Iglesia ni Cristo ‘charity walk’ for Haiyan victims: Was its impact on Metro Manila’s economy worth it?

So what exactly does clogging an entire major thoroughfare for hours in a megalopolis already choked by normal traffic volume supposed to achieve? According to the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), it organised a “charity walk” along Manila’s Roxas Boulevard (formerly known as Dewey Boulevard) to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan (a.k.a. Yolanda).

Walking the walk by wearing a shirt: Iglesia ni Cristo flock clogs Roxas Boulevard on a sunny Saturday.

Walking the walk by wearing a shirt: Iglesia ni Cristo flock clogs Roxas Boulevard on a sunny Saturday.

Hundreds of thousands of INC members bought shirts for Php250 (about USD5.00) and took to the iconic waterfront thoroughfare today supposedly for the benefit of the hundreds of thousands of residents of Leyte and other central-Philippine provinces hit by the super-typhoon in November last year. The event snarled traffic all over Metro Manila. Estimates of the cost in lost productivity to the Philippine economy caused by the city’s infamous routinely turtle-paced traffic amount to the billions. If a proper accounting of the fiscal contribution of this event vis-à-vis its negative impact to the value of commercial activity on a Saturday in Metro Manila, the result would very likely be in the red.

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The INC is known for its tight hold on the will of its members. Members are obligated to fork over a certain percentage of their personal income in the form of tithes. And it is likely that INC officials can quite easily exact additional tithes from its members on top of this for “special projects” without having to resort to organising stunts like this. Indeed, the event is making headline news on account of it possibly setting a Guinness World Record for “the most number of participants in a charity walk.”

As such, observers are abuzz with speculations on a possible political agenda behind this event. Because of its vast membership and its renowned ability to control the voting behaviour of this flock, politicians from all walks and parties stumble over one another to pander to the whims of INC top honchos. Suffice to say, the INC has always been a force to reckon when it comes to mobilising blocs of compliant voters and activists to support political positions and agendas decreed by its leadership. Just about every one of the most controversial presidents who’ve ever ruled this sad nation had at one time or another found favour with an INC top honcho…

1986: The INC supports President Ferdinand Marcos over then leader of the “Opposition” Corazon Aquino (Noynoy Aquino’s mother).

1998: The INC supports Joseph “Erap” Estrada’s successful bid for the presidency.

2004: The INC endorses Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in her campaign for President of the Philippines.

2010: The INC endorses Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas as future President and Vice President of the Philippines.

Like most of the major religions in the Philippines, the INC possesses immense wealth. Its temples’ towering spires loom over many parts of the Philippines, perhaps as a reminder to all of its vast power to influence Filipinos’ lives.

In an article marking a previous similarly disruptive event held by the INC in October 2013 which prompted many cities within Metro Manila to suspend classes, Paul Farol highlighted the specific qualities of the INC that make it a political force to reckon with…

1. Not only its size but the quality of its membership and its cohesiveness as a group.

2. The INC owns the highest rating (BAR NONE) radio and TV network, which is an essential tool for mobilization and coordination.

3. […] its members are well placed throughout the government.

Perhaps what the real agenda of this “charity” event really is will be revealed at some point. For now, as always, we shall defer to the very relevant advise of our favourite kapamilya media outlet:

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata…

[Photo courtesy Yahoo! News.]

287 Replies to “Iglesia ni Cristo ‘charity walk’ for Haiyan victims: Was its impact on Metro Manila’s economy worth it?”

  1. Advertising. They’re showcasing their power even more now. They’ll be backing someone in power real soon, and they’ll be expecting that someone to bow down to their wishes.
    The leaders could have simply extorted the money from the members, the word of the leaders is akin to the word of god after all.
    The Church of Manalo and their rocket ships, can’t wait for them to blast off like Team Rocket.

  2. I, for one, also question what is the economical impact of this fundraising walk by the INC itself. And who is holding the money that people have spent on P250 worth of t-shirts?

    I hope someone from the “chosen people of God” would answer my question without being offended. The last time I asked this question to someone from INC, I was either ignored or branded as a heretic. It’s no use talking to someone who claims to be God’s chosen yet acts like a Pharisee.

  3. Really dont care about them,their teachings are rotten, teaching their ministers to kill for the sake of their Devil sent Manalo! Bulok ang aral! Puro pakitang tao lang,para magpalakas sa mga pulitiko, para humingi ng kapalit. Yan ang dahilan kaya di umaasenso Pilipinas, dahil sa bulok na aral ng relihiyon na yan!

  4. I’ve been a very supportive follower of GRP that I even require my students in my Sociology classes to read articles, especially the ones written by benignO. But being a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, I have to speak up and state simply that what you have written are mere speculations that do not warrant this kind of animosity towards our church members. If anything, our church should be recognized for its ability to channel finances effectively – this is where you should do your homework. Since you’re so concerned about how our “stunt” is counterproductive to the economic activities of the day, how about being more objective and research about how the church has sustained communities around the world, not just Haiyan victims. The hidden agenda there is all in your non-believing minds.

    1. Since we have an INC member here, may I ask if this event was fully supported by the majority of the INC? I mean, there are other ways to contribute to the Yolanda victims without the risk of having a slow economic crawl, right?

      1. “there are other ways to contribute to the Yolanda victims without the risk of having a slow economic crawl, right?”

        If there are other ways, why don’t you organize it yourself? make yourself useful.


    2. BenignO do not reside in the Philippines. You are right all he has is speculations. There is a INC Local congregation in Orlando. Maybe he can go there and just listen to the doctrines so he can write articles more accurately rather than talking S#%t? He don’t know S#&t. All accumulated money that was collected abroad and in the Philippines down to the penny will go to Yolanda. Just FYI, every members in the US voluntarily contributed $30 each for joining the world wide walk. It’s a fundraiser!

      1. We all know how significant the INC vote is during Phil elections. INC members are responsible for voting for incompetent leaders like BS Aquino and Erap. Therefore, they are responsible for allowing the mismanagement of the country by the very leaders they elect.

        INC members don’t even have to organise “fundraisers” if they vote for competent and honest public officials. The loss of lives and destruction in Leyte could have been reduced significantly if the public officials most INC members put in office do their jobs properly.

        INC members should ask their leader why he has to endorse a particular candidate during elections in the first place.

        1. Ilda, I’m not so sure if you understand what we are talking here. The topic here is INC / Yolanda / Roxas blvd.
          Voting bs Aquino & Erap is a different thread. Stay on topic.
          Just be proud as a Filipino that there is a church who created an awareness to provide longterm support for the victims and made it through 2 Guinness records set by Canada and Singapore as an added bonus. Instead of criticising the INC for helping, just be glad. You never know that you may have a relative, cousin, close family who suffered from the calamity and INC was there to help. Just ask yourself what have you and benignO have done to contribute to help the victims? I bet neither you or benignO did not even contributed a penny for the victims. The only thing that blogger benignO have done is critism that made him looked like a fool.

        2. @JOn

          I bet neither you or benignO did not even contributed a penny for the victims.

          That is such a classic statement from an irrational commenter. I would not have expected that from you though..tsk tsk. You need to get a grip on reality. You’re the one who needs to stay on topic. How much others give to the needy is none of your business.

          I don’t care how many times INC organises their “fundraising” just as long as they don’t wreak havoc on the public roads and access. Your church leaders could have just passed around a second bucket during mass to collect the funds for the Yolanda victims and quietly gave the funds to the victims themselves. They didn’t need to create chaos on the streets or announce to the media what they were doing. By the way, being included in the Guinness world record will NOT do anything to improve the plight of the poor people in the Philippines.

          Voting bs Aquino & Erap is a different thread

          What’s wrong? You don’t want a reminder of how the INC is responsible for voting for incompetent leaders? I distinctly remember the INC leader meeting with Noynoy a week before the 2010 election. What’s in it for INC when they endorse a candidate anyway? Why don’t you ask your leader that?

        3. @ JOn

          It seems you are the one who doesn’t know jack shit.

          First you go on in an ad hominem against the blog owner and then you go on and and say to Ilda to stay on topic.

          Be thankful? For what exactly, for your church having the leverage to say who will be the idiot who sits in power?

          You fail to see that the article does not criticize your church for “helping” per se, but asks about the impact on the metro’s economy.

        4. So much butthurt in a post made out of verbal diahrrea. No wonder INC is considered as a cult since you guys have that kind of attitude towards other people who have a different religion.

        5. Ilda, It is obvious that you haven’t been around. It seem like your world just evolve in the Philippines. I did not expect that from a blogger.
          “Your church leaders could have just passed around a second bucket during mass to collect the funds for the Yolanda victims and quietly gave the funds to the victims themselves. They didn’t need to create chaos on the streets or announce to the media what they were doing. By the way, being included in the Guinness world record will NOT do anything to improve the plight of the poor people in the Philippines.
          “This statement is “Atypical” for a typical Filipino. In the US, people call it “Un-American.” In the Philippines it’s “Un-Filipino.”
          If you examine advance countries like the US, every year millions of Americans asked friends, families etc. to join an events ranging from a 1-5 mile fun runs to 50 miles bike treks. One largest event the American Cancer Society’s Relays for Life raised more than $400 million in 2010. It creates awareness. Charitable events create an awareness that could attract an average people or famous people such Bill Gates, Warren Buffett who is most generous helping other countries.
          Did you even join any charitable cause that could help the Philippines such as “Run for Pasig River”, “Million People March against the Pork Barrel?” These events created a standstill in the city caused massive traffic, loss economic revenue for the purpose of creating awareness.
          “Your church leaders could have just passed around a second bucket during mass to collect the funds for the Yolanda victims and quietly gave the funds to the victims themselves.”
          True – I can say the same thing with ABS-CBN for sponsoring “Run for Pasig River.” If that is the case, you would not have seen Justin Bieber or David Beckman set foot in the Tacloban if funds are given quietly. Then again you criticized INC because it’s INC doing some good for the country and its people. Let look at this one, try doing some research on how the “Black Nazarene” created chaos every year. People are getting hurt out by stampede, urinating, defecating in the street. Now that’s disgusting! Tourists don’t see that this is the wrong doings of the Catholics, but they see wrong doings of all Filipinos as a country. Nice one for tourist promotion ha.

          Maybe you want to help support research for curing an ailment of a family member or friend. There are walks that support just about every cause like asthma, breast cancer, mental illness, leukemia/lymphoma, diabetes, etc.

        6. @JOn

          It is obvious that you haven’t been around. It seem like your world just evolve in the Philippines.

          Another baseless assumption. Yeah, right…lol.

          You’re not doing yourself a favour here by attacking the writers instead of the points stated. You’ve been a GRP subscriber for a long time and you didn’t have a problem with our views until the activities of your church was criticised. How convenient for you.

          I remember how you were disappointed when you found out that the INC endorsed Noynoy instead of Gordon a week before the 2010 election. I can still unearth your old comment from the archives if I wanted to. So try not to embarrass yourself by telling me you are so unimpressed with me now.

          What is so “un-Filipino” about asking the INC to stop wreaking havoc on the roads? I am fully aware of fundraising events like marathons and walkatons in other countries but the majority of those activities are done in places where motorists have plenty of alternative routes to choose from. Compare that to the Philippines where you have only a few major highways and roads where motorists can pass through.

          You simply cannot copy the activities from first world countries without considering the negative impact it will have locally.

        7. Again Ilda, just be part of something you can be proud of. Maybe you can volunteer at PRC with Richard Gordon.

          “I remember how you were disappointed when you found out that the INC endorsed Noynoy instead of Gordon a week before the 2010 election.”

          God created us with a unique ability to think in our own ways. This is my personal opinion and I am not afraid to voice it out. I would encourage everyone to voice out their own views but be prepared to answer back.

          I am assuming you are employed by your employer. If your boss or manager instructed you to do certain task, you may or may not agree with him. You may or may not voice your own opinion as well; however, because you believe in the company you eventually follow him or else you would resigned already.

          Another example, if you are in the military you may or may not agree with your Commander-In-Chief to go to war with Iraq. But it’s the right thing to do for peace to fight for your country and your children. You have to do it because it’s your duty.

          For a simple walkathons to help your countrymen from the massive devastation of Yolanda, you are sweating in your pants. Grow up….. be a team player. Are you one of those people who participated with the Black Nazarene Fiesta? I am assuming you are Catholic because you use the word “During Mass” You probably witnessed all the stampede and the disgusting things that people do their like urinating on the walls, spitting on sidewalks etc….. Maybe you can pull your priest or your cardinals at the CBCP office and speak to them that they embarrassed the whole country during the event in Quiapo.

          Here are the events in the US utilizing TIME SQUARE in NYC.

          “Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square recognizes the importance of the ever growing need amongst both schools and various organizations to raise funds for their cause. As a result, we are introducing a new, fun and inviting way to raise money for your organization! We can provide an unbelievable experience for your contributors – the thrill of a visit to New York’s most fascinating attraction located in the heart of Times Square.”

