Absolute MUST READ: Can We Survive A Kris Aquino Vice Presidency?

It used to be that when it comes to what will be on the television on any given Sunday afternoon, the voting that goes on around my house has me beaten by three (the wife and two housemaids)  in favor of watching a showbiz oriented and one (my kid) in favor of Baby TV or Disney Junior.

In the Sundays long gone by, this usually meant choosing to either being stuck watching Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino on The Buzz or going out of the house — cleaning the cars, having a hair-cut/massage/pedicure/manicure combo at the nearest Bruno’s or having a few beers somewhere in Morato.

kris-aquino-james yapThing is, I just can’t stand Kris Aquino’s voice and for some reason, whenever I see her on TV, the trailer scenes of every single massacre film she had been in automatically pop up in my head.  So do the memories of her bawling and baying over failed romantic relationships on television.

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When Kris Aquino announced sometime in 2010 that she was leaving her long running shows (Showbiz News Ngayon and The Buzz), I heaved a sigh of relief but I also knew that I would no longer have the pretext for sneaking in a few extra hours of “me” time on a Sunday afternoon.  But that’s not so bad, really, because after buying and moving into my new house in Marikina City, those Sunday afternoons are now spent either dozing off in a hammock under fruit trees, playing ball with Zac, or walking around the village with Zac, counting the odd assortment of animals that people sort of keep as pets.

But, not having regular shows on ABS-CBN was not a guarantee that she would be completely out of the spotlight and from 2010 to 2013, she still managed to get a lot of attention for one thing or another — making the airwaves and social media streams fizz, pop, and crackle.  There were those things she said about her brother, President BS Aquino III and that on-going saga with her ex-husband James Yap.

And perhaps because it can’t be help back like most reflexive bodily processes, ABS-CBN just had to unleash a couple of ear-splitting Kris-gasmic TV shows: Kris TV (which is a morning TV show) and Aquino & Abunda Tonight (a fifteen-minute late night TV show).  Thankfully Kris TV is on when I’m usually doing my morning walk and Aquino and Abunda comes on way after my usual bed time.

But it seems, Kris’ audience pulling power is still quite potent because suddenly a couple of showbiz addicted acquaintances on FB started posting about it on their timelines and these people aren’t your usual night-owls.

One post on my FB news feed  that snagged me was the Aquino and Abunda Tonight interview with Vice President Jejomar Binay and almost immediately I thought, “WTF?! Could a Binay-Kris Aquino tandem for 2016 have been worked out?”

This reminded me that Manila Standard Columnist Alvin Capino wrote “Vice President Kris Aquino?” and I remember chuckling a bit, thinking that he was being tongue-in-cheek about the whole thing — on account that the story was posted on April Fools Day 2013.  Reading Mr. Capino’s article again, it does occur to me that a Kris Aquino Vice Presidential bid might actually not be a joke at all and the article outlines at least three reasons why Kris would be a Godzilla at the polls:

  • Still, she remains impervious to blame and criticism.
  • She is the number-one advertising endorser today for products ranging from shampoo to home appliances and real estate. She remains Queen of All Media with her strong presence in print and broadcast.
  • Before she entered show business, Kris was a political celebrity — being the daughter of Ninoy and Cory, of course.  She’s probably one of the best campaigners – bar none — having spent all her life in politics.

Apart from the things stacked up in her favor, Mr. Capino points out a compelling reason for Kris to seek the Vice Presidency in 2016:

A source, who knows Kris says one of the reasons why Kris has decided to threw her hat into the political circus and run for Vice President, if Roxas would agree, is the senatorial bid of her cousin Bam Aquino.

The source said Kris is not too happy about Bam’s candidacy and his exploitation of his ties with President Cory, Senator Ninoy and President Noynoy.

The source said Kris believes that Bam, if he wins, would target the vice presidency and this early, she would like to pre-empt him.

