Katie Hopkins’ Anti-Islamic Tweets: Is she more than just seeking attention?

Filipinos won’t have a problem with eating pig fat-laced chocolate, but Muslims do.


So Cadbury had to recall their products when outrage sparked on pig DNA found in their chocolates. To Katie this isn’t a problem. She had a good time riling up the jihadis despite being called a racist.

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Mind also that not all Muslims are Malaysian, and not all Malaysians are Muslims. So how could she then be racist? Is Islam even a race?


So she poked fun at the same religious group who declared jihad on Pepsi. So what?


A Muslim mother lamented that they do not know how are they going to cleanse themselves and thus she fears hell from their moon god Allah.

That Muslim woman should save her grief because actually, being bad has nothing to do with what she eats. This isn’t about religious beliefs. This is about moral accountability on a personal level. You’re not bad just because you ate pork, ate in McDonald’s, or went off your diet.

Being bad has a lot to do whether you put anybody else in misery.

If you stuffed your kabit’s bed with taxpayer money, slit throats of animals and letting them slowly die, and slacked off too much with your studies and yet begging your mother to give you an iPad while she’s working in the Middle East, then you are a bad person. And you should feel bad.

Think about it. You may be what you eat, but does pork specifically “weaken” the morality of anyone? Or even their intellect? Is there even a research that reveals mental retardation due to pork eating? There’s risk of neural degeneration from halal beef–Mad Cow disease. There’s also risk of getting kuru from eating human flesh. But bacon, lechon and chicharon?

If pig DNA does make someone go weak, then why? Surely there is a better explanation than Allahu Akbar and “Don’t you DARE criticize Islam!”


Katie may have been screaming for attention like Kris Aquino, but when somebody repeatedly makes tweets bashing jihadis (in effect butthurt Muslims as well), does that discredit WHY she and Britain First hate Muslims?

15 Replies to “Katie Hopkins’ Anti-Islamic Tweets: Is she more than just seeking attention?”

  1. Why is acceptable to criticize Christianity but not Islam? Why do Muslims get special treatment? I don’t get it. All religions are bullcrap.

    1. Hi, there, Atheist. Though I may not agree with you that all religions are bullcrap, but you nailed this:

      “Why is acceptable to criticize Christianity but not Islam? Why do Muslims get special treatment? I don’t get it.”

      Way to go, man! 🙂

    2. Not all religions are bullcrap. Only the faiths of the sons of Abraham(Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are – they betrayed the people. This is coming from a son of Abraham – a prodigal son, that is.

      1. You don’t look like a fan of Gorbachev. Neither do I. Hahah #PutinFan

        How did the Abrahamic religions exactly betray the people? :))

        1. Of course, it’s very insulting to say that all religions are bull crap. But I get their point: I take that you, Impaler Triumphant, is in some way affiliated to an organized religion, that’s why there’s a subtle hint of defense on your question and answers. Religion has all the elements of brainwashing. It makes people surrender their reason and gives false promises of metaphysical rewards to the obedient. All religions do this. For references, you can see works of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, AC Grayling, Neil DeGrasse Tyson. 🙂 Nice article by the way!

        2. Hi, Alexipharmic!

          Thank you for appreciating my article. Yes, formally I am affiliated to an organized religion, though I take pride in a different way of worshiping its God. My professor put it quite succinctly: Spiritual, but not religious.

          Yes, I agree with you that religions do have their own brands of brainwashing, but to what end? What do they have to offer. It all boils down to what they teach. Christianity has its basics: love your enemy. Buddhism also has its remove all desire.

          So what kind of person does the follower become after they’ve been seduced by the religion? Do they become compassionate people? Do they become assets to the society? Do they succeed in life? Or do they become bombers, rapists, or simply assholes?

          I have a particular problem with Islam because the Qur’an contradicts itself in so many ways. There are verses that tell you to smile and walk away from the unbelievers, then there are verses that tell you to kill those who don’t disagree with you (Sura 9:5).

          Contradictions smell strongly of hypocrisy. But since many Muslims believe it’s perfect, the more religious they become, the more they think it’s okay to kill people simply because the kaffirs don’t agree with Muhammad or even question the teachings.

          Thus, kung yung kumpare kong atheist na mabuting ama at kaopisina, at very professional, dapat pa rin siyang patayin simply because di siya naniniwala kay Allah? LOL that is just sick.