          Taste of Times Square
          Taste of Times Square is one of New York’s City’s most mouth-watering outdoor food festivals where individuals can enjoy international tastes offered by the top restaurants from around the world, at the Crossroads of the World!

          Solstice in Times Square: Mind Over Madness Yoga
          Yoga enthusiasts celebrate the longest day of the year with an all day yoga fest. Attendees are challenged to find tranquility and transcendence in the midst of the world’s most commercial and frenetic place, Times Square.

          New Year’s Eve
          It’s midnight on December 31st, and the eyes of the world have turned once more to the dazzling lights and bustling energy of Times Square. Click here for all you need to know about New Year’s Eve in Times Square – and how you can join the celebration this year.

          Times Square Kiss-In
          On the anniversary of the end of World War II, Times Square Alliance invites couples from all generations and of all types to celebrate again in Times Square, in honor of the US Armed Forces and in celebration of the universal ideals of peace, love and hope. The Kiss-In is held every five years in the exact location where the famous kiss took place. Next Kiss-In: August 2015.

          Every Valentine’s Day, we welcome you to Times Square to renew your vows on the red glass steps, snap a picture with your loved one in front of the heart sculpture and take advantage of Free Love deals and discounts from Times Square shows, restaurants, hotels and attractions.

          Philippines-Based Megachurch Rallies in Times Square for Superstorm Sandy Relief
          Donations and Outreach Benefit NYC Homeless, First Responders, and Hospitals


        8. @JOn

          No need to enumerate the activities held elsewhere around the world when I already gave you the answer to that in my previous comment: You simply cannot copy the activities from first world countries without considering the negative impact it will have locally. Other societies obviously think things trough before doing something that can affect millions of people. We cannot say the same for Philippine society.

          Again Ilda, just be part of something you can be proud of. Maybe you can volunteer at PRC with Richard Gordon.

          Another useless and baseless assumption…LOL. What makes you think I am NOT part of something that I am not proud of? Your comments are really giving you away. By the way, I don’t even have to be a part of something to be proud of myself.

          The problem with some people is that they have to announce what they do like telling everyone they are giving to charity so they can be seen as “charitable”. Another problem with some people is that they always have to follow what the crowd is doing just to feel secure about themselves. Guess what? I don’t follow trends just to be accepted by society. I don’t have to join your walkaton or marathon just to “help” the victims of the typhoon. Another problem with some people is they think giving money will solve the problems in our society. Giving money is just a Band-Aid solution. If you want the problems to go away, you have to find and address the root cause of the problems.

          GRP has criticised the annual Black Nazarene festival in the past just so you know. GRP is not singling out INC.

        9. @JOn: False analogy. This exercise of writing for GRP cannot be likened with being part of a corporate or military organisation. GRP writers don’t have a boss. I can only speak for myself as to my motivation for writing, but I don’t do this out of any sense of “duty” but more from the perspective of expressing views.

          Catholic traditions are just as fair a game to us as INC traditions. So don’t think this is all about slamming one religion while absolving another. I have my opinion about that Quiapo thing Catholics do and it’s just as critical as whatever I have to say about the INC.

          If you are proud of whatever the INC does and how you participate in it, that’s your business. This article seeks to table an opinion about this Haiyan “walk” regardless of what your opinion of it is. No amount of citing any examples of how other such stunts are performed elsewhere will change the unique circumstances and issues that surround this particular case as expressed in the above article.

          As to any point you’ve so far made, well, I can’t see any — because you choose to limit the scope of your ability to come up with a point within the confines of what INC dogma allows you to regard these questions.

          Basically you are saying that INC dogma, from your perspective, is not subject to challenge — which raises the question of why you are participating in this “debate” to begin with. So be it then. That alone makes your presence here and the content you add to this thread a mere sideshow and not a serious contender in an exercise of free enquiry.

        10. BenignO, I really don’t care what you think. Serious contender or not as long as expression were made to a blogger who writes inaccurate article gathered and quote some of his information from another journalist like Jason Gutierrez (AFP) who stated in his article “claim they were also required to give 10 percent of their salaries” who also need to do his own research because he is definitely misinformed. If that’s where you gather most of your source, you yourself that makes you an amateur blogger and definitely “not a serious contender in an exercise of free enquiry.”
          I expect nothing less from you or Ilda especially in the coming months on July 27, there will be more traffics, more inconveniences, and more hatred will be written on this website when the Philippine Arena in Ciudad de Victoria, Bulacan opens. Many more positive and negative articles will be written. Just look at the bright side, tourism could spike a bit this July. Most of us who will be coming from the United States will join the event.

          You stated from your previous comment “taking into account the impact of the snarled traffic this INC stunt caused on the economy of Manila — the net contribution overall of this “charity” event is a lot smaller (possibly in the negative even) than you guys would like to think.”
          You are missing the whole picture. That is why it was called “World Wide Walk” other countries participated. The snarled traffic at Roxas Blvd outweighs the benefit of the people in Tacloban. A small half a day inconvenience to the people of Manila who normally suffered from everyday traffic and standstill during months of floods. If INC wants to block traffic, they could easily hold this event at Ayala Ave in Makati on weekdays.
          Just do the math. This is an open book. People in Philippines contributed P250.00 (pesos) per person. In the US alone every individual willingly contributed $30.00 (dollars) per person. Some people who did not even join the walkathon in New York, Houston, and Los Angeles willingly contributed more wholeheartedly. Most of them have INC / Catholics friends and families in need of help.
          As per Guinness figures, there were 519, 521 participants worldwide not counting the individuals who contributed more and who have chosen to stay at home and 175,409 participants in Manila.
          I usually wonder what would Yolanda victims would feel who lost everything including their family, friends and their livelihood if they read your article and comments here? Well, that’s for you, Ilda, and other people who made negative comments to decipher.

          At the end of the day, people who are victims of Yolanda will be delighted that every penny will go towards for a good cause esp. it could temporally relieve them from hunger.

        11. I would like to see just once catholic priest organize something productive rather than spending time at Edsa. Organize something to help the people in tacloban. If you examine history of how catholism started in the early century, you would think people are crazy to follow its teachings.

          Nevertheless, I would hail them for helping out if they even plan to help. It remains to be seen.

      2. Wow.
        Narrow minded, defensive, aggressive, and profanity. Mmm

        So here’s something ‘on-topic’

        How much did the walk raise for yolanda victims? ( the money/aid is the priority, not the guinness book of records)

        When is the check being handed over? ( victims need help now)

        What other on the ground initiatives are INC currently doing to help yolanda victims?

      3. The only story relating to yolanda and INC is the cult not helping victims!

        Iglesia Ni Cristo Church in Iloilo Refused to Shelter Typhoon Yolanda Victims
        by ED UMBAO on NOVEMBER 11, 2013

        1. “The only story relating to yolanda and INC is the cult not helping victims!”

          gossip-monger much? hahaha. how many times have this nasty rumor from a priest named Abe or smth has beed disputed. but still.

          malicious articles like this is very pathetic.

      4. “INC hired 5,000 buses to ferry its followers to Manila from the provinces, with the 5 ‘mission’ sites being located around Malacanan”

        This event, like yolanda had nothing to do with charity – it was even held mid-week to cause maximum disruption. It was all about tax levy/issues on INC super temple being constructed ( philippine arena)

        It had nothing to do with charity.

  5. Raising money for the victims of Haiyan is not the problem. It is distributing the aid. Every ferry crossing in Leyte is choked with hundreds of aid trucks waiting weeks for the pitifully inadequate service to the other Visayan islands. Perhaps the INC followers can miraculously levitate supplies to the other islands.

  6. SUS! dami nmn reklam0 net0ng syt na e2!!!
    mabuti nmn hangad nmn ah! kesa nmn wala!
    d ka2lad mu, nka upo lng s computer, at puro batikos lng ginagawa.
    atsaka d mu b alam n ang saya kaya dun!!
    sori k n lng boi at wla k dun yan 2loy lalong naging miserable buhay mu!!
    alam mu b ung YOLO? dpat ganun k din!
    gets mu? yolanda=yolo mehn!!!! tnx god!!!

    1. Tsk, may squatter jejemon nanaman dito na puro YOLO lang ang alam.

      Bakit hindi ka mag-aral ulit sa Elementary at hindi panay DOTA at walang kwentang pagpapansin lang ang alam mo.

      I pity this fool for having less brain cells than a retard. Such tasteless people aren’t even worth my 5 minutes.

    2. Oh look, its the idiot who thinks his jejemon is impressing us.
      Too bad that it only makes him look even dumber than ever.
      Fact: Jejemon is a language for retards
      Fact: Jejemons are freaks. Deal with it.

  7. kaya nga itinaon na Sabado eh…sa halip na magpasalamat ka at kahit paano nakikilala ang Pinoy sa pagkakaisa…kaso may mga Pinoy pa din talagang bugok ang pag iisip na puro kasiraan ang nasa isip…well, pagpatuloy mo lang yan kapatid, kung sa akala mo mabuti etong ginagawa mo…hehe…

  8. Link.

    eto bro, hindi mo ba gagawa ng blog? “Last January, devotees of the Black Nazarene were criticized for littering the route of the traslacion (procession) and some were chided for relieving themselves on walls.”

  9. What is the difference between the INC demonstrations and the Black Nazarene madness? Do you know the difference between a cult and religion? A cult is the other guy’s religion.

    1. The Traslación of the Black Nazarene, held every 09 January, is a religious event. While not part of mainstream Catholicism — the procession is unique to the Philippines — (veneration of) the statue is recognised by Rome as a sacramental, i.e. a religious object that is used to manifest the respect due to the sacraments and to excite pious thoughts and to increase devotion. It is a religious celebration.

      An event like the INC’s ‘charity walk’ on the other hand is, as the name states, a fundraising event for charity. It isn’t part of any religious event. The fact that the ‘walk’ has become the focus of the discussion, not the act of charity, has transformed it into a display of hubris — ‘yabang’ in colloquial terms. And that is hardly a Christian value.

      The organisers could have asked their members to donate the 250 Pesos to their local churches and collected the money that way without disrupting traffic in the Metro. Instead, hosting a Guinness-World-Record-worthy event draws attention to the organisation’s SECULAR power — the ability to mobilise it’s membership towards a singular goal. Is it any wonder why people tend to become suspicious around that kind of social force?

    2. Both religions are cults. They just call them different names… organized religions calls them priests and pastors instead of shamans and witch doctors. Instead of chants they make it sound fashionable by calling it prayer. While the shaman expects that chicken, pastors and priests scare and extort your money and if you are not looking they lustily stare at little boys. with lust

      1. sancho,

        While there are quite a number of arguments here that are more demagoguery than rhetoric founded on actual facts, I will have to agree with the sentiment that you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to organised religion. It is stupid to condemn religion outright based on a few scandalous accounts sensationalised in the media.

  10. What does it cost the city of Manila to host an event like this? How much funds were raised? How much of the donated funds would directly benefit the victims of Yolanda? It seems like this is such an inefficient way to fundraise. Was the fund raising effort the primary objective of this endeavor or was breaking a world record more important? I was watching a segment about another religious NGO on TV earlier today about their programs to help the people affected by Yolanda, the Tzu Chi group’s cash for work program seemed like it was successful in dispensing help into the local community, and obviously their fund raising efforts were done without disturbing a big part of the capital to do so.

  11. It’s not true that INC are obligated to donate a certain percentage of their income we’re not born again. And what is wrong to have activities like that? as long as it was allowed by the local government and it has a noble purposes. In addition, INC are helping those small tinderos and tinderas including those buses and jeepney owners, so trade and business are still very healthy.

  12. puro change the topic and evasive maneuvers ang mga INC apologists. This is the main point: Is the money raised more or less than the lost productivity, wasted time and wasted gasoline?

    1. If you think about it, INC would be able to help more if it remove the charity walk. It can simply ask its members to voluntarily give PHP 250. If they do it, they’ll save time and money.

  13. “The INC is known for its tight hold on the will of its members. Members are obligated to fork over a certain percentage of their personal income in the form of tithes.”

    I demand the author Benigno to provide his sources in this particular statement. I am an INC since birth and I know all the teachings in the Church including about giving offerings. I will wait for an answer or you seem to be an irresponsible journalist that will write anything he wants to without proof.

      1. @MGE_Taxi:

        BenignO is not a Jurnalist. He is the WebMaster of GRP. BenignO has some weaknesses: he calls a Spade, a Dirty Shovel; he is also brutaaly frank…
        “Bato bato sa langit , ang tamaan , ay huwag magagalit…”

    1. Do allow me to try.

      INC Indoctrination Lessons
      Lesson 19 (of 27): Our Voluntary Contributions, Part 2

      Q: How should we prepare our contributions?
      A: Set aside an amount according to the blessings received…1 Cor.16:2 TEV:
      “Every Sunday each of you must put aside some money, in proportion to what he has earned, and save it up, so that there will be no need to collect money when I come.” (1 Cor.16:2 TEV)
      Instruction: We should prepare beforehand our contributions. We should set aside a certain portion of our income for this. We should not give leftovers but set aside our contributions in the same manner we set aside for our needs. Considering the fact that this is for God, we should consider it more important than the rest of our needs.”

