Social media uproar over Willie Revillame claim on Tado Jimenez remains!


An uproar erupted amongst the friends of deceased comedian and activist Tado Jimenez after reports came out that star game show host Willie Revillame “took care” of moving his remains from the scene of the accident back to Manila. According to an Interaksyon report singer Dong Abay and radio personality Gang Badoy-Capati took to Facebook and Twitter to denounce Revillame and PhilStar columnist Ricky Lo who wrote the report…

Capati fired off a series of tweets that belied the report and clarified that Tado was fetched by a party of family and friends, including herself and members of the activist groups Rock Ed Philippines and Dakila.

“Willie Revillame, why would you take that truth away from Tado’s friends?” she lamented in one post.

Accidental celebrity: The late Tado Jimenez

Accidental celebrity: The late Tado Jimenez

Writer Candice Lopez Quimpo chimed in in a tweet seemingly directed to Revillame and Lo as well saying “Multuhin ka sana, sinungaling”. Translated: “I hope you are haunted by [an unnamed person’s] ghost.” Quimpo also tweeted that “Willie Revillame is a liar. This story is false,” providing a link to Lo’s article in the same tweet.

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Lo’s PhilStar report where this was apparently first revealed disclosed thus…

When Willie learned about the accident, he instructed his trusted man, Jay Montelibano, to take care of everything — bring Tado’s body from the Mountain Province for the wake at the Paket Santiago Funeral Homes (on V. Gomez, San Roque in Marikina, from Sunday night to tomorrow when Tado’s remains are cremated and at the Marikina Loyola Memorial Park). Willie is shouldering all the expenses.

However, on second reading, one will note that this was a statement on Revillame’s intent to take care of Jimenez’s body but is silent on whether or not the intent was actually carried out.

Interaksyon further observed that “Abay deleted the [a Facebook] post [where he requested that people bop Revillame over the head] after just over an hour.” The post had attracted 168 “Likes” and 34 comments at the time Interaksyon cited it.

Capati, for her part, in a subsequent tweet announced she had deleted all her tweets on the matter. “I deleted everything regarding that. No space deserved. Done.”

A case of knee-jerk over-reaction? Seems like it.

Tado Jimenez rose to fame posthumously after the bus he was riding up to the Mountain Province crashed. He was a regular guest in Willie Revillame’s now defunct game show Wowowee and was reportedly promised a co-hosting job in Revillame’s next show.

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17 Replies to “Social media uproar over Willie Revillame claim on Tado Jimenez remains!”

  1. Why did they delete their posts? It was NOT an over reaction. Mukhang wala naman silang natanggap na information na nais tumulong ni Willie kaya sila nag-react ng ganyan. At bakit sa media agad nagbigay ng statement si Willie at hindi sa pamilya ni Tado? Pang-uuto ang ginagawa ni Willie sa masa ilang taon na. Para mag mukha siyang mabait. Whether intention niya or nagawa nga niya dapat sabihin lang niya ang totoo.

  2. Ricky Lo doesn’t know anything about the artist’s circle or anything about the arts community. For him Tado is a TV personality and he would rather get the side of a dubious TV personalty like Willie to have a story. This shows how stupid and lazy Showbiz writers are.

  3. “Accidental celebrity”

    “Tado Jimenez rose to fame posthumously after the bus he was riding up to the Mountain Province crashed.”

    Ows? Hindi porque hindi mo siya kilala ay ngayon lang siya sumikat.

    Itong si benign0 talaga, basta may masulat lang. 😀

      1. That logical fallacy. Oh you.

        Here in da local “show business and media” industry, any person with at least a mediocre stint on TV would most likely be given a post-houmous 15 minutes of fame, once the said person becomes a subject in a scandal, tragedy, or a disaster.
        Unfortunately for the subject (and to the relevant issue/s attached with that person), after that “15 minutes of fame” have expired, everything about it will be conveniently forgotten, until a newer, similar HOT TOPIC pops up.

    1. @ MGE taxi

      You are totally missing the point, idiot. Whoever uses a name of taxi company as his handle is not only stupid but a coward.

    2. Dude why the gripe? Kung hindi sikat si Tado kay Benigno e ano naman? Kailangan mo nang mabutthurt agad? Tsaka pinagpiyestahan lang sya ng media dahil namatay sya di ba?

  4. Inaalay ko ang napakahaba, napakahirap at mabuti na lang nanalo ako sa game na ito kay Mr. Tado. Rest in peace.

    2.11.2014: Kalaban Ko (White pieces) vs. Ako (Black pieces) (Ruy Lopez, Berlin-Beverwijk variation C65)

