Four lies about President Noynoy Aquino his supporters keep passing around as truths

There are a lot of misconceptions about Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino that his supporters have been passing around as “truths”. They range from harmless to downright ridiculous but most of them are obviously part of a propaganda campaign concocted by his propaganda machine to keep his waning popularity up.

At one point Aquino propagandist Conrado de Quiros likened Noynoy to Aragorn.

At one point Aquino propagandist Conrado de Quiros likened Noynoy to Aragorn.

Indeed, BS Aquino’s “celebrity” status seems to have more to do with the results of the work of a publicly-funded public relations firm perpetuated by the majority of celebrity-obsessed voting public and less to do with the results of the President’s actual output during his term in public office. In other words, BS Aquino is like the Wizard of Oz whose magical powers turned out to be nothing more than just smoke and mirrors. Unfortunately, a lot of people cannot or refuse to see him for what he is – all special effects and nothing of substance.

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Even before he was voted into office, BS Aquino’s handlers already realized that fooling the general public into believing that he is the answer to the country’s woes would be a piece of cake or just a walk in the park. Knowing that the majority of Filipinos were beholden to the Aquino name and with all the resources at their disposal particularly the use of taxpayer’s money, the Liberal Party has been having a field day deceiving the Filipino people for years.

While BS Aquino feels powerful while in office, he does feel threatened by political rivals particularly those who are rumored to be positioning themselves as a possible candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election. Some of the senators who were charged with misuse of the priority development assistance funds or “PDAF” like Senator Bong Revilla have been crying foul of political persecution. Revilla claims that the charges that he pocketed his pork barrel funds using bogus NGOs are false and part of a demolition job to ruin his chances in 2016.

Indeed, prior to the eruption of the corruption scandal, there was news of Revilla possibly running for the Presidency floating around, which gives merit to his claim. Whether what Revilla is saying is true or not doesn’t really matter. At the end of the day, the country would be better off not having him as the next President anyway. However, it does give the Filipino people an idea of what the Aquino administration’s priorities are and the lengths to which he and his minions would go to just to get rid of their rivals.

Being in good terms with media giant The Inquirer has worked wonders for BS Aquino. Aside from getting that extra exposure like being given the “Filipino of the year” award, some people have noticed how the Inquirer is always breaking the news about alleged corruption or bad behavior involving his political rivals. They seem to have “exclusive” information about people BS Aquino considers “enemies”. One cannot help but wonder if the media organization is part of the demolition team whose objective is to focus only on the opposition. The Inquirer was the first to report on the PDAF scam. They were also the first to report on the Binaygate scandal featuring Vice President Jejomar Binay’s son “Junjun” allegedly forcing his way out of a no-exit gate at Dasmarinas Village, Makati City. It’s no secret that the elderly Binay wants to win the next election.

PNoy government is running out of reasons to continue detaining GMA illegally.

PNoy government is running out of reasons to continue detaining GMA illegally.

One political rival that BS Aquino can’t shake from his thoughts is former President Gloria Arroyo. Even though she is already frail and suffering from what seems like an incurable illness and even though she is already detained at the Veteran’s Hospital for an indefinite period, he still feels very insecure about the possibility that she could nevertheless do something to pull his popularity down. Some social media commentators have also reported that her visitors are now forbidden from having their photos taken with her. This followed after high-profile personalities have been flocking to see the former President to pay their respect. These people have realized that she is being unjustly detained for the trumped up charges against her. This was making BS Aquino look bad.

BS Aquino’s fear is not unfounded. Most of his critics know that the economic growth he is enjoying now is partly due to the result of the former administration’s economic policies, which includes government spending to stimulate the economy. It is a policy that the Aquino government just copied and keeps crediting to itself. It doesn’t help that the international community keeps buying the hype that the Philippine’s strong economy has all to do with BS Aquino’s “anti-corruption” drive. It goes to show that even some members of the international media do not know what they are talking about when it comes to tackling local politics in Third World countries. They seem to rely on what’s being reported by the local media whose members could be bought cheap or who have political affiliations.

So far, BS Aquino has been lucky to get away with the irregularities in his government some of which are being branded as illegal by law experts. His lucky days could be numbered though because more and more people are joining his critics in clamoring for him to be impeached. For the benefit of those who still believe in his “Daang Matuwid”, here are a few un-truths about the President:

(1) BS Aquino is not corrupt.

Of course he is corrupt. There may not be evidence yet of him pocketing public funds but he used public funds to fast track the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona by bribing and strong-arming members of Congress. The revelation that he gave extra PDAF in the amount of Php 50 million to senators who voted to convict Corona is enough evidence to support this.

He may also have used public funds to travel to campaign sorties around the country to support the Liberal Party’s candidates in the last mid-term elections held in 2013. Aside from bribing members of Congress, BS Aquino bullies his way around by bad-mouthing his enemies and turning people against each other.

(2) BS Aquino finally exposed corrupt activities in government.

A 1996 front page headline exposing pork barrel thievery.

A 1996 front page headline exposing pork barrel thievery.

This notion is absolute garbage. In 1996, there was already an exposé on pork barrel scamming. The news also landed on the front page of the Inquirer. What happened next is a mystery. Obviously, pork barrel scams still continued even after the expose in 1996. The point is, BS Aquino’s government cannot take credit for something that was already newsworthy two decades ago. In fact, what has been exposed is that the pork barrel scam was worse during BS Aquino’s term. His 2014 budget even allotted 200 million pesos for every senator and 70 million for every congressman. That was quite generous considering they were already aware of bogus NGOs linked to some of these men. The PDAF allocation was diverted from being given directly to the members of Congress when his government was forced to abolish the PDAF after the public outcry.

(3) BS Aquino is the greatest President the Philippines ever had.

On the contrary, he is the worst President the Philippines ever had. Not only does he lack diplomatic skills, he is also arrogant and vindictive. He doesn’t even have the humility to apologize to the Hong Kong government for bungling the Mendoza hostage crisis in 2010. He has divided the sentiments of the Filipino people and caused the public to argue about his executive decisions. The so-called “peace deal” in Mindanao involving rebel group MILF has put the nation at odds because of its unconstitutionality. Some want peace but not at the cost of giving away parts of Mindanao to a rebel group. The deal is not even acceptable to other existing rebel groups in Mindanao.

Aside from the much-lauded “economic growth” in the last two years, not much has changed since he took office. The number of poor people is still going up and corruption is still rampant in government. To quote a news report:

A Social Weather Stations survey has found that more than half of executives from some 1,000 enterprises in Metro Manila and six urban areas nationwide indicated “a lot” of corruption in the government last year. Fifty-six per cent of the businessmen claimed seeing “a lot” of corruption in the public sector, a 30-per-cent increase from 43 per cent in 2012.

(4) BS Aquino is the lesser evil.

In the eyes of some people, he is plain evil. He seems hell-bent on persecuting his former college professor and former President Gloria Arroyo for allegations, which are proving to be false and malicious. So far, the charges against her keep getting dropped for lack of evidence.

He has no compassion for an ailing elderly woman considering his own father Ninoy received compassion from former President Ferdinand Marcos when he was allowed to seek medical treatment overseas.

* * *

Those are some of the misconceptions his supporters use to defend BS Aquino. It works in the short term but in the long term, they will be proven wrong. One thing is for sure; time is no longer on BS Aquino’s side. Time will prove that he lied to the Filipino people when he said he is fighting corruption. The truth is, he is only fighting the men and women who are not on his side.

[Photo courtesy Latest News Photos.]

242 Replies to “Four lies about President Noynoy Aquino his supporters keep passing around as truths”

      1. if there is already Lie #5 and #6. I’ll put that Abnoy Aquino won the Presidency fair and square as Lie #7 coz if not for the Hocus PCOS, manipulated surveys and the Bayad Media he will not be in Malasyañang.

        1. just kiddin Ilda xD… first time I get grp’s attention and it feels intimidating lol.. and ofc it should be on the list cause i’m so sick of that idiot box weaving “real-lies-zation” every single day in this country

      1. when I do agree with everything you’re saying, I couldn’t help but noticed your “seeming” affection towards the previous president…you’ve mentioned her more than once all throughout, and it seems (to me) to be having the same content…let’s try to analyze this:

        “He has no compassion for an ailing elderly woman considering his own father Ninoy received compassion from former President Ferdinand Marcos when he was allowed to seek medical treatment overseas.”

        this is plain fallacy, in my opinion…there are numerous examples you can use to show the same message, but seriously?, why GMA? If charges against her just keep on dropping, and she’d even soon be proven “innocent” (to the vain of those efforts/fights against her, for everything the Filipinos had suffered under her claws), then that’s another proof that P-noy is never really competent enough as president and a good leader…he must make justice prevail even to the dying “woman” if it need to be done, and in the case of Arroyo, she’s a “convict”she herself accepted it once and the “I’m sorry” will never really be enough to ease the problem, unless we want it to be a cycle (we’ve all witnessed the rise of the infamous “wheelchair excuse”, everytime there’s a trial – it’s becoming a fad amongst high ranking convicts)…

        I personally don’t like P-noy, but I hated much GMA more than him, for reasons not enough to enclosed here…please, let me know about your stand with regard to GMA, that I MAY not believe you actually thought she’s innocent…

        1. The author should watch Forensic Files so she would realize that even the most elderly are made to suffer the consequences of their illegal act. It is not the age that should temper the penalty, but the innocence of the suspect which in the latter case GMA miserably fails. She has almost sold us to the Chinese for her and family’s pecuniary interests. Author is really biased for GMA and her unlamented regime. As to her saying GMA laid the foundations whose fruits PNoy has been grabbing, it is like saying Diosdado Macapagal should be faulted for laying the foundation that made the Philippines second only to Japan during his presidency, which Ferdinand Marcos by his reign of unparalleled greed has brought to near bankruptcy. And please don’t ask me, just refer to what then Singapore’s Pres Lee Kuan Yew had replied to then Minister Bobby Ongpin when tasked by FM to borrow some get by funds for the Philippines.

    1. @saintpolitician

      For your information yellow troll… Ninoy Aquino had an informal alliance with Jose Maria Sison. Cory Aquino was serving coffee to Sison in times street. Ninoy supplied guns and ammo to the NPA. He gave them medical aid and allowed them to operate inside Hacienda Luisita. Cory Aquino later released Jose Maria Sison to fight again. It was Jose Maria Sison’s NPA commanders who warned Ninoy not to go to the Plaza Miranda meeting which rsulted in the grenade attack ordered by Sison himself. Read the Lisandro Claudio GMA report and cry.