  14. Indios are slaves….of Christus ancient lies!. They love myths and fables….reality is so hard for them to grasp. They dream of paradise but live in hellish land full of garbages, thieves, criminals, lazy, prostitutes and corrupt gov’t!!!

  15. The INC MARCH is a show of force. To show politicians, what they are buying…nothing less, nothing more. This is the reason, most politicians go to kiss the ass of Manalo, give him “contributions(lagay)”…to pander for his political support.

    Those INC wealth, did not come from “Heaven”…or some kind of “manna” from God….They are our taxmoney, that came from the Pork Barrel Funds…

  16. GRP believers, do something not just talk and criticize INC. The INC March was for charity similar to the many organized marathon events.

    I would join if GRP organizes a walk for a cause.

    1. The fact that you think it would be a good idea if GRP organized a “walk for a cause” is the best proof that you missed the whole point of this article.

  17. You, dear author, deserves a slow clap. In the face. With a kariton. It’s a good thing I don’t believe anything I read without any trustworthy sources with it. Since you made an article about this World Wide Walk, why don’t you also make an article about Lovapalooza, the feast of nazarene, flores de mayo and other feasts where streets in manila and other baranggays are being blocked?

    I was invited in this event and I would say, it gave me hope that we could still change for the better if we act as one. Instead of writing hateful articles, why don’t we just accept each others differences and ways on how to raise funds and be a caring nation? Did you die because of this event?

    Atleast this event would help our fellow Filipinos. May it start from other religion or charity. As long as it is for the Philippines, I support it whole heartedly. How about you?? Oh, you might say “you’re pretty sure the money will not go to the victims or where it should be”. I am positive that there are still some institutions or organizations out there who is really willing to help. Enough of those negativity and crab mentality. Don’t be assuming and know it all. Observe, experience, and be part of it.

  18. I’d be more sympathetic about this if it weren’t for the fact that this INC is nothing more than a well-established cult that rerereinterprets the Bible to suit its agendas. Probably only a few steps above Scientology and that’s not saying much.

  19. I’ve noticed that the INC sympathizers repeatedly dodge the question “So what exactly does clogging an entire major thoroughfare for hours in a megalopolis already choked by normal traffic volume supposed to achieve?”

    Is that really hard to answer? I guess they’re only good at attacking Catholics at every opportunity yet they can’t make a decent justification about this “walk for a cause.”

    1. I guess you can also say what exactly does the “Run for Pasig River”, “worshipping black false Nazarene idols”, “million man March against corruption”, world wide walk for Yolanda victims? I guess if you or ur family were affected or maybe died or lost everything you have with Yolanda, you would appreciate this.

      1. Sorry, I won’t join in a walk where I’m not sure where my money/donations will go, thank you very much. I still find the Black Nazarene stampede ridiculous, though.

  20. From the AFP article Influential Christian Sect Shuts Down Manila

    “Former members […] claim they were also required to give 10 percent of their salaries to the church though [INC Spokesman Edwin Zaballa] said this was not the case and instead “members are encouraged to contribute any amount they can”.

    Maybe we need former members to comment on the matter. Of course current members and the spokesman himself will comment in line with their masters’ “recommended” taglines. 😉

    1. Benigno,

      There’s no harm in doing some research. Why don’t you try to go to one of our worship service and see how the offerings in the INC are being conducted? You are basing your arguments from mere rumor. Again, I am waiting for your sources as to what you have claimed that INC are “obliged” to channel 10% of our salaries to the church.

    2. Well, there is also that other belief that INC members can only marry within their cult. I’m sure there is no written dogma surrounding that belief but it is a practice just the same. Why do these beliefs and the rumours surrounding them persist? You tell us.

      The Philippine Star itself reports its creepy practices thus (my boldface for emphasis)…

      By some accounts, it is now the second largest formal religion in the Philippines, a former Spanish and US colony, after Catholicism.

      Discipline and conservatism define the sect. Attendance is compulsory at twice-weekly masses inside its distinctive and brightly lit spire-topped churches, where the women sit apart from the men.

      Part of every member’s income goes to tithes. Dancing is prohibited, along with eating animal blood.

      INC spokesmen have said the sect provides “guidance” to its voters, in line with the sect’s belief that its chief minister is authorized by God to interpret the teachings of the Bible in contemporary times.

      You want me to do more research? More of this types of information will easily emerge from the woodwork. There will be no information coming from within the INC itself of course. They will all be accounts from outside sources and thus there is no value in trying to get an “official” statement on the matter from an authorised insider because a sanitised standard version will always be all you will get.

      1. And your source is a journalist who also needs to do his own research. I have heard a lot of “speculations”, not facts, that INC is doing tithes. I believe that it is because they are seeing a number of huge chapels being constructed by the Church despite the economic difficulties. But is offering in the INC compulsory? Does the minister in the Church dictate an amount for the members to give? This is the answer from their “official website” and I hope you will find time to read this. At least you use this as your source, you will not be misguided.


        Hope to hear from you soon.

      2. I’m already detecting a pattern here. It seems that, to you, any “journalist” that says something contrary to what you believe in needs to do “more research”. 😀

        By the way, here’s another source

        Every member of this religion is indoctrinated to defend its theology and all members are regimented into small committees for militant evangelism. Life-style is policed and tithing is mandatory. Magnificent church buildings, executive mansion, and palatial headquarters have been built from monies exacted from members.

        1. I don’t know but maybe, many of the journalists/writers today are irresponsible and mostly “lazy” to do some “research”. They often being influenced of their personal beliefs and just “googled” their sources. Have you not heard what they said that “You should not believe everything you read on the internet”. Even Wikipedia is not a reliable source.

          I have been a follower of your blog since the Corona trial and find most of your posts interesting. But I want you to get all your facts straight and not based on what you just have heard.

          Again, all of the members of the INC know the very foundation of our doctrine. You can’t be baptized if you will not pass to that standard. And I wanna tell you again that we are not observing tithes. You are most welcome to observe how the offerings are being conducted in our Church and you will see it yourself.

    3. I used to be a member of the Iglesia Ni Brainwashed Hypocritical Manalo. HYPOCRITES!!! They pray for forgiveness, but then they look up and down at others as if they are holier thou. That cult shall fall someday like Rome did. 310 Burnhamthorpe Rd. Will fall too. Choir members that sing their hearts out, but when questioned about complaints made against them; they lie and deny things just to protect their membership and office(s) within ths church. If the truth will not be exposed in this life, it will be exposed on the Day Of Judgment. Those who wronged me there will be put to shame.

  21. INC is a religious cult with political influence/agenda.
    It hardly promotes individual thought – quite the opposite, and is obviously a bad influence on the cultural and political development of the philippines.
    Its popularity says more about the lemming nature and gullibility of filipinos than anything else

  22. To the INC members and apologists.

    It bears to repeat the question: how does blocking Roxas Boulevard (or any other major thoroughfare) make up for its economic costs? That’s what the article points out and what others are continually asking.

    So far none have provided a detailed description of how exactly this charity event helps the victims of Yolanda/Haiyan or how they make up for the economic costs in any way. Good intentions are not a good answer and dodging the question by making flawed comparisons to other equally dubious religious events doesn’t cover it. Saying that we should all be grateful that it is showcasing unity instead of divisiveness is disingenuous at best.

    Also, you can’t blame people for being skeptical of your organization’s motives given your political history and organizational structure. The leader of the INC holds far more sway over its followers than the Pope does over Catholics, making it more like a cult than a bona fide religion.

    1. You are talking nonsense by mentioning that INC is cult. Do you know what a cult is? Do some research before calling names. INC is an open religion and you are invited to our church services for you to know the truth.

  23. I’m an atheist who is currently a member of INC only because I married my wife who is a member (though not as gung-ho as the other INCs). There is no tithe and yes nobody is required to give a fixed amount of money but it is one of their stupid doctrines that you must give anyway as “it is said in the bible”, and being the gullible fucks that they are, they follow it to the core. Same goes for all doctrines. Other dubious teachings include: you can’t file a case in court against a “kapatid”, unity in everything including “block voting” which yieleded two of the worst presidents ever, Erap and Noynoy. Can’t wait to get out o yhis cult.

  24. The INC has lots of money to spare — which raises the question of why it needs to “encourage” its members to buy Php250 shirts supposedly to raise funds for the Typhoon Haiyan victims…

    A Filipino church called Iglesia Ni Cristo, or Church of Christ, is the buyer of 59 parcels of land in Scenic, paying $700,000 for the properties, Pennington County records show.

    What the church plans to do with the nearly empty Old West town on the edge of the Badlands remains a mystery. The church hasn’t said anything about its plans for the property, and calls seeking comment from church offices were not returned.

    Secret secret… 😀

    1. Did you know that we have already extended help for the Yolanda victims. This is just a follow up because it’s not only the food that they need but a livelihood program for them to stand again.

      And regarding the property in South Dakota. Yes, it’s true that we purchased that county and other properties around the world. The focus of Church is not only giving to others but most of all to put a worship building where our members can do their services. This is something that you will not understand because you seem to not know God and you think of yourself as master of your own.

  25. why don’t you go to the central office of the Iglesia ni Cristo and ask them.. your just jealous for what they achieved today.. just be happy for what they do for the yolanda victims… and you, what help did you do to????

    1. ooh, another “internet tough guy” hmm?
      Butthurt much?
      Its really predictable how you guys show up everytime this site every single time it makes you guys butthurt at the truth.

      Word of advice: Don’t act like an internet tough guy here since it will only make you look stupid. Read the entire article first before making assumptions that the author is “jealous”.

  26. “The Iglesia Ni Cristo is a minority church that is always on the wrong side of history. It has a track record of supporting most
    unholy causes to pursue certain opportunistic objectives.”
    Philip M. Lustre, Manila Standard Today.

    It is also clear that they like to play the numbers game – inflating their influence/membership – , have a long history of criminality, and are simple a money making operation with their sheep being easy cannon fodder.

    The philippines is natural hunting territory for cults,
    and if people are so desperate/naive then that is up to them, but
    there is no place for the church in politics

  27. Benigno,

    You raised quite a few points concerning the INC. Some of which, have no connection at all to the charity walk that the Church did for the Yolanda/Haiyan victims.

    If you are as honest, educated, and smart a person as you project yourself to be, you will be aware of how unfair your article is about this church.

    1. Was the charity walk worth it? Seriously??? Why don’t you ask those thousands of people in Tacloban??? Have you seen the poor situation of our countrymen there? The people in the affected areas are still struggling. They need food, clothes and shelter. You on the other hand sits in front of your computer criticising a great cause. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    2. Thites – This part of your biased writing is clearly a result of your ignorance about the church and its beliefs. Thousands of non INCs attend the Church’s worships services and if they read your article, they can tell themselves that you are lying and defaming the church.

    3. Presidents – It’s interesting how easily you seem to have forgotten that the INC is still the minority in this country. Needless to say, the rest of the Filipino people decided to vote for those presidents as well.

    Instead of being a hater, why don’t you at least try to know more about the Church first hand, instead of relying on biased articles as your references for your biased write-up.

    1. Give yourself a reality check on account of what you say here:

      Was the charity walk worth it? Seriously??? Why don’t you ask those thousands of people in Tacloban???

      You take the “contribution” of the INC in isolation. The article (if I have to highlight the point I made there that you apparently missed) shows how in the bigger scheme of things — taking into account the impact of the snarled traffic this INC stunt caused on the economy of Manila — the net contribution overall of this “charity” event is a lot smaller (possibly in the negative even) than you guys would like to think.

      The other point you missed that I made plainly clear as well, is that there are more efficient, more sincere, and non-disruptive ways of raising money. The INC is powerful enough to exact tribute not only from its members but from the hundreds of politicians that routinely crawl on their hands and knees for the privilege of kissing INC ass. Doing so, then channeling those funds to the Yolanda victims would’ve been a lot easier and less taxing on the poor sods who had to shell out Php250 for a shirt and an entire day wasted walking along the length of Roxas Blvd, don’t you think?

      And if you think me making all those observations makes me a hater then guess what: haters, indeed, gonna hate as far as you are concerned. Deal with that.

  28. Singer Charice left INC, calling it a cult, as have many others.

    Never consider the INC as anything but a corrupt immoral organisation – aren’t all cults.

    That isn’t to say all members are corrupt or immoral – they are the public image hiding the backroom activities.

