Mar Roxas’s Wack Wack suspension: another giant leap to a modern Philippines!

mar_roxasAnother giant leap for the lot of ordinary Filipinos who have long suffered under the culture of impunity perpetrated by their elected “leaders”! In a resolution issued by the Board of Wack Wack Golf and Country Club, the Philippines’ Secretary of Interior and Local Government Mar Roxas was reportedly suspended as member of the swanky club.

A club member, who asked not to be identified, said the board met Monday night and voted to suspend Roxas for two months after an investigation of the April 6 incident when Roxas purportedly screamed at club employees who insisted that he pay the green fee of a guest.

“Five [directors] voted to suspend him for two months while only one voted to simply reprimand him. Three [other directors] abstained from the vote while one was absent from the meeting,” the member said.

Roxas had earlier apologised for the incident. However, he also denied allegations that he viciously berated and cussed at club employees. Roxas reportedly said that the “unfortunate” incident will form “part of [his] reflection for this Lenten season”.

Fortunately for Mar, he does not have only the Church to turn to in this sudden time of need for absolution. Members of Philippine Congress had this week chimed in to lend their support for the embattled sidekick of President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III.

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Eastern Samar Rep. Ben Evardone bizarrely used the now infamous incident in Tacloban where Roxas raised the issue of partisan politics in a meeting with Tacloban Mayor Alfred Romualdez to buttress testimonials in favour of Roxas’s character….

“He always keeps his cool and equanimity. That was very evident in his now famous meeting with the mayor of Tacloban City shortly after Super Typhoon Yolanda struck. The video footage that was apparently secretly taken shows that he did raise his voice,” he said.


Errrmmm, yes, he did not raise his voice, further highlighting the revealing banality of the way he weaved politics into a crisis meeting that, at the time, could determine the fate of hundreds of thousands of lives of typhoon victims. Aklan Rep. Teodorico Haresco Jr, for his part, pointed out that “Mar remains a most humble, down-to-earth person in the P-Noy Cabinet.”

mar_roxasAll consistent of course, considering that these are all products of the popular vote — a direct reflection of the national character that they’d so quickly defend the actions of an erring crony. Whether rich or poor, Filipinos, after all, are renowned for their misplaced arrogance — often taking every opportunity to one-up the other in a hilarious race to some sort of social golden fleece.

Coincidentally, Mar Roxas is billed “Mister Palengke” in his own personal website. A fitting title for a politician with a growing track record of palengkera behaviour.

72 Replies to “Mar Roxas’s Wack Wack suspension: another giant leap to a modern Philippines!”

  1. majority of our palengkeras happened to possess much higher sense of decency and mutual respect..ever noticed them in silent action at trading/negotiating at our fishing ports?

    1. mar roxas? mr. palengke? what an insult to our hard working market vendors to have him numbered among them. they do not hide behind expensive attires as they ply their trade. this one, he is in branded get ups, but there can be no euphemisms for the crimes he has committed against plain and simple decency.

  2. In a blog here, I once described Tricky Ricky Carandang as the herald of Noynoy . Mar is all that and maybe worse. Still Noynoy’s Teflon is proving itself where none of Mar’s stink rubs off on the reason why Mar is in many of these situations to begin with. With exception of that round of golf. I still think nothing good can come from marrying a maid beater.

  3. Mr. Arrogance himself is known in many circles to be a complete ass of the highest order. European Company CEOs who had to deal with him have many stories to tell about his behavior which boarders on racism. Wack Wack should have suspended him for lifetime. After denying the allegations against him I ask: “Who is the shameless liar now?”

  4. Someone needs to stick it to Mar like it got stuck to Hyden Toro in another post on the blog. Read it, it’s pretty funny. Gotta keep the bastards honest, you know:

    Hello, Hyden –

    I don’t understand why you have to call me a yellowtard idiot. I wasn’t rude with you. All I was asking for was some clarification. And you were rude to me in response. Is it because I didn’t agree with you or take your side? That’s no reason to be rude.

