluded idiot. I’m a realist. Filipinos have nothing to be proud of. If you are Christian yourself and read the bible, you would readily see that it condemns your own people and government. Just read Isaiah 1:23 for starters.

    5. Singaporeans Jealous of third world philipines? You got to be kidding. You guys are like refugees going everywhere to look for jobs and yet you say you are running our economy. ( bunch of day dreamers ) If you are so good why dun build up your own country and compete with us. Its a fact that philipines is a slump , corrupted country. You guys are just too prideful to admit it. After we have used you guys, we will kick you back to your slumps and you will have to move on to infest another country like pest.

  19. Pinoy here and I have to admit that many filipinos think we can speak better english and our english is more audible. Many or almost all are clueless that other nationality does not understand our/filipino english because of our accent. Many singaporean professionals speak english grammar correctly compared to filipino professional. Try speaking to many Filipinos and they will mix American english and singaporeans will be clueless to what they are saying.

    1. think it’s possible it might be due to the idea west is better than east?

      philippines have a western religion for the majority, and it’s often given as a reason for filipino superiority.

      whether filipinos can speak english well is another issue, the main thing is they do speak and ……….. that naturally for a nation who believes in superiority of the west , speaking english alone , and being the only english majority speaking nation who counts english as a native ability and somehow related to intelligence.

      it infers filipinos are the smartest in the entire region.

      in singapore, the idea of speaking english has only taken root in the last 2 decades and the stigma of speaking english fading. previously , speaking english opens one to insults of betraying your own culture.

      1. Do you consider Christianity a western religion? All of its stories take place in the Middle East. Unless the majority of Filipinos really do hang on the every word of the Vatican. I guess I do see those idols of Italian Renaissance Jesus and Mary all over the place, rubbing in the idea that it’s all about white people. The colonists really did a number on this place, huh?

        1. Christianity/Catholicism has its roots in Judaism; it originated as a Jewish cult. But you cannot deny that as an organised religion, it has evolved over the centuries, incorporating traditions that have no relation to any Judaic belief system. These practices, ideas and philosophies are drawn mainly from the regions where the Roman empire had influence, reflecting the fact that the spread of the Christian religion outside of the Levant was due mainly to the efforts of Roman converts.

        2. christianity is actually a western/european religion.
          it was never that strong in middle east.

          it was installed as a state religion by the romans and from then on spreaded strongly by western culture, other than the opening stories which were stated to have happened in the middle east. everything else is very western in value/morals stories
          jesus’ love and all that.

          a parallel can be seen in the east with buddhism. it came out from india spreaded to china and the rest of east asia with china’s imperial might during the tang dynasty in the form of zen buddhism like in japan/korean/vietnam
          buddhism , considered an offshoot of hinduism is virtually extinct in india.

          personally I’ve often considered philippines/filippinos as “white” in many ways, though perhaps not the way filipinos want me to. nontheless filipinos are very “white” in various cultural aspects due to spainish colonialism

      2. You just described colonial mentality in a nutshell. I wouldn’t jump on the idea that “West is better than East” thing though. Not everything that came from the White man was positive (excessive consumerism for one) while Eastern cultures have thrived with Confucian values that led to the rise of the Asian work ethic. How much this affects Filipinos outside the Chinese diaspora there…not so much unfortunately.

        1. Anon

          I have personally met very very hard working filipinos
          non chinese, mixed blood yes , maybe with chinese but looks more european.
          very smart very hardworking.
          and the common links are all with the core family unit and what the parents teach.
          so the issue isn’t with society or race but what mom and dad taught you as a kid.
          the west also believe in hard work, honest hard work. you see the common man celebrated with movies and shows. how being honest gets you called a hero.

          both societies have their good and bad areas

  20. And don’t argue a Filipino regarding racism if he or she thinks that Philippine spaghetti or pizza is the same or near taste as Italian. haha. It shows just how brainwashed we are by out american influence culture and media. Many has no clue that Singapore is more culturally connected to many of her south east asian neighbors and their english influence is British.

  21. Filipinos seems to have share the plight of Jews in Europe during the Nazi Regime. Hatred and anti-semitism was the Nazi’s agenda during their campaign. Jews were hated by Germans during the economic crisis when Germans where defeated during WWI and economic sanctions were imposed by the Treaty of Versailles. The German Jews were good in trade and technology and were steadily employed that locals envied and hated them stirring nationalistic sentiments. The Nazi Party used this reason to win the support of people and finally to get rid of them taking all their properties. The Jews became the scapegoat of the woes of the Germans during crisis.

    The hate thread of Filipinos was just to stir nationalism among the public in order to force Singaporean government to remove Filipinos in the labor market. Singaporeans like the Germans feel they should be the top priority to get the jobs available for them.

