The Truth About Anne Curtis and Jellyfish Stings


News about Anne Curtis suffering from a box jellyfish sting has been all over the internet for the past several days now.

Not that we didn’t notice that news of Anne Curtis getting treatment from several hospitals for what she and her publicists say could have been an “almost fatal” jelly fish sting follows another account of the celebrity reportedly lashing out at her sister’s boyfriend in a drunken rage.

anne curtis box jellyfish stingOf course we aren’t saying that Curtis and her publicists staged the jellyfish sting incident — we couldn’t be THAT mean.  Moreover, the pictures of Anne is a state of undress pumped out into the internet clearly shows red welts on her mid section.

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However, because of the way ABS-CBN usually sensationalizes stories, we are expecting an overblown and over the top reaction from government agencies, non-government organizations, fisherfolk groups, and the general public.

Wasn’t it just a month ago that ABS-CBN reported that there was a flesh-eating virus epidemic in Pangasinan?

So before Pnoy’s minions start wailing all over the internet and calling for a full court press of government action against poisonous jellyfish as well as other dangerous sea creatures that attack celebrities, let’s see what we’re really up against.

Just how dangerous are jellyfish stings?

An article on About Scuba Diving presents some helpful information:

The most toxic type of jellyfish is the Box Jellyfish (Chironex fleckeri and Caruka barnesi) found in Australia and some regions of the Indo-Pacific. The venom of the Box Jellyfish has been known to kill a person in five minutes.

People react differently to jellyfish stings. Consider a jellyfish sting as a “dose” of poison. The smaller the person, the greater the effect of a jellyfish sting will be. Just as some people are highly allergic to bees and may go into anaphylactic shock from a single sting, other people may be unusually sensitive to jellyfish venom and may have a similar severe reaction.

As can be gleaned from the excerpt of the article, NOT ALL BOX JELLYFISH carry venom that can kill people.  While there may be other kinds of jellyfish that can be potentially lethal, the article names just two kinds of Box Jellyfish:

Chironex fleckeri.

commonly known as sea wasp, is an infamous lethally venomous species of Box jellyfish living in coastal waters from northern Australia and New Guinea north to the Philippines and Vietnam. It is considered the most lethal jellyfish in the world because of the numerous incidents resulting in injury or death to humans.

Notorious for its dangerous sting, Chironex fleckeri has tentacles up to 3 meters (9.8 feet) long which are covered in thousands upon thousands of cnidocytes which, on contact, release microscopic darts, each delivering an extremely powerful venom. Being stung commonly results in excruciating pain, and if the sting area is significant, an untreated victim may die in as little as 3 minutes. The amount of venom in one animal is said to be enough to kill 60 adult humans (although most stings are mild).

Carukia barnesi

A small and extremely venomous jellyfish found near Australia. Stings can result in Irukandji syndrome, and thus this species is commonly known as Irukandji jellyfish, although this name does not distinguish it from other Irukandji jellyfish such as Malo kingi.

A mature C. barnesi’s bell is only 12 by 30 millimetres (0.47 by 1.18 in) in height. It has four contractile tentacles, one extending from each bottom “corner” of its bell, ranging in length from 50 to 500 millimetres (2.0 to 19.7 in).[1]

The jellyfish was discovered by Jack Barnes, who, while on an exploration mission aimed at determining the reason for Irukandji syndrome, allowed himself to be stung by the jellyfish, while his 14-year-old son and a lifeguard looked on. The jellyfish was later named after him

I am not an expert on jellyfish stings or venoms, but judging from accounts of Anne Curtis’ jellyfish sting, it seems that she’s suffering from a mild sting of a type of jellyfish.

Just based on the accounts, there is no mention by a physician or an expert that it was INDEED a box jellyfish sting like chironex fleckeri.  Moreover, I haven’t yet come across hospital records from Batangas or St. Lukes that confirms the actual type of jellyfish sting.

So there’s really no reason to think Anne Curtis’ jellyfish episode was life threatening other than the celebrity’s own assessment of her condition.

We can understand the panic and pain she feels — especially considering that such a sting may damage her otherwise flawless skin, which is clearly an asset in her career as an actress, show host, and beauty product endorser.

37 Replies to “The Truth About Anne Curtis and Jellyfish Stings”

  1. If you get stung by a Jellyfish , the best thing to do is to pee on it.
    appropriate for p!ss artist Anne curtis!

  2. It’s the production staff’s responsibility to research on behalf of the celebrity’s safety. They were being careless. As usual. As for Anne, she is a victim of ignorance. Poor gal. Honestly, as long as she has a good and strong ability to heal, that sting won’t damage her skin cause anyway, it looks pretty much like a light skin burn. I don’t understand why people hate Anne Curtis, though. Yeah, sure she can’t sing but she does a decent job of acting and is a grand endorser. I prefer seeing her on the screen over Kris Aquino any day! So you people hating on Anne you sure you aren’t being Jelly?

    1. Jelly? wow you think that makes you sound clever? People hate her because of her bad attitude, but apparently the people hating her aren’t enough in numbers people this spoiled brat still keeps getting endorsements left and right.

      And it’s funny how you can see through Kris Aquino but you can’t see through little miss Anne Curtis, when they are both pretentious snobs who have a false sense of entitlement.

      1. I used to like Anne Curtis when she was on Show Time because she was funny. After hearing of the slapping incident with John Lloyd Cruz, I never looked at her the same way again. I’m surprised that she still has some fans and that she’s getting projects.