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    1. Hey Roland! You Class-less asshat! If your mad at H.T. why not state so? BUT ,leave his Mother out if it. You can certainly behave in a way that doesn’t denigrate a Lady,yes?
      So why not apologize to the guy for insulting his Mother? and if you are still angry? Present yourself to the MAN personally and do what two MEN do to iron out their differences?
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      Do it in public…I DARE YOU!

      1. I didn’t know you cared so much about Hyden, JT. And there you go calling Hyden’s “Mother” (with a capital M, no less) a “Lady.” A dude who calls a stranger asking an honest question (did you read the post?) is not a “son of a lady” but a son of a bitch. Only a bitch would raise her son to treat others the way Hyden does.

        So you can bet your plump little ass that I’m not going to apologize to the pussy. And if that shit that Pedro Sanchez wrote is pure comic gold, what are you going to do about it?

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        1. U GOT NOTHING, nothing but being a douchbag. I do not even know the guy, Hyden Toro….but insulting a guys Mother & other Ladies is for douchebags like you!and your POS PC!

    2. @Roland Torres:

      Hoy…dayuhan na TellowTard. Magkaano ang binayad ni Aquino at Roxas sa iyo? Siguro pinakantot ka pa sa puta…sana magka-Aids ka, Ulol!!!

      Bibingwit na naman ako ang dayuhan na YellowTard…Roland Torres is an Asshole YellowTard on service to Aquino and Roxas!!!

      1. @roland Torres:

        Roland Torres is also a motherfucker YellowTard…bobo ang tarantado…akala mo magaling at maisahan tayo…

        Kung sasagot sa English ang mga asungot nina Aquino at Roxas…siguradong YellowTard na dayuhan ito…Howl to the moon for me dayuhan na YellowTards!!!

  5. Humility is a virtue and is rarely found among those who flaunt and abuse their authority political power. The abusive behavior of certain politicians shows that they are above and beyond mere mortals. They think that they can do anything they want to do with impunity. In certain exceptions rules, mass media and the law exposes, castigates and penalizes these abusive people.

  6. Fuck you roland torres. You are such an idiot. Bobo. maka Aquino. Feeling matalino. Ulol. Bumoto kay Aquino

    1. What does a guy have to do to read a blog in peace these days?

      Ok, let’s see if we can figure this one out. Hydie? Is that you? Or is this Hydie’s very aggrieved boyfriend? (Let’s call you Boyboy). At any rate, either you’re Hydie, or you’re not. Whoever you are, you clearly care deeply for Hydie, maybe even very deeply. Let’s do this on a case-by-case basis.

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      1. @Ben:

        Itong dayuhan na YellowTard na ito, ay binayaran ni Roxas at Aquino…pinakantot pa sila sa mga puta, in addition to their pay…sana magka tulo at kuto sila…

        Bibingwitin ko na naman ang dayuhan na YellowTard na ito…Ben is a mother fucker asshole YellowTard, on service to Aquino and Roxas..

  7. If it is true, the guy should be beaten to a pulp! WHY?
    BECAUSE HE IS AN ARROGANT CHEAP FUCK!!! There is no excusing this wannabe president-in-the-making.Whatta weasel. How much is the green fee to play a round of golf at that dump they call ‘exclusive’? I have been there and it is ‘average’ by Western standards, as far as country clubs go.
    This guy is no doubt rich, even by Western standards, and has become an ARROGANT MAN. “MAR” as he is lovingly refferred to is as big a scumbag as there is that country. His buddies will come to his rescue and any election he is involved in will be bought/rigged or whatever else is necessary to keep his arrogant as in office.

    It is CHEAP PEOPLE THAT ARE WORTHY OF THE WORST POSSIBLE TREATMENT. The fact that he is rich makes it even worse, adding to that,ARROGANCE and what do you get?
    an INTOLERABLE MONSTER….take him to the bottom of the ocean…and leave him there.