    1. I fail to see the connection beyond being “persecuted groups” seeing as how most Jews of the time held financial positions in banks which are arguably more reputable than serving as domestic helpers most Filipino workers in Singapore are.

    2. I don’t understand you making comparison between persecution of Jews and Pilipinos. The foreigners trying to work in Philippines are also limited getting hired by any employer, and have to go through a lot of red tape and expense to get a job. Pilipinos always pull the victim card, and I think using the Nazi comparison is way off the mark. Kind of disgusting in insensitive.

  22. well, i worked and lived in SG for a few years. i had hoped the author would have tried hearing from someone else who was there.

    do singaporeans hate foreigners? well, that’s an issue. the young singaporeans were born into affluence. in my personal observation, most young singaporeans are quite reasonable. racial harmony is definitely part of the collective consciousness. but they are also quite a stressed lot driven to extreme competitiveness. so when they see a foreigner taking a moderatel to high paying job they naturally start compare.

    do singaporeans single out filipinos for hate? hmmm… i never saw that in my workplace.

    but i did see some filipino bad habits that were brought from home to SG. quite a few bad habits. it’s that habit of blatant exhibitionist rowdiness and inconsiderate behavior that singles them out for derision. i guess that would be the pinoy pride thing.

    which makes it all a tragedy, because many more filipinos are in SG mainly because they’re of the hardworking and decent type. they don’t want to be judged on the basis of their misbehaving countrymen. and they don’t want to be judged by opinionated people who’ve never been there. and it includes many people here.

    thanks and mabuhay.

  23. Medyo mayayabang din kasi mga filipinos porket mas marunong mag english. pinagtatawanan nila mga foreigners na hindi maxadong marunong dun sa language. i’ve encountered many times in street or public place, pag may grupo ng mga barkada.. grabe ang iingay. akala mo kung sila na lang ang tao. cguro yung mga nasa singapore, maingay kasi nasa grupo sila at okay na lang na mag ingay. basta, ilang mga filipino ayaw maapi pero sila ang umaapi. pag sila ang maapi, todo reklamo.. madami din naman sa atin ang umaapi tlga sa mga foreigners.

    1. oo nga. maapi din mga pinoy. pag ina-api todo reklamo. racist pa nga eh. biru-in pag mejo dark tone ang kulay nang tao, kinakantsayaw na negro, uling etc.

  24. Dexter,

    The Japanese and the Germans are not that great at English. Most Japanese do not speak any English.

    Their countries are clean, their people are smart even without English.

    English= progress is the British ( American) colonial teaching.

    1. The Japanese and Germans have in their languages technical terms. They were incorporated in their languages, many years ago. These people are : innovative, resourceful, and their leaders are very responsible.

      It is the character traits of these people, that make them great.

        1. Irate OFW, Why don’t you speak for yourself than blabbering senseless things. Ohh and one more.. Putanginamodin.. Ugali mo ayusin mo.

  25. Again, if we want to answer this question we need to turn the tables on ourselves instead of rely on that good ol’ Filipino tradition of passing the blame onto someone else except ourselves (i.e. religion, the white man, language, the colonialists). We are too many Filipinos in Singapore and it’s felt everywhere the Singapore’s turn! We call them xenophobic? We would be also. Imagine how we would feel if we suddenly discovered 3.5million foreigners of one nation every time we stepped out of our house (180thousand foreigners in Singapore would equal 3.5million foreigners in the Philippines). In fact we ARE just as xenophobic! Go up to Baguio or Angeles City where large numbers of Koreans live and you’ll hear racist comments coming from the Filipinos there also. Our countrymen there don’t like the feeling of being taken over by those foreigners. Get on the internet and read the vicious and nasty racist comments coming from our own countrymen.

  26. How would we feel if our government were letting our businessmen to import workers in order to keep salaries low. The Singaporeans have valid reasons to feel this way. Filipino college students are sent to work in hotels for “job experience”. The hotels get their labor for FREE and the Singaporeans lose their jobs. That’s just one example. We would not like it if businessmen imported cheap labor into our country to displace the Filipino worker.

  27. Now take it one more step. . . How would we feel if those 3.5million imported cheap workers insulted us by saying we’re stupid, lazy, barbaric. Oh wait. . . We should know how that feels because many foreigner come to our country and say the same thing about us and we don’t like it. Why should the Singaporeans like it? Get Real? We are imported not because we’re more skilled or better workers. We are deported because our governmenent is inept. We are imported to increase the profits of Singapore businesses who are willing to throw their own workers under the bus! We’re scabs! (scabs meaning workers who are willing to displace workers for lesser salary).

  28. And we can take it a step furthers. How would we feel if those 3.5 million imported workers (some/many being TNT’s) who insult us decide they want to celebrate their national day in Rizal Park. How would we feel seeing the Chinese flag, or the Korean flag raised in a big party like that. Orchard Road in Singapore is a social point for Singaporeans. Of course it’s going to hurt their sensitivities! But we call them xenophobic. We would be just as xenophobic if another nationality did this in Rizal Park. Let’s get real and consider how we would feel under the same situation.

