PNoy and allies mount damage control efforts following Revilla tell-all speech

Affected politicians are on a mad damage control scramble following the tell-all privilege speech delivered by embattled Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla the other night. In his privilege speech, Revilla defended himself against allegations of pork barrel thievery and revealed intriguing accounts of how Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III attempted to influence various senators to issue a “guilty” verdict during the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona. The highlight of his account was how no less than Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas chauffeured Revilla to a meeting with President BS Aquino at the Bahay Pangarap (House of Dreams) in Malacañang Palace.

More comfortable behind the wheel than in prayer: Sec Mar Roxas

More comfortable behind the wheel than in prayer: Sec Mar Roxas

Debate now rages over whether Aquino’s underhanded tactics to influence the outcome of the 2012 impeachment trial of Corona constitute an impeachable offense. Senate President Franklin Drilon — a staunch ally of Aquino — was, unsurprisingly, among the first to come to the president’s defense

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“Of course not. It’s not impeachable. That’s all part of politics…,” Drilon told reporters when sought to react to Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr.’s accusation that the President had interfered in the Corona impeachment.

Drilon admits that he was not invited by the president for a similar meeting — perhaps because he did not need to.

Roxas, for his part, figured in a full-length article featured today (the 22nd of January 2014) as the top headline on the website no less. The article highlighted Roxas’s love of driving and preference to be behind the wheel (rather than be driven by a chauffeur) on some long drives as a form of relaxation.

Unknown to many, Roxas actually enjoys being behind the wheel.
“Driving relieves my stress. I feel relaxed when I drive, especially when it’s a long drive,” Roxas told the Inquirer in an interview.

“Every time I attend official engagements in the provinces, I usually drive if I have a chance,” he said.

Apparently, Roxas suddenly found the need to reveal to the public over a major report on the country’s biggest daily news broadsheet his love of driving. One wonders though why such trivia did not, instead, get featured on the “Lifestyle” section of the

President BS Aquino, nonetheless, defended the secret meetings he conducted with the Senator Judges of the 2012 impeachment trial

In an interview during the anniversary celebration of the Insurance Commission, the President explained that the separate meetings were done to “lessen the pressure” being exerted by some sectors on the senator-judges.
He even justified the meetings as “part of his duty.”

“Normally, I could have simply ignored so many reports that there were sectors exerting strong pressure on senators to decide the case not based on its merits. It was like many were telling them to exonerate Corona in exchange of something,” Aquino said in the vernacular.

It is interesting to note that on the very day of Revilla’s privilege speech, Malacanang had organised a National Day of Prayer, an event Communication Operations Secretary Herminio Coloma described as one to be “held in accordance with the Filipino people’s recognition of the guidance of Divine Providence in our forward movement towards a more progressive future.”

[Photo of Mar Roxas courtesy Yahoo! News.]

18 Replies to “PNoy and allies mount damage control efforts following Revilla tell-all speech”

  1. “It is discouraging how many people are
    shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.”
    Noel Coward

    “A dictator is one whose lust for money or
    power is combined with such an intensity
    of intolerance toward those of other
    parties, as to make him ruthless in his
    use of deceit, persecution, or violence to attain his ends”
    Henry A. Wallace

    The boy who cried wolf. Nobody believes anything pnoy aquino says anymore. And he is such a bad liar, he makes it very obvious with ridiculous excuses/more lies.

    any half decent interviewer or opposition politician ( the country has neither) would make mincemeat of him. the facts are his worst enemy so trivia and trolls are all they can muster in defence. pathetic.

    1. Yep, the mere fact that these malacanang trolls keep showing up here is already a sign that they’re doing damage control over the massive bombshell that revilla dropped.
      Unfortunately for them,that bombshell wasn’t a dud.
      They can’t prevent the imminent downfall of their master in malacanang now….

  2. Bong seems like classic kid at recess crying “everybody else is doing it” . The thing is he right . The other name for recess is Daang Matuwid.

  3. Scraping the bottom of journalists, and scratching the back of a president – or vice versa

    Part of pnoy aquinos current damage control.
    Give an interview – to sister kris aquino’s friend and manager boy abunda!!, who himself keeps angling for a senior job in government, just like his corrupt boyfriend was given, thanks to kris aquino.
    An incestuous circle of the gay mafia at work.

  4. Good blog. It’s a shame there are not many readers or commenters outside the same contributors and trolls. Wouldn’t having these articles in tagalog as well give you more exposure?

    The lack of reception to your wonderful website almost implies filipinos are have been brainwashed by their government or just don’t care anymore, a real pity.

    The article reg priests carrying guns was really interesting, is that a world first? Haha

    1. More and more stupidity will emanate from the Palace. Slowly some zombies are getting turned. They will look for answers to confirm their growing suspicions. What will show up in a Google search? I am sure this place is one of them.