      1. not to forget aquino sr the traitor who helped the japanese in the war!! how unpatriotic can one famiky get.
        he has been quietly airbrushed out of the ‘aquino story/brand’

      2. @Thomas
        Huh? Yellow troll? *cries* Uhm I’m fanatic of YELLOW but I’m not a troll, kay. I believe that Noynoy is the one! It’s in his genes and aBS-cbn is “credible” enough for telling us everything! Nevertheless, my claims is backed up by pinoy christian dogma and my conscience is clear as long as I keep worshiping saint cory!

        1. But you are already trolling here you yellowtard utak squatter. Did the malakanyakanyang miscommunications group paid you a big sum of money once again?

        2. Yeah, you are a troll…idiot. You keep promoting your “Yellowtard cult movement” that worships the Aquinos and that they are the chosen ones who will lead us to Paradise. Paradise that will only benefit PNoy’s allies and the rich.

          Here’s a question for you: How come poverty has always increased since PNoy became the president? “Walang corrupt, walang mahirap?” PNoy ate his own words.

      1. saint cory canonized by participants of edsa I, oligarchs, cbcp, communists, fans of abs-cbn, and so on….
        #democracy#icon #mandela#of#asia

        1. Ignore. It’s one of ‘the village idiot people’
          Costume – tutu and feather duster
          Brains – pickled in vinegar

  1. nice one. on point as always.

    Pnoy aquino – a.k.a. disaster a day dorothy – skips gayly down the yellow brick road with the adulation of his small band of misfit followers
    – Tinman – no heart
    – Cowardly lion – no courage
    – Scarecrow – no brains,
    all desperate for help, as he seeks out the wizard for help to his own problems. A bunch of losers if ever there was one.

    To get help from the wizard, dorothy must do his bidding and must also kill the wicked witch. Dorothy’s uncle would be pleased. He enjoys shooting and killing.

    “The King of the Winged Monkeys was not so pleased “Once we were a free people, living happily in the great forest, flying from tree to tree, eating nuts and fruit and doing just as we pleased without calling anybody master.”
    Wizard of oz

    But dorothy was unaware of the great cyclone which was coming which could blow them all away.

      1. He always has to insult someone and it always has something to do with hatred of Women and Gays.

        I do not feel sorry for him either and hope he will post a picture the next time he insults someone
        in person, and that person does the next right thing.

        1. Dunno why u guys are hating, thee context of what he said using the word gayly has nothing to do with homosexuality.or are u guys just looking for ways to be offended?

  2. Nothing embodies, reflects, and also exposes, the myriad corrupt practices of pnoy aquino, mar roxas et al, more than the machinations surrounding DAP. (Disbursement Acceleration Programme)

    Leaving aside the constitutional/legal issues, the actions themselves by the administration leaders, the outright lies of butch abad, the intense secrecy, and logic itself, dictate that vast sums of tax-payers money is being siphoned off and used for bribery, campaign funding, personal use etc.

    An administration who looks to gain maximum mileage from any ‘good news’, and which is devoid of concrete plans to increase jobs, elects to stay very quiet about DAP from the outset.

    When the secrecy of DAP was exposed, the administration fought tooth and nail from answering the obvious and simple questions – which projects benefitted?, where did the money go?
    They refused to say how the billions of pesos had been spent. Now we know why.
    The administration which trumpets accountability and transparency at any opportunity have still not submtted a list of projects despite an SC judgement to do so.

    When the propaganda machine failed to convince people who have already lost trust in pnoy to simply trust them, nobody did, and so attempts were made to delay SC oral arguments, and then consider the proceedings ‘moot’ were both a desperate attempt to hide the truth and a tacit admission of wrongdoing, and also a devious attempt to keep ‘the principle of DAP’ alive for future resurrection come 2016 elections no doubt.

    So can this self-proclaimed paragon of transparency simply produce the list of projects/beneficiaries. Give the people some good news. Don’t be shy.

    I won’t hold my breath for answers.

    Pnoy aquino – Corrupt to the core, bereft of integrity, and incompetence personified.

    1. When the secrecy of DAP was exposed, the administration fought tooth and nail from answering the obvious and simple questions – which projects benefitted?, where did the money go?
      They refused to say how the billions of pesos had been spent. Now we know why.

      They just insist that there were a lot of beneficiaries. They are big on rhetoric but short on details.

      1. The money probably went to his personal army of flying yellow monkeys a.k.a trolls that frequently attack sites like this one albeit incompetently since they can’t even come up with anything except recycle propaganda spiels from their bald master in malacanang.

        1. They either didn’t provide enough budget for trolls or they hired the worse in the business and was overcharged.

  3. Great read, Ilda.

    Also you can add, Pnoy being “romantically” linked to so and so, just to project an image of a real bachelor and entertain the pinoys.

    1. not to forget the workaholic is too busy for love and sacrificing it to serve his people!

      to counter the widely known laziness of pnoy aquino, it is noticeable that nearly every speech recently has a quip alluding to his hard work. Again self-proclaimed pr/illusion.

      ‘I have promised myself not to call cabinet members on sunday’

      ‘I make them work too hard’

      ‘I am too busy, let God deal with them’

      ‘Pnoy needs a rest but will carry on and defy doctors orders’

      1. Pnoy aquino will be too busy to celebrate his birthday this week, and on valentines day ‘love has to wait, and my first love is my country. I will celebrate the love i get from the filipino people’
        The speechwriters will already be preparing the corny jokes.

        “PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III has no special plans for his 54th birthday on February 8, a Palace official said Sunday.
        Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said the President may use the day — a Saturday — for some much-needed rest.
        President Aquino has always treated his birthday as an ordinary working
        Sunstar 2 feb 2014

        Boring, or just no friends!

  4. You nailed it yet again, Ilda! Thanks for this. I hope it clears the haze surrounding this bad-news guy…. Can’t wait for justice to rule….

    1. Thanks, Chrissie.

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for justice though. Majority of Filipinos seem resigned to their fate. The justice system will only improve once the voters put competent people in powerful positions.

      1. …which of course is a stretch (that the Filipino voters will put competent people in powerful positions). You bet I won’t hold my breath, Ilda, lest I die waiting….

  5. Malacanang is kind of like the Wizard of Oz. One previous president wanted you to believe he had a brain. Another wanted you to believe she had a heart and still another wanted you to believe he had a soul. Noynoy wants you to believe females arouse him and not males by bombarding you with pics and gossip about him and a plethora of women.




  6. 1. “BS Aquino is not corrupt.” This dictator is totally corrupt as he was the one who bribed the lower house (PDAF) and the senate (DAP) during the CJ Corona Trial. He was seen coddling Napoles in the palace by the stinking river and has pictures taken with the Napoles family. He tolerates the corruption of his KKK Dinky Soliman whom the British accused of stealing Yolanda relief goods. These goods were replaced with local goods and the imported goods of the British sold in the open market. He tolerated the head of the DPWH who was responsible for the construction of sub-standard flimsy plywood bunkhouses which the news claimed as over priced. He is tolerating the smuggling of rice which the BOC cannot even stop.

    2.”BS Aquino finally exposed corrupt activities in government.” BIG LIE as he continues to tolerate corruption in the government.

    3.”BS Aquino is the greatest president the Philippines ever had” LOL! He is the laziest, most incompetent heel ever elected to public office. He showed cruelty to former PGMA treating her like the lady of Myanmar. He never displayed the greatness of magnanimity to his perceived political enemies. He has no empathy or sympathy for his people as he always was late to respond in times of disaster. He is a dictator when he tries to totally control the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of Philippine government without firing a shot or declaring martial law. He is a divisive leader. He lied during his election about his psychological reports 1 and 2 saying this was fake. It was believed by the people due his glib speeches. His propaganda machinery and slogans like matuwid na daan, manipulated surveys and news mass media propaganda is designed to deceive the Filipino people. You cannot fool all of the people all of the time BS Aquino!

    4.”BS Aquino is the lesser evil.” The yellow dictator BS Aquino is the greatest evil person ever to be elected to the presidency. Watch as he divides and sunders our territorial integrity in Mindanao. Watch as he creates an MILF Bangsamoro state within a state, a government within the government which is considered as patently unconstitutional by many legal experts. BS Aquino is a traitor to the motherland, to the constitution, to the Filipino people, to the national flag and his sworn oath of office! He committed multiple treason by allowing all the benefits and advantages to the Jihadist MILF criminal, bandit and terrorist group. The MILF is allied with the NPA, Abu Sayaff, Jemaah Islamiya and Al Quaeda in Asia. Peaceful MILF? They are fully armed and are supporting terrorism in Mindanao. Damn you to hell BS Aquino!!!

    1. Thanks for the additional information, Thomas Jefferson. BS Aquino’s hastily crafted “peace agreement” with MILF is ill conceived and could result in more bloodshed.

      1. The peace agreement I think was US dictated so that they can gain access to Mindanao. US will build again Military Bases in Mindanao. China threat was just a moro-moro in connivance with US.

        1. @ REIN, No way dude. The USA does not want to deal with Muslim rulers. Just take a look at the Muslim brotherhood and what has happened to them since the ‘Arab-spring’ started, died and the military(USA backed military) has come to power. The Muslim brotherhood is in jail, in case you do not know.
          Aquino pulled this one with the Moro’s all on his own, the USA would have told him NOT to do it. Either way, the bombings in CDO make it clear that some are not too happy with being left out of the deal or did not want it to happen to begin with.

  7. The funny thing about the aquino fans club is that if you criticize their great leader.. they always come up with an counter argument like

    “ikaw kaya mag presidente tignan naten kung madali ba”

    Had an argument with a noytard few days ago

    majority of their reasoning is atrocious i have not yet encountered an intelligent argument with a noytard

    1. That’s the only argument that they can dish out but the thing is that argument falls flat on its face since anyone who’s competent enough can definitely be a better president than Mr. Aquino.

      1. Correct…I think even a Dog will be a better Leader than this Buwang na Sira Ulo pang Bading na Hendotes na yan.

    2. And you never will
      Hence the emotional appeal , propaganda, stories etc aimed at the sub-normal and subservient.

