Senator Bong Revilla might just become Philippine President in 2016

A lot of people are ‘shocked’ that embattled Philippine Senator Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr is still planning to run for President in 2016. After all, he is one of three Senators being charged by the Department of Justice in relation to the pork barrel scam. But, really, the premise behind his bid for the Philipppines’ highest office is quite simple

“If we need to sail in 2016, as long as our countrymen ask for it, I’ll be up to it because I’m innocent of the charges being hurled at me,” Revilla said in an interview on radio dwIZ. “I can look every Filipino in the eye, and I have nothing to fear.”

The look of winnability: Philippine Senator Bong Revilla

The look of winnability: Philippine Senator Bong Revilla

Revilla is right, of course. Anyone can be Philippine president as long as Filipinos “ask for it”. The presidency, after all, is a minimalist office as far as qualifications are concerned. One just needs to be popular enough to win an election.

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In short, a decision to run for Philippine president comes down to winnability.

There is, after all, tens of millions of pesos at stake. This is the magnitude of funds required to mount a successful presidential campaign. But that does not count the tens if not hundreds of millions at stake for a president’s backers. Often this comes in the form of quarantees of sweetheart deals in the bidding for government contracts within a presidential term. So when a candidate is seen to be winnable, he will get the backing and the funds to do just that.

But, Bong Revilla is implicated in the Philippines’ crime of the century??

Yes he is. But, you see, what is at work when one sees it that way is a mind conditioned by the norms of ‘civil society’. What we in the so-called “intelligentsia” think does not, necessarily mirror what the Philippine masses — the 95 percent of Pinoy humanity we often forget exist — think.

We need look no further than what happened during the last senatorial elections. Every social media hack and “activist” huffed and puffed about how grossly-unqualified candidates like Nancy Binay were to be a Philippine senator. Yet, as we know now, she, topped the polls along with showbiz child Grace Poe.

Binay and Poe were both highly-reviled by the chattering classes for what was perceived to be their audacious bids for those offices given their “qualifications”.

So now it is Revilla’s turn to be the subject of an online campaign to ridicule yet another audacious bid for not just a top office but the top office of the land. Given this, would-be “activists” should ask themselves a key strategic question: Should all their sloganeering be directed against Revilla? Or should these be directed towards the Filipino Voter.

The truth about Philippine democracy is inescapable. Filipinos choose their leaders. As such, the quality of their leaders mirror the national character. That’s not a very complicated equation. It’s as straightforward as it gets in terms of explaining why the Philippines is what it is.

The challenge, therefore, is in coming to terms with and ameliorating the stark reality that 95% of the Philippine electorate do not think the way we do and may just go out and vote Revilla for President in 2016. He’s got the looks, he’s got the presence, and, thanks to this noisy circus, he got the media mileage. Bad publicity, after all, is better than no publicity. And when it comes to the Philippine electorate, there are no bad or good politicians — only popular ones.

If Revilla does become President of the Philippines in 2016, there’s certainly gonna be interesting times ahead, specially for all the pork barrel suspects that have been laughing all the way to the bank under the watch of President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III

50 Replies to “Senator Bong Revilla might just become Philippine President in 2016”

  1. The old saying goes: One scandal is better than 10 successes. Many sympathy votes will follow. Oh, he is so kawawa.

    That fucking asshole!

    I hope he runs, spends tons of money and loses big time.

  2. Scandal or no scandal, the question each filipino should consider before the 2016 elections is, apart from singing and dramatic speeches and trying to look good with his eyeglasses, what does this Revilla have to offer to the country if he becomes president?

    Another should be, what were his real accomplishments during his tenure as a senator?

    Dammit, even a fifth grader will know if this jerk will be able to handle a country. He cant even run his own family properly.

    If this guy makes it as president then filipinos are outright stupid blithering idiots.

    1. “If this guy makes it as president then filipinos are outright stupid blithering idiots.”

      He got the most votes when he was voted into the Senate. Aquino, Pacquiao, Lapid, et cetera, the list goes on.

      I think the blithering idiots branding is not in question anymore.