The only things in Mr. Capino’s article that are now a bit off the mark now is:

  • his assertion that Binay had already chosen his running mate and there’s a hint that it may be Senator Jinggoy Estrada.
  • his assertion that Kris might be Mar Roxas’ running mate.

Things have changed since April 2013 and perhaps Binay’s appearance on the Aquino and Abunda Tonight show can lead people to suspect that something is in the works.

It is said that politics is addition, not only in the sense that politicians must continuously make an effort to broaden their alliances but also in the sense that politicians must stack “positives” in their favor — which means junking negatives as soon as it arrives.

The first thing to consider is that being one of three senators figuring prominently in the P10 Billion Pork Barrel scam, a Jinggoy Estrada Vice Presidential candidacy may be hobbled if he is imprisoned, yet again, for plunder charges arising from the P10 Billion Pork Barrel Scam.

The second thing to consider is that Roxas may have suffered a huge set back triggered by a number of foibles, not the least of which is the Tacloban City rescue and relief operations fiasco which had him trading barbs with Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez.

So, perhaps, if Binay junks Estrada and if Kris declines to go with Mar, this opens up the possibility of a Binay-Kris Aquino tandem and Binay will probably ride on Krissy’s chutzpah, just like the way he rode on Erap Estrada’s charisma.

In an interview on Aquino and Abunda Tonight, one can get a sense of how Binay can use Kris Aquino to scrub off some of the bad stories that have been hounding him throughout his term as Mayor of Makati City.

One recent snafu that most people will remember is the Dasmarinas Gate incident where Makati Mayor Junjun Binay supposedly insisted on passing through a gate which had been “closed” to traffic. Mayor Junjun was reportedly peeved by the village security guards for not letting him through and had the guards “invited” to a police station.

The story had struck a chord, especially when video of the incident surfaced almost immediately. Like the video of Erap gambling in a casino, the video of Mayor Binay brusquely pointing at the guards and having them surrounded by his armed security aides somewhat confirmed stories of how the Binays RULED Makati as if it were their own kingdom.

In Kris’ interview with VP Binay on the Dasmarinas Village incident, Kris became the spokesperson for Mayor Junjun Binay and rather strongly claiming that Mayor Binay had politely asked to be allowed to pass the closed village gate.   (See video here.)

Kris said, “Aquino: I believe him, naniniwala ako kay Jun nung sinabi niyang talagang bumaba siya, hindi ito iyong ‘Don’t you know who I am?’  Hindi daw ganun talaga. Ang sinabi niya eh, ‘Boss ako si Mayor Junjun Binay.’ ”

In another instance in the same interview, this time with regard to VP Binay’s daughter Abby winning a unit at the Lopez-owned development The Grove through a raffle, Kris again stepped in to explain away the rather curious circumstances that allowed Abby to win the multi-million peso unit at the posh development. Apparently, when the multi-million peso unit at The Grove was being raffled off, the first two people whose names were drawn in the lot were STRANGELY not present at the raffle.  It was on the third draw that Abby Binay’s name came up.

Of course, that real estate story led to the mentioning of the decades old story that in order to get a building permit approved, building developers had to pay Jejomar Binay a bribe which consisted of a unit in the building that they were constructing. This led some people to call him “Mr. Condominium” and the list of allegations behind this moniker is quite long.

Curiously, Boy Abunda just wanted the Vice President to answer “yes or no” and of course, Binay answered no.  Apparently,  that’s really the full extent of Abunda’s much vaunted and hyped truth seeking prowess on “controversial” issues.

The thing about Kris and Boy’s interview with Binay is that it downplayed and trivialized serious issues rather than compel Binay to shed more light on the issues he is confronted with.  In a way, this reminds me of a quote that goes, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.”

75 Replies to “Absolute MUST READ: Can We Survive A Kris Aquino Vice Presidency?”

  1. Just reading the idea of it makes me gag and break out in shingles. I truly hate this horrible freak from the bottom of my heart. I would NEVER, EVER buy any product that is advertised by her or the “corned beef inspector”. If Filipinos would vote for her then I hope this idiotic country goes to hell, because that would be a suitable punishment for all the pudding headed people watching her shows and voting for her.

