The Noynoy Aquino Show

Long time acquaintance and friend Junep Ocampo just posted this revelation on Facebook about President BS Aquino III‘s much publicized interaction with students from Tacloban City who are now studying at Hope Christian Highschool:

I finally got to talk with the parents of some of the students from Tacloban who were part of the dialogue with PNoy at Hope Christian High School. And it’s confirmed — the dialogue was scripted. Pina-memorize lang daw sa mga estudyante yung mga tanong. Hindi pinabasa sa kanila yung mga tanong na talagang isinulat nila. At yung mga parents, hindi raw pinapasok sa dialogue. Puro high school students lang daw. Yung mga grade school students, ni hindi nilapitan ni PNoy kahit dalawang oras na nakapila at naghihintay sa kanya. This is the kind of leader we have today.

(Translation of the Tagalog parts: “The students were asked to memorize the questions.  They were not allowed to read the questions that they wrote.  And the parents, they weren’t allowed to participate in the dialogue.  Only high school students were allowed.  Pnoy didn’t even allow the grade school students to come near him even if they had been waiting for him for two hours.”)

Not that I was FOOLED by President BS Aquino III’s answer to the question of why it took so long for his administration to deliver relief supplies and other assistance to the victims of super typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban.  However, this bit of information confirms the weak-mindedness and addiction to prefabrication that prevails in the second Aquino Regime.

Let me elaborate a little on what Junep could mean when he said, “This is the kind of leader we have today.”

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Let us remember that Aquino rode millions of sympathy votes arising from the death of his mother Cory Aquino knowing full well that nothing in his back ground had prepared or qualified him for the job of leading the country.

His presidential campaign slogan, “Walang Mahirap Kung Walang Korap”, had been construed as a promise to rid the country of corruption as a means of alleviating poverty.  And yet we find very real indications that corruption has become more rampant under his administration, the most glaring allegation of the most massive act of corruption being the release of hundreds of millions of pesos to legislators to ensure the conviction of former Chief Justice Renato Corona by the senate impeachment court.

millstone-around-neck-300x198What kind of leader… No… What kind of MAN would take advantage of a grieving nation to pursue a political ambition? What kind of man would compel judges to condemn a political enemy?

Indeed, what kind of man would use the mouths of children to help him tell a lie?

Since it’s Sunday, allow me to quote what I think is a relevant passage in the Bible:

Luke 17: 1-3

He said to His disciples, “It is inevitable that stumbling blocks come, but woe to him through whom they come!

“It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble.

“Be on your guard! If your brother sins, rebuke him; and if he repents, forgive him.…

I’m not kidding myself and I know that there’s no way that I can get a word to President Aquino, let alone be in a position to rebuke him for FORCING children from a Christian school to participate in a ruse to deceive the public.  But perhaps there are those around him who can.

53 Replies to “The Noynoy Aquino Show”

  1. Everything is staged because nothing about him is authentic. His deception extends to the “educated” . Noynoy mania or yellow fever is a metric of the gullibility and stupidity of this nation. His term is one big choreographed lie with media in tow. So his one apology for his the duration of his term was fabricated. Bobo does not quite cut it.

      1. Robert, my child has autism and over the years i’ve read almost everything there is to read about autism. Thing is i can tell you that Noynoy doesn’t appear to have autism.

        If he does have some kind of mental condition, it isn’t autism.

        Kids with autism and their families go through a lot and it doesn’t help them when people use autism as a word to insult people.

        1. Chris,

          It’s great that you’ve read at least one article on autism and it’s amazing that from article you’ve deduced that “(sic) Corey had a (sic)basementt, surely Noynoy would have lived in it playing video games”.

        2. Actually, I have read into the subject at great length due to the fact I have two children at the age that professionals diagnose and misdiagnose children with Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders. I need to know the signs for myself so I can be an proactive parent for the welfare of my children. I do believe that there are children who are not autistic being labeled as Autistic.

          The spectrum of Autism is so large, almost anyone can be diagnosed with autism these days. Technically, Noynoy could be Autistic based on the criteria, although that that would not disqualify him from being president.

        1. @Noel Lerigz

          Benigno Aquino III is suffering from :Schizoprenia, delusion, anxiety,depression, etc… and other mental illness symptoms.

          The fact that he was pandering for PhD degrees in foreign university, showed how far his delusion is going. Fordham University, who awarded him the degree, knows this…so they took his money, and give him a diploma mill PhD…they must be laughing now…

  2. Oh noes, PNoy does not like to hear the harsh truths about his administration?

    Clearly, he’s a baby that needs to be pampered every now and then. This and other facts about him (Not listening to his critics, playing the blame-game, manipulation of surveys) is enough proof.

