Alleged reckless driver Jeffrey Roxas-Chua meted light punishment for speeding on Skyway

Jeffrey_Roxas_ChuaThe LTO finally suspends Jeffrey Roxas-Chua’s driving privileges weeks after he allegedly sped past the motorcade of Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III and resisted arrest as officers gave chase. He was also fined Php1,000. The system supposedly works — when the ‘victim’ is no less than the President, that is…

In an incident report released Monday but dated April 16, Senior Police Officer 3 Manuel Mandapat, duty team leader of the motorcycle security of the presidential convoy, said that “on or about 161345 April 14, a red Mitsubishi Evolution Lancer bearing the plate number UWI 797 driven by a certain Jeffrey roxas Chua, residing at NR 33 Sto Tomas Street, Urdaneta Village, Makati City suddenly as per report of Presidential Security Group securing the presidential convoy… tried to recklessly overtake the vehicle of the Presidential Communication Operation Office forcing the driver to slow down and give way.”

The same report added, “the driver of the said vehicle continued to swerve in and out of the presidential convoy at the right curve approach of the NAIA toll gate, prompting the standard operation procedure to heightened alert due to the breach of security… that said vehicle even overtook the whole presidential convoy at high speed and fled away towards the Bicutan exit .”

It was only upon “acting on instructions from the commanding officer of the Presidential escorts” that a motorcycle escort in the presidential motorcade gave chase and apprehended Roxas-Chua who tried to evade arrest by “increasing his speed to approximately 180 kph.”

But then

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After the incident, Roxas-Chua had allegedly said: “Kay President pala kayo ha. Ganyan pala. Humanda ka pag nanalo si Binay at Erap, ipatatanggal kita.”

(Roxas-Chua noted after the incident that his apprehenders were the President’s people and threatened to have them removed when presumed future presidential candidates Vice President Jejomar Binay and Manila Mayor Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada win the 2016 elections)

Footage allegedly of Roxas-Chua caught on Skyway cc-tv

Footage allegedly of Roxas-Chua caught on Skyway cc-tv

Roxas-Chua for his part claimed in an exclusive interview with Top Gear Philippines magazine that he possesses “very juicy” video footage of the incident and is mulling over whether or not to release it to the media.

Most Filipinos put up with reckless driving in their streets and highways — something that, along with many other misdemeanours and crimes, has become an ordinary thing that goes unpunished in the Philippines.

[Image of cc-tv footage captured from a GMA News report.]

29 Replies to “Alleged reckless driver Jeffrey Roxas-Chua meted light punishment for speeding on Skyway”

  1. Don’t you just love that? It is not what you do but who you say you know and what you think their chances are in the next election. I just love Pinoys who are so self entitled that expect you to bow at their mere presence. We are not worthy Sir Jeffrey.

  2. Filipinos are reckless drivers – few practice giving way to other drivers. It’s just “Hey you, me first!” and to those PUV drivers whose only defense is “I’m just working here!” when they drive like there’s no tomorrow.

    This kind of attitude isn’t isolated in Manila alone. I’ve been to a few provinces in the Philippines but the worst for me has got to be in Negros Occ.

  3. Whatever happened to a more serious asshat? The one who drove against the direction of the traffic on Skyway and actually rammed into vehicles? That guy nearly killed people, simply he was supposedly distraught over a break-up or something. But as long as the president is not in danger from it, it will likely be ignored.

  4. The guy is a nephew/relative of a politician? and maybe even related to The VP of the country? If that is so it would serve the POS cops right!Cops sit on their asses all day long and get paid to thrash anyone who gets out of line, like the goons/punks they are.
    Wang-wang and all the special treatment given to politicians should not happen, let ’em sit in traffic like everyone else! Then maybe they would do something about the tremendous traffic jams and headaches all the rest of the people get every time they get on the road in the country.
    it really is a laugh that people think the guy actually runs the country,HA! He listens to Foreign World Power leaders and the Philippines business leaders tell him what to do and when to do it. Like all the rest of the politicians in this world, politicians are ‘YES’ men/weasels that do not serve the people’s interests but rather that of the dominant industries leaders.The people should be outraged, but are not. They are so concerned with osing the few things they have (but not for long!) to actually do something to correct the massive thievery taking place in the Philippines and everywhere else too.

    Didn’t Aquino say he was going to stop the WANG-WANG crap and sit like everyone else in traffic jams? Yeah, sure he will. Full of shit he is!

  5. This is the negative characteristic of Aquino. He is a very vindictive person. Respect is earned, not imposed to people…People will respect you, Mr. Aquino, if your respect yourself.

    The motorcade was there…the “wang-wang” was there; and this Dude went on to overtake the “wang-wang” motorcade…he got more than he can bargain for… for, he was given a lesson…you must stop and pull out from the road; when a “wang-wang” is coming. Bow your head…or kneel, if you can…someone Holy is passing by…

    Corrupt people in the Aquino administration are not even given a slap on the wrist…but overtaking an “important person” motorcade…you get a fine…or even worse, a jail sentence…

    1. Oh come on. Its the same everywhere. Try doing that on the Presidential Convoy of the United States. I’m willing to bet good money that same person will get his EVO rammed down by a dozen secret service cars, his ass dragged out in the dirt, and criminally charged for endangering the president.

  6. Driving really fast in a mitsubishi evo, in-and-out of traffic… Its just really cliche and tacky. Something out of the fast and the furious. Things would have been different if he used a luxury vehicle.

  7. What speed was the presidential convoy moving? If they are travelling at less than the maximum speed limit then Chua has every right to overtake them and the convoy should yield.

    It seems to me that Pnoy and his PSG are just being themselves, childish and immature. So what if the convoy is passed by an EVO, what is the big deal about it?

    Reminds me of this one time I had to pass a convoy of scooters, underboners, small, noisy motorbikes. Since there were a lot of them, I had to break their convoy, which, being the common pinoy motorist, childish, immature and idiotic, it pissed them off really bad to the point I had to stop at the next town’s police station just to avoid getting myself killed by the idiotic mob.

    1. “If they are travelling at less than the maximum speed limit then Chua has every right to overtake them and the convoy should yield.”

      You obviously have no brain, no knowledge and do not know any piece of information about driving

      get back you your shitty life and make it better please

      Ikaw na ang may pinaka bobong comment na nabasa ko

  8. A case of “How dare you, I’m the President”.

    Well aren’t you a public servant?
    Then get me a fucking glass of water!

  9. What boy racer did was obviously wrong. Presidential convoy or not, he should have yielded and the worst thing, he was running 180kph with police on his tail. I know its exciting to drive a turbo charged car but please do it in the right places. We do have circuits, bryan o’connor wannabe.
    Lastly, going fast on a straight line in a 2 liter turbo, requires less skills. Dont be to proud.

    1. yabang no pre?

      sabi niya sa peysbuk niya may juicy bidyo siya ahahaa

      jefry roxas chua asan ang bayag mo ngayon???

  10. Actually sorry to inform you guys… but this asshole is driving AGAIN! I personally know him. You will see him on funruns with other car enthusiasts. SMH. Only in the Ph.

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