      They cannot quote facts, answer questions, just spout slogans, give childish retorts, and display sheer stupidity. a mirror image of pnoy aquino and classic cult membership behaviour.

      Fight propaganda with facts
      Stupidity with rationality (difficult)

    3. “pro marcos/gma ka kasi”

      dude, can you not see we get more supporters with that simple reasoning unlike your uber articulated remarks! #pnoyforever

    4. pnoy together with kim henares are the most corrupt than all past administration. bir only issued 2% receipt for any tax deficiency they collect and pocketed 98% of it. 70% goes to palace and 30% to bir. businessmen are powerless because the bir have the power to assist any amount they like. one businessman i know was issued only 20 thousand receipt for a 1 million tax deficiency. daan matuwid is just use as cover-up for corruption. no wonder businessmen are crying foul because the bir demand millions which is damaging to them.

      1. That is what you can call stretching credulity which in any way would fail. The Philippines has never seen an increase in revenue collection that is Kim Henares’ most notable achievement which is an impossibility under a corrupt President. And that is why under almost all past presidents notably Marcos and the woman Macapagal, BIR collections never seemed to have grown. So much for the unabashed propaganda try to resurrect individuals whom people and history have seemed to have rightfully condemned to hatred and oblivion.

  8. Ilda,
    Long time no comment, but your usual great writing hasn’t changed 🙂

    What I said before in one of my previous write-ups will hold true for a long long while:

    “When the President is selective of whom he considers corrupt, and when he either does nothing about corruption or is powerless to stop it, the significance of his own personal incorruptibility shrinks, if not goes out the window entirely.”

    Filipinos will quite simply, never get that. Nor will they understand that incompetence, which is what BS Aquino has shown in spades, contributes to allowing corruption to persist. Tsk tsk.

    1. Hello FallenAngel

      Thank you! I have been really busy. 😉

      Unfortunately, what we consider a simple concept is too hard for PNoy’s supporters to understand. I believe it’s because they are guided by their emotion, which leads them to make irrational decisions.

  9. The 10 attributes of a political leader which i used to use for students as an exercise in benchmarking/assessment.

    Pnoy aquino would end up in the poor/very poor band.

    – don’t lie, cheat, steal
    – build genuine trust

    – deliver on promises
    – resolve problems quickly and effectively as they arise

    – demonstrate understanding of issues, options, and solutions
    – debate and discuss openly and convincingly

    – communicate with clarity and pursue with commitment

    – lead the nation, not a party, at home and abroad

    – delegate and empower
    – utilise the best of the best in all fields/endeavours

    – show spiritual, moral, and ethical leadership

    Rule of law/role-model
    – communicate through actions, not words

    – don’t blame others
    – accepting of differences
    – equality for all sectors

    – to take difficult decisions
    – to be decisive
    – to do what is right ( for the country)

    1. Pnoy fails miserably on your list of 10 attributes. I really wanted to elaborate each and every attribute but … it is just so…. dumb measuring him up with that yardstick. Maybe something extremely low standards would suffice.

      1. On a scale of 0 to 10, I’d say he got a 0.
        Noytards of course would try to deny the fact that corruption grew even worse since their bald of a master in malacanang came into power.

  10. Pnoy always finds some way how to prop himself up by pulling down others.

    In a speech during the turnover ceremonies at Carmona National High School, he is again caught bad mouthing the housing project in Carmona by the “evil dictator”, decades ago, citing it as “kubeta village”.

    How would you call then, the housing projects for the typhoon victims in Tacloban? Somebody please tell this idiot of a president that he is not in elementary grade school anymore.

    1. He thinks that his housing project in tacloban is better than the previous administrations? That is so idiotic of him. He can’t even provide suitable housing for the tacloban victims that he abandoned.

  11. I know someone who lives in that project. There are over 5000 units and at the center of the project is an enormous school. The occupants have access to electricity, garbage collection and sanitation. They only have to pay 200p a month for their mortgage. The lady I know who lives there, spent 20 years living on the side of the railroad tracks before she received this housing assistance from the NHA. the project was spearheaded by Noli de Castro. It has given her and her family of 8 children so much. Her two oldest sons have graduated from college and are now working.

  12. It is actually in Lankiwa. Maybe it is not the same project. ??? Many of the occupants are squatters resettled from Tondo. What is wrong with helping the poor, for a change?

    1. The housing project by Marcos is in GMA, Carmona, Cavite, decades ago this was just a wasteland, “talahiban” and majority of the squatters displaced in the metro were given resettlement there. It just so happened that the construction started with the toilets of each unit, hence, earning the tag “kubeta village”.

      1. Aquino claims he has produced 60,000 units for the resettlement of squatters. Is that true or is it just more yellow propaganda?
        With 3 million squatters in metro Manila; that hardly makes a dent.

  13. Wow, I was expecting Yellowtards to attack Ilda and the rest of the poeple who are anti-PNoy right now.

    But I guess they got hurt with the 4 “truths” that have been debunked here. Yes, the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

    Can I also add #5: PNoy is the so-called savior of the Philippines (according to those Noytards). He’s more of a burden to the country if you ask me but I’ll doubt that the Yellowtards will listen to reason – wait a minute, their logic is significantly flawed. It’s like arguing with a retard.

  14. the ‘International media’ doesn’t understand Philippine ‘local politics’, because they don’t care about it.
    Aquino’s connections own SWS & other media outlets and so while the allegations that he and the liberal party are robbing the tax-payers is probably true, but where the money comes from and what the money is used for?….UH…… WHAT? and the president of any country gets to fly around his country free of charge and even internationally as GMA did when she was flying to NYC/Beijing for her $20,000 steak dinner’s and just like Aquino does too.
    and how about the celebrities visiting GMA? WHO? WHEN? has anyone even seen GMA in her hospital room lately? GMA, like the Amputuans, could be having dinner at midnight anywhere in the country for all anyone knows for certain.
    Sensational speculation, zero facts and all the while missing the point that Aquino doesn’t give a shit and neither do the other politicians who take turns accusing each other of wrong doing…and nothing ever comes of it.

    A minor example:
    the guy who was the target of all the mud-slinging 15 years ago is now the Mayor of Manila? NO? WTF? Mayor of Manila?
    YES, that is correct…..The guy was supposed to be put to death, then it was going to be life in prison, then it was ‘house-arrest'(inside a mansion) and then he magically gets pardoned……and then……fast forward to today and there he is…

    THE MAYOR OF MANILA. anyone else see a trend here?
    and how about the Marcos family?

  15. the truths listed above are true for GMA/E-RAP/ENRILE/AQUINO/ROXAS/SOTTO/BELMONTE/DI CASTRO/ROMUALDO(insert filipino politicians name)__________,___________,__________,_________,_______,___________,__________.

    HHMMMM….’I C’ declared the blind man.

  16. Better not write an article like this if it’s meant to be defeated in the first place. You don’t like the government and the people who elected the former into office but the truth is that they are much stronger and powerful than all of you and you cannot do anything about it.

    You want change as you constantly espouse? I can suggest perhaps what you may do for a change (if you have the budget) that could perhaps change the mindset of the masses is to create a media akin to ABS-CBN’s prowess and influence that will promote all of your thoughts and agony against the status quo.

    If you don’t like the thinking of the Filipino people in general and the government then shift to other countries who have intelligent voters and the government advocating good governance and never look back on the Philippines again. In that way, you will be happy and not grow weary. Possibly the next president on the next elections will come from the endorsement of Pnoy or someone you don’t like again and again elections after the next. Unless this becomes your means of living or you want to be a hero then i could not blame you for that. This is just my suggestion to all of you.

    1. Could you give me a list of pnoy aquinos achievements in the last 3.5 years.

      Lets stick to facts, and take that as a starting point.

      Stand proud and illucidate

      1. Well, i don’t have the data of Pres. Aquino’s achievements. You can ask the Palace for that or research on your own.

        I’m not connected to anyone in the government or in media.

        1. i asked the palace – they couldn’t give me any of pnoy aquino’s achievements either.
          nobody knows of any so i guess there aren’t any

    2. @Jigs

      Better not write an article like this if it’s meant to be defeated in the first place.

      LOL…defeated by whom? You come across as someone with a defeatist mentality. Just because you think PNoy and his minions have all the resources at their disposal doesn’t mean the Filipino people should just sit back and watch their teleseryas from ABS-CBN.

      Here’s something you need to know: I like challenges. I get bored when something or someone is too easy to defeat.

      And here’s my suggestion to you, if you don’t like what you read here, you can go hang out at rappler or some pro-Pinoy site where you can wallow in mediocrity.

      1. It’s too obvious, before the onset of the thoughts on your mind about what you wrote here in this article, it’s already defeated by the perception of majority of the population and the government as a whole. I have a defeatist mentality because that is what the reality feeds me, as the nature of your article and this site is already set to fail before it was born.

        If they all have the resources, then what do you have just to get at par at them? you think you have the chance? My suggestion if you read my first comment is quite daunting, creating another media outlet just as powerful as abs-cbn (but in favor of your advocacy) which of course maybe impossible to you now. That is the level of impossibility you are indulging in this site that could have the chance to change the mindset of the masses. The problem with you is that you are promoting a kind of radical change which is not plausible as a reflection also in your other articles. Instead, you better cooperate with the government and suggest to them what they need to do instead of always dragging them down. Tell them their weaknesses or ask the media to help you address the questions on your mind in Malacanang, much better if you know someone there or have connections.

        I see you like challenges but how far you think you can go in this kind of advocacy of yours? I would just say good luck because you are too passionate about being anti-government and anti-masses.

        If I don’t like what I read then I’m just expressing my opinions here. Mediocrity to you is always the issue of favoring the government regardless of improvements they have made which to you is not always fair.

        1. @Jigs

          Don’t make excuses for your defeatist mentality and don’t try to infect others with it.

          Just because you think something cannot be done doesn’t mean people shouldn’t try. My advocacy will go as far as I want to take it.

          The fact that you bother to comment here and waste your time putting us down already shows that you notice that we are making a difference and feel threatened by our presence in the blogosphere.

          Who says we want to be part of the mainstream media anyway? We are a free agent. We don’t have to kiss anyone’s a$$.

          Thanks for wishing us luck. We’re doing just fine. 😉

        2. Looks like we have a new jonas here eh Ilda? Or is he changing his IP address again with a different name?

        3. Better cooperate with the government instead of bringing them down blah, blah, blah…

          Again with that tiresome notion! Citing what’s wrong with the government IS helping, goddamnit. Why can’t you people understand that?