        3. @Impaler Triumphant The Bible itself has its own set of contradicting and controversial verses. But it takes an open mind to accept that fact. Sure, you could criticize why muslims aren’t allowed to eat pork (and blood, and some other things), but please respect their beliefs. Mind you, some conservative Christian denominations also don’t eat pork and blood (which is based on Bible verses like Leviticus 11:7-8).

          Also, though don’t take my word for this, if ever a muslim eats pork unconsciously (he/she ate something that he/she didn’t know was or has pork) he/she is absolved from sin.

          I also don’t think muslims refer to Allah as a ‘moon god’.

        4. I agree with Mohamad. I was raised by Catholic parents (although I’m a non-believer) and have read the Bible thoroughly to notice passages and verses that are cringe-worthy. One of the worst gifts parents can bestow to their children is the unfettered indoctrination of religious values based on ancient scriptures. And no religion is exempted from this generalization.

        5. Sure, the Bible has a lot of contradicting facts, but it doesn’t prescribe the believers to do its tenets. I like the Bible because it says history the way it is.

          Hey, you look like someone who knows Islam as mucha s I do. Then you know that “Allah” predates Islam. “Allah” is a name to a moon-god deity when most Arabs were pagans.

          If Muslims get absolved for eating pork unconsciously, then maybe the Malaysians victim of pork-laced chocolate should know what you think.

          I know many people don’t eat pork aside from Muslims for other religious reasons. But like I told Alexpahrmic and everyone: “Does pork consumption necessarily weaken the morality of anyone?”

          Please reread my article.

        6. “Does pork consumption necessarily weaken the morality of anyone?”

          Again, your opinion is valid but please respect THEIR beliefs.

          Concerning, Allah as a moon god, I only know that that was just a claim put forth by some Christian groups. Allah is arabic for God from al (the) and ilah (god).

          The bible does prescribe believers to do things. However, it is up to authorities (priests, bishops, etc.) to guide the faithful on which beliefs to follow and which not to follow.

          Lastly, the bible doesn’t always say history the way it is. It is not a history book. Take for example the four gospels. Some details contradict each other.

          For example, Jesus’ last words

          according to Matthew are “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”,

          according to Luke “Father, unto thy hands I commend my spirit”

          according to John “It is finished”

          There are many more inconsistencies. So I really would not say that the bible is a good history book nor is it a science book. Some of the faithful make these mistakes.

          The Bible and the Quran and other religious books should only deal with faith.

        7. Hi Impaler Triumphant. I understand where you are coming from. As an advocate of unrestrained inquiry and scrupulous reasoning myself, I gather that you are trying to smack some sense in the incredibly ridiculous idea of not eating pork as it makes you unholy or sinful. And this stigma is carried by Muslim people. This is one of the mimetic codes from the teachings of Koran that unfortunately do not conform to the moral zeitgeist of today. Or perhaps, it’s a meme whose truth-value wasn’t distilled by a thousand years of living in civilization.

          For example, in the Bible, it prescribes death for apostasy, homosexuality, adultery, and yes, disrespecting one’s parents. But today, this draconian consequence is no longer warranted. This only means that morality is evolving, protean, and self-reflexive, possibly because of the sedulous application of man’s reason and philosophies: What was absolute then can be talked about, raised questions for and against, and can be argued about- without end. This is what living in civilization has taught us.

          However, my caveat to you, Impaler Triumphant, is be careful of framing questions such as “Does pork consumption necessarily weaken the morality of anyone?”. This is a logical question that you know will never be intercepted by a logical answer.

          In the same way, I know an erudite Muslim can point out mimetic codes from the Bible that still exploit Christian’s credulity up today. Cases in point are the vicarious redemption (by Jesus Christ), the concept of original sin, parthenogenesis of Mary to Jesus (although scientifically this is possible, Mary’s immaculate conception is still arguable, let alone, Jesus’ claims that he is the Son of God). 🙂

        8. Mohammad, I respect people’s dietary preferences due to religion. All I did was simply point out whether their diet does affect their morality–and by morality, the way they treat other people, and the way they think about other people.

          Alexpharmic, if I can’t get a logical answer to my logical question, then I don’t think that’s my problem. Haha.

    3. Islamophobia is a greater problem than anyone realizes. The world has become so obsessed with political correctness (PC), and that has coddled hypersensitivity in many ethnic and religious groups.

      By the way, we have a term for hypersensitivity here in the Philippines: balat-sibuyas

      1. Hi again, Amir! True, the world has become too concerned for the feelings of others such that we don’t make them accountable.

        Unfortunately, there are still many politically-correct people like Teresita Salas on Facebook. Haha.

        What do you think we should do about political correctness?

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