    1. Whoa, steady on there, champ! You might be on the rag right now, but that’s no reason to get hysterical! Of Mar you write: “take him to the bottom of the ocean…and leave him there.” Are you making an incitement to violence against a government official? I don’t know the Penal Code of the Philippines, but that doesn’t look legal. You might be a hothead, but what you’re saying is pretty extreme. Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is, if the law calls you out on your (now on the public record) incitement to violence?

      Look, before you do anything rash, I suggest that you step out of that airless shithole of a lean-to that you call home and take a walk. Breathe deeply. Fuck some shemales, if you must. Change your bloody sanitary pad. Just clear your head and think. Ask yourself this: is being such a hotheaded fool now worth becoming a prison bitch later, possibly for the rest of your life? Mar will still be rich, but your asshole could end up perforated many times over by strangers. Seems like a pretty raw deal, doesn’t it? No one is saying you can’t disagree with the government, JT – just don’t be stupid about it.

      1. YOU REALLY are a presumptuous douchbag aren’t you? What makes you think I am even inside that cesspool of a country? OR that I am actually Named JT and that JT is actually 4 different people?and that this could be written by any number of people?

        you’ve probably never heard of the TOR browser either.

        ROLAND, you are not an intelligent person. You are presumptuous to a blinding degree.Insulting, in the first-class variety, and arrogant to boot.

    2. Oh, and suggesting, as you do, that Mar “should be beaten to a pulp” is a pretty clear incitement to violence against a government official, too. Just sayin’, JT.

      1. YES, I think all rich people that are cheap should be beaten to a pulp, and then robbed.
        It has very little to do with the government.
        …and Roland, u kno Tomorrow? you will still be a douchbag!

    3. A quick look at the Revised Penal Code reveals the following. Art. 139 states that “The crime of sedition is committed by persons who rise publicly and tumultuously in order to attain by force, intimidation, or by other means outside of legal methods, any of the following objects: […] 3. To inflict any act of hate or revenge upon the person or property of any public
      officer or employee.” Recommending that Mar Roxas, the current Secretary of the Philippine Department of Interior and Local Government, “should be beaten to a pulp” as JT Jerzy does in his post seems to be an instance of inciting sedition. Cf. Art. 142 on inciting to sedition: “The penalty of prisión correccional in its maximum period and a fine not exceeding 2,000 pesos shall be imposed upon any person who, without taking any direct part in the crime of sedition, should incite others to the accomplishment of any of the acts which constitute sedition, by means of speeches, proclamations, writings, emblems, cartoons, banners, or other representations tending to the same end […]” Taking this at face value, one should hope for his sake that JT Jerzy is not currently on Filipino soil, cf. Art. 2 of the Revised Penal Code, or that anyone acts on this leading to conviction and sentencing, should the Code apply in this case.

      1. Oh look, another foolish minion of the malacañang miscommunications team trying to scare us.
        FYI, many fools like you have tried but failed.

        Like we said before, your boss wouldn’t need trolls like you if he were indeed doing his job.

        1. Johnny –

          Oh look, it’s an illiterate bottom-feeding herd animal who thinks he can speak for everyone here. Well, when you’re a hungry, desperate shitkicker whose life can be fairly described as the shit end of the stick, you would act as if anyone who voiced an opinion vaguely different from your own was your enemy.

          If you can’t tell the difference between exercising freedom of speech and inciting to sedition, then you are yet another reason why this country is going to shit. If people like you ever obtained power, then the Philippines’ transition to failed state would be complete.

          But you just can’t understand that.

          Crawl back under your rock, retard. At least there you have shelter and – if you can get to the bottom fast enough – a chance at food. And you don’t even have to think! Because when you try, all we get is some spastic action, cf. your comment above.