          Bringing them down? Well, I say if its to prevent them from getting shot and not having to drag anybody else into their own stupidity, then it’s as helpful as saving somebody else’s life.

          Being a defeatist might make a realist (pft!), but it’s sure as hell makes you a weakling. Do us all a favor and never try to convince anyone else who’s strong enough to speak out against the injustices in our society with your “just-give-it-up” crap ever again. Sorry for my cussing, Ilda.

        4. @jigs

          ignore them princess and go back into watching kris-tv… they love to hate pnoy (best president to date) cause they think the executive job is easy! lol

    3. Fack U Jigs!!!! As a Tax Payer we have all the right to complain about the Incompetence of this Stoopid Government. You don’t have the right to chase out those who criticize you Dumb leader Idiot.

      1. Haha! you hate me because of what I perceived is true? You can bark ’till you die. Well, I got a good news for you, the next president will come from the endorsement of Pnoy or someone you all don’t like and you cannot do anything about it other than deal with it. Better migrate to other countries and never return to the Philippines again! you cannot make any difference at all to change the status quo because you are powerless and because the public is still in favor of Pnoy. 70% of them in the latest survey under SWS, which the author of this article used as a reference, is favoring Pnoy. That’s a good rating isn’t it? Now, you are mad at the masses? Well, you have the right to do so…so be it.

        1. You shouldn’t be hated for what you perceive is true. You should be given a swift kick in the ass instead.

          There’s nothing we can do? Well, we can vote. But…let’s say you’re right. Let’s say that an Aquino-endorsed candidate will win.

          So be it then. But don’t believe all the critics and the realists will just give up like you want them too. They will still write, speak out, and try to influence as many of fellow countrymen as they can and there’s nothing YOU can do about it. So stop trying to make them stop already because it’s only making you look more like an idiot.

          Besides, Benign0 and his crew has been at it since the 90’s, so who’s to say anyone’s stopping anytime soon? I just hope time will one day prove who’s right, and someone out there will turn the tables around once and for all…

        2. Krauss, I’m not stopping anyone here. I’m just implying that it is destined to fail. You said they are here since 90’s? Then what’s the difference? What’s the output? nothing much. okay, you can do your own thing, you are right, nobody’s stopping you but you already predict it would fail. Enjoy

        3. Jigs: Results are good, but really, we can only do so much and are never absolutely in control of those. I believe that in the end, we should be judged by the nobility of the goals we pursued and to what extent we tried to attain those, no matter what the results are. That’s why I think GRP is doing a wonderful job, with or without reference to what it has attained (which to me, is really so much).

        4. It’s not nobility. Instead of asking for unity and progress, you are dividing the country with negativity. You can criticize and at the same time cooperate with the government. That’s the better thing to do.

        5. Jigs: Unity is good only if you’re all doing what’s right and good, and we can’t cooperate with the government because it’s not doing the right things. That’s our point here.

        6. I see…

          I just thought you we’re thinking that GRP should stop, since you think they’re bound fail in the end anyway. Damn, why keep the effort to put imply anyway? Sometimes, we’ve gotta take things for what they are, eh?

          Sorry I called you an ass, and that I threatened to put a foot up yours. But still, I’m not gonna take your word for it. Someday, I know this site’s efforts will bear fruit. The second-wave of the internet generation is still young, after all. There will be a turn-around and it will be because of the kids from “Generation Y” who were influenced by revolutionary ideas such as the ones endorsed here. Just you wait and see.

        7. Maybe or maybe not. The trend these days is that many Pinoys are still busy doing their living and they rely so much on the news on TV to get their perception on the government instead of social media like Facebook. Mostly, Filipinos don’t have internet connections because it’s expensive and because majority are poor.

          That’s why this kind of revolution don’t affect too much in the country, maybe if we will achieve first world status.

    4. @jigs

      Trudat. We have majority of the population fixated on pnoy’s “heroism”. Yellowism is our truth and these bunch of haters can smd.

      1. I find it funny that all of these Noytards can’t even defend their statements with facts.

        Halatang drawing lang. Puro “PNoy is the bestest pwesident evar!” but when faced with the truth, they back away.

        Typical idiot Noytards, indeed.

        1. Like I said, they’re getting dumber and dumber everytime they try to attack this site.
          This new troll is no different from the other shmucks before him.

  17. Looks like the yellow trolls don’t even have the comprehension or understanding to read the article. I pity the yellow zombies who are brainwashed by the yellow propaganda into completely believing and following their yellow “fuhrer”. Their extreme loyalty and devotion shows their level of intelligence.The dictator BS Aquino is the worst president we have ever encountered in this century. This modern day yellow “fuhrer” is destroying our country and dividing the people. What he did and failed to do is recorded in news archives.

  18. MANILA – A Chinese commentary described President Benigno
    Aquino III as an “amateurish politician” for likening China’s
    aggression with that of Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler.
    In a commentary, Xinhua’s Ming Jinwei also said Aquino
    squandered an opportunity to improve relations between the
    Philippines and China after the Yolanda tragedy.

    clever these chinese. outwitted boy aquino every step of the way.
    and the hong kong move – brilliant.
    pnoy aquino not bright enough to play chess just gameboy.

    1. Gameboy? I think he should just go back to using Family Computer instead.

      Wait until these Yellowtards defend their saintly idol again.

      1. Nanduduro lang iyan,ibigay kaya niyang trono.FDAP,DAP bambayad para ma control ang branches of govt. Humanda ka demonized ka kaagad ng ABS CBN

      2. saintpolitician says:
        February 7, 2014 at 8:10 am
        …”edi kayo mag presidente!”

        Pag ako ang naging presidente, I will re hired Kim Henares and ask her to audit U trolls income and TAX U up to your troat..Those against the idiot in Palace will received a good rewards

  19. @Jigs

    Your desperation is evident.
    Obviously from your inability to write lucidly you are not able to rebut any points with either logic or facts, just an emotional rant and meaningless verbal diarrhea. Not a single fact. A lack of university education and you are the sad result.
    You are hoisted by your own petard, and a good example of the lower classes/poorly educated seeking validation through cult membership and a false sense of reflected empowerment.
    Only 35% of filipinos trust pnoy aquino, so you are already in the minority. Now that is backing the wrong horse and being a loser.

    1. That’s funny…how about asking those poor people instead who have been loyal to Noynoy and what did they gain from that loyalty? NOTHING.

      My loyalty to my friends and family has more worth than being an Aquino lapdog.

      Hey, at least I’m earning on a decent living instead of stealing money from hardworking taxpayers.

    2. @Reality: I hope your wealth was worth the taxpayer’s money your government has stolen, you paid hack. You and your DAP can rot for all I care.

  20. bye bye DAP
    and those who support corruption and self-interest.
    you are not bright enough to justify a bicycle.
    a 50 peso troll. bottom 1%.

  21. I don’t need anything from those traitors you call heroes, Mr. “Reality”
    In fact, I would gladly call you an idiot for free.
    My loyalty is to the Philippine Flag not to that family of traitors and weaklings!

    Enjoy your blunder, TROLL.

  22. Everything you’ve written here are absolutely true, Ilda. I also do hope that time will prove how wrong the whole Pnot Aquino years had been to our country.

    1. Thanks, Krauss!

      PNoy and his minions are already having a hard time trying to cover-up their mistakes. Their “supporters” in mainstream media are also struggling to defend him. It’s actually entertaining to watch them squirm.

      1. I also noticed how the trolls these days are having a hard time defending their bald boss in malacanang since they still can’t throw anything at us other than recycled propaganda.

      2. YesIlda, very entertaining indeed watching PNoy and his bumbling fools trying to cover up their so obvious inneficiencies. How PNoy has lasted this long is a miracle in itself.

      3. Eat your heart out, PNoy will step down as President with at least a “good” perception rating. So unlike your idol GMA and the Marcoses whose reputation for greed and abuses make me doubt your real intention to demonize Aquino.

        1. @Henry

          LOL…it’s so typical of a rabid PNoy supporter to be happy and satisfied that PNoy is still perceived as “popular”. Never mind that he is only popular among the gullible crowd or those who are still beholden to the Aquino name. And Never mind that PNoy hasn’t done anything significant in the last five years anyway. He’s still using the same so-called economic policy of Marcos and Arroyo and couldn’t even come up with his own. But that hasn’t stopped PNoy from taking credit for his predecessors policies though. He even had to use savings illegally through DAP just to overcompensate for underspending in his first year in office.

          Unfortunately, you are not using your critical analysis properly. Both Marcos and Arroyo were in office longer than PNoy so of course their popularity would be lower than PNoy’s.

          There is no “intention to demonise Aquino” here. The article is simply summary of what happened during his term so far. 😉

        2. Does he realy need to come up with his own when the previous policies are working? He is corrupt, then file charges, come out in the open whoever has the evidence…I am not pro aquino but this I am so sick and tired of too much politics… too many people believe they are better than everyone lese including the president yet all they do is complain… comes election time, very glad to receive election money from politicians… you receive election money… you receive election money from the politicians, you are just as corrupt as they are, or even worse…

        3. Henry says:
          July 2, 2015 at 10:15 am
          Eat your heart out, PNoy will step down as President with at least a “good” perception rating. So unlike your idol GMA and the Marcoses whose reputation for greed and abuses make me doubt your real intention to demonize Aquino.

          U can say that if his another lap dog replaced him next 2016 and escape the prosecution..U might be right because all known runner on 2016 presidential race were known alliance with your boss.I hope the people will change their mind to considered Revilla as President,pretty sure not a good reality to pre Pnoy (Vengeance is mine) and the LP members

    2. I’ve unknowingly typed “Pnot” and not Pnoy, LOL :D. I guess there’s a reason why Y’s next to T on the keyboard, huh?

      Thanks too, Ilda. First time I got a reply from you :).

      1. you never can expect a country to progress when its people does not know the word respect… if you can’t even call your president in his name, call him names that even you wouldn’t to be called by, pity on your country for your country is going to the dogs, not because of your weak president but because of people like you…

  23. It was Paul Joseph Goebbels, who said:” A lie repeated over and over will soon, be accepted as truth…” Goebbels, was the Minister of Propaganda of Adolf Hitler, during the NAZI era in Germany. He had total control of : Media, Arts and Information.

