Filipino student shut down and dismissed by Lee Kuan Yew for asking irrelevant question

In this profoundly cringe-inducing video, Filipino student Harvey Campos suffers an epic smacking down by Singapore Elder Statesman and former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. During the question-and-answer segment of some sort of convention, Campos had attempted to inquire into how Lee’s work was influenced by his late wife (jumping of the “old adage” that behind every successful man is a woman).

Lee responded by saying that he was there to discuss public matters and not family matters.

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Campos was clearly out of his depth in the presence of the Elder Statesman. He…

(1) Spent an unnecessary amount of time introducing himself and his personal circumstances, within which time he;

(2) Weaved a lame attempt at flattery into his protracted lead up to the point he was going to make which, as it turns out;

(3) Was completely irrelevant to the objectives of the forum.

Suffice to say, Campos grossly misread the situation and, most appallingly Lee himself.

This episode is reminiscent of the Filipino celebrity journalist Ricky Lo’s gaffe while interviewing Les Misrables star Anne Hathaway last year.

Like Lo, Campos fell into the trap of regarding Lee through the lens of a typical way Filipinos communicate with celebrities or people of stature. Rather than step up to speak at their level, it seems a common approach Filipinos take is to try to bring the level of the dialogue down to a more comfortable but substandard level of discourse.

You can swear, these episodes were something that came straight out of a Ricky Gervais script.


153 Replies to “Filipino student shut down and dismissed by Lee Kuan Yew for asking irrelevant question”

    1. Butthurt much? If you don’t like this article then I suggest you go to sites that support your “pinoy praydist” mentality.
      Otherwise, don’t waste our time with your butthurt.

    2. Yes it’s true. Americans do this. But that doesn’t make it smart. It’s still both stupid and irrelevant. A lot of what Americans do is stupid and entitled emotional bullshit.

  1. LOL this is a 2011 issue You Singapore worshipper. If you go there, I bet you would wish you will be back in the Philippines.

    1. The big deal is that was a waste of time and had no impact on the issues being discussed. Who was this simple minded guy who wanted to chat about himself and talk about birthday wishes?

    1. This reminds me of how Boy Abunda interviewed Angel Locsin on TV when the latter was involved in a sex scandal years ago. The question of “How do you feel about the situation?” was pointless and redundant.

      Seriously, I would like to question that guy why did he ask that irrelevant question of all things.

  2. That’s simply a cultural difference, which Mr. Lee Kuan Yew didn’t appreciate, and go to business right away. It’s well taken, anyway.

    1. This is not a cultural difference it is a intilectual difference between the two countries. Filipinos always seem to want to know about personal lives when they interview someone of prominence. Why is this? My take is because they don’t have a strong command of world politics let alone filipino politics so they cant develop a relevant question. He also spent to much time introducing himself, it was good to see him get smacked down, maybe filipinos should take note of his mistakes and learn from it, however I am sure they were all Butt hurt and whiney!

  3. e anu kaya kung ikaw ung maginterview?
    kung mkapagsalita kah akala mu kung cn0 k magaling ah!! putng ina k b?
    cgurad0 worse k p s kanya kac pag lapit mu palang eh itatab0y ka kaagad ni tanda! alam mu b kung bk8?
    kac ang pangit mu at muka kang basahan, ayus ayusin mu muna yang pagmumuka mu kasi at nang di ka tinatab0y huh!

    1. Tama na nga yang kakafliptop mo, di ka naman makata kung makabanat na akala mo eh mahusay.

      Obvious naman na sablay yung tanong kung anu-ano pa pinagsasabi mo dyan.

  4. ganyang talaga mga singaporean. ang mga amo kong lokal hindi masyadong nag oopen ng personal na buhay nila at hindi rin sila nagtatanong ng personal na bagay. hindi gaya ng mga pinoy na pag nakikipagchismisan sa kaopisina lahat ng problema sa pamilya ay kinekwento. magkakaiba lang kultura natin. baka hindi na kayo makatulog nian?

