It Is All About Kris All The Time

Does anyone for a second believe that movie achieves more in any  measure compared to any Marvel based movie?

Does anyone for a second believe that movie achieves more in any measure compared to any Marvel based movie?


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I am not a journalist. I do demand certain standards of journalism from the many news sources I can access at a particular time. ABS-CBN ( emphasis on the 2nd and 3rd letters) seems to have made it their mission to keep the Filipino people abreast of everything Aquino. It is not about relevance or even useful information. It is about giving you their vision of the world. A world in which a family known for only caring about themselves is the family that is supposed to be the one that has YOUR interest at heart.


Case in point, ABS CBN  would like you to believe that Kris Aquino’s My Little Bossings bested Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spiderman (2012). It never happened and it never will happen. What is happening is that Kris Aquino is an attention seeking bore (try saying that five times fast).  The interviewer is there to cover the subject. They are not there to be in competition with the subject. But even Kris in her own self centered pinoy way has no idea what competition is. She has no idea what the rules of engagement are in the non pinoy world. A world that should assume professionalism.


Andrew Garfield ( Eduardo in The Social Network) was never informed what non Filipino movies grossed the day that My Little Bossings set it’s opening day record. That number would have been zero. Just my opinion but the Metro Manila Filmfest is an embargo on quality movies so that the local films will have their chance to shine. The best way for trash to flourish is to rid the market of anything resembling quality. Pinoys can not compete in terms of quality so let’s just suck the air out of your movie choices? Is that what are our forefathers for? I doubt it.


Lady Bradley: The ways of England are the ways of the world, my dear.

Anna and the King (1999)


Pinoys love competition in a vacuum. That way they always come out on top. This is done to create the illusion of relevancy despite the fact reality says otherwise. Iglesia ni Cristo ( a church made of pinoys) wants you to believe their stadium is the largest in the world.  Bro. Eddie believed a pinoy Pope would guarantee respect for OFWs. Bishop Bacani wanted Tagle to be Pope not for the sake of the Catholic world but for Pinoys  Kris Aquino thinks My Little Bossings is a greater hit than Spiderman. Pinoys seem to have a habit of proclaiming what they do dominates the world and is of utmost importance to the world.  In the end, somebody forgot to tell the world. Either that or the world is too thrilled they forgot to care.


Please pray for this little guy. I believe he is on a path to  redefine dysfunction given his upbriging. Well, you can pick a lot of things but you can't pick your mother.

Please pray for this little guy. I believe he is on a path to redefine dysfunction given his upbriging. Well, you can pick a lot of things but you can’t pick your mother.


“Actually he (Bimby) was supposed to say ‘that the first-day gross of his movie in the Philippines actually beats Spider-Man. Our movie holds the record for the highest first-day gross. It’s called ‘My Little Bossings.’ In English, ‘My Little Bosses.’ It’s a comedy, it was shown on Christmas Day’,”


Aquino said on Kris TV.


There you have it, Kris admits to this thing being a staged, choreographed event (from her end)  that involves her son designed to bring up a six month movie that the world could care less existed. Let’s say Amazing Spiderman 2 does not do well, Andrew Garfield will still deserve his full salary for being put in harm’s way and having to put up with that manipulative clueless attention seeking missile. His job is to sell the movie and smile for the cameras. Unlike Kris, the story can not be about him. It has to be about the movie. Regardless of how unprofessional an interviewer is, he has to be professional and not radiate an ounce of irritation. A caveat that does not apply to a GRP writer.


Kris Aquino insults everyone's intelligence not just Andrew Garfield when she suggests her movie beats The Spiderman. Back in 2010 she did a similar ploy suggesting her good for nothing fifty year old brother was suited to be the president of a nation.

Kris Aquino insults everyone’s intelligence not just Andrew Garfield when she suggests her movie beats The Amazing Spiderman. Back in 2010 she did a similar ploy suggesting her good for nothing fifty year old brother was suited to be the president of a nation.