        2. Really now? You think your ad hominems can stop us here litle troll? Maybe you should get a REAL job since you are just some little twat being paid by your bald master to troll here.

          Grow a brain, yellow fucktard.

      2. Well, if this guy was actually at the Mall of Asia,RIGHT NOW…what would you do? OR if you were told that the guy is staying at the Bayside hotel on Roxas Bvd.,near UN ave, and that the guy will be dining at the bar of the pub that used to be called ‘OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE, the place called “SWAGMAN’s”, what would you do? buy the first guy who answers to the name “JT” a drink,LOL!!! and hope you don’t get beat up by the entire crew thats with the guy? THEN WHAT? Seriously, what would YOU do?
        U know, not all the ex-pats in the country are poop-butts, and no one ‘seems to be “inciting sedition” ‘ ,OK?you plastic butt-head!.
        Some are capable of a lot more than your tiny mind could imagine!Of course, just sayin….should the code apply, to shitheads like “Felix” and “Roland”.

        1. Bjorn, would you be so kind then as to inform us all what saying that a government official “should be beaten to a pulp” seems to be? Under the Revised Penal Code, it looks like “inciting to sedition.” Learn to read, shithead.

          I’d also be glad to hear from you when I suggested that “all the ex-pats in the country are poop-butts.”

          Lastly, do tell, Bjorn, what they’re capable of. You’ll make my day.

        2. IDK, what someone else means. Not my job to interpret.

          Got nuttin but isults,huh?

          so you and yur insults,PLEASE!!!!

          PLEASE Go up to one EX-PAT that is NOT an old man!OK? and insult his Mother,as you seem to like doing….and you yourself shall find out what you seem so despearte to find out. I make no guarantees, but hopefully,you will find out exactly what that statement means, the hard way!

        3. Thanks for speaking for Bjorn, JT. Good to see that you can’t tell when a question isn’t addressed to you.

          And thanks too for speaking for Hyden Toro’s mom. You’re a real knight in shining armor, Mamma Italia. It looks like Hyden was too chicken shit to do it himself. His nonreaction was even lamer than getting flogged with a warm lettuce. So yeah, I know what that statement means.

          Kita kits, pindeho!

      3. @Felix:

        Hoy Ulol na dayuhan na YelllowTard…huwag mong sindakin ang mga tao sa kabobohan mo…magkaano ang binayad ni Aquino at Roxas sa iyo? Siguro nasarapan ka pa sa pagkantot mo sa mga puta…bigay nina Aquino at Roxas…

        Kung sasagot sa English ang tarantado, siguradong dayuhan na YellowTard ito.

        Felix is a motherfucker asshole YellowTard of Aquino and Roxas…pawala nila ang mga ito…

    4. @ roland, felix

      This site serves as an avenue for people’s frustration with the poor performance of people like Mar, in this case. JT expressed his frustration and you people call it “inciting violence” and even to the point you suggest to penalize him? Which is in itself is kinda daft since you do not even know who he is and where he is.

      Read: Channel for people’s dissatisfaction.

      If your bosses were indeed doing their job well then people wouldn’t be voicing such frustrations here, simple really. Get that through your thick skulls. Good luck with going after the people who you say are inciting violence, empty threats, really.

      1. Joel,

        Just to put it in perspective — there have been other instances where comments posted by JT include suggestions to riot in the streets and express frustration by committing acts of violence not only against government officials but also anyone who is perceived to be well off or a member of the ‘elite.’ JT has suggested that Filipinos should be engaging in violent street protests akin to the riots in the Ukraine and in Thailand and that it puzzles him why we do not.

        1. I get it JS, JT Jerzy can be sometimes over the edge, but this new characters, felix and roland torres are fools to even think about going to this site and commenting like a$$holes. Instead of just getting their points across, they will also add a generous helping of vile words words and ad hominems just to muddle the discussion going on in the comments section. So much for intelligent insights, for them it is literally flushed down the drain. See his reply to comment below:

          “But you’re clearly a little boy who thinks…….. “us” and “them.”