    1. Yes, different cultures indeed so it is up to that guy who asked the question that he should have thought about it first that asking that kind of question would be shut down. He should have known better to be culturally sensitive in that situation. Perhaps he has not traveled that much, and even if he did his outlook of the world has not even changed that much I feel sad for the guy. The discussion was about policies and not about families it was way out of bounds.

  5. Much ado about nothing.

    It was a valid question in leadership. Of course, a leader of Lew Kwan Yew’s stature whose views on public issues influence government policy, the question of who are the people that influences his perspective becomes a public matter.

    Lee Kwan Yew didn’t want to divulge how much or how little his wife’s influence. Well within his rights.

    There was no epic smack down. What is cringe-inducing is the author’s clear inferior stance with regard to foreign nationals.

    IN this case, it was just a valid question being refused by the tight-guarded LKY. He does not want to show his cards. Even if he is now an elderly statesman.

    My first time coming into this blog, epic fail.

    Too much insecurity from your own skin.

    1. And I bet you’re just another of those showbiz-minded chikadoras who always want to know someone’s personal matters even if it’s private. What’s the big deal on knowing LKY’s personal matters you showbiz-minded inutil?

    2. “There was no epic smack down. What is cringe-inducing is the author’s clear inferior stance with regard to foreign nationals.” – Where in this article does it say that the author has an inferior stance with regard to foreign nationals? I don’t see it.

      If your post is just your way of masking your insecurity about the truth, then you didn’t learn anything from this article at all.

      In short, you got butthurt without even realizing it.

    3. “In this case, it was just a valid question being refused by the…” No, no, no, no. It wasn’t a valid question. Period. No questions asked.

    4. Yes, different cultures indeed so it is up to that guy who asked the question that he should have thought about it first that asking that kind of question would be shut down. He should have known better to be culturally sensitive in that situation. Perhaps he has not traveled that much, and even if he did his outlook of the world has not even changed that much I feel sad for the guy. The discussion was about policies and not about families it was way out of bounds.

    5. Ung writer pinoy n pinoy talaga, pinapalaki ung pag refuse ni LKY na sumagot sa tanong. Straight forward lang talaga sila.

      Alam mo ung scenario dito sa pinas na halimbawa may nabarang tao, ayun inaasar asar yung nabara, parang “wala ka pala eh”. imbes n magmove on n lng. Clash of culture ang nangyari so bakit masyado nman natin minamaliit ung nagtanong. Intindihin n lng natin, sa susunod matuto na yan

      1. i think singaporeans being told in the face pinoys have:

        purer white Spanish blood

        smarter brains

        better religion

        are the true owners of singapore

        singapore would die without filipinos

        …….. are the usual reasons we’re pissed.

        while I do laugh at being called a ching chong fun in private settings with close friends, having the terms used on me in public within earshot isn’t pleasant, nor is having my fellow countrymen referred to as a “terrorist” or having a “terrorist religion” charming

        we also don’t really appreciate being informed we’re going to hell for not being goo Christians

  6. Moral of the lesson: Never assume that your culture is applicable to other people, especially when you’re in their country.

    Somehow, it reminds me of what Kiko Pangilinan said as the height of the Bus Hostage Crisis fiasco: “what may be prohibited and banned in their nation may not be so in ours.” Epic fail.

    1. “what may be prohibited and banned in their nation may not be so in ours.”

      Translation: We have the right to be disrespectful because we do not follow their culture.

    1. Along with pnoy’s refusal of apologizing to HK about the Manila Hostage crisis, I think patunay iyan na ang mga bobong pinoy na katulad ng mga balat-sibuyas na nag-comment dito ay parang naghahanap ng away.

  7. I can list other fauxs in this situation:

    1. Never assume things. For example, assuming that Lee’s wife is behind his success as a politician. Or assume that family values is part of politics. Really, we’re too spoiled with Imelda Marcos and Filipino nepotism.

    2. Better to avoid buttering up. Flattery is baloney. Cut to the chase. Ask the question.

  8. If you ask me, what Harvey Campos exhibited is exactly what fuels pinoy pride. Not an ounce of humility on these praydist buffons.

  9. Hmmm, Mr. Campos could’ve asked another, more relevant question, that could save face. Since he didn’t, that made it look like he was after only the tsismis things, and it made him look bad.