Ultimately this issue is about KSP, standards, self entitlement and rigging the deck. The international press did not cover My Little Bossings. Setting a record during the MMFF does not amount to much beyond navel gazing Kris. How the hell can I be proud to be Pinoy when we are the only nation on Earth that gives Kris Aquino the time of day? Kris unleashed a 50 year old non achiever on us who in turn promised to get rid of both corruption and poverty. Pinoys ate it up. She may have done the country a disservice but in the bigger scope of things this country does itself a disservice if it considers Kris Aquino the gold standard of credibility.


Let me inject a dose of reality to this festive occasion. The world does not care about our food, our basketball and our box office movies. Our movies cater to our unique brand of dumb. Which totally explains the popularity of uninspiring and unqualified politicians. Andrew Garfield congratulated Kris Aquino on winning a contest he had no idea he was in. Kris Aquino had no business bringing up that insignificant blip on the radar. Then again Kris Aquino’s big fish in a small pond maneuver will not have any bearing on the world wide gross of The Amazing Spiderman 2. Hollywood sets the pace for cinema for the world. Kris tries to insert her “victory” on a stage that is not hers. She is less polite than an MRT commuter in rush hour.


Pinoys vote for morons because the dominant “news” sources showcase morons and make the public believe they are models worthy copying. They are not but until the public stops being endlessly fascinated with dunces like Kris don’t expect the people’s capacity for discernment to get better anytime soon. GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out). ABS CBN should be denied any press credentials for things like this for showing little evidence of being press.


101 Replies to “It Is All About Kris All The Time”

  1. Every filipino should feel insulted by such dumb information from ABS CBN. Whoever listens to them and believes it deserves to be spayed/neutered so that their stupid genes do not pass on to the next generation.

    1. You got my point. Kris is an idiot, OK. But ABS CBN is the enabler. Which is only made possible because it works on Pinoys. The day you go from one end of Esda to the other without seeing her face is a day observations like this become obsolete.

      1. Friend Gogs,

        I’m afraid that the day we no longer see Kris Aquino’s face plastered all over EDSA is the day we’ll find it’s been replaced by Bimby. And ABS-CBN will cynically promote that brand of stupid too. It’s just too lucrative to pass up.

  2. Seeing Kris Aquino on a billboard or on TV has enabled me to have a better digestion. What passes through my bowels into the toilet has far more substance than the complete DNA of her family. To the people out there who spend money to watch such horrifying drivel I say… You can shit into a Filipinos hat and he will put it on and say, “thank you, it fits better now”.

  3. Filipino movies are absolute trash. Even the Tagalog movies for a Tagalog market should embarrass every Pinoy. Jeez, you have 210 year old piece of crap taxis engaging in car chases wherein they go 100 MPH and fly around and everything else. My main exposure to Filipino movies is when I am blasted by them while riding a bus and I am a captive audience. Guys get in fist fights where they hit a guy in the softness of his stomach and the sound effect is as if someone used a piece of bamboo to smack a piece of plywood.

    Special effects are always flames and feathers sprouting from ordinary people who have entirely too much make up even before the feathers and flames sprout.

    There is a reason why Korean telenovellas are so popular here. They actually have studied the art and technology of film making and provide a quality product. When I was a high school senior in 1969 we did a film study project and we were required to make short movies, mostly using Super 8 “technology”. We were in groups of 4 or 5 students and even as kids in 12th grade, many of the productions were far more “professional” in their production quality than even the best Filipino movie or TV production.

    Then to make it worse, everyone in The Philippines raves about the beauty if Filipino women, yet the only ones in movies are white as a ghost like this ugly Kris Aquino person. She needs to get out in the sun and get some color to her skin and maybe she would look less bad. She will never look good, no matter how healthy brown her skin gets, but she might be less ugly.