    One more thing….
    If my wife would even consider to watch any of her shows I’d drown her in the toilet.
    That might sound harsh, but this is what she asked me to do, in case her intelligence level would drop to that of a banana peel. Her words…

    Enough said.

    1. @jim digriz# we’re on the same boat. I hate Kris Aquino. I really don’t
      like her. She is so plastic and tupperware. Kapag ibinoto cya Ng mga
      pinoy at nanalo cya, patay n ang bansang Pilipinas. Sana, wag n lng
      cyang tumakbo. Sa show biz n lng cya magpakaengeng….at ngayon p lng
      I rebuked na hndi cya manalo.

      1. Matagal nang patay ang Pinas mula pa nung umupo ang Talipandas niyang ina. Mananalo lang ang Hinayupak na yan kung hahayaan nating umiral na naman ang dayaan trough Hocus-PCOS at ang COMOLEC.

  2. Nightmarishly, a distinct possibility.

    It achieves a lot for the aquinos, who otherwise would be on the sidelines after 2016.
    – protects pnoy aquino from impeachment – his biggest fear
    – gives binay the presidency unopposed – binay gets what he wants
    – keeps aquinos in influence and visible until 2022. – then another presidential bid – ? Bam aquino
    – binay would not rock the boat – he is a trapo – one of the club – not a conviction politician.

    And kris aquino a heartbeat, or bullet, away from the presidency! OMG!
    The cojuangco-aquinos grabbed hold of power by a lucky death. They will sell their soul, kill anybody who now stands in their way of a 20 year rule. Mar roxas was going to be the bridge to 2022, but looking more doubtful that he will even run.

    The only real contender would be grace poe but if binay in essence becomes ‘lp’, she will be silenced/frozen out.

    Duterte of davao has already said officially that he will support binay in 2016.

    A one party system could be the end result as trapos play pass the money and 40% of the budget is stolen.

    And the aquino brand – the only goal is the nobel peace prize, whatever has to be given away to achieve it. Endless future marketing mileage from that. Hence the cha-cha haste.

  3. Be afraid . Be very afraid. I remember back in 2002 when people brought up the FPJ scenario and I thought it was moronic. Then I reminded myself where I live. Of course the rest is history. People ask why I seem pessimistic. Well look at choices this country has made and is going to make. I have said this before the FPJs , the Binays , the Aquinos represent the hopes and dreams of the people. Even if they are nightmares, Somebody please tell me why am I suppose to be proud to be Pinoy ?

  4. 28 years of failure
    Time for new names, new approach, and a new direction.
    First and firemost, NO trapos/dynasties. If that cycle is not broken nothing will change.
    Hardly rocket science to see that.

  5. So if Kris Aquino decides to run for the 2016 elections, not only will she be eating her own words but if she does win the elections, then all the respect that remains from my heart for Filipinos will be gone for good.

    Mark my words, if Kris Aquino runs for any government position come election time – SHE WILL DEFINITELY WIN DUE TO THE STUPIDITY OF THE MASA.

    1. IMO it’s not the Masa alone who is Stupid but most of us Filipinos for allowing these dirty Politicians to rule u trough Hocus-PCOS and it’s propaganda machine the ABias-CBN.


    1. Sarcasm aside, It’s really disheartening that “being not corrupt” is used as the only deciding factor of most voters. What about competency? It should be a given that a candidate is both not corrupt AND competent. That should be the minimum expectation in my opinion. We’re just talking competent here, not extraordinary, not exceptional. We’re in such a sad state if our choice is based on “the lesser of two evils”.

    2. You really think that corruption is the only gauge for one to have a government post? (Not that I am in any way saying that she is, in some way, not corrupt) Get this, idiot, a lot of things are at play in handling the highest position, contrary to what the yellow idiot told you.