  10. Mag-english ka then magtatagalog…
    So pinoy ka na nagcocomment dito…
    In what you are all doing right now, sino mas malala, ung nagkamali ng tanong or ikaw?
    Public site ito pero kung makapagsabi ka ng bobong pinoy or kung makapang lait ka, kala mo di ka pinoy. Ano kaya sasabihin ng ibang lahi dito?

    Nagkamali siya… nakakahiya sa mga pinoy… may mababago ba kapag nagcomment ka dito ng panglalalit mo sa kanya?

    Isip isip muna… baka hindi niyo alam, senio din bumalik yan…

    Remember, if you point 1 finger to someone, 3 fingers are pointing back at you…

    Mature natin noh??

    1. Asshurt much apologist drama queen? Totoo namang kabobohan yung tinanong ni campos kay Lee Kuan Yew e. Sa comment mo pa lang, halatang sobra na ang kapapanood mo ng mga telebasura kaya masyado kang emo. pinoy nga naman oo ginagamit palagi ang puso hindi ang utak.

    2. Too much emotion begets idiocy. That is the true nature of a Filipino.

      Feeling mature ka rin ano kaso wala namang kabuluhan ang post mo e. Hindi ba halata naman na wala sa lugar naman talaga ang tanong nya?

      Pwes, may karapatan akong sabihin sa iyo na mas bobo ka kaysa sa taong nagtanong kay Lee Kuan Yew.

    3. I don’t use 1 finger when pointing at someone I use all five to make it is not pointing back at me. 😀

      When I use 1 finger…well..that is when I flip off other people.

      Anung pag-iisipan? No wonder that we follow this kind of logic kaya no wonder din ang ating bansa..ayun nganga..

      Wag mo na lang pansinin yung iba..nasobrahan lang sa kakafliptop yan..

  11. Malas lng ng estudyante (not his fault), ignorant when talking about these matters. Still this kind of trait is a negative when discussing serious matters.

  12. Filipinos should really know the meaning of “Privacy” because as far as that question goes, many Filipinos have no concept of privacy and the personal matters are not to be mentioned publicly.

  13. I agree with Rico Gloria, this article is clearly worst and irrelevant than the student’s action. We call them student for a reason and nothing more. Give him a break for being naive. As for the elder stateman, tsk tsk, I guess humility would lessen as you grow older.

    1. There are just so many things wrong with this statement, I’m just going to call you an idiot. That’d be simpler, just like your lackluster comment.

    2. Humility and irrelevance are different from one another. The question was clearly irrelevant to the forum so Lee Kuan Yew’s apparent “arrogance” is already out of the question. If the student didn’t over-introduce himself then he would have come up with a better question instead. Obviously, his act was pointless – just like your statement.

    3. “We call them student for a reason and nothing more. Give him a break for being naive.”
      And we call that inutil excuse of yours as playing the victim card.

      “As for the elder stateman, tsk tsk, I guess humility would lessen as you grow older.”
      Oh so you’re labeling Lee Kuan Yew as ulyanin? Is it because he’s already too old?

      All of your statements are very childish and no wonder why Singapore don’t like us so much thanks to indio de trapos like you.

    4. This “student” is a grown man, not some teenage university student. No matter how we look at this, the point of his question was irrelevant to the forum, hence not indulged.

      This is the profile of Harvey Campos, most of us would expect a more constructive inquiry from him looking at this.

      Incidentally I came across this video.

      pretty impressive for a student.

    5. If he is a student, he should be more ashamed coz it shows that he didn’t learn anything to be critical on the questions he’ll throw. I was laughing when you said that Lee Kuan Yew should learn humility. Isa ka siguro sa mga bobotante na kinikilig kina Kris at Noynoy pag tinatanong ang lovelife nila. It may be a surprise to many but intelligent politicians find it disgusting and waste of time talking about gossip topics. It just don’t contribute anything to be a productive citizen.

  14. Only pinoy politicians and showbiz personalities would love to answer that kind of question. I can imagine that for LKY that is very insulting.

