Senator Bong Revilla’s privilege speech to end all privilege speeches!

Senator Bong Revilla’s delivered his privilege speech on the 9th June 2014 as charges related to his alleged involvement in the pork barrel “scam” were being laid against him by the Department of Justice. It opened with an appeal to Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III to lend him an audience whilst he expressed his sentiment before the public. Revilla insisted that his conscience was clear but that he is ready to face his accusers and defend himself there.

With that said, Revilla spent the rest of his time at the podium imploring the good graces of the President and the people who voted for him (20 million of them, he says) to focus on what is important — the welfare of the nation, including, among others, job creation, relief operations in aid of the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, reducing rampant criminality, and alleviating hunger. All no-brainers, of course. But it seems Revilla simply needed to remind us that the Philippines is a Third World country beset by Third World problems.

Revilla spent a bit of time on a call for “unity”, appealing to Filipinos of all walks of life to ‘help one another’ saying that he holds no doubts that the Philippines can advance if everyone, specially their leaders, help each other.

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He cited the renewal of the people’s trust in government as the key challenge today, and that leaders and representatives need to come to the grassroots and understand the problems at that level. More importantly, Filipino leaders need to set good examples that provide moral clarity to their constituents.

Revilla called on all to put an end to petty politicking and to rally behind the flag by ditching partisan colours. It is his “wish”, he said, that there be no more yellow, orange, green, blue or red; that there is only one kind of blood flowing through our veins, Filipino blood.

He cited the damage that all the mudslinging, hearsay mongering, and name naming has caused the government, most specially to Congress — certainly something that only goes towards eroding any further trust Filipinos have for that institution, perhaps (he speculates) ultimately aligning with the emerging agenda from some quarters to amend the Constitution and abolish Congress.

He also laid out a long list of people to thank starting, of course, with the Almighty himself, then his family, his colleagues (naming specific ones), and other top official’s who presumably touched his life and office.

Revilla capped his speech with a promise that he will continue to love his country and that he will come back stronger after weathering this personal crisis. He closed with a song “Salamat Kaibigan”. According to him it is an original composition dedicated to his friends.

Netizens have criticised Revilla’s speech as lacking in any substance, specifically around any effort to address the charges against him. But it seems this take on the speech is missing the point. It is, after all, a privilege speech, and Revilla did say any arguments related to the charges are best tackled at the proper venue — in court.

Of course it can be said that there was some if not significant degree of embellishment of words, particularly when it came to citing the contributions and achievements of his choice personalities — something (aside from the song, as pointed out by many) that does cause a bit of a cringe considering that Congress is widely-regarded nowadays as a vast den of crooks.

Still, the message to Filipinos is pretty good. How, after all, can a message advocating unity and working together towards the advancement of one’s country be considered bad? Trouble is, it’s all become quite cliched, specially coming form politicians. Thus the tragedy of good intentions routinely confused with good speeches. That’s Philippine-style democracy, in a nutshell.

24 Replies to “Senator Bong Revilla’s privilege speech to end all privilege speeches!”

  1. Bong Revilla? I thought it was Billy Flynn defending Roxie Hart. If prayer is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Unity in color seems to be the last refuge of a pinoy politician scoundrel.

  2. I got a better song for Revilla.
    It’s called “Cry Me A River”.

    Now you say you’re lonely
    You cried the long night through
    Well, you can cry me a river, cry me a river
    I cried a river over you

    Now you say you’re sorry
    For being so untrue
    Well, you can cry me a river, cry me a river
    I cried, a river over you

    You drove me, nearly drove me, out of my head
    While you never shed a tear
    Remember, I remember, all that you said
    You told me love was too plebeian
    Told me you were through with me and

    Now you say, you say you love me
    Well, just to prove that you do
    Come on and cry me a river, cry me a river
    ‘Cause I cried a river over you

  3. Jeeeze, good luck Mr Revilla! This administration is all about petty politics & divisiveness. You were even instrumental in letting the executive branch spread its tentacles to put into place its henchmen in both congress and the judiciary. Who’s senate president now? Who did they place in the supreme court?

  4. I have heard such kind of privilage speeches; when I was still in the Elementary School. Only now, it came from a different Politician. What did Revilla do, in the past years of his term, to improve things for the country? Why did he vote for the impeachment of SCJustice Corona? Why did he allow himself to be used by Aquino, to control the Judiciary? Do I believe that he did these acts, without selfish motives? How much did he receive, in return?

    The privilage speech is no more than a “palabas”; like his “movies”. The movie actor did nothing but act in the Senate Floor…

    I have lost trust in politicians a long time ago. I have lost trust in Aquino. I have lost trust in the Senate and Congress…

  5. There you go. An actor is always an actor. One example of a Politician who does nothing in his seat for years. Thank God that this case is moving now.

    1. If you are measuring “movement” of the pork scam case as compared to a glacier then yes, you can thank god it’s moving.

      Isn’t it obvious that the filipino people is just given a run around with their idiotic “inquiries” and “hearings” and press releases. If they really wanted heads rolling, then they should have conducted a real investigation from the get go. What we have now is far from a real investigation, with everyone doing everything they can to save their asses for 2016. The administration shows lack of sincerity as they are also on a mission to cover their own asses too.

      And behind all these, poor Juan is just happy to have his day job and afford to take his family to jollibee on the weekend, saying thank god.

