Whistleblowers in pork barrel scam Ruby Tuason and Benhur Luy deserve jail time not hero and celebrity treatment

The first thing you notice about the whistleblowers involved in the priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or pork barrel scam is the manner with which they act during the senate blue ribbon committee. They seem at ease and familiar with the people around them as if they were in a social gathering with their drinking buddies and not in a hearing with some of the most powerful people in the Philippines to discuss a major criminal investigation.

Celebrity treatment: Pork barrel scam whistleblower Benhur Luy and his crew (photo found on Facebook)

Celebrity treatment: Pork barrel scam whistleblower Benhur Luy and his crew
(photo found on Facebook)

Original whistleblower Benhur Luy walked with the same confidence of a person without a care in the world. He said his hellos to everyone in the room as he walked towards his seat. I notice him do this every time I watch a video of his appearances in these so-called “hearings”. Luy looks very comfortable in front of the camera and being the center of attention. A male friend of mine said that he felt like punching his face every time he saw that stupid grin on his face. I responded by saying that I personally would go as far as giving him a better haircut if I ever see him in person.

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Indeed, there is something about Luy that makes one think that the guy is some kind of psychopath. One can be forgiven for thinking that there could be something wrong with him because he comes across as someone who thinks he is cool even after admitting to all the crimes he committed when he was still working for alleged pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles. He probably thinks other people see him as some kind of hero for what he is doing – snitching on his former boss after being cut-off from the lucrative scam operation.

Honor among pork thieves: Janet Lim Napoles (left) with Ruby Tuason.

Honor among pork thieves: Janet Lim Napoles (left) with Ruby Tuason.

The latest whistleblower Ruby Tuason is not easy on the eyes as well. I’m not saying she is ugly. I’m just saying that whatever charm she had during her heydays is obviously past it’s use-by date. I mean, it’s hard to imagine now how she successfully climbed the social ladder and managed to rub elbows with the who’s who in Philippine politics once upon a time since her first appearance in the blue ribbon committee failed to convince the audience watching the live teledrama that she is “sincere”. It didn’t help that she kept eating chips while being grilled by senators in front of the media. Some people also noted how she greeted Department of Justice Secretary Leila De Lima with a kiss on the cheek upon seeing her. The beso-beso gesture seemed to indicate that Tuason and De lima go way back. This could explain why it was easy for Tuason to apply as a state witness in exchange for her freedom.

The other whistleblowers, I didn’t even realize there were more, are not even worth mentioning. They are all very insignificant in the scheme of things. They shouldn’t even bother to wear the bulletproof vest provided for them because aside from being over the top, I don’t think anyone would bother hiring an assassin to kill them at this point. The whole thing — the hearings, the testimonies and even the senators’ line of questioning — seemed all too scripted. Senator Teofisto Guingona’s use of basketball terms like “slam dunk” and “three-point shot” in describing Tuason’s testimony is proof of this. If there ever was someone who deserves a punch in the face…it’s someone who tries to be funny during a serious proceeding.

The recent Senate hearing is already proof that members of congress are just trying to distract the Filipino public from the real issues plaguing the nation. They are also trying to justify their existence in public office. They should be doing something more important than asking silly questions and leave the “investigation” of the alleged crimes to the law enforcement agencies. These Senate hearings never lead to a conviction of any of the corrupt public servants in question in the first place. I don’t recall any of these hearings ever resulting in aiding Congress with their legislations. It’s all a waste of time like my colleague said.

Humor fail in the midst of serious business: Sen. Teofisto 'TG' Guingona Jr.

Humor fail in the midst of serious business: Sen. Teofisto ‘TG’ Guingona Jr.

Aside from his failed attempts at humor, Senator Guingona also failed to convince the public that Tuason should be lauded for her “sacrifices” in coming out as a whistleblower. Well, it’s not like she had a choice. From her own testimony, it seems she was going to end up broke and alone in the U.S. as a fugitive, unable to see the extended family she left behind as she enters her twilight years if she didn’t surrender to Philippine authorities. And considering Senator Jinggoy Estrada already said no to giving her funds, allegedly, when she tried to ask him for help, it probably became crystal clear to Tuason what she had to do to redeem herself and “clear” her name.

There is also something to be said about the way Senator Jinggoy Estrada reacts to Tuason’s testimonies against him. He had a rebuttal for every accusation against him. He also appeared calm and in a jolly mood. He made light of the situation he is in by making fun of the whistleblowers and the senators conducting the investigation. He says he only recalls Tuason delivering sandwiches to his office and not bags of money from Napoles.