      Kris, witty? That is just like saying your Bicol Express si as good as Jamie Oliver’s best dishes.

      Charity work is hardly indicative of one’s performance managing a whole country.

      Market the Philippines? For what? Do we really have something good now to boast about?

      I suggest you read through articles here so that you understand better what we are on about.

      “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”
      ― Mark Twain

    3. Jerksy. Internationally she would only appeal to americans. Other countries are not so naive, or uncultured.
      Nationally, she would only appeal to those of retard intelligence. Guess thats why she has a chance.
      Aquino 1 – incompetent housewife
      Aquino 2 – incompetent nerd
      Aquino 3 – immoral nymphomaniac

      You get the leaders you deserve.

    4. I don’t know about marketing the Philippines but she can market herself. I forgot , there is a word for that . And it’s not “endorser”. It’s a “p” word.

        1. Well she does “promote” herself to men although at her age, I doubt that anyone with sense would “use” her.

        2. Johnny Derp,

          Someone recently told me ANILILAGNIA is a actually a pretty common fetish and is now becoming one of the fastest growing subcultures in porn. So it looks like you might be seeing still more antics from the already overexposed Ms Kris Aquino.

        3. My new word for the day.

          But love for a dead woman! -“for 70% it is developed from low self-esteem and fear of rejection. An inability to have relationships with females, resulting in isolation and fantasy” In other words just batsh!t crazy

          There was an old miner named Dave
          who kept a dead whore in his cave
          You have to admit
          He hadn’t much wit
          But look at the money he saved!

        4. And skin lotion. And moisturiser. Must be careful not to let that skin dry out, no matter what state of putrefaction.

          Come to think of it, I seem to recall Kris Aquino being the endorser for a line of skin care products.

      1. @ Libertas

        Dave wouldn’t just be saving money with this one, hell, he will be earning it, just look at the basketball guy, watshisname?


      First of all, typing in ALL CAPS isn’t going to win you any arguments here since it will only make you look stupid….which you already are.
      Qualified you say? How is an old sl-t like her qualified?


      If you call admitting that she has STD on nationwide television as being transparent then you really need to have your head examined -_-


      Yeah right, that is hardly a criteria for being not corrupt you dunce.


      That fails the “so what?” question.


      Oh boy, you’re really going full retard with that statement.


      Yeah, you really went full retard with that one and you only repeated yourself

      If that’s the best spiel you malacanang morons can dish out then sorry to say, we’re not impressed. -_-

    1. That old spiel again? Insecure just because we’re telling the truth about your sl-tty idol?
      Who in their right mind would enjoy that old wh-re’s “program” anyway?

  7. Cmon, walang perpekto sa mundo not even ang anak ng isang bayani at presidente. Pero if you think of it at the end of the day Kris delivers. She’s the best at whatever she does.

    See the connections na nagawa nya with the advertisers na nagagamit nya pag may calamity. Imagine kung gaano sya magiging effective na negotiator sa mga taga ibang bansa if ever na pumasok sya sa politics.

    And imagine kung gaano kadaming secrets ang marereveal sa politics once nakapasok sya dun since taklesa sya. Right?

    1. Kris is like her brother, no sense of fair play though. Which is anyone in politics I guess except the Aquinos try to make being pure and stainless their calling card. Look at Kris speaking up for her brother and Jun Jun Binay, her brother is apparently flawless and should be set up with a woman. I believe neither claim.

    2. “Cmon, walang perpekto sa mundo not even ang anak ng isang bayani at presidente.”

      Right, and you expect us to believe that sorry excuse?

      “Pero if you think of it at the end of the day Kris delivers.”

      Delivers? Delivers what exactly?

      “She’s the best at whatever she does”

      You call a multiple boyfriends and one failed marriage her best?

      “See the connections na nagawa nya with the advertisers na nagagamit nya pag may calamity.”

      Oh really? Then how come until now she’s not doing anything to help the yolanda survivors with her “advertising skills”?