  5. it only shows filipino leader’s immaturity…creating issues with another issues instead of facing the accusations that has been pass to him, he diverted it so that he can get away with it….truly…wala talagang magnanakaw ang aamin na cya ay magnanakaw….it is only in this administration that the thieves in the government has been exposed in a large scale..and if get caught they are still arrogant to say..” hindi ako nagtraidor sa inyo”..they still have the guts to deny when a lot of evidences are already pointing to them….and guess what it is indeed only in the philippines DAT….” ANG GUMAGAWA NG KABULASTUGAN…CYA PA YUNG MATATAPANG”..”MARAMING MGA PULITIKO ANG MGA WALANGHIYA AT MAKAKAPAL ANG MUKHA…MGA KAPIT TUKO SA PWESTO…”

  6. As I said before it is no longer matuwid na daan. It was never a straight path. It was meant as a propaganda slogan to deceive the people. At present is now baliw na daan. Baliw sa kapangyarihan, sa kaban ng bayan at katiwalian. The mindless trolls are blind to the massive corruption, incompetence, rising poverty, criminality and unemployment. We have a president who is allowing all the advantages and benefits to the enemies of the state MILF in Mindanao. All this despite the fact that the bangsamoro state, framework agreement and lopsided wealth sharing including the moro law are still considered as patently unconstitutional. What will happen when we lose Mindanao? We have a president who tolerates corruption and does nothing to remove and/or charge those who are corrupt. Need I say more? Read the newspapers with unbiased views and cry. The bubble economy is a mirage created by this regime of darkness. I remember BS Aquino saying that heavy traffic is a sign of an improving economy.We have the highest electricity rates in Asia! Wake up Filipino people! It is time to show the power of the people!

  7. “Normally, I could have simply ignored so many reports that there were sectors exerting strong pressure on senators to decide the case not based on its merits.”

    That certainly sounds like straight from the horse’s mouth.

    That’s what he NORMALLY does? IGNORE issues that’s bound to cause great turmoil? Apparently, seeing through potential disasters himself is not something normal for this man.

  8. Pnoy aquino is a train wreck narcissist who is incapable of empathy, integrity, compassion, or remorse.

    Giving a vote/trust to pnoy aquino is like giving money to the wolf of wall street. Only the greedy or the naive would be so stupid.

    A recent survey showed 70% of filipinos want to leave the country if they could. That is a vote of no confidence in pnoy aquino and his conmen.

    It reinforces the other surveys that show poverty has gone up, optimism down, as well as the reduced ratings by international surveys – forbes and commitee on human rights.(chr).

    The aquino run sws is a complete irrelevance and part of the con/propaganda.

    PPOLS – philippine political on line surveys will shake things up. Independence and integrity

  9. I have great aversion for Filipino Presidents who boastfully promise major changes in running the government. History proves that any promise is bound to produce exactly the opposite result. The most ambitious promises run on phrases such as “walang kaibigan…” to “matuwid na daan”. And they naturally ended up as ambitions, no realization! Almost all of our presidents were products of the oligarchy. Magsaysay was the exception snd the exceptional president. Robredo had similar traits with him. Robredo had corporate management skills. Sad thing is, Filipino great leaders are killed or get killed.

    What we need is an authoritarian form of government that can mature into a democratic form. We ought to have discipline before we allow such liberties in a democracy. To do that, we need true leaders that are wanting in this current administration!

  10. I’m sad to say, in a way, that I found it quite hilarious how PNoy and Mar floudnered around when interviewed about Yolanda’s reflief efforts.
    Mar and Korina really are a perfect match.
    One needs mommy to hold his hand everywhere he goes, while the other is simply…argh!

    I’ve met our president, back when he was running for office. I’ve also met Mar and Korina.
    Out of their jobs, or away from politics they’re OK people. But once they’re in politics-mode…I wanna have them assassinated, but having them removed in such a way would imply that they were important people rather than people clinging onto important positions.

  11. Porky Drillon does not know what he is talking about. Is corrupting the Senate and Congress, a normal thing to do? Porky Drillon is an idiot, who lost his moral compass already. He himself, needs to be kicked out as Senator.

    Roxas is the driver of Aquino , as they corrupt Senators , Congressmen, and anybody else, who is needed to be corrupted. These people are already entirely corrupted. They don’t know the difference between, right and wrong . It’s time to kick all these Rascals on their rears.
    Can you pray to God, and ask him to help you , with such kind of “whited tombs” appearances, as Jesus Christ had described. Good to look on the outside…inside full of dead mens’ bones.

  12. The revelations of Senator Revilla and the subsequent denials of Aquino are all insults to the Filipino people. We have known all along that money changed hands in the impeachment process, that Aquino wanted Corona out badly that he would go to great lengths to carry this out. While Revilla’s disclosure confirms this underhanded, improper and possibly illegal act of Aquino, he also stopped short of saying he took the bribe. I, as a taxpayer, spit on both their faces for assuming that all of us Filipinos are dumb and ignorant and therefore would take what they say as gospel truth. Aquino, as president, does not deserve to stay a single second in office. The fact that he talked to senators who were acting as judges of the impeachment case should be enough reason for him to go. We deserve a better leader now!

  13. Just how low can pnoy aquino and his desperate damage control go.

    New sws survey today – ‘73% of yolanda victims think pnoy aquino is doing a good job’
    This is propaganda at its sickest. Disgusting and disrespectful and a complete fallacy. There were 10,000 who they couldn’t ask. But not for a minute do i even believe they asked anyone, simply made it up – the figures are always around the 70% mark, and no audit ever conducted or information provided.
    Anyone can make up a survey – as sws do. Maybe others should follow suit and fight fire with fire.

    I asked my team who were there and they were appalled. They said 7% is a more accurate figure, and that is being generous – just ask the mayor. People feel they have been abandoned by pnoy aquino who has no interest in the area, and they are still struggling on a daily basis as political infighting and corruption takes over from genuine help/solutions. Only the foreign agencies are organised and are making the difference between life and death for so many. Did sws ask anderson cooper.

    And the little sh!t aquino is now trying to give the impression he did a good job through the survey company the aquinos own. He should rot in hell and the sooner the better.

    New survey tomorrow – 95% of people think pnoy aquino is a c@ck sucking traitor and the spawn of a chinese whore. Now that i can believe.

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