    No doubt the leader has mansions, properties abroad whilst preaching about the poor. Q.E.D

  29. Some of the INC rules

    Cannot marry a non INC member

    Cannot join labour unions – (why?!!)

    cannot use computers to track any financial matters or records of the congregation ( no need to ask why on this one)

    Must attend every thursday and sunday ( for brainwashing and donations)

    Good scam

    1. I’m curious.. You criticize a church that the whole world now recognizes as a respectable and humanitarian religious organization. Is it really that easy for you to turn a blind eye on the positive effects on the church to the country?

      Shouldn’t you admire a religious organization which is mostly comprised of the poor and yet finances itself and refuses to seek help from the government?

      The INC, specially in the Philippines, is almost in every corner. It is not that difficult for a responsible and educated person to go to the nearest local congregation and simply ask.

      Writing about something you have no first hand knowledge, to me is irresponsible and shameful.

      1. Why not answer my question about union membership.

        Also about financial statements and accounts.

        No tax payments on donations or property purchases

        A religious/business dynasty run by one family. I assume they pay no tax either

        Sounds to me as though a full investigation is long overdue

        And i look forward to seeing INC hand over 1 billion peso check to yolanda victims from all the donations they have raised. Some chance.

        1. These questions ate easily answered if you are open minded enough to be proven wrong and go to the nearest local congregations near you.

        2. Your questions are only proof of your lack of knowledge about the Church’s beliefs. This only means that you are in NO AUTHORITY to write anything about the church since all you have are unverified second hand informations.

          Be smart. Not all that you read are true.

        3. As i thought can’t or won’t answer.
          A cult with its clear secrecy and control policies – hence the desire to avoid unions.
          And obviously i do know more about the organisation than you.

          I would strongly advise anyone to avoid cults of any description.

          They all follow the L Ron Hubbard business model – drain bank accounts, increase annual contributions, keep it in the family, loyalty card, brainwashing, monitoring, secrecy, salvation.

          Ex members all say the same about INC.

          And membership of INC has fallen dramatically hence the push for international expansion to keep the tills ringing, and the publicity stunt in manila. Just marketing.

  30. And FYI: all properties and finances of the church are under the Church’s name and not of our religious leaders.

    This is one example of a simple fact that you could’ve known if you made an effort to research

    1. As a corporation sole!

      Members have no ownership or say in policy, or cannot question the dictates of central administration.

      Property is being acquired which can be transferred at any time without members knowing or questioning.

      It is a good con/scam when people are too stupid to ask questions, banned from financial information, and don’t therefore have any answers. Suckers.

  31. I wonder if the INC has a special division that fights back whenever a negative article about them is written. Or is it just a part of the organization’s hive mind mentality?

  32. 1. is there proper accounting? will all the money raised go to the intended recipents?

    2. is the amount raised more than the earnings lost from people hit by the traffic? For example Jeepney and taxi drivers lost money.
    Private car owners burned up gasoline. Etc etc.

    3. Is it moral to force some one to donate? No not the INC members. The jeepney and taxi drivers and others like private car owners who burned up more gasoline than usual lost income during the traffic – against their will – and in return some organization earned money to give to charity. How different is that from pointing a gun at them and stealing their money to give to charity?

    4. was there no other way to raise money? something that would not cause harm to others?

    1. 1. You don’t know how meticulous the INC in terms of money. Every single centavo of our offering are all accounted.

      2. On the contrary, the drivers earned much more because of the influx of participants. Only Roxas Boulevard is not passable during the event. To add to that, the vendors along the road are very thankful for the huge income they got on that day.

      3. See number 2. Also, the event was announced weeks before so if you have a car and you know that there is an event ongoing on that road, and you still try to pass through Roxas then you actually have a problem. 🙂

      4. This not just about raising funds. It also wants to promote AWARENESS. Many of us have already forget the typhoon victims. You might say that I had already donated foods for them and the INC also did that. But how long will it last. The INC is thinking about putting a housing and livelihood for them. Is that a bad idea to you?

      1. \\1. You don’t know how meticulous the INC in terms of money. Every single centavo of our offering are all accounted.\\

        so if there is nothing to hide then you would not mind opening up the books to scrutiny by the public and by indipendent accounting firms?

        \\ Is that a bad idea to you?\\

        whether its bad or not is not the issue, its the implementation that is the issue.

    2. You will not find published receipts/proper accounting or independent auditing. It is consciously set up that way.
      INC talks in vague terms but never publishes or quotes figures. Surprise surprise
      If say 250 million pesos was raised by the walk then all INC have to do is write and donate the check.

  33. Raising money to help people outside of the cult is against the very tenet of the INC. Only a fool would believe that. The INC is not about giving, it is about taking, period. Only the INC bosses know where the money will go.

    Remember the INC purchased a town in the State of Montana in the US to house the Manalo family in the event of an “Armageddon”. The INC had a dome constructed in Bulacan that would seat 50K the British builders didn’t understand its purpose. The domes inauguration will coincide with INC’s upcoming centennial celebration in April 2014 where hundreds of INC members world wide are expected to fly back to the Philippines to be present in this big event which BTW also coincides with the biblical prophecy of the coming “Red Blood Moon” on April 15, 2014. The INC believes in end times prophecy and they will be at the big dome waiting to be lifted up in rapture. The US NASA also predicted this event.

    1. @krokodil:

      The founder, Bishop Manalo is believed by the INC members to be one of the Prophets of God. They don’t worship Jesus Christ, as God. Only God the Father.

      They showed me in the Old Testament Christian Bible, a passage: ” a Prophet that comes from a very far country….” Philippines is far from Israel…so, Bishop Manalo, must be the Prophet…

      Okay…Prophet or no Prophet…please don’t use religion in politics…especially taking out the Power to Choose of your INC members, during elections…

  34. INC – It’s Not a Charity – It’s a Nasty Cult

    INC founder felix manalo was a seventh day adventist and modelled/copied INC from the mormon system

    Run like a secret society (leave us alone is their mantra) , highly ‘unionised’/isolated, a dynastic family structure and succession, antagonistic towards outsiders, vindictive against members who leave, and primarily more interested in money making opportunities than community service, but very quiet on where any money is actually spent. Self-serving and self-interested.
    Awash with cash, huge property portfolio, no tax paid, no audits

    INC has not been admitted to membership by the world council of churches.

    Political alliances/personalities figure prominently, with direct involvement from INC in Congress through party list members.

    INC is not concerned with social progress or christian values, simply greed, control, and power – aren’t all cults.

    Virginia torres – corrupt ex LTO, Pnoy aquino’s friend, who is now working for hacienda luisita to get the cojuangco-aquino land back is a member. Nice people!

    INC backed pnoy aquino and mar roxas in 2010. No wonder kim henares refuses to do a tax audit. Stupid voters.

    And obviously pagan in its rituals, insular in its thinking. No recognition of christmas, or even valentines day. INC members stick to themselves – can only marry another INC member

    And INC members who are incapable of thinking or acting for themselves represent a sad reflection on the subservient nature, and the follow the leader principle of too many filipinos, no questions asked, or in the case of INC, not allowed to be asked.

    Manalo and quiboloy should have a boxing match. So many sons of god, prophets, and religious pretenders in the philippines, who, strangely enough, make the most noise come election time ( good for donations/deals)

    Avoid false prophets, scams, and cults.
    INC scores a hat-trick.
    A business masquerading as a religion employing cult techniques and playing politics

    Cult techniques/characteristics

    Unquestioned authority of leader/founder
    Shared belief system
    Uniqueness/gimmick of the movement
    Salvation offered – for a price
    Belief in prediction/prophecy
    Financial secrecy
    Favours to the rich
    Fear of expulsion

    INC is a blot on the social, political, and religious landscape, and an anathema to independent free thinking individuals.

    1. Are you sure you aren’t talking about the Ecleo cult PBMA? It all sounds the same to me except for the sizes of the respective businesses masquerading as religions.

      1. Convicted murderer ( still not captured) and congressman ( eventually evicted) ruben ecleo – the divine master of the PBMA!!, having taken over from his father. Sounds familiar.
        So many religious cults it is difficult to keep track of them.
        They all seem to have the same modus operandi and political ambitions/influence.

  35. Do you know the large Philippine Arena on the side of NLEX. It is INC property and they are building it. Where do the funds came from?
    If you ask people, they would agree on one answer. ” Pera ng Politiko galing yan.” No offense to INC Members. But your sector are targeted by politicians who wants to win. Even if you are a minority religion, but having a block vote makes the difference. Look at it this way. if there are 1M votes and 40% of it are members of INC. The politician who will be blessed* by your vote will only to campaign for the remaining 11% of the population. Another thing, on what grounds or verse on the bible that said that you will need to vote people mandated by your church? Where did it came from?

    1. Property portfolio includes

      1300 houses INC built in montalban
      500 houses in dasmarinas
      120 condos in quezon city

      All rented ( not owned) by INC members at subsidised rentals. Keeps them loyal and segregated.
      And all tax -exempt!! thanks to friends in high places

      Also bought complete town – Scenic – in south dakota. ? Following the salt lake city model again.

      And the business model operates a bit like a building franchise. The local members/administrator borrow money for the local church – INC central builds – local INC pays the money back, but central retains ownership.

      1. I think why it is Tax Exempted because of our constitution regarding the separation of the state and church.

        (Article VI, Section 28, par. 4). The Constitution expressly grants tax exemption on certain entities/institutions such as (1) charitable institutions, churches, parsonages or convents appurtenant thereto, mosques, and nonprofit cemeteries and all lands, buildings and improvements actually, directly and exclusively used for religious, charitable or educational purposes (Article VI, Section 28, paragraph 3); (2) non-stock non-profit educational institutions used actually, directly and exclusively for educational purposes. (Article XVI, Section 4(3))

        See. No wonder they have so much money.

        1. The tax status is a legal jungle but when revenues exceed outgoings it forces a corporation sole to keep spending on property to try to retain a tax-exempt status, hence the huge focus on property and building by INC – the same as the mormons/latter day saints do.
          Auxiliary businesses are also bought under the umbrella of corporation sole.

          It is certainly not ethical – and it signifies an organisation awash with cash – some tax experts regard it as a form of money laundering, and if there was a bright independent legislator this clear legal loophole would be closed, and should be.

          It means the organisation avail of services which they do not pay for.

          As i said INC is just a money making business employing as many legal tactics as it can for the benefit of those at the top of the organisation.

    2. Still haven’t got an answer to my question. So I will repeat it. Where do the INC got the Block order when it comes to electing officials in government offices? Did God ordered it? Does the Bible says this? Where did it came from?

  36. It is the most corrupt religion in the world. Their pastors are filthy rich. This is the business that is not taxed by the friendly Kim Henares.

    1. Haha. It’s funny that you guys know better than us. The pastor in our locale can’t even own a car. Their house is provided by the church. And you guys are making them rich?

      1. Of course we do.
        We ask questions. You are not allowed to.
        And maybe he can’t drive.
        Or are you saying INC policy is that priests do not have cars.

    2. Mye, actually, Kim Henares isn’t too friendly with the ‘church’. As a matter of fact, the group wants her out. She did not grant the church tax-exempt status with the Philippine Arena. Quite recently, INC members spread a message across that the president was apparently giving them problems in completing the arena, blocking some items at the Bureau of Customs.

      Really amazing how this ‘church’ operates, though; a very well-oiled machine. The term I am really amazed to hear from the members is ‘pagsasakop’, i.e. they submit themselves wholly to the will of the ‘church administration’. Really, just amazing.

      1. Mr. Dizon, are you a Catholic? If so aren’t you aware that the gov. do not tax them too, and haven’t you been informed that they get a lot from the PCSO fund? https://www.google.com.ph/search?q=PCSO+funds+to+the+church&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&c
        Lately the bishops hinted on requesting the government for funds to repair their damaged cathedrals.http://www.interaksyon.com/article/8322/pcso-mess-is-worst-wound-on-the-church-says-retired-bishop-cruz
        taxing exempt applies to all religions.

  37. A man died and was spirited to Heaven, where he met St. Peter at the gate.
    “Welcome to Heaven. I’ll be showing you around.” They walked a short way and came upon a group of people singing, shouting and raising their arms in the
    air…”This is where the pentacostal followers worship.”
    They walked a little further and saw some people taking holy communion “Over here are the Catholics”.
    They walked by several more groups of followers openly worshiping in their own ways. Then Peter said
    “shhh, be very quiet now” as they walked past a long, tall brick wall. On the other side they could hear videoke.
    The man asked who was behind the wall. Peter laughingly said
    “Oh, those are the INC…they think they’re the only ones here!”

      1. As does the INC cult.
        But since they were banned from joining the world council of churches it puts them in their place. Another of so many filipino religious scams. Fight it out with quiboloy et al.

        1. As i thought thinking is beyond your pay grade so no-one has answered any valid questions raised here.
          Talk about running scared, and running out of slogans/parrot phrases.
          You only confirm the secrecy and defensive nature of the cult. Thanks for that.
          Everyone else can now see it clearly.