  29. I’ve been to many of the countries where our OFW’s are working. We like to tell ourselves that we are providing a service to those countries. We are good workers, loyal and the beloved heroes everywhere we go. We don’t see how we are pawns being used to replace the local workers by greedy businessmen. We are hated and despised by the locals of those countries. Don’t be suprised when the people of other countries begin to rise up against us in the near future. Singapore is only one of the first (but not the first) of many more to come. I know this for a fact. Wake up Filipinos! You’re being used and victimized and hated. Take care of our own country first.

    1. Edwin,

      I may not like all pinoys becoz they are self righteous, prideful for nothing, lying, no integrity etc..( general perception from foreigners ) But what you are saying makes absolute sense.

      Instead of going all over the work looking for jobs and bragging over nothing. Why dont you guys go home and build up your own country. Then show those who belittle you how good you really are. Otherwise continue to eat humble pie and work without stirring trouble and talking big in the host country you work for. ( saying you are better than us etc ) People hate you guys for that, let me remind you.

  30. Philippinos girls are dangerous, money hungry bitches that will stop at nothing to get what they want. Be careful, don’t be fool by their naive, soft, sweet talk, gentle voice, sad look, innocent act….RUN as far as you can. They will steal your men and rob you blind. BE CAREFUL people. They are TROUBLE……RUN away and think twice before you EVER friend a PHILIPPINO…..They will rob you blind…..

    1. Do not generalize ! Its a pitty you still have that hate in your spirit , regret if you experienced that kind of circumtaces to my fellow countryman. Not telling you tobe selective just be carefull, peace!

  31. Philippinos women are the money hungry folks that will do anything for money. Do not fall for their naive look, soft spoken, gentle talk. BEWARE and stay away. Vanessa Belnas Regodos a philippino bitch working in Yishun as a domestic helper and sells sex on sunday is a SLUT that screw 2 men out of all they have and dumped them. She is dangerous and SICK slut.

  32. Vanessa Belnas Regodos hired as a domestic helper in Yishun is a dangerous SLUT. She sells sex and is dangerous. She hates her job and can’t wait for the old men she caring for to die. She is SICK and dangerous.

  33. Pinoys are lazy, liars, stupid folks. All they interested in is MONEY. Only thing they are good for SEX. They are nasty, dirty citizen. Be careful women and do not trust your men with any pinoys. Be careful. They look innocent and so naive….They are DEVIL inside. BEWARE and stay away……NASTY DIRTY PINOYS……

  34. Singaporeans are much lazier. Why do you need pinay women to wash your dishes and help you out clean the house anyways? You think your country is rich and capable of anything? I’ll piss on your country and shit on it, because that what Singaporeans deserved – a piece of shit.

    1. rich filipino families do have maids too right? they need helpers because probably both the husband and wife works and nobody gets to take care of the kid. just saying.

    2. Knightrider,

      Besides being piss off and ranting, what else can you do. pinoys are self righteous, prideful for nothing. You say why we need your women to do cleaning here? ask yourself. Why are you guys so desperate for jobs? Since you guys are cheap and desperate, people just exploit you. Its a fact! if you guys are really so good and full of pride. then go build your own country up. Then you dont have to be insulted where ever you go. Not happy go back. That our challenge to you. Otherwise eat humble pie and work without complaining. Beggers cannot be chosers.

  35. I’m filipino and working in singapore. we shouldn’t generalize that singaporeans hate filipinos. few s’poreans expressing disgust or hate towards a group of filipinos don’t represent the entire population. it’s true that some of the pinoys here are very rowdy and inappropriate in public. i am annoyed myself at times. these improper behaviour are collectively taken into account giving them more pieces to believe that we are an infestation. because they can be guilty of generalizing too. especially those who really haven’t worked closely with a filipino professional. i have not experienced racism at my workplace nor in the neighbourhood. really, it’s a matter of how you act.

  36. i have been to several countries in my lifetime and i have observed that my ability to speak english and do my job well above average… intimidates a lot of my co-workers and even more so when i get promoted ahead of a lot of oldtimers…the locals blame me for their misery and thus get treated with a lot of non-cooperation and sometimes even sabotage… and worst, be the brunt of gossips…sometimes it gets so bad that the only recourse is to resign and find work elsewhere…..envy was the root of my problems… and it seems evident in the case of singapore…i guess it is the same everywhere….

    1. so true sis! its’ like we are the anne hathaway of countries.. you hate us not because we work hard but because we are beautiful.