    There is a disturbing similarities of the Aquino propaganda machine, and the NAZI party propaganda machine. They don’t want opposing views. They want to impose their information as the Sacred Truth. Lies and falsehood are imposed to people. As one German, who live during those times stated: ” We have to Howl with the Wolves; or end up in those Death Camps (Concentration Camps)…will we howl with wolves also?

    1. “There is a disturbing similarities of the Aquino propaganda machine, and the NAZI party propaganda machine. They don’t want opposing views. They want to impose their information as the Sacred Truth. Lies and falsehood are imposed to people.” – Now I know why recently, these paid Aquino hacks call their idol a “saint” and the Aquino clan a “divine family.” Now all they need is a religion/cult dedicated to spreading their lies to the rest of the world.

    2. @ Hyden, To quote a Nazi propagandist is OK, but to say Filipino’s will ‘howl with the wolves’ is to imply that the current admin. in the Fail-ippines will actually do what the the Nazi’s did to the jews and the other under-mensch. It is just a warped analogy, the current admin is just as guilty as all the others of thievery and crimes against the people but those crimes fall way way short of mass murder and mass imprisonment of citizens.

      1. @ Gerry

        Don’t let them make us/you ; howl with the YellowTard wolves…”those who forget the past, are condemned to repeat it…”

  24. Pnoy aquino is worse than hitler -(china will be happy)

    “President Aquino of the Philippines garnered the highest votes in a web-based poll for the World’s Worst Leaders. Even the likes of Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, George Bush, Fidel Castro and even Mao Tse Tung are no match for the
    Philippine President who was voted by internet users from around
    the world as the “World’s Worst Leader.”
    Aquino, notched the top spot in the list
    of the World’s Worst Leaders, garnering 63.54 points, followed by German Nazi fascist Adolf Hitler at far second with 43.50 points.”

    Heil pnoy aquino! ( very enlightening that pnoy aquino chose hitler in his comparison about china. A case of ‘projecting’?)

    1. What’s your source for that quotation, libertas? I want to read the whole article…. Can you post the link here? Thanks!

        1. Thanks very much, libertas and joeld! I guess Aquino’s miscom group is working double-time these days but can hardly keep up with the work of deleting all newsbits that put their prezy in a bad light….

        2. I’d love to see those Yellowtards create points why PNoy is the “greatest president evar!” and then share my counter-points.

          I doubt they will put up a good fight since they just recycle their spiels.

    2. You wish! And if that comes out just another episode of kris-TD and vhong issue will wipe that out easily. Lol. Haters!

  25. to everyone who posted comments here, question is what should we do? how do we make this country better? merely posting facts from unknown sources wont help or facts that also came from the mainstream media that is also a player in this bulls**t.

    1. Frankly, Solid Snake, I really no longer know what to do except try to enlighten as many people as I can about how we Filipinos need to wisen up and mature as a people so we’d have a better future as a country. I tried my best to do this as a HS and college teacher for 17 years, by writing books about this, and by giving talks, and I’m not closing my doors to doing more, but really, I no longer know what can be done. I know one thing, though: unless the Filipinos mature as a people, our country won’t have any hope.

        1. Thanks a lot for your advice, Hyden. I will continue blogging as much as I can because that’s all I can really do right now about this matter, but I’m not deluding myself that my or anyone else’s blogging will disturb the corrupt ones because I’m convinced that if you can do something like that then you’ve killed your conscience.

    2. the same thing that the people in Thailand, Kiev Ukraine, Bulgaria are doing.The media & gov’t. don’t want the locals to wake-up.

    3. Let the dogs out and feast on this gaytards. In North Korea, they feed the traitors to the dogs. Why not do this also…..

    4. Solid Snake says:
      February 6, 2014 at 3:04 pm
      to everyone who posted comments here, question is what should we do? how do we make this country better? merely posting facts from unknown sources wont help or facts that also came from the mainstream media that is also a player in this bulls**t.

      First–Don’t or disregard any bad publicity to those known against the trapo in malacanyang. (ex; revilla, estrada,Enrile) These are the only poeple really against Pnoy ,the rest in congress are all businessman..

  26. P-noy aquino – it’s all balls

    P-noy has only got one ball,
    The other is on The White House wall,
    His mother, the silly bugger,
    Chopped it off when he was small.

    The chinese he now needs to appease
    And to hong kong an apology, please

    If the goofball tries to play hardball
    Or be indecisive and stonewall
    He will end up with no balls at all
    And another trophy for The Great Wall

    P-noy clearly never played cricket
    But he is batting on a sticky wicket
    A Chinaman can take out your middle stump
    And you just end up looking the chump

    Umpire sam will not shout ‘no ball’
    So p-noy over to you, your call
    Play a straight bat, or end up a twat
    Remember your grandfather, the dirty rat

    It is on the playing fields of Eton
    Where leaders learn never to be beaten
    You play the game by the rules
    And dispatch with aplomb idiots and fools

    So p-noy don’t be a little man,
    Muster an ounce of courage if you can
    And even though small, try to walk tall,
    If not, pride will be your downfall

    1. You just suggest that Cory Aquino chopped off her Son’s testicle? in public?
      God Damn your really a class-less ass-wiper.
      It just is not funny, and you need the beating that your Father obviously never gave you. Say it to someone’s face…I dare you.
      You have serious mental problems, get some help.

  27. If human development is imitative by nature, then Pnoy is producing a nation of liars.

    Great empires were built on lies and deception. Leaders, great or small have risen and fallen were built on lies and deception. Churches, religion, people, wealth, institutions, education, science and every thing we see around us were all built on lies and deception. People buy into it because there is pleasure in lies than hearing the truth.

  28. I sense that all of you are too desperate and concern about what happen to our country and to our government and you all have those bright ideas of how to make our country a better place to live in.

    You constantly attack the administration of P-Noy, I suggest that you form a small group and air your side in Malacanang, tell them their weaknesses and what they need to do to progress since they are in power so far. I’m sure they will give time to listen on your plea and they will tell you what they think about it. This is a much better way instead of always badmouthing them here. After that, you write an article again about the meeting. In this way, i can say that you are for the betterment of our country and that would make a difference on your side.

    1. What’re the chances for that, Jigs? I see you want a compromise here, but what if they’ll just kick their small group out for being “disrespectful” to the President, like what was done to those Honk Kong journalists during the APEC summit in Indonesia?

      Until the government shows that they are truly sincere enough to listen to criticism, then perhaps your point would be agreeable. Otherwise, social media will have to do.

      I can see you’ve toned yourself down. Keep it that way. I myself am sick with all the bickering here already.

      1. You should not assume if they didn’t try it first. The Palace already told the press they would accept constructive criticisms. The Hongkong journalist was indeed disrespectful to the president at that time even Indonesian government admitted the mistake.

        1. Alrighty then. But (and yes, there’s a but) personally, I find that far from happening. Mr. Aquino himself has already said he’s making “ignoring his critics” as a New Year’s resolution of his. And, personally, I don’t think Aquino and his crew would want to take all the criticisms seriously or even be good enough to understand the points being given by the other side. What’s the point of doing so if you think they’re bound to fail in the end anyway, right?

          So what then do we do? I say, we all do the best we can for now. Besides, we’re not that deep in shit yet(I’m still making a good living here, albeit having to put up with price increases). Then next time, I’ll pray that there’ll be better government officials out there who’ll truly know what to do and have the heart (and the brains) to listen to their people speak; only then, will the fruits criticism flourish in a good way.

          But, hey, that’s my opinion. Good night. I have to make sure my new arrivals of toy dogs would “connect” properly tomorrow.

        2. Pnoy will ignore destructive criticisms and not constructive ones. I just think it’s better if GRP will air their side in Malacanang since they have their bright solutions in mind with regard to the problems in the Philippines. It would still be better if there’s cooperation; remarks of issues at hand from both sides instead of always backbiting here through social media and resulting to not solving anything.

          I saw the press release, question and answer portion in the Palace and the spokespersons are always giving an answer on the side of the government. They don’t ignore and leave questions hanging without giving an appropriate answer to the media.

        3. @Jigs

          Pnoy will ignore destructive criticisms and not constructive ones. I just think it’s better if GRP will air their side in Malacanang since they have their bright solutions in mind with regard to the problems in the Philippines.

          What you and PNoy consider destructive criticism is constructive to other people. You and PNoy do not have monopoly on the truth.

          You do not have the right to tell us what to do. If you do not like what you read here, you should just simply stop reading. Problem solved.

        4. I’m giving out my opinion, and if you don’t like it then so be it. I’m not forcing you to do it but I just think it’s one of the right things to do.

          I respect what you wrote here and I’m not attacking you personally. Since, you are trying to persuade other people’s mind in this site then I think it would be beneficial to have some sort of arguments per se.

        5. No use criticizing PNoy if he’s just going to whine like a baby simply because someone is pointing his faults once again. His “ignoring his critics” strategy is a sure sign that his ego is fragile.

    2. @Jig:

      Tell them? We are not that naive…we may end up like those victims of the Hacienda Luisita massacre. Until now, not resolved.

      What a YellowTard stinking thinking…

      1. Hyden, you are not even trying and you assume already? End up like victims of hacienda massacre? Haha funny! You are too negative. With that kind of thinking of yours, obviously you are not for the unity and progress of our country. You just want to whine and complain all the time with your own self-centered egocentric piece of mind without even giving solutions. And you call me a yellowtard? Nah, I’m giving a good suggestion and you judge me like that. You just hint how pathetic you are and you don’t even know it.

        1. Yellowtard Jig:

          I did not assume. Did not the Hacienda Luista massacre took place? Who were the perpetrators? If they can do that to poor Hacienda Luisita peasants…they can also do it to people like me.

          I have a normal thinking; not like you.
          If whining and complaining will give results. Then, I will do it. Until , Mr. Aquino and his YellowTards are worn out…

          Self centered Egocentric piece of mind?

          Unfortunately, I discarded such kind of Ego; several years ago. Before, I became an OFW. It was not working for my own good. Maybe, you picked it up, along the road. That is why , you are behaving that way.

          Solutions to country’s problems?

          I did not run for public office. I did not deceive people; nor I promised people to solve the country’s problem. Honestly, I am not capable of solving these problems.

          Mr. Aquino and his cahoots of YellowTards, like you. Promised to people that they are the Hopes of solving the country’s problems. Now, they are caught in their own WEB of: dishonesty, deceptions and lies.