      “Imagine kung gaano sya magiging effective na negotiator sa mga taga ibang bansa if ever na pumasok sya sa politics.”

      I imagine her offering herself to political leaders if that’s what you’re saying although no one in their right mind would still make patol with an aging Wh0r3 like her.

      “And imagine kung gaano kadaming secrets ang marereveal sa politics once nakapasok sya dun since taklesa sya. Right?”

      We don’t need her secrets since we don’t need a SHOWBIZ GOVERNMENT which you obviously want.

      TROLL HARDER, noytard.

  8. A week in the life of kris aquino

    Monday – i am going to be celibate, give up showbiz, leave the country, put my children first

    Tuesday – i am in love and have a new suitor.
    My best friend bumboy abumda has begged me to sponsor more rubbi$h products and $how$

    Wednesday – i have been dumped. Will talk about it on my new show. The best ever – sponspored by all the usual suspects

    Thursday – got raped by my ex husband. Will talk about it on my new show. And also vicki belo on vaginal rejuvenation

    Friday – just remembered the kids. Must arrange photoshoot, preferably on a free holiday abroad

    Saturday – pnoy looking after the kids – they dont deserve the punishment, but after a hard week i deserve a good f@#$ing.
    Hope he doesn’t charge too much.

    Sunday – quiet day. I think i will run the country today

    1. That is just nasty. Fantasy too.How would you like it if someone talked about your sister like that? Why not stick to facts? The woman is not qualified to lead the country….and the Binay woman is not qualified to be a Senator either. But in the strange place called the Philippine Republic, maybe they are?
      You are just one nasty ass!

      1. Man up wimp, or go back to kindergarten.

        You can’t debate satire. Either you get it or
        you don’t – and the basis is always truth not fantasy. I leave the fantasies to you and your cory poster. The ladies they say – No!.
        Guess a dead one is the best you can do.

        “The trouble with political jokes, is that they get elected”

        Political satire took a step backwards when filipinos actually believed a housewife was a politician, and when people believed that cory aquino actually achieved something, other than enriching her chinese clan, and being a puppet for american greed.

        It’s a bit like americans thinking they are cultured. Remove the simpsons and kim kardashian and you are just left with hamburgers and bad english.

        And in the philippines that translates to wowowee , kris aquino, jollibee, and bad english.

        Two countries united by bad english and corruption.

        “America is the only country that went from
        barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.”
        Oscar Wilde

        Like wine, americans often don’t travel well as they display their naivete, ignorance, bad manners, and appalling dress sense

        Like canada, they also should not send their trash to other countries.

        1. YOU? You talk about manners? After calling a dead woman a cock-sucker?U have no manners or class becoz your gutter trash! U try to act as if your being sarcastic but your just being the nasty-ass idiot you no doubt are. Jealousy is your problem and what seems like an obsession.

          You’ve been found out to be the little man here, and you know it. So BOW DOWN, and kiss my ass, you old blow hard jack-ass!
          You wish you were an American, silly flip.
          Bad jokes and shingles is all you got,Gramps!
          Its too easy to make jokes about the Philippines, so it won’t be done in this comment.

      2. Lost in all this is a shallow person who has her own magazine and a culture that will gladly buy it. And you are telling us to take it easy on her . Her appetite for attention in insatiable. She brings it in herself .

  9. Wow, talagang gusto mo talaga mapahiya dito ah.

    Typing in all caps is already a sign that you are frustrated since you are losing.

    So much verbal diarrhea in your post that you obviously don’t know how to write a proper paragraph.

    Go back to school little troll.

  10. This is an elite troll? All caps , jejemon and worships Kris . Oh gosh . I think these are indicators of Hitler in the bunker time for Noynoy. Let’s make it happen!!

  11. I am tired of these “plastic faced” people. Kris Aquino is : a liar; immoral; uneducated; and a bonehead. She, like her bother are the same. Full of hot air, without any substance.

