All eyes on the chi-chi lifestyle of Joseph Luis ‘Jolo’ Estrada!

Joseph Luis ‘Jolo’ Estrada, son of beleaguered Senator Jinggoy Estrada may have set his Instagram account joloestrada17 to private (or deleted all his photos), but not, it seems, before someone captured screenshots of his erstwhile public photos and posted them on the site

Indeed, as the would-be ‘patroller’ quipped, “Jeane Napoles is so yesterday!” The captured photos (if they are, in fact, genuine) provide a peek into a chi-chi lifestyle that would make Jeane’s LA-LA lifestyle seem rather wretched in comparison.

Feast your eyes dahlings

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Ouch! Kids nowadays. Time was when all they did was put the occasional dent on daddy’s car. Now they make big gaping holes in daddy’s legal defence and public relations machine. The power of social media, indeed.

7 Replies to “All eyes on the chi-chi lifestyle of Joseph Luis ‘Jolo’ Estrada!”

  1. …and who on earth are the bozos clicking the like button. Just looking at that kid’s face with his arrogant evil eyes I can see he is a major fuck head. He represents everything that is wrong with privileged Filipinos these days. Someone please shoot that cock, he is just breathing our air.

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  3. Since the monies cannot be recovered I think the solution to these is that there should be an international vigilante that will just hunt down and kill these people. The purpose is not punishment but to deny them and their children the use of funds which can be used to run for public office and repeat the cycle. Look at what the Marcoses did.

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