          Good for them!!!

          How pathetic, this YellowTard is; with this kind of Stinking Thinking…

  29. Life is really great in the Philippines. Truly rewarding and self fulfilling. It is a “rewards” nation in every sense of the word. This rewards mindset however, have resulted in nothing but plunged the country into the abyss as a result of the people mortgaging their future into the hands of a species of brain dead pseudo technocrats and showbiz clowns with no real life experiences but entertain the blind and the helpless.

    The Binay siblings, the Arroyo’s, the Ejercito’s, the Revilla’s, the Marcos’ and a host of other retards magicked and clowned their way to the highest positions in public service. Our boy Pnoy is the biggest beneficiary to this monumental Filipino stupidity and there’s no end in sight to this horrific cycle.

    Filipinos can’t tell the right from wrong because for years the assault in the peoples consciousness have left them mentally paralyzed to even think objectively. TV entertainment, sex, lies and videotapes, sports, religion and the endless mass media disinformation have led everyone to believe that things are great. Like the evolutionary theory belief that man descended from the apes, Filipinos have now come to believe and accept what they see and hear.

    If human development is imitative by nature, then Pnoy Aquino is indeed leaving a legacy on retardation.

    1. When you’re putting someone on the same league as the others just because they said so,then you yourself is incapable of determining what’s or who’s right or wrong. In a test of ability to do something right or capable of making the right decision, you can always have their pasts and achievements checked and scrutinized and come up with an objective conclusion. In mentioning the above names,especially Marcos, did you do your research or simply put it because your heard it (from the Aquino Society). In fairness to Marcos, his in a different and better league than the others. If only his outputs, results and achievements speak for him and the people’s judgments have not been clouded.

  30. I begin to wonder how those people that support ABNoy continue to support him. I mean there are those who are paid (thus selling their honor) but many are from the squatter areas who are not likely to get money save for that “Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program” taking money from the hardworking taxpayers, there must be other reason why they blindly follow an incompetent person.

    Gutom lang kaya iyon o naka-high sa drugs or may sayad tulad ni ABNoy?

    Oh by the way, I suddenly remember a pro-ABNoy war mongering page in FB, and like the typical Noytards, they accuse those who are not supporting ABNoy as communist. Probably the Admin of that page has played too much video games.

    1. Yeah, that Patawid something, is a legalized bribery, and they are just using the weak.

      Also, those posts in Fb of Pro- Aquino are irritating because all that they can do is spout non sense without proof.

  31. Noynoy is the model of mediocrity in a land of mediocre people. That’s why they put him on the pedestal.

    Kudos to the author for a great article.

  32. Bloody hell! Damn you Conrado de Quiros, god damn you for comparing this incompetent president to Aragorn!! Ass! What a stupid ass to make such a comparison. It is like comparing sky and sh*t.

  33. “(3) BS Aquino is the greatest President the Philippines ever had.

    On the contrary, he is the worst President the Philippines ever had. Not only does he lack diplomatic skills, he is also arrogant and vindictive. He doesn’t even have the humility to apologize to the Hong Kong government for bungling the Mendoza hostage crisis in 2010. He has divided the sentiments of the Filipino people and caused the public to argue about his executive decisions. ”

    I firmly agree. He is indeed the greatest Filipino liar, “brainwasher” and most arrogant President we’ve ever had. God Bless, Philippines!

  34. first time to post here ilda. . .cant help but heap praises on your fine pieces. . .yep!!! the Filipino people were hoodwinked to 6 six years of absailing to a crevasse hidden behind the ambigous “tuwid na daan” sa kawalan ng abnoy na to at ng gobyerno nya kung matatawag !!! just hope the majority of us who can see beneath the lies do our share to reach out to as many as we can so that there will never be another wanna-be puppet president in the house by the pasig river. . .

    1. Hello reggie,

      Unfortunately, based on the comments I see on PNoy’s Facebook fanpage, there are still a lot of Filipinos who think he is the best President the Philippines ever had. Some are even worried that his term is about to end. The mediocrity in government is not about to end even after PNoy steps down from office because of the people who idolise public servants like him.

      Thanks for your comment.

      1. Isn’t it mind-boggling how some people actually believe he is a good President? Just goes to show how easy it is to fool some people.

  35. It seem like it’s a Legacy or Nobility, since the wife of Juan Luna’ The Cojuanco’s, their candidacy and political strategy lies on this kind of fraud and hypocrisy if you are familiar with the secret societies like the illuminati, they are the closest depict of it’s portrayal. their only difference is they are not bankers but corporation, as long as they have the blood of Cojuanco, this kind of folklore in politic will unrest in our system, combined now with the blood of a bright politician Ninoy Aquino, one of the most respectful politician in the Marcos Regime who is believed by many activist that was victim by a political nobility fraud of the Cojuanco’s, now Pnoy’s trying to restore the left Legacy of his mother and his ancestors, don’t you see? every time when a Cojuanco died comes a newly voted Cojuanco blood Presidents, check the history from Juan Luna’s wife up to the present, they use this method to caught the heart and sympathy of every Filipino resulting into a victorious candidacy only Pres: Ferdinand Marcos broke this method and won against them, even the snap election, Cory Cojuanco Aquino never won the said elections, but unfortunately the EDSA revolution which was the only 2% of the population and with the help of the US government (which was threatened to the credibility of Marcos) forced Marcos to step down, and to make sure for the protection of the throne, Cory threw Marcos away out of the country, which was so injustice with wrath of contemporary vengeance using the opportunity of Ninoy Aquino’s death. Plus the issue of Hacienda Luicita , the genocide within, Corruption beyond limit, plus the issues of today with the executive and the justice, the corruption, porky barrel, and nothing but a good to be true SONA of the President Pnoy.

    1. The question shouldn’t be who; it should be what. What does the candidate stand for? What is his vision and plans for the future of the Philippines? If the candidate can give you valid answers to those questions, you should vote for him.

      1. I approve in this enumerations, I approve, but the greatest question is: the president, whether you like it or not, really did his job. in my lifetime, hes the only one who really pushed up most projects. and with our broken system. we cant lose another guy like him, hes corrupt, ok. but compare to others. its a small sum. but unless, someone is better than him, we must replace PNOY.

        1. Ah what? Let’s talk about economic growth that BS Aquino’s administration is lauding, sure the Philippine economy went up a few percent but so did the rest of the world (except for some) therefore prices of other countries imports will still remain the same. Stagnating is not progress. The problem is more cultural than political. It should start in every citizen to hold their elected leaders accountable. Stop voting for trash. BS as a senator, how many relevant bills did he came up with? Why is it that back there entertainment is more important than innovation?

      2. Eerap was doing perfectly fine when he crushed Camp Abubakar – hence MILF. But US didn’t like it that way. What did they do. Throw him out of Malacanang through the infamous Davide Doctrine. The point, Darling. Replacing presidents in the Philippines has never been the job of Filipinos. It is US’s exclusive prerogative/ What got Marcos out of power? The EDSA insurrectos? My foot! US kidnapped Marcos and Family and forced them into exile in Hawaii – opening the floodgates of Malacanang for the Cory takeover. Bs Aquino, like his sweet-tongued mother, comes and goes in power completely according to US say so. My own say so, US is not quite about ready to let him go. The SAF 44 incident can be the prelude to a far grimmer US scenario in Mindanao.

    2. Philippines says:
      August 7, 2014 at 11:32 pm
      One question, If you don’t want PNOY as president, then who will replace him?

      Estrada,Revilla, Enrile, they are victims of Abnoy selective justice..All paid bad publicity led by ABS CBN are all tailored..No to Binay, poe, Roxas ,trillanes or any of LP or NP members

  36. Unfortunately, the Filipino-Chinese community begs to differ and would say that ABNoy is the best president this country ever had.

    1. uh no for the rich and wealthy yes but not all chinoys have money. Pnoy is the dumbest leader I have ever seen, and I would not like to be led by a person with a lower IQ than I do much less a person with no ballz whatsoever to defend his own men

    1. Noynoy aquino the best compare to other past president. Use your (six) senses

      Tell us about your boss achivement. Or nothing doing is far better for U

  37. Granted, PNoy became president only on the strength of his family name but would you rather have another Erap or GMA? If you do, then I understand why you fail to see anything good about what this administration accomplished. Pnoy may have his faults, a lot of them, including being corrupt as you alleged but until you produce concrete evidences & whistle blowers to substantiate your allegations as were produced against Erap & GMA, who’s gonna believe you but those whose hatred for PNoy is etched in their DNA.

    1. Wrong, son.

      The issue here is COMPETENCE. Noynoy is worse than Erap at least the latter has balls.

      Call former president Arroyo ‘corrupt’ or anything, but she never point fingers on everyone and she’s an able administrator. Too bad the biased media highlighted her faults and you fell for it.

      “but until you produce concrete evidences & whistle blowers to substantiate your allegations as were produced against Erap & GMA, who’s gonna believe you but those whose hatred for PNoy is etched in their DNA.”

      Lies. Most of them tried to do, yet it is impossible since Noynoy has the biased media on his side.

      Congratulations, son. You just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote. -_-

    2. I see the trolls are up to their old tricks again.
      Too bad for you, little troll, nobody’s believing your propaganda.

      Troll Harder

    3. @Pops*tar

      Your lack of imagination limits your choices to PNoy, Erap and Gloria. There were so many other candidates more qualified and competent who ran for the Presidency in 2010.

      Can you please be more specific about what this administration has “accomplished”?

      You want evidence PNoy is corrupt? He abused his power in using taxpayer’s money without congress approval. We’re talking about billions of pesos he just wasted on his “pet projects” that do not even directly benefit the Filipino people. The SC just ruled DAP unconstitutional once again:

      Supreme Court affirms DAP unconstitutionality

  38. Aquino being President will never get full support from his countrymen. Those who benefit on his term will hail him, those who are not will attack him. That will always be a given scenario. Being a President is a no easy task to deal with. I’ll be expecting those anti- Pnoy to attack me if I sound like Im on his side. I can judge him on his behavior towards that SAF incident and to all other allegations involving him but I choose to be passive. I choose to be like that because i don’t want to sound like of “nagmamagaling”. Who am I to tell him what to do? Yes we are taxpayers here, I hope everybody here is. But instead of pointing a finger on him I have to deal first with myself. Who can prevent such incidents to happen? Sooner or later there will be a new President, whoever he/she might be same scenarios will repeat itself. Come to think of it, there had been lots of President our country have but still the problems are still the same? Isn’t the problem is not who leads but also who follows? The leader changes over a period of time but the followers are the same. Hate me now but I assume that it is easy to blame and criticize the government rather than correcting oneself. =)

    1. PNoy’s boss can criticise him anytime. Only his rabid supporters have a problem with criticism against their idol.

      Who can prevent such incidents to happen?