    Let’s see how his apologists can defend this one.

    1. “once in a while”? o.O

      Apologists will probably say something like

      1) He’s doing a GREAT job and you guys are just butt-hurt about it
      2) Instead of criticizing him, why not just do your share to help alleviate this country?

      At least that’s what they have been doing so I don’t see them thinking about anything else

      1. oh and:

        3) It’s not the president’s fault, it was Gloria’s / the former president and her administration’s fault

        1. Unfortunately for those apologists/trolls, those spiels are no longer effective.

          An effective rebuttal to their spiels is: “If your president was really doing his job then he wouldn’t need any of you apologists/trolls to defend him”

        2. Trolls love to say his qualifications pre election are moot point since he got elected. Now do your part and support him? Trolls. No brains and no conscience.

        3. @Gogs

          Well if you looked at the comments section in this very blog you will see a lot of those comments… or similar nature.

          I’ve also seen several FB posts during the height of Yolanda where volunteers are complaining on how inefficient the operations were at ground zero, or how things are being made difficult for them, and idiots will tell them (pretty much): “Just shut up and do your part”

          Chances are these idiots didn’t do sh** themselves. I personally stayed up 2 nights (12mn – 6am) to help my alma matter pack up relief goods (this comment is directed to trolls who might jump in our conversation and ask what I did to help out)

          These trolls are really just the kind you wanna smack in the face with a lead pipe. Sadly though, they really infect the internet 🙁

          Agreed… no brains and no conscience… but also add “no use”

        4. @bluedestiny, I wouldn’t be surprised if these Yellowtards would also blame Marcos for proclaiming Martial Law, violating human rights and squandering millions of pesos in the process – all to add perfume to the already-doubtful legacy of the Aquinos.

          Didn’t Cory and Noynoy do the same with their people in Hacienda Luisita – killing farmers, violating their rights and manipulating the media? Oh and sending their trolls here and other sites wherein they could defecate other people with their lies?

        5. They really shouldn’t bother trolling here if they already know how ineffective their propaganda is but then again, I don’t think they even have the capacity to realize that their propaganda is ineffective.

          Their boss has already wasted 4 years in doing nothing yet they insist that their boss has done something which is another flaw in their propaganda since everyone already knows that Mr. Aquino has wasted his first 3 years in going after his political enemies.

          They also think that this anti-cybercrime law can stop his critics from criticising their master but they are going to be disappointed since the government is too incompetent to implement it.

        6. Proud Pinoy and Jigs just follow the same script over and over again, because they are under orders from the Supreme One.

        7. You are his kind too, blaming game, instead of thinking and doing hard to straighten what was wrong with the last administration. Your president should do all his might because his term is slowly closing in. Bragging that all is well in this country would only alienate him more because corruption is more rampant on his watch than the previous administrations and prices of the staple rice has double, or didn’t you notice it? It can be told now that he lacks everything a good president should posses, he only rides the popularity of his another stupid mother. Until now I just can’t get over why I did vote his kind.

    2. @Impaler

      Given how much he and his men pat him (PNoy) in the back too often, I won’t be surprised if they are.

      Hey it took him months before finally admitting the relief operations was slow…

  3. Back to topic: it’s hardly surprising that this administration would stoop that low just to make it appear that its doing its job yet we’ve already seen this attempt before with the yolanda “survey” dswd did a few months ago.

  4. I would take the above criticism with a grain of salt because it has yet to be verified. As a Filipino, I’m also entitled to balance everything out on what’s happening to my country. Although I’ve seen a lot of despicable things going on around for years but I’m more gladly to see a brighter days with PNoy’s administration irrespective of the on-going problems and issues not yet solved. We are on the making and in the process of developing again as a nation from scratch and untoward circumstances since bankruptcy. Economists and Political leaders around the world agreed and optimistic about the gradual development of the Philippines. Now investors are more akin of investing here and consider the Philippines as one of the hot spots for investment because they believe our country has a stable economic momentum in the last 3 years. More particularly the Japanese and Europeans. They are now considering to invest more in different sectors like manufacturing, service, agriculture, infrastructure among others. More and more investors are still planning to come here and invest, they also made survey and the results are good while relying also on the investment rating of the Phl given by the top credit agencies.

    We should take the opportunity to be united. Although I don’t dismiss criticisms but let’s be objective. Our country needs us. Let’s give moral support also.