  38. Haha. Oh really, I’m running scared? I even posted my real name on each of my post. Who’s scared then, libertas? Haha

    1. So answer the questions raised by commenters rather than behaving like a 5th grader.
      Surely that is simple enough for you to do, and illucidate rather than prevaricate.

      1. Libertas,

        Does it really help if you try to resort to insulting someone’s capacity? And do think that using jargons can lift you up as an individual?

        We’re very much willing to answer Benigno questions in his post but when I read that we are observing tithes, I stopped from there.

  39. More info on property acquisitions being undertaken by the Iglesia ni Cristo. This one involves a property in Belfast, Ireland:

    The church, a listed building, was bought for an estimated £600,000.

    The building was placed on the market last year, and generated wide interest among potential buyers, but the bid from the Filipino religious organisation proved successful.

    The Iglesia ni Cristo was established in 1914 and has some 27 million members in more than 5,600 congregations worldwide. Its Supervising Minister for Europe, Pepito Y Acuesta, who was present at the handover, told the Belfast Telegraph: “We are pleased to be moving into this building which has been well cared for.”

  40. May I ask some question? Particularly to the members of INC. Where does the one-vote or block vote of the INC came from? Did God ordered it? Does the Bible said it? Why do you follow it ? And what punishment will you received if you do not obey?

    Too many? Let’s Simplify it, Why do you need to obey and vote the list of candidates given to you by your church?

    1. I suggest you come to our Bible studies where you can ask all your questions and answered with the Bible as the sole basis.

      However to answer your particular question -YES, we block vote because it is Biblical. We only follow biblical teachings not of man just like the others do.

      1. If the vote you are mandated to follow is based on biblical principles then in theory there is no need for any human negotiation whether the verbal or even the financial type correct? It’s all in the bible. As for block voting for Erap. Well King Herod was in the Bible if my non INC bible study serves me properly . I am welcome to hear how your faith justifies that man of granite like morals and work ethic. Unless he was a personification of the seven deadly sins.

      2. God made us humans to have our own choices. It is what makes humans humans. Biblical? Yeah right… not on my bible. Maybe your bible only.

      3. @Angel

        YES, we block vote because it is Biblical. We only follow biblical teachings not of man just like the others do.

        Care to cite the supporting verse/s and your chruch’s explanation on it/them?

      4. @ Angel, Remember when Jesus was tried before the masses. They were to choose to release one, between Barabbas and Jesus. “Do you want me to release the king of the Jews?” They shouted back, “No not him! Give us Barabbas!”

        So for your Block Voting, I ask you this, If your Church the INC, Would ask you to vote who they want you to vote, even if you know that he or she is not qualified, Will you still follow your Church?

        And by the Way, Can you provide us with the verse on the Bible, on which block voting is ordered, or said to be followed?

        Thank you.

      5. Be careful on what you say which is biblical or not if you cant support it with solid proof, you are committing a grave sin of adding or subtracting words from the bible, which as far as i know is a big no no based on the bible.

        1. Dont worry,it is biblical. But how shall you know if you don’t listen to the doctrines of Iglesia Ni Cristo. You only listen to what those against the Iglesia Ni Cristo say. Bring your bible, a notepad, and a pen and ask to hear the doctrine on unity in full detail. Either you will be enlightened or your ears and heart will be closed. The fact remains that voting with one decision is biblical. The very word unity means one mind and spirit. Thanks for your post

    2. Would Christ be in favor of a block vote? If anything Christ was in favor of standing alone for what was right. In the parable of the one lost sheep the message is everyone as an individual was important. Not move around as one big herd without character and independent thought,

  41. I want to start by saying that I am a member of INC, and I stumbled upon this blog when I was surfing the net looking for news about the walk. I was just going to move on to the next site, but as I started reading the comments, I felt the need to speak MY truth. I walked in Northern Ca. and knowing that I was walking with so many people from so many different countries made me feel like a belonged to something bigger. I have always felt this sense of joined humanity when I do my walks for Breast Cancer and March of Dimes and walking for my countrymen was not any different. So as I was walking on that cold morning with my six year old daughter, I wasn’t thinking of “political agendas”. I was simply thinking “I’m making a difference, WE are making a difference”. So yes money in an envelope, given quietly, may have sufficed, but this would have not shown the world that “Yolanda may have devastated the Philippines, but we are a resilient people and we will rebuild.” That enough of us will walk so that people that have been crippled by the devastation of Yolanda may stand. This is what I wanted to show not just the world, but my daughter. I understand the inconvenience of closed streets and traffic. However, I think that the visibility for the cause far outweights inconvenience. I’ve seen whole streets and blocks of SF closed down for charity walks and organizers are applauded for their tireless efforts. How is it people in this blog are maligning a charity event that clearly screams out to the world through its sheer numbers “We are not done, Our work is not done. There are still people in need of help.” I wonder if the inconvenience and traffic would still be an issue if the organizer of the charity event was not INC?

    I would also like to add that I have never been given a list of politicians to vote for. I have always voted for who’s political agendas are important to me like promoting education, foreign policy, and immigration reform. I have never been asked to provide a w-2 form by INC so that they may take a percentage of my income. My offerings have always been what I am able to give. My family and I are not rich people. I also see where my offering goes to. I see it in the upkeep of my local church. I see it in the building of new churches in remote areas of the world. This is important to me because my husband who was in the military was assigned in many different areas of the world, and he has always found a place of worship and a community that have made him feel at home. I am not saying that my belief system is better than anyone else’s. I have always believed that there are different paths to Enlightenment. I am simply speaking MY truth.

    1. A simple member in california is hardly aware of the political links in the philippines, where INC do utilise bloc voting, and where INC are involved in legal cases relating to property purchases.

      So glad you had a nice walk, but i also assume you are not the INC accountant, so again input not really very useful.
      Have a nice day.

  42. This reminds me of Sakigake and their secretive hiearchy in 1Q84. The only difference between Sakigake and INC is that the former started out as a commune without any religious foundation and then evolved into one, while the latter was a religion from the off.

    1. You will be rich in no time. A big bonus is that you will never be worried about taxes and being audited because you will be exempted. Thus the greatest business of all time.

    ” It is God’s command that we give contributions and Thanksgiving offerings . To fulfill these obligations is to lay up a good foundation for the attainment
    of eternal life . ”
    Iglesia ni Cristo
    Erano G . Manalo

    a) Thursdays and Sundays offerings
    b ) Weekly local fund offerings
    c ) Weekly EGM offerings
    d ) Weekly deposits for the year end thanksgivings
    c ) Monthly District offerings
    d ) Monthly God ‘ s Message offerings
    e ) Special Worship offerings
    f ) July Anniversary offerings
    g ) Additional cash to supplement the deposited thanksgiving offerings
    h) Fund-raising activities/events

    A tithe by multiple names. Why take 10%, when you can take even more

    1. I thought the blog was about how the walk have clogged traffic? My “nice walk” along with a thousand other’s “nice walk” have generated a substantial amount of money that is sorely needed by our countrymen. Please don’t belittle our efforts. Most importantly, I need to point out that there is no such thing as a “simple” member of INC. This is the reason we are able to show such solidarity. Yes, we do have several offerings, but again, I will repeat myself by saying that you give what you are able to. It has never been compulsory. I am not an accountant for INC, but I can tell you, from watching my local church, the accounting of funds are meticulously done by not just one person but by several people to ensure that everything is done correctly. Furthermore, I can see where my measly contributions go to ( as well as several people in this blog that have commented on how rich INC is) : the roof , the paint, and carpet of my local church, the building of beautiful houses of worships all over the world, the purchasing of parcels of land so that said churches can be built on, and the arena that would not only benefit church members, but our countrymen as well. I may be a “simple” member of INC from Ca. that had a nice walk on a Saturday morning whose input is not very useful, but every side of a story needs to be told. Maybe, through my comments, some people can see what a “simple” member’s thoughts and feelings are.

      1. The word “simpleton” comes from the adjective “simple.” Any member of the INC cult is a simpleton and that “walk” only screwed up traffic for hours and lost the country huge amounts of money. If the INC wants to contribute to the typhoon disaster effort, why doesn’t it put a message in its Facebook page asking people to donate directly to a relief effort bank account or something rather than causing another, entirely avoidable, disaster of a day?

      2. Charisma, it is wonderful that you enjoyed your walk with your family. I am in no position to stop you from enjoying yourselves in supporting whatever activities you wish to pursue. I don’t doubt the INC’s ability to organize and mobilize members for massive activities like this. According to news reports, this was one of the “cleanest” events done in Metro Manila in recent memory, as Filipinos can be notorious litterbugs. What bothers me personally about this event is the world record aspect of it. I really hope that wasn’t the primary motivation for people who organized, joined and supported this event. 43.75 Million Pesos is a lot of money raised for most, but let’s be honest, that’s a paltry figure for a fund raising event organized by INC assuming the news report I linked below is accurate.


  44. There will be a Milo Marathon on July and December 2014. That charity event attracts around 50k runners in Metro Manila. Many roads are closed for motorists more than the charity walk did because of the 21k and 42k category.

    I will be waiting for Benigno’s article as to how that run for a cause make up for the loses in the economy. Good luck.

    1. Don’t hold your breath. Why write another article around another case if the same principles will be merely regurgitated? That’s just being inefficient — something we all try to avoid here.

      1. I know you wouldn’t. Because if you will, who cares? That’s going to be a waste of time because only few will be interested.

        You are currently in the limelight because you’re bashing INC. If it’s another organization, no one will care right?

      2. Well, in fairness to you, you are consistent. You just wasted your own time by fielding a question you already knew the answer to; sort of like the way the INC wasted a humungous amount of time and resources mounting a stunt to raise money it could’ve simply exacted from its members directly using the usual channels. 😀

    2. Another money making event for the organisers disguised as a “charity” event. Another opportunity for participants to say “at least they are doing something”.

      1. The estimate is that yolanda walk raised 10 million dollars – 450 million pesos for INC.
        ( every participant had to buy a 250 peso t-shirt ( philippines), and 30$ t-shirt if abroad.) A profitable days work!

        Yolanda victims will see next to nothing.
        CNN investigation showed that the worst charities only give 4% of revenues/donations.

      2. Ilda,

        I once joined the Milo Marathon and it’s actually a good cause. Try it sometimes just to avoid normalcy and you will see that life is not all about blogging.lol

        1. What makes you think “blogging” is all I do? And what’s your definition of “normal” anyway?

          I don’t really care what you do with your time as long as you don’t become a nuisance to those who have better things to do with their time.

        2. And what is the cause of the MILO marathon? What is the real cause of holding an event complete with giant ads and billboards and video/audio repeating a brand name?

          If you think it is for a “cause”, clearly your logic is flawed.

          I am tired of people like you, always about your “tribe”, how your “tribe” is the best, the most moral, the most correct. Language against you “tribe” is a no-no unless you want to be burned at the stake. Come to think of it, it is really how dysfunctional pinoys are.

          “Hindi ko kayo bati, hindi tayo kampi”, which is pretty much like your dear president.

    3. And if they decide not to write about it, are you and other INC members going to cry foul and play the “victim of being singled out and persecuted” card yet again?

      Well, ask yourself which organization decided to put itself in the spotlight in the first place. And when someone else asks tough questions, the ones you may not anticipate or not have a canned answer to, you’re going to claim that others are ignorant? Do you guys actually hear yourselves?

      You’re still missing the point. I’m sure, and the author has pointed out as well, that there were less “public” ways for the INC to solicit “donations” from its flock, given that it is willingly compliant anyway. But instead, they went the highly public route and disrupted economic activities along the way. And you guys are hypersensitive when people ask why?

      Then stay out of the spotlight you willingly put yourselves in. That simple.

      1. Singling us out is actually anticipated. INC is the most persecuted religion in the past 100 years.

        And BTW, about the economic losses, I have some responses here. I am waiting for Benigno’s reply.


      2. Amir Al Bahr, your comment is spot on. This entire scenario is exactly what the INC Church Administration is gunning for. How so?

        1.) The obvious show of force
        2.) Even if a number of INC followers will be bothered enough to inquire about the circumstances of the charity walk, they can never question decisions of the church administration, which is one of their ‘ten commandments to ensure salvation’.
        3.) INC members are be validated and vindicated when they are told that they will be ‘persecuted for their faith’. They will take criticism on the event as criticism for their faith. We’re obviously seeing this now.

        Unfortunately, they will never take themselves out of the limelight, exactly for these reasons.

    4. Milo Marathon Finals is held at Metro Manila. The longst run, 42k run, is always scheduled on Sunday, with a allowed time span from 3 AM to 10 AM [link], hardly causing traffic, don’t you think?

      Moreover, Milo Marathons started since 1974 to encourage Filipinos to run. The charity work to give shoes to the needy just started on 2010.