          Where the hell did he pull that from? I am very sorry if this is off-topic but the GRP admins should have this MCG idiots looked over. Theirs is not contributing anything with the comments section.

        2. Joely, sorry to see you so upset. Let’s look at what you had to say, point by point. I won’t put words in your mouth, promise. This is all you.

          1. You write: “Instead of just getting their points across, they will also add a generous helping of vile words words and ad hominems just to muddle the discussion going on in the comments section.” Roland Torres is over the edge. But before you cry foul about “vile words and ad hominems,” consider this. Johnny Derp figured it was all right to call names. You figured it was fine to suggest that I’m stupid – “Get that through your thick skulls,” you say. And, I might add, my first post contained no “vile words or ad hominems.”

          So let’s see: not only are you a moron with nothing to say, but you’re also a hypocrite.

          2. You have yet to make even one intelligent point, Joely. Just one. You got told on the difference between exercising one’s right to freedom of speech and incitement to sedition. You got told on your being a part of the problem through your excuse-making. And your response? “So much for intelligent insights, for them it is literally flushed down the drain.” Literally, Joely? Show us that drain where it all happened.

          Joely, you couldn’t tell an intelligent insight if it slapped you in the face. Suggesting that people who don’t think like you are the lackeys of the “bosses” doesn’t count. Sorry.

          3. You write: “See his reply to comment below:

          “But you’re clearly a little boy who thinks…….. “us” and “them.”

          Where the hell did he pull that from?”

          That one, Joely, came from you. Anyone who can read can infer from your lack of sympathy for the government and your claim that its members are my “bosses” that for you this is an us versus them situation. So don’t play all coy like a bride on her wedding night, because it shows you up for the fool you are. Learn to be responsible for what you write.

          Joely: if you want to be a hypocritical, spineless, lying, irresponsible moron, that’s your problem. But if you expect others to see you as the champion of civil and intelligent discussion, you’re more of a fool that anyone could have imagined.

          The GRP admins should have you looked over. You are not contributing anything to the comments section.

        3. Johnny, I knew that you’d come around – it was just a matter of time. If I’m not hitting a nerve with you, then why are you back for more? It’s obvious – you’re obsessed, Johnny. You need me.

          Loverboy, everyone can see that you want to get it on but you’re rather clumsy. Your sincere efforts do continue to make me laugh. They’re a little predictable and getting kind of boring, however. Is that why you can’t get any play from the ladies? Keep trying to ice-skate uphill, you pot-bellied midget. It’s just funny to watch.

          Carry on playing with your balls, Johnny; I’ll carry on playing with you.

          P.S. I’m still laughing at you, by the way.

        4. That is correct, and everyone uses their real name on this website too!

          HEY ROLAND, YOU ASSHAT, you are so certain I live in Tondo,HUH?

          WHATTA DOUCHBAG!!!!

      2. Joeld,

        Nice try with the multiple paragraph layout. But with all due respect, you have no point.

        You see, Joely (if I may), it’s one thing to express frustration: even Roland thinks that it’s no problem if you disagree with the government. It’s another thing altogether to say, as JT does in his comment, that Mar Roxas “should be beaten to a pulp” and that stuff about taking him to the bottom of the ocean. That, Joely, you can call “incitement to sedition.” Look it up, it’s in the Revised Penal Code.

        But you’re clearly a little boy who thinks that “I’m frustrated” is an excuse for “He should be beaten to a pulp.” It’s lucky for everyone else that you’re not in power! There’s no talk of responsibility with you, is there. You might be legally an adult now, but your thoughts show that you’re still the little boy angry at the world for whom life is nothing but a struggle between “us” and “them.”

        Get that through your epidermis, you bloated jellyfish. The information doesn’t have to travel further, since technically you don’t have a brain.