    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 Nf6 4. O-O Bc5 5. d3 O-O 6. Bxc6 dxc6 7. Nxe5 Re8 8. Nf3 Bg4 9. Nbd2 h6 10. Nb3 Bb6 11. a4 a5 12. Be3 Bxe3 13. fxe3 b6 14. Qd2 c5 15. c4 Bxf3 16. Rxf3 Qd6 17. Qe2 Rad8 18. Nc1 Ng4 19. Rf4 Ne5 20. Ra3 Re6 21. Qf2 Rg6 22. Rc3 f6 23. b3 Qd7 24. Rf5 Kh7 25. Qc2 c6 26. Rf2 Rg5 27. Rf4 Qh3 28. Qe2 Qe6 29. Rf1 Kg8 30. Rc2 h5 31. Rd2 h4 32. Qf2 h3 33. g3 Kh7 34. Rdd1 Rd7 35. Qe2 Ng4 36. Rf4 Kg8 37. d4 cxd4 38. exd4 Rd8 39. Rd3 Qc8 40. Qd2 Re8 41. Ne2 Qd7 42. Qc2 Qd6 43. Nc3 Rd8 44. Rf1 Ne5 45. Rdd1 Ng4 46. Rf3 Qe7 47. Rdd3 Qb4 48. Rd2 Qe7 49. Rfd3 Rd7 50. Qd1 Rd8 51. Qf3 Re8 52. Re2 Rc8 53. Rdd2 Qb4 54. Na2 Qa3 55. Rd3 c5 56. e5 fxe5 57. Qd5+ Kh8 58. dxe5 Rf8 59. Rf3 Rxf3 60. Qxf3 Nxe5 61. Qa8+ Kh7 62. Qe4+ g6 63. Qb7+ Kh6 64. Qa8 Kg7 65. Qa7+ Nf7 66. Qxb6 Re5 67. Rd2 Re1+ 68. Kf2 Ra1 69. Qxa5 Rxa2 70. Qc3+ Kh7 71. Ke1 Rxd2 72. Kxd2 Qa2+ 73. Qc2 Qa1 74. Qd3 Qb2+ 75. Qc2 Qf6 76. Qd3 Ne5 77. Qe2 Nf3+ 78. Ke3 Nd4 79. Qd1 Kg7 80. Ke4 Qf2 81. Kd5 Qxh2 82. Kxc5 Qd2 83. Qb1 h2 84. Qh1 Nxb3+ 85. Kc6 Qf2 86. Kb5 Qf3 87. Qxf3 Nd4+ 88. Kb6 Nxf3 89. a5 h1=Q 90. a6 Ne5 White Resigns 0-1

  5. Showbiz and journalism was never intended to be a good mix. No wonder I’ve pretty much ran out of newspapers to read these days.

    Tado, while I did not personally knew the guy had a pretty interesting stint back then on Strangebrew but after that I didn’t really see him that much since I pretty much stopped watching TV due to a lot of dumb programming that came after that.

    I might agree that in showbiz, when you’re not in the so-called A-list while you still live nobody would give a crap about you. But when you die especially in a tragic accident, well that’s where you rise to heights you’d never see happen..that’s when people suddenly remember you. The problem with people is they usually have a kind of twisted way of remembering such.

  6. Inaalay ko uli para kay Mr. Tado at sa kanyang pamilya ang isa pang game na napakahaba, napakahirap at mabuti na lang nanalo ako dahil sa tiyaga. Rest in peace, Mr. Tado.

    2.19.2014: Ako (White pieces) vs. Kalaban Ko (Black pieces) (Modern Benoni, Classical variation A70)

    1. c4 e6 2. d4 Nf6 3. Nc3 c5 4. Nf3 g6 5. d5 exd5 6. cxd5 d6 7. e4 Bg7 8. e5 dxe5 9. Nxe5 O-O 10. Be2 Re8 11. Nf3 Bf5 12. O-O Na6 13. Bb5 Bd7 14. Bc4 Ne4 15. Nxe4 Rxe4 16. Qc2 Bf5 17. Qb3 Nb4 18. d6 Qxd6 19. a3 Rxc4 20. Qxc4 Bd3 21. Rd1 Bxc4 22. Rxd6 Nc2 23. b3 Bf8 24. Rb1 Bxd6 25. bxc4 b6 26. Bb2 Rd8 27. Kf1 Bf4 28. Ke2 Kf8 29. Rd1 Ke8 30. g3 Bd6 31. Rd2 Nd4+ 32. Nxd4 cxd4 33. Rxd4 Kd7 34. a4 Kc6 35. Kd2 Kc5 36. Kd3 Kc6 37. Kd2 g5 38. Kd3 g4 39. Rd5 a6 40. Bd4 Be7 41. a5 b5 42. Rf5 f6 43. cxb5+ axb5 44. a6 h6 45. a7 b4 46. Rh5 Bf8 47. Ra5 Kb7 48. Kc4 Rc8+ 49. Kb3 Be7 50. Rd5 Ka8 51. Rd7 Re8 52. Be3 h5 53. Bb6 Bf8 54. Rd5 Kb7 55. Bd4 Ka8 56. Rxh5 Bd6 57. h3 gxh3 58. Rxh3 Rc8 59. Rh7 f5 60. Rd7 Bf8 61. Rd5 f4 62. gxf4 Kb7 63. f5 Kc6 64. Ra5 Ra8 65. f6 Kd7 66. Rb5 Bd6 67. f7 Ke7 68. Rb7+ Kf8 69. Bc5 Bxc5 70. Rb8+ Kxf7 71. Rxa8 Black Resigns 1-0

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