      A competent and honest leader can prevent or at least minimise casualties. Your idol did not even inform the military about a major operation such as Mamasapano operation. What was he thinking?

      Come to think of it, there had been lots of President our country have but still the problems are still the same? Isn’t the problem is not who leads but also who follows? The leader changes over a period of time but the followers are the same. Hate me now but I assume that it is easy to blame and criticize the government rather than correcting oneself. =)

      Another comment that doesn’t make any sense.

      1. And because my comment have no sense to you, so what? Maybe you just don’t understand my point. Or I conclude that you consider me a foe and whatever I point out here won’t matter to you. Tagalugin ko na ha. Napansin niyo ba na ang dami ng namuno ng bansa. From different walks of life. Pero ang problema ng pilipinas Ay Hindi na nawala. Nasa namumuno Lang ba ito? O ang pinamumunuan din. Ang residente ng Pilipinas Ay Hindi nagbabago, maaring nabawasan o pwede rin mdagdagan. Pero ang pilipino noong panahon ni erap Ay siya rin. pilipino sa panahon ni gma at pnoy. Namuno lng ang nabago db. So dapat ang responsable kung anong bansa tayo ngyon Ay nsa namumuno Lang? Baka naman may Mali rin sa atin. Kontrahin mo ako dito at para mo na rin kinontra yun blog mo about voters are to be blame. Madali lng magreklamo. Ano kb as a citizen. Baka naman reklamador ka Jan sa gobyerno sarili mong buhay di mo maayos. Mali ba ko dun. Kung Mali ako, fine.Kayo na po ang magaling =)

        1. @urmimi

          You already read my other article pointing out that the voters should be held accountable for putting incompetent people in office. You should have already realised that I don’t put the blame solely on the President.

          I think you are just a time waster.

        2. Pasensya na po Ms. Ilda kung ako’y isang walang kakwenta kwentang taga-comment dito. Ako’y humihingi ng dispensa kung nasayang ko ang iyong mahalagang oras. Ako’y nagbahagi lang ng aking saloobin dito sa iyong article. Kung iba po ang aking pananaw huminhingi po ako ng tawad sa inyo. Binasa ko ulit ang aking nagawang comment pero wala naman akong nakitang nagawang pag-atake sa inyong malalim at puno ng kaalaman na artikulo. Ako’y nagsaad lamang ng aking repleksyon na sino ako para manghusga ng ganun ganun na lang. Ang solusyon na nakikita ko ay sisimulan ko muna sa akin at sa sarili kong pamilya. Baka po kasi hamak ako ng hamak ng aking kapwa eh napakadami ko naman kapintasan. Ang mentality ko pong ito ay isang “nonsense”. Iba po kasi ang aking pananaw, bilang individual ay dumadaan din kasi tayo sa kanya kanya nating suliranin, may mga pagsubok talaga na kahit anong galing natin bilang tao ay hindi natin maiiwasan o masolusyonan. Kung ang tanging maiaambag ko lang sa ating bayan ay ang simpleng pagbayad ng buwis at sumunod sa mga simpleng alituntunin, iyon lang po ang kaya ko. Kung kayo po ay nabigyan ng higit na kakayanan para sa mas malaking pagbabago baka maaring kayo ang may susi sa pagbabagong iyon. Napakasama ko ba kung iyon ang punto ko? Nagkamali na ang gobyerno, nakadapa na,aapakan pa ba natin? Ilang buwan na lang at darating na ang eleksyon, sa pag-ngawa po ba natin dito ay may o kahit konting kurot ba na mararamdaman ang mga mamamayang Pilipino? Napaka-komplikado ng problema ng bansa para ang simpleng pag-ngawa ko po dito ay makagawa ng pagbabago. Iyon lang po ang aking pananaw. Muli, ako’y humihingi ng pasensya.

        3. urmimi says:
          Tangna: ano ba ang nagbago sa aten sa term ni Pnoy Speak up and write down his
          accomplishement here…Para kang fanatic fan ni Bhong Navarro at KrisTD..Kahit laos na ay panatiko pa rin

    2. @urmimi

      But you do realize that you are actually contradicting yourself, right? You were practically pointing out that all presidents are the same and that it is the voters who need to change and correct themselves and yet you mentioned that you have become passive for fear of being accused of being nag-mama-galing.

      In essence, all you said is that you are a hypocrite.

      How can anyone effect change when all they think about is pwede na yan, or ganun talaga eh, or di naman mananalo yung gusto ko kandidato, or worse- what you did- which is NOTHING!

      1. In what statement did I mention that all presidents are the same? Ang point ko po if di niyo po gets ang namumuno Ay nagbabago or napapalitan over a period of time but yun pinamumunuan same pa rin po. Same pinoys. Now if being passive makes me a hypocrite, I’ll accept that.I never said that “pwede na yan or the same” don’t put words into my mouth. What I mean by correcting oneself here is you as a citizen. Kung ano Lang kaya mo icontribute. Gusto mo ba magwelga ako or palitan ko si president para masabing may nagawa ako. Hindi b Pwedeng I’m proud that I’m a good citizen, not the best but good. Eh kung balik ko po kaya tanong niyo ano po bng Nagawa niyo =)

        1. “Eh kung balik ko po kaya tanong niyo ano po bng Nagawa niyo =)”

          And now it just proves you’re a total TROLL on saying that.

          Everyone here in this blog has something that a LOT of Filipinos didn’t have: CRITICAL THINKING. And you lack one.

    3. Hindi ka nga “nagmamagaling” pero “nagpapakabobo” ka naman by not analysing and not accepting that your president is a “Big Joke”. Kaya nagkakanda-Loko loko bansa natin dahil sa mga katulad mong passive thinker. Tanggap nlng nang tanggap sa mga nangyayari kaya akala mo un ang tama. For once naman do your country a favor. Matuto ka magisip at timbangin kung tama ba o mali na nakikita mo.
      And by the way, yung incident sa Mamasapano, i believe that could’ve been prevented or atleast the govt could’ve minimized the damage kung sumunod lng sa protocol ung presidente mo. Eh kaso t@nga talaga kaya ayun. Kala niya siguro parang lng pelikula na porke namatay ung kontrabida(marwan) eh tapos na istorya.LOL.

    is the reason why PNoy get dumber & dumber (Incompetent).

    “Power makes leaders dumb. The more power you gain the dumber you get”.

    PNoy gain absolute Power from control of:

    1. CONGRESS (Senate & House of Representatives) – PNoy use Pork Barrel to get their full support.

    2. JUDICIARY – PNoy responsible for ouster of Corona from Supreme Court.

    3. AFP & PNP – as Commander in Chief he appoint the Chief of Staff of AFP and PNP chief.

    4. MEDIA (T.V. Radio, Movies Newspaper, Prints, etc.) – allows to condition people mind and influence voter’s decision.

    5. COMELEC – Smartmatic hocus PCOS machines.

    6. SHOWBIZ (c/o Kris).

    7. Family/Parent are influential, rich and popular.

    The dumbing effects of Power are:

    1. It reduces the complexity of your thinking. Absence of critical thinking make PNoy:
    a. to over-simplify
    b. no vision
    c. lost foresight of things
    d. poor logic
    e. poor problem solving skills.
    f. no-sense of observation
    g. unaware of our real problems.
    h. lack of imagination & creativity.
    i. can easily be manipulated or lied upon by people around him.

    2. It Limits your ability to consider alternatives. PNoy decide quickly and validate his decisions.

    3. Permits you to treat people like objects who get things done rather than human beings. (e.g. PNoy’s disregard of sacrifices of our Fallen44 PNP SAF).

    4. Closes his ears. Powerful people like PNoy minimize what others know. (e.g. DILG Mar Roxas & Deputy PNP Chief Leonardo Espina).

    5. Decreases your interest in others. You matter more.
    6. Inspires preoccupation with self. The world revolves around himself.
    7. Struggles to understand the perspective of others.

    The Danger of Incompetent & Arrogant Leaders are:

    1. Incompetent & Arrogant Leaders create dumb organizations, poor planning, and failed missions.

    2. Incompetence/Stupidity is contagious and can spread (viral).

    3. Incompetence (Stupidity) can be fatal / kill people.

    “Evil isn’t the real threat to the world. Stupid is just as destructive as Evil, maybe more so, and it’s a hell of a lot more common. What we really need is a crusade against Stupid. That might actually make a difference.”

    Ways to spot PNoy lacks competence & humility:
    1. How do PNoy talk to his people?
    “buhay pa naman kayo”
    “hinde ako pumupunta sa libing ng hinde ko kilala.”
    “wala sa schedule ang pagpunta ko sa arrival honor for Fallen44 PNP SAF”.

    2. How do people talk about PNoy Presidency?
    – Weak, Push over, Soft
    – Incompetent, Stupid, Dumb
    – Detached
    – Uncaring, Insensitive
    – Untalented
    – Corrupt, Denial, Deceit
    – Hypocrite
    – Arrogant

    3. How do PNoy support others?

    4. How do PNoy’s celebrate the accomplishments of others?

    5. How much time do PNoy & Kris spend talking about themselve and legacy of parents?

    6. How much time do PNoy spend calmly listening?
    PNoy only listen to people when forced by world trending on Twitter (Social Media) #NasaanAngPangulo.

    7. PNoy tolerate his people work behind the scenes? Despite of being suspended – PNP chief Purisima allegedly called the shots in SAF covert mission that led carnage in Maguindanao.

    How can our next President or future leaders be protected against the arrogance of power?

    How can our nation develop humble President/Leaders?

    Filipinos must start to identify, promote, create & vote humble leaders. Ways to develop Humble President/Leaders:

    1. No dress codes – be simple. Look & Act naturally like everyone else (common tao).

    2. Leaders must be approachable. Remove physical barriers that create inaccessibility.

    3. Develop transparency by approving FOI bill (Freedom of Information). People must knows how government is spending Public Funds. Secrets protect inequity and promotes suspicion, distrust and doubt.