  45. And what is the cause of the MILO marathon? What is the real cause of holding an event complete with giant ads and billboards and video/audio repeating a brand name?

    If you think it is for a “cause”, clearly your logic is flawed.

    Sure they are promoting their brand but they are giving out shoes to those in need. Because not everyone is as fortunate as you are.

    1. Precisely mine and others’ points. MILO has a brand to market just like the INC. It’s got lots of money (it is a a brand of the mighty Nestlé of Switzerland) just like the INC and therefore could’ve simply allocated, say, a million bucks from its billion-dollar treasury and forked it over directly to the victims. Instead it “raised” the same money in a roundabout way — by organising a publicity stunt under the guise of a [enter circus act here]-for-a-cause.

      As I emphasized earlier: inefficient and insincere.

      But then stunts like that are common because idiots routinely lap them up.

  46. Joeld said:

    I am tired of people like you, always about your “tribe”, how your “tribe” is the best, the most moral, the most correct. Language against you “tribe” is a no-no unless you want to be burned at the stake. Come to think of it, it is really how dysfunctional pinoys are.

    “Hindi ko kayo bati, hindi tayo kampi”, which is pretty much like your dear president.

    So, basically, you are tired of being a Pilipino. You’re free to live outside the country.

    Also, please encourage Benigno to run for president and Ilda for Vice. They appeared to know better than the Benigno we have in the Palace. I have read most of their blog post.

    1. You are so daft to think that dysfunctions of the filipino society are fine to live with. It is what is keeping the Philippines behind. If you have had time to read articles in this site, then you must know what I am talking about.

      Benigno, Ilda, and all the others are no doubt way, way, way better than Pnoy. More filipinos who think so, the better it will be for the Philippines. They will not be block voting for idiots because their church head says so, using sound judgement instead of emotions to choose who they vote for.

      FYI, I am not in the Philippines. That reply is typical to someone criticizing the pinoy. Come to think of it, that is what you are, typical, member of the herd.

    2. Edwin, I only noticed your name surfacing for this particular issue (INC). Suddenly you are an expert on who should do what on this site. Well since you seem to be well rounded in things why don’t you take on the question that Angel is not answering. The justification for block or bloc voting and what in the Bible points to Erap & Noynoy?

      When I look at the two of them they really scream good book values to me. Jesus turned water into wine. Erap turned wine and other alcohol into urine. Like I said in one of my previous blog posts here

      “Noynoy as I have said many times before, lived the first fifty years of life much like the way Jesus Christ lived his twenties. There is nothing recorded. If he actually did something worth noting we would have heard it none stop in his campaign. There were no battles won or challenges overcome on his resume. The guy is wallpaper. He is just there. Yet his campaign made him out to be the best person for the job as president of the country. Well, getting him elected was the easiest part.” May 7 2013

      1. I can answer that, but in a proper forum. This blog post is about the supposed “economic losses” brought by the charity walk right? I actually didn’t read the whole article at first because I stopped when I read something about “tithes”.

        1. For all you know that proper forum could be right here in GRP. There is a procedure but look it up. You seem to know your way around a website.

    3. Hi Edwin. I admire your faith and conviction, and it is a fact your church contributes much to the disadvantaged in terms of money and support. Don’t let the naysayers get you down, they only promote ideas, but will never get involved with the practical things of actually helping our country. GRP to my knowledge does not support any religion, all religions are treated with equal disdain, so do not think you are singled out here.

      Once again, I admire the work INC does for its members and the wider community and I’m sure most people do too, especially the poor. This website is nothing in comparison to the fame and goodwill your church has.

      Have a good day sir!

      1. Fame and goodwill? Ok. Still no answer from the INC justifying block voting for MENSA hall of famers Noynoy and Erap. Yes quote the Bible when giving the answer. Or are you content to be sheep?

        1. IDK why people ask about how INC’s doctrines here when they can all go to the nearest INC Church and observe and ask questions. It’s the anonymity that makes us act like bullies online. I wish you the best of luck, but we INC are still going to reap the success that God will bless us. Whether you call us a cult or a scam, we will continue to prosper.

  47. Reading the comments on this site is quite amusing. Full of “intellectual” people who say “idiot” or “beyond your pay grade” consistently. Request lang, if you conceited geniuses enlighten the “idiots”, you people might actually go somewhere. : ) I kinda like it here though.

    1. What makes you think this “intellectual” people you speak of are not going anywhere (are not there yet)?

      You do not want to be called “idiot”? Ok, I will change it to moron. Moron!

    2. One can lead a horse to water, but getting it to drink is another matter. In the age of the Internet, there is an abundance of enlightening information accessible at the click of a link. But then all that does not seem to put a dent on the number of idiots out there. In fact their numbers, instead, seem to be increasing. So there you go. It’s not really up to us geniuses to push “enlightenment” onto idiots. Rather, it is really up to the idiots to take personal responibility for seeking enlightenment for themselves. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. Most of them would rather watch the latest telenovela — or buy 250-peso shirts. Too bad. 😀

      1. Yep. I agree. We all need to have the initiative. but then again, does bashing and insulting help? I mean, its not healthy.

        1. If the shoe fits.

          Otherwise, you should not get affected by it. Or you are just drinking too much of the “onion skin” juice.

        2. No i think its just plain stupid and childish to call people names if you happen to disagree with their opinion.

  48. Its been illuminating to learn about INC, however i cannot say that i am overly impressed firstly, by its cult characteristics and nature, secondly, by its political agenda/involvement, and thirdly, by its business model/practices, which piqued my interest to spend a few hours learning more.

    I consider that the charity walk by INC, will have limited direct benefit to yolanda victims, and that the yolanda walk primarily served as
    – a marketing opportunity for INC
    – a recruitment drive for INC
    – a fund-raising event for INC itself ( via its carefully constructed arms length tax exempt financial vehicle – FYM foundation – which receives the money from INC itself, and therefore makes any money effectively disappear and become unaccountable)

    This would seem to follow a well established pattern where disasters in particular are targetted by INC for maximum revenue whilst trying to creating a favorable brand image.

    INC did exactly the same after hurricane sandy and katrina, but little or no money was donated. I would be happy to be provided with facts/links which prove me wrong

    INC seem to try to ride piggyback on a disaster and gain as much free publicity/exposure as possible, but then revert to silence.
    Almost inevitably, no one follows up on what actually happened to the money raised/donated. Surprising for what clearly is a boastful organisation to say nothing specific on how it actually helped victims/survivors of a disaster, or be part of the main group of ngo coordinators, since INC claim, in the instance of yolanda, to be the first and main provider of help. Mmmm.

    As one INC ex member said ” INC will not help non-INC members. It is like helping the opposition. INC is a ‘closed shop'”
    I guess that figures for an organisation who thinks all non-inc members will burn in hell.
    Good luck with any INC walk in mindanao when they tell the muslims they will burn in hell!

    Even INC members on their own forum make comments such as
    “Yolanda victims won’t see any of it”
    ” manalo is already measuring the back yard for a new pool and tennis courts”
    ” another disaster, another opportunity”
    ” this will help fund manalo’s retirement home in dakota”

    Carefully crafted press releases by INC also give the impression that INC did more than it actually contributed, even referring to building houses for survivors – ? Which houses.

    ( I even think the press release for the yolanda walk talked of 27 million members – really!. Twice the size of the mormon church – 14 million members and 6 billion dollars a year revenue.)

    I don’t remember INC figuring once in any yolanda news/media report as red cross, UN, oxfam, unicef etc. were visibly seen toiling away.

    I am sure INC members made a contribution which was gratefully received – enough to feature on the INC tv channel no doubt – but, organisational credibility does not come from lies, exaggeration, or trying to claim credit incorrectly; it comes from honesty, integrity, ethics, and giving complete feedback to those who graciously contributed to/supported an event.

    As in the US charities, and churches, provide ample opportunity for scams and CNN even has an investigative unit on charities. Maybe they should review the INC statements about hurricane sandy and katrina and clarify the money raised and donated.
    And maybe there should be clearer regulations, legislation in philippines regarding charities, collections etc.

    As with any organisation there can be many good people, but they can also mask/protect the underlying bad elements, which invariably is at the top of the organisation, not at the coal-face/bottom. The public image projected can belie the private truth.

    They say follow the money, so lets do that in the instance of the yolanda walk.

    Revenue comes from 3 streams
    1. INC member donations
    2. Non-INC contributions
    3. Purchase of t-shirts

    One can only hazard a guess at revenues from 1 and 2, but 3 is much easier
    I have my own view on the figures but instead i will use the figures used by INC themselves in a letter to members. ( prior to the event)


    “60% of 3 million = 1.8 million participants in the Philippines
    40% of 3 million = 1.2 million participants outside the Philippines

    1.8 million (participants in the Philippines) multiplied by Php250
    (registration fee) is equal to Php 450 million
    1.2 million (outside the Philippines) multiplied by $30 (registration
    fee) is equal to $ 36 million

    $ 36 million multiplied by Php 45 (1 US dollar to Peso rate) is equal
    to Php 1.62 billion
    Php 450 million (donations earned in the Philippines) added to
    Php1.62 (donations earned outside the Philippines is equal to Php
    2.07 billion

    WOW! Isn’t that amazing how INC would beat all countries in terms of financial aid.”

    INC always like to exaggerate, but 500 million pesos would seem a reasonable figure, raised from the compulsory shirt sales. It is a lot for one days work, and certainly would help yolanda victims, but i doubt they will ever get it. (Every person attending/participating had to pay 250 pesos in philippines, and 30$ abroad.)

    Now here’s where the vertical business model delivers maximum profit. ( tax free of course)

    FYM foundation, amongst the many businesses it owns, have a garment factory which they have just expanded, by inaugurating another factory, so that is where all the t-shirts are produced, staffed 80%+, by non-union INC members who then must donate some of their wages via a range of church offerings. Is that a double offering!! I wonder if they are on minimum wage, or less. They can’t complain or say however low the wage.

    So any opportunity is sought by INC for t-shirt sales and with the recent second factory, demand needs to be increased quickly.
    Ah, guiness world record, followed by INC 100 year anniversary later this year. Expect more over priced t-shirts!
    And no doubt more charity walks/runs etc.

    I remember thinking why can’t INC members join a union. Finally i have the answer. They must be the most subservient workforce in the world, working for “your prophet” who you must obey at all times and never question!

    Would be an interesting MBA case study.
    Mushroom management is the INC principle – keep them in the dark, and feed them manure.

    As far as i am concerned they can worship who they want, and waste their own money any way they choose (40,000 religious groups/sects worldwide who all think they are right/the chosen ones etc), but lies, deceit, scams, hypocricy, corruption etc. are unacceptable, not to mention the political chicanery which seems to consume INC executive agenda

    No wonder secrecy rules their world.

    “Corruption thrives in secret places.”
    Woodrow wilson

    So bottom line INC raised 500 million pesos from yolanda walk – excellent, but what is the concrete plan for the money?
    Am sure that the victims would like to know, and receive it now, and that the other ngo’s will also be interested.

    ‘INC raise 500 million for yolanda victims’ would have been a better headline than ‘guinness world record walk’. Sounds like wrong priorities, wrong motives, and about time it was exposed.

    According to CNN the worst charities donate less than 4% of revenue raised to the actual cause. ( the best, and i have been a board member of a number of charities, aim for 90%+ )
    Hope CNN include INC on their planned yolanda follow up. Am sure INC would welcome the opportunity.
    Calling anderson cooper.
    Calling glicerio santos.

    As an addendum INC and Pnoy’s LP would seem to be mutually supportive cults. Similar in both style and member characteristics – and both have their trolls, who miraculously appear but add no value beyond prepared slogans/responses.

    Sad that influential groups do not promote creative/analytical thinking, individuality, innovation – the qualities the country needs – as opposed to unquestioning subservience, blind faith, and collectivism – the characteristics cults need.

    They are not promoting social re-engineering and unity, but social inequalities and elitism

      1. Over your head i know.
        Thinking is not your forte.
        Nor is honesty.
        nor is any meaningful contribution.
        a limited education i guess.
        now go and drink your milk and take your imaginary friends with you.
        very deceitful

        1. To tell you honestly, I am speaking on an IT perspective. I am a web developer and if ever I’m the one who developed this website, I’m gonna limit the characters of the Comments field to around 300 or the most is 1000. This is because there are some spammers who will take advantage of the unlimited characters just like what you did. Based on the character counter, your comment has 8,006 characters. You broke the record of this blog/article which only has 3,866. Just wow, this is the first time I’ve seen someone posting a comment that is lengthier than the original post.

          I’m sorry to say, but you, Ma’am/Sir still needs an additional INTELLECT in terms of internet etiquette.

        2. How you choose to design a website is irrelevant.
          And the webmaster has ultimate control on content. His decision, hardly yours!

          Still avoiding any answers/meaningful contribution, even as samantha et al.