  3. I have it on good authority that the jelly fish was personally recruited by Sam Concepcion to inflict pain upon the evil, drunk, diva Anne Curtis! Miss AC diva is now hoping for the part as Cruella de Vil in the Filipino remake of 101 Stray Street Dogs.

  4. sisihin nyo pa ang jelly fish sa katangahan ng mg production staffs..bat di ninyo pa-inumin ng alcohol yan para maibsan pagka-KSP..Bad karma on digital mode lang yan

  5. smells like a PR stunt to divert the people’s attention from the issue that came out earlier this week.

    if it isn’t then i guess karma is real after all.

    1. Lets pray that the jellyfish does not have alcohol poisoning.
      And pray also for dumb animals, anne curtis included.

    2. Victory LIAR:

      What’s so ‘Christian’ about someone who says “I can buy this club and all of your friends!”

      Oh yeah, you’re a TROLL. 😛

  6. We wish Ann Curtis, speedy recovery. Be strong, Girl…iff you are still breathing…it means: you will recover…

  7. This life-and-death story will be repeated every time Anne gets the bad rep for her “one too many drinks”…

  8. Looks pretty painful, it might want her to wish she was dead, eh?
    Anne is a HOT-HOT-HOTTIE and gets a pass, every time!

    ….until she is a hottie no more! and that is the way it is…kinda like the way things are in the Filippines, the are going to stay just exactly as they are and no amount of bitching will stop it.

  9. Anne Curtis, WOWO!!!A HOTTIE 4 sure!


    and the people above offering prayers? BWAH HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! too funny!

  10. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Sure she gets all slutty and trashy when she gets drunk, but do you really know her? Before you look onto other people’s imperfections, could you take a minute or two of your precious time to look in the mirror and look at yourself? Everyone has their bad side, even the most respected people have their bad sides. So don’t act like your perfect because your’e not! No one is perfect for crying out loud!

    1. Don’t judge a book by its cover?

      YOU are the reason why the Philippines is a SHOWBIZ COUNTRY.

      TROLL. 😛

    2. Funny though. Alcohol actually releases your inhibitions. Everything she did while drunk is her on the inside. But yeah, no one is perfect. Everyone has his/her skeletons they don’t want people to see.

  11. or are you just bashing her because all of you are jelly of anne curtis. Admit it! Y’all want her sexy body and charming beauty that catches every man’s heart. Are you all acting childish because youre jealous that she’s a head turner and your’e not? Hahahahaa nuff’ said.

    1. Should we be jealous of some untalented broad who screeches like a cat in heat everytime she sings?

      Unfortunately for you, your attempt to troll here has failed miserably.

      Troll Harder

  12. I dont hate Anne. I don’t like her either. But i hate it when people call her bitch/slut/whore when she is drunk. I mean, people get drunk, and when they get drunk, they do crazy things.

    1. That’s why being drunk is not a good thing. AT ALL.

      Just read the Iron Man storyline “Demon in a Bottle” and you will realize why.

      1. Whoa, since we are bringing up Iron Man story lines from decades ago WS, I was thinking of Iron Man #200. Stane wanted to beat Iron Man so bad he cut corners and cheated. Of course Stark exploits it and wins in the end. Reminds me Noynoy as Stane and cheating applied to well use your imagination.

  13. As the saying goes – cash in singapore, brash in hong kong, flash in seoul, and trash in manila.
    Anne curtis flying the flag for filipina class! – and i bet it’s not the first time she has seen a doctor about a rash!

  14. I know the pain she experienced, I got stung by a jellyfish myself when I was 6 years, and it was one of the worst pain I can remember up to now. I am a doctor by profession and I know that a sting of jellyfish can kill. Symptoms can be from mild skin irritation to difficulty of breathing, allergic reaction to anaphylaxis, from simple pain to a dangerous chest pain. Her incident made us aware and educate us as to how dangerous this little creatures are.

    But reading to all the comment above Made me feel bad and see how bad mouth Filipinos are. I am filipino by heart but lived most my life overseas and those reactions above have a reason why Filipinos don’t prosper that is because all they see is negativity on everyone. If one person succeed instead of being happy some pinoys will say otherwise! Admit it some pinoys are inggitero/ inggitera they chose to find a negative on someone as a defense mechanism because they just envy soemeone.

    1. Your last paragraph makes you a total point misser.

      If you call constructive criticism, stating problems and making solutions are ‘negativity’ to you, then you have very low standards. Period.

    2. Typical na kababawan. What are you 14 years old?

      Blaming the lack of prosperity in this country on “negativity” and “inggit”. I’ve heard this line of thinking so many times it really pisses me off.

      “Oh Filipins no prosper bcoz of all da negativity! U all so mean! U all hurts me feelins. U all just jealouz!!!”

      I would agree with you if instead you said this country is in a rut precisely because of its dysfunctional and chaotic culture. But no, you have to blame it on negativity and jealousy.

      And the sad thing is, there’s so many Filipinos like you who share your line of thinking.

      Napakababaw talaga.

  15. Baka nga publicity lang to, pero kung totoo mang nasaktan sya, I pray na wala ng ibang maging victim ng box jellyfish..

    Sa lahat po ng nag comment, relax lang. Yaan nyo na si Anne, we all have naman our own share of craziness sometimes.

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