    1. You know Jerry, the key words (in my opinion) to your response are improve, study, professional. Those are very foreign words here. There is no evolution in the “art” form because the audience does not encourage it. As for beauty of Filipino women paradox you point out, I agree with you and wrote about it sometime last year. The only time I ever tackled the whole beauty contest issue.

      One last thing. You ever watch a Filipino movie where it is obvious they shot the scene, then put the music over it. Then they edit it. No wonder Kurosawa was not Filipino.

  4. It’s hard to believe that both Kris & PNoy are sibling of Ninoy? And how society & religion have spoiled our Leaders & Role models in many ways and gets everything they want and never have to work for it. Hence, an easy life results Lazy & Idle Mind or stupidity as exemplified by Kris & PNoy.

    The root cause of stagnant economy and false public service is due to lack of intelligence (incompetence : lack if vision/poor logic/no-sense of observation/lack of imagination & creativity).

    1. You are misinformed. They are NOT SIBLINGS of Ninoy Aquino. Neither is Ninoy worthy of emulation as an exemplary leader much less ‘role model.’

    2. They are the children of Ninoy, not siblings of Ninoy. Unfortunately both those people are uneducated children of a privileged family and neither of them has the slightest idea how their fellow Pinoys live.

  5. not to brag but, I am a member of that organization, and as I tell you otherwise, we do not shout it as the biggest STADIUM, but the biggest ARENA. If you don’t know the difference of that, well, I weep for humanity, coz I’m an avid fan of this site.

    1. Oh I get it, you didn’t read and understand the message of the article…sorry, but a lot of us don’t give a damn about your biggest arena.

      1. Ian, I doubt ZH is coming back. If it was in his/ her power they might have erased original post by now. Zealotry has little use for facts or in the case of zh, a dictionary. Besides for all the pro INC flack we have gotten before none seemed to argue my post that mocked their claim. Besides, the claims for attendance that they use are for capacity during a game. If that venue was ever host to a similar event or regular tenant I would like to see actual capacity not projected. It is simple economics. Why build the world’s largest anything if there is no scheduled regular tenant? Anyway this country is run by a man named B.S. and many organizations give us their regular dosage of B.S.

        1. It’s funny that they have the balls to swarm here to use their church’s beliefs in everything that they do – whether to have a “fun run” or to brag about their biggest arena yet they would dodge the questions we hurl at them. It really makes sense that the term “cult” should be used for these kinds of people. A true Church of God does not ridicule other’s beliefs and does not control the people who to vote for.

  6. @crissyname: Kris A. does not have ADHD. Instead, I highly suspect she has borderline personality disorder.

    Check the symptoms of BPD, you’ll find that her behavior matches the description to a tee.

    @Gogs: as apt as what you wrote here is to describe Krissy and her legions of devoted, mindless zombie hordes, I feel that there are unfortunately not enough words in ANY language to accurately and completely encapsulate our collective disdain over this shameless bimbo.

    When I read in another article that she had received some flak for her idiotic handling of the interview, my first thought was that someone shot her. That actually made me smile… 😀

    1. I seriously doubt anyone, other than lil’ Krissy thinks she is in any way attractive. She is physically ugly, too white, uneducated and stupid.

  7. It is ironic how Kris Aquino’s self-glorification of her “virtues” seems to work in exact prosecution of herself.

    1. “prosecution”. May I suggest a homonym taking into her consideration her penchant for endorsing every brand in the book for financial compensation as well her well publicized virtue?

  8. The worse part of it all is she loves all this attention she’s getting. I don’t think she cares if anybody calls her names, good or otherwise. I want to say “wawa naman”, but no, someone should just shoot her and end OUR misery. Wait no, that will make her a martyr I’m sure. Lol!