        P.S. That “L for Loser” sign suits you well. Nice self-reference!

        1. Oh look another ad hominem
          Tell me, how does that make you smart? Hmm?
          Nice try, yellow twat but your trolling days are over.

        2. Johnny, now if I’m not mistaken, you’re obsessed with me! How nice to see you think of me THREE TIMES IN TEN MINUTES! That’s about once every three minutes – a healthy obsession. Tell, me, are you in love? Don’t by shy, loverboy. You’re among friends here.

          Whatever “job” you might have, it doesn’t look like it’s enough to stop you from being hungry, desperate, and stupid. But that’s all right – hungry, desperate, and stupid is the way I like to see you. Poverty suits you very well, Johnny. It really does.

          So, keep it coming. While your blood boils and you keep muttering “yellow fucktard” to yourself, I’ll just be laughing at you. You’ll still be the same hungry, desperate, and stupid fucktard that we all know you to be.

          P.S. Hahahahahaha

        3. Nah, you’re clearly mistaken. You are the one who’s obssesed not me. You can’t even think of a better ad hominem since you just recycled your last post. That’s pathetic.

          Your boss in malacanang has clearly chosen the wrong troll to send here since it’s clear that you are struggling.

          Grow a brain first before even attemptinh to troll here. Your trolling skills are very lacking.


          Think of a better insult.. Oh wait, you don’t even have a brain



        4. Johnny Derp,

          Looks like you’re feelings are all hurt. Three times in ten minutes – the evidence is there. “You are the one who’s obsessed not me,” you screech – the lady doth protest too much, methinks.

          Calm down, Johnny. It’s OK to be in love – it can happen to anyone, even you. Love conquers all, even hunger, desperation, and stupidity. In your case, it also makes them more intense. And I know you can’t help it, because you keep coming back for more. You’re such an animal – you’re insatiable!

          So carry on, Johnny. I’m still here and I’m still laughing at you.


        5. Sure, sure keep deluding yourself little troll. The fact is that your futile attempts at personal attacks aren’t being effective… all.

          Troll harder, little twat


          Hahahahahahahahaha x infinity

        6. Johnny, I knew that you’d come around – it was just a matter of time. If I’m not hitting a nerve with you, then why are you back for more? It’s obvious – you’re obsessed, Johnny. You need me.

          Loverboy, everyone can see that you want to get it on but you’re rather clumsy. Your sincere efforts do continue to make me laugh. They’re a little predictable and getting kind of boring, however. Is that why you can’t get any play from the ladies? Keep trying to ice-skate uphill, you pot-bellied midget. It’s just funny to watch.

          Carry on playing with your balls, Johnny; I’ll carry on playing with you.

          P.S. I’m still laughing at you, by the way.

        7. NOPE, its cheap rich people who abuse their ‘power’ (only given to them by the people) to abuse helpless waitstaff that need to have that power turned around and used on them, in no un-certain terms.This so they understand the position of power granted to them is not to any longer be abused.

          Maybe you think this allegedly charming ‘MAR’ deserves a slightly less harsh analysis? Like the time he famously pondered the last name of a mayor while thousands of people were dying?

        8. LOL, still up I see? Your bald boss in malacanang paying you overtime? What’s the matter, need money that badly?

          Word of advice: Get a real JOB

          Like I said before, keep being delusional in thinking that you’re getting upper hand, troll No matter how hard you insist that im obsessed over some immature fag like YOU only makes you look stupid here and you’ve already proven that by attempting to attack me with your pathetic ad-hominems.

          Shots were fired but all of them missed by a mile so it will take more than a lame, idiotic troll like YOU to get on my nerves.

        9. Oh Little Johnny, why so worked up if I’m not getting under your skin? Looks like you really need to come back for more. You are so obsessed!

          Still can’t get me out of your head? I know, you really love me. You’re kind of blatant about it, you know? If you weren’t planning on letting the world know, you kind of failed there.