    4. Expect more execution and less talk. Talking without execution encourages arrogance.

    “A smart leader requires humility”.
    “Humble leaders are smarter than arrogant”.
    “Getting smart requires humility”.

  40. for every difficulty, every problem and challenge this president faces, people like you are one of the main reasons why things become even worse. no one can deny that this president hasnt made a lot of mistakes, but for every mistake he makes it seems like a victory to your kind. you cannot deny that this president with all his shortcomings has good intentions for our country. i feel for him because for every misstep, he knows that his parents legacy may be tarnished. he needs more of our support more than ever for the good of this country.

    1. Lies. You are just tolerating his blunders, blame games and even his incompetence.

      Yes, he made mistakes but instead of improving, it’s still the same crap all over again. So you can’t blame people who are criticizing him right now. Well, he will still ignore his critics and lash at them, just like what he did to Walden Bello. That’s sad.

      “he needs more of our support more than ever for the good of this country.”

      Suit yourself, son. That’s the most RETARDED thing you will ever do. Enjoy this video. 😀

      1. don’t be a hypocrite, it’s pretty clear you have your own agenda and most probably that is to push for your own candidate to put into power. so who is it?

        1. You’re the biggest hypocrite ever. TBH, if you ask me, it’s someone who is competent to lead, not some incompetent bozo.

          Congratulations, son. You just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote. 😛

        2. May i butt in? I’m wondering who is the competent leader your thinking of @ wintersoldier. Please name names.

        3. @ego:

          I hope in the near future we SCRAP the stupidity that is the 1987 constitution and favor a form of governance that ACTUALLY favors efficient leaders. Besides Noynoy and former president Estrada, there was Gordon and Gibo who actually had something Pinoys could wish they can buy; a concrete vision. Nothing is going to change if we still run a system where familial last names matter and celebrities/athletes who get popular and pitch money to the poor to make things better.

        4. I agree with Dick Gordon. Credential wise in Gibo too. But I want to inform you that Aquino and Teodoro are blood related. They are cousins.

        5. @ego:

          Look, I never regretted on voting Gibo because he’s not like “them” (yes, Noynoy and co.) He and even Tessie Aquino-Oreta are open for Charter Change.

          Anyways, Noynoy’s first platform is his vengeance against GMA. But do you know what is Gibo’s platform in his first 100 days as president if elected? He tends to focus more on health care and education.

        6. talangkahunter says:
          February 6, 2015 at 10:35 am
          don’t be a hypocrite, it’s pretty clear you have your own agenda and most probably that is to push for your own candidate to put into power. so who is it?
          Anybody that against pnoy. Example estrada,revilla,Enrile..No to Binay or Poe

  41. I posted a comment in Inquirer to put Ab Noy in Martial Court for his betrayal to the 44 SAF, the constitution and the Filipinos…and voila, it’s gone. It’s just hard to penetrate on “Yellow” sites like that.

    1. After the revelations of the past two days, people like you still insist that Noynoy “betrayed” the SAF, and still want him ousted and persecuted for nothing but the fluff and sting of rumor.

      Dear Lord.

      1. What revelation? LOL

        A month after the tragic event, PNoy came swinging back with “I was fed lies about the Mamamsapano clash…” and you believe him? Gimme a break! It was his buddy Purisima who was feeding him information the whole time. So why was he still protecting him despite all the “lies”? PNoy was even sad to accept his resignation. He should have fired Purisima from Day One.

      2. Pallacertus says:
        February 25, 2015 at 1:28 am
        After the revelations of the past two days, people like you still insist that Noynoy “betrayed” the SAF, and still want him ousted and persecuted for nothing but the fluff and sting of rumor.

        Dear Lord.

        Buking say: Let’s go back to square one; How much taxpayer money,Pnoy spend to removed Renato Corona compered to allegation on his SLN..Hindi nagpakita sa arrival ng 44 SAF at inuna pang bisitahin ang car dealer..WTF

  42. Passive Pnoys, mmmm. Lets’ be passive after we lose millions of pesos the last time metro manila experience the worst traffic of all time, MRT (the worst railway system of all time), the worst airport of all time & yet we have the highest tax rate in south east asia??? Fuck Passive Pnoys and fuck our president! Everyday I go to work just to fuckin’ experience this mediocre way of life? Mediocre salary minus taxes not included taxes from food, beverages, transportation, diapers, milk, etc. Then a passive Pnoy suggests to just be passive? Eh tangina pala neto eh!

  43. There is no way anyone can convince me that Marcos was not the worst President. Anyone who even has the temerity to say Marcos was better than Aquino has zero — ZERO — credibility and a vindictive agenda. Si Marcos, mamamatay tao yan, ang daming pinapatay niyan, mga mag-aaral, mga manunulat, mga opposition, mga kalaban ng asawa at cronies niya. Marcos jailed all his opposition leaders for years — Ninoy, Diokno, Salonga, Kalaw, many, many more. He suspended Habeas Corpus for years, politicized the military, and systemically and deliberately looted the national treasury on a massive scale, matched only by GMA. He suspended the courts, dissolved Congress, established a crony ruling elite, imposed a curfew for years. He fled to the US and was caught red-handed by Hawaii Customs with millions of dollars in gold bullion, jewelry, negotiable treasury instruments.

    When Marcos became president in 1969 the Philippine GDP growth was second-highest in Asia, only Japan was higher. By 1977, just 5 years after Martial Law, even Bangladesh had a higher growth rate. By 1983, after Ninoy Aquino was murdered at the airport, we defaulted on out loans, our financial reserves were revealed to be wiped out and our currency had devalued catastrophically.

    To say PNoy is the worst President is just pure bullshit. So the entire article clearly has an agenda. I have zero tolerance for people who seek to revise history.

    1. english kayo nang english,para ba masabing mga intelegenting tao kayo,lalo na kayong nagsasabing pinaka masamang pangulo si Presidente Ferdinand E Marcos,magnanakaw at mamamatay tao alamin nyo muna kung magkano ang perang nakalaang gastusin ng pamahalaan kada taon,at sumahin nyo ang ibinebintang nyong ninakaw nya sa kaban ng bayan,para kayo matauhan.

  44. The most insidious claim in this piece is that Marcos was “compassionate” to Noynoy’s father, Ninoy Aquino. Really?! Marcos jailed Ninoy WITH NO CHARGES for 7 years, then tried him for treason and rebellion in a military tribunal, then exiled him on 24 hours notice to the US.

    Then when Ninoy came home to his own home country, the military gunned him down before he could set foot on Philippine soil. Compassion?!? Only if you have lost all sense of right and wrong.

    So first you jail a guy without charges for 7 years, then you force him into exile, and that’s compassion. It’s ludicrous! If it weren’t so tragic, it would be a comedy.

    This article was written by a yuppie born long after Marcos, who doesn’t know the difference between compassion and a Christmas tree.

    Then you ask yourself. Why, with only fee months left in his term, is there such a shrill campaign to demolish PNoy. Well, it’s election time. You have to derail his endorsement, preclude potential callous of election fraud, discredit the government.

    That’s how you win elections. You trash the incumbent, call him the worst President ever, and then even a hooligan like Binay begins to shine.


    1. naging Presidente si Cory at itinatag nya ang NARVASA Comission para alamin ang katotohanan sa pagkamatay ni Ninoy,at nang matapos ang kanilang pag iimbistiga,ano ang lumabas nalaman nyo ba o ipinaalam ba sa taong bayan ang resulta? Hindi dahil gusto nilang isaksak sa isipan ng taongbayan na si Presidente Marcos ang salarin upang bigyan katarungan ang kanilang kawalang hiyaang ginawa,paano nyo nasabing ipinatapon ni Pangulong Marcos si Ninoy,di nga ba kinakailangan magamot si Ninoy kaya pinayagan syang makaalis ng bansa para magpagamot,at binalaan na hwag munang bumalik dahil nanganganib ang buhay nya,bakit di nyo alam ito,sana nagsaliksik muna kayo bago kayo ngumawa

    2. Old Coot says:
      April 18, 2015 at 10:33 am
      The most insidious claim in this piece is that Marcos was “compassionate” to Noynoy’s father, Ninoy Aquino. Really?! Marcos jailed Ninoy WITH NO CHARGES for 7 years, then tried him for treason and rebellion in a

      Binay and Aquinos are same feather..Malaki ang utang na loob ni Binay ke Cory,kung hindi ke Cory ,de hindi siya ang meyor ng Makati..Sino ba ang me hawak sa MEDIA, di ba si Pnoy ,tanong nyo sa ABS CBN kung ayaw nyong maniwala.

  45. In a past study of a reputable university it was concluded that democracy is not a perfect form of gov’t for third world countries. Democratic processes for a developing country is the last priority of a hungry population. Discussing election/ideal gov’t to those in poverty is like exploring the universe by the Filipinos, it is a dream a not reality.

  46. In a past study of a reputable university it was concluded that democracy is not a perfect form of gov’t for third world countries. Democratic processes for a developing country is the last priority of a hungry population. Discussing election/ideal gov’t to those in poverty is like exploring the universe by the Filipinos, it is a dream not reality for a hungry stomach.

  47. Noynoy is not corrupt? Ano ‘to, gaguhan ng mga gago?

    Of course he is. EVERY politician is, not just Filipino ones. Heck, ALL OF HUMANITY IS CORRUPTED BY NATURE.

    I my humble and frank opinion, we should choose our leaders based on COMPETENCE, not MORALITY, because politics is devoid of morality. So what if he’s corrupt, as long as he’s doing his job competently he’s good.

    Don’t get me wrong, though. If a politician is stealing too much money, that’s a sign of incompetence, because he doesn’t know how to balance his own interests to that of his constituents.

  48. Months after the mamasapano incident and this government is still trying to hide the truth that the president is very very very liable for what happened to the SAF 44.

    When this president steps down, there will be loads and loads of cases filed against him only the difference is that the evidences are credible.

  49. Para sa maunlad na Pilipinas, please lang ‘wag kayong bumoto ng kandidatong abnormal na nga, bakla pa. Talagang magiging magulo ang Pilipinas pag ganyan, period!

  50. I truly agree with this post. The people who only considered him as the best were the yellowtards or the yellow zombies – ofcourse they don’t have brains.

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