  3. “If Revilla does become President of the Philippines in 2016, there’s certainly gonna be interesting times ahead, specially for all the pork barrel suspects that have been laughing all the way to the bank under the watch of President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III”

    Unfortunately, living in “interesting times” is a Chinese curse.

  4. Ruling Profession or majority of our POLITICIANS are ff.:

    a. Popular Actors/celebrities – whose nature of work is movies/TV (fantasy or not real world), often Lack of political acumen due to poor observation & awareness of the real problems of our country. An actor turned politicians can easily be manipulated (puppet) by people around him.

    Just because someone is popular (name recognition & charisma to capture votes and manipulate our mass with looks, smooth talk, sing or dance around important issues) doesn’t make him a leader.

    b. Lawyers – whose nature of work are disputes of legal matters (negative). They simply talk or discuss & disagree/argue with one another and often forgets logic and reasoning. So they usually end up fighting w/ one another. Thus, no one cares anymore, who is right and who is wrong. All that matters is who is friend and who is foe.

    “Being in a fight creates a new frame of mind, attitudes, expectations, and reactions that comes w/ arguing. Because the parts of the brain that handle reason and logic will be dormant. And the parts of the brain that handle hostile attacks — the fight-or-flight response — lit up.”

    This is why our political system is so divided and Philippines remains to be a 3rd World.

    We need Leaders from other professions like the ff.:

    a. Architects/Engineers – whose nature of is to Create/Build/Plan (positive)

    b. Doctors – (Dr. Mahathir) who cured & made Malaysia a very healthy (wealthy) nation.

    1. Dale,

      Military officers not in the list of who are capable of leading the country?
      Military leadership involves management of all kinds resources. also enforcing discipline among it’s ranks. And devices strategy to solve a conflict.

    2. I’m sorry Dale but I don’t agree with you that we need Architects or Doctors.

      We need leaders, leaders who will put the right people in the right government position (delegate), who can communicate his thoughts in coherent, organized manner, who puts into actions his promises, who will be responsible to mistakes he’ll make, who has moral integrity, and who is ready to adapt with proven processes.

  5. As I recall there’s an allegation of manipulation in the 2013 senatorial poll: 60-30-10 pattern was discovered and most likely administration allies like Poe had benefited.

    If DAP becomes unconstitutional, well that might be a blow to Pnoy and co. seeing any presidential wannabe can easily capitalize on that issue when the right time comes.

  6. Does not matter if the next President is
    Bong Revilla
    or Bong Juice
    Nothing will change.
    Another six years of antics in the Asylum.

      1. Thom doing good, trusting you are too.

        Grand show case never ending trials
        Grand searching for the billions of stolen dollars and cannot find a cent.
        Grand plans for the economy.
        Blah Blah Blah Blah

        1. @ YAWN,always great to see your still here and jabbing away!!! its good to know that you know they are all thieves.As much as I support this blog sometimes it seems that MAYBE some ‘others’ think that there are some of these creepy scumbags that are not just outright thieves. Then if it is brought to the ‘attention’ of these ‘others’ they seem to get insulted to the point that they are compelled to agree, but, with the stipulation that it was already ‘understood’. All that despite essays that seem to indicate other wise.IDK, and do not care…the ‘BONG’s’ of this world are seen for what they are…THIEVES/HOODLUMS-in-ROBES. Where is ‘ROBES-PIERRE’ when he is needed?

          KEEP FIGHTING!!!

  7. If good looks and popularity could solve our country’s problems…then, Revilla could be a President. It’s time to educate our fellow Filipinos…Cory Aquino started the idiotic qualification of President, as being inexperienced , uneducated housewife. Now, Presidents can be as unqualified as they can be; and yet be elected. When they are in office, they don’t know what to do; and are very dependent on people to perform their duties.

    We have so many problems…from unemployment to Filipinos multiplying like rabbits. We have international problems.