          Let’s see: a “real job”, like yours, where you wear a Jollibee costume and get barebacked by a bunch of faggots with fantasies of fucking other species? Sorry, Johnny. I respectfully decline. I make more money in a year than you’ll ever see in your lifetime by living off your blood, tears, toil, and sweat – and I’m quite fine with that. The next time I open a bottle of Dom Perignon on the yacht you bought me I’ll raise a glass to you. Think of that next time you get double-teamed without lubricant by a couple of overweight sweaty dudes that smell like bacon.

          Carry on playing with your balls, Johnny; I’ll carry on playing with you.

          And stop being so boring. It’s disgraceful.

        10. @Foolish Felix
          You are so boring.
          You can’t even come up with a better insult than recycling that ad hominem…again

          I might just be “playing around with my balls” as you foolishly claimed but at least I have balls you on the other hand have none and mine are bigger than yours little troll with no day job a.k.a a BUM

          I know that you’ll reply with another retarded ad hominem in order to troll me so don’t bother since you already lost this argument.

          Your attempts at another attack against me have failed miserably.

          I have already notified the admin and your trolling days are over.

          Good bye and good riddance, loser with a capital L.

        11. Same thing works on me everytime huh? Then why do I detect lousyness on your attempts?
          Face it, you don’t have anything else to throw at me, you just won’t admit it, little troll with no balls and no brains.

          Sayonara, one trick pony

      3. Joel,

        Let’s agree that spirited discussion on GRP can lead to some rather heated exchanges. Sometimes involving colourful — if unneccessary — language. In the end it is just that — speech.

        Whether we agree with it or not, it is still protected as one of the principal rights of the individual. People’s standards vary. The one thing we should NEVER accept is that only certain groups or individuals — especially government — be allowed to dictate where we get our information or to control the thoughts of the general population through censorship. As a private enterprise, GRP certainly has the right to do so — it is not accountable to everyone — but that does not mean everyone will agree with that position or that it is the correct one. The beauty of the egalitarian nature of the Internet where this discussion takes place is that NO ONE forces you to participate.

        Now that we’ve established that NO ONE has a right NOT TO BE OFFENDED, I will agree with you that most of the commentary coming out of Felix and Roland tends to be off-colour and altogether has no place in civilised debate. It doesn’t demonstrate what you’d normally assume to be a ‘passion’ about any of the discussion topics on their part nor much insight. Much of it is petulant and childish.

        1. They are a coupla bad hombres dat Felix and Roland.
          Imma havva to be a-really careful next time I steppa into the sewer!

  8. IMHO that was one very bad example from Rep. Ben Evardone, I cannot say if he is being sarcastic or just plain stupid.

  9. Alright…let’s all calm the hell down and go back to the topic.

    This fiasco about Mar Roxas getting suspended at least proves that some people will give a damn about a politician who can just insult anybody and anytime just because he has power. This reminds me of Jun2x Binay’s “Don’t you know me?” speech.

    I’m sure Korina’s going to whine and bitch on TV about his husband’s recent suspension and honestly, I don’t care at all.

  10. Mga kababayan…hindi mga Pilipino ang mga binayaran ni Aquino at Roxas na mga YellowTard na ito…hindi sila marunong magsulat ng Pilipino…Roxas is pretending to be good to get elected…

  11. Hey JT, glad to run into you again, fuckface! I like how you rock the Mamma Italia persona: “Imma havva to be a-really careful next time I steppa into the sewer!” – it’s so badass. Keep stirring that spaghetti sauce, JT. I’m quaking in my boots.

    The rest of what you have to say isn’t even worth responding to, so I’ll just let you stew in your class resentment while you think up some nice new names to call me. I welcome your hatred.

    Just-a don’t-a get-a too carried away in-a your rage and-a burn the bottom of-a your saucepan, JT. That-a can be a real-a bitch to clean up afterwards. Ci vediamo dopo, cornuto!