  9. With all the junk food kris aquino endorses and feeds her children, then no wonder they are candidates for dumb and dumber, with one being the size of a baby elephant – dumbo, and the other just an annoying dim twat – dimby.
    More brain food – less fast food.
    Kris aquino – slut of the year, but never mother of the year.
    The psychiatrists chair awaits the witches spawn.
    The STD clinic awaits the needy bitch, and the politicians who use her as a cum bucket.
    Mother f@ckers must be part of the aquino dna producing inbred morons off the assembly line, mummys boys, and a breast feeding 50 year old who faps to a dead whore.

  10. Since the government is too busy making laws about our national food, law for proper lining-up of people, renaming EDSA to Aquino Avenue, etc…I dub thee Kris Aquino as the “National Slut” (in Tagalog, “Pambansang Puta”).

    1. I almost forgot…

      “Let me inject a dose of reality to this festive occasion. The world does not care about our food, our basketball and our box office movies. Our movies cater to our unique brand of dumb.”

      – This line will no doubt attract the attention of another “Proud Pinoy” who’ll brag about his/her ketchup spaghetti as a “world-class dish.”

        1. I noticed that as well.
          Maybe they’ve run out of budget for getting idiots to do their dirty work for them.

        2. They’ll come back…they always do. Then they will parade their stupidity once again.

        3. Maybe my internet will speed up if Globe no longer gives free Facebook. That freebie just hogged all the bandwidth country wide because it seems Filipinos would rather play Facebook all day than look for a job.

  11. The box office records for spider man 2 has offically beaten my little bossings in the ph box office.
    Kris must be feeling pretty stupid right now for her stupid comment during that interview.

    1. 1. Kris has no shame, so I doubt this one thing will make her feel stupid.I mean look at all those false accusations of James Yap.
      2. Do we play Taps now for the fallen box office record?

  12. It’s ‘couldn’t care less,’ not ‘could care less!’

    I like this site and this writer, and the content of the article is presumably spot-on. But that always pisses me off.

  13. Also, what’s with Kris’s “Queen of All Media” tag? Someone should tell Perez Hilton about this.

    1. The King of All Media always was Howard Stern. First Radio, TV, pay per view, movie, book. satellite radio. That loudmouth Kris can not hold a candle to him.

    2. Kris Aquino could walk the streets of America and not only would nobody know who she is, but even if she told them they would say. “so?” She does not have the looks (nor intelligence or education) to get even a weather reader job in some small market TV station in America.

  14. ABS-CBN owes the Aquino Family so much. It’s a case of “Utang Na Loob.” Isn’t it that the sequestered properties of the Lopezes where returned to them when Cory Aquino came into power? So what do you think?

    1. Well that is the possible cause but the symptoms are 100% true and ridiculous. They honestly contribute to the dumbing down of the nation. Thank you Geny and Oscar Lopez!!!

      1. Well, that ain’t a big surprise. Kris has threatened critics several times that she’ll resign, usually over some rather petty issue, but give her a few days and she’ll say, “nah, screw it, I’m here to stay,”

  15. The Filipinos’ way of bragging about how supposedly superior they are to the rest of the world sure puts the Nazis to shame. Heh, perhaps I should instead say that Kris is so much of an attention-whoring brat that whatever propaganda she and her overhyped family churns out 24/7 would make Goebbels facepalm in disgust.

    1. She always likes to be in the spotlight. Problem is that the intellectuals don’t give a damn how many men she would fcuk for a day.

        1. Around 30% of the entire Philippine population are intellectuals if I’m not mistaken.

  16. Kris Aquino is a stupid, talentless, attention hungry slut. How this horrible creature gets so many loyal fans is proof enough that so many Filipinos are morons.

    1. It’s either they’re complacent, or too brainwashed into thinking that Kris is the so-called “Queen of All Media” the mainstream wants people to call her, when all she does is to whore around and speak in a snobby, arrogant and air-headed tone.