    Let us vote against these Trapos. They don’t offer us anything; except their bad behaviors.
    If we really want to improve our country. Let us begin, with them…

  12. I am reminded of this line from the movie The Last Starfighter, spoken by the villains in their last moments:

    “What do we do, sir (if she becomes president)?”

    “We die.”

  13. Looks like the malacanang morons are that desperate to be offering reward money just to silence their critics here.
    They really think using that trick would intimidate you guys.
    So much for being a democracy if they keep attempting to silence their critics.

  14. At this point it doesn’t matter who the President of the Philippines is.

    If Filipino’s want a change, elections are obviously not going to change anything, except who the fox that guards the hen house is.

    Look at Eastern Europe right now, there is change. Real change.


    1. Very funny with all the lies and Aquino buttlicking comments you have. How about should we talk about IDEAS more than your showbiz-esque nonsense?

      Stop being a hypocrite. BTW you comments are MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Don’t you know you are just SPAMMING comments here? IKAW ang stupid because all you are spouting is YELLOW PROPAGANDA. Nothing else.

    Fact is you’re a TROLL. So you deserve treatment.

  17. @jetsky

    You are a good for nothing moron, imbecile, retard, and an idiot rolled into one. If you are coming from the average pinoy who represents the masa, then it is not surprising that the Philippines is in this crap hole. In reality, you and your ilks are the ones pulling this country down.

      1. I know, man, thanks. I just needed to write it down because I want other potential morons visiting this site to know that for a fact.

        1. I don’t think their attacks will stop that easily since they think they can bully us around because of that e-martial law. They’re in for a shock since it will not stop us from criticising their master

  18. FYI, your comments are spam that’s why they were removed.
    Basahin mo muna ang rules nitong blog bago ka mag post, gunggong

  19. Kris cannot manage her own life. It just so happened that she is financially secured that is why she is insulated from the everyday challenges of common people. Having yayas and katulongs and personal assistants to answer to her any whim surely helps with that.

    As I have said way back 2010 with Pnoy running for office, sarili nga niyang buhay hindi niya mapatakbo ng maayos, buong bansa pa?

  20. It seems that the trolls thought that just because the e-martial law has been passed,they can start bullying the critics of this administration.
    Well, they thought wrong since it will only increase the dissent towards their boss in malacanang.

  21. Nah, if there’s anyone that is pathetic right now, its YOU since you are clearly grabbing more than you can handle.
    Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of since you are finished.

  22. Not everybody knows that Kris Aquino is an AB Literature graduate of Ateneo de Manila. Literature is her academic forte. She also learned acting and being a hostess in the movies and TV talk shows. This is my unsolicited advice to Kris… Please stay with show biz in acting and hosting talk shows! Politics is not for you! You will never be happy as a political leader given the multiple problems besetting this country and its people. The road to greatness will be impossible for you to attain especially if you are not trained as a leader. Give way to trained leaders in Political Science and LLB Law.

    1. but if she’s an actress , isn’t that one of the required qualifications of the presidency in philippines ?

      you’ve already survived a madman, a charlatan, an actor, a playboy. what’s the worse that can go wrong with kris?

  23. How can foreign nations take us seriously when we have an obviously incompetent man-child for a president, an inefficient government body, a nation of morons (most of them) and many of them wants Kris Aquino to be a politician?

    Then there are those who wonder why we are still called “the sick man of Asia” despite the achievements (very minimal) of the current president with a KSP Queen as a sister who’s possibly venturing into politics with the son of a black bone-marrowed VP.

    If we are talking about one of the lower lifeforms in this world, look no further than the people who want Kris Aquino to be the next president of this God-forsaken country.

  24. IDK what’s with my mother saying that I can at least learn some things from this whore. Ugh, even if I want to respect her choice in shows (BTW, she watches a lot of those stupid Pinoy dramas because they don’t require a lot of thinking according to her.), I just couldn’t. I really feel alone here at home… >.<

  25. So the kim kardashian of the philippines will run for vice president in 2016. im telling you ABS-CBN is the work of the devil.

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