    1. Da mon not be callin you names, so what your problem is?
      Flattering yourself will get you nowhere.
      You have nothing but a big mouth and nothing to back it up with,NOW you go lay down like a good boy, and STFU!

    2. @Roland Torres:

      Tignan ninyo any gagong ito, ayaw sumagot Pilipino…hindi Pilipino ito, na pawala ni Aquino at Roxas…

      Talagang pinakantot ito sa puta…siguradong magma-Hiv ito; at magkaroon ng tulo…

      Answer us in Pilipino, motherfucker!!! Putang ina mo, Gago!!!

      1. I’ll answer you as I wish, Hyden. This is not the day that an adobo-munching monkey like you tells me what to do. Let’s insult your mother now with an oldie but goodie. Maybe you can read it to her after you wash and bandage her rotten pussy. She’ll need your help there after a long day of taking cock up her ass, in her mouth, and in her cunt before you crawl back in there for the night.

        So, candy ass, you should go find your AIDS-riddled whore of a mother at the Angeles City titty bar where she works and climb through her diseased cunt back into that septic tank of a womb she shat you kicking and screaming out of. That would be the perfect echo chamber for you. It should not be too hard for you to burrow your way back through her dusty pussy after all the sex tourist cock that’s split it so wide open you could drive PNoy’s presidential motorcade right through and still leave space for a crowd of yellow tards to howl and dance about like bitches in heat.

        Stand up for your mommy already, pussy. She might be a whore, but she’s still your mommy.

        1. @Roland Torres:

          Tignan ninyo ang gago na ito…nakikialam sa atin , dahil binayaran ni Aquino at Roxas…you motherfucker…you have no business on this site…you are not a Filipino, but a “Mercenary Blogger” of Roxas and Aquino…

          You asshole, crawl back where you came from…

          Tarantado tong dayuhan na ito, ayaw sumagot sa wika natin Pilipino. Nagakukunwari pa na Pilipino ang ulol

  12. These hate-filled and foul-language laden arguments I’m reading above are getting nowhere that I just laugh and shake my head at the same time. Seriously, the comments section is become a troll zone, LOL.

      1. So would that include getting rid of you, Johnny Derp?

        I agree with *Ian, the brown juan* about the nosedive into trolldom but reading the comments here, it looks like you’re a major part of the problem. We seriously need to get back on topic and bring maturity back.

        1. Don’t compare me with those pieces of shit trolls. I’m not someone who has sold himself to malacanang, never was and never will be.

          Unlike felix, I have a REAL JOB and I don’t hang arond internet cafes like he does.

      2. @Johnny Derp

        Those YellowTard “bloggers” ay mga dayuhan…employed by Aquino and Roxas…Bingwitin mo sila na parang daga. Madali silang kumagat. Lumala na sa pagka mental illness ng mga domestic YellowTards ni Aquino at Roxas. Kaya nag-import na sila ng dayuhan na YellowTard…siguro tumatawa na si Binay sa kanila..

        1. Wala silang karapatan na mag troll dito kung puro ad hominem lang ang kaya nilang ipost dito.

  13. Mar Roxas is another landlord I can’t distinguish from the likes of Noynoy. All foul-mouthed and disdainful blowhards, the lot of them.

  14. It boggles the mind sometimes how the South Korean Prime Minister would resign over the recent Ferry tragedy, while the likes of AbNoy and Mar continue to thrive even after having displayed (and we know will continue to display) an even far worse level of ineptness over several more serious tragedies.

  15. Itong mga kumag na Aquino at Roxas ay nag-hire ng mga dayuhan na “mercenary bloggers”. Para linlangin tayo…binayaran ang mga ito ng maraming pera, galing sa taxes natin. At pinakantot pa sila sa mga puta. Siguro nagpakantot din si Kris Aquino sa kanila…

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