  17. I don’t really get why the Filipinos love her so much.I mean look at the way she speaks, that itself is already annoying. I can’t stand her voice and I can’t stand her face. And her shows are meaningless. >.<

    1. Correction. Not all filipinos love her. Lets say only 10% of the entire filipino population adore her. She was even branded “the lady we love to hate”.

    1. Thanks. Never thought of that. Actually my point is ABS CBN dumbs down the public so much look at our elected officials, our manners and our values. I can have no TV and still see that effect. The point is in her pursuit for attention she goes beyond “entertainment”. Again, Pinoys in terms of food, movies, TV and basketball make no dent in the rest of the world. So what does Kris do? Gives Andrew Garfield a WTF moment.

  18. Taken from the GRP Facebook page:

    Ku Tai Hyun – who are the admins of you guys are obviously anti- Aquino administration and pro Arroyo. u are so disappointing, sorry but its the truth, i want to see people who are neutral. i’m not an Aquino loyalist or whatsoever but I don’t like to be part of the problem in our nation, I want to be part of the solution, Unlike you guys all you did is to criticize, you might want to ask this question to yourselves, Have I ever done anything to help solve the problem or Am I just contributing to the problem?


    Ku Tai Hyun, sorry to fall short of your expectations. You are obviously anti Gogs and pro Kris Aquino. I want to see neutral feedback. Why bring in the admins?? Deal with me. Don’t cry to the admins about your feelings being hurt since I did not meet your expectations. Why do you have political expectations in the Glitz and Glamour portion of the blog??? I talked about Kris who was in her function as a Show Biz personality. I talked about Spiderman, Andrew Garfield, My Little Bossings. Finally I discussed how moronic ABS CBN is. Sorry it is not as neutral as you would like. Disagree with me if you like. But only a fool goes to Get Real Philippines looking for neutrality. Look at the upper left corner. It says “we beg to differ”. No promise of neutrality. Cry somewhere else. Go back and play with Rizza Mae and Bimby. They will give you neutral.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Gogs

  19. competition of films during December holidays in the Philippines is only for locally made and Pilipino films. To compare box office revenues of Pilipino films with foreign films is irrelevant. To say that a Pinoy film beats a foreign film in the the box office makes no sense given the nature of the film festival. As far as Ms. Aquino’s interview with Mr. Garfield, it is just one of the promotional activitiy for Spiderman. The choice of Ms. Aquino to interview Mr. Garfield is a business operational decision of the film company. Obviously, they knew that Ms. Aquino has a lot of following, and her interview will be widely read, no matter how she does the interview. As can be seen, the latest Spiderman is doing very well at the tills. Ms. Aquino’s interview may not be a determinant factor in the box office success of the film of the film, the interview created and contributed to the awareness about the film nevertheless.

  20. More from Facebook of

    Joseph Wongyu

    The reason why she is encouraged to keep seeking attention… we keep on giving it to her. Positive or negative remarks, she loves it as long as she is the center of the conversation.

    Can we all try ignoring her?

    I ignore her. In fact if you want to keep something a secret from me broadcast it on ABS CBN and I will never know. But the point here is not really Kris but : 1) ABS CBN feels they have to shove her down our throats. 2) 80% of the population complies. Just look at billboards and ads

    Catherine Herrera

    Demanding real, unbiased news from the lamestream media is like demanding pirate factory to produce an original Samsung Galaxy unit. They don’t care what kind of bullcrap gets aired in their station, they only care for your money.

    Yes Catherine you get my point. It is about ABS CBN and in the pursuit of ad revenue they will gladly deteroriate more brain cells 24/7/ I am of course including their website.

    Tetsuo Smartt

    I never watch anything from kris, her tv shows are make me vomit, its so fucko stupid. Since she is so low as to admit to having STDs on live TV back in the day, I won’t be surpirsed if she comes out with a SEX TAPE in the future. The scary part is even with teh sex tape, she might be elected for Pil pres. So KRIS AQUINO MIGHT BE THE FIRST PHIL PRES. WHO HAS HERPES AND RELEASED A SEX TAPE….A SYMBOL OF OUR MORAL CATHOLIC COUNTRY LOL.