          Debate and discussion also on your growing list of weaknesses. You can rule out careers with IBM and Microsoft.

          I prefer to speak to the organ grinder, not the monkey, which can only perform within trained limitations.

          And don’t assume i know nothing about IT.

    1. What is it with you INC members that keep attacking the Catholics?
      That kind of behavior is not really considered as christian although you guys don’t even consider Jesus as God.
      That’s so hypocritical of you.

      1. One commentator by the name of “wilfred” here of the INC admits that they prejudice Catholics yet I’d rather believe a Church that has apologized its mistakes in the past than join a self-righteous cult.

  49. Remember, Rev. Jim Jones, of California, who took his followers to French Guiana, to form a religious commune. Almost 700 people Commited Suicide with him.By drinking fruit juice, mixed with Cyanide poison… Same as David Koress of Waco, Texas; of the Branch Davidian sect. All of his followers, perished with him. When the FBI raided his compound… These leaders, even took the wives of their followers; and made them pregnant. Because, they claim themselves to be “Prophets” of God.
    Bishop Manalo is believed , by his followers as a “Prophet” of God, also…

    I am still looking for a good PsychoAnalyst, to give me a clear reason: why people surrender their Will to religious scammers. Maybe, it has to do with the Theory of the great German PsychoAnalyst: Carl Jung, of “Collective Unconciousnes.” Please clarify me…Any Taker???

    1. Lots of articles.
      Here’s one


      My take
      – Need to belong
      – malleable/susceptible
      – subservient
      – following parental orders/peer pressure
      – seduced by false promises
      – low self-esteem
      – feelings of failure/no hope
      – desire for others to take responsibility/decisions
      – poor and/or needy and/or uneducated/naive – not worldy in life experiences
      – feelings of being a misfit in society at large

      – personality led
      – myths/stories
      – propaganda
      – demonise opposition/non believers
      – offer future rewards
      – controlling ( no freedom of information, no freedom of expression)
      – constant re-inforcement via rituals/brainwashing
      – power driven

    2. Part of your Jim Jones story is that they killed Americans who investigated them in their colony before they did their mass suicide. If I recall the TV movie, he was OK in the beginning really on fire with faith then I guess it got to him. Powers Booth did really well.

  50. Benigno said:

    One can lead a horse to water, but getting it to drink is another matter. In the age of the Internet, there is an abundance of enlightening information accessible at the click of a link. But then all that does not seem to put a dent on the number of idiots out there. In fact their numbers, instead, seem to be increasing. So there you go. It’s not really up to us geniuses to push “enlightenment” onto idiots. Rather, it is really up to the idiots to take personal responibility for seeking enlightenment for themselves. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. Most of them would rather watch the latest telenovela — or buy 250-peso shirts.

    And the so called “geniuses” are the likes of Benigno are the likes of Benigno and Ilda who’s contribution to the society is to “bash”, “insult”, and “complain”?

    The 250 pesos we shelled out will change other people’s lives. Your bashing, complaining, and insulting will not change anything.

    Note: I have to repost this comment because, apparently, someone is butthurt and deleted them.

    1. Posting the same arguments over and over ad infinitum won’t change anything either dude.

      And don’t flatter yourself. Nobody here gets butthurt over lame arguments such as yours. Your posts were probably caught by our spam filters service independently and suspended. I’d look into the spam folder but seeing that you’ve found your own solution after making your hasty conclusion, I’ll leave it at that then.

      1. As I’ve said, I posted it again because it had been deleted and not to change anything. That post was under joeld’s comment when I posted it last night.

        Anyway, your contribution to the society is really astounding. I know a lot like you who do nothing but talk.

  51. Let’s get back to the issue that Benigno is making up. His question is,

    Was its impact on Metro Manila’s economy worth it?

    Can you provide any numbers on the losses in Metro Manila’s economy brought by that event?

  52. Bakit ba lagi nyong sinasabing may obligation na tithes ang mga members ng INC… Ang paghandog o pag abuloy ng mga miyembro ng INC ay ayon sa banal n kalooban ng miyembro at hindi ito obligasyon.

    Ako nga madalas sumasamba minsan wala akong maibigay n abuloy o handog.

    1. Nako kapatid, kung ganoon, mag-isip-isip ka na. Ang hindi nagbibigay ng abuloy ay nahahalintulad sa pagnanakaw. Nasa doktrina ‘yan, kapatid.

      Malapit na ang parada ng tagumpay, magpapa-iwan ka pa ba?

  53. ” 1 – 2% of total revenue is the amount given to external projects/community outreach etc.”
    Report on LDS – the model INC tends to use/adopt

    98% profit ( non taxable)

    1. INC – Guinness world record

      Iglesia ni cristo (INC) yolanda walk – a 10 million dollar scam. (500 million pesos)

      A Guinness world record for the biggest 1 day scam

    1. For the longest time, I’ve also been wondering. How can the ‘church’ get away with bloc voting? What they are doing is actually an Election Offense in our Omnibus Election Code.

      1. I wonder too why it is highly criticized but Catholics and the cult quibuloy and velarde wanted to emulate. hahaha. this is rather funny.

        1. It is highly criticised because it is a den if thieves – and itself is a rip-off copy of LDS.

          The INC have opened themselves up to a fraud charge through the yolanda walk in all/any countries in which the walk took place.
          Misappropriations of charitable donations can be pursued through the courts by any individual and a charity called to account to explain collections and expenditures.

          Not all publicity is good publicity.

          INC raised 500 million pesos using yolanda victims and peoples generosity and clearly it has not gone to yolanda victims.

          It is outright theft and the scam should be exposed.

          You should be ashamed if being a thief but obviously aren’t.

  54. We still have not yet received a decent answers. All are we asking is why do you block vote? If it is biblical as Angel said, can you provide us with an verse, a psalm, or anything?

    We are just wondering, because of your block voting, the ruling party in the country changes. Even though you say that your just a minority group, but the power that you hold, the power to single out votes for politician makes a great difference. All are we asking is why?

    1. And another thing, you say that you do not involve your church the INC or the members of it in politics. You are not allowed to become politicians even on the smallest position. If you do not involve yourselves with politics, why do you bloc vote? It just counters or to say that it conflicts your statement that you will never be involve in politics. Can we have a decent answer? No Segway, No Justification, Just answers.

      1. plain simple answer po? we dont want to be subdivided..Schism is devilish…if ever a politician whom the church voted turned evil…(or already hiding something evil) it is their fault (or their religion) not ours…we have to maintain the unity among the members of the Iglesia as God, the Father, our Lord Jesus Christ, and the apostles taught in the Bible..A true Church will never allow schisms reign within the Church. And for all we know, Politics (especially in the Philippines) is very divisive…that is why in other country where there is Iglesia the Unity during election is different..

        1. ‘…if ever a politician whom the church voted turned evil…(or already hiding something evil) it is their fault (or their religion) not ours…’

          What hypocrisy! The INC helped vote in an avowed lush and womaniser who frequents gambling establishments. And who eventually turned around whatever economic gains were achieved during his predecessor’s time in office. All the while, the INC parlayed its political clout to subvert law enforcement agencies as well as key government offices.

          Now you have the gall to brush off the problems the whole country experienced as something for the rest of the populace to clean up? The arrogance is DISGUSTING!

        2. Exactly.
          Just vote buying on bloc
          The stupidity, and the hypocricy, of such a statement really is mind-boggling.
          Their involvement in politics despicable and a genuine barrier to progress.

          “All cults want political influence and power.
          God forbid, or free thought and individuality is diluted accordingly”

        3. Unity? Lemmings going off a cliff have unity. Where does that get them? If you are using the Bible as your framework for your bloc vote then no need for consultation since it is all there. Sorry your justification is a joke. Then again Erap and Noynoy are jokes so garbage in garbage out. Your output so indicative of your process.

        4. I’m a Christian, but here’s an advice:

          STOP calling Jesus Christ ‘Lord’ if you don’t believe He is GOD.

          People these days. -_-

        5. “plain simple answer po? we dont want to be subdivided..Schism is devilish…if ever a politician whom the church voted turned evil…(or already hiding something evil) it is their fault (or their religion) not ours…” – You do realize INC voted for Erap even though he was already corrupt in the first place. Ergo, INC had it’s fault too because they voted for someone who’s corrupt.

          Enough of your hypocritical defense, you just countered your own argument.

          Another thing, stop criticizing our religion just because we “worship idols of God,” your church’s self-righteousness isn’t different from the Pharisees that Jesus Christ has called hypocrites. I’d rather welcome a Mormon than a self-righteous prick.

        6. Ok, I was expecting that sort of a response to my question. Next, who decides who you will vote? Or rather what is your basis for choosing who to vote?

          Is the decision based on divine intervention? or maybe divine donations?

        7. @gatnamwaran

          My friend, God does not want outwardly, superficial unity, but he wants spiritual, inward unity binded with what we call love.

          During the Apostles times, christians do have different opinions and preferences on non essential matters, like the food to eat or the Sabbath (day of worship). Is it a sign of a divided church? No.

          Do you know what’s the sign of Christ’s disciples? if they love one another. It’s no mere outwardly, hypocritical unity. but generous, humble love rooted on the knowledge that Christ save them, even through they disagree on non essentials.

          Honestly, I’m not sure if your leaders is forcing you, or peer pressure is exerted implicitly, but if you unity is not rooted in genuine love, it’s just all sham.

        8. I appeal to you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment
          1 Corinthians 1:10

      2. Kenneth good job asking the question and staying with it . Seems like the ones who come here just defend the bloc vote the same way another segment of society will endlessly defined some slacker buffoon who runs for president on the family platform as opposed to anything tangible. Nothing they have said so far moves the meter,

    2. Just in case you can’t see Edwin’s response. Thank you for bringing it up because I still can’t fathom sheep behavior to vote for presidential candidates that do not show any cerebral prowess whatsoever and somehow saying the basis is biblical. Any organization that endorses a dingbat like Noynoy and a bastion of fidelity and transparency like Erap deserves to be questioned and even mocked. And using the Bible as justification.

      February 19, 2014 at 2:59 am
      I can answer that, but in a proper forum. This blog post is about the supposed “economic losses” brought by the charity walk right? I actually didn’t read the whole article at first because I stopped when I read something about “tithes”.

    3. Corinthians 1:10

      I appeal to you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and the same judgment.
      (The true church alone follow this rule)

        1. Blind allegiance is the enemy of progress.
          Iglesia ni cristo is an abomination, and an affront to freedom and democracy

          “If everyone is thinking alike, then no one is
          Benjamin Franklin

          “When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons”.
          Anaïs Nin

    4. Kenneth, I am a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in the states.The bible teaches that there should be no division in whatever the disciples decide. Let everyone be like minded. One decision that practices perfect unity as perfect as the unity between God and the son, Jesus Christ. The reason to vote as one preserves the unity and love of the brotherhood. People fight and argue about who the best candidate is and who one should vote for. We vote silently in the states so as not to disturb the unity and breaking any laws of state. Look at one of the most obvious rulings made during the apostles when Apostle Paul and Peter were debating over the law of circumcision. To settle, they went to James who was their Elder and the brother of Jesus. James ruled that the Gentiles did not need circumcision. I noticed another false statement about our offerings. We do not tithe. We do not give percentages as Mormons do. The Israelites under the Law of Moses were commanded such. We offer according to our hearts as we are under Christian law. The bible teaches that (each one should give). The amount depends on your ability you and your decision. The bible teaches sacrifice. Spare change is not a sacrifice so figure that one out for yourself because your own heart will tell you if it is a sacrifice or not. The Church is the same anywhere you go. In EVERYTHING be united. Voting is but one of the many things. Remember that voting is a judgment. Thank you

  55. I also now understand why politicians and the pnoy government in particular support INC.
    Their approach and motivation is so similar. 2 cults, both on crooked paths.
    Subservient electorate who do not question, but just admire, worship, and believe the propaganda/myths.
    No doubt pnoy aquino will be involved in the centennial celebrations – 100 years of scamming. Napoles would be impressed.
    A politicians role-model.

    1. Then why have we, INC progressed? Unity is the answer.. Watch how INC or Church of Christ in English is fast spreading globally? ;a church from a third world country spreading to the West which is the revival of the true faith..

  56. To the INC: How does it feel now that your religion’s ethics and motives are questioned by people in this site? To think that INC would criticize the Catholic church at every turn, I think it’s just fair that we – the outsiders of your church – should also question your ethics as well.

    If you only answered our questions without getting butthurt, then I might have respect for this church. But no, all of you had to be so self-righteous from the comments I’ve read from the members of the INC themselves.

    No wonder this church is branded as a cult.

      1. “and you. what’s your religion? not proud to say???” – Roman Catholic. You’re expecting I won’t respond to you?