  15. Philippines is a pathetic country we have the lamest politicians. lamest celebrities and most of all the lamest people. fuck pinoys

    1. Oh really? Please do us a favor and get off the internet. Your stupidity will just rub off on the readers. What made Philippines a pathetic country is people like you. Stupidly pathetic troll.

    2. Although it’s good to notice the ills in our society, we’ve gotta show that we’re better than the very ills we’re criticizing no mater what. Try using lesser profanities next time. Make your point look more convincing by being more sensitive with the words you’re choosing and, most of all, by showing some wit. Otherwise, you’ll have blind individuals like “Pak Yu Ka” accusing you for something you’re not.

      With that said, I do agree that the Philippines is plagued with moral and intellectual bankruptcy. So, there has to be people like us who should speak out and demand (and, most especially, create) solutions for them.

  16. Reminds me of the questions media people asked Hilary Clinton when she was here for a press conference. Totally embarrassing. To think that she is a world leader!

  17. Can’t really deny that LKY has a dislike for this student, maybe because he was flaunting his MBA and so much sucking up. Anyway’s, the question just sucks. It infers that LKY owes someone his accomplishments.

  18. ang yabang nmn ni tanda naging presidente lng nmn at akala mu kung cn0 nah! o bka nmn sadyang racist lng tlaga yang mga putng inang singaporean n yan. palibhasa ksi pananalita nila puro may le at la. s mga singaporean n nagba2sa n2 et0 lng masa2bi quh s iny0: putng ina nyong lahat la!!!!!!

    1. Isa nanamang walang-kwentang post mula sa isang taong halatang walang-alam ang kanyang pinagsasabi.

      Kulang ka pa yata sa pagsinghot ng rugby, bata.

    2. At ang yabang ng mga bobong pinoy na katulad mo dahil gusto nyo pa rin maging isang dakilang tanga na ayaw ng progreso dahil ang laman lang ng utak mo ay showbiz. Now go back on eating your pagpag utak squatter.

    3. Racist? Eh ikaw nga diyan ang nagpapaka-racist gamit ang jeje-talk mo. Hypokrito ka, pre.

      Tanggapin mo na lang na nagkamali ang kababayan mo. Huwag na huwag mong gayahin ang ginawa niya, kung ayaw mong mapahiya ang Pinas sa buong mundo. Yun lang. Di mo kailangan mang-insulto ng iba.

    4. Hindi lang basta matanda. He is LEE KUAN YEW. The man behind what Singapore is right now.

      Am I right? Uncivilized human being? 😀

    5. And yet dun ka maghahanap ng trabaho or dun ka dadayo para maging turista..nice..:D Who’s the hypocrite now? Easy with the racist don’t even know how to define racist? Race ba ang pinoy? o ethnicity? o nationality? Get your facts straight.

      And if you are working there, Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. No wonder why FT’s are called Foreign Trash because you’re most likely one of those people that they really hate.

      Eto sasabihin nila sayo: How Dai Char Tow Png Tang Lan Jiao Lang Lan Sai Bin Peisokk

  19. ang ibig q lng nmn sabihin eh wak masyadong laki uloh, yn ang hirap s mga mtatalin0 ei!
    eh cn0 b ang dahilan kung bk8 cla nsa pwesto? tayong mga masa d buh?
    sus kung aquh naging presidente at least d aquh mgiging ganyan at stay humble p rin aq.

    1. Sus palusot ka pang “henyo” ka when in fact all you’re doing here is just pure emo whinefest because you can’t handle the truth na ang mga bobong pinoy na katulad mo ay talunan. At pakiusap mag-aral ka nang mabuti ng tamang pagsulat. Lubog na kasi sa ebak iyang utak mo sa pagiging jejemon mo e.

    2. Kung sinasabi mong “henyo” ka eh bakit ka gumagamit ng pang TANGA na kasulatan na tulad ng jejemon?

      Yan tinagalog ko na kung hindi mo pa maintindihan yan, ewan ko na.