    Sadly I know exactly where you are coming from. The hell with what the Church teaches. Pinoys gladly support Kris with their wallets. Kris represents the pinoy ideal. Proud to be pinoy!

    1. She will never make a sex tape unless it is with animals. She is too ugly to stimulate(make a man erect) a human into a sex act with her. You can put your minds at ease in that instance anyways.

  21. From Facebook:

    Gloria Cacatian Galo

    everybody has their own failures and weaknesses.but its premature to judge him, he still has a long way to go, and i know he’ll be able to adopt and improve. It’s really hard for him to make some changes right away because of the mess of the past administration. If you were only on his foot,It’s not that easy. It’s easy for you to say that he should do this and he should do that. Good thing for you ‘coz you’re not in that situation.Instead of criticizing PNoy, why don’t you help him. Being a Filipino, make a move to make your country better. Let the spirit of Bayanihan System continues and forget the Crab Mentality. Ps. dont over react ..its just an opinion

    1. When he ran in 2009 he had no failures. Why you may ask? Because he did nothing. His campaign was not about accomplishment. It was only about who his parents were.
    2. Hard to make changes right away?? – It has been 4 years. The guy did nothing for fifty years yet promised to get rid of corruption AND poverty in a 3rd world country. You blame others for him not keeping his promise?
    3. Help him??? How? Just be one of his yes men? Find him a date? One who is not publicity hungry?
    4. What crab mentality? Noynoy never had leadership skills when he ran on the platform of a dead mother. That is not crab mentality. That is corpse mentality. The country being the emo nation that it is elected an incompetent fool out of pity and not admiration. To make up for his lack of his skills he tries to explain his lack of results by blaming his predecessor. A tactic you have so wholeheartedly adopted. He got the vote by promising the impossible so time for your idol to fess up. Which he won’t.

  22. Go Kris <3 <3 <3
    never mind this CRAB people, one day Dr. Jose Rizal's dream to cure this country's disease will come true. You just need to keep going Kris Kill this madafakers with their own hate. keep them eating their hearts out till they finally die.

      1. Trolls… that’s what most of pilipinos have become, they just HATE and became brainless. Not a zombie either I don’t drag people down or desire to eat them.

        anyway I <3 you people hahaha
        I just hope you guys snap out of that nonesense hatred in your hearts and start contributing to the betterment of the country.

      2. Do us all a favor…stop patronizing Kris Aquino, Yellow Zombie. That way, you can start contributing to something that makes sense.

        Or should I say, “Kris Aquino Fanatic?” Yes, that’s an appropriate term for you.

        1. Call me whatever you want, but Its not me who obviously got a problem with hate that is so unnecessary. it consumes you and blinds you that you’re loosing sight of the real deal.
          And I am contributing
          in a way as simple as fighting HATE that is epicly winning over your heart.

          Keep the names coming hahahaha

          Love <3 Love

        2. Very funny…you don’t practice Hate but you practice Ignorance. Promoting someone with little/no morals as a good example to this nation bombarded with lies is the greater evil.

          “Trolls… that’s what most of pilipinos have become, they just HATE and became brainless.” – LOL. Looks like you speak from experience, I can see that. Isn’t it funny you’re the only one here so far to blurt out such nonsense?

    1. Jeez drama queen are you watching too much my legal wife with that telebasura mindset of yours for defending desperately on your idol kriSTD? Halata naman talagang isa syang malanding puta e lalo na sa dami ng lalaki na niloko nya.

  23. keep telling yourself that, its bad enough that you hate, now it seems like you’re crying. LOL I can never promote anyone so can your stupid idea about people can demote kris or anyone
    but please keep the hate pouring until its gone. Ignorance you say? Please you cannot possibly be the judge of that, you cant even get a hold of your hate.