        “well it’s part of persecution..” – So you do admit that “persecution” (i.e. criticizing a religion that does not follow your beliefs) is part of your Church’s practices. No wonder I have more respect for Mormons than the INC.

        I rest my case.

        1. I keep posting links that is evidence to my comments but the owner of this site keeps hiding it can you provide me a site we can communicate my friend?

          What about you google this phrase and see for yourself what org. you are w/:
          Corruption in the vatican
          sexual abuse by priests.. then be proud

        2. Links or it didn’t happen, wilfred. Please don’t compare your church to us. At least the Catholic Church acknowledged its sins in the past while you self-righteous fiends won’t even admit your mistakes.

          It’s a pity that all of you keep refusing to answer our questions straight to the point.

        3. Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.
          John 15:20
          So, how can that be prevented when it was long been prophesied…

        4. And your point? Please answer the questions presented here instead of quoting biblical phrases to justify your criticism on Catholics.

    1. This is nothing new. The persecution has been going on since the time of Christ. They persecuted the saviour Himself and we are not greater than He so we are also persecuted. Its the truth that people have a hard time accepting. This church does not sugar coat anything so as to gain members. If a person takes the time to sit down and listen, ask questions and study, you find out why we join this church. There is no other church that follows the true teachings. So many churches follow only a certain set of teachings that sounds good to the ear and has no sacrifice or real respect of what a man/woman must do to be saved. They are misled. They are the reason why we invite them. Most of them are our friends and family. Isn’t it ironic that Jesus Christ tells us the persecuters would come from our own families.

    1. The fact you have to resort atheism.com, a site that would target INC if they were a big enough fish to target. Sorry better places to get material than that.

        1. When there was a misunderstanding among the gentiles who were Christianized, it was brought to apostle James, where a made a decision.Parallel Verses
          New International Version
          Have them serve as judges for the people at all times, but have them bring every difficult case to you; the simple cases they can decide themselves. That will make your load lighter, because they will share it with you.

          New Living Translation
          They should always be available to solve the people’s common disputes, but have them bring the major cases to you. Let the leaders decide the smaller matters themselves. They will help you carry the load, making the task easier for you.

          English Standard Version
          And let them judge the people at all times. Every great matter they shall bring to you, but any small matter they shall decide themselves. So it will be easier for you, and they will bear the burden with you.

          New American Standard Bible
          “Let them judge the people at all times; and let it be that every major dispute they will bring to you, but every minor dispute they themselves will judge. So it will be easier for you, and they will bear the burden with you.

          King James Bible
          And let them judge the people at all seasons: and it shall be, that every great matter they shall bring unto thee, but every small matter they shall judge: so shall it be easier for thyself, and they shall bear the burden with thee.

          To us, the leaders decide.
          VOTE: an expression pf judgement (websters)

        2. @wilfred

          Dude, the verse you posted is from Exodus 18:22, in the times of Moses. To give you a background, Moses was handling every cases presented to him, from trivial cases to serious ones. His father in law, Jethro, was so concerened Moses will burn out, hence Jethro gave this advice.

          Dude, the verse is *mainly* for organizational efficiency.

          Anyway, for the nth time, just answer Kenneth’s follow up question.

          Who decides for you to vote and on what grounds do you make your choice?

      1. I see.. and the other links? no comments? let’s just assume it silenced you or made you speechless.. First time? GogS?
        does it really mean I resorted to atheism by asking you to read those posts on those links? Oh common gogs. look they are well documented, not mere guesses as you..

  57. A Church Divided Over Leaders

    10 I appeal to you, brothers and sisters,[a] in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought. 11 My brothers and sisters, some from Chloe’s household have informed me that there are quarrels among you. 12 What I mean is this: One of you says, “I follow Paul”; another, “I follow Apollos”; another, “I follow Cephas[b]”; still another, “I follow Christ.”

    13 Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Were you baptized in the name of Paul? 14 I thank God that I did not baptize any of you except Crispus and Gaius, 15 so no one can say that you were baptized in my name. 16 (Yes, I also baptized the household of Stephanas; beyond that, I don’t remember if I baptized anyone else.) 17 For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel—not with wisdom and eloquence, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power.

    The problem with verses or preaching method of some sectors is this. They only choose verses to prove their point. But not the whole statement made in the Bible. Because of this the message is interpreted differently. Just examine the the verses above. See what I mean? It is called selective interpretation or confirmation bias.

    For example the ABS CBN Report on the #Mysteryosongsakitsabadila.

    Moving Forward, may I ask another question?

    Who decides who for you to Vote?

        1. Yes, we can use any version of the Bible, from King James to New American. The Bible is a compilation of Hebrew Writing turn into a book and translated so many times that we cannot identify which is true or accurate.

          Let me make an example, there is a game where group of people forms a circle. One man whispers a word to another, and then passes it again to another and so on, until it reaches it’s original sender. The word that the sender will received will become different. That’s a problem.

          We can talk about it for so long, all response that you are going to received from me will be based on rational thinking, which seems that you are lacking. You cannot challenge us to a debate if you are dodging questions, rebuttal is needed. Let’s cut to the chase and move forward. Please answer my question.

          Who decides for you to vote and on what grounds do you make your choice?

      1. what ?? so you are not a catholic… if you don’t believe in the bible, we can’t discuss because we base our faith on the scriptures..

        1. I have lost all hopes that you will answer my question. I’m a Christian. It i so frustrating that all we are asking is a simple question, Who decides for your INC whom to vote? Is it really that hard?

          I’ll go with libertas, he is right, lowly members can’t answer that question, because they are not allowed to question the decisions of your church.

          Yes we can, we can discuss it, it is you who seem to do not want it to be discussed.

        2. I’m sorry, my friend, but your scripted rebuttals againts catholics ain’t gonna work because we’re not catholics in the first place. We’re christians, but not necessarily catholics

          Anyway, just answer kenneth’s question. Is it too difficult for you?

      2. I did by quoting a verse but it seems you are not enlightened to understand much so because you don’t believe in the bible. What kind of Christian do you claim to be?

        1. Quoting verses does not support your church’s doctrine if it’s out of context.

          For an example, you failed to get the whole context of the verse you’ve posted. The verse is primarily about on Jethro’s advice to Moses to delegate simple matters to righteous people. Apparently, you couldn’t go beyond the official, canned replies your churched supplied to you.

          Moreover, other questioned the quality of the decision that your leader made on selecting the leader to support.

          A piece of advice: Be a Bereans Jew.

        2. OnesimusUnbound, I quoted that verse to show you how the early people of God looked up to their leaders as God commanded them to do so.

      3. Kenneth: there are several in our central administration that weigh the pros and con’s and they decide who might be better to serve based on history of that person. Politicians are constantly trying to sell themselves by outwardly expressing favoritism to the church when their intention is only to gain the vote. People want to lay blame with the Church for voting as a bloc in the Philippines. Fact is there were several times the opposites won. The church is ridiculed for voting for certain candidates who discraced their office. Obviously greed took over. That is not the church’s fault. Just like the final decisions were made by the apostles, the Administration makes final decisions today. From the central down to the smallest groups, some decisions do not have to go beyond a group as long as it does not violate any of the teachings or destroys unity and love of the brotherhood. Thanks. Bro Wilfred, po. Are you anofficer? I am a deacon for 24 years here in America

      1. Of course it’s the commentator’s opinion. Who else’s opinion would that be other than the commentator itself, you self-righteous dumb-ass.

        1. you can call me “self-righteous dumb-ass” or any w/c way you wish: you tiny brained *Ian, the brown juan*

        2. Butthurt much? I thought so.

          Your refusal to provide serious answers from non-members proves your inability to handle the truth about your church and now you resort to ad-hominems.

          A pity.

  58. @wilfred

    Kenneth and the others have very simple questions, which you cannot seem to grasp. So to make it simple, I am retyping it here.

    1. What is your basis for block voting? You seem to have not answered this one satisfactorily even if you quoted (or misquoted) the bible.

    2. Who decided who you people are going to block vote for and how did your church arrive at that decision?

    So far all you have given them are all gibberish and bible quotes which you have taken out of context because you seem to have cut the whole story for that particular passage.

    You see, my friend, the bible is not limited to just your church’s interpretation. It is subject to countless interpretations, hence you, quoting it does not seem to cut it anymore. You have to give more logical and sensible rebuttals next time.

    I am tired of the likes of you always about your church and religion. The thing that you do not realize is that it is not about churches and religions, but how you live your life according to the more positive sides of the bible.

    1. Tired of the likes of us? Just a few comments back, you claimed the bible is inappropriate, Why would you say, “more positive sides of the bible.” when you have no faith in that book? I’m wasting my time arguing w/ a lost mind.. who claims to be a Christian but says the bible is inappropriate,,, someone waylaid from the crop.

      1. I did not say that I have no faith in the Holy Scriptures. A few comments back you posted same verses but with different versions, that’s what I’m talking about, you just posted an evidence against your own statement, which is illegal in court. If you read those, you will arrive with different interpretations, unless you have poor reading comprehension, which is evident by your rebuttal.

        As I have said, we as Christians are entitled to interpret on our own what does the holy scriptures means. For I, do not pick specific verses, I read them as a whole and do not take the bible literally, I use my own understanding. If it makes you happy here is a biblical verses.

        Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, while evil people and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived. But as for you, continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.

        Timothy Book 3, Verses 12:17.

        You may have a different interpretation of this, But its said clearly on the Verses. We have our own right to understand what the scriptures said, but we must never forget from who we have learn it.

        All I’m asking are answers to a very simple question, yet you acted like I’m attacking your Church. You treat me like an enemy, or maybe all of us that does not belong to your Church. Discrimination is all I see, I just want answers that is all.

  59. Wilfred, I read once that your Founder, Mr. Felix Manalo, locked himself in a room with his books in three days to know the truth, after which he got enlighten on what a church ought be. Can you confirm it to us?

      1. No it’s not religiot. Your hostility with the use of God in this article is already a fact. God Himself is so ashamed of your self-righteousness.

        1. Btw I bet you’re one of those indios who voted pnoy because your inc said so. Now our country is in deep shambles thanks to the president that you bobotantes voted.

  60. All of you who think it is something new to us members of the church to be questioned, think again. The church will celebrate 100 years on July 27, this year. You can say whatever you want, but it has already been said before. You people who are against the church are the same ones who benefit from the church. All the charity we do to feed you and you complain because you didn’t get 2 bags. I work for a living and take care of my family. But it is my Christian duty as a true follower to share, and you want to complain and say I have something going on with your government? Iglesia Ni Cristo is all over the world. Tell me, which government have I elected? Unity is expected in EVERYTHING inwards and outwards. Jesus and His Father, the Lord God, we’re united. Jesus prayed that we would be one as He and the Father are one. Was that spiritual or inwards only? Christ died on the cross you fools to display His obedience or unity or else you might not believe because you didn’t see it, thus; seeing is believing. All properties, buildings, equipment, whatever says Iglesia Ni Cristo or Church of Christ is paid for mortgage or tax free for a reason. The bible says “let each one give” Even the Executive Minister gives. You wouldn’t know because you don’t want to see it. God let’s you see what you see and you run with it like it’s fact. You believe the lie rather than the truth. You try to stir up trouble, guess what, read the bible. All God’s people have dealt with trouble stirred up byby people like you. I have a little bad news for you, the Iglesia Ni Cristo isn’t going anywhere. It doesn’t matter what you say, the hand of the Lord has done this, whor can hinder it? To the one who says we need to stop calling Jesus Lord because He isn’t God well you better study up about what Lord actually means and in what manner you use it. Lord is a title also given to land owners, Land Lord the person you pay rent to? Does that mean land lords are also God? God, the Father is Lord, no one can take that title. Jesus is Lord, 2nd to the Lord God.

  61. so funny how others outside inc think that they are the one being judged. ever since inc was established, it has received more criticism than any other religion. inc member only criticize because mostly non-inc criticize first. inc was really ignored before. but becuase of media flocking inc , now people judged them much. involving the religion to politics. inc bloc vote is decisive but i wouldnt really blame inc when a certain politician won. only 1-3% of the percentage of vote of that winning politician come from inc members ’cause they are not many. inc bloc vote is based on surveys. noynoy was the highest ratd before to be the president, therefore he became. erap was the highest rated before, therefore he became president and so on. there are some things you dont have to think through or make it complicated. inc is wysiwyg. if they conduct medical missions, then it’s medical mission. no more no less. if they build philippine arena, then they build philippine arena. why do always mixed it up that it is always involve in politics whatsoever. it’s a religion that has mission. but due to confusing politics , our mind is paralysed paranoid that every thing that moves involve politics. but no some are not my friend.

    1. eislet, Thank you for your observation of the INC. It hurts me that for all the good INC does, people have to find something bad to say, even if they are a recipient of the benefit. Thank you again for your support. I am a white American in California with a family all INC members. We are happy to be part of this church especially on her 100th Anniversary or Centennial. God bless

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