  20. Ganyan talaga ang mga Pinoy, they cannot understand others but THEMSELVES. Ganyan tayo ka-selfish at kababaw. Paano nga naman, puro showbiz ang alam. May updated pa sa showbiz kaysa sa problema ng bayan. And to you Siepokk: there’s a reason why you are not a president. Just read out your comments aloud and you’ll know what the reason is 🙂 Tsaka ngayon pa nga lang na hindi pa presidente iba na tabas ng dila mo eh, iyan ba ang HUMBLE? Baka IDIOT kamo. hahahahaha

    1. No wonder I can’t trust another pinoy abroad..because of these kind of attitude. Now not all obviously but most of the ones I knew..were really that bad not criminally bad but disappointingly bad.

      Humble? …..somebody pull him back to reality..omg.

      1. Really? Like as if you all Pinoy working abroad… and like as if they will trust you too… ikaw na magaling… eh ano na ba nagawa mo para sa kapwa mo at parang ang super taas ng tingin mo sa sarili mo?

        So lahat ng sasagot dito na na hindi papabor senio ay mkshowbiz?
        Bobo pinoy? Edi ikaw din un? Magulang mo? Kaibigan mo?
        Butthurts? Eh ano ikaw? Dahil di pabor seo, mamilosopo ka na lang…edi ikaw na pinaka magaling…
        Tsismoso mga pinoy? Eh ikaw indi? Kung pagusapan nio ibang tao, wagas!!… so tawag mo sarili mo “commentator” lang…

        Gagaling niyo lahat… bat di keo mag teacher or maging presidente… ikaw na magbago sa mga pinoy… ano na ba nagagawa mong maganda at kung mkpgsabi ka ng bobo (kahit hindi sa kapwa mo pinoy ah) eh kala mo super talino mo… eh dito nga di mo maipaalam tunay na pangalan mo…

        And honestly, what we’re all doing here is kabobohan.. yup.. ksama po ak.. kc, on a public site, kapwa pinoy naglalaitan.. so no wonder, lahat ng ng post dito ay nagcontribute para mas maging mababa tingin satin ng ibang lahi…

        Sagot ka pa? Ikaw na magaling… edi sagot pa… habaan mo hanggang sa manawa ka… kung gusto mo mag assume na mkshowbiz ako or emotero ako dahil ng go against ako seo, go ahead…say whatever you want… ikaw na may database ng pagkatao namin… ay, edi pde ka din pala maging judge.. kampay!!! 😉

        ~from just a “commentator”

        1. Isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit pinag-gastosan ng ating mga magulang ang ating pag-aaral ay para malaman natin kung ano ang wastong balarila’t gramatika. Sa pinahiwatig mo palang, halatang nasayang lang ng mga magulang mo ang perang pinag-hirapan nila.

          ~from someone who’s more educated than you :p

        2. Ako din “just a commentator”.

          So nailabas mo na ang hinaing mo dito. Congratulations. Siguro naman mas magaan na pakiramdam mo.

          Moving on.

          The observation that like-minded rational folks have that contemporary Pinoy culture’s penchant for showbiz and gossip molds Pinoy mentality, especially the youth in such a way that they appear crass and rude, make little to no distinction between personal/private matters and professional matters, have no superficial conceptions of what is appropriate and polite, and hence leading to Pinoys like that student, to ask such baseless questions.

          Siguro nga may impluwensya ang asawa ni Lee Kuan Yew sa decision-making niya to whatever extent, let’s leave it to speculation, pero tanungin natin mga sarili natin – is it appropriate to ask that question in a public forum? Eh di ba mala-showbiz nga tanong niya?

          Pero I digress, “kami na magaling” diba sabi mo? Bakit pa tayo magrereklamo no?

        3. This paragraph just shows that the commenter is just eating his/her words.

          A paragraph of epic failure from an uneducated person.

        4. Yes Really!

          If they don’t trust me, that’s fine. One of the things I follow in life is Don’t Trust never know who’s gonna stab you in the back so I should watch my own. Not a bad credo to be honest and I have survived this fucked up world with that and I came out alright.

          Will try by paragraph to answer the long tirade..