It all depends on what your definition of 'sandwich' is.

It all depends on what your definition of ‘sandwich’ is.

Having been a part of a sham in the past, in particular, the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona, Jinggoy probably knows all too well how his “esteemed” colleagues think and plan their attack on their political enemies. And having seen his own father, former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada survive being impeached, charged and jailed for plunder, Jinggoy knows that he can also survive the scandal by using his celebrity status to win the crowd. It remains to be seen if his charm will still work on the Filipino people after being implicated in the pork barrel scam. But if you were to bet on it, you would put your money on Jinggoy. Only because the Filipino people have a history of electing the same public officials who rob tax payer’s money again and again.

Where the sun don't shine: All porky roads should lead to prison. Full stop.

Where the sun don’t shine: All porky roads should lead to prison. Full stop.

In a plea to the public to give her another chance, Tuason confessed that she is scared to go to jail. She said she would rather die than go to prison. She said this as if the people would be moved by her admission that she didn’t want to go to jail for her involvement in stealing public funds. Apparently, while she was enjoying squandering other people’s money when she was still Napoles’s gofer, she didn’t think about the possibility of going to prison. In other words, she was delusional and didn’t think she would get caught. Now that she has been caught, she has become religious. She keeps mentioning God and how often she prays to show that she is a god-fearing person. It’s as if doing that will erase the crime she committed. Unfortunately, if Tuason or any of the accused in the pork barrel scam doesn’t go to jail, other people will be emboldened to copy their crimes.

The first thing you notice about the whistleblowers involved in the priority development assistance fund scam or pork barrel scam is the manner with which they act during the senate blue ribbon committee. They all act like they are trying to pull our legs. We all know that these whistleblowers didn’t come forward because their conscience bothered them. If they had any conscience in the first place, they would never have been involved in the pork barrel scam for years.

[Sandwich meme courtesy Showbiz Government.]

18 Replies to “Whistleblowers in pork barrel scam Ruby Tuason and Benhur Luy deserve jail time not hero and celebrity treatment”

  1. Ilda, surely there’s a good reason why these whistleblowers are acting like no one’s threatening their lives – some politicians are probably protecting these people instead of staying in jail as part of a witness protection program.

    Then again, the justice system in this country is almost non-existent so this pork barrel case will be swept under the rug after a couple of months. These hearings are doomed to be fruitless as you said that serve as a distraction to the ignorant masses. The big question is, if misuse of the pork barrel is already existing way back, why did it take so long to address it?

    As always, you’ve provided another great article.

    1. Hi Ian


      Yes, it has become apparent that the justice system in the country is a joke. It seems the executive branch can control who will go to jail. This is evident in how PNoy’s political enemies get persecuted, convicted and spend time in jail while his allies get off the hook.

  2. Circus, really.

    Robbed and robbed again! How much is spent on this circus? What is being hidden from us big time? Something big is going on behind our back.

  3. My uber yellow relative totally buys the act that Tuason is brave and bothered by her conscience. Never occurred to her Tuason is tool to concentrate blame on opposition and none of it on Noynoy Liberals.

    1. Nor does it seem to bother them that in the end Tuason is still a thief and a liar who helped bilk Filipino taxpayers of billions. For some reason the yellow idiots and the Catholic Church have decided her culpability is no longer an issue. Circumstances notwithstanding, the crimes she admits to having been a party to are punishable by life imprisonment.

    2. It seems to me that it is easy to get away with criminal activities in the Phils when you know the right people. You just have to accumulate all the commissions from scams as best as you can and then you can turn “whistle-blower” later on. You’ll even be treated like a celebrity during the senate hearing.

  4. Inquirer editorial headline “A profile in courage” sings the praises of ruby tuason.

    Catholic bishops “commend tuason’s sincerity”

    The country clearly has a warped sense of morality, the people a high acceptance of ‘immorality’, and senators no integrity whatsoever.

    A farce, wrapped in a charade, embroidered with pathos, and covered in fairy dust. Benhur luy obviously provides the fairy dust.

    “When a citizen gives his vote or support to a man of known immorality, he sacrifices not only his own interest, but that of his children, his neighbor; he betrays the interest of his country.”
    Noah Webster

    P.s. those senators who did not attend reads like a rogue’s gallery.