      And poor Pedro, is still wearing his slippers thin walking the streets and cannot find a job, thinking how to get his family through the day…again, and says thank god, he is still alive.

      Thank god for the idiots in office!

  6. I’m honestly at a loss for words. I can’t believe the entire population isn’t calling for this guy’s head.
    Thankfully, beer is cheap in the Philippines.

  7. I saw the pattern of BS Aquino’s scapegoating in making fall guys of the opposition senators. The daan na matuwid is being invoked to deceive our people again and again. It was always bulok na daan and baliw na daan from the beginning. I have questions… Why is the KKK and the Liberal Party not even being prosecuted? Who is the mastermind behind the PDAF and DAP? Yes BS Aquino is again trying to look squeaky clean with his trial by publicity propaganda. Many of our people swallowed this hook, line and sinker. What happened to the presumption of innocence? BS pronounced the opposition senators guilty from the beginning and there is no more due process. Ibagsak ang diktadura sa malacanang!!!

    1. what are you talking about? He’s not in jail yet is he? “BS pronounced the opposition senators guilty from the beginning” where the f$%k did you get this idea? I’m not a PNoy supported but your statements absolutely have no basis.

      1. You are talking about the same moron who kept telling Corona to resign. Which is already moronic for a sitting president but this was even before he had his day in court . Lindsay Lohan is more sober than Noynoy is tactful. Btw , based on your reaction , you are a Noynoy supporter.

        1. Wow, you guys have so much hate for PNoy that you guys consider defending this Bobong Revilla and Junggoy just to point out administration flaws? Or do you seriously believe these guys are innocent?

        2. Nobody here is defending them . What we will not do is pretend that the crime stops there. Noynoy is such a moron and slacker yet he told this gullible country that he would make the best president. Let me guess, you believe his allies have no stink. He coddles them like he did Puno and Padaca and his cabinet’s own porn star. Why don’t you go to Lacierda and assume the position since you are so enthralled.

  8. Franklin Drilon : “I pray that you will be successful in bullcrapping while still keeping status quo. Ipaglaban mo ang pagyaman natin,”

    Revilla lauded Senator Ralph Recto for his control expertise, Senator Tito Sotto for being a “kuya sa pagnanakaw,” Senator Gringo Honasan for his “backstabbing tendencies,” Senator Loren Legarda for her “gayagaya” and Senator Antonio Trillanes for being a “sellout” .

    To Senator Sonny Angara, he said, “I look up to your father, continue his legacy of amassing money from the people.” Revilla was referring to former Senate President Edgardo Angara. His message for Senator Grace Poe, daughter of action star Fernando Poe Jr. was along the same line.

    “I will always treasure your father’s advice and guidance when embelleshing funds,” Revilla told Senator Koko Pimentel, referring to former Senate President Aquilino Pimentel Jr. To Senator Nancy Binay, Vice President Jejomar Binay’s daughter, he said, “Your father can be proud of you. Because you became a government official without a single ounce of qualification”

    Addressing Senator Bam Aquino, Revilla said,“Keep it up, you’re on the right track! Keep the Yellow Fever going!” Senator Serge Osmena he called “a good liar and a good conspirator.” He meanwhile encouraged Senators Pia Cayetano and Cynthia Villar to continue stealing from Filipinos.

    Turning to Senator Escudero, he quipped, “Please be careful with your money, heart needs it” referring to the latter’s partner, actress Heart Evangelista. He maintained the cheerful tone when he spoke to Senator Lito Lapid, who he called “Leon Guerrero, The Live.”

    When he talked about Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, a vocal critic of those implicated in the pork barrel scam, Revilla said, “I am praying for your heart attack.” Santiago recently deferred a seat in the International Criminal Court for health reasons.

    He also addressed Senator JV Ejercito, the brother of co-accused Estrada by former President Joseph Estrada, saying “Ang pagiging peke mo ay tulad ng iyong ama.” He also joked that the brothers should temporarily settle the enmity they have for each other because they’re in the limelight.

    Revilla meanwhile assured Senator TG Guingona of his betrayal, especially the latter headed the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee that probed the Napoles scandal and pushed for charges against him, Estrada and Enrile.

    “Co-Conspirator” was how Revilla addressed Estrada, amid reports that the detention facility for them has already been prepared at Camp Crame. “Di ito ang katapusan natin. Money is preparing us for something better,” the senator told his temporary ally.

    “One of the oldest corrupt” was how he described Enrile, lauding the latter for his “brilliance and experience in corruption,” “You are undoubtedly the ultimate salesman,” he told the embattled former Senate President.

    My corrected version of Revilla’s latest speech. 🙂

  9. They did the crime and got caught. This is a big plus for our nation growing up. I expect our stock market to rise later. Wala ng lokohan, it cannot be sustained. This is the best thing that ever happened to me in a long long time.

      1. Oh so you’re one of those. You must be a big fan of them, a relative or a close beneficiary. You probably still think Marcos wealth was not ill-gotten. No explanation required.

  10. Bribe giving is a crime. Bribe receiving is also a crime. So, Aquino and Revilla are both probably guilty of the crimes…

  11. SO, when does someone get the ‘PRIVILEGE” of throttling this guy right in the mug for being so arrogant? what a dork, that picture of him would look so much better with a few missing teeth.

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