    1. Another YellowTard, who forgot to take his/her anti-delusion/anti-depression/anti-anxiety medications. Birds of the same feathers, flock (support) each other. Not only this country is going in downward spiral. It’s administrators are going fast to the National Mental Hospital (“Talagang Daan na Matuwid na”)…for all of them.

      Ask more of our Medical Doctors and Psychologists; to specialize in Schizoprenia and Delusional patients. Maybe these YellowTards, together with their Chief, can still be saved.

      1. This is what a desperate person would do. Instead of countering me a sound argument, would rather choose to be deceived by his personal emotions against the person he doesn’t like. Maybe you are the one who needs to see a doctor. You are becoming irrational and deflating. Pathetic and raging ineptitude.

        1. There is nothing to argue. If what they tell you, is very much different than what you see. And what people are talking on the situation of the country. Then, someone is in Delusion. Or is trying to delude you, about the realities of the country…

          Anyway, you are Singing the same tune, as your YellowTard Chief, Aquino. You both badly need the treatments/theraphy…parang hindi na lumala ang pagka sira ng tuktuk ninyo…

        2. @Jig:

          If someone: quacks like a duck; walks like a duck; eats the sewerage like a duck…it must be a duck…

          If another; sounds like a YellowTard; talks like a YellowTard; writes like a YellowTard; has ideas like a YellowTard…then, he must be a YellowTard…paid hack, or unpaid hack…I’m sure someone is getting something back from the Chief YellowTard…I don’t believe someone is doing it for free…Aquino is rich. He does not need any Charity…

    2. And there he is Gogs. How much is your nutbrained president paid you this time you yellowtard? You’re no man. You’re a slave.

      1. I think he uses a word generator.
        The words are right individually, but make no sense when put together.
        A bit like the liberal party. Together a marauding mass of incompetence and stupidity designed to confuse and bound to fail.

      2. I’m not getting a single cent from the president or any of his allies. Don’t trust too much on your own prejudices because it would lead you to nowhere.

        I know what I’m talking. I’m basing it on the news be it local and international.

        1. Let’s say you are not getting a cent. Yet you echo the message of those that do. What kind of secure , competent leader gets taxpayer money and funnels it into a program designed to impair the Filipino’s right to discuss issues among themselves ? Shouldn’t they worry about other things like economy, poverty, unemployment , foreign relations , infrastructure? What president worries about discussion forums like GRP to the point of using taxpayer money to throw a wrench in it? What type of person defends this practice ? Oh yeah, you .

        2. I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m here to post my independent and personal views. I don’t owe anyone an explanation of why I’m for an Aquino. Like you, you also believe on your own mind the way you see things. It’s just that I’m being honest and true to myself. I’m not a biased person. I look at the coin in two sides. There are those advantages and disadvantages of Noynoy’s administration but I chose to rather resonate the former side.

          I also don’t know whether Malacanan is aware of GRP. I didn’t even see the president in person and his cabinets because of no chance. I am from Mindanao while working as an OFW. I think they would not waste their time sending trolls here just to debate on your opinions. That I think is irrelevant and pure BS. It’s yourself that is the problem really because you are always assuming of something you have no proof to begin with. I’m not even accusing any GRP writer here as a paid opposition. This should be your stand too because you are merely “encouraging/promoting” change for our country through your articles or maybe not because you always points out negativity without proper solutions/recommendations to the problems.

        3. Let me reiterate and insist that I’m not a puppet of anyone. If my ideas merely coincide with those, let’s say “paid” by Malacanan to troll websites like this, if there’s any, then it’s just coincidence. Like all you writers here who are against PNoy, I noticed that you incessantly used the failures of government to assist the hostage crisis in Manila and the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda in different angles but same points. Did I just point out you are trolling PNoy’s administration also? because you are too passionate to go against this administration in social networking sites. Nonetheless, I presumed that you are doing this because you believe that is the way things are and for me this is the way also to express myself. No hidden bribery and no hidden motives. To simplify, clearly we just have some opposing views on the matter and we need to respect that. But I prefer not to go personal on it.

        4. If brains were chocolate you wouldn’t fill an m&m.
          Do you actually have a concrete opinion on anything or just verbosity for the sake of it without purpose or any actual knowledge.
          Outline your own political philosophy and beliefs if you are so well versed and passionate otherwise stop being a prat.
          A lot of words with no meaning – How ridiculous, and an example of filipino logic/stupidity at its best/worst.
          I despise such trash

        5. And who are you to tell me what to write? I posted a lot of comments on several articles of GRP and I don’t want to repeat that again just because you are telling me now.