          Ano nagawa ko sa kapwa ko? Ano rin ba nagawa mo sa kapwa mo? Do you think I have to spend eternity helping others instead of helping myself? Look, I have my own advocacy that I support. I did help out in Tacloban, did you? Do I need to launch a laundry list of things I did in the other ones? I help out whenever I can, whether it’s a beggar on the street or when there’s a freaking big disaster somewhere in my country. I bet you wouldn’t even budge a few coins for a poor kid standing in front of you.

          “OO ako na magaling, ikaw bano now get the fuck out” -> I bet that is what you want to hear from me? To acknowledge your own inferiority? Complex yan tol easy lang puso mo.

          Nothing wrong with mataas ang tingin sa sarili, that’s a sign of self-esteem..I bet you don’t know that.

          Showbiz lang ba? failed at analysis. “Commentator”?

          I wonder why people like you always ask for something we do for other people when you can’t even tell other people what you did?

          “eh dito nga di mo maipaalam tunay na pangalan mo” -> you can’t even do it yourself.

          This is tiresome..using the same old tired argument. Lay off the drugs, carbs and all the bs. Go get some ice cream..chill pill and lots of cold water because you need to calm down dude. Stop being TOO emotional about things, you’re the one acting as if you’re the guy on that video who is totally butthurt and really deserves to get shut down.

  21. I’ve noticed something – Butthurts would post their stupidity on this website but they’ll be gone with the wind after we respond to their posts. Butthurts will always be butthurts.

  22. I really,really and will never understand why some, no, most Filipinos have to resort to ‘bola’/ flattery instead of going straight to the point. Seriously, from borrowing money, requesting something and interviewing people, Filipinos never fails to insert *topics totally not related to the main issue*before doing what needs to be done? What’s the purpose? Good thing someone like Lee smack that guy into reality. Goes to show also no matter how prestigious university you graduated, your Flipino tendencies will never fail to shut down. 😛
    It’s as if ‘pambobola’ should be and must be part of everyday life living here. 🙁

    1. Well… for me

      Short and sincere compliment works and sometimes sincerely making someone’s day takes you far in a conversation

      Of course there are right times to do that. This, being a formal interview, isn’t.

  23. This interviewer who is an Oxymoron; praised himself first…then, tried to pry out the Private Life of Former Prime Minister Lee. So, he was dismissed curtly…
    Maybe, he is a YellowTard, still having a hangover of the Aquino’s ways of licking asses…

    Good for him!!!

  24. So mayabang na si Lee Kuan Yew sa ganyang lagay kasi ayaw niyang sagutin iyong tanong ng estudyante dahil alam niya ang kaibahan between personal and public matters, at ang tanong sa kanya clearly verging on the personal?

    Ang bababaw talaga. Kaya hindi umuunlad.

    1. Sanay na kasi ang mga Pilipino sa showbiz at “political comedies.” Take account of the Filipino’s favorite pastime: Chismis.

      Not every person in this world gives a damn about something or someone. No wonder we are labeled as “defensive reactionists” – we get butthurt at the truth.

      1. And there lies the problem. Nakasanayan kasi ng mga Pilipino ang ganyang kultura.
        Nabulabog yung estudyante sa reaksyon ni LKY sa tanong niya, parang may computer error yung estudyante, “command not recognized, unable to process request.”

        Other cultures still retain some ‘delicadeza’. Contemporary Pinoy culture is trashy, crass, rude, or in Tagalog, puro bulgaran, lantaran, garapalan.

  25. We’re all only making the observation that Pinoy culture’s penchant for showbiz and gossip molds Pinoy mentality, especially the youth in such a way that their behavior seems crass and rude, as evidenced by the kind of question posed by the student.

    Pinoys make little to no distinction between personal/private matters and professional matters or matters of business, and have little conception of what is appropriate and what isn’t. In more polite, more cultured societies they would be careful to avoid asking such questions.

    Siguro nga may impluwensya ang asawa ni Lee Kuan Yew sa decision-making niya to whatever extent, but it’s better to leave it to speculation. Huwag na natin itanong iyan sa kanya, not in any place and not in a public forum. The student does not even know LKY personally.

    Let’s ask ourselves – is it appropriate to ask that question in a public forum?

    What’s funny is the basis of the query that the student used to ask his question, is only a hackneyed cliche, “behind every successful man is a woman.” It’s a very puerile basis to ask a question.