    1. Pathetic excuses to cover up another mistake. No matter, at least everyone knows that your pathetic excuses won’t get you anywhere.

    2. Kris loves only herself as I stated here. Not sure why you endorse that. Btw promiscuity plus attention seeking does not equal love.

      1. love <3 love

        happy mothers day Kris Aquino
        you are the reason these guys gets to live a meaningful life.
        They might be hating on you but that's still an emotion.

        Luv <3 luv!

        1. Fact: Kris Aquino is a BAD example of a mother.

          Oh yeah, you’re a TROLL. Stop lying. You’re delusional. -_-

        2. It is Einsteins like you that prove the idiocy described in GRP exists and is out there. The imbecile beast has to be fed by organizations like ABS CBN. In some cases views like yours have to be fed to Malacanang trolls for dissemination to intellectual outlets that threaten the Malacanang hegemony.

        3. Boycott all Kris endorsement and advertisement.Turn off the TV or change the channel immediately on her show.

    3. Obvious TROLL is obvious.

      Nah, you’re crying inside because you defend STUPIDITY at it’s fullest. Just because we criticize any wrongdoing doesn’t necessarily mean HATING.

      Enjoy yourself for DESTROYING this country. 😛

        1. Love what is RIGHT.

          What you have is BLIND love.

          Please stop TROLLING and GET REAL. You’re just making a fool of yourself. -_-

        2. Do you think everything is a motherfucking GAME to you?


          No, I’m serious. Love what is RIGHT. What you actually love is totally WRONG.

          Congratulations, you’re a MORON.

        3. I’m sorry guys I cant hate her. Shes not perfect just like my bff or my slutty sister, but well its not productive to hate. soooooo yes to
          LUV LUV LUV miss krissy

        4. And what kind of love is that you drama queen? The one that you always see in telebasuras like my legal wife?

        5. “I’m sorry guys I cant hate her. Shes not perfect just like my bff or my slutty sister, but well its not productive to hate.”

          You’re actually a TROLL. Sorry, but you’re a MORON. -_-

    4. I get what’s happening with drama queen. A long time ago she must have HATED the same person she is now promoting. In hating her so much, she died and became a brainless zombie. Thus her promotions now. hahahaha.

  24. whenever I see kris, I change channels quickly. when someone’s watching the tv and I can’t help but to overhear her entire show, I notice this points a lot:

    1. She’s so annoying on how she tries to emphasize herself rather than the interviewee.

    2. So very self-centered, I noticed how she inserts herself and anyone from her family most of the time after each questions she asked from her interviewee.

    3. And recently she compared herself to Oprah is really laughable, she doesn’t even comes close to Oprah’s professionalism.

    Yep, a friend have said this, but he has a point.


    1. Anyone who is too blind to see just how wrong it is for kris aquino to be idolized deserves to have some sense knocked into them.
      Everyone already knows how much of a SLUT kris aquino is yet they still idolize her like she is a shining example of how a human being should act.

      As for the troll, she is just wasting her time trying to convince us that kris aquino is worth idolizing when in fact, she shouldn’t be idolized in the first place.

  25. I know it’s a bit late but you made a very good article there Gogs.

    If you ask me, Kris should’ve just interviewed Nolan North as Deadpool who is also a massive KSP (I’m talking about Deadpool here, not Nolan North but since he plays the part…) and maybe Rie Tanaka as Morrigan Aensland (who Kris can fume at envy with).

    But look, Deadpool might be a KSP but he can be so funny and amusing at the same time. Canadians (The Merc with a Mouth IS from Canada) can only look at characters like Deadpool with disdain and bemusement because of his apparent insanity. Most Filipinos, on the other hand, outright worship Kris even if she is a vapid and empty woman.

    Deadpool has the excuse that his brain is constantly deteriorating and regenerating to explain his insanity but he still has fans all over the world and HE’S NOT EVEN REAL!

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