    Does Revilla has the education, experience, tract records to solve these problems? He did not even finish any degree…he is a unaccomplished and passive Senator.He is just an actor…I am tired to Show Biz personalities, becoming politicians…they extend their Zarzuelas to their offices, they are elected…

  8. If Mar Roxas and Bong Revilla will compete for presidency in 2016, I think Revilla has a better chance of winning.

    1. Why do you people treat the elections as if it’s a spectator sports? Your way of thinking is what got this country into deepshit in the first place. Why don’t you focus instead on what these bozos have to offer instead of their winning chances.

    2. And once again steal taxpayer’s money and use them only for themselves all thanks to stupid idiots like you dimwit.

      1. To be more specific, you only want him to be your president because instead of checking his achievements if they’re decent or not, he’s a popular action star and you expect him to give you freebies from taxpayer’s money you palamunin.

  9. Marami pa ding supporters si Revilla na hindi gumagamit ng internet, kaya hindi netizens ang buong mmayang pilipino.

  10. It is not only in the internet that we can spread information and educate our countrymen.
    This is the weakness of Filipinos: passiveness, apathy and don’t care attitude. Then, they complain about the qualities of the leaders, they elected.

    Solving a problem is not sitting and watching a problem. It is thinking (if you have brain), formulating a solution and trying the formulated solution…

    Our country has many problems. We need people who can lead; have brains to solve problem; and have the ability to implement solutions to the problems..

  11. Didn’t he get arrested in HK for cocaine possession?

    The guy belongs in jail, and that palace should be turned into a rent free motel/hotel for all filipino’s.

    The guy deserves to have that smirked wiped right off his mug.

    1. “It’s easy to win the elections but what if I won?”
      – Dolphy

      That is the question you will surely fail to answer because you’re stupid.

    1. And why him? Because he’s a famous action star? Are you watching too much of his “pwede na iyan” movies you idiot?

  12. “I can look every Filipino in the eye, and I have nothing to fear.”Its a hard thing to do if you think you are guilty but having him saying that,I think he is sincere.I’ll leave it to the Supreme Court..

    1. Trixie babes said: “I can look every Filipino in the eye, and I have nothing to fear.” Its a hard thing to do if you think you are guilty.

      Morally rotten to the core politicians are so caught up in their own twisted world that they are not even aware of what puss filled scumbags they are. Expecting honesty from such a human excrement is just plain idiotic.

  13. With the way that the government is playing their cards, that’s just going to happen. We all know how Filipinos are when it comes to UNDERDOGS, complement that with good looks and popularity = A VOTE!

    Then, once this placeholder gets elected it’s going to be EDSA DOS all over again. Syempre, having Revilla as president isn’t good for business and the economy.

  14. Our Media has a social responsibility to make Philippines/World a better place by promoting/influence an intellect society and leave a positive impact on our people. And not just pursue profit from news maker at the expense of making our people dumb or brainwashed.

    “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.” by Malcolm X


    Why FULL ATTENTION is given to an accused Magnanakaw (big-time thieves/plunderers)? Our media are obviously being paid w/ money stolen from us.

    Why GLORIFY the Corrupt people? Instead of castigating the act and educate our people of the ill-effect of Corruption. Our media make our people dumb or brainwashed.

    With all the TV, radio, newspaper, prints, social media (internet) exposure given to them – I’m sure it also benefiting them both (Estrada & Revilla) whether it’s Free or Paid publicity.

    Notice how they look so good on picture/video and how smooth they talk during interview to get the sympathy of our people/stupid voters (majority). Somehow it maybe a way to groom them as a legit opposition to run as President or Vice President.

    Politics is the art of deception.

    It’s more about making the public believe half truths and lies to gain votes. Politicians will stop at nothing for power and wealth,

    Observe that recent elected Philippine Presidents are all from (pretend to be) opposition so as gain people support.

    Will Philippine History repeat itself again & again & again…..?

    Just imagine if one or both (Ramon Revilla & Mayor Joseph Estrada) eventually die before 2016 Presidential election.

    Our stupid voters may catapult either/both Bong & Jinggoy to be our next President or Vice President.

    So sad…..

  15. I wonder if this convicted jailed Senator could have a chance to rule the Country by 2016 ? Filipinos couldn’t be that stupid to vote for this corrupt thief stupid Senator.

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