    1. Jmac:

      It depends on the culture of the country. Some public figures in other countries. Make their lives private; and their job accomplishments, public. . In the Philippines; private and public lives of public figures; are even used, positively and negatively; especially during elections…our leaders’ accomplishments, are private/secret, because most did nothing during their terms.

  26. Jeez, the question he asks reminds me of those many a talk show/local interviews whose topic ALWAYS involve “uuuuuuuyyy!”-inducing romance, and nothing else.

    IMO, the best interviewers ALWAYS ask the hard-hitting questions. And Campos is definitely NOT one of those people.

    1. Ang masama pa nito, they’re labeling LKY as mayabang at suplado. Nabara lang dahil sa stupid questions, gumagawa na ng image na kinawawa sya. Baka isa si Campos sa mga estudyante na Dota (karamihan sa kanila hindi alam na Warcraft 3 ang pangalan ng game software) lang ang dahilan ng pagpasok sa eskwela.

      1. I hear this all the time, they might have never even played the campaign where they will discover that most of the ‘heroes’ in DOTA are just neutral creeps…anyway that isn’t even the point, they are just to quick to get butthurt when they get shut down for their mistakes and start labeling people as if that justifies anything..oh much for the educated one.

  27. Harvey is a fool and deserved every bit of the humiliation he has received. If anything, he hasn’t been humiliated enough. He brings shame upon all Filipinos. And those limp-wristed excuse-makers that come to his defense ought to be lined up against a wall and shot for enabling this stupidity to continue. It’s people like them who make the Philippines into the Sick Man of Asia.

    1. Amen, Nemesis! There ought to be a protracted campaign of total humiliation against that dipshit Harvey Campos for making a laughingstock of our nation in the eyes of the world.

  28. Sana he stopped na lang nung una nang tumanggi si LKY. Kita na ngang ayaw pag-usapan yung wife eh. The guy put LKY on the spot.:(

    It is such a secret place, the land of tears,

  29. I would had been tolerant on the student’s mistake. But we are talking about LKY. The man who basically made Singapore the Singapore we know!

    Call it arrogance, or what not, he didn’t create a tiger economy from nothing, and certaily did not do it by deal with irelevant issues. The student should’ve studied more about the person before wasting time for asking such question.

    1. I am just an ordinary person from Canada, but I also got tired of people asking me personal and irrelevant questions, just basically wasting their time and mine. Filipinos in general are the least business-like people in your part of the world, albeit very nice and very friendly.

  30. Mahilig siguro manuod ng showbiz kaya panay personal at leading to emotional & sentimental drama mga questions!!! Favorite nya siguro si Boy abunda! nanakakabiwist sa mga baklitang way of interviewing nya!

  31. I am not surprise by this kind of questioning cause Filipinos are so fond of looking into your private life than looking at your achievements. Unfortunately this kind of Filipino way of thinking must be stopped and those who will be tasked to represent our country should pass through a tight mental ability test so as not to bring shame to this poor nation.

  32. how come no one noticed, a personal mistake is repeatedly splashed everywhere as “new” and national disgrace, insult to the nation.

  33. For me, It’s not his ( Harvey Campos) fault and we don’t have to blame him for his action since we all knew that he was still a student, and he’s looking for a very nice answer to his question,because he believes that ” behind every successful man is a woman”. Maybe this student was very amazed that he’s going to have an interview with a Famous man and he got very fanatic in his question, because he believed that behind Prime Minister Lee’s success is an inspiration.

    Redentor A. Acebuche

      1. Being a student is no excuse. He is an adult right, not a kid. He should have stopped when the prime minister refused the question the first time. unfrigging believable!

    1. Its just I think that LK do not want the public to presume that his wife is also influencing him during his term in public office,but Campos in my thought would only like to hear LK`s wife contribution on a more emotional perspective. Why did Campos asked that question anyway?it is because family is a part of an Asian life, whether you like it or not. Well, if I am asked with the same question I would say she’s an inspiration and my family as well, question is irrelevant BTW when it comes to family matters,I would laugh if Campos asked why is the world go round,lol that’s irrelevant.