  37. Most Filipinas leave their country to find a better life for themselves, NOT for their families, that is a convenient fairytale.
    The God of all the people of the Philippines is not Jesus Christ, it is MONEY and Filipinos will do ANYTHING for money. ANYTHING.

    Everyone in the whole world has a very low opinion of Filipinas.

    1. and play the victim card passionately, it works .. most of the times

      A filipino caught with drugs – oh, he was driven to do it (and that comes out even for some who had prior conviction)

      A filipino killed a person overseas – oh, he was forced to kill, wait, we will raise blood money ..

      A filipino killed a person overseas – he / she is innocent, the employer/vile foreigner fabricated the whole story

      If life overseas is so bad, why go overseas ?

  38. Gee

    I see so much hatred for Singaporeans by Filipinos, filipinos playing the victim card

    if we hate Singaporeans so much, why the F do we go there to work ?

    Oh, yes, they are lazy .. I forgot

    Lazy and husband and wife working so they need a maid to take care of their children, and in the process being gratiously allowed by Filipinos to employ a Filipino

    Yeah, right ..

    If that country sucks, suck it up and stay home

    Biting the hand feeds is what Filipinos are good at doing, of late … unlike the true OFWs of older years who went abroad because of talent, now they are running overseas, and stealing jobs of natives not just in Singapore but elsewhere, because there is no freaking jobs in Philippines

    And qualified nurses working as bed nurses ? Bed nurse-changing pampers of older folks, instead of working as full time nurses, and more and more women taking up jobs as bar girls, doing more than serving a drink at times..

    Good growth, I have to agree

    And the Filipino pride of speaking “AMERICAN” ?? in Singapore ????

    American is NOT English, English came from England and if we are quick to curse Singaporeans for not knowing American why do we go there ?

    Allow a million foreigner to Philippines and then see how you react if they become overbearing

    Don’t mention Chinese because Chinese are as part of Philippines Culture and economy, heck, Chinese Taipans control every other business.

    Truth is every foreigner who has a genuine job offer in Philippines get treated like a criminal, with DOLE publishing all their info.

    Maybe Singapore should do so .. for fair employment, demanded by Filipinos.

    Fair employment because Philippines is in Tatters, and bullying the feeding hand is the way to go ..

    Good going ..

    And threatening to invade and destroy Singapore ? keep going so Singapore can start a real extermination of Filipinos. Don’t compare it with Holocaust if that happens, Singapore is THEIR COUNTRY, and we are guests. They have the right to eradicate any pests that are starting to dictate terms.

    Get back home, and instead of shaking a leg, starting fixing Philippines !!

    BTW, truth be told, Filipinos love all things American, though Americans treat Filipinos like crap. And behaving like an American doesn’t make anybody an American .. and looking down on Singaporeans won’t make us richer – it will only make us rich in our delusional mind !!

  39. Your arguments are faulty to begin with.

    Not all Singaporeans hate all Filipinos.

    Not everyone is asking the same question.

    Don’t encapsulate an entire race comprised by millions of different-minded and different-opinioned individuals as if they all think and feel the same.

    Your writing style is faulty because of your use of hasty generalizations.

  40. “Pinoys” act arrogantly no matter where they are, it is the norm on their own country and in many western countries the locals are brainwashed to tolerate such behaviors by their own government. Singapore is a fairly new developed country and they will not let Pinoy’s barbaric ways ruin what they worked hard in decades to achieve.

    Why Pinoys are arrogant? They are loud and obnoxious as a collective(when they are alone they act as though peaceful and hardly capable of such blatantness)and having the audacity to celebrate their culture on another territory as if conquerors. When they group together they lose all sense of humility and gratitude for having given jobs and new home.

    They are like muslim groups in many European countries, they force everyone to believe their beliefs and laws their laws.

  41. I say kick all the foreigners from Philippines. Especially Perverted Caucasian rapists, Chinese mongoloids taking all our resources and kill all the government officials so we can actually govern our own sovereignity. Once we kill all corrupted government officials and kick out all these foreigners we will all be better off!!!

  42. The answer to this question is easy.
    1) Brutal. They are backstabbers. They will cause someone to lose their job if they are jealous of whoever’s salary is higher than them.
    2) Materialistic/Realistic. If they feel that you can benefit them, they will go closer to you and discard you as soon as you no longer benefit them.
    3) Annoying. Will make fun of you in front of their friends.
    4) Very convincing lyers. Cos why not? See point 2.
    5) Their gals like white dicks and do anything to get a green card
    6) Superficial. Get rid of that western accent. Stop acting like your ancestors is from western countries. So what if they do?
    7) Pinoy pride/Overly proud
    8) Most are assholes
    9) Even if you are nice to them, dont expect them to be nice to you. Except if you are pinoy. Then again, pinoys do backstab pinoys

    Thats all for now. This is coming from someone who associate with pinoys for over a year. Dont believe their lies!

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