  5. Nakakatawa. Nag-ingay si Jinggoy, biglang isinama si Loi… naalalang bigla ni Luy. Nag-ingay si Bong, naalala bigla si Ramon, Sr. Ibig sabihin marami pa pala silang itinatago, lalong lalo na pag Admin allies. Marami pa silang ilalabas na baho… sa palagay ko may kinalaman si Mar, Drilon at maaaring si PNoy mismo. Halatang may itinatago sina Luy. Kung sa kalaban ay may itinago di lalo na sa kakampi.
    Sa Pilipinas, magnakaw ka nang magnakaw ng kabang bayan at maging whistleblower bandang huli… hero pa ang dating mo. Si Rabusa naappoint pa sa BOC as consultant kaya naiyak si Lozada… di sya naappoint… itinuloy pa ang kaso nya sa Philforest

  6. The continuing political circus in the senate is a farce and a sham. Trial by publicity and black propaganda rule the day. Where is the presumption of innocence? Where is due process and the rule of law? The rule of men is very apparent as the dictator BS Aquino directs selective prosecution at his perceived enemies. Why are the opposition senators being targeted? Because the spectacle in the senate is being used as propaganda of the matuwid na daan. An overused matuwid na daan that has always been and always will be the baliw na daan. Watch as the KKK and liberal party gets away with it! Watch while the dictator confers impunity on his friends and political allies! Watch as he divides and conquers/rules the senate! The accusers are coached while the accused are sidelined! I have yet to see a confrontational discussion in the senate where the accused are allowed to defend themselves! Damn the dictator BS Aquino! He is the godfather/king of the PDAF and DAP bribery scam! The blame games and scapegoating continues!

  7. Isa lang ang napansin ko,bakit hinahayaan siyang kumain ng chips while she was under questioning,pampa-alis ba ng stress?Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng ganyan imagire televised world-wide pa,nakakahiya sa mga international viewers na makakakita,ganoon pala doon sa Pilipinas.It’s more fund talaga sa Philippines.

  8. The Aquino regime is a showbiz regime; full of hot air; but lacking in substance. Aquino established a Feudal Oligarchy Kleptocracy. He gives circus to people, as ” The Grearest Show on Earth”…rivalling even the famed “Barun and Bailey Circus”…we have Clowns; Real Actors who are Senators. We have Comedians, who are Senators. We have Media Personalities, who are Senators. We have Freaks, in the form of a Human Swines, fattened with Pork Barrel funds. We also have a Whore, who fornicate with every man , she wanted. Whose children, are all “panganays”. We have mystery people pulling strings behind Aquino, in the forms of NPA Mafia and the Oligarchs. That includes Aquino family…

    We have people who pretend to be “Whitleblowers”; who claim to have found their consciense. They testfy, but, keep the money, they have stolen , anyway…Testifying, to earn immunity from prosecution…

    Unluckily, the Joke , dear countrymen, is upon us. They have stolen millions, even, billions of pesos of our taxmoney. We have also the Chief YellowTard in Malacanang Palace, who pretend to be clueless. However, he is orchestrating this : “Greatest Show on Earth…”

    What a country…claimed to be only Christian country in the Far East; but is the most corrupt.

  9. The first thing that comes to mind about defenders of whistleblowers is that they themselves have been in the kurakot business, so they try to mudsling and put down what the “snitch” does: tell on them. Though the kurakots themselves will get away with the loot they have stolen, whisteblowers, or not, have nothing to fear as they know nothing will come out of their nefarious deeds.

    One thing to know is that larceny is in the hearts of the already rich, as if they have no fear of what will come in their judgment day. They believe they cann argue their case before the JUDGE as they do while here. And to think that the oldest living Senator belives he can take his loot after he dies, a death which will come like the thief in the night, a thief most likkely of his mold.

    Mabuhay to thos who expose these thieves and they deserve the way they act.

  10. This administration is already very predictable in that, they will always do the most stupid thing imaginable, if not the craziest. Ben Hur Luy seems to be more intelligent than the president and the sec of justice combined.

    Imagine being able to convince the two eggheads that he qualifies as state witness when he is the second most guilty person after Napoles. Now they have the gall and the cheek to object to other people being considered as witness, like Matt Ranillo, who probably is the least guilty. I will bet, that the two eggheads will defer to Luy’s wishes.

    Now tell me, is there anything more foolish than this?

  11. Benhur Luy, a psychopath? Try sociopath. The guy looks like he doesn’t give a crap about anyone except himself. The confidence he displays, the stupid smug look on his ugly mug should make a rational mind suspicious. He’s so sure he’s in the clear. While I agree that they should all go to jail, the system has its limits, loopholes that are taken advantage by the incumbent officials themselves. >_<

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