          If I were you, rebut my arguments with intelligent discussions. You are acting like a spoiled teacher here and you are self-inflicting yourself in the manner of talking trash instead of logic.

        6. We troll the BS Aquino administration? They come to us. We don’t go to them. You conform to their dogma so either you are with them or are redundant. Besides, trolls will never admit they are trolls. It is a lot like being an alcoholic. GRP harps on many different angles where Noynoy has shown incompetence. Again, the guy was a 50 year old nobody with a name who benefited from serendipity. He was unaccomplished before and he it shows. Noynoy gets laid the same way he goes about impeaching a Chief Justice.

        7. They come to you, really? Oh well, It’s beyond my understanding. And I don’t just conform to their dogma. I based it on facts from different credible news agencies both local and international. Your ideal aspirant failed presidents Gibo and Richard also have lapses on their own. One is conniving with the traditional politicians. Even if they get elected, their minions would fail them and we will be back again to the sink we were in. Because they are pro-corruption as I understand it. So, don’t hate PNoy too much and don’t point finger because your propaganda are not cleaned in the first place.

        8. You betray yourself.
          You have written a lot of rubbish but never arguments or facts and are clearly incapable of thinking on your feet.
          You are a fraud and have been exposed repeatedly as such.
          Always trying to divert the discussion and dumb down to a trolls level.
          Your tactics are also exposed.
          Pathetic, but thank you for showing that pnoy supporters have no ability to debate on facts or substance, just as pnoy aquino avoided debates and now will only answer pre submitted questions.
          What a cockroach you are.

        9. The way you talk seems like you were good at whining sans good manner and right conduct. You don’t even act like an educated person, those people I have known in the street is acting much better than you because they know how to respect a person even without education.

          You are contradicting yourself. You are spouting ad hominen and name calling without arguing case-to-case basis on my points. You should feel pity to yourself. Stop being a nebulous pathetic bombast.

        10. You have no points. That is the point.
          A circle of meaningless drivel and vacuity.
          Am busy now. I will ignore you some other time.

        11. I rather fail showing my good side and intelligence rather than succeed taking advantage of an emo nation and in lieu of any qualifications just remind voters who my parents are. As well as ride propaganda from these “credible” news sources you speak of that have proven time and time again they will limit their scope to cast their idol in a favorable light. Troll elsewhere. Like you never heard of the Malacanang trolls and they will never stoop to dispatching the likes of you. So predictable. Because your mandate is to be here. Glad you are annoyed and we will keep on annoying the brainless legion that follow the brainless emperor. Who has even less accomplishments. Which you have not stated. All you do is bring up contenders who did not appeal to the baduy vote. No shame in losing if the criteria was being a malleable numbskull.

    3. It is unbelievable how wrong you are with your assertions. You seem to have no idea about what the real “on-goings” are.

      “Economists and Political leaders around the world agreed and optimistic about the gradual development of the Philippines.”

      Oh boy! If you would know per example how the European Chamber of Commerce really feels about the Philippines you would probably faint.

      1. Well, I read it in the news and the ambassador of the United Kingdom confirmed that they are keen to do more business in the Philippines.

  5. Pnoy aquino is incapable of telling the truth or embodying integrity.

    Someone should have asked him about the porsche which he never sold and which is stuck in a garage just outside tarlac.

    And don’t believe a word that he is not behind the push for charter change. The question is why the subterfuge.

    And no chance for FoI. The answer to that is obvious.

  6. Another scripted performance brought to you by BSA and co. Really does the Yellow cabal really think they can fool all the people all the time?

  7. It is soooo predictable. PNoy will do as his predecessor did….push for ‘CHA-CHA’, so maybe he can get another 6 yrs. in office, stack the SC in his favor and clean out the treasury too! Just like GMA did.

    and BTW, for all those who think PNOY has picked on GMA……REALLY? HAS HE? Where is she? Has she returned any peso’s? Are her Son’s still in office? GMA is still in office too. So, as anyone can see, the crucifixion of GMA was NOTHING more than a publicity stunt. She has lost nothing, has not gone to jail (and NEVER will!) and she and her family will rise again, when it is their turn, to scapegoat the Filipino people with more ‘feel good’ bull-shit and promises of change. Just like every other crooked filipino politician.

    LISTEN UP FOLKS, they are all crooks,all of them!!! They are all in on the thievery and take turns accusing each other and headlines are made, BUT NOTHING ever comes from the bull-shit. The people of the Filipinnes are being conned by the people who run the country, and have been since 1965.ITSSA FACT!

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