  34. Oh My God.

    But this is democracy, albeit the downside of it where idiots like Campos can say what they please. An MBA student he says? Even before there were MBA degrees, there was “delikadeza”. Probably never heard of the concept. WTF.

  35. Typical Showbiz (mababaw) question to a Great Leader in Serious Forum.
    He is a clear example of an IDLE or LAZY Mind we now have in our society. Starting from the spoiled Leaders in government, authority in private & public institutions, media, religion, or Role models, etc.

  36. I now can guess why Campos asked that question. It’s because many Filipinos assume Lee Yuan Yew and Ferdinand Marcos are generally similar. Filipinos believe Imelda was the biggest influence on Marcos, and the one who messed up everything. Thus, they assume the same with Lee, perhaps assuming Mr. Lee could not do anything without Mrs. Lee. Unfortunately, I doubt this can be true. That’s the problem when Filipinos see other countries through their own glasses only. It’s so myopic and could lead to a lot of errors and mistaken ideas.

      1. Lky is a very pragmatic man, you can’t really say he did not observe Marcos and learnt nothing.

        Calling out your own people’s mistakes mean you love them too, after all you wouldn’t correct a strangers mistakes right?
        Sometimes you don’t have to be that harsh

        From what I’ve read of Marcos, he wasn’t dumb, definitely smart enough to manipulate an entire country.

  37. Geez, a 10 minute self introduction and an irrelevant question! Not only was the question irrelevant, but asked twice even after LKY said, “that is not public fodder” (essentially). WTF was with the kid asking for an early birthday greeting anyway? He will go far in Pinoy politics because he will always plaster his name and his BS degree all over everything he can find a place to paint it.

  38. masyadu kasi tayong insecure na mga pilipino kaya minsan sa hangarin natin tumaas ang tingin satin..gaya nitong engot na ito na ang haba ng introduction at ibinandila pa tayong mga pilipino sa napakahaba ng speech nya sa pag introduce sa sarili..ayan bokya tuloy ang nakausap akong tga denmark sa plane sabi nya sakin..ang impression nya sa mga pinoy..mahangin..mayabang..di ko lang masabi sa kanya..insecurity kasi natin dahil sguru lagi tayo na we always want to prove lahat ng pinoy..just be yourself..don’t pretend to be someone you are not..and evrything will be okay..mas irerespeto pa tayo.

  39. A young student makes a mistake and he deserves the humiliation by not asking a more intelligent question. However does his action represents his whole country? No, I don’t think so and lets just leave it at that.

    People are entitled to rant about this kids mistakes but this is much ado about nothing.

    1. The problem is that his actions are TYPICAL of Filipinos. They/you tend to broadcast your involvement in every possible thing in every possible way. Even tinpot local politicians have to plaster their name on everything the taxpayers “donate” to themselves in the name of said politico.

      If you go to any normal country you can travel all over a place and never know the name of a single politician unless you ask someone a direct question such as, “who is the mayor of this city?”

  40. 1. Hindi dapad nya sinabi na ang mga Pilipino ay nabigyan ng scholarship if he did his own due diligence of researching na merong anti-foreigner sentiment dito sa Singapore dahil sa dami ng foreign talent, at ang gobyerno nila ang sinisisi. Ang cost ng education dito ay napakataas na kahit na yung ibang taga dito e nahihirapan mag bayad. May mga kakilala akong locals na nagdecide pa na pumunta pa ng ibang bansa para mag aral. Tapos malalaman ng mga taga dito na ganun ganun nalang na nagbibigay ng scholarship sa mga taga bang bansa, issue nanaman yan sa mga taga dito. Pwede naman siya mag pasalamat in a different way and in a private manner kailangan pang sabihin through public forum. Sabi nga nila flattery will get you nowhere.

    2. Be sensitive naman, lately lang pumanaw yung wife nya tapos tatanungin nya ng ganon in a public forum.

    3. What is the forum about? If its about public matters, family matters should not be discussed kasi some people consider family matters as private and confidential.

  41. this is the same way as what Filipino Journalist ask nonsense questions about love life and other stupid questions to filipino politicians

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